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         Parenting:     more books (100)
  1. The Secret of Parenting: How to Be in Charge of Today's Kids--from Toddlers to Preteens--Without Threats or Punishment by Anthony E. Wolf, 2000-09-01
  2. The Enneagram of Parenting: The 9 Types of Children and How to Raise Them Successfully by Elizabeth Wagele, 1997-03-12
  3. Power Parenting for Children with ADD/ADHD: A Practical Parent's Guide for Managing Difficult Behaviors by Grad L., Ph.D. Flick, 1996-05-08
  4. Disconnected: Parenting Teens in a MySpace World by Chap Clark, Dee Clark, 2007-07-01
  5. Survival Strategies for Parenting the Child and Teen With Bipolar Disorder: Innovative Parenting and Counseling Techniques for Helping Children With Bipolar ... May Occur With It (Higher Education Policy) by George T. Lynn, 2001-01-03
  6. Parenting Skills Homework Planner (Practice Planners) by Sarah Edison Knapp, 2005-04-28
  7. Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving by Charles R. Swindoll, 2006-12-05
  8. ScreamFree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool by Hal Edward Runkel, 2007-09-04
  9. Graceful Parenting: Simple Advice for Raising a Gentle and Loving Child by Eve M. Dreyfus, 2002-04
  10. Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child (Barron's Parenting Keys) by M.D., Katharina Manassis, 1996-06-01
  11. Proverbs for Parenting : A Topical Guide for Child Raising from the Book of Proverbs by Barbara Decker, 1989-12
  12. Healthy Parenting: How Your Upbringing Influences the Way You Raise Your Children, and What You Can Do to Make It Better for Them by Janet G. Woititz, 1992-09-01
  13. Everyday Opportunities for Extraordinary Parenting:Simple Ways to Make a Difference in Your Child's Life by Bobbi Conner, 2000-11-01
  14. Building a Parenting Agreement That Works: How to Put Your Kids First When Your Marriage Doesn't Last by Mimi E. Lyster, 2007-09-15

81. Children & Family
Offering information about parenting and child development as well as fun games and resources for kids.
Home Web Directory What's the Buzz? Escape Hatch ... Free Email Friday, June 11, 2004 4:03:06 AM DIRECTORY Chapter Quicklink What's the Buzz Escape Hatch: Open Mic
. News and articles on family, kids, child care, parenting and more. The family is the oldest and most fundamental of human institutions. The conjugal, elementary, or nuclear family exists in known societies. The family has been subjected to enormous pressures as human cultures have changed from a rural to an urbanized, industrial orientation. These changes have altered the aspirations of "family", but have not greatly diminished the desire for entering into intimate relationships. All modern family units do not include children, although it is still the norm. The following links provide "safe areas" for children on the Net and an array of resources for parents. children family all my children married with children ... Childhood Obesity prevention tips
Watch out if your child does not spend his/her energy in any physical activity and instead he/she likes sitting in front of... Pregnancy, labor and Hypnotism

82. Principles Of Parenting.
The publications in this series are part of a total parenting programemphasizing understanding, guiding, and encouraging children.
Getting Young Children Ready to Learn
Ellen Abell, Ph.D.
and Muriel Azria, M.S. Encouraging Social Skills in Young children: Tips Teachers Can Share with Parents.
Jacquelyn Mize, Ph.D.,
and Ellen Abell, Ph.D.
The publications in this series are part of a total parenting program emphasizing understanding, guiding, and encouraging children. The publications are four to eight pages long and use simple statements of principles along with stories and illustrati ons to communicate the principles. Teaching guides are being developed to accompany each unit. The three areas covered, and the units within each area, are as follows:
Strengthening The Parent
Developing The Caring Child

83. Parenting Resources For Educators And Teachers
Publications, games, posters, videos and other curriculum aids.
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Welcome to Parenting Resources:
Our Business is educating today's Parents.
First of all to all our wonderful customers, THANKS! You made last year a great success! We hope you will continue to permit us to serve you for many years to come. And for those of you who just found this website, allow us to introduce ourselves...
Parenting Resources is dedicated to providing schools, programs, parenting educators and teachers with the most complete collection of materials to help them in instructing and involving parents. Our extensive collection of over 500 publications, games, posters, curriculum aids and videos covers such diverse areas of interest as parent involvement, early intervention, parents as first teachers, early brain development, child abuse prevention, parenting education, school readiness as well as fatherhood and motherhood. Thousands of schools and parenting programs have successfully used our materials and made a difference in the lives of children and families. Whether your program's focus is Family Literacy, Even Start, Head Start, Healthy Families, Parental Involvement, or Child Abuse Prevention, Parenting Resources has the tools to improve your training courses.

84. Parenting In The Home Office
An article about how to survive and succeed with a home business when you have young children.

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Parenting in the Home Office
by Ann Douglas When my husband and I launched our home-based business a few years back, the local newspaper sent a reporter over to take a picture of my partner and I spending "quality time" in our home office with our three preschoolers. It was a lovely photo: the kids looked like model children, we looked like model parents, and the office was so tidy that it looked like - you guessed it! - a model home office! But it was all a big charade. Underneath the desk were laundry baskets full of clutter, and Neil and I were actually smiling through clenched teeth as we tried to cajole our three active offspring into simultaneously co-operating for the photographer. ("Leave the keyboard alone, Scott. Julie, put your gum back in your mouth. Erik, sit still while the photographer takes our picture.") As anyone who has tried to run a business from home can tell you, there is a downside to having both a family and a home-based business. Most people find it's a constant struggle to try to balance the needs of the family with the needs of the business.

85. Parents, A Community Of Fun, Humor And Sharing The Lighter Side Of Parenting.
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86. MedlinePlus: Parenting
Search MEDLINE for recent research articles on • parenting. Healthy parentingInitiative Information for Military Personnel and Their Families (Dept.
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You may also be interested in these MedlinePlus related pages:

Child Development
Family Issues Child and Teen Health ... Social/Family Issues

87. Tubal Reversal - Tubal Ligation Reversal By Dr. Levin
Located in Louisville, KY, Dr. Levin provides surrogacy services since 1979.

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Mission Statement: This site provides information about the services of Richard M. Levin, M.D., PSC. and Surrogate Parenting Associates, Inc. Both organizations are located at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, where they provide high quality infertility and surrogacy services to the public, both locally and worldwide. Our staff is dedicated to assisting infertile people, in a warm, friendly, expedient and cost effective fashion. Dr. Levin was the first person in the world ever to perform legal surrogacy services (1979) and was the first person in the Western Hemisphere to perform microsurgical sterilization reversals (1976). Please be very careful to remember as you consider your options. Choose a quality doctor, not just a cheap price! Our facility takes pride in working diligently to help any and all infertile people. We hope you will give us the opportunity of helping you expand your family. Try us, you'll be glad you did!
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Tubal Reversal Surrogacy Infertility ... Site Map

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89. Parenting The Large Family -
Issues that mothers with a large family face including orgination, money management, time savers and the ability to have a sense of humor.

Parenting the Large Family
Home and Family
Search The Web Member Central Join Our Community! Login What's New Become a SuiteU Affiliate ... MemberUpdate Suite University About Suite University Suite University News Visit the University Course Listing ... FREE Demo Course New Topics Parenting Babies and Toddlers Views of a Young Appalachian Woman SpiritWell Travel Book Reviews ... More... Suite Events Teacher Appreciation Event 2004 Family Focus 2004 In Tune With Johann Sebastian Bach More about Suite101 About Advertise With Suite For more information - Select a related topic - Attachment Parenting Baby Names Blended Families Seeking Christian Parenting Dealing with Divorce Eclectic Homemaking Ecologically Sound and Fr Haircare Household Tips Household Tips Jack of All Trades - Mast Living Simply Mothers and Sons Natural Parenting Parenting Babies and Todd Parenting Twins Poverty Prevention Simply Organized Single Moms Single Parent Activity Id Single parents Toddlers Weddings 101 Women's Fashion
- Select a related course - Baby Care: Newborn to One Beyond Stenciling Birth Control: Your Optio Born Too Soon - Your Pree Certified Organic Food: Christian Parenting 101 Cold Process Soapmaking 1 Conquering Chaos - Get Or Cooking For a Crowd Cooking with Herbs and Sp Family Travel Faux Painting Genealogy for Beginners Genealogy: Researching Im Homeschooling Your Specia How to Start Homeschoolin How To Survive An Abusive Interior Decorating 101

90. Canadian Parents Online - Parenting Community And Family Information Guide
Connect with other parents for support. Features helpful articles, chat, discussionboards, product recalls, ask an expert, and parenting library.
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Canadian Parents
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Preconception Tips Post Partum Survival Guide Quiz: How Well Do You Know your Child? ... Ten Ways to Help your Teenager Develop Self-Discipline
"I have been coming to CPO for 6 years and am one of the many who are hooked. I love the ability to turn on my computer and seek support from other Canadian parents." - Jodi
Janice Pearson - Childbirth Expert Question: " Will having type 1 herpes harm my baby? My doctor wants to book a C-section in case I have any lesions during labour and delivery." SPONSORED BY:
Hey Mom!
Take some Sneaky Me Time Do you suffer from Super Mom Syndrome?

91. Generic Template
Palm Beach County Florida doula provides birth doula services, belly casting, postpartum care, attachment parenting, breastfeeding and natural family planning support.
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~~Welcome To Baby Dreams~~
Brenda Northup,PLA(ALACE)BFS(LLL)NFP(CCL) Doula, Postpartum Care and Breastfeeding Support
Serving Palm Beach County, Florida

Baby Dreams Guest Book Favorite Links Page Photo Page Baby Dreams Doula Service mission is to nurture and support families from pregnancy through parenting. I offer a wide variety of services including:
* Natural Family Planning
* Birth Doula
* Postpartum Care
* Attachment Parenting support Group
* Breastfeeding Education and Support
* Belly Casting A Doula Or Professional Labor Support Person...
* Recognizes birth as a key life experience.
* Understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of women in labor *Assist families in preparing for labor and birth * Provides emotional support and practical measures for labor * Complements a woman's partner and clinical providers. ** Klaus,Marshall H., M.D., Phyllis Klaus, M. Ed., and John Kennell, M.D., Mothering the Mother, NY: Addison-Wesley 1993 Who Relies on a Doula?

92. Green Party Of Simcoe North
Empathic parenting. website of the. Canadian Society for the Prevention of Crueltyto Children. Our Online parenting Course. Test Your Knowledge!
Empathic Parenting website of the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Our On-line Parenting Course Test Your Knowledge! Section 1. Birth Section 2. Breast Feeding Section 3. Separation Section 4. The Family Bed Section 5. Baby Wearing Section 6. A Second Baby Section 7. Ghosts in the Nursery Section 8. The Brain Section 9. Our Culture Final Test Do the on-line course Get This Certificate Links to Articles on: Empathic Parenting Crime Prevention Psychopathy Daycare ... Who We Are First Three Years Next Three Generations The CSPCC's focus is on the long-term consequences of inadequate care of very young children. Our objective is to try to change those things in Canadian society that make it difficult for parents to give their children the care they need to grow into healthy, confident, non-violent, happy adults. Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Box 700, 356 First Street

93. Family And Parenting Resource Guide -- Save Money, Shopping, Sweepstakes, Parent
Guide to information, products and services to meet the needs of today's families. Categories and links include parenting, money saving tips and offers, finance, education, games and activities for your family, timesaving tips, consumer information and safety, recipes.
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94. KidSource OnLine - Parenting
Index for articles focusing on parenting tips, advice from child care to discipline. KSLogo, parenting. Child care, General parenting. advertisement.
Child care, General Parenting
Parenting Articles
  • Child Care
  • General Parenting
    KidSource OnLine Forums
  • Raising Our Kids
  • Health, Safety, Nutrition
    Web Sites
  • Parenting Links
    What's New
    • Parenting and Career Development Not only what a parent does for a living can influence a child's career choice, but the family dynamics also have a strong influence. The article looks at the ways in which parenting styles, family functioning, and parent-child interaction influence career development. It's written for an educator, but has many good points for a parent as well.
    • Parents As Partners In Children's Learning Parents and teachers may look at young children's learning from different perspectives, but they share a common goal: making sure that children receive the best possible education. Mutual respect and communication between programs and families takes advantage of both perspectives to provide children with the kind of care and education that will help them thrive.
    • Young and Old Together Young children may have misconceptions about older people and they may dislike them, feel sorry for them, or fear them in general. But it's important for children to feel good about their elders if they are to learn to appreciate people different from themselves and accept and understand the fact that they will get older someday. When children are happy and secure with themselves, they will be ready to take on each new stage of life.
    • Escherichia (E.) coli In The Child Care Setting
  • 95.
    Information, resources and articles about natural childbirth, cosleeping, family bedding, breastfeeding, nursing, attachment parenting, and generally nurturing infants, babies, toddlers, and children.
    Welcome to Intuitive Parenting!
    Updated 8/7/01! Found!: FemGlide, the conception- and sperm-friendly, completely neutral feminine lubricant! Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.
    - Juvenal
    What is Intuitive Parenting?
    Intuitive: (in-too'e-tiv) adj. Comprehended without effort of reasoning; instinctive knowledge. Parenting: (par-ent-ing) verb. The act of a mother or father caring for their child.
    The meaning of the term "intuitive parenting" is fairly self evident - it is parenting by intuition. It is a phrase which I coined (although I am sure that others have used it) to describe our own style of parenting which we have evolved in our family. It is listening, if you will, with the heart. It is keeping your eyes, ears, and mind open to your children, and letting what you see, hear, and feel speak directly to your heart, and letting your responses to your children come from your heart. It is, in short, doing what you feel is best. Intuitive parenting is based on our conviction that we all really know what our children need, and what to do for them, if we only just listen to ourselves. It is based on our belief that for the most part we know what is right, and even best, for our own children, far better than anybody else could. It is the courage to do what is right for our children by listening to, and acting on, our own parenting instincts.

    96. Wiley InterScience :: Session Cookies
    UKparents Your parenting lifeline, onlineA unique parenting lifeline with lots of information and expert adviceon pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and birth, babies and toddlers.

    97. Hi Fellow Travelers On This Road Called LIFE, (PARENTING HUMOR)
    parenting humor by Mary Priester.
    Hi Fellow Travelers on this road called LIFE, (PARENTING HUMOR)
    Hi Fellow Travelers on this road called LIFE.
    Have any of you found that you're not living up to your own expectations of what you would do when you finally got the chance to raise children? For years I had day dreamed about "if only we could have children, I'd......" roll down grassy hills with them, climb every mountain, race them on bicycles, sew matching outfits, show them how to bake, read all those children's stories to them while acting them out with great pizz-zazz, do all those artsy/crafty things that involve beads and small pieces, share all the fun with them, etc. etc. The reality is that my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went without so much as a bye-bye. I left my job in '92 after working for 25 yrs to restore this old victorian house we have. From then until we brought our daughters home in '96 (ages 3.5 and 5.5 now), stuff like stripping 10 coats of paint off woodwork, re-plastering ceilings, installing a kitchen floor, stenciling and etching glass in doors, climbing extension ladders to scrape and paint the outside of the house, laying a brick walk, re-arranging the sofa and heavy oak furniture came easy to me. I do none of the above anymore and yet find myself "conserving energy" struggling not to fall asleep before the kids do. People use to say "gee, your house is so neat and clean, you could eat off the floors" After the children, I lowered my standards and it was "as long as it's clean, I don't care if it's messy." Now, its where IS the floor?" The dust bunnies increased so much that they're now cherished family pets with names.

    98. Parenting
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    99. The Aware Parenting Institute
    Home page for The Aware parenting Institute founded by Aletha Solter, Ph.D., authorof The Aware Baby, Helping Young Children Flourish, and Tears and Tantrums. P.O. Box 206, Goleta, CA 93116, U.S.A.
    Aware Parenting is a philosophy Please click on the countries below for information about Aware Parenting activities around the world. Australia Austria Belgium Canada ... USA
    Aware Parenting is based on the work of Aletha Solter, Ph.D. consultant The Aware Baby Helping Young Children Flourish and Tears and Tantrums translated into Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish, and she has given talks and led workshops for parents and professionals in ten different countries. There is a growing list of certified Aware Parenting instructors who are helping to spread this philosophy around the world. The Aware Parenting Institute has no political or religious affiliation. Press Room Parent Support Page The Aware Baby
    Helping Young Children Flourish
    Order blank for these books

    Natural childbirth and early bonding Plenty of physical contact Prompt responsiveness to crying Sensitive attunement No punishments of any kind No rewards or bribes Search for underlying needs and feelings Anger management for parents
    Prevention and healing of stress and trauma
    Recognition of stress and trauma as primary causes of behavioral and emotional problems Emphasis on prevention of stress and trauma
    Click here for more information.

    100. P A R E N T I N G | M U L T I P L E S | G U I D E
    A mom of fraternal twin girls shares information on parenting multiples. Pictures, pregnancy information, tips and recipes.

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