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         Pet Care General Information:     more detail
  1. The Future Hits Home.(elderly care, robotic pets)(Brief Article)(Editorial): An article from: The Futurist by Cynthia G. Wagner, 2000-11-01
  2. Your Puppy's First Year by Shawn Messonnier, 1995-07
  3. Tips and Tidbits for the Horse Lover (Howell Equestrian Library) by Tena Bastian, 2007-10-15
  4. Hands-On Nature: Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children
  5. Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America (Storeys Illustrated Guide) by Judith Dutson, 2005-10-01

1. Canine Clippers School Of Pet Grooming
General information, explanation of grooming and pet training services, photos, and newsletter.
It is our goal to share the services that we believe will enable you to make educated decisions concerning the proper care, training, and grooming of your wonderful furry companions. We would also like to let you know about the excellent resources available at Canine Clippers. Please take the time to explore the information on our website. If we have not had the privilege to speak with you before, please call us or send an email message telling us who you are and how we can serve you! As always, we would like to hear from our current customers
Linda Law

2. Dog And Cat Health Care Information By Veterinarians At, The In
Over 220 pages of dog and cat health care information written by general pet care View Articles.
View x-rays of actual cases, see real surgery photos, read about dog and cat health care,
view the Pet Photo Album, take quizzes, visit the pet forums...
Directed by
T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM
The Internet Animal Hospital
Dog and Cat Health Care...
written and photographed by veterinarians in actual animal hospital settings
Dog and Cat Health Care Topics Over 220 pages of dog and cat health care information written by veterinarians...
articles, photos, quizzes, pet photo album, pet supplies and more! Come right in by clicking on your area of interest above, or use the drop-down menu below.
The Internet Animal Hospital is open 24 hours a day! Waiting Room
View Articles All Articles Pet Poisons! Oral Hygiene All Pets Forum Testimonials Site Map Exam Room
View Articles All Articles Physical Exam Vaccinations Vac Reaction! Worms! Giardia Hot Spots! FAQs Lick Granuloma Kittens, Sex Of? Suggestions Diagnosis! Surgery Room View Articles View All Dog Spay Cat Spay Dog Neuter Cat Neuter Bloat! Pyometra Cesarean Ear Surgery Breast Cancer Aortic Clot Bladder Stones!

3. Cat Fanciers: General Cat Information (Cat Care, Getting A Cat, Cat Colors, Cat
care, cat training, cat behavior, kitten care, and general information on felines. A comprehensive site for pet care including hundreds of
General Cat Information
You can automatically add new, relevant links to the sections below. Look for the "Add a URL" item at the end of each section.
Getting a Cat
Colors and Genetics

4. Pet Care
Whether you re looking for general petcare guidelines, hints on finding pet-friendly rental housing, information on the importance of spaying or neutering, or
About Us Field Projects How You Can Help Publications ... Pet Care Pet Care
Whether you're looking for general pet-care guidelines, hints on finding pet-friendly rental housing, information on the importance of spaying or neutering, or advice on coping with the death of your beloved companion, you've come to the right place. Our pet-care information will help you develop and maintain a long and rewarding relationship with your animal companion.
Allergies to Pets

For many, the benefits of animal companionship outweigh the drawbacks of pet allergies. Following these guidelines can help you coexist with your pet, even if you have allergies. more
Be a Lifesaver: Disaster Planning Can Save Your Pet in an Emergency

Make sure that you and your pets are prepared for disasters and emergencies by planning ahead. more
Caring for Pets When You Travel

Taking a trip and wondering about pet care options? Whether you're planning to leave your companion behind or take him along, be sure to read our tips on caring for pets when you travel. more
Caring for Your Pet When You're Ill

While caring for a pet can be difficult for people with HIV/AIDS or other immunocompromising conditions, animal companionship can also be beneficial for these individuals. Read our tips.

5. General Pet Care Tips And Pet Information
looking for,. Then please do a search on our internal search engine. general pet care Tips. and pet information Of Interest To All.
Home Contact Us Site Map Pet Care Newsletter Subscribe to
For FREE First Name: Email:
If you do not find what you are specifically looking for,
Then please do a search on our internal search engine.
General Pet Care Tips
and Pet Information
Of Interest To All Back To Site Map Go To Canine Care Tips Page Go To Feline Care Tips Page Go To Equine Care Tips Page ... How You Can Be Well * New! * New How You Can Help Us Help Pets If you don't find what you are looking for here, try the Cat, Dog, or Horse Care pages. Links are above General Pet Care.....Of Interest To All The Rainbow Bridge Story Touched By An Angel Would You Trade Your Pet For One Million Dollars? ... Why Bladder Stones and Crystals Form in Dogs and Cats Each of the below links will take you to an index page that contains a wealth of informational articles on each topic listed. Everything Puppy All About Dog Breeds Everything About Dog Training and Dog Behavior More Information About Dogs Than You Can Imagine ... Information on How You Can Have More Prosperity In Your Life Dog and Cat Health Care Convulsions In Pets All About Rabies Why Is Cancer Killing Our Pets?

6. Petalia - Pet Care And Farm Animal Advice, Products And A Vet Locator
Offers general information on pet care, along with a vet locator, ask the vet area, pet of the week, and a newsletter.
All sections Beef Birds Cats Dairy Dogs Equine Fish Horses Other Sheep Small Pets To find Answers click here , to go Shopping click here Articles Find Your Vet Hot Deals Parking Barking
How to manage a barking a dog Stressed Cats
Cats need structure, routine and affection, too Bird Droppings
A change in droppings could indicate your bird is sick Breeding Fish
Some hints on breeding aquarium fish
Is a mouse or rat just the pet for you? Geriatric Horses
Older horses (18-20+ yrs) require special care and diet
Click on the Map to search for your Vet
Quick Shopping Guide for your pets needs
Select a Species dogs cats birds fish small pets horses Pet of the Week
This week's winner is 'Fletcher' Click here to enter your pet. Snuggle Up! 15 off% Snooza Snuggler cosy beds for dogs ... Feline Fashion 15% off Lupine Collars for cats Food for Birds 15% off Wound Care 10% off Dermaclens Your cart is empty Previous Winners Eukanuba Healthy Extras Puppy Treats A healthy and great tasting crunchy biscuit treat for puppies. Science Diet Hairball Control Adult Dry Food Science Diet Hairball Control Adult Dry Food is a premium food for the control of hairballs in adult cats.

7. General Pet Care: Veterinary Specialists,Dog And Cat Grooming And Boarding, Dog
general pet care. we will explore all sorts of topics that pertain to dog and cat care. information about breeding dogs and whelping pups will be a big help, too
The Internet Animal Hospital Your pet health care website
written by veterinarians
GENERAL PET CARE In this part of ThePetCenter we will explore all sorts of topics that pertain to dog and cat care. Tips on how to select a good boarding kennel, what to expect from your groomer, and some basic dog obedience techniques will be discussed. Information about breeding dogs and whelping pups will be a big help, too. Little tidbits of information are scattered here and there, too, like how to trim those long scratchy toenails. Plus, you can meet some veterinarians who have become specialists in certain areas of veterinary medicine. Have fun! Meet the Specialists ... Veterinary Specialists perform a valued service to the entire profession and the world of animals. For a veterinarian to be considered a "Specialist" there are specific, rigorous educational and clinical requirements that must be met. Then the veterinarian is tested and if successful, can become Board Certified as a Specialist in an aspect of veterinary medicine. Meet representatives of various specialties and see examples of how their activities fit in with animal health care. Surgery Ophthalmology Critical Care Anesthesiology ... All About Specialists and How To Locate One New Article on Pet Dentistry
Valley Fever

Hypothyroidism in a Dog

Heartworms in Dogs and Cats
Fleas and Ear Mites
Fleas?!! Oh, please!

8. The Pet Rodent Homepage
Basic description of several common species, general care and information, and genetics.
Rodents as Pets
  • Rodent RoundupIndividual Species Basic Genetics
  • If you have comments or suggested additions please write to the Webmaster

    9. AVMA Care For Pets Home Page
    to the new care For Animals home page. pet Health. Feline Health. Canine Health. Equine Health. general Health and animal health related news and information, visit the rest of
    Care For Pets has a new look!
    Now it's more fun than ever to learn about pets and the people who care for them!

    Please change your Bookmark to the new Care For Animals home page
    Pet Health

    • Feline Health Canine Health Equine Health General Health
    Pet Loss
    • How Do I Know It is Time? Grief Counseling Equine Euthanasia
    Selecting a Pet
    • Selecting a Proper Pet Buying a Horse Breed Statistics Formulas to Estimate Pet Numbers
    Animal Safety
    • Traveling With Your Pet Seasonal Health Concerns Poison Control First Aid
    Need help finding something?
    Try Site Search About Veterinarians
    • How to Select a Veterinarian Careers in Veterinary Medicine What is a Veterinarian? Animal Welfare
    Kid's corner Paws for Pets Veterinary Technology Site Index For more on veterinarians, the veterinary profession and animal health related news and information,
    visit the rest of the AVMA Web site AVMA Home Privacy Notice About the AVMA ... Discussion Groups American Veterinary Medical Association

    10. General Cat Care
    care schedule for cattery cats and pet cats Preventative Health care and Infectious gives a number of recipies and general information on making
    General Cat Care
    Note: Please see the Table of Contents FAQ for a complete list of topics.
    Vaccination and Worming Schedule
    Sources: Preventative health care schedule for cattery cats and pet cats Preventative Health Care and Infectious Disease Control , pp. 391-404 in Sherding, Robert H. (ed) The Cat: Diseases and Clinical Management , v1. Churchill-Livingstone Inc, NY. All cats should be vaccinated, even strictly indoor ones. Cats may escape. Some diseases use mice, fleas, or other insects as vectors and do not require the presence of other cats. Natural disasters: consider earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., may let your cat out of the house. 3 weeks fecal exam 6 weeks fecal exam 9-10 weeks FHV/FCV/FPV vaccine ELISA test for FeLV FeLV vaccine fecal exam 12-14 weeks FHV/FCV/FPV vaccine FeLV vaccination Rabies vaccine fecal exam 6 months FeLV vaccination fecal exam 12 months fecal exam 16 months FHV/FCV/FPV vaccine (repeated annually) FeLV vaccine (repeated annually) Rabies vaccine (repeated according to manufacturer's instructions) fecal exam (every 6 months) FCV= feline calicivirus
    FHV= feline herpes virus (formerly called feline rhinotracheitis virus)
    FPV= feline panleukopenia virus = distemper
    FeLV = feline leukemia virus

    11. Yarrah Organic Pet Food
    Producing an organic, chickenbased product suitable for dogs and cats, as well as a vegetarian variety for dogs. Includes general pet care information. Located in The Netherlands.

    12. Animal Adventure Pets
    pet store franchises. Franchise information along with general pet care information. 5 Wisconsin locations.
    What's New? Vet Resources Rescue Links Dog Training Links Dog Breeders ... Newsletter Animal Adventure
    It's a Jungle in Here! Click Here for a location
    near you.
    Search this Site
    Home Locations Pet Advice:
    Safe Plants
    for Birds
    Zebra Finches Guinea Pigs ... Ferrets Parrots: Amazons Cockatoos Pionus Links to Dog Training Wisconsin Breeders Rescue ... Kennels Links to: Veterinarians Pet Products Birds Fish ... Franchise Info Welcome to
    Animal Adventure Pets
    It's a Jungle in Here! Upon entering one of our pet stores, you will notice that you've left the world as you know it behind, and have embarked on a jungle adventure. The sound of tropical birds greets your ears, while their brilliantly colored feathers amaze your eyes. Your senses are heightened as the jungle theme carries over to every corner of the store. You won't need a Land Rover to scout out the latest toy for your parrot or special treat for Fluffy. Every store has monthly specials, and you can save money purchasing from our Bulk Pet Food Area. The next time you want an adventure, stop and visit our exotic birds, reptiles, small animals, and undersea adventure room which displays our fresh and saltwater fish.

    13. Pets - Pet Care,pet Information & Best Pet Sites @
    information about dogs and cats, and information about the BARF diet. Links included for general pet care and health information.
    PogoPet: A place for pets and their people -
    Source for information, advice, and resources about dog and cat health, training, nutrition, grooming, and play. Pet Ring -
    Instructions on how to join the webring of pet pages. Index of Famous Critters -
    A reference material for you when needing ideas for naming your pets or need to know the name of that one character on that one show. Do It Yourself Pet Tips -
    Helpful tips for pet owners from the DO It Yourself site. PetHobbyist -
    With forums, chat rooms, classifieds, books from Barnes and Noble, and list of breeders, dealers and stores. Covering all pets. Pet of the Day -
    Every day the site features a new story and photo, selected from nominations by pet owners, of what makes our pets wonderful.

    14. Index
    Our veterinary clinic in Raleigh, NC offers small town service with high tech capabilities. Visit our site for information about our office, general pet care, and links to other pet sites.
    Brookwood Veterinary Clinic 2810 Brookwood Drive Raleigh, NC 27603
    At Brookwood Veterinary Clinic we will be proud to help you take care of your dog or cat. We can take care of your pet's needs, including heartworm medicine, vaccinations, x-rays, dental care, and we can spay or neuter your pet as well as perform other types of surgery.
    Small enough to feel at home. Click on the kitty for our monthy special!

    15. CHOICES In Health Information | The New York Public Library
    ASPCA pet care and Nutrition The ASPCA offers general information on pet care and nutrition, along with information on the costs of pet ownership

    16. Valley Cottage Animal Hospital Veterinarians: Rockland County, NY - Home
    Rockland County, NY. information about our veterinary hospital and general pet health care. Offer general and specialized services for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. pet gallery, web survey, staff, hours, FAQs.
    home June 11, 2004
    ** News Release
    Dr.Collins featured in 2 local newspapers. Check out the local Rivertown magazine and Journal News for articles on Dr.Collins. read more Emergency Care
    VCAH now offers 24 hour emergency care for pets 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    Our emergency service is not limited to Valley Cottage Animal Hospital clients.
    - read more -
    Welcome to the Valley Cottage Animal Hospital website. We have designed this site to provide you with information regarding our veterinary hospital and general pet health care. We hope you enjoy the information provided and visit us again for new topics of interest.
    The Valley Cottage Animal Hospital has been dedicated to providing the best possible care for our clients and their pets since 1980. In that time, we have grown to a nine veterinarian practice with thirty-three team members. In May 2003 we expanded our services to include 24 hour emergency care. Our professional, caring staff, along with our state of the art facility, enables us to offer a wide range of general and specialized services for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets.
    Hours of Operation

    24 Hours, 7 days a Week

    17. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Education/General Interest Pet
    Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on Education/general Interest pet care/Animal Husbandry Videos DVDs. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other periodically updates pricing and product information from thirdparty sources

    18. Care For Animals
    general information From time to time most pets have parasites veterinarian s prescription, you should take care to follow little good to rid the pet s body of
    Pet Health
    General Illnesses

    Pet Health
    General Illnesses and Diseases ... Equine Health
    General Illnesses and Diseases
    Other Pet Health Concerns: Signs of Ill Health Top
    Only a healthy pet is a happy companion. Assuring your pet's daily well-being requires regular care and close attention to any hint of ill health. The American Veterinary Medical Association therefore suggests that you consult your veterinarian if your pet shows any of the following signs:
    • Abnormal discharges from the nose, eyes, or other body openings Loss of appetite, marked weight losses or gains, or excessive water consumption Difficult, abnormal, or uncontrolled waste elimination Abnormal behavior, sudden viciousness, or lethargy Abnormal lumps, limping, or difficulty getting up or lying down Excessive head shaking, scratching, and licking or biting any part of the body Dandruff, loss of hair, open sores, and a ragged or dull coat. Foul breath or excessive tarter deposits on teeth
    Cancer Top How Common is Cancer?

    19. Darwin Veterinary Centre, Biggin Hill
    Small animal practice in Biggin Hill, Kent. Site provides general information about the surgery and staff plus pages on pet care.
    2 Haig Road, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3LJ
    Our web site is best viewed with a browser capable of viewing frames.

    20. West Boulevard Veterinary Pet Care Information
    of dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets. surgery, diagnostics, plus, boarding and coat care. V6M 3W4 Electronic mail general information wbvcJEP@hotmail
    Right click for pop-up menu
    WELCOME... we hope you enjoy our web site ! To locate specific information please refer to our Table of Contents and make use of our Search Page. "PEOPLE HELPING PETS" WBVC is a privately owned veterinary hospital located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have been providing comprehensive veterinary care for the animals in our community for over twenty years. We offer a fully integrated approach to veterinary medicine, encompassing conventional and alternative modalities, for both diagnosis and treatment.
    Our Mission
    At WBVC we strive to offer the best quality and up-to-date veterinary care, services and products available. In doing so we consider the needs of the animal along with the moral philosophy and financial ability of the responsible caregiver. Our aim is to support healthy animals and happy humans! Our mission is to strengthen the Veterinary-Client-Pet Relationship . We work hard, and take pride, in our efforts to provide high quality heath care and client service. Our aim at WBVC is to provide a compassionate, progressive, pleasant and rewarding environment for patients, clients and staff at all times. The Doctors and Staff at WBVC are committed to providing the highest quality veterinary care for your pets. The main reason for our being here is to assist you in the health care and behavioral development of your pet, provide the best medical service possible, and to protect your pet from those diseases which can be prevented.

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