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  1. Pet food giant scrambles; z How did product kill dogs and cats? z Supplier to Iams and many others.(Business): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-03-20
  2. Raw rah, or boo? Two city veterinarians go paw-to-paw over the benefits and risks of a raw food pet diet; Two city veterinarians go paw-to-paw over the ... 5): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-04-28
  3. Pet Food and Pet Care Products: Nestlé SA by Euromonitor, 2004-02-01
  4. The homemade diet: in light of the major pet food recall, is it safest to make your cat's meals yourself? Experts discuss the pros and cons.(Noteworthy): An article from: Cat Watch by Joan Hustace Walker, 2007-05-01
  5. Pet Food and Pet Care Products Company Profile - Del Monte Food by Euromonitor, 2004-02-01
  6. PETS and plastic bags.(pet food marketing)(Brief Article): An article from: Food Processing by Steve Ennen, 2001-07-01
  7. Pet Foods and Supplies in Japan: A Strategic Entry Report, 1998 by The Consumer Products Research Group, 1999-05-03
  8. Fat Cat, Finicky Cat: A Pet Owner's Guide to Cat Food and Feline Nutrition by Karen Leigh Davis, 1997-12
  9. Raising Healthy Pets: With Natural Foods, Herbs, Massage, & Love by Norman Ralston, Gale Jack, 1996-09
  10. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Pet Food in Japan by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  11. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Specialty Pet Food Excluding Dog and Cat Food in Japan by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  12. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Pet Food in Greater China by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  13. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Pet Food in India by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  14. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Pet Food and Pet Care Products in the United States by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28

21. - Win FREE Pet Food!
Featuring online shopping, pet food, dog, dogs, birds, cats, pet, pets, small animals, dog food, pet care, dog toys, cat food, cat toys, pet gifts.
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Choose Your Brand Active Care - Breede Active Life Alpo Cat Food Alpo Dog Food Annamaet Cat Food Annamaet Dog Food Arkat Artemis Company Avoderm - Breeder's Azmira Pet Foods Barf World Barking Bison Beneful - Purina Bil-Jac Boulder Creek Farms BrightLife by Nature Canidae Cat Chow Cesar Chef's Blend Chicken Soup Come'N Get It Country Value Cycle Diamond Eagle Eukanuba Evangers Evolve Excel - Cat Excel - Dog Fancy Feast Felidae Friskies Halo Health Food Hi-Tor Hill's Science Diet Holistic Blend Iams Kasco Kibbles 'n Bits Kit 'N Kaboodle Kosher Pets Lick Your Chops Meow Mix Merrick Mighty Dog Natural Balance Natural Blend - Roya Natural Life Nature's Best - Hill Nature's Recipe Nature's Variety Pra Neura Newman's Own Organic Nutro Nutro Natural Choice Old Mother Hubbard Organix Pedigree Perfect Servings - B PetGuard Pinnacle - Breeder's Precise Premium Edge Prism Pro Pac Pro Plan Cat Food Pro Plan Dog Food Professional Purina Purina HiPro Purina ONE RedBarn Rollover Royal Canin - Cat Royal Canin - Dog Royal Canin Mini/Max Sensible Choice Sheba Show Bound Naturals Solid Gold SPORTMiX Star Pro Synergy Labs Tender Vittles Timberwolf Organics Tripett Triumph Ultramix VeRUS Vita Gravy Wayne Wellness Whiskas Wysong Zupreem
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22. Kemin Nutritional Solutions
Manufactures patented and proven additives for human food, vitamin and personal care products, pet food diets, livestock feed and grain treatment. Company profile, product information and career opportunities.

23. Animal Protection Institute - What's Really In Pet Food
What s Really in pet food. Information on Reprints. These are the images pet food manufacturers promulgate through the media and advertising.
What's Really in Pet Food
Information on Reprints Plump whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all the wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need. These are the images pet food manufacturers promulgate through the media and advertising. This is what the $11 billion per year U.S. pet food industry wants consumers to believe they are buying when they purchase their products. This report explores the differences between what consumers think they are buying and what they are actually getting. It focuses in very general terms on the most visible name brands the pet food labels that are mass-distributed to supermarkets and discount stores but there are many highly respected brands that may be guilty of the same offenses. What most consumers don't know is that the pet food industry is an extension of the human food and agriculture industries. Pet food provides a market for slaughterhouse offal, grains considered "unfit for human consumption," and similar waste products to be turned into profit. This waste includes intestines, udders, esophagi, and possibly diseased and cancerous animal parts. There are hundreds of different pet foods available in this country. And while many of the foods on the market are similar, not all of the pet food manufacturing companies use poor quality or potentially dangerous ingredients.

24. Animal Protection Institute - Selecting A Commercial Pet Food
Selecting a Commercial pet food. Commercial pet food is a great convenience for busy caregivers. You pet food Shopping Checklist. The
Selecting a Commercial Pet Food
Commercial pet food is a great convenience for busy caregivers. You want the best for your companion animals, but with a bewildering array of foods and claims to choose from, how do you decide what's best for your animals? Standards for Ingredients The pet food industry is huge and extremely profitable ($25 billion a year in revenue worldwide). While manufacturers may appear to have the best interests of your companion animals at heart, they are generally more concerned about their stock prices and bottom lines. This may be especially true of pet food manufacturers owned by large, diverse, multinational parent companies. What this means to you is that if an inexpensive ingredient is available to replace a costlier one, many companies will make the substitution to save money. A few companies pride themselves on their "fixed formulas," meaning that they always use the same ingredients. This may be good ... if the ingredients are of acceptable quality to begin with. Problems Commercial pet foods and some pet food ingredients have been implicated in a number of diseases in companion animals. Allergic skin disease, obesity, food intolerance, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic ear infections, cystitis (bladder inflammation), bladder and kidney stones, certain heart diseases, pancreatitis, feline hyperthyroidism, hip dysplasia, canine mammary cancer, bloat, and diabetes all have nutritional components that is, nutritional factors are suspected or known to play a role in inducing or perpetuating these diseases. Thus, it is crucial that we, as caregivers, pay close attention to what we are feeding our animals and how they are reacting to the food.

25. Home
Producers of meatbased processed food for dogs and cats, as well as supplements for birds and hamsters. Singapore.
Sole Distributor for The Robert Abady Dog Food Co., Ltd
All the Abady Formulations are manufactured in as natural a way as possible.
While Abady feeds may not be the only feeds in the marketplace in which artificial preservatives, dyes and synthetic flavouring agents are shunned, they are the only feeds in the world that are structured along naturalistic lines, and possess an ingredient base that is genuinely species-appropriate to carnivores. This conveys upon Abady products performance characteristics that are similar to those found in Nature's most successful diets for carnivores.
Abady products are the very best feeds manufactured in the world to-day for a number of additional reasons. They are replete with exclusive innovations and features both in design and preparation that increase their effectiveness many times over conventionally designed rations and, responsibly, they exclude ingredients that are potentially hazardous to dogs.
Abady products are based on pure science - the kind of science that has not been distorted in order to accommodate an economic agenda such as is the case with most of the products produced by Big Industry.

26. TLC Pet Food
TLC pet food. Free home delivery of TLC all natural dog food. We feed your dog you make money in the new Petrix Game a new brand loyalty and internet customer promotion for pet lovers. Have TLC$$$/sample.html

27. All Natural, Human Grade, Holistic Pet Foods. Dog Food, Cat Food, Kitten Food, D
Canidae all natural dog food, All natural grade A ingredients, holistic, hypoallergenic, human grade, maintenance formula dog foods, .

28. Diamond Pet Foods...Super Premium Pet Foods
Accolades by breeders and veterinarians towards Diamond® as a leading pet food has led some pet food companies to try and imitate our formulas.

Pet Foods
Feeding Your Pet Ingredients VetNotes ... Home Our High Quality Ingredients Mean Your Pet Digests More...
Which Results in Better Overall Health and Less Waste.
highest quality ingredients Meet Our Vet Dr. Brookshire, DVM
Director of Veterinary Services
VetNotes Resources VetNotes Archive Definitions Company Overview Contact Diamond ... About Diamond International Don't be Misled
by Cheap Imitations.
Accolades by breeders and veterinarians towards Diamond® as a leading pet food has led some pet food companies to try and imitate our formulas. Remember, Diamond® Pet Foods is still the only "Super Premium", high-quality formula without the "Super Premium" price. Feature Benefit With our exclusive Diamond Precision Formulated process, we maintain an optimal level of nutritional content, great taste, and uniform texture, unmatched in the pet food industry.

Information on pet food labels, commercial dog foods, feeding fiber to pets, basic nutrition and BARF.

30. Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Dogs and Cats All Natural Healthy pet food. Anderson. The Following Practices are Used by Some pet food Manufacturer. POOR PROTEIN

31. Natura Pet Products: [Home]
Welcome to the Home of the Healthiest pet foods in the World, Which Natura food is right for your pet? To find out, try our product wizard!
Welcome to the Home of the
Healthiest Pet Foods in the World
Welcome to Natura Pet Products, makers of the Healthiest Pet Foods in the World.

California Natural


Karma Organic

About Natura
Natura makes pet foods unlike any others. Learn more about the company and our Nutritional Philosophy
Which Natura food is right for your pet?
To find out, try our product wizard!
Interested in organic food for dogs? Click Here Featured Product HealthWise Adult Natura makes pet foods unlike any others. But don't take our word for it, try the Comparison Wizard and compare our ingredients side-by-side with the brands you know. Contacting Us: Contact Us Customer Service Information: FAQ's Resources What Customers Are Saying Site Tools: Compare Foods Feeding Wizard Ingredients Store Finder Search our site! Legal Notice Trademark Information Click here if the page is not displayed properly.

32. Eagle Pack Super Premium Holistic-Natural Pet Foods
PLEASE NOTE The PRISM ® and HyRation ® websites have moved. Please follow the links below to access their website. Eagle Pet Products, Inc.
Holistic, Natural, Whole-Health Ingredients...
include meat meals from the same plants that provide meat for your table. Our chicken is hormone and antibiotic free. Some is organic. Our golden harvest grains are pesticide free. Quinoa and Amaranth are certified organic. Orchard and herb garden ingredients include cranberry, blueberries, apples, carrots, peas, dandelion, sun-cured alfalfa and garlic, and again, some are organic. Added "Wellness For Life" Custom Supplements
We pioneered holistic supplements in the '80's and we are the leader today. Yogurt type probiotics, prebiotics (Inulin), digestive enzymes, antioxidants, glucosamine, yucca, kelp, and our SQM Enhanced Vitamin-Mineral System and Aqua-C
Eating Well and Eating Healthier...that is our family's promise to yours. PLEASE NOTE:
The PRISM and Hy-Ration websites have moved.
Please follow the links below to access their website.

33. Henne Pet Food
Danish dog and cat food, with fish as the source of protein, especially fresh salmon.-
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34. Stillwater Milling Company
Livestock feeds and pet food, sold under the A M brand, and marketed throughout Oklahoma, north Texas, southern Kansas and western Arkansas. Corporate headquarters located in Oklahoma. Contact and product information.
Stillwater Milling Company 111 Years of Service to Agriculture.
Stillwater Milling Company is considered the largest and most progressive independent feed mill in the state of Oklahoma, and is the oldest continuously operated industry in Stillwater. This FDA approved feed mill operation is highly dependent on computer technology in it's manufacturing processes and operates it's own lab to test inbound raw ingredients and finished products. It is the goal of Stillwater Milling Company to operate a modern feed mill built around efficiency and diversification, and provide employment for qualified and trained personnel.

35. Marshalls Pet Food Store - Online Pet Supplies And Pet Food Store
Products for dogs, cats, wild birds, fish, small animals, and pest control supplies. Ordering and payment facility with UK delivery.
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website designed and maintained by Marshalls Pet Food Store Ltd.
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36. Australian OEM Brand Food Manufacturers Of Cream Cheese, Pure Honey,fruit Juices
An Australian OEM brands food manufacturing group specializing in grocery, beverage and pet food export. Product and shipping information. Contact details.
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37. RecipeSource: Dog Food & Treat Recipes
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38. Breeders Choice Pet Foods - Natural Pet Foods - AvoDerm, Select Choice, Perfect
At Breeder s Choice we have been manufacturing pet food for over 50 years and offer delicious, all natural foods and treats for your dog or cat.
At Breeder's Choice we have been manufacturing pet food for over 50 years and offer delicious, all natural foods and treats for your dog or cat. We understand that pet owners don't want to waste time searching for products that don't work - you can trust Breeder's Choice to deliver value and improve the life of your pet. New items from Breeder's Choice! Pinnacle Trout and Sweet Potato
Holistic Trout and Sweet Potato Formula - contains Grapeseed Oil for a Healthier Skin and Coat - No Allergens Such as Corn, Wheat, Rice, Barley, Sorghum or Soy - Contains Organically Grown Quinoa Great taste your dog will LOVE! AvoDerm Specialty - Oven-Baked Formula
AvoDerm Original Plus - Oven-Baked Formula

Step #1 to a healthier skin and coat. More active dogs need the right amount of fats and proteins in their diet, which is precisely what AvoDerm Original Plus was created to provide. The high quality proteins come from chicken. Fats come from a variety of healthy sources, including chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols, which are powerful antioxidants. So give your dog everything he needs for a shiny, healthy coat and active, energetic days with AvoDerm Original Plus, nutritionally proven for all life stages. AvoDerm Senior - For Dogs 6 Years+
Perfect Servings Frozen Patties

Available in Chicken or Beef. A Raw Diet for Dogs No Cereal Grains or Fillers. Easy Resealable Pouch Just Thaw and Serve! 1-2.5 lb Bag of Perfect Servings = 10 Servings for a 15 lb Dog

39. Cats Like Felix
Felix is the mascot for a pet food company.

40. What's Really In Pet Food?
The Poisons in pet food (kibble and canned food) Dogs, cats and other animals live for years on foods that come out of bags, cans and boxes.
The Poisons in Pet Food (kibble and canned food)
"Dogs, cats and other animals live for years on foods that come out of bags, cans and boxes. But do these foods promote health? If they did, our companion animals would enjoy long, happy lives free of arthritis, hip dysplasia, eye problems, ear problems, fleas and other parasites, gum disease, lick granulomas, thyroid imbalances, skin and coat problems, personality disorders, birth defects, breeding problems, diabetes, cancer and other major and minor illnesses. Before World War II, most North Americans fed their pets raw bones and table scraps. Today, everyone uses convenience foods, and pet food companies are industry giants. Diet isn't the only thing that has changed. So has life expectancy, with the life span of many breeds now less than half what it was two or three decades ago. Skin and coat problems are so common that we accept them as unavoidable, and today's vets routinely treat conditions that used to be unusual or even rare." William Pollak D.V.M. Welcome to...

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