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1. Lukol Directory - Science Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture Organic Farming
and permaculture agriculture. http// Mech Linx Solutions for biodynamic farming. http//

Lukol Directory -
Science Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture ... Biological Control Virtual Information Center
Biological control is the use of one organism to suppress another. Information on the method from the Center for Integrated Pest Management, NC State University.
Agricultural Cassettes

Tapes from organic, sustainable, grazing and other alternative agriculture meetings.
Growing Organic

Marilyn Davis describes Leslie Duram's study of organic farmers in Illinois, funded by Southern Illinois University's Special Research Program.
All about minerals
Planters II Minerals by U.S. Soil, Inc. ABC Organics California firm providing consultancy services, expertise, and products for organic growers. Acres U.S.A. Monthly magazine covering eco-agriculture. An online community for organic farming and food. News headlines, searchable database, research papers, job listings, bookstore, schedule of conferences and workshops, educational courses, laws and regulations, large collection of annotated links, and a newsletter. An additional members-only area available.

2. Science Search > Organic Farming
Information and Design Service Information on organic and permaculture agriculture. http// 27-02-2002 - detailed information Rating

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Current location: Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture > Organic Farming
Live Earth Products

Producers of humates derived from humic shale. Information about marketing the material, and its benefits. detailed information
Rating: [5.00] Votes: [1443]
Organic Alliance Website

Promotes the environmental and economic benefits of certified organic food production to farmers, business, and consumers. United States. detailed information Rating: [5.00] Votes: [2327] Organic Certifiers Directory Lists US organizations that certify organic farmers and their produce, by state. detailed information Rating: [5.00] Votes: [2065] Organic Cotton Examines why chemical-free production is important and shows how you can become involved in choosing organic. detailed information Rating: [5.00] Votes: [774]

3. Wakki Directory > Science > Agriculture > Sustainable Agriculture > Organic Farm
Australian Permaculture Information and Design Service Information on organic and permaculture agriculture.
Wakki Shopping Auctions Travel ... Sustainable Agriculture > Organic Farming Categories All Products Activity Accessories Binoculars Camcorders Chamber Music Featured Composers, A-Z PC Games Nintendo 64 Desktops Notebooks Animation Top Selling DVD Players Cookware Housewares Tableware Entertainment Camping Lawn/Garden Tools Pop Hip-Hop Rock Operating Systems Networking Electrical Hand Tools Lighting Action Figures Dolls Vehicles Classics Comedy Drama See also: Web Pages
  • Organic Alliance Website
    Promotes the environmental and economic benefits of certified organic food production to farmers, business, and consumers. United States.
  • Live Earth Products
    Producers of humates derived from humic shale. Information about marketing the material, and its benefits.

4. :: Ez2Find :: Organic Farming
Translate Open New Window Information on organic and permaculture agriculture. URL http//; Organic Agriculture at FAO - Site Info
Guide : Organic Farming Global Metasearch
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Guides Organic Farming
ez2Find Home Directory Science Agriculture ... Sustainable Agriculture : Organic Farming Associations Biointensive Culture Biological Pest Control Compost ... Viticulture Related Categories Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Biologicals Business: Food and Related Products: Organic Shopping: Food: Condiments: Organic Shopping: Food: Organic ... Society: Lifestyle Choices: Vegetarianism: Raw Foodism: Organic Food Suppliers
Web Sites

5. Organic Farming
Information and Design Service Information on organic and permaculture agriculture. http// Organic Agriculture at FAO Provides
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Jokes ...
farming organic statistics
Links: Science: Agriculture: Sustainable Agriculture: Organic Farming
Home Science Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture : Organic Farming Organic Farming: Compare Prices
Compare prices from over 40,000 stores. At, find deals, consumer reviews, and store ratings to save money.
Liquid Organic Fertilizer For Vigorous Growth

Nothing beats the 1-2 punch of liquid organic kelp and fish emulsion. Plant hormones and essential micronutrients supply all your plants' needs for healthy, vigorous growth.
Buy Organic Farming
Buy Organic Farming Products

We link to merchants which offer Organic Farming products for sale.
Get Organic Health Now!

The Organic Factor is a revolutionary new book about the organic food and lifestyle movement. Find out why you should go organic; the best diet for health and weight loss; why exericse and relaxtion and meditation are essential to wellbeing. - Save Money and Buy Organic Farming On Ebay! Find Organic Farming and anything you are looking for on Ebay. Opening an account is free. Bidding is free. Try it today.

6. Web-and-Flow Hotlist: Permaculture
starting a company, and taking a course in permaculture have all come together to support the Jensen family from NSW agriculture. http// goats/breeds
Online Resources for Design
by Tom March Introduction rubric conclusion ... Sites for Educators
We couldn't have planned it, but I think we dreamed it and now it's coming true: immigration to Australia, settling in Mittagong, finding acreage that backs up to a nature reserve, starting a company, and taking a course in permaculture have all come together to support the Jensen family as we endeavor to create a robust childhood and heritage for our sons.
The following virtual tour and online resources support the evolving design taking place at the end of a hilly street in the Southern Highlands.
Internet Links
Aboriginal Languages of Australia (Tom's home on the Web)
Web-and-Flow Interactive (made this Web Page)
The 'Ozline Story'
Permaculture Research Institute
Ken Yeoman's Keyline Designs Homepage
InterGardens Megasite on Permaculture

7. Search SUSAG Abstracts
In Survey of multiple cropping in less developed nations. Foreign agric. Econ. Rep. No 1992. India permaculture success. International agric. Develop. 12(2)19 22
S USAG Abstracts
Prepared by students in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
This collection of abstracts provides a point of entry into the literature about sustainable agriculture. It was prepared by the students and teaching staff of CSS 190 (Sustainable Agriculture). Comments, suggestions, or questions should be addressed to Gary W. Fick You may search SUSAG Abstracts for any term or sets of terms including You many search You keywords (organic agriculture), source authors (Wendell Berry), and student writers (Ryan Akin). Search the abstracts
Abstracts have been written for the following SUSAG sources:
Go to A B C D ... XYZ
  • Ahmed, M., M. P. Bimbao, and R.C. Sevilleja. 1992. The economics of rice-fish in Asian mixed farming systems: a case study of the Philippines. p. 207-216. In Z.R. dela Cruz, C. Lightfoot, B.A. Costa-Pierce, V.R. Carangal, and M.P. Bimabao (ed.) Proc. 24th Rice-Fish Res. and Develop. Conf., Int. Center for Living Aquatic Resour. Manag. (ICLARM), Manila, the Philippines. Aldwell, C.R. 1997.

8. Mudeley 1992
SourceMudeley, John.1992.India permaculture success.Int. agric. Develop. 12(2)19 22. A remarkable farming transformation has occurred in northern India over the past few years. considered unreliable farmland is now a permaculture success. For years the people believed
Source: Mudeley, John. India: permaculture success. Int. Agric. Develop. 12(2):19,22.
Mudeley concludes that seemingly useless land can be brought into sustainable production and can theoretically supply people with at least 60% of their food. It is important to teach people, especially those in Third-World countries, how to transform their lands into more sustainable agriculture systems. Abstract Author: Joseph M. Norris, 15 October 1997. SUSAG Abstracts: Go back to the SUSAG Abstracts search page.

9. Links
International permaculture Portal. Sustainable agric Resources. Office of Environmental Education
Greensboro North Carolina U.S.A. Calendar How PJN Works To receive announcements To send announcements
Being Active
How to be active Greensboroís history Our community
Member Resources
Archives Calendar Government links Media links ... Issue area links Other links Bulletin board Thanks to the efforts of a VERY small band of users we have some links under each of our issue areas - we are always on the look out for more. Please email us at PJN with information on links that you think may be important to our network.
Links You Might Find Interesting In Each of Our Issue Areas
Racial justice Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Economic Justice Peace ... Media Racial justice National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Movement for Beloved Community Congress of Racial Equality National Conference of Communities and Justice ... the top Cultural and ethnic diversity African-American Atelier of Greensboro NC African-American Culture Tour National Conference of Communities and Justice Back to ... the top Economic justice Economic Policy Institute UNITE AFL-CIO NC Poverty Project ... the top Peace Nonviolence Web Resources for Peace Links Mediation Network of NC Movement for Beloved Community ... Back to the top The environment CoOp America Environmental Federation of North Carolina Guilford County Animal Shelter Guilford County Humane Society ... T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society

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11. Re: Building Better Rural Places, Resource Guide To Agric & Forestry
To permaculture ; Subject Re Building Better Rural Places, resource guide to agric Forestry;
Date Prev Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index
for granters: * Steve Diver <> [05.02.01 19:24] stated: > Do you or your clients sometimes wonder what funds or technical > assistance are available from all those USDA agencies and other > federal programs? How can you find a phone number or a web page > to simplify your search? Who you gonna call? > > Announcing the availability of "Building Better Rural Places," > a 2001 resource guide to federal programs offering assistance in > agriculture, forestry, conservation, and rural community development > available in print as well as on the web. > > Building Better Rural Places > > > To obtain a free, printed copy of "Building Better Rural Places," > please contact: > > Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA) > P.O. Box 3657 > Fayetteville, AR 72702 > 800-346-9140 > 501-442-9842 Fax > > ============================================= > > - > You are currently subscribed to permaculture as: > To unsubscribe send a blank email to > Get the list FAQ at:

12. Calendar Of Events
,...... Introduction to permaculture short course. Event name, Introduction to permaculture short course. Event type, Course/workshop More events like this.

13. Permaculture International
permaculture International Eve Sinton editor, permaculture International Journal. PIL has contact lists for permaculture groups throughout Australia.
The Country Web
a newsletter for rural women and their families.
ISSN 1039-5202
Produced by:
The Rural Women's Network

NSW Agriculture
Permaculture International
Eve Sinton editor, Permaculture International Journal
People interested in finding out more can contact the non-profit organisation Permaculture International Ltd (PIL), PO Box 6039, Lismore NSW 2480;
Ph 6622 0020, fax 02-6622 0579, PIL has contact lists for permaculture groups throughout Australia. Document 02823, submitted 30 September 1998 This document is made available subject to the conditions outlined in the statement.

14. Untitled
http// Sustainable agriculture on the Net http// permaculture/sustag.html
Agriculture Links
  • The Great Plains Program
    : Government Policy, Rural Communities, Resource Use, Agriculture Productivity, Great Plains Concerns. (
  • Sustainable Agriculture on the Net
    (INDEX) (
  • Other Sustainable Agriculture Internet Resources
    (INDEX) (
  • Hort culture Solutions
    (INDEX) (
  • What is Sustainable Agriculture?
    Farming and Natural Resources, Plant Production Practices, Animal Production Practices, The Economic, Social and Political Context (
  • 15. Canada - General Organic Discussion - Message Index
    Alternative agric. on CBC TV, Jan 7 18. Peter Blanchard Wednesday, 7 January 2004, at 111 a.m. permaculture. Di
    Message board provided free by GaiaOne Knowledge Systems The Canadian Organic Agriculture Message Board - Main Index
    Post New Message
    Search Canada - General Organic Discussion
    Message Index
    Welcome! All Messages 26 of 26 Messages Displayed
    (Reversed Threaded Listing)

    16. Plant & Soil Science Department : University Of Vermont
    PSS 156 permaculture. PSS 158 - Ecological agric Internship. PSS 161

    17. Permaculture Opportunities & Requests
    Qualities A passion for permaculture and sharing knowledge and skills with others 02) 66261126 Fax (02) 66283264 or Email Melissa.van.zwieten @
    'What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet.'
    David Suzuki Permaculture International Ltd PIL. PO Box 219. Nimbin. NSW. 2480 Australia E-mail Home Who is Pil What is Permaculture ... Membership About PIL Who is PIL? PIL History PIL in the Future Directors ... Sponsors PIL Services Global Directory Training Providers Course Calendar Events Calendar ... Members Websites Permaculture in Practice What is Permaculture? Site Visits PC Projects PC EduForum ... Media Releases Website Administrator:

    Previous Web Content:
    Russ Grayson
    Pacific Edge Media

    18. ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij: Sustainable Rural Livelihoods - Research And Technolo
    scale farmers Contact details Elleunorah Allsopp ( cold storage units for small farmers; Investigating permaculture™ principles for




    Visitors Book
    Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
    Research and Technology Development The objectives of technology development projects are to:
  • Establish a scientific basis for recommendations to resource-limited producers using intercropping models
    Investigate alternative crops with the emphasis on economic implications and management requirements
    Investigate alternative and appropriate production systems for resource-limited producers
    Adapt existing technology, i.e. wagon-wheel system and low input storage unit for resource-limited producers
    Create new technologies for fruit production and processing
    Test and adapt foreign technologies for application by resource-limited producers of South Africa Survey rural areas for indigenous technologies to utilise in the technology development agenda
  • List of projects:
  • Honeybush Tea Research Programme Wagon-wheel system for vegetable and fruit production using limited water resources The use of household wastes in food crops cultivation to improve the environment and to increase household food security in informal settlement communitites of Southern Africa Evaluation of alternative crops for developing agriculture. ... Combining viticulture and cash crops in land use models for small scale farming Integrated nematode control in vineyards along the Lower Orange River using different cover crops and cover crop management practices
  • 19. Ecovillage, Intentional Community, Cohousing, Cooperatives, Sustainable Communit
    food, gardening, agric., permaculture, etc.)
    Home Calendar GoodWork Post an Event/Job ... Donate The Community Page
    Ecovillages, Intentional Community, Cohousing,
    This is an introduction, overview and directory of links to a wide variety of ideas and projects that help create stronger, healthier community. We start by looking at a number of alternative and experimental forms of community, including ecovillages, cohousing, intentional community, cooperatives, related topics and links. We then look at a variety of creative ways that you can find or create stronger community where you live today (without moving or joining an alternative community). We include resources on how to go about this, and the interpersonal issues and group process that can be involved. We also look at the "Healthy Community" approach, and how it can lead to a better lifestyle and a more sustainable world. This page Contents
    (A) Introduction: What is "Intentional Community"

    20. ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij: Sustainable Rural Livelihoods - Publications
    FIRS TEAM, 1997.. permaculture in the Free State. Nufarmer 1 (April), 10. ANON, 1998. ARCInfruitec/Nietvoorbij at agric. woman’s development week.




    Visitors Book
    Resource Poor Agriculture Programme
    Publications Scientific Publications
    Semi-Scientific and Popular Publications

    Technical reports and manuals

    Posters available
    1. Scientific Contributions
    1.1. Publications, book contributions and theses DU TOIT, J., 1997. Development of a standardised processing method for honeybush tea (Cyclopia). M.Sc. thesis, University of Stellenbosch KAMARA, B.I., 1997. Structure and synthesis of phenolic metabolites from honeybush teas (Cyclopia intermedia). M.Sc. thesis, University of the Orange Free State 1.2. Posters BURGESS, R., 1997. Entomology versus Food Security. Poster. 11 th Joint Congress of the Entomological Society of South Africa and 12 th African Association of Insect Scientists, 17-22 June, Stellenbosch (Cyclopia intermedia) as a measure of antioxidant activity. 15 th SAAFoST International Congress, Cape Town, September 27-29 (Cyclopia). rd Food and Cancer Prevention International Conference, Norwich, UK, September 5-8. ISAACS, J., 1998. The Rationale for Restructuring a Research Institute to Service Resource-poor Farmers in South Africa. Poster. 6

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