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41. Educational Web Portals
clubs, cub reporting, international penpal relationships and The only databases includedare those which over 200,000 reviewed web sites, rubrics, educational Portals.htm
Educational Web Portals
Portals are super-station doors to the Web that have been created from information indexes and search engines or by a dedicated web master. They provide a large variety of integrated resources, tools and services through a single location. abcteach. This site is a place to get ideas, whether you are a teacher, a soon-to-be teacher, or a student. Parents and Homeschooler, there are ideas for you too. The purpose of a b c teach is to provide educationally sound suggestions that help with learning and teaching. a b c teach will provide easy, online materials for immediate use by kids, student teachers, teachers, parents and other visitors to the site. The material can be printed directly from the screen; no downloads necessary.Teachers have permission to reproduce these pages for classroom use. AOLatschool The heart of the AOL@SCHOOL system is a series of six online learning portals designed for grades K-2, 3-5, middle school, high school, teachers and administrators. The student portals provide an easy-to-navigate environment in which students can access Web sites that have been chosen by educators as the best educational content for that grade level. Additionally, the student portals provide a suite of functional online tools such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, a calculator and many other research and collaboration tools. The specially designed portals for teachers and administrators provide professional development and administrative help and resources, as well as the ability to search for subject and age-specific lesson plans

42. Russian Department Resources
links connect to only several of many sites, and we over 26 million documents inmore than 1200 databases. SAPE sets up penpal exchanges between Russians and

Main Menu

Russian Dept.





Books News Sources Grammar ... Miscellaneous WEB RESOURCES There is a wealth of information about Russia, the NIS and Eastern Europe on the Internet. The following links connect to only several of many sites, and we've tried to sort through some of them to find the best and most useful. This list will be updated frequently. The Red arrow will return you to the top of this page . Enjoy!! ON-LINE JOURNALS The Slavic Review An "American Quarterly of Russian, Eurasian and east European Studies." ON-LINE BOOKS On-Line works of Fyodor Dostoevsky Here you will find links to on-line versions of Crime and Punishment The Double and Notes from the Underground On-Line works of Lev Tolstoy Here you will find links to a number of Tolstoy's works (including War and Peace Victor Kamkin Bookstore

43. Resources
how you can set up an electronic pen pal program. or time period as well as databases,political science resources and government and nonprofit sites.
Resources Home Page
Message Board

Please choose from the following options: K-12 Resources Search Engines K-12 Administrators News Sources ... Weather Information
K-12 Resources

44. Computer Use In The Classroom
Infotrack and the CBCA databases are now available. pen Pals can communicate on adaily basis and students have send in stories to web sites that will publish
FAQ Index Question: How do I use the Internet in my classroom? Answer: There are many ways to use the internet. The best ways for your situation depend on your computer skills, and the hardware and software available. Browse through these ideas.
  • Research
  • Online Activities
  • Group Presentations
  • Communication ...
  • Links
    1. Individual Research
    This is the most common way of using the internet in most secondary schools. Students are asked to find information on a subject they are researching and spend hours trying to find the right web page. Here are some hints to make this work better.
  • Do not allow students to choose a topic on which there is no information available. Browse a directory of internet web sites and choose research subjects from the sites listed. Younger students may wish to use something like Yahooligans, the Gander Academy or Kanuski: Elementary Students
  • Teach internet research skills to the students. These include:
  • How do find information
  • How to evaluate the information for relevance
  • How to evaluate the information for reliability. Compare these two web sites:
  • 45. 3.Specific Technology And Uses
    For teachers of other FL, click on the French pen pal page then Share jokes withyour Fl email pals. Goal Two Examine range of Uses for Online databases.
    Return to Putnam's On-Line Course for Using Internet In K-12 F.L. Teaching Return to EA's Modern Language Home Page
    Return to CB Putnam's Home Page
    Session 3: A Closer Look at Technologies and Their Uses for FL For Session Three:
    -Go to and save on your drive as a bookmark C.B. Putnam FL Teaching Using Internet Resources Home Page . We will use this site throughout this session. Goal 1: to examine the range of Uses for Interactive technologies, such as e-mail and Bulletin Boards a.EMAIL projects: -Read Introduction and discuss the Rationale for this site.
    Click on back icon to return to Putnam Home Page.
    -Read General FL Resources and devote a block of time to list the types of individual and group email projects mentioned here.
    - Brainstorm then jot down ideas for using email (within the school and with others) with classes at all levels (individually and in a group) in your teaching place. Return to Putnam Home Page.
    -Click on Resources for French Classes then on French Language Pen Pals and On-Line Forums for the most extensive selection.

    46. 4. Interactive Technology Lesson Plans
    other subjectrelated research (to provide needed databases) or to class and comparewith the French-language sites on the go to Putnam s pen Pals page; find
    Return to Putnam's On-Line Course for Using Internet In K-12 F.L. Teaching Return to EA's Modern Language Home Page
    Return to CB Putnam's Home Page
    Session 4: Designing Lesson Plans Using 2 Interactive Technologies For Session Four:
    -Go to and save on your drive as a bookmark C.B. Putnam FL Teaching Using Internet Resources Home Page . We will use this site throughout this session. Goal One: Plan a Large Scale Email Exchange Description of Project: for an email exchange with one or more school groups in a region that your class is studying, you and colleagues are to develop a year-long project that will include email exchanges between one or more schools.
    As part of the year-long exchange effort, you have agreed that all your FL classes will participate in some way during the year.
    You have decided to begin with a class-to-class endeavor, (NOT an individual-to-individual keypal project for now) since this is the first exchange for you and your students. At this point, you are not clear how often and for which specific activities your individual classes will be involved. However, you have agreed that the interaction will include the following:
  • an Information Exchange by groups of students:
    -who we are right now in this year: individually and as a school community: our origins, where our grandparents and parents came from, the range of jobs reflected in our parent population;
  • 47. Internet Tour
    article addresses tips on finding pen pals, safety issues B. Locating sites to Usefor Research search engines and directories, online databases, SC related
    Teaching with the Internet In Section Two, we discussed ways technology can be used to enhance instruction and listed many technology tools and their uses. In this section, we will focus on using the Internet as a teaching tool. The Internet provides access to many instructional activities that are not available through any other means. Using email to communicate with experts, locating research sites related to specific subjects, creating your own research sites, going on virtual field trips and quests, participating in collaborative projects and publishing student work online are just a few examples of activities that can be used to enhance student learning. The following web tour is designed to familiarize you with the many types of educational resources available on the Internet including email, research, virtual fieldtrips, quests, collaborative projects and publishing student work on the WWW. Many of these categories overlap so don’t think of them as exclusive. As you peruse these sites, think about how you could use them in your classroom to teach your grade level and subject area. Use the questions to guide your exploration. I. EMAIL

    48. Lesson Plans - Searchable Databases
    sponsored guide to quality curricular web sites on the Curriculum for teachers Searchabledatabases for teachers. Yes I teach Lesson Plans Quality lesson plans
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Education Elementary Educators Home ... Pen Pals - The Incredible Teaching Tool zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Arts and Crafts Geography Language Arts Literature ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Elementary Educators newsletter. Search Elementary Educators Lesson Plans - Searchable Databases
    Guide picks They're free and they're easy to find. Free lesson plans at your fingertips.
    Awesome Library

    A searchable database of 14,000 pre-screened education resources. Baltimore Curriculum Project
    A matrix of K-5 lesson plans for an entire school year. Focuses on content and application of skills. Blue Web'n
    A corporate sponsored guide to quality curricular web sites on the Internet. Try the Content Table to focus in on lesson plans and other specific resources. Curriculum for Teachers
    Searchable databases for teachers. From UtahLink. Discovery School Lesson Plans
    A searchable library from the Discovery Channel. Education Place Activity Search
    Simply check the boxes to discover complete activities pulled from the site's database of over 400. From Houghton Mifflin.

    49. Cassi Beebe (AKA Frivolous Who Impersonated A HIV+ Person For 2-3 Years) VS. HIV
    free of charge as a dating and pen pal service for pos to meet others, promoting oursites with free removing spam postings, backing up databases and webpages

    HIV/AIDS Links
    E-mail or
    2005 Apalachee Parkway
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-6500
    Phone: (850)410-3721
    Fax: (850)410-3804 (Pubic information from and I am allowed to publish the name of the complainant who is the same person, her MSN profile and past emails with IP addresses I have from Frivolous verified it was same person, plus matching IPs to her chat nickname in chat logs for the last 3 years) This person (Cassy Beebe) is responsible for me (AKA DaveyBoy ) having to shut down (chat server will stay online as many people rely on it for HIV live chat support or use mIRC to connect , it is a life force for hundreds of HIV positive people coping with life and I refuse to shut it down, even if I was risking injury to myself)

    50. Language Online the network of sites led by expert guides Gerald Erichsen to a Spanishtutor via email It also supplies links to databases of pen pals with whom
    Internet language sites selected by the Languages and Multicultural Resource Centre - updated and checked June 2003 These sites have been checked for appropriateness; however, contents on the Internet change continously. It is advisable that teachers preview all links before introducing project pages to students. Multi-language sites Eurocosm
    Are you interested in European languages, lifestyle and culture? Would you like to feel at home all over Europe? Then in Eurocosm you have found your ideal partner! Free Language Resources
    Also known as Languages Made Clear
    This section is dedicated to the free, online teaching of as many languages as possible. We've got material on English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Esperanto and more languages! ilovelanguages
    a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources Travlang Foreign Languages - crash courses in 74 languages Your

    51. SCT BOCES Teacher's Corner - Getting Started
    Resources The Internet has lots of databases of lesson Visit some sites, printa lesson or two students can communicate with (KeyPals rather than pen Pals).
    Getting Started
    How do I get started with the Internet in my Classroom? Answer: It's as easy as Become Comfortable with the Internet
    • Use Email - Most Internet Users use email. Get an account and start communicating with others across the Internet. Join a educational listserv (if you aren't sure how, use the link at the left) where you can post questions or problems. Lots of teachers will give you suggestions and help via email.
    • Get Web-Literate - Use your browser to explore the Web. Go to a Search Engine and do some research. Visit CNN or USAToday or NPR to catch up on some daily news. Look in a newspaper or magazine for URLs, or just ask a teenager for their favorite Internet sites.
    • Explore Lesson Plans and Curriculum Resources - The Internet has lots of databases of lesson plans that you can explore. Other sites offer resources with ties to your Curriculum. Visit some sites, print a lesson or two, and jot down some URLs that you can use in your classes.
    Lay the Ground Work
    • Develop a Classroom AUP - Most school districts have AUPs (Acceptable Use Policies). Get a copy of your district's guidelines. You need to be familiar with it because it effects how you and your students will access the Internet. If your district or building doesn't have an AUP you should write one. Pitsco has an excellent site with resources about AUPs . You certainly need to follow your district guidelines, but you may want to add specific rules and consequences that will apply to the use of your classroom computer.

    52. BullGuard
    to meet new people and develop digital penpals in chat Such programs utilise acentral databases of banned sites time helping them use the web-sites you ve
    //var DOCUMENTGROUP=''; var DOCUMENTNAME='News Focus Children'; //var ACTION=''; 6,230,120 USERS
    BULLGUARD NEWS - FOCUS USEFUL LINKS Focus on: Children and the Internet
    You are the proud parent of a little nine-year old girl (Fiona). She is a bright little thing, always smiling and asking questions left and right to satisfy her seemingly boundless curiosity. The school she goes to is taking maximum advantage of such marvellous inventions as the computer and the internet, and why not? All that knowledge out there is just waiting to enlighten your little girl.
    Fiona is getting quite good at using the internet. She can search for the names of birds and interesting species of bees and is beginning to find it a bit irritating to have Mum and Dad standing over her shoulders when she plays with the internet.
    But you don't want to leave her alone while she's online, do you? You know that it doesn't take much misspelling in a search engine before little Fiona is looking through THE PORTALS OF HELL, in its most concentrated form.
    Like most parents in a similar situation you are concerned, and rightly so. So, what can you do as a responsible parent, who simultaneously want your daughter (or son) to take advantage of all the good things the internet has to offer, whilst shielding her from the things made by adults for other adults?

    53. (¯`·.¸LINKS4KIDS Safe Sites - Homework Help¸.·´¯)
    free online worksheets, books, pen pals column, club research process and links torelated sites. Internet databases for Education and Research Thematically
    var keepstatic=1//specify whether menu should stay static 0=non static (works only in IE4+) var menucolor="#68a6d6" //specify menu color var submenuwidth=130 //specify sub menus' color Add-A-Link Free Games Guestbook JoinTopSites ... Weather document.write("" + day + month); document.write(myweekday + ", " + ""); Alien Clones


    ... HOME
      Homework Help
      GoTo: References
    • Abc Teach - One for kids, parents and teachers. Free activities, research and report help, project and writing ideas. Dioarama themes to print. Rain Forest, Butterflies, and other interesting topics.
    • Academic Assistance Access - Help with homework or assignments in almost any field from junior high to college. Most questions will get a response by email within twenty-four hours.
    • Acalogic Inc - "Gives information and showcases products which, when utilized by parents, helps them assist their children in doing homework."
    • ALA - Gotta question and no one seems to have the answer? Ask your question to one of the worldwide school library specialists. They can provide you with direct assistance. Try the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for answers to questions other kids have asked.

    54. - Newsday In Education
    with Library connections to online databases, current news help and access movie,tv and sports sites. out Frozen Worlds. Meet Longwood s pen pals in Alaska

    Daily Photos

    More Photos
    NYC Photos ... FeedRoom Videos Find It Fast EVENTS MOVIES KIDZ FOOD ... ARCHIVES Today's Newspaper
    Extras DSA Community Publishing HOY
    News in Spanish
    On Wall Street
    Symbol Lookup
    Friday, June 11, 2004 NEWSDAY IN EDUCATION More Cool Site Winners
    Nominate a "Cool Site" Tell us your favorite School Web Site and why it should win the "Cool Site" Award.
    City, State, Zip: E-mail: Comments: The Commack School District Web Site offers residents the latest news and announcements right on the home page. Excellent menu options quickly take visitors to the information they're looking for. Click on Schools, then Buildings to connect to individual schools where you'll find curriculum outlines, samplings of student art, webquests and photos that take you into the classroom and on field trips. Of special interest is the announcement of an upcoming Science Fair that spins off a page of links to Science Fair Ideas and resource guides. Science fair guidelines for a good project are available allowing parents, teachers and students to work together. Don't sign off without listening to a little music from the Burr Intermediate School. Click on music, sit back and listen as students sing their school song, "D.A.R.E To Take a Stand" and other selections. Saint Mary's Physics Online If you teach or are learning physics, this Web Site is a must visit. St. Mary's Physics Online offers tools to make physics interesting and fun. Web Links include Interactive, multimedia, and Phun (fun) physics Web Sites as well as links to tutorials, test prep and experiments. Relevant java sites are incorporated into homework assignments and students have access to weekly agendas, handouts and labs and can even check on their grades. Student-created web pages and crossword puzzles to do online are examples of lessons learned. St. Mary's Physics Online is fun, interactive and a great way for students to learn.

    55. Aspergers Society Of Prince Edward Island
    is also the home of The pen pal Directory Email there are two Very Good searchabledatabases of studies Here you ll find Social Skills sites, Social Stories
    Aspergers Society
    Prince Edward Island

    Canadian Links Aspergers Society of Prince Edward Island Email Group

    56. Moms - Please Visit My Friends!
    Featuring message boards, chat, contests, freebies, pen pals, auctions and parentingsearch engine, new genealogy databases, CDROMs, books, and web sites.
    Games for Kids Games for Toddlers Games For Babies Travel Freebies ...
    DON'T MISS THESE! Car Bingo Coloring Pages Song Lyrics Cootie Catcher ...
    Free Samples, Coupons

    and Offers for Brand Name products that you and your family use every day, from Quality Health!
    Other Family Websites Website owners: Link to Me!
    Please use this text description or any of the banners here and I will be glad to add your link to this page as well! Moms
    101 Car Travel Games and Things for Kids to do in the car (
    Please visit these websites: Family on Board !

    Your children can watch their favorite movie or play their favorite video games with the new Video Traveler Unit from DRIVIN' SANE. You can rent one for the week or weekend, or purchase one of your very own. Tipz Time's Household Tips
    Household tips, articles, ideas for home and garden improvement, holiday crafts, food
    hints, plus frugal money and timesavers. Stain removal ideas and cleaning solutions. Family tips, and Business tips. Free charts for parents, teachers and homeschoolers. Free newsletter!

    57. Global Education Web Resources For EFL
    and useful links to other global issues sites. cultures for email classroom and penpalproject exchanges. comprehensive collection of on-line databases with the
    Home About the GISIG About IATEFL Events ... Contacts List Web resources Join
    Global Issues: Web Resources
    To suggest a site for inclusion please email Global Issues: EFL/ESL Specific Sites Global Issues: Other Educational Sites Global Issues: General Interest Sites Global Issues: Newsgroups ... Global Issues: Books and Journals
    Global Issues: EFL/ESL Specific Sites
    BaFa BaFa: Does it Work with University EFL Learners? : BaFa BaFa is a simulation to teach cross-cultural awareness. Participants find out what it feels like to be the one person in a group who is different. RaF¡ RaF¡ is the elementary version. BBC World Service - English Learning Down to Earth : Support and stand-alone materials for the 'Down to Earth' English programme on environmental topics: the earth from space, the atmosphere, soil depletion, Gaia theory, sustainable development, conservation for people, green imperialism, poverty, climate change, etc. DEN wolf project : Do wolves deserve their reputation? Innovative reading / writing / listening EFL site using slides and audio samples. Great resource from the Digital Education Network English Country School (The) : Teaching English through projects in the natural environment German Culture Pages : Produced by students of English (EFL) at the Institut f¼r Anglistik/Amerikanistik , Technische Universit¤t Dresden (Germany). Their aim is provide information about their culture, other cultures and issues related to student life in Dresden/Germany and abroad.

    58. K-12 Education Resources
    Activity Resources; Intercultural Email Classroom Connection E-mail pen pals andproject 700+ Great sites American Library Association. INDEXES AND databases.
    UW-Stout Home Library Home Subjects K-12 Education Clip Art Nutrition and Health Social Studies Curriculum Guides ... WWW Sites
    WWW Sites

    59. Language Arts Resource Kit For Grade 4
    information resources (eg, libraries, databases, computer networks Diversified Sitesfor both Reading and Writing pen pal Letters to Soldiers Overseas http//www
    Language Arts Internet Resources for 4th Grade Teachers and Students
    National Standards for Language Arts
    Lesson Plans Teacher Resources Software for Reading and Writing ... Writing Resources
    Our goal for this presentation is to help others learn new and exciting ways to help make reading and writing more interesting for the student. We find it very sad when children are making low scores on these subjects because of the way it is being taught. We wanted to find web sites and new resources that teachers can access without any problem, because we know how precious their time is. As a team, we have each expressed how excited we are on finding so many resources that are right at the teachers’ fingertips. We hope that our goal is those of others. We should all have one goal and that is to teach the children with every possible resource that can be found. Our focus for this resource kit is grades 3-5 (general) with the main focus on 4th grade. We think that students need to be interested in reading and writing when they leave the 4th grade. This grade level tells the way that the student will perform the rest of their education path. The following are links to some of the best Language Arts resources for teachers and students on the web. These sites comply with the

    60. The Union Free School District Of The Tarrytowns Links For Teachers
    ABC teach This site provides an endless number of resource and educational materialand the sites are ranked by Online pen Pals Use ePALS to collaborate with
    Board of Education
    Site Sections District Home Page Facilities Project Atlas Curriculum Map
    (Password required) 2003-04 District Calendar School Calendars Library Databases Sports Schedules ... Driving Directions Information Sections Repairs (Staff only) Check E-mail (out of district) Job Openings K-6 Curriculum Guides ... Comments? Links for Teachers
    Eyewitness to History - "Your ringside seat to history - from the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it." NYS Learning Standards on The Web
    (access at anytime from anywhere) NYS Standards and Assessments (Internal link)
    This information, available only through our internal network, is an NYSUT resource guide in PDF format. Colorín Colorado
    "A new bilingual Web site full of information, ideas and practical tips on how Spanish-speaking parents can help their children learn to read and succeed in school. The site features activities, advice and downloadable resources for teachers and librarians to reproduce and distribute to parents in their own communities. The site is rooted in the vast resources of "Reading Rockets," WETA's multimedia initiative that provides information on teaching children how to read.

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