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         Philosophy General:     more books (100)
  1. Introduction to Modern Philosophy: Examining the Human Condition (7th Edition) by Alburey Castell, Donald M. Borchert, et all 2000-09-20
  2. General Philosophy of Science: Focal Issues (Handbook of the Philosophy of Science) (Handbook of the Philosophy of Science)
  3. The Examined Life: Advanced Philosophy for Kids by David A. White, 2005-10-15
  4. An Introduction to Political Philosophy (Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy) by Colin Bird, 2007-01-15
  5. General Semantics Seminar 1937: Olivet College Lectures by Alfred Korzybski, 2002-06-01
  6. Philosophy of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (Readings in the History of Philosophy) by Richard H. Popkin, 1966-01-01
  7. Coffee and Philosophy: A Conversational Introduction to Philosophy with Readings by Bruce N. Waller, 2005-05-28
  8. Routledge Philosophy GuideBook to Kant and The Critique of Pure Reason (Routledge Philosophy Guidebooks) by Sebasti Gardner, 1999-06-28
  9. Discovering Philosophy, Portfolio Edition (2nd Edition) by Thomas I. White, 2007-01-06
  10. Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
  11. The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)
  12. Baseball and Philosophy: Thinking Outside the Batter's Box
  13. History of Philosophy, Volume 4 (Modern Philosophy) by Frederick C. Copleston, 1993-12-01
  14. Philosophy: Contemporary Perspectives on Perennial Issues by E. D. Klemke, A. David Kline, et all 1993-11-15

1. Department Of Philosophy: General Information
201 Introduction to Philosophy Satisfies General Studies Area IB 211 Elementary Logicand Critical Thinking Satisfies General Studies Area II B 315 Ethics 320
*** General Information ***
  • Introduction
  • What is Philosophy?
  • Courses in Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • The Faculty (2000-2001) ...
  • Careers and Philosophy
    1. Introduction.
    The Department of Philosophy offers courses intended to acquaint students with philosophical methods, systems, and problems, as well as supply a philosophical background for graduate study in philosophy or related areas. Courses in religious studies are intended to acquaint students with the history and the beliefs of the major religions of the world. Programs in the department lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in philosophy. Minors are offered in philosophy and religious studies.
    2. What is Philosophy?
    The word "philosophy" comes from two Greek words, phileo (love) and sophia (wisdom), and literally means a love of wisdom. For the ancient Greeks, the philosopher was regarded as one who loved wisdom for its own sake. Throughout the history of philosophy (which is dated back to the sixth century B.C.) philosophers have been concerned with such questions as the nature of virtue, the meaning of existence, the nature of human knowledge, the nature of reality, cosmology (or what we might now call astronomy or astrophysics), the essence of nature (or what we now call physics), the nature of God, etc. Philosophy was traditionally called the Queen of the Sciences. One reason for this title was that philosophy sought the underlying reasons and assumptions of many other disciplines and in many cases actually gave rise to new branches of study. For example, up until the late nineteenth century what is now called physical science was a branch of philosophy called natural philosophy. What we now call political science was traditionally called political philosophy. And, perhaps surprisingly, even what is now called psychology was a branch of philosophy. In fact, it wasn’t until fairly late in the twentieth century that psychology departments in some major Universities became separate from philosophy departments.
  • 2. BUBL LINK: 100 Philosophy: General Resources
    s....... 100 philosophy general resources. Titles,
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    100 Philosophy: general resources
    Titles Descriptions
  • Philosophy
  • Bertrand Russell Gallery
  • Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
  • Guide to Philosophy on the Internet ...
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    All links checked August 2001 Comments: Philosophy
    Offers original articles and features about philosophy, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject-specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include aesthetics, ancient philosophers, Aristotle, Eastern philosophy, epistemology, ethics, Internet issues such as censorship, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of the mind, philosophy of science and political philosophy.
    Subjects: censorship, eastern philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophical logic, philosophy links
    index, news, forum, documents
    Location: usa
    Bertrand Russell Gallery
    Collection of documents and photographs depicting the life of Bertrand Russell, a liberal thinker and philosopher. Biographical information concerning his parents, grandparents, childhood, family, friends, awards, and rise to fame is featured, together with an account of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament conducted in 1959.
  • 3. Rubriek: 08.20 History Of Western Philosophy: General
    Service, Rubriek 08.20 history of western philosophy general. Link, Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts / Eric Lease Morgan. Link
    Rubriek: 08.20 history of western philosophy: general
    Alex : Catalog of Electronic Texts / Eric Lease Morgan Animus : A Philosophical journal for Our Time / Floy E. Andrews, Paul Epstein, D. K. [et. al] House Annotated Webliography of Humanism / Peter Derkx, University for Humanist Studies (UvH), Utrecht, The Netherlands HUMAN/ ... UvH- Het Humanistisch Archief / Universiteit voor Humanistiek

    4. Rubriek: 08.00 Philosophy: General
    DutchESS, Dutch Electronic Subject Service, Rubriek 08.00 philosophygeneral. Link , Au fil de mes lectures / Gilles G. Jobin.
    Rubriek: 08.00 philosophy: general
    Au fil de mes lectures / Gilles G. Jobin Bribes : petit dictionnaire de citations / J.L. Morel CogPrints : Cognitive Sciences EPrints Archive / Stevan Harnad A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names / Garth Kemerling ... Tabula rasa : Jenenser Zeitschrift fuer kritisches Denken / Frank Stäudner

    5. Philosophy: General Studies [Birkbeck, University Of London]
    General Studies. Philosophy. You are here Home Studying at Birkbeck ContinuingEducation Courses Philosophy Philosophy General Studies.

    Continuing Education home page
    Continuing Education Course Guide 2003 - Philosophy Home Studying at Birkbeck Continuing Education Courses Philosophy Philosophy - General Studies
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    General Studies Philosophy
    This course, which attracts CATS points, counts towards a Certificate in General Studies. Ancient Philosophy Who were Plato's and Aristotle's predecessors and successors? This course traces ancient Greek philosophy from the nature philosophies of the fifth century BC to the metaphysics of Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus. Along the way, we will consider Plato's debt to Pythagorean ideas, and the moral views of Epicureans and Stoics. WEA Enrolment Fri 26 Sep, 10.30am-12.30pm
    20 meetings
    Susan R Robinson, BA, MA, PhD
    West Wickham and Beckenham WEA

    Kentwood AEC, Kingsdale Road, Penge Top of page
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    You are here: Home Studying at Birkbeck Continuing Education Courses Philosophy Philosophy - General Studies Last updated: 09/09/2003

    6. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
    Religion Eastern philosophy general There are 673 books in this aisle. FeaturedTitles in Religion Easternphilosophy general Page 1 of 32 next.
    Rare Books Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks ...
    Religion Comparative

    Religion Eastern
    Religion Miscellaneous

    Religion Western

    Role Playing Games

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    Philosophy General
    There are 661 books in this aisle.
    Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in Religion Eastern -Philosophy General: Page 1 of 34 next Used Trade Paper List Price $13.00 add to wish list The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature (Penguin American Library) by William James Synopsis William James was a member of the generation that founded American psychology and philosophy. In this classic work, he turned his attention to the psychology of religion, examining such phenomena as conversion, repentance, mysticism, and saintliness.... read more about this title check for other copies Sale Hardcover List Price $37.50 add to wish list Hume, Holism, and Miracles (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion)

    7. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
    philosophy general There are 20182 books in this aisle. Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle.
    Rare Books Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks ...




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    There are 20456 books in this aisle.
    Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in Philosophy -General: Page 1 of 834 next Sale Hardcover List Price $24.00 add to wish list The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness by Karen Armstrong Publisher Comments read more about this title check for other copies Used Trade Paper List Price $15.95 add to wish list A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by Karen Armstrong Publisher Comments In this stunningly intelligent book, Karen Armstrong, one of Britain's foremost commentators on religious affairs, traces the history of how men and women have perceived and experienced God, from the time of Abraham to the present. From classical... read more about this title check for other copies Used Hardcover List Price $22.95

    8. Philosophy/General
    Mystery and Thrillers Short Stories, Web Sites…. philosophy general, Web Sites Reference Web Sites, Quotations…. Top Philosophy General. Links
    Home Add a URL Modify your URL What's New ... Ratings
    Free Online Books on... Art and Architecture
    Biographies and Memoirs
    ... Philosophy : General Links:

    9. Official Website Of Paris Sorbonne University - Paris IV
    The philosophy general Library, The LALANDE Library, The philosophy general Library.Press, Intranet, Directory, Search engine, Contact, Site map, Help, Copyrights.

    10. Department Of Philosophy: General Information
    Disclaimer Notice Last update 200403-01 Philosophy Page Master. GeneralInformation. Philosophy Club; Friends of Philosophy. back to top of page.
    Department of Philosophy
    Last update 2004-03-01 Philosophy Page Master General Information

    11. Philosophy: General Philosophy
    Full text search Excerpts Subject catalogs Subject index Series index. Booksin philosophy general Philosophy. from the University of Chicago Press.
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    Subject catalogs

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    Books in Philosophy: General Philosophy from the University of Chicago Press

    12. Philosophy: General Info
    Home Majors Programs Humanities Department Philosophy GeneralInfo. General Information about the Philosophy program. To

    13. Philosophy: General Info
    982011390, 425-388-9100, Home Majors Programs Humanities Department Philosophy General Info. General Information about the Philosophy program.

    14. 20th World Congress Of Philosophy: General Information
    Philosophy of Interpretation, 15 minute commentary, and a number of shorter statementsof opinion; the rest of the time would be given over to general discussion

    Paideia: Philosophy Educating Humanity
    Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.
    August 10-16, 1998
    For program details,
    please see the following:
    Also see: Congress Organizers and Opening and Closing Information on the Congress is also available in: French Spanish German Russian Main Theme - Paideia: Philosophy Educating Humanity The Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy promises to be large and rich beyond any precedent, in ways to be detailed below. The Congress will be open to the full diversity that characterizes our discipline across regions and traditions. Many philosophical societies will meet under its aegis, as befits the constitution of FISP, a worldwide federation of societies. In keeping with longstanding tradition, individual members are also invited to submit papers for the various sections and to propose round tables We depart from tradition by putting greater emphasis on topical invited sessions. The specific topics for many of these sessions have yet to be determined, but there will be sessions on many of the topics now under discussion in one or another of the traditional areas of our field: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of education, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and social, political, and legal philosophy; as well as topics in such newer areas as Afro-American philosophy, applied ethics, and gender issues.

    15. Old & Rare Philosophy: General Catalogue
    Timothy B. Wilder, Rare Books. Old and Rare philosophy general Catalogue. Returnto Home Page. References cited in the text. Terms and ordering information.
    Timothy B. Wilder, Rare Books Old and Rare Philosophy: General Catalogue Return to Home Page References cited in the text Terms and ordering information ALEXANDER, S[AMUEL]. Moral Order and Progress: An Analysis of Ethical Conceptions. London: Trübner & Co., 1889. 1st ed. 8vo. xxvi, 413 pp., plus ads for "English and Foreign Philosophical Library" at end. Orig. light blue cloth. Spine darkened with some wear to ends, two small labels removed from coated endpaper leaving abrasion, text loose in binding. Text clean and sound with the half title; needs re-casing. Literary and Philosophical Pieces (1939) of Alexander. AKERLY, J. (Trans.). Scarce, includes numerous snippets from Voltaire, the Rousseau section (pp. 69-131) being devoted to excerpts from Emile The Military Maxims of Napoleon (N.Y. 1845). ALIBERT, J[EAN]-L[OUIS]. Physiology des Passions, ou Nouvelle Doctrine des Sentimens Moraux. Second Edition, Revue, Corrigee et Augmentee. Paris: Chez Bechet Jeunne, 1827. 2 vols. 8vo. xc, 384; [4], 552 pp. 16 engraved plates. Cont. half calf, marbled boards. Some spotty foxing, but an attractive set. The author was a prominent physician, best known for pioneering researches in dermatology (see several titles in Garrison-Morton).

    16. SwetsWise: Login
    Korean History A Bibliography RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY CKS HOME Korean History A Bibliography Topical Index Religionand Philosophy General. Religion and philosophy general. Bahn

    17. Department Of Philosophy General Info
    Department of Philosophy. Theoretical Philosophy. Basic course in TheoreticalPhilosophy. This halfyear course consists of four parts
    Department of Philosophy
    The Department
    We haunt a very beautiful house of ancient lineage, only a short walk from the main estate of the Faculty of Arts. Visitor's address is Dicksonsgatan 4. Postal address is: Department of Philosophy
    Box 200
    phone: (+46) 31-773 45 70
    Fax: (+46) 31-773 49 45
    Only a few undergraduate courses are shown at present; more information will be given later.
    Theoretical Philosophy Basic course in Theoretical Philosophy This half-year course consists of four parts: elements of semantics and logic, history of western philosophy, introduction to 20th century philosophy (analytical philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics etc.), and a free specialization. COURSES IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE Models of Human Thinking The aims of this half-year course are (1) to give an overview over traditional and modern problems, theories, methods and results in research on cognitive processes, and (2) to give the students basic knowledge about and mastery of techniques from artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial neural networks theory (ANN). The course has four parts: Foundations of cognitve theory, Artificial intelligence and human thinking, Representation and memory in neural networks, and Philosophy of mind. More information about theoretical philosophy will appear later.

    18. Philosophy General Information
    only. The other staff offices are along the corridor. Philosophy tutorsare accommodated on the fifth and sixth floors. The Department s

    19. CDL Browse Topic
    philosophy general, Electronic Journals available to UC Santa BarbaraResults 129 (of 29) These links lead to more resources related Journal&

    20. Trinity College Dublin Philosophy: General Aims
    General Aims. · To give students a solid, scholarly grounding in the classicaltexts which form the history of western philosophy, which in turn has been one
    Click here to return to Undergraduate page.
    General Aims To give students a solid, scholarly grounding in the classical texts which form the history of western philosophy, which in turn has been one of the formative influences upon western culture. To teach students to think for themselves by teaching them the fundamentals of both formal and informal reasoning. To teach students to question their own basic assumptions as well as to articulate and support their own points of view carefully and thoughtfully, both on paper and in speech. To teach students how to subject someone else’s viewpoint or theory or argument to careful, rigorous, yet fair critique. To give students the confidence to engage in a sophisticated analytical way with the moral, political, aesthetic and religious questions which lie at the heart of their own culture in their own generation. To give students a breadth of interests which can only be acquired by studying the thought of both the present and past ages, and of both their own and other cultural milieus. To encourage students in the search for (and perhaps even the attainment of) truth.

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