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         Philosophers Biographies Specific:     more books (16)
  1. Edith Stein: A Biography/the Untold Story of the Philosopher and Mystic Who Lost Her Life in the Death Camps of Auschwitz by Waltraud Herbstrith, 1985-10
  2. Bill W.: A Biography of Alcoholics Anonymous Cofounder Bill Wilson by Francis Hartigan, 2001-10-12
  3. Edith Stein: Philosopher, Carmelite Nun, Holocaust Martyr by Jean De Fabregues, 1993-03
  4. Edith Stein: Philosopher and Mystic (Way of the Christian Mystics) by Josephine Koeppel, 1990-03
  5. My Search for Bill W.: Biography by Mel B., 2000-05-01
  6. Amos Bronson Alcott: An Intellectual Biography by Frederick Dahlstrand, 1982-10
  7. THE SCIENTIFIC THEIST by Sydney E. AHLSTROM, 1987-06-01
  8. God and the Philosophers: The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason
  9. Walter Benjamin (Reaktion Books - Critical Lives) by Esther Leslie, 2008-01-15
  10. A Pitch of Philosophy: Autobiographical Exercises (The Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures) by Stanley Cavell, 1994-06-20
  11. Edith Stein, Scholar, Feminist, Saint by Freda Mary Oben, 1987-12
  12. Theology of Suffering and Cross in the Life and Works of Blessed Edith Stein (Europaische Hochschulschriften Reihe Xxiii, Theologie) by Antony Kavunguvalappil, 1998-06
  13. Geoproperty: Foreign Affairs, National Security and Property Rights by Geoff Demarest, 1998-09-01
  14. Bill W.: The absorbing and deeply moving life story of Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous by Robert Thomsen, 1999-08-31

61. Internet Public Library: Pathfinders
190 philosophers 921 biographies. starting points for research and link you to morespecific information. It has a direct link to philosophers throughout history
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Subject Collections



... Pathfinders This collection All of the IPL Advanced
Western Philosophers
General Purpose
This pathfinder has been created to aid those seeking information about notable western philosophers. Western philosophy spans a large time period and a tremendous amount of different ideas. The attempt to follow and discover the people who have created these ideas can be a long, arduous task. This document contains print and Internet resources recommended as starting points for research and by no means should be considered all inclusive. Western philosophy can be divided into three sections: ancient, medieval, and modern. When researching philosophers one can use this as a guide to ideas and movements associated with philosophers.
Print Resources Internet Resources
Print Resources
The following information is provided to help you locate print materials when searching at a library. Most academic libraries utilize the Library of Congress Subject Headings while public libraries tend to use the Dewey Decimal Classification. Both classifications systems have been provided to aid your search.
Call Numbers
  • LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings): Philosophers (Used for Philosophy Biography)
    B 108-708 Philosophers, Ancient

62. Submarino
Importados Biography Autobiography specific Groups LeRoy R. Hafen LeroyR. Hafen Utah State University Press biographies of prominent figures in the

63. Biographies
from brief entries in biographic dictionaries to complete books on specific individuals Thatis, a dictionary of biographies of scientists would be in 509.2, of
Library Services

Biographies Some Biography Links
General Links: Biography Resource Center - excellent Your Name_ Teacher's Name There are many sources of biographical information ranging from brief entries in biographic dictionaries to complete books on specific individuals. In part, you must decide how much information you require and how many different kinds of sources [ie. books, CDs, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Internet...] A. Reference - Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries of Biography give brief descriptions of hundreds or thousands of people. These books can be found through the Library online catalogue, but generally are found in 920 or with the actual subject area. That is, a dictionary of biographies of scientists would be in 509.2, of musicians in 780.92, of artists in 709.2, of Canadians in 971.092. In the online catalogue, look under biography or biographies, or under subjects such as scientists, doctors, painters, chemists...

  • List here the name of the dictionary you used Dewey No
    Date of birth Date of death
    Famous for
B. Reference - Encyclopedias

64. Philosophy Resources
Wilson biographies Plus (under Online Reference Sources on Catalog using the nameof the philosopher. the Online Catalog under the specific topic, geographic
PHILOSOPHY RESOURCES Following is a selected list of resources in the field of philosophy at Phoenix College Library. Additional titles can be located by using the Online Catalog, magazine and periodical databases, and search engines available through the World Wide Web

Periodical Articles
History of Philosophy Biographies of Philosophers ... Web Resources Masterpieces of World Philosophy in Summary Form. 2vols. 1961. (REF B 21 .M3) Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers. 1991. (REF B 41 .C66 1991b) Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 8 vols. 1967. + Supplement1996. (REF B 41 .E5) Key Ideas in Human Thought. 1993. (REF B 41 .K48 1993) Dictionary of Philosophy. 1960. (REF B 41 .R8 1960) 1960. (REF B 41 .U7) Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary. 1961. (REF B 42 .V6 1961) Philosophical Dictionary . 2 vols. 1962. (REF B 42 .V6 1962) Talking Philosophy: A Wordbook. 1990. (REF B 49 .S63 1990) Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 10 vols. 1998. (REF B 51 .R68 1998)

65. NARA | ALIC | History
Historians philosophers A collated web index this inspirational page gives biographiesof ordinary Selected specific Events The Declaration of Independence
Where Is...? / How Do I...? Where Is...? Hot Topics / What's New The Constitution The Declaration of Independence The Bill of Rights Genealogy Veterans' Service Records Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Access to Archival Databases (AAD) eVetRecs Electronic Records Archives (ERA) Archives Library Info. Center (ALIC) Calendar of Events FAQs FOIA Reading Room Information Security Oversight Office Interagency Working Group (IWG) Locations and Hours (Facilities) Media Desk Organization Chart Preservation Prologue Magazine Publications How Do I...? Use this Site Order Copies Contact NARA Visit NARA Apply for a Job Volunteer at NARA Research Online Find a Public Law Apply for a Grant Find Records Management Training June 11, 2004 Sections ALIC Main Page What's New Reference at Your Desk Associations ... About ALIC Resources The Library Catalog Microfilm Catalog NARA Electronic Publications AncestryPlus (GaleNet) ... Contact ALIC Staff History Resources in American History ranging from general sites to specific event information, as well as links to local attractions in College Park, Maryland, where Archives II is located.

66. The Worldly Philosophers
of the noblesounding but bland Worldly philosophers . 6/10 General areas SocialSciences specific fields Economics Approaches Biography, History.

67. Gale - Catalog
Biography systematically presents career biographies and criticism of writersfrom all eras and all genres through volumes dedicated to specific types of

68. Gale - Catalog
of Literary Biography American philosophers Before 1950. systematically presents careerbiographies and criticism through volumes dedicated to specific types of

69. Emory University, Political Theory Guide
a listing of resources specific to American information on most major philosophersand philosophical Bibliographies, commentaries, and biographies (in addition
General Business Health Sciences Law ... home American Politics Research Guide Using the Libraries About the Libraries Ask a Question Political Theory/Philosophy Research Guide Table Of Contents Getting Started This research guide focuses specifically on political theory and philosophy. For a more general introduction to available resources in political science, please visit the Emory Political Science Subject Guide Back to the Top Identifying Print Resources in American Politics
    Political Theory Reference Items To find books, journal holdings, music, videos or other materials located at any of the Emory libraries, search

70. PHIL 304
about the life and historical context of a specific philosopher. name of the individualto locate biographies and other look for books on a specific period (eg
PHIL 304: Values Inquiry
Fall 2001/ Prof. Jon Armajani Collaborative Presentation Assignment:
Individual Political Philosophers
The best collaborative work is done so that each partner becomes both learner and teacher. As you plan for your class presentation and paper, consider trying to divide up responsibilities so that each of you has a chance to learn from the other (and to do less work!). Please use the suggestions and links below to support your research. Remember to consult a librarian anytime you need assistance.
YOUR TASKS: this assignment provides you with opportunities to summarize, synthesize, and analyze a specific reading and other information about the life and historical context of a specific philosopher. Here's where we can help (you're on your own when it comes to reading the materials!): 1. Biographical/Historical-Cultural Context:
- the online catalog. Use the Subject Keyword search option and enter the name
of the individual to locate biographies and other works. You can also consult the introductions to translations of texts or look for books on a specific period (eg, Industrial Revolution).
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy - REFERENCE B 51 .R68 1998

71. History Philosophy Of Psychology Web Resources
Sites Dedicated to specific Historical Individuals. Founders of Neurology Brief biographiesof dozens of significant contributors Pantheon of Famous philosophers

72. Biography
in the history of mysticism, poets and philosophers. and Women of the World Providesbiographies of great General and specific biographical titles of today s
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Reference Biography
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73. Monroe County (NY) Library System - Religion- Major
site offers the writings of modern philosophers, with political Biographyand philosophy. Others take Philosophy for a specific attitude which we
Major Philosophers Search by philosopher or time period St. Thomas Aquinas Aristotle Bentham and Mill Berkeley ... For philosophical encyclopedias, dictionaries, and general philosophical resources, please see our Philosophy Page
Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Born:551 B.C.
Died:479 B.C.
Major philosophies : Three Doctrines of Confucius
His Utopia
Confucianism Confucian Classics
Confucian texts with each character hyperlinked to its definition and eytomolgy. Note this site is in Chinese
The Analects of Confucius

Full text of the Analects Confucius: His Life and Teachings
This site includes alot of information about the Buddha. Find here the Temples of Confucius, his life and his goals, comparisons of philosophers in Confucius' dynasty, and the text of the Analects, Mencius, and other classics of Confucianism
You will find the text of The Lun Yu here. It is the main component of the Confucius classics known as the Four Books. Collectively they offer glimpses into the aspirations, insights, character, conduct, wit and even the humor of Confucius The Teachings of Confucius Information about his life, ideas, and morals

74. Biographies & Memoirs:Lots Of Good Books (Biography & Memoirs)
this Category. PhilosopherScientist (Living philosophers Volume 7

Lots of Good Books (Biography)

Featured Product
Tour of Duty : John Kerry and the Vietnam War
List $25.95
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... Lots Of Toys Lots Of Good Music Classical Popular Other Projects Privacy Digest NewsLogs MacRonin Lots Of Great Sites ... In association with Only within this Category All Products Audiobooks Australian Authors Books Chinese Criminals Dancers Entertainers General Historical Irish Japanese Jewish Large Print Memoirs Military Movie Directors Native American Native People (Canada) New Age People, A-Z Political Regional Canada Religious Royalty Scandinavian Special Needs Specific Groups Specific Groups - General Television Performers Theatre Travel U.K. Prime Ministers Women Bestselling Alphabetical (Z-A) Alphabetical (A-Z) Publication Date Featured Items Average Customer Review Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low)'s Price: Prices subject to change. Auguste Comte: An Intellectual Biography by: Mary Pickering 01 December, 1993

75. A Dedication To Spinoza's Insights - Joseph B. Yesselman's Home Page
Spinoza, Peter Landry Excellent Short biographies of relatedPhilosophers. Spinoza Search, Hippias, a philosophyspecific search engine
Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) was a Jewish-Portuguese-Dutch Philosopher.
's insights help evolve all Religions to a Universal Religion
Just as the Hebrew Bible was the Constitution of the then Hebrew State,
so the World Bible will be the Constitution of the to-be World State

Joseph B. Yesselman's Home Page
... Link and Endnote Search
Spinoza defined "sorrow, boredom, joy" with one definition.
You TRY—it's difficult, but enlightening . The more you try,
the more will the insight's beauty delight you. E3:Preface(12) Caution: words such as "panic, anguish, displeased, bored, pleased,
delight, elation" are properties not definitions . Try for the cause; the measuring yardstick. G:Note 1 E1:Parkinson Keep trying Answer Spinoza also defined "hate, indifference, love" with one definition. You TRY—it's difficult, but enlightening . It is harder than defining "sorrow... joy." The more you try, the more will the insight's beauty E3:Preface(12) delight you.

76. Daniel Webster College :: Library :: Locating Biographical Information
These are specific biographies that are Gabor, Andrea. The Capitalist PhilosophersThe Geniuses of Modern BusinessTheir Lives, Times, and Ideas.
Home Search Site Map Campus Directory ... Library FAQ Pathfinder: Locating Information About People
Overview Sources Specialized Reference Sources Circulating Books Also see the library's specialized pathfinders: Computer Pioneers Famous Philosophers Presidents of the United States Famous Artists ... Notable Mathematicians SCOPE: Finding biographical information on a particular person may seem to be an overwhelming task. The student's first attempt may be to check in an encyclopedia or look online. However, there are many resources that are available that will provide reliable information about an individuals birth, education, and contributions to society. This pathfinder will serve as a guideline in locating resources that will help you find information on this topic.
There are sources located in the Reference Section of the Baddour Library that give a general overview or summary of that topic you are researching. The following is a list of some of the sources available in the library. GENERAL OVERVIEW SOURCES (located in the Reference Collection) REF CT 213.A68 2002 American National Biography

77. History - Periods
the making of costumes with specific sewing techniques of Vivaldi and others, biographiesof the to fulltext resources by philosophers, scientists, political
Martell's PRIME SITES: History

Persian Wars
Age of Exploration Renaissance ...
Ancient Greece: The Persian Wars
A 3-page essay from a World Cultures course.
Greco-Persian Wars
This site from the Encyclopedia Britannica has 10 sections including Greek preparations for war, the Ionian revolt, and the last Persian Wars.
The Persian Wars
Very brief descriptions of various aspects of the Persian Wars as part of a History of Civilization course.
The Persian Wars
The Persian Wars
Age of Exploration (1400-1520)

The Age of Exploration: Curriculum Guide
This site covers exploration over the centuries with a primary focus on the period 1400-1520. The exploits, ships, and maps of the Portuguese explorers are highlighted, as are early navigation methods, the life of Christopher Columbus, and several other interesting subjects. The use of images is very good.
Discoverers Web
This is an excellent site for information about voyages of discovery from ancient to modern times. There is a lengthy alphabetical list of explorers, primary sources, and links to other resources. Each link is described briefly. Information in the Age of Discovery section of the outline is excellent, especially the materials on Christopher Columbus (see the Columbus Navigation Homepage at ~keithp

78. Seyla Benhabib: Taking Ideas Seriously
irrelevant,” 1 the study of philosophers’ lives continues to The fixation on biography,particularly when it is reckless mind” is a specific interplay of
HOME CURRENT ISSUE ARCHIVES SUBSCRIBE Taking Ideas Seriously Can we distinguish political choices from philosophical truths? Seyla Benhabib
Richard Wolin
Princeton University Press, $29.95 (cloth) The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics
Mark Lilla
New York Review of Books, $24.95 (cloth) Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem
Edited by Steven E. Aschheim
University of California Press, $22.95 (paperback) I ought and obligation . Since then the suspicious style of interpretation has evolved in several different directions. A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education
The Reckless Mind: Intellectuals in Politics, Lilla opens his collection of essays, most of which have previously appeared in The New York Review of Books, When Heidegger was a young professor in Marburg, even before the 1927 publication of Being and Time, Kaiserreich Raeterepublik collapsed and the Weimar Republic ushered in a great period of political, cultural, and social upheaval, German philosophy itself entered a period of radical questioning. At the root of the questioning was the relationship of reason and freedom. While neo-Kantian traditional philosophy still asserted that the human will was capable of rational choice and that philosophy within the bounds of reason could build a just moral order that would house the free will (a task undertaken by the neo-Kantian Hermann Cohen as well as the Hegelian Franz Rosenzweig, both of Jewish origin), the war and the experience of the Front suggested more ominous tidings.

79. Gender-Related Reference Books
Modern (16001900), and Contemporary Women philosophers (1900 on 3-volume set includesbiographies, events, issues, organizations, specific sports, topics
Gender-Related Reference Books Return to Gender Resources Search Aids Library Resources Reference books are located on the Main Floor of the Library. Art
  • Dictionary of Women Artists: An International Dictionary of Women Artists Born before 1900 Ref. N43 .P47 1985. Entries are very brief.
  • Gumbo Ya Ya: Anthology of Contemporary African-American Women Artists Ref. N6538 .N5 G85 1995. Title refers to a Creole tradition and means "everyone talks at once" (p. vii). Introduction and Foreward provide historical context for understanding the contribution of African American women artists.
  • American Women Sculptors: A History of Women Working in Three Dimensions Ref. NB236 .R8 1990. Articles cover Native American baskets, ceramics, and other materials; Patience Wright, the founding mother of American sculpture; and American women sculptors from the 1800s to the 1980s.
Return to Top Biographies (General)
  • The Continuum Dictionary of Women's Biography . Ref. CT3202 .I57 1989x
  • Notable American Women, 1607-1950: A Biographical Dictionary

80. LookSmart - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
philosophy of education, with specific reference to Rousseau Association providesseveral biographies, the texts of links about the SwissFrench philosopher.

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