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         Parrots General:     more books (100)
  1. Parrots of South Florida by Susan Allene Epps, 2007-09-15
  2. Parrots and Related Birds by Henry Bates, Robert Busenbark, 1978-12
  3. The parrot keeper's guide: Comprising the natural history of macaws, cockatoos, parrots, parrokeets, lories, and love-birds: and general observations on ... are subject, and methods of cure, etc. etc by Marriott, 1876
  4. My Union, My Life: Jean-Claude Parrot and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers by Jean-Claude Parrot, 2005-09-28
  5. Manual of Parrot Behavior by Andrew Luescher, 2006-06-12
  6. The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots: and Everyone Else in the Family by Leslie Morán, 2008-01-14
  7. Parrot Fever (Animal Inn, No 10) by Virginia Vail, 1990-09
  8. Julius: The Perfectly Pesky Pet Parrot by Veralee Wiggins, 1994-06
  9. Little Wild Parrot by Tony Johnston, 1995-09
  10. Max, the Bad-talking Parrot (Unicorn Paperback) by Patricia Brennan Demuth, 1990-05-03
  11. The ecumenical theologian: Essays by Albert Cook Outler/ general editor, Bob Parrot; editor, Leicester R. Longden (The Albert Outler library) by Albert Cook Outler, 2001
  12. The Widow and the Parrot by Virginia Woolf, Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress), 1988-04
  13. The Mystery of the Tattletale Parrot (Murphy, Elspeth Campbell. Ten Commandments Mysteries.) by Elspeth Campbell Murphy, 1988-03
  14. Parrot Culture: Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird by Bruce Thomas Boehrer, 2004-05

1. - Birds: Parrots: General Information
Parrot Parrot. Dedicated to the smaller parrots, such as lovebirds and budgies, with health information on all parrots, toxin and dangerous toy alerts.
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Fish ... Parrots > General Information Parrot Parrot Dedicated to the smaller parrots, such as lovebirds and budgies, with health information on all parrots, toxin and dangerous toy alerts. Hits: Rating: Votes: Reviews: Rate/Review Site! Report Link Dead More Site Results Parrotlink Parrotlink is the website which brings people together to discuss parrots, learn everything there is to know about keeping them and to have fun.

2. Webshots Community - Birds, General
Album List Birds, general. Birds of prey Parrots amazons. Parrots cockatoos. parrots general. Pheasants and partridges

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Album List: Birds, general Birds of prey Butterflies Favorite flowers Hornbills ... Waterfowl
Birds, general
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Orange-footed scrubfowl

Lilac-breasted roller
African darter Australian darter (female) ... Forest kingfisher More Photos Page 3 of 4. contributed and has sole responsibility for the content on this page. More Webshots: Auction Photos Affiliate Program Webshots Mobile Tell a Friend ... Privacy

3. Webshots Community - Parrots: Amazons
Album List Birds, general. Birds of prey Parrots amazons. Parrots cockatoos. parrots general. Pheasants and partridges

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Album List: Birds, general Birds of prey Butterflies Favorite flowers ... Mammals, new Parrots: amazons Parrots: cockatoos Parrots: general Pheasants and partridges Pigeons ... Waterfowl
Parrots: amazons
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Blue-cheeked amazon

Blue-cheeked amazon

Blue-fronted amazon
Blue-fronted amazon ... Honduras yellow-naped amazon More Photos Page 1 of 3. contributed and has sole responsibility for the content on this page. More Webshots: Auction Photos Affiliate Program Webshots Mobile Tell a Friend ... Privacy

4. BirdsnWays - Articles & FAQs On Pet Birds, Pet Parrots & Exotic Birds - Buying,
Articles FAQs on care breeding of pet parrots exotic birds. Articles about buying, caging, toys, perches and bird care, etc. Other Pet Bird Topics . Parrotology general . parrots Abilities, Intelligence Kathy Pearson; BirdsnWays. Amazon parrots - Naomi J; FAZE teen

BirdsnWays Home
Library of Articles : Terms, Buying, Caging, Toys, Perches

5. Parrots In General
They share the basic traits all parrots possess A strong beak with the upper beak overhanging the lower (hence the name Hookbill), their feet have 4 toes
Parrot babies are adorable, innocent hatchlings when feathered, although at first will look like a naked baby dinosaur of some sort. Depending on the parrot species and lifespan, each chick grows and weans at a different pace. Also depending on the species, they reach adulthood and sexual maturity at different ages. They all do possess natural breeding behaviors at sexual maturity - especially during the spring and summer months. Many of their personalities will change a little due to their hormones, but will calm down after the season. As they get older, this period of their lives become easier for them to handle, and you will notice much less of a difference from their usual self during those times. Habitat destruction and excessive capture of parrots in the wild, have now threatened many populations of parrots in their native habitats. Many measures have been enacted to stop the endangerment of these beautiful birds. The continued importation of parrots into the United States has been effectively halted by the Wild Bird Importation Act of 1992. International treaties have also limit the importation of wildlife. In many cases, captive breeding may be the only way to keep up parrot population levels, and there are many species of endangered parrots which you should never consider keeping if you are not planning to breed them.

6. General Parrot Cichlid Information
What I have gathered is, Jelly Bean and Bubblegum parrots are a Home History / general / Tank Setup / Healthcare / Breeding / Feeding / Gallery / Our Fish
General Parrot Cichlid Information
Different Breeds of Parrot Cichlids
There is much confusion surrounding the many types of Parrot Cichlids. This page will attempt to familiarize you with all of them. Be aware, there is another fish that goes by the common name "Parrot Cichild" ( Hoplarchus Psittacus ). Make sure, when referring to Parrot Cichlids, others are aware that you mean Blood Parrot Cichlid, or the Hybrid Parrot Cichlid and not Hoplarchus Psittacus.
Unique Traits
Blood Parrots have many features that set them apart from other cichlids. The most obvious is the "beak" they possess for a mouth. A true Parrot Cichlid is unable to close its mouth, but instead, uses the muscles in the throat to chew or crush food. It's a misconception that these fish can't eat from the surface. Every Parrot Cichlid owner I have encountered, including myself, report that theirs eat easily from the surface.
It's also been commonly stated that Parrot Cichlid's have deformed swim bladders. These organs control buoyancy and allow the fish to maintain a certain depth in the water column. If they do have swim bladder problems, it's not evident in the ones I keep. Many people think that, due to this deformity, the fish must constantly swim to stay afloat and keep level. In most cases, I have also found this to be untrue.
I can however, agree with the fact that Parrot Cichlid's possess a deformed spine, this is one the reasons they have such a unique shape. I don't believe it to be much of a problem for them. I've had reports of Parrot Cichlids living perfectly good lives for up to 10 years.

7. Parrot Book Store
A fun bird site devoted to educating parrot owners to be better companions to their pet birds. African Greys. parrots/general Videos VHS. Macaws The African Grey Julie Rach. parrots/general
Parrot Book Store! HOME
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Purchases made through It's A Grey's World will help support this site. Music Store and more importantly *Congratulations* on wanting to keep up on the most up to date readings!!! Looking to educate yourself on Bird Behavior? What about learning about Avian Nutrition to give your bird a fuller, healthier life with you?! Just click on the links below to review the books. Let me introduce a few books I would personally recommend to you.... CATEGORIES Behavioral/Research Medical/Nutrition/Homeopathic African Greys VHS Macaws MUSIC SELECTIONS Behavioral /Research Companion Parrot Handbook Sally Blanchard The Pleasures of Their Company Bonnie Monro Doane Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot Mattie Sue Athan My Parrot My Friend Bonnie Monro Doane Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior Mattie Sue Athan The Parrot who Owns Me Joanna Burger Parrot Training Bonnie Munro Doane Why Does My Bird Do That? : A Guide to Parrot Behavior

8. Cockatoo Heaven - About Cockatoos - Cockatoos (Birds, Parrots) - General Informa
general Information. There is much to know about the Cockatoo Family. Home Page general Information Species Information Site Features Cockatoo Links
General Information
There is much to know about the Cockatoo Family. Cockatoos have many similarities to other birds. But they have their differences, too. The articles below offer information on selecting, caring for and breeding of these beautiful, intelligent, affectionate birds. Learn about their characteristics and how they are different from other birds. If you have the time and love to give a Too and are willing to commit to a life long responsibility, then you will be rewarded with a shower of love and pleasure.
Cockatoo Overview Cockatoo Characteristics

9. An Avian Resource - HotSpot For Birds
parrots and other exotic birds. Nuts, incubators, air purifiers, heaters and cages. Articles on general bird care.
Come on in.
HotSpot for Birds is an award-winning family-friendly avian mall and a reference center. Our mall carries products for the care and enjoyment of birds. Our reference center contains many informative articles intended to help keep your bird safe and healthy. Join our mailing list and be notified of new articles and products. Shopping
A local aviary has closed due to death of owner. We have acquired the birds and are offering them at a greatly reduced price. Click here for our Breeder Package We also have a very nice bonded pair of Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrots and a young
African Grey Parrot
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The Rat Zapper
Here is a safe, humane, non-poisonous way to protect your aviary from from rats and mice. The Rat Zapper will also help protect you and your family from the dangers of Hantavirus and other rodent-spread diseases.
Brooders and Incubators
Free Shipping! Take care of your birds and eggs with selected brooders and incubators from Lyon Electric Company. We carry the Animal Intensive Care Units (AICU) and the Turn-X incubators.

10. Parrots: International Aviculturists Society;  Caloosahatchee Aviary And Botani
Dedicated to improving the welfare of parrots and companion birds both in captivity and in the wild. The site contains papers on conservation and research efforts on behalf of parrots as well a general information on parrot care, behavior and disease prevention.
Parrots: International Aviculturists Society Caloosahatchee Aviary Palm Cockatoo Search the Site ... Table of Contents
Best experienced with
Click here to start

11. Beautiful Parrots-The Lories
Offers pictures and general information on feeding, care, and toys.
Beautiful aren't they? These are lories. They are members of a very special group of birds known as brush tongued parrots. They have wonderful personalities and make great pets for special people. Because they have special dietary requirements there are several things to consider before rushing out to get one.
They require a special diet which is anything but cheap. No parrot should be considered inexpensive to keep but lories are more expensive than other types of parrots. The best way to feed them, unless you have a lot of time on your hands is to base their diet on one of the commercial lory foods which are now available. Add to this as large a variety of fruits and vegetables as you can manage and you have a good basic diet. Later I will go more into things to feed them.
Their diet is mostly soft or liquid food. This is messy for two reasons, they aren't neat eaters, and they have very liquid droppings. It is a mistake to try to cause them to have solid droppings by feeding more solid food. They have evolved to eat a mostly liquid diet. Feeding dry foods to try to make their droppings more solid can actually cause them harm.
My friend Robbie Sprechman was kind enough to let me use some of his excellent pictures for my web page. Above on the left is a red lory. Next to him is a black capped lory. Below are two green naped lories.

12. Search Results For Query: - Birds Discussion Forums
Re budgie's cere? parrots general Topics. amncds. 04/26/04 0300 PM Re Maybe another Sun ? parrots - general Topics. JVan2065. 04/26/04 0701 AM

13. Viewing A List Of Posts - Birds Discussion Forums
parrots » parrots general Topics.

14. Ellen @ Her Parrots
About her budgie Rakker, lovebirds Pucky and Sweetie, and senegal Mickey. With photos, general care information and download bird desktop themes.
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15. Pionus Parrot Information
general information and resources on care, feeding, and housing pionus parrots.

16. General Information About African Grey Parrots
African grey parrots Intelligent, Sensitive Loving. The African Grey Parrot the air. African grey parrots nest in tree holes. Their preferred
African grey parrots: The African Grey Parrot, Psittacus erithacus , is the largest parrot found in Africa. Wild greys range throughout Central and Western Africa, and can be found in western sections of East African countries. They live in primary and secondary rainforest, forest edges and clearings. There are two types of African grey parrots; some authorities consider them different "races", others consider them sub-species, while still others classify them as different species. The Congo, P. e. erithacus , is the larger of the two birds, with bright red tail feathers and a black beak. Congos are generally characterized as slightly more intelligent, but also more high-strung than Timnehs. The Timneh, P. e. timneh , is smaller, its tail feathers are more of a maroon-grey mixture, and its beak includes tints of a reddish-beige color. These birds are characteristically less high-strung and more mellow than Congos. Some evidence indicates there may be a third sub-species

17. Parrots For Sale - Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, African Greys
Parrot breeders and general pet supplies. Contains stock list, links page and contact details.
parrots for sale - baby parrots - macaws - african greys - amazons - cockatoos

Quality birds at sensible prices
Tel. 01633 282841
Fax. 01633 771521
Parrots for sale - trade and retail supplied - UK
Many of our baby parrots are bred by ourselves and are lovingly hand reared in a family environment.Our adult stock is personally selected and all surgically sexed birds come with sexing certificates.
Before you buy a baby parrot some thought must be given to it's requirements. They need a lot of attention and should really be adopted as a member of the family. They can live for many years so a lot of commitment is needed to look after these beautiful, intelligent creatures. When you are sure a parrot is right for you now you have to decide on which one. Most parrots will learn to talk but some are more talented than others.African Greys are widely recognised to be the best mimics but most Amazons, Cockatoos', Macaws and even some of the smaller species will all master a few simple words or phrases.
So if you are looking for that special pet or for your breeding stock
why not take a look at our stock page for our special offers. If you

18. Living With Greys ... Or Any Other Parrots
to constantly reeducate yourself about issues of concern regarding companion parrots. For further information about general parrot care, I invite you to
Living With Greys (or any other parrot, for that matter ...) "Woman with Parrot," painting by Edouard Manet, 1866 "She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot." - Mark Twain Sharing your life with a companion parrot can be one of the most rewarding, and touching experiences you can ever encounter. It can also be one of the most challenging, and at times, frustrating experiences. If you decide to keep a parrot - or parrots - there are several questions you should first ask yourself, and if your answer to all these questions is not "yes", you should seriously reconsider involving yourself with a parrot: Will you love and care for your bird regardless of whether or not it ever learns to talk "human?" Although many parrots will learn human speech, many do not choose to talk "human." They will often imitate many household sounds, but there is not even a guarantee of that. If you have to have a talking bird, buy one of those robot birds at Toys'r'Us and leave living birds to those of us who appreciate them for what they are, not what we would like them to be. Are you afraid of being bitten?

19. Welcome To Becks Bird Barn
Breeders of African greys, amazons, cockatoos, eclectus parrots, kakarikis, Port Lincoln and Pennant's parakeets, macaws, and quakers. Has pictures and general information.
Rebecca and Chris Taylor welcome you to
Beck's Bird Barn B reeders
of Incubator-hatched,
Hand-reared Baby Parrots
Parrot Toys
Avian Books Insurance Avian Vets ... NEW! The Java Tree Distributors of the JAVA Tree: an attractive and
practical perch for your pet bird.
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20. Amazing Parrots Screensaver - Download. Amazing Parrots Screensaver By Soft2Home
Screensavers. general. Featured Programs. Amazing parrots Screensaver. XP Icons Fill your life with new colors! Amazing parrots Screensaver is a Shareware program
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Amazing Parrots Screensaver
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Description of Amazing Parrots Screensaver program from developer(s):
Amazing Parrots Screensaver is a Shareware program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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