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         Pest Management Crops:     more books (100)
  1. Crop Pests and Their Management in Malaysia
  2. Genetically engineered crops for pest management in U.S. agriculture farm-level effects (SuDoc A 1.107:786) by Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo, 2000
  3. Beneficial insects in field crops: Integrated pest management by Wendy Wintersteen, 1993
  4. Chemicals for Crop Improvement and Pest Management - Third Edition by MB et al Green, 1987
  5. Insect Pest Management: Field and Protected Crops
  6. Successful Implementation of Integrated Pest Management for Agricultural Crops by Anne R. Leslie, 1992-12-07
  7. Integrated Pest Management for Cole Crops and Lettuce (Publication, 3307)
  8. New Ways to Battle Crop Pests.(Integrated Pest Management project)(Brief Article): An article from: SaskBusiness by Kevin Hursh, 2001-11-01
  9. Pest and Soil Management of Horticultural Crops by D.K. Singh, 2005
  10. Crop Loss Assessment and Pest Management
  11. Management of Insect Pests of Horticultural Crops by H.C.L. Gupta, 2005
  12. Integrated pest management of tropical perennial crops
  13. Integrated Pest Management of Tropical Perennial Crops
  14. Integrated Pest Management in Protected Vegetable Crops

21. Pest Management > Crops
pest management crops. Found 45 articles. Displaying articles 1 to 20 Weed Photo Gallery The UC IPM Weed Photo Gallery includes
Pest Management
Found 45 articles. Displaying articles 1 to 20:
Weed Photo Gallery

The UC IPM Weed Photo Gallery includes many, but not all, weed species commonly found in California farms and landscapes. Additional species will be added over time. ...
University of California IPM


UC IPM Pest Management GuidelinesUniversity of California's official guidelines for pest monitoring techniques, pesticides, and nonpesticide alternatives for managing pests in agriculture, floriculture, and commercial turf. More ...
University of California IPM


UC IPM Pest Management GuidelinesUniversity of California's official guidelines for pest monitoring techniques, pesticides, and nonpesticide alternatives for managing pests in agriculture, floriculture, and commercial turf. More ...
University of California IPM

These guidelines represent the best information currently available to the authors and are intended to help you in making the best choices for an IPM program. Not all registered materials are mentioned. Always check the label and with local ... University of California IPM Nectarine These guidelines represent the best information currently available to the authors and are intended to help you in making the best choices for an IPM program. Not all registered materials are mentioned. Always check the label and with local ...

22. Dow AgroSciences Canada
Crop protection company with diverse interests, including weed, insect and disease management for agricultural crops, forestry and urban pest management.
Only when our customers succeed, do we succeed. To this end, we are driven by our passion to help producers and the value chain succeed with individual solutions, novel technologies and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.
Privacy Statement

23. Pest Management > Cole Crops
pest management Cole crops. Found 37 articles. Displaying articles 1 to 20 Diamondback Moth Diamondback moth infestations are
Pest Management
Found 37 articles. Displaying articles 1 to 20:
White Rust

The white rust pathogen of crucifers infects only plants in this host group, including arugula, bok choy, broccoli raab (rappini), Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, collards, Japanese or Mizuna-type mustards, radish, tah tsai, ...
University of California IPM

Diamondback Moth

Diamondback moth infestations are most serious when they damage the crowns or growing points of young plants or Brussels sprouts. This injury can severely stunt growth. Sometimes diamondback moth caterpillars may also bore into heads of broccoli or ...
University of California IPM


Natural enemies, especially parasitic wasps [75K] in the Diglyphus genus, commonly control leafminers, unless killed off by insecticides applied to control other pests. Choose selective pesticides for treating other seedling pests to avoid this ...
University of California IPM

Cabbage Aphid
Brussels sprouts. A presence-absence sequential sampling program is available for making treatment decisions in Brussels sprouts. In this program you do not need to count actual numbers of aphids on a leaf but need only to determine if aphids are ... University of California IPM Flea Beetles Check newly emerged seedlings twice weekly for flea beetle damage until plants are well established. Relatively low populations can cause economic damage when plants are in the cotyledon or first-leaf stages. Treat if you find several damaged rows; ...

24. IPM CRSP Home Page
Information on this collaborative partnership that coordinates global research among more than 20 U.S. and foreign institutions on horticultural export crops as well as other food production systems.
Home Directory About Us Contact Us ... New! 10th Annual Report 2002-03 Green bean farmers in Mali IPM CRSP Site Links Ecuador Eritrea Jamaica Bangladesh Guatemala Albania Philippines Mali Uganda The IPM CRSP is a collaborative partnership among U.S. and developing country institutions with an emphasis on research, education, training and information exchange. It coordinates global research among more than 20 U.S. and foreign institutions on horticultural export crops as well as other food production systems. Management Entity: Office of International Research, Education, and Development,
Virginia Tech
, Blacksburg, VA - 24061-0334

25. Insect Pest Management For Field And Forage Crops
1 INSECT pest management FOR FIELD AND FORAGE CROPS11The information in season.Insect pest management. for Field and Forage CropsThis publication addresses pest management guide

26. Purdue University Extension Site
Vegetable crops Hotline. Newsletter is intended to keep you informed of the plans and progress of the Illinois/Indiana Areawide pest management Program for Corn
To view publications, the Acrobat Reader is required to be installed on your machine. Newsletters Pest and Crop Newsletter Contact an Entomology Extension Specialist
Vegetable Crops Hotline The Vegetable Crop Hotline is a newsletter for commercial vegetable growers prepared by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. Growers may receive this information by fax, mail, or web only.
Hotline Bulletins
Connection Newsletter The Connection Newsletter is intended to keep you informed of the plans and progress of the Illinois/Indiana Areawide Pest Management Program for Corn Rootworms.
Purdue University
Purdue Entomology Home EEO Statement
Revised last on May 27, 2004

27. Information Access Center (IAC)
Browseable online database of MSU Extension and other websites, organized under such topics as animals, community development, culture, economic development, family resource management, field crops, financial management, fisheries wildlife, floriculture, food nutrition, forages, forestry, fruit, gardening, grain, health medicine, human development, land use, leadership, ornamentals landscape, pest management, public policy, state local government, tourism, turfgrass, vegetable, volunteer development, and water quality.
A joint project of MSU Extension , and the Michigan State University Library . The MSU IAC is an on-line database of World-Wide Web and e-mail links to MSU expertise and outreach resources and activities.
Community Development
Economic Development ...
Water Quality
Fisheries and Wildlife
Goat ...
Community Development
Rural Development
Urban Development
Economic Development
Rural Development
Urban Development
Family Resource Management
Family Resource Management
Field Crops
Dry Bean
Grain ...
Financial Management
Family Finance
Farm Management
Small Business
Food and Nutrition
Food and Nutrition
Small Fruit
Tree Fruit
Landscape Maintenance ...
Health and Medicine
Health and Medicine
Human Development
Elder Issues
Human Development
Mid Life Issues
Parenting ...
Youth Issues
Land Use
Contaminants and Remediation
Land Use
Microbial Ecology ...
Urban Planning
Ornamentals and Landscape
Pest Management
Plant Maintenance
Pest Management
Pest Management
Public Policy
Agriculture Policy
Public Policy
State and Local Government
State and Local Government
Volunteer Development
Volunteer Development
Water Quality
Water Quality

28. Purdue Entomology Research
Faculty Staff. Larry Bledsoe Research Specialist, Field crops Insect pest management, Rick Foster Professor, Vegetable and Fruit crops Insect pest management.
Academics Research Extension Ag School ...
Science Education

Crops and Livestock Pest Management
Our pest management strategies are designed to aid Indiana agricultural producers to manage pests of crops and livestock while protecting non-target species and the environment. Current programs emphasize pest management strategies integrated in crop and animal production systems and include:
  • Economic thresholds/injury levels for pests
    Pest population dynamics and regulation
    Chemical, semiochemical, biological and novel control strategies
    Pests in organic agriculture
    Areawide pest management
Research on the impact of crop production practices on pest dynamics and management, reducing chemical inputs and applications, improving application timing, control decision-making, host response to pest attack, pesticide efficacy, and alternative management strategies. Non-traditional chemical control tactics, host-plant resistance, and biological control also receive significant attention.
Field Crops Entomology
Field Crops Nematology Fruit and Vegetable Crop Biological Control ... Larry Bledsoe
Research Specialist, Field Crops Insect Pest Management

29. Texas A&M Agricultural Research And Extension Center - Lubbock - Pecos - Halfway
Provides research and information about crops and soils, pest management, water resources, agricultural economics, and a wide variety of family and consumer skills to the South Plains.
Search Site
Detailed Search

Center Programs Upcoming Events



Other Field Crops

Ag Economics
Agricultural Insects 4H and Youth Irrigation / Water ... Click here for the Southern High Plains Calendar. High Plains Calendar Click on the calendar to view this month's events, or click here ET/Climate Data The Lubbock Center website now hosts data from the recalibrated weather stations at Lubbock, Lamesa, and Halfway. Go to Irrigation FOCUS on Entomology and Pest Alerts View our weekly crop production newsletter. The first 2004 edition will be published in early June. Growing Great Roses on the Southern High Plains A new video series and publications for rose growers What's New

30. Vegetable Integrated Pest Management
Elements of IPM (NY State IPM,USA); The Evolution of Integrated pest management to Integrated Crop management in Vegetable crops;
Database of IPM Resourses (DIR) Vegatable

Some of these resources required Adobe Acrobat Reader ( Download a free copy)
  • ACCESS TO ASIAN VEGETABLES - Developing a viable export industry in Asian Vegetables by the year 2004 - Pests of Vegetables, and Diseases of Vegetables A Guide to Crop Rotations (North Carolina State University, USA) An Online Guide to Plant Disease Control (Oregon State University, USA) Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center Bacterial Soft Rots of Vegetables and Agronomic Crops: Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System, USA. Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America, Cornell University, USA. C.M. Rick Tomato Genetics Research Center Commercial Vegetable Production Guides Commodity specific IPM Links Common Insect and Mite Pests of Vegetables found in Virginia and Nearby Areas ... Controls For Greenhouse Vegetable Insect Pests (University of Kentucky, USA) Cornell Plant Pathology Vegetable Disease Web Page Crop-wise Internet Resources on Vegetable Pest Management (from DIR) Cucurbit Problem Solver- Leaf Disorders,
  • 31. UConn - Department Of Plant Science
    Information on research programs, including Floriculture, Integrated pest management, Plant Propagation, Vegetable crops and Weed Biology.

    32. Entomology Index: Integrated Pest Management
    University of California Statewide IPM Project resources for pest management research and extension, including pest management guidelines for 45 crops;
    Iowa State Entomology Index: Integrated Pest Management
    • AgDb (Agricultural Databases, Datasets, and Information Systems) Searchable metadata directory of quality agricultural databases, datasets, and information systems, many related to pest management Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Web Site for the Pest Management Research Centre Armed Forces Pest Management Board Site for information on resources and policy for pest management for the U.S. Department of Defense Australian Plague Locust Commission role of the Australian Plague Locust Commission (APLC), how we forecast, monitor and control locusts in Australia, research and extension activites as well as issues of the monthly APLC Locust Bulletin Center for IPM Newsletter Corn Rootworm Home Page central site for Western and Northern Corn Rootworm (Iowa State University) CRC for Tropical Pest Management research of the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Pest Management. Includes Integrated Pest Management for the control of weeds and insects. Australia. CSIRO Stored Products and Structural Pests research, development and implementation of new control techniques for pests of grain storages and the built environment. Currently, there are particular needs for techniques of grain insect control to meet market preferences and for non-chemical management of termites to meet environmental restrictions.

    33. Growing Field Vegetable Crops
    From New South Wales Agriculture. Features pest and diseases, soil management, and growing guides.
    Growing field vegetable crops
    Best practice guidelines for growing vegetables These guidelines have been prepared to help vegetable growers and other horticulturists avoid conflicts between growers and others. Commodity Growing Guides Soil Management for Vegetables
    LINKS ... HOME

    34. New Agents For Pest Management In Row Crops
    Time 855. Type Symposium. Number 115. New agents for pest management in row crops. *LL Larson, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN 46268 Contact email
    Date Time Type : Symposium Number New agents for pest management in row crops *L.L. Larson, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN 46268
    Contact e-mail: This abstract may not be cited or reproduced without permission from the author(s). Back to NCB Home Page

    35. Georgia Integrated Pest Management
    Extensive information on pests found in Georgia and IPM for apiculture, livestock and poultry, and field and horticultural crops (including canola, cotton, tobacco, pecans, soybeans, peanuts, and grains).
    Subject Areas:



    College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    and Warnell School of Forest Resources
    Questions and/or comments to:

    36. UConn Integrated Pest Management:IPM-TREE FRUIT CROPS
    pest management Guide for Home Plum Orchards INSECTS. phone toll free 1877-486-6271 or email. FRUIT crops EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. menu.
    See Correction to Weekly Fruit Pest Message for April 23, 2004
    2004 UPDATE


    last revised 4/22/04

    2002 Update
    2000-2001 New England Apple Pest Management Guide

  • Dispersal of Typhlodromus pyri into Apple Blocks
  • Insect, Mite and Disease Control for Apples ...
  • Apple Scab Feb. 2003
  • Apple Rust Disease OTHER FRUITS
  • Insect, Disease and Mite Control for Peaches
  • Why Fruit Trees Fail to Bear
  • Black Knot of Plum and Cherry
  • Pest Management Guide for Home Plum Orchards INSECTS
  • Boxelder Bugs and Their Control IMAGE CATALOG
  • Thumbnails of pictures associated with the Fruit IPM articles. TREE FRUIT IPM LINKS
  • New Research Speeds Detection of Plum Pox Virus (USDA link)
  • Apple Information Manager (AIM)
    (commercial growers) LORRAINE LOS TREE FRUIT QUESTIONS
    (homeowners) phone toll free
  • 37. Alfalfa
    Covers variety selection, plant growth, pest management environmental effects, cutting schedules, and other information on crop production and management.
    Overall Management
    Variety Selection Establishment/Plant Growth Fertilization/Liming ...
    Overall Management Alfalfa Management
    This is the CCA pre test MS PowerPoint training module covering general principles of alfalfa management. Developed by Dan Undersander, UW Extension Forage Agronomist Redesigning Alfalfa for Dairy Cattle
    A MS PowerPoint presentation by Neal Martin et al., USDA Dairy Forage Research Center Variety Selection 2003 University of Wisconsin Alfalfa Variety Performance Results
    This link takes you to results from the most recent UW alfalfa variety testing information. It is viewable as html, downloadable as an MS Excel spreadsheet, or downloadable as a .pdf file in the form of UW Extension bulletin A1525 (Perennial Forage Variety Update for Wisconsin). Alfalfa Variety Comparison Web Site
    An on-line database giving you the ability to compare alfalfa variety performance data from a number of states and locations.
    Are Hybrids the New Yield Force in Alfalfa?

    Online ordering available for publications on integrated pest management for fruit crops, vegetables, greenhouse, nursery crops, turf and other subject areas.
    Educational Opportunities VEGETABLE CROPS IPM Educational Opportunities GREENHOUSE IPM Educational Opportunities FIELD CORN/FORAGE IPM Educational Opportunities NURSERY CROPS IPM Educational Opportunities TURF IPM Educational Opportunities HOME GARDENING Educational Opportunities menu

    39. Pest Management - Weed Control - Herbicide-resistant Crops
    Table of Contents. pest management. Weed Control. Postemergence herbicide principles. Herbicideresistant crops are available for use in crop production systems.

    40. Insect Pest Management For Small Grains
    Information on techniques that can help growers prevent and detect some potentially serious insect problems before significant loss occurs.
    Table of Contents Insect Pest Management for Small Grains By John W. Van Duyn, D. Ames Herbert, Steve Bambara, and Randy Weisz Some original text co-authored by Rick Brandenburg. Insect management may be critical to the economic success of a small grains enterprise, and growers should be aware of the various insects and management techniques. These techniques can help a grower prevent and detect some potentially serious insect problems before significant loss occurs. Aphids Aphids are small sucking insects that colonize small grains early in the season and may build up in the spring or fall (Figure 1, below). They damage the plants by sucking sap or by transmitting the barley yellow dwarf virus. Early in the fall, low aphid populations can successfully transmit a serious barley yellow dwarf virus infection to the crop. A large number of aphids must be present before damage from sap-removal occurs. Figure 1. English Grain Aphid Life Cycle Two species of aphids are predominant in small grains: the English grain aphid and the oat-bird cherry aphid. However, several others, such as the greenbug and corn leaf aphid, may be found occasionally. These aphids are described in Insect and Related Pests of Field Crops , AG-271. Aphids' high reproductive rate enables their populations to quickly build up to levels that can cause an economic loss. However, aphids are usually kept in check by weather conditions and biological control agents, such as lady beetles, parasitic wasps, and syrphid fly maggots, which are often abundant in small grains.

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