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         Pascal Programming:     more books (100)
  1. Object-Oriented Programming in Pascal: A Graphical Approach by D. Brookshire Connor, David Niguidula, et all 2002-06-28
  2. Learn Pascal in Three Days by Sam A. Abolrous, 1997-06
  3. Pascal Programming by Holmes, 2003-06
  4. Turbo Pascal 7.0 (4th Edition) by Walter J. Savitch, 1993-03
  5. Pascal: An Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming (4th Edition) by Walter Savitch, 1994-12-31
  6. PASCAL in Structured Programming Design by Nabil Sakati, 1998-07
  7. Pascal: Programming with Style; A Brief Introduction by Lamb, 1998
  8. PASCAL Programming Fundamentals by P.S. Grover, 2001
  9. Computer Programming in Pascal the Easy Way by Douglas Downing, Mark Yoshimi, 1984-05
  10. Turbo Pascal Lab Manual 2e by Carol Wilson, 1999-01
  11. Learn Pascal by Sam A. Abolrous, 2000-04
  12. Fundamentals of Pascal,Understanding Programming and Problem Solving by Douglas W. Nance, 1997-04-07
  13. Pascal: Understanding Programming and Problem Solving by Douglas W. Nance, 1992-04
  14. Introduction to Computer Science: Programming and Problem Solving With Pascal by Neill Graham, 1988-06

1. Delphi And Pascal Programming Tutorials Table Of Contents
Tutorials to help Delphi and Pascal programmers. Presented in graded levels. Delphi and pascal programming Tutorials. This site offers writeups of how to do specific things in Delphi or Pascal .
HOME Other material for programmers
Delphi and Pascal Programming Tutorials
This site offers write-ups of how to do specific things in Delphi or Pascal. Feel free to use them in programming courses, but a credit of the source would be appreciated. Speaking of which... the following was a great help to my own programming: 'Borland Delphi How-To', from the Waite Group, by Frerking, Wallace and Niddery, ISBN 1-57169-019-0. Its approach suited my needs, and helped inspire the form of these tutorials: Most are a self-contained explanations of how to accomplish a specific task, or use a particular component of the language. There are more notes at the bottom of the page about other offerings, my editorial philosophy, a button to email me, and a search engine to help you find things in my site. The 'How To...' items at the bottom of the menus for some levels will take you to information on specific little odds and ends.
Table of Contents, Delphi and Pascal Tutorials:
Level Zero: If you are not only new to Delphi, but also new to programming, you might want to learn Pascal first! There is a free product which you could use for that. What you learn with it will all contribute to getting going easily with Delphi. Working with Pascal first lets you master one group of issues before you contend with them AND some issues that are involved with any Windows language.
Click here for my Pascal course.

pascal programming Last modified 19th March 97. Best viewed in 800x600 resolution. Main Page. Visitors Topic Areas Introduction;
Pascal Programming
Last modified 19th March 97. Best viewed in 800x600 resolution.
Topic Areas

3. Pascal Programming: Contents
pascal programming OnLine Notes © Copyright Brian Brown/Peter Henry, 19881999. All rights reserved. Notes Tests Home Page.
Pascal Programming OnLine Notes
Tests Home Page Topic Areas CD-ROM , may host the files locally on your own network and print them out for student use or reference.

4. Programmers Heaven - Pascal Programming Zone
Sourcecode, articles and discussionboards.


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5. The Pascal Programming Language
The pascal programming language was originally developed by Niklaus Wirth, a member of the the important concepts of computer programming. Pascal, which was named after the
The Pascal Language Page
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History Significant Language Features Areas of Application Sample Programs ... Acknowledgements
Significant Language Features
Pascal contains some significant language features that allow it to used as a powerful learning tool in introducing structured programming techniques to students :
  • Built in Data Types - Pascal contains it's own built in data types of Integer, Real, Character, and Boolean. User defined Data Types - Has the ability to define scalar types as well as subranges of those data types. Provides a defined set of Data Sturctures - These data structures include Arrays, Records, Files and Sets. Has a strong data typing element - Pascal compliers can diagnose an incompatible assignment of one type to a variable to another type. Supports Structured Programming - This is accomplished through the use of subprograms called procedures and functions. Simplicity and Expressivity - Because the language is simple and expressive in nature it allows for effective teaching of computer programming techniques.
Areas of Application
The Prime area of application that Pascal entails is the learning environment. This language was not really developed to be used for anything other than teaching students the basics of programming, after all it was originally developed for this purpose. In the early 1970's to the early 1990's Pascal was the language of choice for most major colleges and universities for teaching college level programming techniques. Now with the growing popularity of Object Orient Programming Pascal has taken a back seat to other languages such as C++ and Visual Basic.

6. Free Pascal Compilers And Pascal Programming - Freebyte's Guide To
Free Pascal compilers, free pascal programming and tools. Links to free pascal compilers and tools.
Freebyte's Guide to free
Pascal programming Contents Free Pascal compilers
Free Pascal tools

Free Pascal resources

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Free Pascal compilers Turbo Pascal 5.5 Free Pascal compiler by Borland. Download Turbo Pascal 5.5 legally for free from Free Pascal Freeware 32bit Pascal compiler. Open Source (GPL). Available for i386+ and 680x0 processors. Supports Linux, DOS, AmigaOS, OS/2, Win32. The Pascal language is compatible with TP 7.0 (including classes) and has some extensions used by Delphi (rtti, exceptions, ansistrings, function overloading, etc.). The compiler itself is written entirely in Pascal. Lazarus Free Delphi-like IDE for Linux. Lazarus is a group of class libraries for Free Pascal that emulate Delphi . Free Pascal is a GPL'ed compiler that runs on Linux, Win32, OS/2, 68K and more. Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax, which is of course OOP. Lazarus is the part of the missing puzzle that will allow you to develop Delphi like programs in all of the above platforms. Virtual Pascal Free Pascal compiler for 32 bit cross-platform development. Currently OS/2 and Win32 are supported. Compatibile with Borland Pascal and Delphi, including the Run-Time Library (RTL), optimizing compiler, integrated debugger, online documentation.

7. Khaan's Place - Turbo Pascal Programming
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8. Pascal Programming Home Page
Home Page. Notes. Tests. pascal programming v2.0. This self paced learning module on pascal programming includes all the information you need to learn how to program in
Pascal Programming v2.0
Tests This self paced learning module on Pascal Programming includes all the information you need to learn how to program in Pascal quickly and effectively. Resources
Files are Local (*.nz) or Remote (US) [ Note : As these links are outside our control, we assume no responsibility for their availability or content]. Getting Started: What you need to program in Pascal
Free Pascal Compiler for DOS/Win, Linux and OS/2

9. Pascal Programming Home Page
pascal programming v2.0 © Copyright Brian Brown/Peter Henry, 19881999. All rights reserved. Notes Tests. This self paced learning
Pascal Programming v2.0
Tests This self paced learning module on Pascal Programming includes all the information you need to learn how to program in Pascal quickly and effectively. Resources
Files are Local (*.nz) or Remote (US) [ Note : As these links are outside our control, we assume no responsibility for their availability or content]. Getting Started: What you need to program in Pascal
Free Pascal Compiler for DOS/Win, Linux and OS/2

10. Introduction To Pascal Programming
Programming in Pascal online free tutorial guide, learn all about how to program in pascal and write programs in the Pascal language. pascal programming v2.2.
Pascal Programming v2.2
Tests Home Page Other Courses ... Order the CD-ROM and support this initiative! Please use a Mirror Site near you Australia Tasmanian Business Institute, Tasmania Belgium Université libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels) Bulgaria University of Mining and Geology, St. Ivan Rilski, Sofia Canada RCC College of Technology - Concord (Toronto), Canada. Finland Vantaa Institute of Technology Germany Willkommen an der Fachhochschule Jena Germany Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Macau Inter-University Institute of Macau New Zealand Central Institute of Technology USA University of Nebraska at Kearney USA USA USA About this courseware
This self paced learning module on Pascal Programming includes all the information you need to learn how to program in Pascal quickly and effectively. Our courseware makes the task of programming in Pascal easier and quicker. Learn to write Pascal programs today! Resources
Note : As these Internet links are outside our control, we assume no responsibility for their availability or content.

11. Pascal Programming
pascal programming.
Home About What's New Programming ... Estelle's Page
Pascal Programming
Pascal Compilers
There are many Pascal Compilers around. Among them: Turbo Pascal 7.0 for Dos
Turbo Pascal 1.5 for Windows
Free Pascal 1.0 For Dos
Free Pascal 0.99.14 for Linux Turbo Pascal v5.5 is now free from Borland
Pascal Source Codes
Click here for my Pascal 7.0 source codes
Pascal Links
Khaan's Place - The Learn Pascal Page The Dutch Programmers Page pages viewed since January 19 2002

12. Pascal Programming: Contents
pascal programming Notes. © Copyright Brian Brown/Peter Henry, 19882000. All rights reserved. Notes Tests Home Page Other Courses French Translation.
Pascal Programming Notes Notes Tests Home Page Other Courses ... French Translation Topic Areas Restrictions on Use
You are free to reference this material on-line and print it out for personal use. Educators may use this material for student use upon request. Mirroring of this learning guide is available free to Universities upon request.

13. Pascal Programming By Victor Saliba - Homepage
An essential and informative tutorial for those students who actually want to get themselves clear with pascal programming Language!
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Pascal Chat
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Intro Welcome to my new web site - a website which is particularly designed to help you learn the pascal programming language very quickly and interactively! Enjoy surfing through the site!!
The Pascal Programming Language
If you stepped into the site to start learning Pascal, you are in the right way! There are'nt any special requirements to learn Pascal. Thus, you can start immediatley! Pascal is a very easy language, and helps beginners to introduce them to other languages, before they can start to learn C or C++ or any other advanced language (such as JAVA).
What is PASCAL?
Pascal is an ordinary high-level language which is widely used as a starting or as a teaching language. However, nowadays Pascal is sometimes preferred to other languages, and could be useful to solve technical problems. It is not necessary to learn any other easier language to start learning Pascal, or any of that sort. It is a very easy programming language and helps you to understand the basics of the world of programming. Also, it greatly helps you in order to start learning the C programming language. I had different experiences, one of which I learned Pascal, and then moved to C programming very easily. The Pascal programming language has its structure and syntax very similar to that of the C programming language.

14. Pascal Central
The Ultimate pascal programming Web Site Featured Articles Pascal Tools Forums Links Pascal Advocacy Popular Windows Samples Pascal References PascalWare Pascal Standards Articles About Pascal Friends Contact Support

15. Pascal Programming - Lesson 1
Lesson 1 The first few steps in pascal programming. A program in Pascal always starts by the reserved word Program following the title of the program.
Lesson 1 - The first few steps in Pascal Programming Programming Basics In a program, you must always obey the rules of the language, in our case, the Pascal language. As you go along the lessons, you must note what you can do and what you cannot do in writing a Pascal program. A very simple program is shown below: Program Begin Write('Hello World. Prepare to learn PASCAL!!'); Readln; End. The program is written only to display the message : 'Hello World. Prepare to learn PASCAL!!'. This is simply shown on the screen. So, to display any message on the screen, you should use ' write ' (or ' writeln '). The ' readln ' statement, here is used as to 'stop' the program and wait until the user presses enter. If the 'readln' statement is missing in this program, then the message is displayed on the screen without giving any chance for the user to read it! Try running this program with and without the ' readln ' statement and notice the difference. I suggest you see it!! Now, look at this:

16. Learn Pascal - Hello, World.
A brief look at the birth, life, and death of the pascal programming language.
History of Pascal

Origins Pascal grew out of ALGOL, a programming language intended for scientific computing. Meeting in Zurich, an international committee designed ALGOL as a platform-independent language. This gave them more more free rein in the features they could put into it, but also made it more difficult to write compilers for it. Many computer vendors did not. The lack of compilers on many platforms, combined with its lack of pointers and many basic data types such as characters, led to ALGOL not being widely accepted. Scientists and engineers flocked to FORTRAN, a programming language which was available on many platforms. ALGOL mostly faded away except as a language for describing algorithms. Back to top
Wirth Invents Pascal In the 1960s, several computer scientists worked on extending ALGOL. One of these was Dr. Niklaus Wirth of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich), a member of the original group that created ALGOL. In 1971, he published his specification for a highly-structured language which resembled ALGOL in many ways. He named it Pascal after the 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician who built a working mechanical digital computer.

17. Pascal Forums & Links
An informal article on the pascal programming Language, written for Academic Press A history of the pascal programming language, from its ALGOL roots to UCSD Pascal to Extended

Bill Catambay
, Pascal Central Editor
Last Updated: 5-3-04
Are you looking for other Pascal programmers? Looking for programming help specifically related to Pascal? Looking for Pascal source code? In a world of chaos, it can sometimes be difficult to locate Pascal related information. This page was developed to try and accumulate all such sources, including mailing lists, newsgroups, and source code archives, into one place.
Pascal Web Links
General Pascal Valentina Database SDK NEW Valentina is an extremely fast, powerful and unique Object-Relational database engine. It offers a C/Pascal SDK. Lazarus Project NEW Delphi clone, very alive and kicking, worth a look. Lazarus is the class libraries for Free Pascal that emulate Delphi Web Masters Den NEW Pascal links at the Web Masters Den. JEDI-SDL NEW Most things related to the JEDI-SDL API Object Pascal header translations. HisPascal NEW Spanish Pascal is an attempt to translate the Pascal language to Spanish. IRCNet Pascal Channel NEW An IRCnet channel dedicated to Pascal discussions.

18. Khaan's Place - Turbo Pascal Programming
Khaan s Place The Turbo Pascal Programmers Page. Rated a Top 5% site by Lycos. Khaan s Place Turbo pascal programming Hmmm Your browser is FAR to old
Khaan's Place
Turbo Pascal programming
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Anders Gardebring

19. Basic Pascal Programming
levels. Indenting doesn t mean anything to Turbo Pascal, but it makes you programs a whole lot more human readable. Binary Numbers. In
Writing Programs
  • Words in Pascal

      Pascal is very English like in its structures. This includes the use of "words", that isstrings of characters that identify elements within the program. There are many different kinds of words identifying variables, programs and subprograms (known as procedures and functions). The programmer gets to give meaning to many of these, but some are predefined.
    • Reserved Words - There are a number of words which have a fixed meaning, and cannot be redefined by the programmer. The list follows. Generally these words identify program sections or program flow control structures (which we will cover later).
      and asm array begin case const constructor destructor div do downto else end exports file for function goto if implementation in inherited inline interface label library mod nil not object of or packed procedure program record repeat set shl shr string then to type unit until uses var while with xor
    • Standard identifiers - Standard idenfiers have a predefined meaning, but a programmer could override that definition with one of her or his own. While this is possible, it is not advisable, as this reduces "common understanding" of what a programmer was attempting at a given point in a program, making your program less maintainable.
  • Syntax diagrams

      These are used throughout the test, and can be quite helpful to the visual learner. There are three symbols in these, connected by flow arrows. Once you are used to them, they are quite self-evident and are a good shorthand for remembering certain structures.

20. Pascal Programming
Coder s Knowledge Base. Tools and bugfixes Links to other (Pascal) programming pages. Tools and bugfixes. Links to other (Pascal) programming pages.
Auch in deutscher Sprache vorhanden On this page you can find links to other web sites with interesting stuff for programmers. The so far available example source codes has all been move to the Coder's Knowledge Base which provides a huge source code archive. Please check it out!
Tools and bugfixes Links to other (Pascal) programming pages
Tools and bugfixes
BPW cursor blink rate restaurator for Windows 95
If you're running the Borland IDE under Windows 95 you will get the effect that the blink rate of the cursor is set to maximum after starting a compiled program or a tool. The blink rate restaurator fixes this bug while running invisble in the background by restoring the old rate. This application was written by Frank Meyer as Public Domain, the source code is included.
  • Download of BPWCUR.ZIP

  • Turbo Debugger under Windows 95
    The Turbo Debugger displays a message "Can't load TDWIN.DLL" under Windows 95 (even if the file is present). Borlands patch solves this problem and make sure that the Debugger can be started.
  • Download of TDSVGA.ZIP
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