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         Pascal Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Using Turbo Pascal Version 5 (Programming Series) by Steve Wood, 1989-04
  2. Programming in Borland Pascal by Scott D. Palmer, 1993-02
  3. Programming With Data Structures: Pascal Version/Book and Disk by Robert L. Kruse, 1989-03
  4. Hands-On Turbo Pascal: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming by Larry Joel Goldstein, 1991-06
  5. Student resource guide to accompany Programming with Pascal by John Konvalina, 1987
  6. Advanced Ucsd Pascal Programming Techniques by Eliakim Willner, 1985-07
  7. Apple II Instant Pascal: An Introduction to Programming by Robert Moll, Rachel Folsom, 1985-09
  8. Algorithms, Programming, Pascal by Barbara Li Santi, 1987-01
  9. High school teacher's guide for Koffman's Problem solving and structured programming in Pascal by Armando Picciotto, 1986
  10. Pascal: An Introduction to Modern Programming by Larry Joel Goldstein, 1987-08
  11. Apple Pascal (Programming language series) by Arthur Luehrmann, Herbert D. Peckham, 1981-09
  12. An Introduction to Programming Using MacIntosh Pascal by Paul Pritchard, 1988-04
  13. Pascal Programming With Style: A Brief Introduction (Benjamin/Cummings Series in Structured Programming) by Richard C. Lamb, 1987-01
  14. PASCAL Programming by Lawrence V. Atkinson, 1982-09-29

121. Source Codes Library @
Contains categorised source codes in different programming languages C, C++, Java, pascal and COBOL.
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  • 122. Mpe/ix And Hp E3000 Technical Documentation
    Online documentation for HP's commercial programming languages including Allbase SQL, BRW, C, Cobol, Fortran, pascal, RPG, Transact, and symbolic debugger.
    summary of commom hewlett-packard website JavaScript functionality summary of this site's specific JavaScript functionality contact hp
    more options English all of HP US
    mpe/ix and hp e3000 technical documentation
    All documentation for MPE/iX releases, HP e3000 systems, and related products.
    printable version
    technical documentation
    assistance related sites ... IT Resource Center localized documentation Go to another area access the links to other pages without JavaScript development tools and distributed computing diagnostics enterprise servers, workstations and systems hardware high availability hp -ux 10.x operating system hp -ux 11.0 operating system hp -ux 11i v1 operating environments hp -ux 11i v1.5 operating environment hp -ux 11i v1.6 operating environment hp -ux 11i v2 operating environments hp -ux reference (manpages) internet and security solutions mpe/ix and hp e3000 technical documentation mpe/ix 6.0 operating system mpe/ix 6.5 operating system mpe/ix 7.0 operating system mpe/ix 7.5 operating system multi-os solutions network and systems management networking and communications partitioning continuum and the flexible computing environment personal computing printers and scanners storage solutions telecom infrastructure hp -ux 10.x

    123. ThinkQuest : Library : Pascal For Programming Illiterates
    Begins with the basics, covering most of the pascal language. Makes its way to ObjectOriented Windows programming using Delphi.
    Index Programming
    Pascal for Programming Illiterates
    This web site teaches the novice user to program computers using the Pascal language. Three skill levels provide instruction for various levels of understanding. A six day beginner course introduces what programming is, parts of a program, variables and constants, procedures and functions, and variables. After completing the beginner level you can move on to the more difficult lessons. This offers a good introduction for the novice. Visit Site 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Jiun Wei Raffles Institution, Singapore, Singapore Chun Ghee Raffles Institution, Singapore, Singapore Coaches Choon Lang Raffles Institution, Singapore, Singapore Choon Lang Raffles Institution, Singapore, Singapore Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

    124. Free Pascal - Programming With FPC
    This page attempts to give an overview of the tools that the Free pascal compiler puts at your disposal when you are programming. Tools.





    Programmers tools



    ... Units This page attempts to give an overview of the tools that the Free Pascal compiler puts at your disposal when you are programming.
    Free Pascal comes with several command-line tools that you can use to ease your programming. Among the tools are a source formatter, a makefile generator, a C header translator, a unit dependency lister and even TP lex and yacc.
    The FCL (Free Component Library)
    The Free Component Library is meant as a free and portable alternative to Delphi's VCL (Visual Component Library). It is a low-level library, meaning that it doesn't include GUI (graphical) components. It is meant to provide people that implement a GUI with basic routines such as stringlists, streaming, XML routines, Database access and many more things. It tries to provide as many Delphi-compatible components as possible, to ease porting, but it also presents alternative components that offer different functionality, not found in the Delphi components.
    Free Pascal comes with a series of packages; mainly these are import units for important libraries, or some tools that have been developed by the Free Pascal team.

    125. Owain F Carter : Programming Languages As Cars 183
    Humorous analogies between cars and Assembly, Fortran II/IV/77, COBOL, BASIC, PL/1, C, Algol 60/68, pascal, Modula2, LISP, Prolog/Lucid, Maple/MACSYMA, Forth, Logo, APL, Ada. Inspired by Fun with Computer Languages.
    Owain F Carter
    Programming Languages as Cars

    126. Programmershelp : The One Stop Programmers Resource
    Collection of resources for many different programming languages ASP, Assembly, C, C++, C , CSS, Delphi, HTML, Java, JavaScript, pascal, PC interface, PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, VBScript, XML.
    Main Menu HOME



    Misc forum


    free courses
    video game store

    Amazon Links Templates Hire coders Domain names PHP site ... Logo design Welcome to . News PHP manual and smarty manual are online now. JavaScript 1.5 manual is now available for viewing We have started our forums again. Freelance programming site without the huge signup fees . Visit now to post or bid on new projects. Looking for low cost domain names then try our store with a wide range of tld's, website hosting, email addresses for business and a whole load of other fantastic offerings. Domain name store The downloads will be back but Yahoo have changed the way that the free service worked, we will post how to access the files but you basically have to have a Yahoo ID (which is free) and then we set you up as a friend and you can get access . the other alternative is the pay service which we cannot afford.

    127. Milwaukee School Of Engineering · Jarrett Keith Simerson
    Seeking an internship that will capitalize on Computer Engineering skills, with primary interest in software and hardware integration. programming skills Basic, Quick Basic, Visual Basic, Fortran, pascal, Turbo pascal, C++, 68HC11 ASM.
    Jarrett Keith Simerson Current Address:
    1121 N Milwaukee Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
    Phone: 1.414.277.7524 Permanent Address:
    7N561 Wagontire Road
    St. Charles, IL 60175
    Phone: 1.630.513.5864 Website:
    E-Mail: in Your MSOE Resume Printer Friendly Version: JarrettSimersonResume.pdf
    OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging and responsible internship that will capitalize on Computer Engineering skills. Seeking an internship that provides ample opportunity for professional and personal growth. My primary interest lies with software/hardware integration. I enjoy Assembler lever coding with direct interface with microprocessor components. I would like a development job in the telecommunications field including Wireless Communications. QUALIFICATIONS I worked to support and maintain a Nortel Meridian 1 Option 81 Phone Switch and Meridian Mail system. This large-scale system has 2,000 phone locations and 4,500 active designator numbers.
    Extensive knowledge of different Hardware Description Languages including Altera/Verilog VHDL and Altera Max+PLUS II interface.

    128. Welcome To Josvisser.(nl|com)
    , documents, history, download, links. Open Source, GPL......COMmon Algorithmic Language, created in 1980s to teach structured programming, mixes BASIC and pascal minus problems of each. Interpreted, portable; runs on DOS, Unix, Windows.
    OpenComal OpenComal is a highly portable and free implementation of the Comal programming language written by moi. Currently supported platforms are Unix, MsDos and Win32 (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP and whatever they come up with next :-) Comal is a crossover between Basic and Pascal, with the best features of both and none of the drawbacks of either. Look at this sample program . This program takes a number and writes out the correct pronounciation in Dutch (handy uh? :-). Take a look at this screen shot Wed Jul 9 12:09:05 CEST 2003
    Gary Lake has been working on a Win32 OpenComal user interface based on OpenGL. His preliminary work is here
    • Unstable release: OpenComal 0.2.7-pre1 is now available for download here . Be sure to read the CHANGES file!!!!
      The most important changes in this new release pertain to support for MODULEs. Read the white paper for more information.
    • Stable release: You can download OpenComal 0.2.6 here
      This gives you the source and pre-built binaries for MsDos, Win32 and Linux. And here is the README I also wrote an article on OpenComal.

    129. Computer Languages History
    CPL Combined programming Language. Delphi pascal
    Computer Languages History
    Computer Languages Timeline
    Below, you can see the preview of the Computer Languages History (click on the white zone to get a bigger image):
    There is only languages listed in my chart, if you don't find "your" language, see The Language List of Bill Kinnersley (he has listed more than languages).
    If you want to print this timeline, you can download one of the following files: Printer using A4 paper Printer using Letter paper Plotter If you have some problem
    with the EPS file, look here
    Here is the ChangeLog of this history.
    If you have put this diagram on the wall of your office and have taken a photo of it, please send me a copy and I'll put it on this page
    Note : I have now a page where I explain how I build this chart. O'REILLY has published a color version of The History of Programming Languages ABC :
    Ada :
    Algol :
    AWK :

    130. SmallAda
    A compiler/interpreter for a part of the Ada language, namely the pascal subset plus the Ada tasking support. It is not intended ever to be a full Ada compiler, rather a vehicle for teaching, learning, and experimenting with concurrent programming. The compiler is quite fast, producing Pcode which is then interpreted by the interpreter. (ZIP)
    ¯h!ØS7»Üq­îŸŽBÝpÅ•IjñîÔRŠZLR×o¢®_¢®¦–‹¢®ç¦–‹¢ÏQKw§®§¨¥$µrµr_êFQÔJnêFQÔÒ9jùîÔJŠZNR·n¢n]¦¾B¹Y”r+·r³(eö˜Žé¢;:¢‹þù钔.Éq)¼Fô6 ~PK[x3 <9´‹B·OÝNC«ÚlŒ$E‡ØN@^‰Ue <û¼ÎSéii¤‹ Ÿ×ô)þÅ"þ¥2üói£+í€Ìù5»ñghÐA¥] <³ø[e±”É9ž”$sçd8ôϪf¯±¶Ô †ã, 4X5q°4¶Jk‰p2gaK×vÙÔDxƶkXšieSCÉ k·ÀƖêc™ÉÆÍ~ <ˆE°ÈÏ %,·†XÈá8ÀžÉÙO] éN*)OF#o# û <¼  ‹Ç…%R×,t ™xÐC‹I¸ ÷bà1 <‰±ïãcÀAÆqœE%4­¨?´Á@¤HÉÚHtìėÑ$k[£=R1 ó°V <ðÞE‡~ì_0cîÆ,B1tiÑ#q -Mì+¸ý1“±àEìÇ1„¤³c Ž Í¶¯áBÈ-„¡Løº‰ŒkÑ™˜† 4¹•x17ãa <7ñ.¶a´·‘_ä  à <Š—±qú CÑIHÅ܅ f Fà ü†àhÊŸâÎÁ`¤má¬Â«xÛñ+þB-t1l ½1·a2fcŠñÖ`އ_à N ,6/.=1#p'Vá#üŒð8Ú#z¢?æà~lÄ 4§~°±GQ¨Ú <…/qçԊt` <^Ä[x¥ø §q Ú֔+:#£1 w!ài <†—ñ1"ƒ6·~5hØÜzvá´ ÞÜz¬XJŒÙÜún <ý©H¬Ïbu:T± '½.s¾¡R"zß'€” <#—ücji¯üt([å <-¡Bé󫕩h±^ÆiOy]¡D®X^ºËÎÖ®ðKNWúï*ê£À݉,×Ée^+røřºÈ‡g.ü­QC '’Mj†¸»ïjjÝÛÜqMÊÝ)­Æ¿?j–î鏪 < ÉÛÞXV¬ <¬Þ×ñ/ä™á™Dï[ µ8Œ=îx!bt~4Úè <þ[ÔàltU;]ÆÂÊÊ«Œ¥Ö ÖÒª¤ŠÕk­E(ºb5ž <‡E ~ŠÁÏ]sXDüèitt¯IzôL"S3AÇ$e6hmÉu$dêT驉ÒUBurX¬U <´¿k2;üþˆ“6Gº˜ƒÊ"*oûº¾Í¢÷Ó£cßãTÎ <¹'Oþz 7ÏhÞ(Qx28üœÉŅ3i£‘3[åÙÇ% <ã]b†Ñ(¦7‰©Æ=b²qi8]vd‘qoISْ÷v]ŒÁGcTy^üó¹ Yñ€îeP ‡ôw€ž`Ð^@Ï0è1@q¥µ€píÜé×ý:#å‘"D1(²âûuɁ < B <2¾š¼¸»ãx)˜ú lÅ¿ëvôuŲ 5 JÜr.ö,®Lu2¶Lu¾Hâ×kSÕ)

    131. Welcome To The Ultimatum Green-With-Purple-Strips Site
    Two tinylittle programs author created CRC32 calculator and ScreenSaver Switch with pascal sources.
    dizzyk proudly presents his under-light(!)-construction test page
    Go to the new site! Yes, we (actually I) moved:
    Actually, the page is up for no reason at all, but it's a good chance to display one or two tiny-little programs I create (...oh, my god, I'm so excited, my personal work is up and running). Also, it's a way to study HTML, Java, and stuff like that. Hope you do enjoy it (then again I will enjoy it more than you do). As soon as the site is more or less completed I will do some proper translation. I WANT GREEK! I WANT GREEK! That's enough with your stupid background, I am dizzy enough now to continue renderAdCode('dizzyk');

    132. Index
    Free pascal and Delphi programming. Free graphical unit, some 3d programs, utilites, sources.
    FreePascal and Delphi



    Screenshots/GrObj home
    Cool math graphs
    (huge page!)
    My java applets

    (C)2003 by Dmytry Lavrov
    Hello all
    it's my new web page, Sorry for my English ( and sorry for Microsoft FrontPage spell check ( this speller was underlined "frontpage" , and asked for "FrontPage" :-)) With speller, this text may contain some completely incorrect words, please mail me. I'm are 18-years old (yet, was born in 1985) male, my hobbies: Science( mainly physics,programming( mainly 3d graphics), , etc. Next time i will scan my photo.......... My email : (i have many virus spam in this box, so,please mail " " [" "] " FREEMAIL " [" "] " LT ") Some of my recent projects: SpaceWhip is a my recent project for ESA. Quite nice thing. Project page GrObj is a free portable object oriented graphical module for FreePascal. You can see screenshots at top-of-page .

    133. Krunal Cholera - Homepage
    Seeks employment in networking and/or web design. Experienced in pascal, C programming, VERILOG, UNIX, Assembly Language 8085, 8086, and 80386.

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    Krunal Cholera
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    Krunal Cholera

    134. The Homepage Of Pelle Coltau - Programming
    (pascal section) Some small programs and games that author coded.
    You need a browser that can handle frames. Programming
    I started coding when I was about 12 years old, and I never stopped since. Back then it was Commodore 64 that was my main tool. Now a days I mainly use Pascal (Turbo Pascal, Delphi), someday I plan to learn Java and C++ - someday. I also use POVRay (used to generate 3D-images), you have to go to the graphics page to see more. On this page I've added some of the stuff I've coded in Pascal. Some of the it has the source code included, but the delphi stuff hasn't (If you really want it just e-mail me). 
    Turbo Pascal. Small programs.
    28 kB A simple 3D test. 29 kB A lot of pixels bounce around the screen. 22 kB Again a simple 3D tunnel of stars. 29 kB Falling snow (could be a screen saver). Games.
    31 kB A little ping pong game. 154 kB This is my best and largest game ever. Try it! Delphi. Small programs.
    162 kB Spinning a 3D donut with the mouse. 224 kB Categorize your C64-discs (for the Ccs64-emulator).

    135. Pascal To Java: Easy Transformation Part 1
    A quick and dirty tutorial to show pascal programmers how easy it is to convert their skills to Java. This tutorial does not cover proper object oriented programming, and is merely meant to give pascal programmers a head start with Java.
    Pascal to Java: Easy Transformation Part 1
    Hi, I'm back to write some tutorials. This time, I'd like to share on how Pascal programmers could easily learn Java. Note that the method I'm going to describe here is a shortcut , so that you, object oriented programming gurus, take this as a precaution as I won't teach a proper OOP here. I just want to share this tips so that Pascal programmers don't spend too much effort on OOP gimmicks on learning the fun part of Java. Of course my hope is that all of those Pascal freaks will eventually apply the real OOP when they do Java. Note also that you don't even have to understand OOP before learning Java although it's really useful if you do. I'm writing this tutorials because there are so many talented programmers in Indonesia so hooked up with the Pascal. I loved it, but now no more since Pascal is no longer properly developed. I simply can't count on Delphi or other variations of 32-bit Pascals since they are NOT standardized. Hey, I don't hate Pascal. I just want that all of those guys keep up with the cutting-edge technology, namely Java. Those guys are not familiar with OOP. So, I write on this guide for those audience to quickly adopt Java. I do assume that you, my dear reader, 100% familiar with Pascal or Turbo Pascal. I also assume that you have already installed

    136. Punkroy - Who Is?
    Collection of programming examples on encryption including file encryption, steganography in images and sound, data base record encryption, and password verification. All written in pascal, all source code available.
    Main Programs Writings Algorithms ... Contact Programs These are program examples created with the Cypher project. All (but the Cypher, natraly) requier the libarys in Cypher in order to compile. All example software is 100% free and comes with compleat Pascal source code. What is the Cypher Project? Main Page Cypher base libraries
    Current version: 3.0 as of 10-19-2002
    Cypher base units needed for, well, prity much everything else on this page Cypher
    Cypher is a command line file encryption utility with a lot of options. Has a great deal of experimental tools built in. Encode to BMP (EncBMP)
    Encode to BMP is a steganography program designed to "hide" data inside a BMP image Encode to WAV (EncWAV)
    Encode to WAV is a steganography program designed to "hide" data inside a WAV audio file DataBase
    A set of object classes for quick database integration. The binaries are of no practical use. Password
    A program useful for sensitive, user specific information all stored in a single file accessible by many people.

    137. SWAG (Sourceware Archive Group)
    Over 4000 FREE code snippits and articles about programming with pascal.
    SWAG snippets for 11/29/97 ! Enter your e-mail address to receive e-mail when new SWAG snippets are released.
    Your Internet e-mail address:
    About SWAG
    Downloads Search Volunteer ... Hot Links
    Join the SWAG mailing list!
    Enter your email address below,
    then click the 'Join List' button:
    This page last updated on 11/29/98
    GDSoft Home Page
    Take a look at all of the great GDSoft shareware and freeware programs. If you have trouble downloading SWAG files from this site, try our mirror sites at:
    • Italy
    Provided by: Programmer's WEB
    Contact: Pierpaolo Pernici
    Update frequency: Daily You are visitor since February 7, 1996 at 7:00 am 11/29/97 is the LAST SWAG snipet release !! Read about the future of SWAG.
    Have anything that you would like to contribute to SWAG ? Have a question or comment Contact the SWAG Support team via email, at Gayle Davis - Jeff Fanjoy -

    138. Templates Parser
    (GZ) Useful for web programming with the Ada Web Server, for example.
    ‹#L’ <ØW„pÍÔPn…†%'JÀ5ó—Ø» $ ä±×-)‘a«Óî4‡pݺ¶»Áù“È(öP 8Õ „XÁòÞÄ]8óø«ÀôV]°Í„»_xÆѦâÝôÜÑ`I, <â;…åðî¦ò"¬ÒåµY€—öCÆQšG]jc‡»(†[®¾á%·ÏµryìP8d]qpm»]Dëϵ’#k D­uJ¥AWƒŠç¾»W <=_“ÈóˆÔçi;ü µàsjg5­e“Òš7 H ¸·;·èmèzû›‹úvõ×›°Ú¥§ïGûµ5vÔ-D~äâX9×ÛuMxåáôéã[ëšZ/þ ‹ååóg, S;ÔþΗçöhµ·@=U¯ü—GEò;jø‹ípTVJQc ïNOg»øªn ¬ÈçæEj¶ûÀöjlIUô«~/ <-e™*qÖ1ua“¢-Ø¢•ž‘º½žpñÞ¿³.ÌûÀ¹ß %.«=¼ôÑìÄ[vêÎuucԟ‹Ëç.219Ëͯí˜(­í/Örß­ŸÞú¼=³t°:¬Ú¹¨Qúÿµ9ë7§òQ’ô°öB¼µOá/Uå>kÆQ»·œLzJ fp¹ù“~ç…;Ñ8„„Ö <»™±½‡Ê­ÂRvM„Ù¦Òß=× î™¯X¿ ’ýÉژL¾;zö7¬mqôìaþôi¯xô¤7é=ž ŠÓs[¯ÿé®ËÛ¾0A©1Yär~ü <åyïwüˆÙž ½ِ@榭!ð·¡l†Ù•Ëˤǎ¢ùÆ®Ö܉Ïe <­­ó¹Ä”_׸—J_àYzדª-+†‰~wZ¢·§~‘‹GO¾Ÿ F <°Ís3œ:_AžQàœ XŠ»(œ?ÈPå¥h-¢¾BļÂf­r~¾*J°X‹Ö¤¬± V@¤žÇ¶,çFE‘¯È— .ªo¤$‰øb¥QìDk­jp§Lùè$ —‹‡ È‚—2s¡ÔÔKJą’Õ2õcVˆö²„ZnäÚuðÐGi

    139. Dictionary Of Programming Languages
    Information on pascal, including programming tutorials, is widely available on the WWW. Origin Niklaus Wirth, 196871. pascal example programs. Turbo pascal FAQ.

    140. Computer Stupidities: Programming
    any programming languages? ; Him Yeah, of course. ; Me Which ones? ; Him I can t tell you or else you ll use them. ; Me Just by mentioning C++ or pascal or

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    If teaching an individual to use a computer is bad, teaching someone to program one is worse.
    • Him : "I can download games like Quake and play them during lunch, you know."
    • Me : "We're only allowed 10 megs in our accounts, and the system administrators would notice you downloading a large file."
    • Him : "Nah, I could hack it so he couldn't."
    • Me : "Ah, so you are into hacking. By the way do you know any programming languages?"
    • Him : "Yeah, of course."
    • Me : "Which ones?"
    • Him : "I can't tell you or else you'll use them."
    • Me : "Just by mentioning C++ or Pascal or whatever will not instantly make me a genius with those languages."
    • Him : "Oh sorry, I didn't understand you. Yeah, I know C++ and Pascal."
    • Me : "What compiler do you use?"
    • Him : "Well, Qbasic is my favorite."
    • Me : "Nobody over the age of eight uses QBasic for serious purposes."
    • Him : "But they made windows with QBasic."
    I almost cried laughing. One day I was in a public park, reading "C++ For Dummies" when someone came up and asked me what I was reading. I told him I was reading a book about C++. He responded, "Oh, HTML kicks C++'s @$$."
    • User: "Hey, can you help me? My program doesn't work."

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