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         Perl Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Programming Perl 5.0 Cgi Web Pages for Microsoft Windows Nt (PC Magazine (New York, N.Y.).) by Jonathan Hagey, 1996-09
  2. 60 Minute Guide to Cgi Programming With Perl 5 by Robert Farrell, 1996-06

141. 0ne Of A Kind: Sharp Designs - Web Sites At Work
Fullservice web presence provider offering web site design, redesign, hosting, multimedia (audio/video/3d) development, java/javascript programming, cgi/perl coding, database design/development, and e-commerce.
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W E B S I T E S A T W O R K YOUR WEB DESIGN EXPERTS Our mission at Sharp Designs is to provide high quality web design, maintenance, and support at a reasonable rate, focusing on the specific business or personal goals of our clients.
Our Services Sharp Designs offers a wide variety of web design and development services to meet your specific needs. We have experience building a vast array of site types for multiple purposes. Some of the projects we tackle include: Corporate Sites
Personal/Theme Sites
E-Commerce Sites
Site Re-designs
Database-Driven Sites

142. The Fine Art Of Database Programming
An outline of database programming, with particular emphasis on perl. fine art of database programming

143. Web Developer
Links to programming resources including JavaScript, PHP, perl, VBScript.
B O O K Q U O T E :
get book
New content since Jan 1, 2004 is at my new Tanguay.Info site Other new things: Free workshop: Installing Apache 2.0 , PHP4 and MySQL on Windows XP (WAMP) Also: How to install a Java development environment on Windows XP/2000
And check out my book reviews code examples , and audio magazines to learn French, Italian and Spanish Tanguay.Info
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Dec 3, 2003 Most recent comment posted today
DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web
, p. 171 Most Recent Web Developer Items: Web Developer - ASP.NET - Crystal Reports - Dec 3, 2003
How to create PDF files from ASP.NET pages with Crystal Reports without using Visual Studio.NET

cho: where is <!#include file="qs.aspx" > ? (Jan 23, 2004)

td: Where is the file "EmployeeReport" (Jan 27, 2004) madhavi: how can i create the same pdf report using asp pls hepl me..... (Jan 27, 2004) Bobalooey: Please Edward......we need <!#include file="qs.aspx" > ? (Feb 8, 2004) Edward: You can download here:

144. LM Columns By Randal
See past columns written by Randal Schwartz (of programming perl and Learning perl fame) related to all aspects of perl and Linux.
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The Linux Magazine Perl columns!
First things first
If you haven't seen my home page , you should probably start there first. Also, you might want to check out the other columns too!
Perl Training Classes
Learn Perl now! To find out about my on-site and open-enrollment classes, send a blank message to You'll get the answer back by email, so make sure your browser has your correct address if you follow this link. Or visit our Web site
Some semblance of a description
I'm busy writing this monthly column for Linux Magazine magazine. They've agreed to let me put them online as soon as they've appeared in print. Because I'm generally busy (or lazy), I simply ran the source files through the translator so that I could put them online here. It makes them ugly sometimes, but you'll just have to live with that for now until someone comes up with a better solution.
Table of contents
Using things from the CPAN (Jun 99) listing Tieing up loose ends (Jul 99) listing ... Intro to objects, part 1 (Apr 00)

145. CGI Tutorial
A free online book on CGI database programming with perl by David Nelson.
CGI Tutorial By David Nelson
  • Introduction To CGI Basic Perl Syntax Guide - Variables: scalars, arrays, hashes. Accessing The File System Using Perl What is CGI, and what do I need to know about it to program in it? ... (line by line code explanation)
  • Please rate this cgi tutorial on
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    Free CGI Scripts
    CGI Tutorial Freelance Web Programmer Search Engine Optimization Tips ... Tell A Friend Script
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    True root with 10GB disk space and 100GB bandwidth. PHP, mySQL, Perl,
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    146. - A Perl5 CGI Library
    A popular module for CGI programming; read forms, use cookies, and generate HTML. Included in the standard distribution of perl 5. - a Perl5 CGI Library
    Version 3.04, 01/19/2004, L. Stein
    This perl 5 library uses objects to create Web fill-out forms on the fly and to parse their contents. It provides a simple interface for parsing and interpreting query strings passed to CGI scripts. However, it also offers a rich set of functions for creating fill-out forms. Instead of remembering the syntax for HTML form elements, you just make a series of perl function calls. An important fringe benefit of this is that the value of the previous query is used to initialize the form, so that the state of the form is preserved from invocation to invocation. A script to create a fill-out form that remembers its state each time it's invoked is very easy to write with Select this link to try the script
    More scripting examples

    Source code examples from
    The Official Guide to
  • Downloading
  • Installation
  • Function-Oriented vs Object-Oriented Use
  • Creating a new CGI query object ...
  • What's new?
    The current version of the software can always be downloaded from the master copy of this document maintained at
  • 147. FreeTechBooks - Free Online Perl Scripting Books
    s, publishing information, links.......Annotated list of free online programming books. Topics range from beginner to advanced.
    var tcfb_id = '4380';
    Your guide to free online computer books, lecture notes, documentations and references.
    FreeTechBooks' Home FAQ Sign Our Guestbook Contact Us ... Free Tools Free Online Books
    Programming Languages



    Scripting Languages


    Operating Systems


    Common Applications ... Gimp, GTK+, Gnome, KDE, Tcl, Tk, Samba, Squid Computer Science Introduction to Programming OOP Logic Programming Compiler Design ... Game Development Miscellaneous Free Software / Open Source Hackers and Computer Philosophy External Sites Programmers' Resources Perl Official Site Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) all things Perl CGI Specification NCSA Software Development Group CGI Programming 101 learn how to add CGIs to your website The CGI Resource Index search engine on thousands of CGI resources CGI Extremes over 2,000 Perl and CGI scripts Perl Monks tutorials, discussions and forums The Perl Review another magazine devoted to Perl Homepages Larry Wall author of Perl Perl Free online Perl scripting books See also: C/C++ Python GNU/Linux Introduction to Programming CGI Programming on the World Wide Web Focuses on the workings of the CGI specification down to the tiniest detail.

    148. Programming Perl 101 - Website Publisher.
    Learn how to use perl with CGI to add interactive elementals to website.
    Website Development Website Promotion Generating Revenue Search Engine Optimization ... Forums
    Programming Perl 101
    By: Chris Bowyer, Published: 2003-04-30, Parent Category: Website Programming This is it: it's time to go beyond HTML. Beyond CSS. Beyond JavaScript even. It is time to enter the world of Server-Side programming with Perl! 1 - Background Information
    If you run a website, you've probably heard of either Perl or CGI at some point. Whether you've merely heard of it, installed a few scripts on your own, or taken one look at the code and turned pale, this tutorial is for you. Perl is a programming language. Many people think CGI is a language, as in, "I'm going to learn CGI," but this is erroneous. Think of CGI as the method in which you use Perl. You can write CGI scripts using other programming languages, but Perl is far the most common due to its relative simplicity and power. Even as more efficient programming languages are starting to take away Perl's popularity, Perl programming remains very popular and learning it is not a waste of time. For example, PHP is similar to Perl in most respects. The syntax used is similar and a lot of the basics are somewhat the same. If you know Perl, you've got a huge head start at learning PHP, and a few other languages as well. Although Perl may be less efficient than other programming languages like PHP or ASP, there are still infinitely more freeware and shareware scripts out there written in Perl than in any other language. In other words, Perl isn't going away anytime soon.

    149. Perl Help
    perl consultants available for hire, including help with script installation and custom programming.
    Looking for help with Perl/CGI? This site is here to help you find the resources you need to get your Perl applications up and running fast. From custom programming to setting up simple scripts, we've got the help you need. Many scripts are available for free. If you've found a script that you want to use, and need help setting it up, then feel free to give us a call for rates and availability of our programmers. Perl Help starts at only $80.00 per hour for setting up existing scripts. Many Perl scripts can be set up in only an hour or two and cost less than $160.00 to install. For custom programming, rates may increase with the complexity of the project and the ability of the programmers that choose to offer their help. All of the programmers involved with are independent contractors and they set their own rates. We help find a perl programmer that meets your needs. Perl Help Email: We'll try and answer your question or point you in the right direction for free. Perl Help Hotline: If you need help fast, call the Perl Help Hotline and we'll hook you up with an available programmer that specializes in your needs.

    150. What I Hate About Your Programming Language [May. 12, 2003]
    Text treats general aspects of language choices, then compares hatred of perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, XSLT, SQL. With many forum comments.
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    What I Hate About Your Programming Language
    by chromatic Author's note: based on voluminous comments, I've clarified a few places where my original intent was unclear. Thank you all for the feedback! Of course, at a practical level, there are important differences between languages. Different language families make certain techniques easier than others. You'd rarely be able to write a useful procedural program without any variables, but it's common in functional languages. Expressing a logic problem in terms of objects and classes will require a different approach than that of an imperative language.

    151. Dr. Aleksander Olek Malinowski's Web Site
    Course notes and sample programs for network programming in C++ and STL, Java, perl, and PHP.
    Dr. Aleksander 'Olek' Malinowski's Web Site
    Bradley University
    Contact Information

    152. Learning Perl The Hard Way
    Book aimed at those who can already program in another language; emphasizes programming style. Distributed under the GNU FDL. PDF/Postscript
    Green Tea Press
    Green Tea Home Page
    Learning Perl the Hard Way
    by Allen B. Downey Do we really need another Perl book? Well obviously I think so, and here's why:
    • I want a book for people who already know how to program in another language, but don't know Perl.
    • I want a book that gets through the basics as quickly as possible. I'm sick of reading about the precedence of operators; I want to know how to do the fun stuff.
    • I want a book that emphasizes good programming style in Perl. Many of the Perl programs I have seen are written in a quick-and-dirty style; I wanted to see if the style I have developed in other languages can translate.
    • In many Perl books, object-oriented programming is treated as an optional feature for advanced programming. I wanted to bring it closer to the center of focus (although I am anything but an object-oriented bigot).
    In presenting Perl features, I tried to find examples that are interesting in their own right, and that encourage the reader to explore Perl's features. This book is a work in progress. I have some ideas about what will go into the next few chapters, but I am open to suggestions. I am looking for interesting programming projects that highlight some of the moderately advances features of Perl, like inter-process communication, the Perl/tk interface, or one of the infinite number of modules on CPAN.

    153. Net Website Designs Home
    Design, Flash, ecommerce, programming in JavaScript, ASP, or perl, search engine registration, maintenance, and consulting. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, United States.

    We're a preferred vendor in the Madison, Wisconsin Web Design Firms section of

    154. TRIZ For Perl-Programming
    TRIZ for perlprogramming. 2000; “programming perl”, Larry Wall, TomChristiansen Randal L. Schwartz, O’Reilly, 2nd Ed. Sept. 1996.
    Home Page Up 1 Level Next First presented at TRIZCON2001, The Altshuller Institute, March, 2001. TRIZ for Perl-Programming Michael Schlueter
    Philips Semiconductors
    Stresemannallee 101, D-22529 Hamburg GERMANY
    Phone: +49 40 5613 3423; Fax: +49 40 5613 3392
    Email: Abstract When implementing a program a potential risk is revealed from discussions. The chance is taken to apply TRIZ to a software problem. The specific mechanism and the required resources to create the identified disaster by the prototype are worked out. TRIZ’ standard solutions are utilized to derive strong alternative implementations, which will eliminate the disaster completely. As a by-product a preliminary list of Perl-fields is derived in analogy to the lists of physical and chemical TRIZ-fields. Part I Initial Situation Members from the development department can pass problems to a support crew and ask for a solution. In the past this process was organized by a human-based help-desk facility. In an attempt to replace a human as the source of energy and control a program is developed, called CRC2000, which allows to submit a problem statement to the support crew via the available computer network. CRC2000 provides required functionality, which is not available from the current email system. Figure 1 Screenshot of the final CRC2000 program From a users perspective the description of the problem, the severity and the allowable time-period has to be entered into a dialog-form. When clicking with the mouse on the “OK” button (Figure 1) the required processes are started. A user could click on “Cancel” by intention to abort the program. From discussion it became evident that there is a severe risk:

    155. Lost+found: Sherzod Ruzmetov's Weblog
    Author of several perl modules. Writes about Web and programming for the Web. About. Photo gallery. Site archive with book reviews, daily endeavors, documentations, technical reports, tutorials.
    O'zbek tilida Sherzod Ruzmetov's Weblog You are here BOOK REVIEWS


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    May 19, 2004
    DAILY ENDEAVORS: Is Class::PObject inheritable? I accidentally came accross a thread last night at PerlMonks which discusses the inheritance problems related to Class::PObject. I am not quite sure why exactly Anonymous Monk wanted to do whatever he wanted to do, but he was right. Children... [ full text comments (1) Daily Endeavors
    May 15, 2004
    DOCUMENTATIONS: MT::Plugin::PodFilter Movable Type is a personal publishing system. This plugin adds support for publishing POD-formatted documents in your web log. POD stands forPlain Old Documentation, and is a standard markup language of Perl manuals. [ full text comments (0) Documentations
    May 14, 2004

    156. Programming In Ruby
    Take the pure object orientation of Smalltalk, remove the quirky syntax and reliance on a workspace. Add the convenience and power of perl, but without the special cases and magic conversions. Give it a clean syntax based partly on Eiffel, add a few concepts from Scheme, CLU, Sather, Common Lisp. You end up with Ruby. Dr. Dobb's Journal
    Jump to... Subscribe to DDJ My DDJ Account Premium Services Free Content Source Code Articles Newsletters DDJ Topic Areas Integration Learning Center AI Algorithms Basic Best Practices C/C++ Communications/Networking Computer Security Data Compression Database Development Distributed Computing Graphics Java Linux Patterns/OOD Perl Python-URL! Real-Time Computing Scientific Computing Scripting/Alt. Languages Tcl-URL! UNIX XML and Web Services Welcome New User to We have over twenty years of experience covering all languages, platforms, and tools. We now provide three levels of web site access from which you can choose. SUBSCRIBE today. DDJ Dr. Dobb's Articles Dr. Dobb's Journal, 2001 > Jan01: Table of Contents
    DDJ, January 2001
    Scripting Languages + 25th Anniversary Issue
    Additional resources (listings and source code) for the articles below can be found here
    Eugene Eric Kim
    Twenty-five years ago, computer programming was big-iron heavy — then the personal computer came along and everything changed. In this special anniversary retrospective, Eugene Kim looks back at what computing was like then, and DDJ's role in that revolution Programming in Ruby
    Dave Thomas Andy Hunt
    Ruby is a freely available pure, untyped, object-oriented language. Dave and Andy show how to use the language, while Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby's creator) adds a note on why he developed it.

    157. CGI Programming MetaFAQ
    Directory listing of FAQs about CGI programming.
    CGI Programming MetaFAQ
    $Id: CGI_MetaFAQ.html,v 1.3 2001/11/25 10:07:09 comdog Exp $ The Common Gateway Interface, or CGI , defines how clients and servers interact with external processes. This guide is a collection of resource pointers. Should you have a question, it is most likely answered in one of the these resources.
    The CGI Specification
    Performance Enhancers
    The HTTP Protocol
    Server Documentation
    Server Side Includes
    Working with Frames
    Working with Cookies

    158. Programmershelp : The One Stop Programmers Resource
    Collection of resources for many different programming languages ASP, Assembly, C, C++, C , CSS, Delphi, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, PC interface, PHP, perl, Visual Basic, VBScript, XML.
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    159. PGTS Systems Admin DBA Network Administration Melbourne Australia
    programming to support Oracle, Linux, Unix and perl. System administration. Surrey Hills, Victoria.
    PGTS Pty. Ltd. ACN: 007 008 568
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    160. Sites & Sounds, Ann Arbor, Michigan -- Ann Arbor Web Design, DVDs, Kiosks, Audio
    Provides consultation, planning, creation, hosting and marketing. Offers custom Java programming, JavaScript, perl and CGI scripting, and database design and implementation using Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Cold Fusion.

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