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  1. Confident Parenting by Jim Burns, 2007-06-01
  2. Devotions for Sacred Parenting: A Year of Weekly Devotions for Parents by Gary L. Thomas, 2005-04-01

141. TidBits From The Pantry
Contentrich, monthly ezine, Tidbits from the Pantry, on life, parenting, relationships, family, includes free evaluation of life's problems to any subscriber.
We publish an ezine

142. StorkNet - The Pregnancy And Parenting Online Community
Pregnancy and parenting the fun way at StorkNet, your family internet community. Thefriendliest pregnancy and parenting community online! Updated May 17, 2004.
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Family Life
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Bedrest Survival Guide

BBT Chart
... Free Infant Socks!

For a limited time while supply lasts, get your free package of infant socks in blue or peach. All you pay is shipping and handling. Click here for details. Proud member of:
The friendliest pregnancy and parenting community online!
Updated June 7, 2004 Hey! How come you haven't updated the website? My thanks to all of you asked politely about our updating delay. Yes, we do update the new articles on a weekly basis. However, I was hospitalized May 22 quite unexpectedly and had surgery May 23. I am just now back to my desk, digging through everything that came in while I was gone. I'm still moving rather slow - especially my brain! - but hopefully, by the end of the first week in June, we'll have new updates and updated journals to share. In the meantime, please enjoy these current guests and features . . . Maribeth Doerr, Editor

143. Potty Training, Toilet Training, Child Behavior And Self-Esteem Products For Chi
Expert advice and humorous parenting products for toilet training, behavior changing, discipline, incentives, awards and rewards for all kids and those with ADD/ADHD.
Our Parenting website offers products and expert advice on potty training toilet training child behavior child behavior management attention deficit disorder , and other special needs . We offer you ways to motivate your children and boost their self esteem and independence.
Potty Training or Toilet Training:
Need help potty training your toddler? Every child is different. Find the potty training product that is right for yours. We have the hottest products and proven techniques!
Whether you choose Toilet Training Targets a potty training chart , a TV character potty seat, or a potty training video , make sure that it suits your child's personality, readiness and needs.
Also see our bedwetting products.
Books, Videos and Stuff for
Carefully selected items to encourage independence, raise self-esteem, strengthen family bonds, and promote the special uniqueness of every child. Click here for Child Self Esteem and to find out more.
We offer books, videos, adaptive clothing

144. Center For Sports Parenting - Homepage
Archive 1 Guest Rick Wolff, nationally known sports parenting expert Topic TravelTeams Archive 2 Guest Rick Boyages, head men s basketball coach, William
Join Our Email List
Do you have a question about sports parenting?
Email your question to our Expert Panel
and get a personal response.
Launched in March of 2001, the Center for Sports Parenting (CSP) is a Web-based initiative that offers immediate and practical guidance to parents, coaches, educators, administrators, officials, and all other individuals involved in youth sports, equipping them with the information needed to handle the psychological and physical challenges faced by young people participating in athletics.
The Sports Parenting Edge: The Winning Game Plan for Every Athlete-from T-Ball to College Recruiting
Author: Rick Wolff
A practical, provocative, and comprehensive guide for parents who want to ensure that their children get the most out of all their sports experiences, The Sports Parenting Edge

145. Stay-at-Home Parents
Find support, parenting tips, home business information, discussion forums and frugal living tips.

146. Parenting Links
parenting links. Some of our favorite places for parents on the World WideWeb Center Academy. parentingMatters parenting Q A ParentsPlace.
P arenting links Some of our favorite places for parents on the World Wide Web...
Center for New Discoveries in Learning
Colorado Parent Information and Resource Center
Discovery Channel School

Davis Dyslexia Association International
WMHT / School 14 K-5 CyberTrail

Would you like to link with us? Let us know To the top

147. Solas Healing - Holistic Workshops In Waterford, Ireland
Focussing on parenting, spirituality, personal development, empowerment and selfhealing tools.
Waterford Ireland
Solas Holistic Workshops in Waterford, South East Ireland Bio-Energy Healing
Space Healing
Natural Parenting Advice home about us workshop programme booking ... reiki , 39, Brockhurst, Collins Avenue, Waterford, Ireland
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148. Inspired Parenting Home Page
Expert parenting advice holistic parenting children and emotions A strong parentand family community featuring expert parenting advice, a free monthly journal
Inspired Parenting Inspired Parenting Magazine Press Room Shopping Cart ... Contact Us
Inspired Parenting is about Whole Child Parenting
Each child has a myriad of aspects that need to be nurtured by parents, teachers, grandparents, caregivers and therapists. But recognizing and fulfilling these needs can be difficult.
What We Do...
Combining leading-edge information and research with real world experience, we have created an extensive collection of reports, tips, tools and advice that help you focus on a mind-body approach to raising the whole child.
Inspired Parenting Online Magazine
Click here to read the entire
Inspired Parenting Online Magazine.
Emotional Structure for Terrific Toddlers
by Caron B. Goode
What do thumb sucking, sleeping with a doll, and eating a peanut butter sandwich everyday have in common? These are topics of questions sent to Inspired Parenting about behaviors of two-year-olds. These typical behaviors demonstrate the desire for soothing and the need for structure or routine as the two-year-old's brain is connecting the neural dots in one of their fastest growth spurts. read more...

149. Welcome - The Fertility Institutes
Gestational and traditional surrogate parenting program of The Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Guadalajara Mexico.
Welcome News and Events Feedback
We welcome the opportunity to provide a variety of fertility service to you, and would be happy to assist you with any of your fertility concerns. We have assisted hundreds of couples just like you, and urge you to consider our Center as you seek care in a very sensitive and personal area.
What is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)?

Although various definitions have been used, ART includes all fertility treatments in which both eggs and sperm are manipulated.
Sperm Evaluation and Testing

One of the biggest concerns of couples involved in an infertility workup relates to the status of the male partner's sperm evaluation.
Egg Freezing Program

Exciting new advances in our ability to successfully cryopreserve (freeze) human eggs has led to the establishment of one of the world's leading human egg freezing programs at the Fertility Institutes
Egg Donor Programs

The Fertility Institutes maintain a very active oocyte (egg) donor and egg freezing and storage program. We have over thirty egg donors, including most races, available for patient consideration.
Fertility Evaluation
What's right...what's wrong...and what probably doesn't matter. Understanding the "basic" workup.

150. Parenting Advice And Parenting Books
PARENTS parenting advice, parenting books and articles on dealing withanger, child behavior, and other parenting issues. Activities
Parenting advice, parenting books and articles on dealing with anger, child behavior, and other parenting issues.
Activities to help parents make raising a child with character and morals fun and inspiring.
Comprehensive self-esteem resources to enhance learning environments and offer character education.
Featured Books
Meet the Author

Buy Book

The key to power is the ability to act on the knowledge we acquire.
anne leedom Parenting Bookmark Featured Magazine click here
Nurturing Children's Destinies
Parenting Bookmark offers creative and research driven methods for building and strengthening kids' character and behavior skills and making violence an unthinkable option for kids. Kids naturally WANT to behave. By nurturing their goodness and guiding their behavior, kids can make the right choices one their own. We offer the latest in parenting books articles, tips and parenting advice on raising great kids. Our experts offer practical ideas, answers to parenting dilemmas, and resources to help parents and kids be the best they can be. We offer expert strategies to prevent bad behavior and to create a positive environment to help raise kids to become the caring, successful adults they want to be.

151. Love@Home™
Ezine for large families with articles and columns on managing a large family, emergency preparedness, family finance, life on the farm, scrapbooking, parenting, home schooling, traditions, and kids. Plus reviews and recipes.
Home Forums Archives
Help Haitian Orphans !

Family Features
Take Advantage

of Television

The Miracle of

Life and Death
Affordable Storage Ideas
Home Schooling


Pregnancy Journal
Family Finance ... Be Prepared Humor In My Purse Daydreams Kindness to Skunks Worming Sheep ... Sensory Warfare Reviews Books Featured Family Sites Other Pages Awards Family Links About Love@Home ... your home page Search Now: "Make a Difference" Issue Because I Have Been Given Much... Christmas is a great time to introduce your family to helping others. Since we are involved with the Haitian Orphan Project (HOP) we have been busy raising money for them. FULL STORY Bernadine's Haiti Journal updated 21 Jan 2003 On January 7th Bernadine Sevy and her 14 year old son David, travel to Haiti, not for a vacation, but to serve others and to try to find out how they can best help in the future. Follow her "adventure" in her Haiti Journal. FULL STORY Get Involved!

152. Welcome To Parenting Me - Home Page
parenting Me Home Page offering tips and helpful hints for parentsto facilite their child s growth and development.

Safety First!

Talk with My Doctor

Thinking Skills

Language Development
... VORT Home Helpful Hints
Balancing Play Enhancing Play Leading Play Play Opportunities Toys Talking with Me Encouraging Speech Helping Me Listen Reading to Me Understanding Motor Arranging the Environment Providing Experiences Separation Anxiety Understanding Emotions Handling Trantrums Handling Fears Fostering Self-Esteem Setting Expectations Social Play Helping to Share Social Interactions Eating Skills Dressing Skills Grooming Skills Household Skills
1-2 years: Cognitive 1-2 years: Language 1-2 years: Motor 1-2 years: Emotional 1-2 years: Social 1-2 years: Self-help 2-3 years: Cognitive 2-3 years: Language 2-3 years: Motor 2-3 years: Emotional 2-3 years: Social 2-3 years: Self-help 3-4 years: Cognitive 3-4 years: Language 3-4 years: Motor 3-4 years: Emotional 3-4 years: Social 3-4 years: Self-help
    Dear Parents:
    The information on this web site will help you teach me new skills and guide my development. You can access general information by the Topics listed at the left, or click on Helpful Hints above for specifics. Milestones gives you an idea of some of the skills I might "start" to display at various ages. Remember, you can Print any of these pages using your Browser.
    If you have any questions about my development or the information on these pages, be sure to ask my doctor. My doctor will know most about my needs and can provide you with guidance.

153. Mothering The Mother. Doula Services
Providing support for pregnant women and couples. Site contains informative articles on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Mothering the Mother Birth Services Birth Guide/Doula
Child Birth Education
Postpartum Care
Breastfeeding Support
Assistance, care, and
nurturing for the
new or experienced mother
Mary Paliescheskey
Click here to visit Mothering the Mother online store Welcome to Mothering the Mother Birth Services Website Birth is a transformational experience encompassing mind, body, and spirit. Calm assurance from a Birth Guide allows a woman to build confidence in her body’s abilities. Mothering the Mother Birth Services was founded in 1995 to guide women and their partners through the transition of birth. The creation of the family bond is of primary importance and all members of the family are served. Mothering the Mother is dedicated to assisting families in making informed choices for what is best for them. This sensitive support considers the needs of the mother, father, infant, and other family members. Mary Paliescheskey, B.S. is an experienced Birth Guide and mother. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Microbiology from University of California, Davis and has published in medical journals. Her background in birth psychology and medicine enable her to address your concerns about the transition to family.

154. Breastfeeding And Parenting Resources On The Iternet
Breastfeeding and parenting Resources on the Internet. This collectionof links to Web pages has been on the Internet since March
Breastfeeding and Parenting
Resources on the Internet
T his collection of links to Web pages has been on the Internet since March, 1995, making it something of a pioneer, I guess. I regret to announce that my paying webmaster jobs and my volunteer work have precluded me from keeping up with this site as well as I should, so I am have removed the collection of links and replaced it with just a few of the ones I work on and a couple of references to other wonderful collections of breastfeeding resources out there, which ARE kept up to date! I know how frustrating it is to come across websites full of outdated links, and I don't want mine to be one of them. Want to attend a La Leche League meeting online? Join us! Sincerely,
Sue Ann Kendall

November 27, 1999 Links to Breastfeeding-Related Pages I've Worked On
and organizations with which I am affiliated
  • La Leche League International La Leche League of Austin, Texas International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) Kathy Dettwyler's commentaries on breastfeeding (now with breast cancer links, too) Karen Zeretzke's Cost Benefits of Breastfeeding List of books with positive descriptions of breastfeeding (updated January 23, 1998) You can find most of the books on the list that are not out of print at
  • 155. National Association For Gifted Children's Parenting For High Potential (PHP) Ma
    National Association for Gifted Children s (NAGC)parenting for High Potential (PHP)magazine excerpts. Interested in writing for parenting for High Potential?
    Parenting for High Potential is the quarterly magazine designed for parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives, who want to develop their children's gifts and talents, and who want to help them develop their potential to the fullest. Each issue will include special features, expert advice columns, software and book reviews, ideas from parents, and a pullout children's section. See the current issue contents below.
    Become a Parent Associate Member NOW!
    PHP issues are dated March, June, September, and December
    Depending on when you join you may have to wait for the next issue to be mailed to you taking up to 3 months. Special Article Links
    Excerpts from Previous PHP Issues
    March 2004 Issue:
    Special Features
    A Glossary of Terms Used in Educational Assessment
    by Dr. Michael Freedman and Dr. John Houtz
    Above and Beyond: Science Investigations for the High-Potential Child

    by Richard Pommier Swanson
    The Path from Potential to Productivity: The Parent's Role in the Levels of Service Approach to Talent Development by Nancy A. Cook, Carol V. Witting, and Dr. Donald J. Treffinger

    156. BeadMama's Attachment Parenting And Related Links
    A wide array of articles and links on all aspects of attachment parenting.
    Parenting Sites
    A collection of web sites that I've found to be interesting, helpful and informative. AP Photo Album see the faces behind the names of the parents who post at the Parent Soup AP Message Board
    Spare the Rod and Save the Child
    Corporal punishment is not discipline, nor is it an effective means of guiding young ones' behavior
    By Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami Sparing The Child - Should Corporal Punishment end?
    By V. G. Julie Rajan, Philadelphia
    Nighttime Parenting
    One Study Not Enough To Scare Parents About Co-Sleeping
    by Dr. Dean Edell Get out of my bedroom!
    by Peggy O'Mara
    Say No to Circumcision
    Where is My Foreskin? The Case Against Circumcision
    by Paul M. Fleiss, MD National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males
    What Happens During Circumcision?

    Very graphic website...not for the faint of heart The Circumcision Decision: An Overview
    by Mary G. Ray, ©1998

    157. The Pagan Parenting Page
    Pagan parenting Page Highlights. Summer Articles. Pic of Pagan parentingPage TshirtDon t forget to visit the Pagan parenting Page Store!
    EEK! We've had some serious weirdness over the past week or so, due to a server move. I'm hoping I got most of it fixed, but there may be some lingering weirdness. I know the search feature isn't working and there's an "error processing this directive" message at the bottom of each page. I'll try to get those fixed soon. Please feel free to email me at and let me know if you find other broken things! Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
    Pagan Parenting Page Highlights
    Summer Articles
    A Flower Bottle for the Window by Sussan. A fun activity to bring a bit of summer indoors.
    A Litha Activity
    by Giovanna Drayson. Fun, interesting and educational. Give it a shot!
    by Cindy. Ways to share a joy of gardening with your kids.
    Watermelon Ice
    by Windancr. A yummy treat to make and eat.
    A new article... Vidar Andrewson's Baby Magic - ways to share magick with your kids Plastic Swords and Pentacles : Chivalry and the Rearing of Pagan Boys by Mercuria
    Featured Link
    Sacred Spiral's Children's Section
    Wow! Coloring books to print, crafts, activities, worksheets - just an amazing plethora of good

    158. Magazine: Parenting : Humor
    Giving TimeOut a new meaning. Featuring a monthly parenting humor column.
    LowCarb Energy magazine - embrace and continue a healthy low-carbohydrate way of life! message boards coupons posters official gear ... Tell A Friend!

    Site Map

    Family Travel


    Message Boards
    search site search recipes search amazon
    Parenting : Humor
    Link To Us
    Search What's New What's Cool ... Tell a Friend Parenting/Humor Pick another category Site Map Ask An Expert Education Family Finance Fun Stuff Holidays Marketplace Parenting Services
    • A Dog's Diary - What if your dog were a better writer than W. Bruce? Not too hard to imagine, is it? Maybe while you're out of the house, your pet turns on the PC and keeps a journal of the day's events. If so, this is what it might look like... (Added: 15-May-2001 Hits: 1591 Rating: Votes: 0)
    • A Pubescent Plague - The world is truly becoming a frightful place to live. Almost daily we are exposed to a fresh new array of life-threatening dangers ... like for instance, that hideous rumor of a Scott Baio career comeback attempt. (Added: 13-Jul-2001 Hits: 1396 Rating: 5.50 Votes: 2)
    • Accident Report - The following accident reports were filed in conjunction with an automobile collision in which my two daughters somehow managed to run into each other in their own driveway. Both of my vehicles sustained damage.

    159. Parenting Newsletters
    parenting Newsletters. Parents of Preschoolers. Parents of Kindergartners. Parentsof SecondGraders. Parents of Fourth-Graders. Parents of Sixth-Graders.
    North Dakota State University
    NDSU Extension Service
    Parenting Newsletters
    Go to: North Dakota State University
    NDSU Extension Service

    160. Child & Family Canada
    A unique Canadian public education website providing a virtual library of articles on parenting, child development, health, social concerns, safety and family issues.
    Welcome to Canadian Child Care Federation.
    Bienvenue à Fédération canadienne des services de garde à l'enfance est l'organisme responsable de la gestion du site. Tell us where you're from. AB BC MB NB NF NT NS NU ON PE QC SK YT other Awards Prix ...
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