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  1. Ding-dong, kibble calling! It's the answer to a bulk buyer's prayers: big bags of pet food and litter, delivered to your door; It's the answer to a bulk ... 5): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2008-01-19
  2. How to Sell pet food.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Do-It-Yourself Retailing
  3. Pet food surcharge raises hackles among owners.(Animals)(The recommendation estimates that owners would spend 61 cents per cat and about $1 per dog yearly): ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  4. Jailed for illegal claims, pet food peddler alleges FDA 'vendetta'. (Gertrude Harrington-McGill; United States. Food and Drug Administration; Solid Gold ... An article from: San Diego Business Journal by Sandy Hock, 1990-10-08
  5. The 2007 Report on Folding Paperboard Boxes for Dry Food, Produce, and Pet and Animal Food: World Market Segmentation by City by Philip M. Parker, 2006-11-13
  6. The 2007 Report on Specialty Pet Food Excluding Dog and Cat Food: World Market Segmentation by City by Philip M. Parker, 2006-11-13
  7. Task force urges steps to benefit dogs, cats.(Animals)(A report out today suggests a possible pet food surcharge and rabies vaccine reporting): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  8. Pet Food and Pet Care Products Company Profile - Nutro Products Inc by Euromonitor, 2004-02-01
  9. The 2006-2011 World Outlook for Pet Food
  10. The 2007-2012 World Outlook for Folding Paperboard Boxes for Dry Food, Produce, and Pet and Animal Food by Philip M. Parker, 2006-05-18
  11. The 2006-2011 World Outlook for Animals Slaughtered for Pet Food
  12. Pillsbury plus Pet looks like a winner. (Pillsbury Co.; Pet Inc.): An article from: Food Processing by Mary Ellen Kuhn, 1995-02-01
  13. Spain Pet Food 2005 by Snapdata International Group, 2005-05-31
  14. Dogged pursuit.(Business)(Eugene company's frozen meat-and-veggies pet food wins fans and foes): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

121. New York Times Search
Reprint of New York Times article on human grade pet food.
June 3, 2001, Sunday
PETROPOLIS; Humans Learn a New Trick: Sharing Dinner With Fido
By JULIE V. IOVINE PEGGY GEISSLER'S nephew raided the refrigerator one night and ate an entire container of dog food. He wasn't acting out he thought it was homemade stew. Ms. Geissler, a career development consultant in Little Silver, N.J., was thawing turkey, brown rice and broccoli crowns to feed to her two West Highland terriers. ''I always used to feed my dogs only the premium brands, but if you read the labels, you still don't know what's in them,'' said Ms. Geissler, who switched to so-called human-grade pet food to try to cope with the dogs' chronic skin and digestive troubles. ''This way, I know I'm doing all I can to keep them alive as long as possible.'' Human-grade dog and cat food, made only of ingredients that a person could consider eating, sounds like an expensive contradiction. But it has become the rallying cry of a grass-roots movement of devoted pet owners concerned about the health and longevity of their four-footed soul mates. Driven more by anecdotal than scientific evidence, they are turning to alternative health treatments, and especially home-quality cooking, to combat things like cancerous tumors, old-age arthritis, lethargy, even chronic bad breath.
Tales of near-miraculous recoveries making the rounds at the dog runs have not only fueled the movement but also led to a growing subclass of boutique pet-food manufacturers, who offer pricey pet meals made with organic vegetables, homeopathic vitamin supplements and sometimes and more controversially raw meat and bones. Even the $12 billion pet food industry, founded in the postwar years to recycle slaughterhouse byproducts, sees a day of reckoning and is offering its own versions of pet health food.

122. Dog Food Brand Comparisons
The Following Practices are Used by Some pet food Manufacturers. We believe this is one of the most despicable practices in the pet food manufacturing industry.

123. Newman's Own Organics Premium Pet Food
What s In It? What s Not? Products List. FAQ s. Links/Info. Charity. Store Locator. Contact Us. Home. Supporting Animals Not as Fortunate as Your Own,
Products List FAQ's Links/Info Charity Products List FAQ's Links/Info Charity ... Home

124. Pet Food Publications
Periodical on additives to commercial pet foods.
Animal Feed, Animal Health and Pet food Information
Pet Food Supplement is a new regular journal for pet food producers and their suppliers. The launch issue (November 2001) was greeted with much enthusiasm amongst readers and advertisers. The second and third issues, published at six-monthly intervals have been equally successful and now further editions are planned twice a year. Calling Pet Food Industry Suppliers! Your chance to contribute to Pet Food Supplement – Issue 5 The fifth issue of Pet Food Supplement will be published in December 2003 and the deadlines for both editorial and advertising fall at the beginning of November. If you have not already sent material for publication, we hope you will want to take this opportunity. Editorially, issue 5 will have a similar mix of technical articles, producer profiles, industry data and analysis seen in the first three editions. Alongside these major features, companies who supply (or would like to supply) the pet food industry have the chance to promote their products and services. With this in mind, you are invited to send brief editorial items (up to a maximum of 250 words) for free inclusion. Contributions may concern established products and services, case studies, new products, company and personnel news. Editorial must be sent by email to

=What s Really in Your pet food. Plump whole chickens, choice and potentially dangerous ingredients. General pet food Ingredients.
support our siberian husky puppies-siberian huskies WHAT'S In YOUR DOGS FOOD
Feed your pets natural foods.
The information contained in page report will reveal to you
The SHOCKING Truth about what's in your pet's food.
Did you know that:
== The maximum life span of a DOG is estimated to be about 27 years
yet the average dog lives only approximately 13 years?==
== The maximum life span of a CAT is estimated to be about 25-30 years
yet the average cat lives only approximately 14 years?==
Pet Food Industry advertising promotes the idea that, to keep pets healthy, one must feed them commercially formulated pet foods. But such a diet has been proven to contribute to cancer, skin problems, allergies, hypertension, kidney and liver failure, heart disease and dental problems. Please read the information very carefully, as it can help you to increase your pet's lifespan, overall health and daily well being. ==What's Really in Your Pet Food== Plump whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all the wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need. These are the images pet food manufacturers promulgate through the media and advertising. This is what the $11 billion per year U.S. pet food industry wants consumers to believe they are buying when they purchase their products. This report explores the differences between what consumers think they are buying and what they are actually getting. It focuses in very general terms on the most visible name brands - the pet food labels that are mass-distributed to supermarkets and discount stores - but there are many highly respected brands that may be guilty of the same offenses.

126. Pero Pet Food - Organic And Non-organic Food For Cats And Dogs
Manufacturer and supplier of dry pet food for cats and dogs. Advice on nutrition, allergies and product range, including organic. Online ordering.
Welcome to the Pero website. Pero (Foods) Ltd was founded in 1985 and supplies a range of high quality, wholesome and tasty dog and cat foods from our base in Betws -y- Coed in one of the most beautiful rural settings in North Wales. All our dry pet foods are specially prepared to provide your cat or dog with a balanced diet to meet all their dietary requirements. We are constantly trying to improve our foods to make them even more palatable and nutritious and welcome your feedback. Keep checking the site for our latest varieties or if you would like us to let you know when a new product is launched, just send us your e-mail address by clicking here This site contains details of all our products with feeding guidelines and advice on nutrition . All products can be ordered from our secure site in totally safety; they will be delivered within 72 hours and can often save you the hassle of visiting the shops (and save you money!).

127. Furr Angels! - Pet Food And Nutrition
But hey hey wait Mom? What is this? What are you feeding me? Is this what you are asking your mom when she sets a bowl of pet food down in front of you?
home what's mew
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and resources
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(feline leuk) and resources fip and resources first aid kit basics fiv and resources halloween safety heimlich maneuver nutrition and pet food ... back to top of navigational menu Meeting Nutritional Needs Most of us realize that the nutritional needs of cats and dogs are different, but did you know just how different they are? While dogs are carnivores, cats are what is termed, "true carnivores". Cats do not have the ability to gain the nutritional value from foods that dogs do. For instance, cats cannot process the beta-carotene in carrots (and other beta-carotene type vegetables) into vitamin A. Therefore, vitamin A must be provided in a "ready" form - that is one that does not require the body to convert it into the appropriate nutrient. Cats also need the nutrients taurine and arachidonic acid, both of which are found in their ancestor's natural diet of animal tissues. Additionally, water is of incredible importance as the natural prey diet contains an average of 70% water. Today's commercial dry cat food contains less than 10% moisture. Even for a dog, this moisture content is important to consider and emphasizes the importance always having available fresh water for all pets. In doing so you help to maintain the nutritional balance as well as preventing dehydration.

128. Home Page
Spanish manufacturer of pet food and premix.
P.V.S.A. Animal Nutricion Specialist Company Petfood Pre-mixed Vit-Minerals Links C/Rio Marches, 49
45007 Toledo (Espaqa)
Tlf.- +34 925 23 12 50
Fax.- +34 925 23 12 54

129. Polluted Pet Food
Alternative News article on contaminated ingredients in commercial pet food.

130. - The Best Place For Pet And Food Products On The Web!
The best place on the web to find a new best friend or some tasty vittles! pets or food was founded by a member of Mensa, the high IQ society What is a pet Ready to Eat? pets or food's patented method of food preparation that

American Bald Eagle

Now Only $429.99
(while supplies last) Red King Snake
Only $10.95 a dozen Koala - Adult
Only $1,200 each
(limit 1 per customer) Feral Cat - Australian
Only $45 Afghan Hound
Only $424.95 Hamsters
Only $9.99 Live
Only $29.95 Ready to Eat (sold in packs of 12) June 11, 2004 Baby Seal Order now while supplies last! Only $68.99 each From the CEO Mensa Sidney Zwibel, CEO Pets or Food read more Free Shipping Offer read more When ever possible, our animals are raised in a hormone and pesticide free environment. All of our organic products meet California's Organic Foods requirements. read more read more Home Sick "We recently had an exchange student staying with us. After a few weeks she got very homesick, so we decided to cheer her up with a favorite dish from her homeland, sweet and sour kitten. Thanks to your wonderful site Shao Lin feels right at home here in America!" Beth Ann Smith Madison, WI Submit your own testimonial! about us our organic policy shipping ... ready to eat

131. Iams-quality Dog And Cat Food-pet Care Products
Iams Company mission is to enhance the wellbeing of dogs and cats by providing worldclass quality foods and pet care products
var javascript_version = 1.0; The Iams Company mission is to enhance the well being of dogs and cats
by providing world-class quality foods and pet care products. Text Version

132. Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc. Home Page
Manufacturer and importer of fish food, aquarium accessories and supplies, bird and small animal cages, perches and reptile products. Located in Commack, New York.
75 Modular Avenue
Commack, NY 11725 U.S.A. Home of
Newest Products
(Click on any picture below)
Click on this link for our other fine products Important Consumer Information "Blue Ribbon Product Pages & Links:" NO GRAPHICS - Product Information New Product Debut
Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc.
75 Modular Avenue,
Commack, New York 11725 U.S.A.
© 2004 Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc.
Revised March 25, 2004

133. Mayer's Pet Shop - Real Value & Friendly Service Since 1962!
Offering aquatic and reptile, bird, cat, dog and small animal supplies, live animals and food.
Your browser does not support script
One of Toronto's oldest, full line pet shops located in the Danforth Village.
We offer a vast selection of aquatic, bird, cat, dog, small animal
and reptile supplies, pets and foods.
and Kasco)
Various services are also available.
since 1962!
Location We are located at 3038 Danforth Avenue, right across from
Shopper's World Plaza, on the Bloor/Danforth Subway line
(Victoria Park or Main Street stop). You can also shop using our online store at for even greater savings. Store Hours Mon - Wed: 11:00AM - 8:00PM Thurs - Fri: 11:00AM - 9:00PM Saturday: 11:00AM - 6:00PM Sunday: CLOSED Contact Us Phone: 416-694-5342 Fax: 416-694-5342 Email: customer Designed by Country-Tyme Web Hosting (

134. Vegetarian Dog Food
Book which gives information on purchasing or homemaking vegetarian dog food, its benefits, and other pet care issues. Ordering information.
Many of you are wondering if a vegetarian or vegan diet might be appropriate for your animal friends. Fortunately, your dogs can be vegetarians! Vegetarian Dogs provides answers and gives directions to easily purchase (see resources) or prepare a healthy meal.
The book will teach you about canine nutrition, ethics, exercise, and healthcare. Equally important, the relationship between dogs and people is nourished and enriched through the beautiful images and related stories.
There is no scientifically known reason why dogs cannot live full, healthy lives on a vegan diet. Furthermore, a homemade or commercial vegetarian food can avoid the potentially detrimental health effects of many meat-based commercial foods.
Some suggest more widespread benefits: " Dogs would benefit in health and temperament worldwide....Such a diet would also greatly reduce the risks of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and other common diseases and disorders. "Michael W. Fox, D.V.M.

135. Eagle Pack Online Coupons
or 16.5 lb. bag (any variety) of Eagle Pack Super Premium Cat food. $1.00 off 1 lb. package of Eagle Pack Holistix Biscuits for Dogs. Eagle pet Products, Inc.

Holistic, "Whole-Health"™ Ingredients
Enhancing Pet Health
Clicking on one of the offers below will open a new browser window from which you can print the coupon. Note: Coupons valid only in U.S. and Canada
$2.00 off

16.5 lb., 33 lb., or 40 lb. (any variety) of
Eagle Pack Super Premium Dog Food. $2.00 off
6.6 lb. or 16.5 lb. bag
(any variety) of
Eagle Pack Super
Premium Cat Food. $1.00 off
1 lb. package of Eagle Pack Holistix Biscuits for Dogs. Eagle Pet Products, Inc. 1011 West 11th Street • P.O. Box 506 • Mishawaka, IN 46545-0506 • U.S.A. Phone: 1-574-259-7834 or 1-800-255-5959 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. C.S.T.

136. Marshall Pet Products, Ferrets, Ferret Supplies, Nutrition
Manufacturer of ferret food and supplies. Includes nutritional information, photographs and store locator.
Skip Intro Skip Intro

137. Holistic And Alternative Veterinary Medicine
pet Education Information on massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine and other holistic techniques in dogs and cats. Index of commonly used food supplements.

138. Nutrition And Feeding Of Cats
pet Education Links to articles on kitten nutrition, weight control, cat food and nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other supplements, and tips for feeding cats and kittens.

139. Vegan Products From Pangea Vegan Products--Cruelty-Free
food, clothing, body and health care items, household goods, pet care, and gifts. Contact for shipping quotes outside of Canada and USA.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Pangea Vegan Products
Here you'll find the internet's largest selection of 100% vegan goods, including vegan shoes, belts, jackets, foods, body care, t-shirts, wallets, vitamins, cosmetics, gift baskets, chocolates, candles, books, and more! Serving the vegan community since 1995, we're the one-stop vegan shop for all your cruelty-free needs.

140. John's House - Hints, Tips & Recipes
Offers advice on topics such as food storage, removing pet hair from clothing and preventing dust buildup on television screens. Includes author's profile.
Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 Tips - Hints - Recipes with just a little touch of Australiana
e-mail me Bookmark this page to get access to the following LINKS direct from John's House LINKS Books, Software, Music Gift Ideas

Get Acrobat Reader
Let me give you simple yummy recipes, hints to make life easier in and around the home and tips to overcome some of those "unsolvable" problems that have worried you for ages.
Maybe you want to know how to keep vegetables and fruit fresher longer or do you need a quick yummy dessert or appertiser for those unexpected guests. Weevils in the pantry, ants in and around the house or are your seedlings being eaten by snails then visit the pest control page for environmentally friendly solutions to these and other pest problems. Need to know how to remove that red wine stain on the carpet, ballpoint pen mark on your blouse or perhaps the mud on the carpets dragged in by the children or the pets. Want to know about Australia's unique slang - known as Strine, Australia's animals, birds and reptiles or maybe just the wonderful Australian countryside locally referred to as "The Bush"

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