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         Pascal Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Mastering Pascal and Delphi Programming (Palgrave Master) by William Buchanan, 1998-03-23
  2. Turbo PASCAL 5.5 (Borland-Osborne/McGraw-Hill programming series) by Stephen K. O'Brien, 1989-06
  3. The Tao of Objects: A Beginner's Guide to Object-Oriented Programming by Gary Entsminger, 1995-02
  4. Turbo Pascal 7: The Complete Reference by Stephen K. O'Brien, Steven Nameroff, 1993-03
  5. Pascal Programming for Music Research by Alexander R. Brinkman, 1990-06-26
  6. Programming for People/Pascal by David G. Kay, 1985-11
  7. Introduction to Business Programming Using Pascal: A Structured Problem-Solving Approach by Charles W., Jr. Mellard, 1987-01
  8. Turbo Pascal for the Mac: Programming With Business Applications by Leon A. Wortman, 1987-10
  9. Pascal Programming for Engineers Using VPS by Susan Finger, 1983-06-01
  10. BORLAND PASCAL FROM SQUARE ONE (Borland Bantam) by Jeff Duntemann, 1993-06-29
  11. Advanced Programming and Problem Solving with PASCAL by Gary Michael Schneider, Steven C. Bruell, 1987-05-13
  12. Numerical Recipes Example Book (Pascal) (Pascal) by William H. Press, Brian P. Flannery, et all 1989-11-24
  13. Oh! PASCAL!: Turbo PASCAL 6.0 by Doug Cooper, 1992-03
  14. Turbo PASCAL by Samuel L. Marateck, 1991-01-02

81. JHB Web Page
programming, tutorials, source codes in Qbasic, Vbasic, pascal, Logo and Dbase. Education and reference links.

82. HS Contest
Competition for Missouri high school students, in Qbasic, Visual Basic, Turbo pascal, Java, or Borland or Visual C/C++ on an IBM PC compatible system.
Southwest Missouri State University
HS Contest
width="179" height="120">
Computer Science

2004 Pummill Math Relays Computer Programming Event
Held annually in conjunction with the SMSU Pummill Math Relays , scheduled for April 14, 2004. Please read the rules before starting to work on the problems. The deadline for submissions is midnight, April 7, 2004. The Winners First Place: Evan Wright - Jasper HS
Second Place: (Tie)
Dale Trantham and Nick Little - Ozark HS
Jacob Santos - Central HS
Third Place: Mike Noland and Paul Drews - Francis Howell HS
The Problems
Problem 1: LED Clocks
Problem 2: Right-Down There

Problem 3: Postfix Production
Corrections and updates will be posted here, so check back occasionally.
Check out problems from previous events. Sorry, solutions aren't available.
Need More Information?
Contact Eric Shade by email, or call him at 417-836-4944.
Southwest Missouri State University URL: Maintained by Web Coordinator Last Modified: April 27, 2004

83. Programmers' Heaven - For Free C++, Visual Basic, ASP, Sourcecode, Programming,
Programmers Heaven For free C++, Visual Basic, ASP, sourcecode, programming, javascript, code, delphi, pascal and more.


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Programmers Heaven. It's all here!
Over 26827 files, links and articles to explore.
Languages Assembler Basic C / C++ C# ... Pascal Platforms .NET Other Platforms UNIX Windows Applications Game Development WEB Development ASP / ASP.NET WEB-Development Other Development Tools General Programming Programmers Heaven Site News The latest news about the Programmers Heaven website. Web usability: The basics Posted By: Webmaster Read More... (3 Comments) Don't submit your website to any search engines Every two weeks usability and accessibility expert, Trenton Moss, offers advice and information about how to make sure your website remains focused on the needs of your users. This weeks deals with the question if you should submit your site to search engines or not. Posted By: Webmaster Read More... (0 Comments) 10 basic tests to check your website for accessibility This weeks deals with the the Disability Discrimination Act that says that websites must be made accessible to disabled people. So how can you check that your website is up to par? Posted By: Webmaster Read More...

84. JSP-editor
A program to create JSP diagrams and generate a C or pascal code skeleton.
Page has moved to here

85. Principles And Practice Of Constraint Programming
of book, MIT Press collection of 23 original papers is first effort to assemble the work of constraint programming researchers scattered across the world in multiple disciplines.......Book by Vijay Saraswat and pascal Van Hentenryck.

86. The CT Programming Language
An algorithmic language like C, pascal, Fortran, and Basic, but greatly enhanced by multimedia capabilities, including easyto-use support for color graphics, mouse interactions, and even movies in QuickTime or Video for Windows format.
The cT Programming Language Archives
Brief history of cT
The cT programming language was developed in the period 1985-2000 in the Center for Design of Educational Computing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (the Center was later renamed the Center for Innovation in Learning; it ceased operation in 2002). The developers were David Andersen, Bruce Sherwood, Judith Sherwood, and Kevin Whitley. The initial impetus was the need for an easy to use graphics- and mouse-oriented programming environment for faculty and students using the then-new "3M" Unix workstations (a million bytes of memory, a million pixels, and a million instruction per second). Ease of use was important because the alternative, writing in C and using highly complex graphics libraries, was beyond the capabilities of most users. Another issue was that at that time the windowing software was changing rapidly, so that programs written in C that used graphics or the mouse quickly became obsolete. Moreover, it soon became clear that not everyone would use Unix workstations, thanks to the increasing capabilities of the popular microcomputers, especially Macintosh and IBM PC. This put a premium on cross-platform executability of graphics programs, which C did not offer but cT did. cT was based on earlier languages used by the authors of computer-based educational materials written for the PLATO computer-based education system developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. cT is a granddaughter of the TUTOR language initiated in 1967, and a daughter of the MicroTutor language initiated in 1977. cT differs from the earlier dialects in being designed for the modern graphical user interface (windows and mouse).

87. WEB2 Homepage
WEB2 programming tool for pascal combining programcode and documentation into a single source-file.
Literate Programming
Homepage WEB2 (A tool for Pascal Programming with DOS,OS/2 and Linux) Software is hard
and it takes a long time. WEB2 is a free programming tool for Pascal. It allows you to combine the program-code and its documentation into a single source-file. This combination is the technique of Literate Programming. program literate;
type beauty=real;
with skill[available] do for readers(human) do
write( web) ;
if not structured then
clarification := obvious;
end else documentation := present; until satisfied; case encountered of consistency : reset(standards); honesty : dispose(ambiguity); legacy : read(better,easier,faster); mastery : assign(reward,due); else value := new(experience); end; while programming = art do begin incr (pleasure); decr (bugs); incr (portability); incr (maintainability); incr (quality); incr (salary); Following CWEB 3.63 , WEB2 now also has PDF support for dvipdfm and pdfTeX with active linking of the modules, the index and the contents page. As it still is in beta stage you will have to download WEBMACS for the beta stage pdf support in addition to for the package. Click to see the

Enter programming Page Programowanie pascal, Assembler, C++ 15 pazdziernika 2000 Utworzylem nowy dzial Grafika oraz dodalem tekst o modulach do dzialu pascal. 15 wrzesnia 2000 Rusza ENTER programming PAGE !

89. Pascal Newsletter - Free DELPHI Newsletter For Intermediate Programmers
Free Delphi newsletter for intermediatelevel programmers. Contains technical articles, component reviews, programming tips and triks, news, and links to new Delphi content on the Net.
A free ezine for Delphi (and Kylix) programmers distributed by email, with technical articles, programming tips and tricks, news, component reviews, and links to new Delphi content on the web. Subscribe now! Pascal Newsletter - Free Delphi Newsletter
for intermediate Delphi (and Kylix ) programmers
10000+ subscribers See the past issues at the end of this page. Subscribe! Get published! Contributors are eligible for a prize! Partners: About the Pascal Newsletter The Pascal Newsletter is a non-periodical (almost monthly) publication distributed FREE of charge via email in plain text format, so that it is very compact in size and you can read it directly with any email program or from any web mail service without the need to run any special application. The newsletter is free because we just have some free time and we love Delphi, we want to help spread its use, and we love what we do. WE DO NOT SPAM! The Newsletter comes with a small ZIP archive attached, containing the full source code examples of the articles presented in the newsletter. The edition in English currently has more than 4100 subscribers, totalling 10000 subscribers counting the editions in other languages.

90. Enter Programming Page - Programowanie: Pascal, Assembler, C++, Delphi
pascal, Delphi, C++, Asembler, fraktale, grafika.
Pascal Delphi C++ Asembler ... email Uwaga! Zapowiadam zmiany! Wiem ze baardzo dawno nic nie pisalem, ale moje zycie potoczylo sie tak iz zaskoczylo mnie totalnym brakiem czasu. Jednak chcialem zapewnic, ze ciagle mam zamiar utrzymywac ta strone on-line. Juz po sesji postaram sie cos dodac. Byc moze poszukam nowych pomyslow co do urozmaicenia jej tresci... wiecej nie chce zdradzac. Poczekajmy jakies 3 tygodnie..... EPP zyje!!! :)) Tym razem zosta³ do³o¿ony kolejny, z dawna oczekiwany, odcinek kursu Delphi. Kontynuujemy wiêc nasz notatnik. Dodatkowo w dziale Download pojawi³y siê trzy programiki jednego z Was - £ukasza Ziêby. Piszê o tym dlatego, poniewa¿ chcia³bym zachêciæ wszystkich do przysy³ania swoich prac. Je¿eli napisa³eœ ciekawy, oryginalny program przeœlij go, a na pewno zostanie zamieszczony. Serwis zosta³ pierwotnie stworzony w rozdzielczoœci 800x600 i pocz¹wszy od tej w górê powinien siê dobrze prezentowaæ. Polskie litery s¹ kodowane w standardzie windows-1250 i mam nadziejê, ¿e nie bêdzie z tym ¿adnych problemów. Strona jest zwyœwietlana poprawnie (z tego co wiem) w wiêkszoœci przegl¹darkach. AKTUALNOŒCI
25 sierpnia 2002
Kolejny odcinek kursu Delphi. W Download pojawi³y siê 3 programiki £ukasza Ziêby.

91. ZingCOBOL: A Beginners Guide To Programming In COBOL
The aim of the ZingCOBOL pages is to give the basics of the COBOL programming language for anyone who knows a little bit about computers (not much) and preferably will at least have come across come other languages such as BASIC or pascal.

Getting Started

COBOL Basics

The Four Divisions

Defining Data Part 1
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92. Programming Utilities
Including Comment Inserter, Rsrc Data, Insert String, MultiBit, Sprite Functions, Scrolling Text Credits, pascal String Functions for C
  • The programs and source code on this page were developed by Alexander M Kasprzyk unless indicated otherwise.
Comment Inserter by Alex Kasprzyk and Brian Hill A simple application which provides a handy window for storing useful pieces of text such as comments. This window "floats" above all other open applications, thus providing easy drag and drop access to your text from within any Drag Manager aware application.
"Comment Inserter" supports easy management of C, C++, Java and Pascal style comments. A simple program I wrote which allows you to copy a data fork into a resource file, or a specified resource into the data fork. Insert String code MultiBit code MultiBit is a set of routines written in C which allow a programmer to create and manipulate arrays consisting of numbers in any bit length. For example, you have a huge array of 50,000 chars (8-bit numbers). That array takes up close to 50k. A char can store up to 256 different numbers, but you may be using data that has only 6 possible states. You could store your data in a MultiBit array of 3-bit numbers, which is 62% smaller in size. This code is free to use in your own projects. Sprite Functions code and encoder A sprite encoding utility and source code written in C for loading and drawing sprites at amazingly fast speeds. Adapted from the book "Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus " you can change this code as much as you want for use in your own projects.

93. Optik's Home Page (Adam Hatherly)
Adam Hatherly's pascal and C programming source code, Doom2 wads, Gillian Anderson pictures, and essays.
web hosting domain names email addresses
Site contents:
  • C - Some C and C++ programs I have written along with source code Pascal - Some pascal programs I have written along with source code - Some Doom2 deathmatch levels Gallery - Pictures of Gillian Anderson Essays - Some essays I have written as part of my course Links - The inevitable links page.. CV - View my CV online
About me:
Hi, my name is Adam Hatherly, aka Optik, and I am a student studying computing science at UMIST - Manchester (England). This page contains programming related stuff, and there is also some Doom2 deathmatch wads that I have created, some single player Doom2 wads by a fellow doomer, and a few other bits and pieces. You can also look at some essays that I wrote as part of my course.
You can get to the various parts of my web site using the links above or the buttons at the top of the page. I would welcome comments about the design and/or content of this web page.
You can e-mail me at
You can now look at my CV, by clicking on this link - View my CV
web hosting
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94. Programming Language - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
strategy, first used by BCPL in the late 1960s, was to compile programs to an This successful strategy was later used by pascal with Pcode and Smalltalk with
Programming language
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Server will be down for maintenance on 2004-06-11 from about 18:00 to 18:30 UTC. User:K.lee/Programming_language_rewrite has been proposed. Please council it when you plan to rewrite the article entirely. A programming language or computer language is a standardized communication technique for expressing instructions to a computer . It is a set of syntactic and semantic rules used to define computer programs . A language enables a programmer to precisely specify what data a computer will act upon, how these data will be stored/transmitted, and precisely what actions to take under various circumstances. Table of contents 1 Introduction
2 Features of a programming language

2.1 Data and data structures

2.2 Instruction and control flow
A primary purpose of programming languages is to enable programmers to express their intent for a computation more easily than they could with a lower-level language or machine code . For this reason, programming languages are generally designed to use a higher-level syntax, which can be easily communicated and understood by human programmers. Programming languages are important tools for helping software engineers write better programs faster. Understanding programming languages is crucial for those engaged in computer science because today, all types of computation are done with computer languages.

95. Pascal's Programming Site
pascal s programming site. Welcome! Last update 31 July 99 There are some new things LittleOS should be available at
Pascal's programming site
Last update: 31 July 99
There are some new things:
LittleOS should be available at
Protected mode files
Tutorial and examples page
Programming utilities
Binutils 2.9 with output format
NASM 0.98 pre J4
(C compiler only, for NASM and TASM)
CC386 compiler and utilities
(David Lindauer's compiler and utilities [Original sources])
Library for CC386

(boot sector able to load "MZ" .EXE files and to emulate some DOS services)
(Write raw images to a disk)
(a great linker from John Fine)
DJGPP C/C++ compiler NASM Free Pascal: a great 32bit pascal compiler Alex Averstak's programming page ... Allegro - a game programming library (sources for video and sound card access) DJGPP's Web ring DJGPP's links Jan Zumwalt's programming files Internet FAQ Archives ... Swen's big OS list (the best and most complete OS list!) Paul Hsieh's OS page Powergui's home page (a graphic user interface) Protected mode and operating systems The OS ring The OSKIT - Homepage Programmer's heaven (a lot of sources and cool links) Xavier's programming page
31 Jui 99: added binutils-2.9-elf

96. Relational Meta-Language (RML)
Generation of efficient compilers and interpreters from Natural Semantics Specifications. Semantics for real programming languages like Java, pascal, Modelica were developed.
Relational Meta-Language (RML)
Natural Semantics is based on Plotkin's Structural Operational Semantics (SOS) and further developed at INRIA by Kahn.
Specifications consist of data type declarations (abstract syntax, environments, run-time values, types, etc.) and sets of inference rules.
The inference rules specify relations between objects, in a style akin to Gentzen s Sequent Calculus for Natural Deduction. (Hence the name Natural Semantics.)
  • The Relational Meta-Language (RML) has been defined. It is strongly typed with a type system very much like that in Standard ML, has type-safe separate compilation and modules, and supports Natural Semantics-style inference rules. It has fewer non-declarative constructs than Prolog. The SML-like data types directly support structural-induction style specifications, which are central to Natural Semantics.
  • The operational properties of RML were investigated and used to derive the initial implementation. A key component is the use of a Continuation-Passing Style (CPS) intermediate representation. CPS is easy to optimize, due to its declarative nature, but is also easily translated to low-level code, due to its simple operational semantics.
  • Further observations lead to a refinement, whereby RML specifications are first translated to a First-Order Logic. High-level equivalences are used to rewrite this representation in order to reduce the amount of unnecessary non-determinism. This phase has proven to be essential for the practicality of the generated code.

97. Lukas Renggli: Home
Personal information, music. Publications. Photos gallery. Author's programming tools and games (with source by request). programming in HP48, pascal, Smalltalk. Scripts for Zope content management system.
Navigation Menu Home Applications Gallery Links ... Programming
A small collection of pictures of the Aloha promo gig in the old town of Bern has been added to the gallery. Photo Gallery
The gallery has been updated with pictures of an Anti War Demonstration . For legal reasons I had to restrict the access and it can be only viewed with authentication. Contact me if you wish to receive the username and password. RSS More
nedstatbasic("ABxRLQ25K3HXxj7szSUuXnQDedHg", 0);
Smalltalk turns Java obsolete I hope you enjoy your visit. If you like my pages please leave your comments in my guest book and pass the Home Page to your family and friends. You are also able to contact me directly and send a personal feedback to my mail-box. Enjoy exploring my pages
Lukas Renggli

98. Dr.Cracker`s Programmer Page
About. C, C++, assembler, pascal resources. Operating System programming links.
Dr.Cracker`s Programmer Page
Last updated on 25.October,1997!
Member of the Internet Link Exchange


99. Welcome To Nir Strulovitz's Page!
Ports (= translations ) of Denthor's classic graphics programming tutorial for 32bit compilers Free pascal, Virtual pascal, OpenWatcom C, Gnu Djgpp C. Snapshots taken from Windows and DOS animation graphics demos.
Hi! my name is Nir Strulovitz - welcome to my world! computer art movies art martial art cool links ... about me

100. Website Unavailable
Links to the Delphi, QBasic and PalmPilot sites, programming tips for Delphi (pascal) and PalmOS, author Delphi components, Palm software, QBasic section.

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