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         Philosopher Biographies General:     more books (100)
  1. Living Biographies of Great Philosophers: Library Edition by Henry Thomas, Dana Lee Thomas, 2001-09
  2. John Stuart Mill - Life and Times of the Political Philosopher (Biography) by Biographiq, 2008-02-11
  3. David Hume - The Mind of a Scottish Philosopher (Biography) by Biographiq, 2008-02-17
  4. Edmund Husserl: Philosopher of Infinite Tasks by Maurice Natanson, 1974-06-01
  5. Blessed Spinoza: A Biography Of The Philosopher by Lewis Browne, 2007-07-25
  6. Boehme: An Intellectual Biography of the Seventeenth-Century Philosopher and Mystic by Andrew Weeks, 1991-07
  7. Cogito, Ergo Sum: The Life of Rene Descartes by Richard Watson, 2007-08-15
  8. The Dictionary of Seventeenth-Century British Philosophers
  9. On Peter Singer (Wadsworth Philosophers Series) by Hyun Hochsmann, 2001-07-23
  10. On Heidegger (Wadsworth Philosophers Series) by Patricia Johnson, 1999-11-02
  11. William James - Pioneer Psychologist (Biography) by Biographiq, 2008-02-11
  12. Socrates in 90 Minutes (Philosophers in 90 Minutes) by Paul Strathern, 1997-04-25
  13. Biography of an Idea by Ruth Nanda Anshen, 1987-09
  14. Wisdom Seekers: Great Philosophers of the Western World, Volume II by James L. Christian, 2001-09-25

1. The Humanities Experience
Eastern Religions Comparisons and general information on Masters Titian andBotticelli biographies included Nicolo Machiavelli Renaissance philosopher.
By: Mark J. Richards Humanities - a record of a person's search for answers to basic questions
Within this website are various topics which have been covered in our Humanities class that you can explore. Feel free to expand your horizons as your journey continues. Enjoy!!!

2. Biographies: The Political Philosopher, Edmund Burke (1729-97).
Through metamorphic leadership States general, the National _UP THE POLITICAL PHILOSOPHERS biographies JUMP PAGE HOME

The cords of man:
"Man acts from adequate motives relative to his interest,
and not on metaphysical speculations."
("Speech on Conciliation with the Colonies," 1775.)
  • Lawyer/Writer/Politician:-
  • Quotes.
  • Dates.
  • Notes. ...

  • [TOC]

    Burke was the son of a Dublin attorney. In 1750, he entered the Middle Temple, London, but Burke soon abandoned law for literary work. In 1756 he published, anonymously, A Vindication of Natural Society . In 1765 he became the private secretary to Marquis of Rockingham, who at that time, but only for a year thereafter, was premier. Burke soon entered parliament, as a Whig, through a pocket borough, Wendover. During most all of his years as a parliamentarian, Burke was to sit in the opposition benches as a critic to the ruling Tories. These were times of great historical importance, marked by the unsuccessful coercion of the American colonies. The event, which was to unfold over a number of years, was, accompanied by corruption, extravagance, and reaction. Against this, Burke and his Whig friends could only raise a strong protest. "The best of Burke's writings and speeches belong to this period, and may be described as a defence of sound constitutional statesmanship against prevailing abuse and misgovernment." After the British colonies were lost, still yet in opposition, Burke turned his great talents in the support of the Irish cause

    3. The Legal Philosophers: The Jurists.
    was a mathematician; a moral philosopher; a political As the solicitorgeneral heprosecuted Essex and Boston Little, Brown; 1957), a biography (winner of the
    The Legal Philosophers, Or The Jurists: Click
    the letter and you will be brought to the beginning of the appropriate biography list. A B C D E F G H I J K L M To Law
    Jump-Off Page

    (Click on letter to go to index.)

    Anson, Sir William R
    Anson was the M.P. for Oxford University from 1899. Anson is noted for his scholarly books on the law, particularly his on contracts (1884) and on the constitution (1886-92); they have both become legal classics
    (Click on letter to go to index.)

    Bacon, Francis
    Bacon was the lord chancellor of England; his removal in 1621 makes for a most interesting story. For legal philosophers, however, Francis Bacon is most well known for his delineation of the principles of the inductive scientific method , which constituted a breakthrough in the approach to science. Bacon was the originator of the expression, "Knowledge is power."
    Bagehot, Walter
    Mr. Bagehot was a mathematician; a moral philosopher; a political economist; a trained, though not a practising, lawyer; a banker; a shipowner; and, from 1860 till his too early death in 1877, the editor and manager of the Economist . Primarily, however, Bagehot was a reader and critic of books. I have a number of Bagehot's books including:

    4. Native Americans - Biographies
    Native American biographies. John Adams general John Buford. his life time among the Indians, among other things NEZAHUALCOYOTL " TEXCOCO'S philosopher KING (1403 1473)"
    Native American Biographies
  • John Adams
    "One of the greatest stories of those of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians"
  • American Horse
    picture and detailed article
  • Louis Annance
    1794 - 1875 Famous Abenaki Trapper and Guide
  • ANTONE (ca. 1780-ca. 1870)
    first chief of the Alabama Indians in Texas
  • Apache Men
    bios on John Cody (Goodah), Nochedelklinne, Naiche, and Geronimo (Goyathlay)
  • Apache Warriors
    Info on Cochise, Victorio, Geronimo, Juh, Nana, Naiche, Chalipun, Eskiminzin
  • Anna Mae Aquash
    from the "Gale Celebrates Women's History Page" (GCWHP)
  • Anna Mae Aquash Archive
    from the First Nations page
  • Miguel de Aranda
    a Spanish priest who ministered to the Apaches, info from the Handbook of Texas Online (HTO) site
  • Tribe elder Lawrence Aripa dies
    a newspaper article by Ken Olsen in The Spokesman-Review
  • Armijo
    from Camden Station Elementary School
  • Aspinet
    "Aspinet was the chief sachem of the Nauset Indians"
  • 5. The Gananda Central School Library/Renaissance Bios
    Project Information. general biographies. Sofonisba Anguissola. Roger Bacon Find a biography of the English philosopher and scientist Roger Bacon
    The Renaissance - Biographies
    Updated 03/19/04
    Click on these subjects headings for information about famous Renaissance people
    Project Information
    General Biographies Sofonisba Anguissola Roger Bacon ... Van Eyck (2 brothers)
    Project Information Research Assignment
    Click here to access Ms. Douglas' assignment titled "Renaissance People".
    General Biographies - Sites with information on MANY famous Renaissance people
    Online Encyclopedias
    Ruben A Cirillo H. S. Library

    Online Books
    Ruben A Cirillo H. S. Library
    Renaissance Art A very comprehensive list of links to information about Renaissance art and artists. Exhibits Collection Renaissance Web site maintained by the Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, explores the Renaissance. The Intenet Medieval Sourcebook: The renaissance

    6. Scientists, Inventors And Explorers
    Scientists, inventors and explorers biography links indexed by subject and academic level. See also individual science biographies, general biography resources The Alchemists or Searchers for the philosopher's Stone and the Water of Life

    7. Biography & Autobiography
    general)BusinessChildhood MemoirComposers MusiciansCookingCriminals OutlawsEditors, Journalists, PublishersEducatorsEntertainment biographies The philosopher and the Provocateur

    8. History Of Psychology - Famous Psychologists And Philosophers
    Name is almost synonymous with the term general intelligence (otherwise concerningthe great French sociologist and philosopher, Emile Durkheim biographies.

    9. List Of Scored And Requested Biographies
    scoring guide for biographies while writing your biography. 2, Aquinas, Thomas, CatholicTheologian and philosopher. BC, 2, Caesar, Julius, Roman general who became
    Spread the Truth WORLD HISTORY Assignment Bank Home Page Comparative Essays Change Over Time Essays Famous Biographies Frequently Asked Questions Syllabus: WH (Potter's) Syllabus: APWH (Northstar) Get a tutor Sortable Biographies Table
    (over 200 names) Rank by Quality:
    ***** = excellent with HTML endnotes and/or interactive quiz!
    **** = well done and sources listed
    *** = well done but without sources listed
    ** = barely acceptable
    * = unacceptable, seeking replacement
    empty = seeking biography on this person (e-mail me for choice approval so I can avoid overlap and update the list).
    @ = in process
    = off site background to begin from
    (Remember to review the scoring guide for biographies while writing your biography.Your choice of who to write about is not limited by this list ( others with life sketch names with simple summary , and names only Order by Date: BC to AD Dates are approximations of life span, reigns of power, or era of periodization. Sort by Region: = Europe, Russia ;

    general biographies Biographical Index— http// philosophers.html(Click on a philosopher s portrait for one of the 27 biographies).
    Biographical Resources
    Compiled by Peter Y. Chou
    CTIS Division, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California
    General Biographies Artists Celebrities Composers ... Women

    11. Essays Page
    Home biographies general Science. Search Summary general Science 205 biographiesfound. Nationality Greek Occupation philosopher. S

    12. The Making Of A Philosopher: My Journey Through Twentieth-Century Philosophy - B
    students of contemporary philosophy and the general reader alike it s like to be aphilosopher from the Book Store Book Review biographies Autobiography
    The Making of a Philosopher: My Journey Through Twentieth-Century Philosophy
    Philosophers Biography Book Review
    AUTHOR: Colin McGinn
    ISBN: 0060957603
    Compare price for this book

    Philosophers Biography
    Editorial Review from Amazon
    The Making of a Philosopher: My Journey Through Twentieth-Century Philosophy
    - Book Review, by Colin McGinn
    About the Author

    Colin McGinn was educated at Oxford University. He has written widely on philosophy and philosophers in such publications as the New York Review of Books, the London Review of Books, the New Republic, and the New York Times Book Review. McGinn has written thirteen previous books, including The Mysterious Flame, The Character of Mind, Ethics, Evil and Fiction, and the novel The Space Trap.He is a professor of philosophy at Rutgers University and lives in New York City.
    Book Description
    The Making of a Philosopher
    follows Colin McGinn from his early years in England, reading Descartes and Anselm, to his years in the States, first in Los Angeles, then New York. McGinn presents a contemporary academic take on the great philosophical figures of the twentieth century including Bertrand Russell, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Noam Chomsky alongside stories of the teachers who informed his ideas and often became friends and mentors, especially the colorful A. J. Ayer at Oxford. Always elegant and probing

    13. Kant On Swedenborg: Dreams Of A Spirit-Seer And Other Writings (Swedenborg Studi
    published anonymously by the German philosopher in 1766 his ideas about mysticismin general and about Book Store Book Review biographies Autobiography
    Kant on Swedenborg: Dreams of a Spirit-Seer and Other Writings (Swedenborg Studies, No. 13)
    Philosophers Biography Book Review
    AUTHOR: Immanuel Kant, et al
    ISBN: 087785310X
    Compare price for this book

    Philosophers Biography
    Editorial Review from Amazon
    Kant on Swedenborg: Dreams of a Spirit-Seer and Other Writings (Swedenborg Studies, No. 13)
    - Book Review, by Immanuel Kant, et al
    Language Notes

    Text: English (translation)
    Original Language: German
    About the Author
    Book Description
    Buy this Book from Compare prices for this book Kant on Swedenborg: Dreams of a Spirit-Seer and Other Writings (Swedenborg Studies, No. 13) - Book Review, by Immanuel Kant, et al From the Publisher
    Immanuel Kant�s book on Emanuel Swedenborg has mystified readers since its publicationin1766during Swedenborg�s lifetime. Its unusual style and content have given rise to two opposing interpretations. Most Kant scholars regard this work as a skeptical attack on Swedenborg�s mysticism. Others, however, believe that Kant regarded Swedenborg as a serious philosopher and visionary; that Swedenborg exerted a powerful influence on Kant�s mature critical philosophy; and that Dreams of a Spirit-Seer both reveals Kant�s profound debt to Swedenborg and conceals that debt behind the mask of irony.This unique edition includes translations of Kant�s other writings on Swedenborg, as well as texts by other writers illustrating the genesis and reception of Dreams. Synopsis In addition to the volume published anonymously by the German philosopher in 1766, here are presented letters and other writings illuminating his ideas about mysticism in general and about his older contemporary in particular. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

    14. A Hotlist On Biography Studies
    Megasite Bios A general biography site. Biography of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Aristotle- mathematician and philosopher. More Aristotle. Sports Figures biographies.
    A Hotlist on Biography Studies
    An Internet Hotlist on Biography Studies created by Mrs. Gorman
    Western Sky Middle School
    Introduction Heroes of the Twentieth Century Women in History/Art/Sports/Music ... Sports Figures Biographies
    In addition to using books and magazines to find out about the life of famous people who made/make a difference in our world, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.
    The Internet Resources
    Heroes of the Twentieth Century

    15. Trexler Library - Library Instruction Handout
    944.04 F983c). for general biography . . . Bio historical context. for philosophicalmovements and philosopher biographies. . . Philosophical
    Eighteenth Century Europe
    Need help with your research? Contact: Kelly Cannon
    Reference Librarian
    Phone: x3602

    Reference Desk Hours:
    Call 3602 to confirm
    M,W 1-3 p.m.,
    T 6-9 p.m., Th 3-5 p.m.
    F 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
    Office hours (by appt.): Call 3602 to arrange M, Th 10 a.m.-12 noon T 1-3 p.m., W 3-5 p.m. F 2-4 p.m. A good place to start. . . Reference Books A general work, with scholarly entries and recent, the multivolume Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment (Ref Collection 940.253 E56o) offers a thematic approach: nobility, pietism, providence, sexuality, etc. Entries are signed and include a bibliography. Similarly, the Encyclopedia of European social history from 1350 to 2000 (Ref Collection 306.09403 E56o) approaches European history through major themes like family, religion, and health. Two reference works that focus on a single country are Britain in the Hanoverian Age, 1714-1837 (Ref Collection 942.07 N552b) and A Critical Dictionary of the French Revolution (Ref Collection 944.04 F983c). for general biography . . .

    16. Resources In Philosophy Guide
    Culture. Education; Philosophy of Religion; History of Philosophy general; Speciala biographies. Lists not only publications by each philosopher but also secondary
    Philosophy Resources
    Stauffer Library Reference
    Approaches to Research
    For information on how to do research in general, check Research Strategy For information about how to do research in philosophy, consult Library Research Guide to Philosophy (REF B52 L57 1990) This guide outlines the basic sources of reference: Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, and Indexes. The chapters explain not only the content of these sources but also how to use them. The text includes a useful list of major fields of philosophy as well as a selected list of journal titles. Another useful book is Blackwell Companion to Philosophy (REF B21 B56 1996t) The emphasis of this book is on Anglo-American philosophy in the mid-to-late 20th century. It combines chapters on historical developments in philosophy with specialist chapters on standard introductory topics, central concepts, and debates within the field.
    The Encyclopedia of Philosophy / Paul Edwards, editor in chief.
    REF B41 .E5 1972 (Includes 1996 supplement) Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    REF B51 .R68 1998

    17. A & E Biographies Of The Millennium
    A E biographies of the Millennium 16. 20. Adam Smith. Scottish Economist/philosopher.35.29% (42 of 119 41. 21. George Washington. general/President/Father of his

    18. The World At War
    Deat, Marcel (French philosopher and Politician); Doriot, Jacques Selected biographies. SirRobert Gordon (Australian Statesman); Zhukov, Georgi (Soviet general).
    82 Biographies History is the collective story of all people. Although each and every person has its part in history, the decisions and deeds of some tend to have more influence on the course of history than those of others. Some of these are known, like Churchill or Hitler, some of them are less known, like Turing or Heisenberg. Some we will never know, since the history we know of tends to focus on those events that are reported. Writing but small biographies for only a small collection of those who shaped this troubled times is a task we simply cannot fulfil. We hope that some of our readers feel up to the task of submitting biographies, or perhaps a small addendum to existing ones. Thanks! Order by Surname
    Order by Profession

    Order by Nationality
    New Biographies

    19. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Bardesanes (Roman Catholic And Orthodox Churches: Genera
    Category Roman Catholic And Orthodox Churches general biographies. BardesanesbArdusA´nEzPronunciation Key, 154?–222?, Christian philosopher and poet of
    AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 11, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Roman Catholic And Orthodox Churches: General Biographies ... Bardesanes
    By Alphabet : Encyclopedia A-Z B
    Bardesanes, Roman Catholic And Orthodox Churches: General Biographies
    Related Category: Roman Catholic And Orthodox Churches: General Biographies Bardesanes [bArd u s A E z] Pronunciation Key
    Topics that might be of interest to you: Saint Ephraem
  • Encyclopedia U com Check out around 175,000 brief encyclopedia articles on almost all topics. Related Categories: Philosophy and Religion Christianity
    Philosophy and Religion
    Biographies ... Philosophy and Religion
    More articles from AllRefer Reference on Bardesanes
  • Encyclopedia U com Check out around 175,000 brief encyclopedia articles on almost all topics.
    Content on this web site is provided for informational purposes only. We accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person resulting from information published on this site. We encourage you to verify any critical information with the relevant authorities. About Us Contact Us Privacy Links Directory ...
    Link to
  • 20. Target : Entertainment : Books : Biographies & Memoirs : General
    Save $4.80 (30%). Sartre The philosopher of the Twentieth Centuryby Bernard Henri Levy, Andrew Brown Avg. Guest Rating Usually

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