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         Parapsychology Psychology:     more books (100)
  1. Transpersonal Psychologies: Perspectives on the Mind from Seven Great Spiritual Traditions
  2. Introduction to Parapsychology by Foundation Parapsychology, 1999-01-01
  3. Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology: Parapsychology by Gale Reference Team, 2001-01-01
  4. Tales at Midnight: True Stories from Parapsychology Casebooks and Journals (Courage Classics) by Hans Holzer, 1994-03
  5. Parapsychology (International Library of Psychology)
  6. Parapsychology and Psychology: Matches and Mismatches by Gertrude R. Schmeidler, 1988-12
  7. Psychology, Parapsychology and Clairvoyance: Index of New Information and Research by Angella M. Calvine, 1995-05
  8. Parapsychology's contribution to psychology: a view from the front line (1).: An article from: The Journal of Parapsychology by Caroline Watt, 2005-09-22
  9. Spontaneous Psi, Depth Psychology and Parapsychology: Proceedings of an International Conference Held in Berkeley, California Oct 31-Nov 1, 1987 (Parapsychology ... of An International Conference) by Betty Shapin, 1992-09-01
  10. The Cassandra Complex: Living With Disbelief : A Modern Perspective on Hysteria (Studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian Analysts, Vol 36) by Laurie Layton Schapira, 1988-11
  11. Men and Women of Parapsychology: Personal Reflections
  12. Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology by Timothy Leary, 1988-05
  13. Anticipatory awareness of emotionally charged targets by individuals with histories of emotional trauma.: An article from: The Journal of Parapsychology by Theo K. de Graaf, Joop M. Houtkooper, 2004-03-22
  14. Parapsychology and Human Nature: Proceedings

1. Keyano College Library - Psychology And Parapsychology
PSYCHOLOGY AND PARAPSYCHOLOGY. . . IN THE LIBRARY An Overview of Library Resources to Help You Find Out About Psychological Issues.
An Overview of Library Resources to Help You Find Out About Psychological Issues
This handout will give you an overview of the resources in the library specific to your topic, plus how to search for the materials you need.
Define your topic, and understand "the big picture": The Reference Collection
contains materials that are designed to give you a brief overview of your topic. The materials in the reference section are for use in the library only. The materials in this section include almanacs, biographical dictionaries, chronologies, bibliographies, and encyclopedias. Browse the reference shelves under "BF" for titles such as these:

2. Psychology: Alternative: Parapsychology
Psychology Alternative Parapsychology. Koestler Parapsychology Unit. Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh. Information and online experiments.
Psychology: Alternative: Parapsychology
Home Science Social Sciences Psychology ... Alternative : Parapsychology Books Cellular Conferences Mind-Plant ... Retrocausality google_ad_client = "pub-3272565765518472";google_alternate_color = "FFFFFF";google_ad_width = 336;google_ad_height = 280;google_ad_format = "336x280_as";google_ad_channel ="7485447737";google_color_border = "FFFFFF";google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";google_color_link = "0000FF";google_color_url = "008000";google_color_text = "000000"; Standard Listings
A Gypsy Wagon
Psychic readings and seance by email, chat, or phone. Includes offers on herbal products, amulets, charms, and bracelets.
Adrian Antonovici
Romanian parapsychologist specializing in astrology, white magic, energetics, divination, numerology, tarot, paranormal, and occult.
Aha! - Synchronicity Central
Written logs of coincidences, synchronicities, premonitions, and other unusual phenomena.
Amazing Brain Music Adventure
Information on creativity, intelligence, pleasure, and ESP, including techniques for brain self-control by clicking your amygdala forward and increasing frontal lobe processes.
American Association for Parapsychology
Seeks to provide a better understanding of the scientific basis for extrasensory perception and other psychic phenomena.

3. Koestler Parapsychology Unit - Graphical Version For Version 6
Professor Morris and Dr Watt teach parapsychologyrelated modules for Honours psychology students, and, along with Dr. Stevens, supervise research students at

see also Alternative Medicine / Holistic Medicine; parapsychology Psychic Healing The sacred heritage The influence of shamanism on analytical psychology.
PSYCHOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS compiled by Daniel Kortenkamp, Ph.D. (May 2000) Consciousness (General). [ see also: THEORIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS / BRAIN-MIND RELATIONSHIP
Farthing, G. (1992). The psychology of consciousness . [ BF 311 .F36 ]
Scientific approaches to consciousness . [ BF 311 .S3876 ]
Leonard, G. (1995). Alternative relatities: The paranormal, the mystic and the transcendent in human experience . [ BF 1031 .G36 ]
Consciousness and behavior (3rd ed.) . [ BF 311 .W26669 ]
Tart, C. (Ed.). (1990). Altered states of consciousness (3rd ed.) . [ BF 1045 .A48 A47 ]
Taylor, E. (1996). William James on consciousness beyond the margin . [ BF 109 .J28 T38 ]
Pekala, R. (1991). Quantifying consciousness: An empirical approach . [ BF 311 .P319 ]
Humphrey, N. (1992). A history of the mind . [ BF 311 .H777 ]
Miletich, J. (1988). States of awareness: An annotated bibliography . [Ref Z 7204. C64 M54 ]
Handbook of states of consciousness . [ BF 311 .H3351 ] Reed, G. (1988). The psychology of anomalous experience: A cognitive approach . [ BF 491 .R431 ] Blakemore, C., Greenfield, S. (eds.). (1987).

5. Daniel Kortenkamp's Webpage And Genealogy
My teaching areas of specialization were Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness, Transpersonal psychology, and parapsychology. parapsychology.
Daniel Kortenkamp, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor
Dept. of Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Home Phone: (715) 344-5844
I was born in a farm house to kerosene light near Aurora, Iowa; however, I grew up in Oelwein, Iowa, where I graduated from high school in 1955 ( my memory of “Rock Around the Clock” I worked as a receptionist-bookkeeper at Radio Station KOEL, an inspector at Donaldson’s Mfg. Oelwein plant (air cleaners and mufflers), a hobber (machining gears) at John Deere Tractor Factory in Waterloo, Iowa, and finally as a postal worker at the Oelwein Post Office. I quit the Post Office in 1957 and enrolled at Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, majoring in physics as a freshman, pre-med as a sophomore, general science and education as a junior, and psychology as a senior (B.S. degree). During vacations I enjoyed hitchhiking around the U.S. and in Mexico (over 20,000 miles border-to-border and coast-to-coast). In 1959, while hitching through Georgia, I was picked up by rock and roll legend Little Richard the originator, the emancipator, the architect of rock and roll

6. Gale Encyclopedia Of Psychology Parapsychology
Submit a Site. Advanced Search · Help. You are HereArticles Gale Encyclopedia of psychology Article. Sponsored Links. Content provided in partnership with. Print article Tell a friend Find subscription deals. parapsychology Rhine, a psychology professor who had left Harvard University to help found the parapsychology Laboratory at

7. Parapsychology And Psychology
parapsychology and its relationship to psychology. Major links listing to areas of research and academic interest. parapsychology,

8. Dr. Charles T. Tart Home Page And Virtual Library
Dr. Tart has been well known for many years as a leading researcher on consciousness, particularly altered states, as well as on parapsychology and transpersonal psychology.
Dr. Tart has two email lists you can subscribe to, for The Archives of Scientist's Transcendent Experience and notices of general interest about transpersonal and related topics. Click here for more info!
MIND SCIENCE: Meditation Training for Practical People

By Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.
236 pages, Paperback 6" x 9", ISBN 1-93125400-1
US $18.95 (10% discount).
To order, click on the Kosmos Bookstore logo.
You may be interested in the new web site of the online journal TASTE, edited by Dr. Charles T. Tart: TASTE is dedicated to exploring the transcendent experiences of scientists. Dr. Tart would like to thank the many journals and publishers whose kind permissions have made this Virtual Library a possibility. This site is hosted, designed and sponsored by ScienceHorizon Web Media and Palyne Gaenir . If you have questions about this web site, please send email to the Webmaster

9. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Parapsychology (Psychology And Psychiatry) - Encyclopedi reference and encyclopedia resource provides complete information on parapsychology, psychology And Psychiatry. Includes related research links.
AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 11, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Psychology And Psychiatry ... parapsychology
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parapsychology, Psychology And Psychiatry
Related Category: Psychology And Psychiatry parapsychology, study of mental phenomena not explainable by accepted principles of science. The organized, scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena began with the foundation (1882) of the Society for Psychical Research in London. Such early efforts attempted to dissociate psychical phenomena from spiritualism and superstition, and particularly to investigate mediums and their claims of evoking spirits or apparitions. The society also studied automatic writing, levitation, and ectoplasmic and poltergeist activities. One of its principal founders, Frederic William Henry Myers, summed up the society's early efforts in Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death (1903). An American Society for Psychical Research was also founded, with James Hervey Hyslop as its leading spokesman. Considerable experimentation has been conducted, perhaps the best-known being that of Joseph Banks Rhine at Duke Univ. The Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man, created in the early 1960s, has since replaced the Duke program. In Great Britain the work of Whately Carington and Samuel George Soal paralleled that of Rhine. The great majority of parapsychological studies have focused on the area called extrasensory perception (ESP), which includes telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. The popular press often reports stories that are parapsychological in nature. Many scientists criticize the claims made by parapsychologists, arguing in particular that there can be no proof of such phenomena.

10. Michael Daniels Homepage
Transpersonal psychology, Jungian psychology, parapsychology, psychology Bookshop, Psychic Stunts
Michael Daniels Homepage Michael Daniels Homepage

club Montée Adventure Events http// health/alternative psychology/parapsychology Writer - http// Institute Tardemah.

alternative-psychology parapsychology
add site
Foundations of Theistic Science: The Theory of Spirit, Mind and Nature from Theism, with approaches through physics, ...
Rational Scientific Theories from Theism
Site includes apparitions of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, who killed JFK,what non-Christian group owns most of the...
Catholic Books and Tapes
Joyce Rennolds known Internationally as a Motivator of One or A Thousand is available to speak to your organization, chu...
Motivator, Intuitive, RoHun Therapist, Author, Minister
Bakersfield's Underground newspaper covers all sorts of spiritual, psychological, health and fitness. Come take a look ...
The Blackboard - Bakersfield's Underground Newspaper
You'll find more on my hompage. alternative medical treatments cultural events like celtic, midage, barock,evenings and games with authentic actors, music, food and shamanic - spiritu...

12. The Psychology Bookshop - Parapsychology
The psychology Bookshop. Recommended books on parapsychology All psychology. Transpersonal psychology. Jungian psychology. parapsychology. parapsychology. Michael Daniels and Historical. Experimental parapsychology. Survival. Skeptical Approaches
com tp All Psychology
Transpersonal Psychology

Jungian Psychology

Michael Daniels, PhD
Top Recommendations
General and Historical

Experimental Parapsychology
... Explore Parapsychology Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Toys Consumer Electronics Keywords: Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Software PC and Video Games Keywords:
Top Recommendations
IRWIN, H.J. (1999). Introduction to Parapsychology, 3rd Edition. Excellent and comprehensive textbook on parapsychology. Highly recommended Info / Buy it
( Info / Buy it
( Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence. Comprehensive, scholarly and balanced review of research and theory into a wide range of anomalous experiences, including lucid dreams, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, past-life experiences, healing, and psi, . Highly recommended.

Like in all other areas of science, parapsychology has narrowed down its Reductionism/Epiphenomenalism has long been a pet notion of psychology, specially in
personal survival after death
PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH When the Society for Psychical Research (S.P.R.) was founded in 1882 research into phenomena and experiences suggesting personal survival of man after death took a high priority. Its findings were constantly under fire from the scientific establishment, which frowned even upon the notion psychical research being considered a science - after all paranormal phenomena did not exist at all! A belief still cherished. Investigators of the S.P.R. became so influenced by these attacks and were so eager to find favour in the eyes of their antagonists that they began to take over their condemning attitude. A common psychological trait - the oppressed identifying themselves with the worst characteristics of their tormentors. Supernatural phenomena are still being dismissed by the academic community. Influenced by recent breaktroughs leading to an explanation of some mysteries, they have come to the conclusion that science will explain all eventually. Scientists, who would not dare to trespass in fields outside their speciality for fear of being torn apart by fellow academics, feel free to make all sorts of pronouncements in the media on subjects in the domain of parapsychological research, of which they have no knowledge whatsoever.

14. Philosophy, Parapsychology And Occultism, Psychology - Canadian Information By S
Subject Order. What s New? About. 1 Philosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology. 100 Philosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology.

Search Alphabetical Order Subject Order ... About
Canadian Information By Subject
Canadian Information By Subject
1 Philosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology
Philosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology
Parapsychology and occultism

Specific philosophical schools and viewpoints

Modern western and other non-eastern philosophy
Philosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology
Philosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology
Parapsychology and occultism
Specific topics in parapsychology and occultism
Specific philosophical schools and viewpoints

15. American Association For Parapsychology
Individuals interested in obtaining an external degree (BS, MS, Ph.D.) in Holistic Studies Transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, Metaphysics, Clinical

American Association for Parapsychology
What is
... Order Form
The American Association for Parapsychology was established in 1971, to provide a better understanding of the scientific basis for extrasensory perception, and to assist in the development of a viable science, by reducing erroneous and preconceived ideas about psychical phenomena and their occurrences.
For more than three decades, the AAP has helped to bridge the gap between the laboratory research of academic parapsychology and the experimental ESP participation among layman, by offering public education and instruction into the psychical world, through study of A Complete Course in Parapsychology
AAP Membership is open to all individuals regardless of previous training and includes a ten hour audio cassette course, A Complete Course in Parapsychology , offering the histories, theories, experimental data, experiences, and practical methods of development of human experiences of an extrasensory nature: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Hypnosis and Sensory Awareness, Psychometry (Psychoscopy), Psychokinesis, Dermo-Optical Perception, Radiesthesia, the Human Aura, Spiritual Healing and the Medium. Also included is a Certificate of Membership and Diploma in Parapsychology, suitable for framing, indicating your interest and participation in studies and activities dedicated to the advancement of human understanding.
For individuals who wish to receive training and certification as a Parapsychologist, it is recommended that they complete the American Association for Parapsychology, "

16. Gale Encyclopedia Of Psychology Parapsychology
You are Here Articles Gale Encyclopedia of psychology Article. parapsychology. Gale Encyclopedia of psychology. Continued from page 1.

17. Psychology
Based within psychology, members of the Liverpool Hope parapsychology Research Group are involved in experimental research, phenomenological research
go to side nav go to content Undergraduate ... BPS Conversion Course Information Staff News Links Internal External Hope PsychSoc Research Parapsychology Research People Media ... Contact

Extra-sensory perception (ESP) experiences can be varied and may include experiences suggestive of telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition. Telepathic experiences suggest an ability for individuals to communicate with each other when other means of communication are ruled out. Clairvoyance experiences suggest an ability to acquire information directly from hidden sources. Precognitive experiences suggest an ability to acquire information from sources that are in the future. Experiences suggestive of psychokinesis (PK) appear to reflect the direct interaction between mental intentions and the physical environment. Due to the difficulties associated with distinguishing ostensible ESP and PK effects, parapsychologists typically use the less value-laden term psi (the Greek letter
Other experiences studied by the group include experiences that suggest that human personality or consciousness may exist outside of a physical body. For example, members of the group study out-of-body experiences, mediumship phenomena, and haunting phenomena.

18. Psychology
Charles Tart s site. Professor Charles Tart is one of the most prolific researchers in parapsychology and transpersonal psychology.
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Below are links to a selection of websites, online experiments, and journal articles, which are worth exploring. If you would like to suggest a website to add to this list, please email Matthew Smith
Parapsychological Association

American Society for Psychical Research
. Provides information about the ASPR and its publications.
Society for Psychical Research

Parapsychology Foundation

The Society for Scientific Exploration
The SSE is dedicated to "the study of all questions that are amenable to scientific investigation without restriction". The site includes information about the Society, meetings, and the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Online experiments
Psi quiz
. Test your ESP and your knowledge of the paranormal at the same time!

19. Books On-line: Call Numbers Starting With BF
The OnLine Books Page. Call Numbers Starting With BF. BF psychology (incl. parapsychology and the Occult). psychology and Industrial

20. Books On Parapsychology And Magic From University Of Hertfordshire Press
Richard Wiseman is a Senior Lecturer in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, specialising in the psychology of deception and parapsychology.
the psychology of deception
Magicians recognise that an understanding of psychology is an important part of being an effective magician and parapsychologists are aware that conjuring techniques have been used to fabricate paranormal phenomena. This book will appeal to both. Magic in theory: an introduction to the theoretical and psychological elements of conjuring; Peter Lamont and Richard Wiseman. Magic, properly performed, is a complex and skilful art, and is capable of deceiving anyone but magicians are understandably reluctant to expose conjuring methods. Magic is a secretive business. However, there is more to magic than the specific secret that lies behind the specific trick. Psychology is central to the art of deception, and magicians recognise that an understanding of the psychology of magic is an important part of being an effective magician. Psychologists have studied magic for over a century, and parapsychologists are aware that conjuring techniques have been used to fabricate paranormal phenomena. This is the first book to present the theoretical and psychological elements of magic in a way that is accessible to a non-technical readership.

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