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         Philosophy For Kids:     more books (52)
  1. What are your kids learning about sex?(sex education)(includes related article on consequences of premature sex): An article from: U.S. Catholic by Mary Abowd, Thomas Lickona, 1996-04-01
  2. Kids Need Role Models, Not Magic.: An article from: Church & State by Sheila Suess Kennedy, 2000-05-01
  3. Reaching the kids who fall through the net: as youth crime grabs the headlines in the UK, Decio Emanuel Do Nascimento visits two organizations on the front ... ISSUES): An article from: For A Change by Decio Emanuel Do Nascimento, 2005-08-01
  4. I brake for family: if you feel like you're living a "Martha" life, take a hint from Mary and sit down and listen to Jesus, Your kids will thank you.: An article from: U.S. Catholic by Mary Cleary Kiely, 2007-06-01
  5. Kids in the crosshairs: 'it's hard to see your apartment building closed for a Starbucks to move in.'.(The Hungry Spirit)(Editorial): An article from: Sojourners Magazine by Rose Marie Berger, 2005-02-01
  6. Dear Kalman: Smart, Peculiar, And Outrageous Advice For Life From Famous People To A Kid by Kalman Gabriel, 1999-06-02
  7. The Boy Mechanic: 200 Classic Things to Build by The Editors of Popular Mechanics, 2006-03-28
  8. Charcater in Motion! (Real Life Stories Series, 3rd Grade Teacher's Guide) by Carol Lang, Patty Hansen, et all 2006-04
  9. Character in Motion! (Real Life Stories Series, 8th Grade Teacher's Guide) by Terri Munroe, Patty Hansen, et all 2006-04-01
  10. Rachel's Challenge: A Columbine Legacy Teacher's Guide by Terri Munroe, Patty Hansen, et all 2006-04

61. History For Kids!
Portland State University Greek Civilization class about Plato for kids.
China India West Asia Greece ... Religion
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62. Goldstein And Freud
General dentistry practice. Includes services, kids services, philosophy, photo gallery, directions and coupon.
Goldstein and Freud, DDS, PLLC
Services History of the Practice Doctors and Staff Photo Gallery ... Health Forms
Welcome to our web site

63. Philosophy, Metro Kids Care, Early Childhood Programs, Early Childhood And Eleme
philosophy, Metro kids Care, Early Childhood Programs, Early Childhood and Elementary Programs, School Programs, Des Moines Public Schools, Des Moines, Iowa.
District Calendar Board Meetings Records FAQ ... Metro Kids Care Philosophy

Metro Kids Care plays an important role in shaping the lives and enhancing the development of children enrolled in the district's before and after school care program. Service is provided to district families on a daily basis throughout the year except for weekends, legal holidays and inclement weather days . Hours of operation begin at 6:30 AM and end at 5:45 PM. A variety of activities are planned each day which teach children about the importance of making wise choices instead of facing the consequences of a bad decision. Opportunities to complete homework, play board games, draw a picture, read a book, make a craft or participate in more active games help children learn to use their creativity, share thoughts and practice skills learned in the classroom. District guidelines are followed in regard to zero tolerance for violence, fighting, weapons and sexual harassment

64. Whittier 5th Dimension - Home
Multiactivity, after-school environment in which kids and Whittier College students play and learn together with computers and telecommunications. Information on philosophy and activities.
Enter the Fifth Dimension... A partnership of Whittier College
made possible by a generous grant from the B. C. McCabe Foundation O nce upon a time, in Whittier, California, USA, The Wizard created a Fifth Dimension
  • A multi-activity, after-school environment in which kids and Whittier College students play and learn together with computers and telecommunications.
    Organized to promote children's overall cognitive and social development.
    Based in principles of cultural-historical activity theory.
    Serving as a site for teacher education, research, service learning, mentoring, and leadership growth.
    Led by the McCabe Scholars Team, a specially selected group of outstanding Whittier College undergraduates.
    The centerpiece of the McCabe Community Education Programs.
    And with a growing network of Fifth Dimension sites across the USA and around the world.
web design by jt dorr-bremme

65. Old Greenwich Dental Associates - Old Greenwich Connecticut - Dental Care,skille
Comprehensive dental care for adults and children. Includes philosophy, services, testimonials and kids' section.
Old Greenwich Dental Associates provides comprehensive dental care for adults and children. With highly skilled dentists, a well trained staff and today's most advanced technology, we are dedicated to each of our patients. Quality Care : We take great pride in the level of skill and expertise of our dentists and staff. We offer total care in one facility/location. Periodontal Treatment specializing in non-surgical anti-bacterial therapy that works, Regenerative Periodontal therapy to grow back lost bone or tissues, Periodontal plastic surgery, Crowns and Bridges, Prosthetics, Endodontics, Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Bleaching, Pedodontics (children' dentistry), Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, etc. We offer many services unique to a dental office, such as cholesterol screenings, nutritional counseling and expertise in bacteriology. State-of-the-Art Facility : We have designed our modern facility to offer services that are not readily offered elsewhere. We have equipped our office with advanced facilities for diagnosis and treatment including panographic x-ray and surgical telescopes, microscopic cultures, special color-matching lights, etc. Comfort Systems : Syrijet needle-less injections, nitrous oxide (happy gas), analgesia, I.V. sedation, virtual vision, stereo headphones, etc.

66. Lonesome Oak Ranch
Offers weekend and summer horse camps, riding lessons, and special programs for kids and young adults. Program mission and philosophy, staff qualifications, driving directions, and photos.
Arivaca, Arizona We are Mary and Jim Barratt, and the Lonesome Oak Ranch is home to us and our horses. Since 1954 we've been leading and guiding children, teaching them to ride and care for their horses. We always have a strong emphasis on fun and sportsmanship! Lonesome Oak Ranch is a non-profit organization with some very special goals. Give a click to learn about our mission, and about how you can help. Please support us when you shop at Safeway (Give a click to learn how!) We have an RV/Camper Space for rent! Spend some time in our beautiful desert. Give us a call for details. Beginning May 23rd ~ our 2004 Summer Camps! They begin on Sundays, and end on Fridays. They feature horsemanship, arts and crafts, hiking, and more! The cost is $375 per camper. Give us a call for more information and to reserve places. Summer camps and weekend horsemanship programs are available for children through 18. Additionally, we have seasonal Schooling Shows, special Holiday Camps, and weekend Adult and Family Camps. Or, you can arrange for private riding instruction. Let us help you develop your own style of riding within the Western or English traditions. There are many stylistic variations to suit the horse you ride and your lifestyle. Discover what suits you! Mary with some of the horses.

67. Baseball: Philosophy - Kids
kids What They Want. All kids are different and participate in sports for a variety of reasons. What about other kids, why do they play?
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Kids - What They Want
All kids are different and participate in sports for a variety of reasons. For my oldest son, participation is mainly a social event. He loves being with his friends and having a good time. He's athletic so he's beginning to realize the attention he gets when he has a good game, at bat, or play in the field. My younger son at this point just loves to play. He is in it for the enjoyment he gets while playing. He enjoys hanging out with the kids, but that seems secondary to playing the game. What about other kids, why do they play? The reasons vary by age and personality. Obviously the high school player is going to have different reasons for playing then a 10 year old. Unfortunately parents and coaches often don't recognize what the kids want to get out of the sport. I believe there are some common themes that apply at all levels:
Kids don't want to play if it's not fun. Again, we must consider the personality and age of the player. A high school pitcher may think it's fun to practice as hard as he can in order to be successful. The competition is what's fun. For most younger kids the competition isn't as important. They are more interested in the action and excitement of playing. Winning and losing most often means a lot more to the coach and parents than it does to the kids.
Variety and Organization
Many people say that organized sports are boring to the kids. We've organized the fun out. Kids spend too much time standing around and not enough time playing. I disagree that organized sports are boring. It would be nice to still be living in an age when your child could head off to the local sandlot and meet his buddies for a game of baseball. The reality is that parents won't allow it without supervision. It's really the lack of organization within the scheduled practices that cause the problem. When one kid is hitting and the rest of the team is in the field shagging balls, you have taken the fun out of the sport.

68. New Community Church - Welcome
Information on church philosophy, ministries, services, staff and kids page.
Who We Are What We Believe Small Groups What to Expect ... Kidz Community Last updated 4/28/04

69. Coaching Baseball: Coaching Philosophy
I expect that this philosophy will change as my kids grow and I learn more about their needs and desires as they relate to athletics.
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Coaching Baseball - Philosophy
A Crisis in Youth Sports?
Many child and sports psychologists claim that we are facing a crisis in youth athletics. It's hard to disagree when you read stories of coaches fighting at youth game; a parent being accused of beating another parent to death after a hockey practice; an over involved parent who makes his child run home behind the car because he didn't perform well in a game. Two years ago in our Little League, the police had to be called to a game because a coach had threatened another coach before the game telling him he was go to take him out in the woods and beat him. In my years of coaching baseball, that's the most drastic incident locally that I'm aware of. Think of your own experiences as a coach or parent watching what occurs all the time in youth sporting events. I see on a regular basis parents who cannot keep their emotions in check and coaches who don't understand the negative influence they are having on their players. You may or may not agree that there's a crisis, but it's hard not to admit that something's wrong. Statistics show that about 73 percent of children who participate in organized sports quit by the time their 13.

70. Well School
A private nonprofit day school for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Lists school philosophy, events calendar, alumni page, kids page, and parent handbook.

71. Community Center Philosophy
kids Korner philosophy. kids’ Korner is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative needs of each child. We believe that
Community Center Home Community Calendar Enroll for Enrichment Classes Kids Korner ... Childcare/Kids Korner Kids Korner Philosophy Kids’ Korner is designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative needs of each child. We believe that:
  • Each child is a person whose growth occurs in developmental states that are sequential and continuous;
  • Each child is unique with individual physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs and cultural backgrounds;
  • Creativity and independent discovery of children are best promoted through the provision of hands-on experiences in a warm and nurturing play-based environment;
  • Children learn best when their educational experience is a cooperative venture between home and school.
Admission Philosophy Goals Staff/Classroom ...

72. Charlotte Calvary Church Of The Nazarene, Charlotte NC - Reverend Elmer Wilson,
Information on the church's philosophy and religion, service times, event schedule, kids page and driving directions.
The Reverend Elmer Wilson, Pastor
Charlotte Calvary Church of the Nazarene is located at:
4000 North Sharon Amity Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28205

73. Desert Springs PCA -- Presbyterian Church In Tucson, Arizona
Find out what the PCA is all about. Includes the philosophy of its ministries, a declaration of beliefs, events calendar, and the Pioneer Club for kids.
He turned the desert into pools of water And the parched ground into flowing springs
(Psalm 107:35) 1555 West Overton Road Tucson, Arizona 85737

Sunday School
(for all ages)
9:20 a.m. Sunday mornings Worship Celebration 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mornings Bible Centered Quality Nursery Provided Reformed Doctrine Children's Church Members Area
A New Denomination
Founded in 1973 by believers who felt strongly the need for a scriptural, evangelical and reformed witness for Christ. These believers felt that evangelism, Christian education and training should be the top priorities of the church. Many churches separated from their denominations because they believed the basic Christian doctrines were being compromised. Desert Springs is a member of North American Presbyterian and Reformed Churches and the National Association of Evangelicals. Current membership in PCA churches is about 300,000. A Scriptural Denomination The PCA believes in the "Presbyterian " form of church government as the most scriptural. Local churches are governed by "presbyters" or Elders. Teaching elders are Pastors and Ruling Elders are ordained laymen. The Elders make up the Session, which is the governing body of the local church. The Elders are elected by the congregation.

74. Welcome To Mission Beyond
A ministry about youth reaching youth, following a philosophy that meaningful relationships pave the way for sharing the gospel with nonChristians, and that kids should have significant and relevant opportunities to encounter the gospel's message.

75. Kids-in-Crisis - Resources Page For Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls, In Trouble, Who
philosophy of kidsin-Crisis We believe that kids and teens can better deal with, and make good choices about, the issues that confront them when they have
Kids-In-Crisis is an online resource page for kids and teens, like you, who are having difficult life problems or have questions and don't know how or where to turn for help. Home Emergency
Phone Numbers
AIDS Alcohol ... Awards About
Kids-in-Crisis The KIC Webring Become a Friend
If you need HELP and do not have time to look further,
click here for your country's National Telephone Helplines and talk to someone now! Please Take A Few Minutes To Read This Letter From A Convicted And Executed Child Abuser And Murderer. He Wrote This To Help Kids To Escape From People Like Himself! PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST CHILD ABUSE! Welcome to the continuously revised Kids-in-Crisis site! We are always trying to stay current so please bear with us while we continue. BE SAFE - An Internet Story That could Save Your Life PLEASE READ THIS STORY AND PASS IT ON!!

76. Philosophy The Best Cosmetic Is Great-looking Skin
, for homemaker, , for gardener, , for kids, , for teens, , birthday, , graduation, , father s day, copyright © 2002, inc. all rights reserved. kids

77. ITS Advisory
de Haan, Chris, McCutcheon, Lucy MacColl, San, philosophy with kids Book 1 (Sth. Melbourne, Vic. Longman, 1995). de Haan, Chris
  World Class: Be Part of It Search: All UQ for:
Information Technology Services Advisory
Staff Web Page
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78. Kids 4 Truth | Online Philosophy
philosophy of kids 4 Truth Curriculum. by Bob R. Roberts. The kids 4 Truth curriculum and program specifically targets 1st6th grade children.
Kids 4 Truth, a Curriculum and Program As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving (Colossians 2:6-7)
PHILOSOPHY of Kids 4 Truth Curriculum
by Bob R. Roberts The Kids 4 Truth curriculum and program specifically targets 1st-6th grade children. Curriculum: The Kids 4 Truth curriculum , in a nutshell, is a beginner’s level systematic theology. Mission Statement of Kids 4 Truth Mission Statement: By godly men and women teaching basic systematic theology, we purpose to teach young believers what is correct doctrine, to persuade them why specific doctrines are correct, and to equip them to declare (Titus 2:1; I Peter 3:15) to others historic, authentic Christian truth in a clear, concise, memorable and passionate way. What is Systematic Theology?
  • “Theology” proper means the study of God. Since our sourcebook for finding out about God is the Bible, we may say theology is the study of the doctrines [teachings] of the Bible . “Christian doctrine is simply statements of the most fundamental beliefs that the Christian has, beliefs about the nature of God, about his action, about us who are His creatures, and about what He has done to bring us into relationship with Himself.”

79. Linda Book's World Of Music For Kids--Linda's Philosophy About Children's Music
free songs for kids. Copyright © 2004 Words and Muse Productions All Rights Reserved. A Little Bit of Linda Book s philosophy about kids Music.
Words and Muse
All Rights Reserved. A Little Bit of Linda Book's Philosophy about Kids' Music
It would be easier to let you know what I write and sing about, of course, if you were sitting in the audience of a show of mine. If you could be there, here's what you'd find. My music supports my basic philosophy: I think that children are growing up too fast, and my songs let them dwell in the world where children are most comfortable and let them be kids for a bit longer The other side of it, as I am told by many of you, is that my songs truly remind adults of what it was to be a child, to take them back to their own childhood and experience it again. That re-experiencing seems to warm the heart and, for a little while, it quiets the noisy insistence of modern life. A Little History I grew up in a household where music was ever-present. We always had a piano that my mother played. I began to play around on the piano when I was about 8.

80. Dictionaries And Encyclopedias
Dictionaries for kids, of Labor job titles; PAE Glossary plants, animals, and the environment; Philosophical - technical terms and personal names in philosophy;
Here you will find lookup forms for the major Internet Dictionaries Encyclopedias , and Thesauri . Below these are a list of pointers to many specialized Dictionaries and Glossaries and Translation Utilities
Don't worry, it's not all learning, even lexicographers want to have fun . So, have fun

Dictionary Encyclopedia Almanac Bartleby

Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia Dictionary Roget's II: Thesaurus Bartlett's Quotations Simpson's Quotations English Usage Fowler's King's English Mencken's Language Strunk's Style Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B.

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