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21. Baby & Toddler Parenting Center - Parenting Tips For Babies & Toddlers
Want to Contribute an Article or Just a Quick Baby Toddler parenting Tip? Clickhere. Baby Care. Teething tips. Baby Development. teach Your Baby Sign Language.
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22. Right From Birth - Parenting Tip
parenting tips. tips for Reading to Young Children. Reading aloudto young the world. Choose books to help you teach. Use alphabet
Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Right from Birth
Parenting Tips Tips for Reading to Young Children
Reading aloud to young children can help them acquire the information and skills they need to succeed in school and life, such as understanding the difference between written language and everyday conversation, learning the meaning of many words and the world in which they live and of great importance discovering the pleasure of reading. Here are some suggestions for reading aloud to children: Making reading books an enjoyable experience.
Choose a comfortable place where the children can sit near you. Help them feel safe and secure. Be enthusiastic about reading. Read to children frequently.
Establish regular times for reading during the day, and find other opportunities to read:
  • Start or end of the day with a book.
  • Read to children after a morning play period, which also helps settle them down.
  • Read to them during snack time or before nap time.
Help children to learn as you read.
Explain words that they may not know. Point out how the pictures in a book relate to the story. Talk about the characters' actions and feelings.

23. Peaceful Parenting Tips
child is different, this means that we need many parenting strategies in orderto be effective. Try some of these tips to help guide and teach your children
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Peaceful Parenting Tips
Positive parenting means that we teach and guide our children. Because every child is different, this means that we need many parenting strategies in order to be effective. Try some of these tips to help guide and teach your children:
Use "I statements"

Tell your children how you feel and what you expect from them. For example:
"Jake, I feel frustrated when you leave your toys all over the floor, and I need you to pick them up and put them away before dinner time."
Pick your battles
Sometimes we are our own worst enemy! Before taking on a conflict with your kids, decide if it is really worth the time and energy you're putting into it. If they want to wear mismatched clothes to school, will it hurt them or someone else? Find a way to let the small things go, so that you don't run out of energy when the important issues come up.
Use consequences
Natural consequences, taking away privileges, and firm family rules are excellent ways to manage behavior without yelling or hitting. Many of us need to learn these techniques from someone else, since they don't often come naturally. Take parenting classes, ask other parents who you respect, and read parenting books to get ideas that will work for your family.

24. ParentsTalk: Experts' Advice: Parenting: Tips For Raising Respectful Children
We need to teach these important facets of good manners. by permission of ElizabethPantley author of Parent tips, Perfect parenting and Kid
Child Health Day Care Family Health Family Safety ...
Learn more about Elizabeth Pantley
By Elizabeth Pantley
Author of "Perfect Parenting" and "Kid Cooperation" Webster defines "respect" as "to show honor or esteem for. To treat with deference and regard." Implied in this definition is the fact that respect must be earned, and is given from the heart. Often I encounter parents who complain about their child's lack of respect for them, only to hear them turn around and screech at the same child, "Stop it! What is the matter with you? You're behaving like a wild animal!" Since children learn what they live, I have witnessed the reason this child shows the parent no respect. So, how can we raise respectful children? Step #1
Teach through actions

"Do as I say, not as I do" sounds like a fun idea, but as a parenting tool it rarely (if ever) works. You are your child's first and most important teacher. Just as children learn to talk by listening to us talk, they learn how to treat others by following our lead. Watch how you treat, not only your kids, but other people you come in contact with during your day. What are you teaching your kids? Teach more than just manners. "Thank you, Mrs. Pantley." can be said as a polite compliment, or can be said with sarcasm and attitude fit for a back alley. When we teach our children manners we must also discuss the not-so-obvious details. Such as looking someone in the eye, using a polite tone of voice, and using real words (such as "yes" instead of "uh huh!") These are not things our kids are born knowing. We need to teach these important facets of good manners.

25. Parenting Tips
Tip 2 teach Desirable Behaviors The real trick of parenting is knowing which behaviorsyou DO want and then teaching your child what you do want him or her
Parenting for Success
Parenting Tips

Parenting Questionnaire

Ask Becky
Parenting Tips To see the full "Tip" please click anywhere on the "Tip Statement".
  • Tip # 1 Find What Your Child Does Well and Praise It
    • Perhaps one of the most important findings from the exhaustive research of the Teaching Family Model is that praise and rewards are the quickest ways to get children to behave in responsible and pleasant ways. Most parents think it’s a good idea to reinforce their child’s good behaviors, yet don’t realize that praise and rewards will also discourage or eliminate bad behaviors. Many parents believe that they must be critical or punish their children to get them to behave appropriately. In fact, being critical or punitive hurts parents’ relationships with their children and teaches children to be critical and punitive, as well as being sneaky, manipulative and avoiding their parents. When you imagine praising your child’s behavior you might fear sounding phony. In reality, the phony feeling is a result of a lack of practice. Some parents may even notice that when they begin using praise, their children look at them suspiciously or act embarrassed. This is evidence that the parents haven’t been praising enough. Or you may immediately see the benefits of praising your children. Your child’s face will beam and later you might observe that child trying harder to be pleasant and responsible.

26. Islamic World.Net: Parenting Tips Site For Muslim's Who Love Allah And Jihad.
This series of Khalifah parenting tips will provide a specific concepts, and finda way to teach every bit of is the key to Effective Islamic parenting, and if
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If you have any question about parenting particularly concerning the understanding and/or use of the the information provided in the "Effective Islamic Parenting" article, please ask us. Questions and answers will be posted in Islamic-World.Net Parenting Pages, so as to assist as many other parents as posible.
Week 1
Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 ... Week 10

    WEEK ONE Try to notice as many good things your children do as possible!!!
    A s soon as possible after your child does something good comment on that thing (be specific as to what the good thing was), and give your child praise for having done that good thing. Example - Your young daughter falls, hurts her knee, and begins crying. Your son seeing this goes over to his little sister, helps her get back up, and comforts her. Having observed all this take place you go up to your son right away and say something like,
      "I saw you help you sister get up after she fell and then tried to make her feel better. That was really nice of you to do. I feel good to have a son who loves his sister so much."

27. Parenting: 12 Tips On Childrearing
parenting 12 tips for Childrearing Don t touch those! the As Muslim parents, wehave an obligation to bring children in the best mannerto teach them right tips.asp
News Education Parenting Teens ...
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12 Tips for Childrearing
"Don't touch those!" the father commands as his child plays with the dishes on a shelf at his host's house. A few seconds later, the father looks up from his conversation with his host, and his child is still playing with the dishes. "I told you not to touch those!" the child's father repeats. A few seconds later, the father looks up and sees his child still playing with the dishes. The father says nothing and continues his conversation with the host.
It happens all the time. Children are given orders, and when they don't obey, the parent simply goes back to his conversation and forgets.
What should parents do in this situation? Some parents would say that we should stop the child, others that we should punish him, and others that he is "just a child," and we should not expect too much from him. As Muslim parents, we have an obligation to bring up our children in the best manner-to teach them right from wrong and to show them what we and society expect from them. Those who give opinions on this matter usually use the Quran or hadith to support their positions, and it may be difficult to establish, without a doubt, who is more correct. However, as parents, we either have to find the correct method to teach and discipline our children, or we at least have to come up with a valid method for teaching and disciplining our children. Definitely, we should not just "figure it out as we go" - one time using this method and another time that one.

28. Parenting Tips For Less Stress -
parenting tips for Less Stress. However, wouldn t it not be better for the parentto take a breath and regroup, then teach the child proper nail care?

Parenting Shorts
Home and Family
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29. Parenting Tips
parenting tips. to childrearing, role modeling to your child that as a parent, youdon teach your children about many religions, not just the one you practice.
Home About the Author Links Return to List of Topics
Parenting Tips
  • Listen to your child, really listen. Listen to what he/she is saying. Respond back to what has been asked. Show interest. Our time is limited on this earth. The dance we do is extremely short. Enjoy every moment you have with your child, even if it is a homework assignment or project they bring home to do, or perhaps a sunset that you may watch together. Do something that you may hate, that they enjoy. Find out what your child really enjoys as they grow, and make time for them, for what they like. Teach your children about many religions, not just the one you practice. This teaches tolerance of those different than them. Look in the mirror at your dark side; the baggage you carry from role modeling you received growing up. Do you stereotype, do you have racist feelings, or judge other cultures? Recognize this potential and work on change. This will take time and effort, but as a parent, it is important to overcome these old drivers in order to teach your children to be better and ultimately healthier human beings. Provide your children a variety of experiences. Allow them to engage in many different activities. There are many creative ways to expose your child to music, literature, the arts, science and nature, without spending a lot of money.
  • 30. Parenting Tips
    Following are tips and guidelines parents can use to develop their own As a parent,I promise to Give my children freedom and privacy and teach them the proper
    Parenting Tips Download Parenting Tips Internet Resources Live at 11 ... Parent Resources : Parenting Tips E-mail this page Print this page
    Parenting Tips
    Being a parent can be the most rewarding experience in life. But as many parents know, raising a child is not always easy.
    As human beings, we can't always control events in our life or how we feel. But as adults and parents, we must always be in control of how we treat children.
    Following are tips and guidelines parents can use to develop their own positive approach to parenting:
    "As a parent, I promise to..."
    • Show my children daily that I love them by what I say and do.
    • At least once a day praise something about my children; be wary of excessive criticism.
    • Give my children freedom and privacy and teach them the proper use of both.
    • Keep my house suitable for children's activities, and a welcome place for their friends.
    • Do these activities with my children: read a book, go to a picnic, and visit friends.
    • Be extra careful before I speak when I am tired.
    • Recognize and respect my children's individualism and do not expect them to be the same.

    31. Parenting Tips
    parenting tips. Resources for Children s Health believes all parents need supportand we think 2. teach your child the difference between bad behavior and bad

    32. Parenting Tips
    Proper Emotional Education. 346 Children can teach Grown-ups a FewThings Too. 362 - tips for Parent-Child Communication. 378 - Empty
    Parenting Tips
    Articles to Read:

    You may find the following articles on this subject of some help. 089 - Spanking Makes Children More Aggressive 100 - Kids Need Both Parents 122- Bring to Your Children a Better Understanding of the Other Sex 125 - Children Do What They See Parents Do ... 518 - Mom Is A Good Medicine For Many Childhood Problems Remember ... Self Help pages should NOT be used as a substitute for seeking professional care for the diagnosis of any psychiatric/psychological disorders. Nothing here is meant to replace professional advice or care from a qualified mental health practitioner. The purpose of self-help pages is purely educational.
    Return to Self Help

    33. ParentCenter | How To Teach Your Child Honesty
    How to teach your child honesty ages 58 12224 Honesty This Parent has a 9 year old,a 5 year old 11/19/2003 -128817 • 76 of 147 people found this tip helpful.
    Community Parents' Picks and Tips Parents' Tips ... Raising great kids
    How to teach your child honesty ages 5-8
    Most helpful Earliest Most recent See posts by parents of children this age:
    This Parent has a 9 year old, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old

    81 of 153 people found this tip helpful Tip: I let my children know that lying will not get you anywhere but in more trouble that you thought you were in. Trust is a big thing and we must not break that. You may not be in trouble for what you did, but you will get in trouble for lying. Did you find this tip helpful?
    Add your tip
    Honest really is the best policy
    marathonmom4 has a 5 year old, and a 2 year old 1024 of 2042 people found this tip helpful Tip: Once when I was young I broke a crystal candy dish while my mother was out. I was so scared that I ran and hid. When she finally returned and found where I was hiding, I was so surprised to find that she wasn’t mad at all because breaking the dish was an accident. And I was relieved to finally come out of my hiding place where I was worried and waiting! I’ve always thought that was very cool and I thought it made me feel comfortable about being honest with my mother. I’ve tried to adopt the same attitude with my children. Teaching them that being honest solves problems while lying only creates them. Did you find this tip helpful?

    34. ParentCenter | How To Teach Your Child Honesty
    How to teach your child honesty ages 24 11452 See posts by parents of childrenthis age 09/29/2000 -10391 • 931 of 1828 people found this tip helpful.
    Community Parents' Picks and Tips Parents' Tips ... Raising great kids
    How to teach your child honesty ages 2-4
    Most helpful Earliest Most recent See posts by parents of children this age:
    Cinderella role modeling
    325 of 643 people found this tip helpful Tip: My daughter is just about to turn 4 and she is very enamored with Cinderella. In order to both encourage her honesty and to debunc the Cinderella myth that beauty is what counts, we ask her why she thinks the prince chose Cinderella as his Princess. Then we go over the answer with her - it was because she is honest, kind, and hardworking. Hopefully this works on two fronts. Did you find this tip helpful?
    Add your tip
    Practice what I preach
    Rebecca Aaland has a 4 year old, and is pregnant
    Rebecca Aaland
    919 of 1824 people found this tip helpful Tip: I try to teach my daughter honesty by example. If I receive too much change at the store, I give it back and explain to my daughter what happened. I try not to use the little white lies that make things go smoother (like saying there is no more icecream when there is). I work on being honest about my feelings, with my daughter but also with my husband, family and friends, so my daughter sees what that is like. When my daughter tells me about something she has done that I don't like, I control my impulse to be mad, and talk it through with her instead so she doesn't receive a negative reaction for doing the right (honest) thing.

    35. Data's Jokes - The Top 19 Michael Jackson Parenting Tips
    teach your child not to spank the monkey. It s OK to love your child, justdon t LOVE your child. And The Number 1 Michael Jackson parenting Tip
    Data's Jokes The Top 19 Michael Jackson Parenting Tips The Top 19 Michael Jackson Parenting Tips
  • Rather than spanking, threaten to have Tito babysit.
  • When the child does something wrong, grab your crotch, thrust it forward, and scream, "BAD!"
  • Elephant Man bones make a nifty over-the-crib mobile.
  • You should always being willing to share your toys... and so should your child, for that matter.
  • Little friends are always welcome, once they've signed the standard release.
  • Keep baking soda handy to extinguish flaming hair.
  • There's nothing a spoonful of sugar, a big hug, and $15,000,000 can't fix.
  • Teach your child, "Beauty is only skin deep but hey, a few face peels never hurt anybody."
  • Wait until your child can effectively bob and weave before allowing him to spend the weekend with his grandpa.
  • At birthday parties, don't leave Elizabeth Taylor unattended at the punch bowl.
  • Snug-fitting diapers will keep you from becoming the "King of Poop."
  • That sheep in the petting zoo is only for Daddy.
  • Teach your child not to spank the monkey.
  • It's OK to love your child, just don't LOVE your child.
  • 36. College Place Public Schools - Parenting Tips
    tips. When Your Child Misbehaves. Every child misbehaves from time to time. Whenyour child misbehaves, it s your job as a parent to respond to your child; teach
    College Place Public Schools "focusing on kids and their learning"
    Phone: (509) 525-4827

    37. South Florida Parenting
    tips ON HANDWRITING. handwriting program that moves smoothly from print to cursivewithout having to teach children different SOUTH FLORIDA parenting ADVERTISER.,1419,S-Sfparenting-Education-X!ArticleDetail-11
    Home About Us/Contact Us Kids' Fun Pass Things To Do With Your Kids ...
    The Rides of Summer

    Florida's theme parks offer new coasters, shows and fun to scream about. With temperatures soaring and the kids almost out of school. It's time to check out what Mickey, Minnie and The Mummy are up to this summer.
    Theme-park Delights

    Poolside Dining the Easy Way

    How to feed hungry kids around the pool, at the beach or at a water park
    In This Month's Issue
    Pick up your copy of this month's South Florida Parenting magazine available at all Toys R Us stores in South Florida and 2,600 other locations to read about:
  • 7 great gifts for dad Answers to a new mother's questions about traveling with baby 10 listening skills every parent should have Summer reading recommendations for kids How to prevent broken bones and poolside accidents And much more

  • Party Guide 2004

    Here's our list of individuals, companies and other organizations to help with all your party-planning needs. FIND AN EVENT Pick a category: Kids' Stuff Art Comedy/Clubs Community Dance Festivals Film Music Sports Theater Today This weekend Next 7 days Free events Best bets Enter a keyword (optional) FIND A SUMMER CAMP All locations East Broward Northeast Brow...

    38. Be Aware Of What Your Children Can Teach You - Parent News
    This weekly updated site offers parenting news, articles, tips, and movie reviewsfrom a parent’s perspective. Learn what your kids can teach you.

    Parenting Perspective Tips
    Uncle Webster's Parenting Tips on Education
    Education Tip
    This Week's Tip

    "Be Aware Of What Your Children Can Teach You"
    Children certainly can frustrate and at times anger us. Sometimes those elicited feelings are a reflection of our own problems or short comings. By remaining connected to our real feelings of sadness or hurt rather than reacting in anger or blame, we can actually learn about ourselves as a result of what emotions our kids bring up in us. ParentNews Magazine:
    Michael K. Tonjum,Ph.D. Home Articles News ... Contact us Please let us know how we can help you!
    and Legal Notices
    Friday, 11-Jun-2004 08:04:25 GMT

    What do you need to do this right?” Ask your child to teach you how to Return toour main PARENTS page or view our tips parenting Classes Resources.
    Parenting Tips
    1. Stay Calm
    Set a calm, steady tone, no matter what is going on. Do what it takes to do this. Breath. Count to ten. Count to a thousand and ten. Ask yourself what you want to teach your child by your own choices. Be the change you want to see in the moment.
    2. Don’t Argue
    Act, don’t react. Step back and disengage. See your child’s disagreeable state for what it is – an unintentional, diversionary tactic. If your child pushes your buttons, act like a computer with a frozen screen. You have to re-boot and start again. Take a break and face the problem later. See Tip #1.

    Set Limits
    Be sensible, consistent and firm. Children need limits to feel safe. Whenever possible, ask your child to set his own limit. For example “By what time will you have your homework started?” Be prepared. Your child will test these limits. (It’s in his job description.) Don’t get mad or take it personally. See Tip #1.
    4. Follow Through

    40. Parenting Tips. Inner Circle Foster Family And Adoption Agency Trains Foster Par
    As parents, one of our goals is teaching our children the skills needed to havea For instance you can teach the value of the coins by counting them at home.
    Inner Circle Foster Care
    Serving Los Angeles County, California

    Newsletter Archives
    Teaching Children Financial Responsibility By Elvia C. As parents, one of our goals is teaching our children the skills needed to have a successful future. As soon as the child learns basic math at school, you can incorporate money in their learning. For instance you can teach the value of the coins by counting them at home.
    • Use going to the grocery store as a practice tool, comparing prices, counting the money when you pay is a good way to start. Teach your child about savings. Set up a piggy bank and encourage the child to put his money in. Practice saving money for a toy or something he wants. All children who accumulate more than $50.00 are required to open a savings account (CCL regulations). Giving an allowance will teach the child to handle resources and will allow them to make responsible decisions. You may want to give the child some money as a reward for doing extra chores around the house.

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