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  1. Romance on a Global Stage: Pen Pals, Virtual Ethnography, and "Mail Order" Marriages by Nicole Constable, 2003-09-18

1. Omniseek Family /Family /Home Kids /Pen Pals /
Politics. Real Estate. Recreation. science Tech. Shopping. Sports. Travel family /Home Kids /pen pals / pen pals Place. pen pals Place Are you looking for pen pals{30158}

2. Omniseek /Family /Home Kids /Pen Pals /
Politics. Real Estate. Recreation. science Tech. Shopping. Sports. Travel family /Home Kids /pen pals / pen pals Place. pen pals Place Are you looking for pen pals{30158}

3. Omniseek Home And Garden /Home Garden /Kids /Pen Pals /
Real Estate. Recreation. science Tech. Shopping. Sports family Studies The Personals, pen pals , Greetings The Personals association of singles sites. pen - pals Earth{4530}

4. Pen Pals
Christian family both science, movies video games and being social worker. Your interests/activities AFTER coming to prison penpals, nbews, books, novels. working on my case with my family
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5. Omniseek /Lifestyle /Crime /Prisons /Prison Pen Pals
Education. Employment. Entertainment. family. Games. Health. Hobbies. Home Real Estate. Recreation. science Tech. Shopping. Sports 1998 All RightsReserved pen pals 2836 East Candelaria{51830}

6. Oklahoma - Death Row Inmate Pen-Pal Requests Page 2
My educational background consists of a bachelors degree in Animal science. I m31 years old, I have no family, no friends, or any pen pals at the
OKLAHOMA Page 1 Page 2 Oklahoma Death Row Prisoner Pages Death Row Prisoner Pen Pal Requests The CCADP has received the following requests for
pen pals from death row Prisoners in Oklahoma. OSBALDO TORRES
DOC # 243147, Hobbies : Drawing, reading, exercising. Born in: Mexico. D.O.B 3/22/75. I would like to find a pen pal who is cool and fun to talk to. Someone who is very articulate. Someone who doesn't mind talking about anything and everything. Osbaldo Torres DOC# 243147
PO Box 97
McAlester, OK
Born July 3, 1959, Paris, Illinois. Interests, writing short stories, poem, songs, anything "Star Trek", Loves to read Sci-Fi and horror stories (King and Koontz are favorites !) Air cooled Volkswagens, motorcycles, current events, the environment, small dogs, large cats, reptiles, and a good fight against the system ! ! ! I'm 5' 9" tall, weigh 165 pounds, am going bald, but wear a long beard, which is quickly turning gray, eyes green. (I should probably mention that I have three sons, and a daughter also...) I Will answer any and all letters I receive ! James Joseph Fitzgerald 0945253
David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center

7. Oklahoma - Death Row Inmate Pen-Pal Requests Page 1
I have two years college my major was social science. I don t have family,friends, or pen pals! I am seeking female companionship !
OKLAHOMA Page 1 Page 2 Oklahoma Death Row Prisoner Pages Death Row Prisoner Pen Pal Requests The CCADP has received the following requests for
pen pals from death row Prisoners in Oklahoma. TYRONE DARKS
Age 35, Aug. 26 - 6'2", light brown complexion. African American. Single parent. Son age 7. Christian. Single, marriage minded. Army National Guard - College Graduate 1991 University of Central Oklahoma. BA degree in Political Science. I am innocent and need immediate help! Right now I need to replace my TV set. Click here to visit homepage to read more on the case :
Tyrone Darks OSP 239667
PO Box 97
McAlester Ok. 74502
I'm interested in getting a pen pal. My name is John Javilo McCullah. I'm 34 years old. I arrived on Death Row in Oklahoma in Nov. 1993. Some of my interests are art, exercising, sports. Here is a picture of myself, and ( on my page ) a couple of small drawings that
I did. But I'm into large pieces of artwork. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

8. Christian Pen Pals @!
design , here in lebanon , im looking for pen pals from all too and I m majoring incomputer science (second year I can t specify the year , and my family has a

9. Christian Pen Pals @!
HERE for your FREE pen pal ad @ Christianpenpals The grapes of wrath, science fiction ),going to everything about Ancient civilizations, family time, outdoor

10. Dolphin International - Pen Pals Penpals Penfriends-magazine E-mail Pals Matrimo
Her family is based in Bangalore with 2 younger brothers one is BE with electronicsand telecommunication and the other brother BSc with computer science..
With reports of successful marriages worldover, this magazine has a special list on females from Philippines (click here)
Elite Matrimonials Mu jhse Shadi Karoge? Find that someone special by listing your personal profile - Maximum 100 words with OR without your photo hosted on this Exclusive Matrimonials page. All you need is a private email address and personal telephone number (if any). Your address is not required:
Your profile will be here for 30 days - for just US $ 10 (or Indian Rs 430/-).
Pay by Bank Draft or Money Order in favour of "DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL", and send it to:
DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL (MDK), 100 Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai 400006, INDIA.
NOW we also accept payments thru all major Credit Cards! Also from all Debit Cards! Abbas Raghav Poonam Sanjay Sapna Anil Lisa Your profile? Veena
A Muslim boy in mid thirties, based in Mumbai is looking for a Muslim girl for marriage.

11. Male Pen Pals
his dearest penpals), reading books on science fiction, and and would like to havepen pals from around reading, swimming, Internet, his family, genuine friends
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Male Pen Pals
Christopher Rhodes
  • Email:
  • Age:
  • Likes: fast cars
  • Dislikes: Rude people
  • Other info: He lives in Wakefield, England
Ery Fahzwan
  • Email:
  • Age:
  • Likes: sport and listening to music
  • Dislikes:
  • Other info: He lives in Malaysia
Michael Coburn
  • Email:
  • Age:
  • Likes: N'Sync, Horror, Fred Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Chucky, Pinhead, girls, Godzilla
  • Dislikes: Broccoli, Barney, his sister's friend, Teletubbies
  • Other info: He knows the Spicegirl's email address. He lives in Keswick in Ontario in Canada. He is a big Pokémon fan. He also saw a murder one time.
Burhan Ahmed Farooqi
  • Email:
  • Age:
  • Likes: cricket, sex
  • Dislikes: people who want to have sex all the time
  • Other info: He's a computer programmer and earns 10000$ per month and he has completed his MCSE (Microsoft Certified Software Engineer)
Earl Worcester
  • Email:
  • Age:
  • Likes: Horror films, comics
  • Dislikes: Bad movies
  • Other info: He will collect almost anything he thinks is interesting.

He is working for an Applied science Degree. I send you this letter as a request forpenpals. I have lost virtually all contact with my family members and and
Michael Newell
I.D.O.C. Max. Cont. Facility
P.O. Box 557
Westville, In. 46391-0557
Robert Morales
P-27996 C-3-231
P.O. Box 921
Imperial,Ca.92251 (Chiricahua Apache age: 45, 6ft 2in tall, 224lbs. artist, poet, and musician) James White Eagle Robinson #AK-9557 SCI.Graterford P.O. Box 244 D-B2-022 Graterford, Pa. 19426-1244 Tribe:Cherokee Sentence:Natural Life Robert R. Stout Crossroads Corr. Center 1115 E. Pence Rd. Cameron, Mo. 64429 Joel Barbour Snake River Corr. Inst. 777 Stanton Blvd. Ontario, Or. 97914 John Alvarado CIF A-B-2E P.O. Box 601 Pendleton, Indiana 46064 Stanley Fairchild 3001 S. Emily Dr. Beeville, Tx. 78102 Requests only Native American Pen Pals Concord Men's Prison PO Box 14 Concord, NH 03302 Lawrence Woodard Travis Richardson Larry W. Hall Robert S. Thomas, (Mohawk) Nelson J. Nevarez PO Box 1000 Petersburg, Va. 23804 Tribe/Nation: (Columbian) Cliff Rock Briceno P.O. Box 777 Monroe, Wa. 98272-0777 (Pit River,Atsegewi) Jason Lloyd Murphy WSP 3-C 3-1 1319 North 13th Ave Walla Walla, Wa. 99362

13. Science And Health / Internet And Computers / Family Resources /
You are in science and Health / Internet and Canadian Writers Computer Camps EducationalFamily Pages For magazine for and by girls and teens, pen pals,
Search Directory: You are in: Science and Health Internet and Computers Family Resources Suggested Categories:
Society and Social Sciences > Relationships and Family > Parenting > Family Resources

Society and Social Sciences > People and Group Studies > Family Resources

Society and Social Sciences > Government and Law > Family Resources

Science and Health > Internet and Computers > Family Resources
123 Kidz Area

A directory of kids resources and and companies all over the world. From homework helpers to games for all ages.
Site produced by: a Professional from a Business
CyberPatrol Parental Control Software
CyberPatrol parental controls filters harmful Web sites, newsgroups and Web-based e-mail, blocks or filters incoming and outgoing chat, and manage kids' time online. It works on Windows standalone desktop and laptop PCs and allows you to restrict access to programs, such as computer games, and block certain kinds of Web site content. It can safeguard against inappropriate language in chat sessions and helps prevent kids from divulging personal information online. It lets you choose how to manage and control children's access to the...
Site produced by: a Professional from a Business Site contains: Academic Content

14. Discover A Pal's Mental Health Pen Pals
I am he last one left alive in my family. I also love science fiction, horror, andfantasy in books to learn more about my interest then lets become pen pals.
Discover Technology, Inc. Welcome! Community Page l Discover A Pal l Join Discover A Pal l Home Page
Community of Mental Health
We added information and links to medical sites to help the public understand some of the basics of Mental Health Impairments. We also hope to clear up any misconceptions that may exist. We have asked the pen pals to list misconceptions that they have encountered. We invite you to Email and make friends with anyone in this community. Please Remember: This is not a dating service. If you have a problem with a pen pals writing inappropriate things please contact Your Guide to Mental Illness Basics
Mental illness is any disease or condition affecting the brain that influence the way a person thinks, feels, behaves and/or relates to others and to his or her surroundings. Although the symptoms of mental illness can vary from mild to severe and are different depending on the type of mental illness, a person with an untreated mental illness often is unable to cope with life's daily routines and demands.
What Causes Mental Illness?

15. Women Prison Pen Pal
Click Here to Enter Prison pen pals Created Maintained by Prisonpenpals © 1996 2002 Home family, Consumers, Cooking science Biology, Psychology, Physics
lycos infoseek altavista excite yahoo Click Here! Sponsored Links results for women prison pen pal
Dating Agency Services (United Kingdom)

Directory of online dating agencies and matchmaking services to help you find your ideal partner for love, romance, marriage, friendship or just pen pal s. is a UK focused site.
pen pals dating female inmates women ... prisoner personals
women prison pen pals seeking friendship with the outside world. See their ads and photos. Real inmates seeking real pen pals. Please, write an inmate pen pal
Yahoo! Directory
Prison Pen Pals
us - prison pen pal service for inmates seeking friends, love, and relationships through correspondence. Provides biographical profiles of men and women WebRing: hub Women In Waiting - Female Prison PenPals Lonely women prisoners are looking for friendship outside of prison walls. Search our site for a

16. Pen Pals Page 3
pen pals PAGE 3. I do myself, as well as some of my family members have psychic andothers who may wish to secure information on the science, Philosohy and
SPIRITUALIST MATTERS MEDIUM'S DIRECTORY AND PEN PALS LISTING's HOME PAGE MEDIUM'S DIRECTORY PEN PALS LISTINGS MOIRA'S NEWSLETTER ... HEALING REQUESTS PEN PALS PAGE 3 STEVE EDWARDS FROM NSW Sth COAST AUSTRALIA MAILTO JIM LEGGETT ANDERSON FROM INDIANA USA AGE 54 MAILTO I was ordained a Spiritualist Minister at Camp Chesterfield in 1983.1 was born Catholic and found Spiritualism in 1979. My success at work has kept me busy but I can retire in May of 2000. 1'm looking for friends old and new to network and perhaps a special female friend.January 1998 BRETT G CLEVELAND FROM OHIO USA AGE 29 MAILTO Well, I just learned of the "Spiritualist" denomination about 5 minutes ago. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. My interest is quite piqued. Is anyone out there willing to tell me a little about this faith? Like practices, and beliefs? It would be very much appreciated, and all email will be answered. Thank you 20 January 1998 KARIN FROM BUDAPEST HUNGARY AGE 18 MAILTO

17. Pen Pals Page 627, January 25, 2004
no prisoners please Hobbies/Interests Reading, computers, science fiction, wide letters,photocopied letters, 20 page accounts of family, pen pals who write
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Pen Pals, January 25, 2004
id: 627-01
Janina Lee
Steinbeker Str. 15
20537 Hamburg

I'm a woman and I was born April 8, 1982
I'm a half Chinese woman from Hamburg in Germany. I'm searching for pen pals from all
over the world esp. Malaysia, China, Italy, UK, USA (CA, NY, FL), Hong Kong,
Mauritius and Japan. My hobbies are shopping, fashion, traveling, reading, writing, web
design, photography, clubbing, dancing and much more. Will answer all open minded, funny girls (no men!) who are at least 18 years old. Snail Mail only please! id: 498-06 Carol-Ann Bagan 4112 Aspen Drive East Edmonton Alberta T6J 2A8 Canada I'm a woman and I was born August 9, 1964 I'd like pen pal(s) to be: any and all who want to write. Excepting prisoners as I have enough of them all ready. And if they insist on writing me their letter will be sent back addressee unknown. Hobbies/Interests: reading, people watching, travel, collecting all sorts of things (want to

18. Pen Pals Page 642, April 30, 2004
I ma science and Language student. My daughter also enjoys writing to pen pals,so if you have any kids and want to make this a family project we would
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Pen Pals, April 30, 2004
id: 642-01
Ingunn Antonsen
Holtsneia 2

I'm a girl from Norway.
My birthday is November 26, 1984
My interests are: friends, watching TV/movies, stitching pictures, traveling, writing letters and
much more
I would like pen pals all over the world, all ages, both male and female id: 642-02 Bismark Appiah P.O. Box KJ 516 Kejetia-Kumasi Ghana / West Africa e-mail address: I'm a man and I was born May 9, 1988 I'd like my pen pal(s) to be: good, beautiful, handsome, kind and humble. My hobbies and interests: writing letters, reading etc. id: 642-03 Brobbey Samuel Adanwomase Secondary School Box SE 1901 Suame-Kumasi, Ghana e-mail address: or I'm a man and I was born May 3, 1986 I'd like my pen pal(s) to be: good My hobbies and interests: reading id: 430-05 Saiprasad Sawant Sector: 24, Plot: 7

19. Timilty Online : Project Promise
consist of four teachers that teach science, Social Studies purposes, and there arethe family meetings, which The Promising pen pals Program, which is a large
The James P. Timilty Middle School, one of Boston’s finest public schools, is located in Roxbury. The Timilty has received two national awards. In 1989 the U.S. Department of Education bestowed upon the Timilty, the National Secondary School of Excellence Award. Then, in 1995 the U.S. Department of Education recognized the Timilty again by awarding the school a second award. This award is the Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence. The Timilty has a very progressive program in place. There is an extended day for both the students and the staff. The students start their day from 7:40 till 3:20, with instructional block periods throughout the day. Teachers work, at minimum, from 7:20 am until 4:00 p.m. There are several support systems put in place for the students. There are different sets of benchmarks for students, so staff will be able to measure, identify and develop what is needed so those individuals will be successful. The Timilty is broken into three clusters divided by grade levels. Within these clusters there are two to three families based upon the number of students per cluster. No family will have more than 80 students. The families are labeled by colors and have four basic teachers in each family. There is a Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science teacher in each family. In addition there are one or two support teachers in each family to provide Special Education and/or Bilingual services.
School Profile
The Timilty Middle School had been a dumping ground for troubled youth. In 1985 Dr. Laval Wilson, Superintendent of Boston Public Schools established a group of schools entitled Project Promise Schools. These schools were designed to allow students to benefit from Math and Reading across the curriculum. The Timilty contained an extended day component and held classes on Saturdays during the first few years of Project Promise. Negotiations between the Teachers’ Union and the administration of Boston Public Schools resulted in several agreements to ensure the success of Project Promise. Teachers’ concerns transferred from their contractual rights to a focus on professional development and individual student’s achievement. These agreements provided teachers with respect, a voice, professional say, decision-making and a sense of ownership.

20. Room 108 Pen Pals
I would like to be a pen pal with a boy how lives in Mexico or a boy in europe orAustralia My family background is all German. My favorite subject is science.
Room 108 Pen Pals Page
(North America)
John Rickey
  • My name is Hector. I live in California USA. I'm 8 years old. I love to play baseball. I also play soccer and I hip hop dance. I have lots of friends and would like to meet more.
    Please write: >
  • My name is Timothy and I live in Oklahoma. I am almost 8 years old and would like to have penpals from all over. I like to read, play with the computer, ride my bike and watch the tv and movies. I will be in the 3rd grade next year.
    Please write: >
    Please write:>
  • Hi my name is Sara and I am in third grade and I live in Philomath Oregon in the USA I would love to be a pen pal to all of you so please E-Mail me as soon as you all can...
    Please write:>
  • Hello. My name is Lauren and I am 8 years old. I live in Texas, USA and would love to have a penpal from England. Boy or girl. I love to play football (soccer in America ) and I have two cats, Josie and Sandy. I love pop music and I live with my Mom and dad.
    Please write:

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