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         Paralympics Olympic History:     more detail
  1. U.S. Olympic and Paralympic training site.(Lakeshore Foundation): An article from: Palaestra by Jeff Underwood, 2003-09-22
  2. Special Olympics and Paralympics: A First Book by Lorraine Henriod, 1979-04
  3. Athlete First: A History of the Paralympic Movement by Steve Bailey, 2008-02-25
  4. Carving a trail: A history of skiing in Utah by Sally Graves Jackson, 2001

1. The Olympic Games
A listing of annotated links on the Winter olympics and paralympics. These are meant as a resources for teachers to help prepare thematic lesson plans and activities. on everything imaginable related to the Winter olympics and the paralympics. These are in PDF format thus ensure and the olympics" is a history of olympic amateur sport in Canada
T h e O l y m p i c G a m e s
Athens 2004 - Official Web site - History, schedule, information on all olympic sports, etc. The site is available in English, French, and Greek. The Olympic Museum - A good source of information on past Summer and Winter Olympic Games with interesting fact sheets, photos, and video clips. "Were the ancient games better than ours? More fair and square? More about sports and less about money? Are modern games more sexist? More political? Have we strayed from the ancient Olympic ideal? " The First Olympic Games : Athens, 1896 Book published in 1896. Olympics Through Time Athletic events from prehistory to 1896. Includes an extensive glossary. Hellenic Culture - This web site of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture providing information on ancient Olympia , its museum and the collection for the Olympic games , about the Olympic games in ancient Greece and the athletic events The Ancient Olympics "In this exhibit, you can compare ancient and modern Olympic sports, tour the site of Olympia as it looks today, learn about the context of the Games and the Olympic spirit, or read about the Olympic athletes who were famous in ancient times."

2. History Of The Paralympics - 2002 Winter Olympics Coverage
Deseret News and KSL coverage of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter olympic Games history of the paralympics. 1944 Sir Ludwig Guttman, a spinalinjury specialist, was after the Summer olympic Games, the first time the paralympics were officially connected,3949,70001790,00.html

Events schedule

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E-mail a copy of this story History of the Paralympics
  • 1944: Sir Ludwig Guttman, a spinal-injury specialist, was appointed director of the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which was established to help soldiers injured in World War II. He believed sport was a method of therapy, bolstering the physical strength and self-respect of the disabled.
  • 1948: Guttman organized the first international competition for the disabled. The International Wheelchair Games coincided with the 1948 London Olympic Games.
  • 1952: Competitions for the disabled continued to grow. Guttman's Stoke Mandeville Games for the disabled and wheelchair-bound drew 130 international competitors.
  • 1960: The first Paralympic Games were held in Rome, after the Summer Olympic Games, the first time the Paralympics were officially connected with the Olympic movement. Some 400 wheelchair athletes from 23 countries competed.
  • 1968: Paralympics were held in Israel.
  • 1976: Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, hosted the first Paralympic Winter Games. Fourteen nations were represented by 250 athletes.
  • 1980: Geilo, Norway, hosted the second Paralympic Winter Games.

3. Olympic Web Sites
http// home.html Journal E olympic history relive olympics from years past on this cool site filled with captioned photos and videos
Olympics Web Sites Sydney, Australia Summer 2000


Past Olympic Games
Mr. Farley's Bookmarks
Sydney, Australia Summer 2000
Official Site of the Sydney 2000 Olympics

Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
- official site
NBC Sydney 2000 Olympics Site
- NBC is the official network for viewing the Olympics in the U.S.
The Unofficial Guide to the Sydney Games

World Wide Press Coverage
- Sydney 2000 World Wide Press Coverage of the Olympic Games
ABC News Online: Olympics
- news stories on the Olympics from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation AP Wire News's Olympic Site 2004 Athens Olympic Games - official site of the organizing committee of the 2004 Olympic Games Sports A to Z - need the facts about a sport like archery, rollerskating, or water polo? Choose your sport and get news, info, and a QuickTime video clip from the U.S. Olympic Committee Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games - official site all about the fierce competition among thousands of elite athletes with disabilities. Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: Kids Zone - explore the many 'zones' of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. You can learn about how the games affect the environment, the science and technology behind them, the various cultures involved in the games, and much more!

4. Olympic Resources
THE olympicS THROUGH TIME. olympic history Kodak has created a photographic history of the modern the 2002 Paralympic Games. paralympics Where Heroes Comehttp//www.epsb.edmonton
Olympic Resources
W INTER OLYMPICS 2002: READY REFERENCE RESOURCES OLYMPICS RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS, WITH PROJECT SUGGESTIONS THE FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES 1896 ... Olympic History Kodak has created a photographic history of the modern Olympics. This site has some stunning images connected to a timeline. WHAT IS THE HISTORY AND MEANING OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES ANCIENT OLYMPIC EVENTS THE OLYMPIC GAMES ANCIENT OLYMPICS FAQ'S ... A TOUR OF ANCIENT OLYMPIA A cultural and historical overview of the ancient games including detailed information of the diverse sports played. Stories of some famous ancient athletes are available. Olympics Through Time Take a journey through time and learn about
the history of the Olympic Games from Ancient
Greece when athletic contests were held during
religious ceremonies until the First International
Olympic Games in 1896. OLYMPIC GLORY OLYMPIAKA Easton English Online: Olympics This site targets the Olympics and sports vocabulary by providing links to Olympic lesson plans and foreign language sites for sports vocabulary.

5. - Olympic History - Modern History - Paralympics
history The man who invented the paralympics was the English neurosurgeon Sir LudwigGuttman. On 28 july 1948, the opening day of the London olympic Games, a
Home OLYMPIC WINNERS 2004 NEWS 2004 Athens ... Paralympics
Paralympics history
The man who invented the Paralympics was the English neurosurgeon Sir Ludwig Guttman. On 28 july 1948, the opening day of the London Olympic Games, a sports competition for World War II veterans with spinal cord injuries was held and twelve years later, in Rome, Italy, 1960, Guttman's “impossible” dream came true when the first disabled persons entered the Olympics.
The word "Paralympics" stand for "parallel" Olympics and is open for disabled athletes. From 1988 in Seoul, Korea, the Paralympic Summer Games has been held in the same year as the Olympics. The Paralympicsd are for athletes from six different disability groups.
Paralympic Summer Games
In Rome in 1960 400 athletes from 23 countries participated. Forty years later in Sydney 4,000 athletes from 128 countries participated in 18 sports making Sydney the biggest Paralympics ever. From 1988 in Seoul, Korea, the Paralympics have been taken place at the same venues as the Olympics.

6. One Leg Up Campaign
Become A Part of olympic history Join the One Leg Up campaign we make a bid for the 20004 paralympics in Athens, Greece paralympics. In the Soling campaign, up against America's Cup skipper Ed
Over the past four years, Tom Brown has led a three-person team in the 27' Soling class sailboat in preparation for the 2002 Olympics. Simultaneously, he began a 2.4mR class campaign to compete in the Paralympics. In the Soling campaign, up against America's Cup skipper Ed Baird and other sailing elite, Brown's crew finished among the top six boats at the Olympic Trials, and conceded the Olympic berth to Soling World Champion Jeff Madrigali. In the 2.4mR Trials, competition was just as furious between many long-time sailors. After a seven race series, Tom Brown won the regatta by a record nine points and headed for the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney, Australia where he took home the Bronze medal. Since 1952, the Paralympics have followed two weeks after the Olympics, and have included identical sports in identical venues. The difference; all of the atheletes have some sort of physical disability ranging from blindness to quadriplegia. The 2000 Paralympics involved over 4,000 athletes from 125 countries competing in 41 sports for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Tom Brown proudly represented the United States, returning with a Bronze medal inthe 2.4mR event. Having lost his left leg when he was 10 years old, Tom has been forced to make many adaptions and concessions during both sailing campaigns, but has never changed his goal of proving that he ranks among the best sailors in the world. This is the focus of his

7. - Olympic History - Modern History
paralympics What Coubertin meant for the modern olympic Games the Englishneurosurgeon Sir Ludwig Guttman has meant for the paralympics.
Home OLYMPIC WINNERS 2004 NEWS 2004 Athens ... Paralympics
The number one sporting event in the world
The Olympic Games is the number one sporting event in the world and attracts the largest world-wide audiences in television. in year 2000 over one billion (1,000,000,000) people in the world watched the Olympic Games from Sydney. In 1896 when the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens 13 countries participated, 311 participants and nine sports with 41 events. In Sydney year 2000 there was 200 countries, 15.300 participated of which 10.200 were athletes and on the agenda was 28 sports with 157 events. In the first modern Olympic Games there were very few women athletes, today almost half the athletes are women. The Olympic Games in Athens will be the 28th.
IOC choose the host city
The Olympic Games are hosted every four year by a city which is chosen seven years prior by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) . Even if it is not a country that host the Games the city must be approved by the National Olympic Committee and has the support of its people and all its political authorities on local as well as national level.
Athletics oath
During the Opening Ceremonies one selected athlete from the organizing country represents all others. The athlete is taking an oath promising to abide by the rules in the true spirit of sportsmanship:

8. ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games
Details of event held in Greece two weeks after the olympic Games. Sports, history, classifications, training guide and tickets.

9. Buffalo And Western New York Olympic History
pg 12 alumni class briefs Journal of olympic history, vol 11 for March by theUS olympic Committee The paralympics are the olympics for physically disabled
Olympic History from Buffalo and Western New York
News... History
This page is maintained by Tim Evans, a member of the International Society of Olympic Historians. You can e-mail me at The 2004 Athens Olympics Boxer Nick Casal turns pro .... last updated 3-28-04 (from "Casal turns pro, signs with Finkel" By TIM GRAHAM Buffalo News 3/27/2004) Boxer Nick Casal dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal from the time he was a child growing up in Niagara Falls. Now, an injury has forced him to abandon that dream and turn professional. IN January of 2004, Casal was hurt durring the U.S. National Championships, and will not be able to make the Olympic team. Instead 18-year-old Junior Welterweight turned professional in March, signing a multi year contract with manager Shelly Finkel. Durring a sucessful amateur career, Casal won the 2002 National Junior Olympics the 2003 "under 19" World Chamtpionship and several New York State Golden Gloves Tiltles. None of the Buffalo/Rochester area sailors managed to qualify for the 2004 Olympics in recent trials at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Houston, Texas. In Florida the weekend of 3-21-4, Kathleen Tocke and Jodie Swanson finished 4th in the Yngling Class and 5th in the European Class respectively. Both are members of the storied Buffalo Canoe Club. Also missing the cut were Cory Sertl of Rochester who was a member of Jodie Swanson's crew, and Kurt Taulbee of Williamsville, who finished 12th in the Laser Class last November in Houston.

10. - 2000 Paralympics - A Brief History Of The Paralympics - Wednesday Oc
Sports Memorabilia. TeamStore. paralympics history. Click here for more on this story were always, even before the first olympicstyle competition for athletes with disabilities
World Sports Paralympics Home Schedule ...
Swimsuit 2001

Fantasy Central

Inside Game

Multimedia Central

Work in Sports GROUP
Sports Illustrated
Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore Paralympics history
Click here for more on this story Posted: Wednesday October 18, 2000 11:42 AM Courtesy of, Official Webcaster of the 2000 Paralympic Games By David Rosner The Paralympic Games parallel the story of disability sports not just in terms of evolution (from rehabilitation to competition), but of revolution (to high-performance sport). It's the story of a movement that knows no limits, no confines, no boundaries, only ever-expanding possibilities. Of course, the Paralympic Games weren't always the peak of elite competition, weren't always the world's largest sports event after the Olympics, weren't always the fastest-growing movement in international sports. But they were always, even before the first Olympic-style competition for athletes with disabilities debuted in 1960, infused with the Paralympic spirit. That Paralympic spirit can be traced to 1948 when Sir Ludwig Guttmann, a German-born neurosurgeon who emigrated to England in 1939 as a refugee from Nazi occupation, organized an athletic competition in Stoke Mandeville for World War II veterans with spinal cord injuries. Four years earlier, at the British government's request to open Stoke Mandeville Hospital's National Spinal Injury Centre, mainly to treat wounded servicemen, Dr. Guttmann had introduced a new medical approach embracing sport as a paramount therapy in the total rehabilitation of paralyzed patients. What began as rehabilitative recreation evolved into athletic competition-with Guttmann emerging as "The Father of Disabled Sport."

11. Paralympic History
to date, second only to the olympic Games. participated, making this the largest Gamesin Paralympic history. The paralympics truly signifies all that is right
The Paralympic History Overview
The Paralympics are a multi-sport, multi-disability competition of elite, world-class, disabled athletes. Although similar in scope to the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games provide an elite competition opportunity to athletes with a functional disability, which precludes their involvement in open competition of the Olympic Games. Paralympic athletes go through rigorous training year-round to prepare for their respective events. They are the best of the best, who through determination and hard work, earn the honor of representing the United States on the competitive playing field at the Paralympic Games. The Paralympic Games are held approximately two weeks after the Olympic Games in the same host city/country. The Paralympic Games are distinctly different than the Special Olympic World Games. The two, which are often confused as one in the same, are totally separate competitions. Each Games are developed by entirely different organizations which have different objectives. The Paralympic Games provide world-class competition for elite disabled athletes at the highest level. Much like Olympians, Paralympians compete for gold, silver and bronze medals against the best-disabled athletes in the world. Special Olympics International focuses on participation of everyone and involves athletes from ages 8 to 80 with mental retardation. All participants are considered winners and receive medals. The first Paralympic Games was held in Rome, Italy in 1960. Four hundred athletes from 23 countries participated. Since its humble beginnings, the Paralympics has blossomed and grown in size and complexity. The Paralympic Games is part and parcel of the Olympic Games. The Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee organized the 1988 Paralympics to be held in the Olympic venues two weeks after the Olympic Games. Barcelona and Lillehammer followed suit hosting the summer and winter Paralympic Games respectively, utilizing a similar time frame.

12. Useful Olympic Web Sites
Salt Lake 2002 paralympics. The VIII Paralympic Winter Games will be held March 716, 2002 Olympiads are and read about olympic history, symbols, athletes, issues, past games, and

13. Kostas Z Foundation : : : Paralympics : : : History Of The Paralympics
history OF THE paralympics. Since their humble beginnings, the paralympics have blossomedand grown in size Games are part and parcel of The olympic Games and

14. ThinkQuest : Library : Unusual Sports In The Olympics
history. The International olympic Committee supports the paralympics and they aregoverned by the International Paralympic Committee. One Athlete.
Index Olympic Games
Unusual Sports in the Olympics
Everyone has heard of figure skating and gymnastics, but how many people know the thrill of racing down an ice covered track on a sled or the beauty of water ballet? This web site explores the "unusual sports in the Olympics:" the ones that may not get much press attention, but that have dedicated athletes just the same. After visiting this informative and interactive site, you won't see the Olympics in the same light again. Visit Site 2000 ThinkQuest USA Awards Gold Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

15. ThinkQuest : Library : Paralympic Games
Paralympic history. Have you ever wondered if disabled people have any worldwidesporting events in which to compete? The paralympics are olympic Games
Index Differently-abled
Paralympic Games
The website our team created and submitted presents information about the International Paralympic Games. Our site has 10 main links. Visit Site 2001 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

16. The Olympic Games;; Olympiad Portal history of Winter olympic Gamesmemorabilia and collectibles auction; Salt Lake 2002 paralympics; Society of
@import url(../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics : This is a purely informational, educational, and non-commercial site about the Olympic Games and therefore it is NOT affiliated with the Olympics or the IOC. All pictures, logos, trademarks and symbols are properties of the Olympic Movement and are used here for identification purposes only. This site is for personal use only. Questions? E-mail Us
Olympic Links
Olympic Links
Paris, France
St Louis, USA
London, UK
Stockholm, Sweden
Antwerp, Belgium
Paris, France
Amsterdam, Netherlands

17. Gunston Middle School Library - Olympic Research Web Site
olympic history. Kodak has created a photographic history of the modernolympics. Sports Illustrated 2002 Winter olympics. paralympics.
Olympic Research Sites General History Salt Lake City 2002 Paralympics ... Sydney 2000
General Sites
"Welcome to the Gateway to the Winter Games" - information for students and teachers. USA TODAY offers lessons, daily activities and will have a reporter at the Games with special coverage of individual sports. This section of the Easton English Online site targets the Olympics and sports vocabulary. The site also contains links to Olympic lesson plans and foreign language sites for sports vocabulary.
  • United States Olympic Committee
The official site of the US Olympic committee - who are your favorite US athletes? The official site of the IOC - find out about future Olympics.
Olympic History
  • Ancient Olympics
    A cultural and historical overview of the ancient games including detailed information of the diverse sports played. Stories of some famous ancient athletes are available.

18. History Of The Parallel Olympics (Paralympics)
history of the Paralympic Games The forerunner to the modern Paralympic Games wasa hospital, Dr Ludwig Guttmann, to coincide with the 1948 London olympic Games
This history courtesy of the Sydney Paralympic Organizing Committee History of the Paralympic Games
The forerunner to the modern Paralympic Games was a sports competition held at Stoke Mandeville in England more than 50 years ago - July 1948 - for mainly ex-Servicemen in wheelchairs. It was organized by a neurosurgeon at the Stoke Mandeville hospital, Dr Ludwig Guttmann, to coincide with the 1948 London Olympic Games. Dr Guttmann is often labeled the 'Father of Disabled Sport' or the Paralympic version of the Olympic movement's Pierre de Coubertin, who founded the modern Olympic Games in 1896. From the 1948 Stoke Mandeville competition grew the need to organize proper sporting events for athletes with a disability. The first Paralympic Games was held in Rome in 1960 - the Games of the I (first) Paralympiad. The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games will be the Games of the XI Paralympiad - celebrating its 40th anniversary while the Olympic Games celebrates its 104th year. Although the Paralympic Games is a much younger movement than the Olympic Games, it is growing dramatically. The word 'Paralympic' comes from the word 'parallel' and not 'paraplegic'. It means the Games 'parallel' to the Olympic Games in terms of being the key international competition for athletes with a disability - as the Olympics is for able-bodied athletes. The 1960 Rome Paralympic Games had 400 athletes from 23 countries but only one disability category - wheelchair - was represented. Six sports were played.

19. Topics In Sport - Olympic Games
history of the Olympics. Sydney Olympics and paralympics material including SydneyOlympic Organising Committee documents – results books, competition manuals
Olympic Games
Other Topics

Looking for Sport Information?

INTRODUCTION This page includes:

20. Australian Sports Commission - Sydney 2000 Games Site - FAQ
Previous Australian Flag Bearers at AOC site under Australian olympic history; Wholit AIS and the olympics/paralympics Check what we have gathered on the AIS
Australian Sports Commission - Sydney 2000 Games Site Frequently Asked Questions - Olympics Sydney Olympics
  • Number of sports at Sydney - 28 (Waterpolo/Diving/Swimming and Synchronised Swimming are grouped as Aquatics) Sydney 2000 has medal events ( for women/ for men and mixed competition) up for grabs in 31 separate sports (official count is often 28 as swimming, waterpolo, diving and synchronised swimming are broadly called "aquatic sports) Number of new sports - two triathlon and taekwondo (previously demonstration sport at Barcelona) Number of events - 300 (271 events in Atlanta) New events at Sydney No of countries - 199 National Olympic Committees plus East Timor under IOC Flag. Afghanistan not coming. Total number of Australian athletes = 626 (283 women, 343 men) Total number of AIS athletes = 319 ( 214 current, 105 former) Number of medals to be won Countries competing for the first time 2000 Olympics - centenary of women at the Olympics Olympic Medals design and details for Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch design and details for Sydney 2000 Olympic Mascots design and details for Sydney 2000 Youngest Competitor - Fatema Gerashi (Bahrain) (DOB 26th March 1988) in the Women's 50m Freestyle.

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