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  1. D&B Country RiskLine Report: Paraguay by D&B, 2007-12-19
  2. Paraguay Recent Economic and Political Developments Yearbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library) by USA International Business Publications, 2007-05
  3. Paraguay Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook (World Investment and Business Guide Library)
  4. D&B Export Guide: Paraguay by D&B, 2007-08-07
  5. Paraguay Country Study Guide (World Business and Investment Opportunities Library)
  6. Rural Tourism In The Americas And Its Contribution To Job Creation and Heritage Conversation/ El Turismo Rural En Las Americas y Su Contribucion a la Creacion ... Asincion Paraguay 12-13 de Mayo de 2003
  7. So happy together or better off alone? Women's economic activities, cooperative work, and empowerment in rural Paraguay.: An article from: Journal of the Community Development Society by Patricia J. Cohn, Matthew S. Carroll, et all 2003-01-01
  8. Letters on Paraguay: comprising an account of a four years' residence in that republic, under the government of The Dictator Francia. by J. P. and W. P. Robertson, 1838
  9. The Stroessner Regime and Indigenous Resistance in Paraguay by RENE HARDER HORST, 2007-06-03
  10. Paraguay Business & Investment Opportunities Yearbook by USA International Business Publications, 2006-05-13
  11. Strangers Become Neighbors: Mennonite and Indigenous Relations in the Paraguayan Chaco (Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite history) by Calvin Wall Redekop, 1981-04
  12. Der Cabildo von Asuncion: Stadtverwaltung u. stadt. Oberschicht in d. 1. Halfte d. 18. Jh. (1690-1730) (Europaische Hochschulschriften : Reihe 3, Geschichte und ihre Hilfswissenschaften) by Hildegard Kruger, 1979
  13. La Plata, the Argentine Confederation, and Paraguay: Being a narrative of the exploration of the tributaries of the River La Plata and adjacent countries ... the orders of the United States government by Thomas Jefferson Page, 1873
  14. An account, historical, political, and statistical, of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata: With an appendix, concerning the usurpation of Monte Video by the Portuguese and Brazilian governments by Ignacio Nuñez, 1825

81. Paraguay - Atlapedia Online
OFFICIAL NAME Republic of paraguay CAPITAL Asuncion SYSTEM OF government MultipartyRepublic AREA 406,752 Sq Km (157,048 Sq Mi) ESTIMATED 2000 POPULATION
OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Paraguay
CAPITAL: Asuncion
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Multiparty Republic
AREA: 406,752 Sq Km (157,048 Sq Mi)
ESTIMATED 2000 POPULATION: Paraguay is a landlocked country located in the heart of South America. It is bound by Bolivia and Brazil to the north and Argentina to the south. The country is divided into two topographical regions by the Paraguay River, with 60% of the land west and north of the river. (1.) Occidental or Western Paraguay which is a waterless prairie covered by dry grass and shadeless trees. (2.) Eastern Paraguay also known as Paraguay Proper consists of sparse plains, broad valleys and rolling hills. Rivers dominate the country's natural features and the three principal rivers are the Paraguay, Parana and Pilcomayo while the largest lakes are Lake Ypoa and Lake Ypacarai. Major Cities (pop. est.); Asuncion 502,400, Ciudad del Este 133,900, San Lorenzo 133,300, Lambare 99,700, Fernando de la Mora 95,300 (1992). Land Use; forested 32%, pastures 55%, agricultural-cultivated 6%, other 7% (1993). CLIMATE: Paraguay has two climatic zones. (1.) A temperate climate which is experienced by 66% of the country and is characterized by mild conditions. (2.) A tropical climate with hot and humid conditions which is experienced by 33% of the country. The prevailing summer wind is the hot Sirocco from the northeast while the cold Pompero is experienced in winter. Average annual precipitation in the east is around 2,030 mm (80 inches) and diminishes westward to an average of 1,190 mm (47 inches). Average temperature ranges in Asuncion are from 12 to 22 degrees Celsius (54 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit) in June to 22 to 35 degrees Celsius (72 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit) in January.

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  • Political Database of the Americas
    Information about the executive, legislative and judicial branches, electoral system and political parties by Georgetown University.
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  • Proparaguay
    General Direction of Export and Investment Promotion, is an institution depending on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose purpose is to promote Paraguayan exports of non-traditional products and the investment of national and foreign capital in support of Paraguays economic development.
  • 83. Paraguay Law & Government
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    85. The EU's Relations With Paraguay - Overview
    On 1 July 2001, the European Commission and the government of Paraguaysigned a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation. The
    en Europa European Commission European Union in the World ... Site The EU's relations with Paraguay Overview Country Strategy Paper Overview Latest update: February 2004 Country Strategy Paper
    Fifth EC-Paraguay Joint Committee

    Visit of Commissioner Lamy to Mercosur (December 2003)
  • Political context ... General data
  • Political context The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country bordered by Bolivia to the north-west and north, Brazil to the north-east and east, and Argentina to the south-east, south, and west. It has a total area of 406,750 square kilometres. The national capital is Asunción, which is located on the east bank of the Paraguay River opposite the mouth of its primary western tributary, the Pilcomayo River. Its population of 5,8 million concentrates mainly in the Eastern region; 47% of it lives in rural areas. Paraguay is a constitutional democracy whose Constitution was ratified on 22 June 1992. Article 1 establishes that Paraguay is an independent and free Republic and its government system a representative democracy. The Constitution recognises the three pillars of the Paraguayan State: the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial Branches. It also establishes a set of civic, political and social rights, including citizen’s guarantees. Paraguay has a presidential and bicameral parliamentary system.

    86. Paraguay
    In 1995, the government also promised to undertake efforts to formalize the paraguay scontinued integration into Mercosur also offers potential for growth; it
    Asset Pricing Research
    Geography People Government Economy ... Defense Forces Geography Location: Central South America, northeast of Argentina Geographic coordinates: 23 00 S, 58 00 W Map references: South America Area: total area: 406,750 sq km land area: 397,300 sq km comparative area: slightly smaller than California Land boundaries: total: 3,920 km border countries: Argentina 1,880 km, Bolivia 750 km, Brazil 1,290 km Coastline: km (landlocked) Maritime claims: none (landlocked) International disputes: short section of the boundary with Brazil, just west of Salto del Guaira (Guaira Falls) on the Rio Parana, has not been determined Climate: subtropical; substantial rainfall in the eastern portions, becoming semiarid in the far west Terrain: grassy plains and wooded hills east of Rio Paraguay; Gran Chaco region west of Rio Paraguay mostly low, marshy plain near the river, and dry forest and thorny scrub elsewhere lowest point: junction of Rio Paraguay and Rio Parana 46 m highest point: Cerro San Rafael 850 m Natural resources: hydropower, timber, iron ore, manganese, limestone

    87. Destinations/South America/Paraguay/Government
    Directory for Travel and Tourism.

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    Political Database of the Americas
    Information about the executive, legislative and judicial branches, electoral system and political parties by Georgetown University. Rate It Review It Details

    General Direction of Export and Investment Promotion, is an institution depending on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose purpose is to promote Paraguayan exports of non-traditional products and the investment of national and foreign capital in support of Paraguays economic development. Rate It Review It Details TRAVEL-HOME ... LOGIN Some content provided by Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor var et_easy = 1; var et_ssl = 0; var et_pagename = ""; var et_areas = ""; var et_ilevel = 0;

    Area of the Americas Policy Briefs Trade Promotion Authority. paraguaygovernment. Office of the President government of paraguay.

    Congressional Testimony
    Free Trade Area of the Americas Policy Briefs Trade Promotion Authority
    Paraguay Government
    Office of the President

    Government of Paraguay

    89. Paraguay News -
    paraguay s government made payments totaling US$270,000 Wednesday to 34 formerpolitical prisoners and other victims of Gen. See also South America.
    Friday, June 11, 2004 Paraguay News Search State/National US News Dept Of Energy EPA FCC ... by country Improve your site Add these news headlines to your website -
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    FTA with Paraguay being pursued
    Taipei Times - Tuesday May 25 - Chen said Taiwanese busi-nesses could use Paraguay as a springboard to tap into the vast Southern Common Market, which is made up of Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. See also: South America
    Reuters - April 27, 2004 - See also: South America Paraguay pays dictatorship victims
    CNN - April 8, 2004 - Paraguay's government made payments totaling US$270,000 Wednesday to 34 former political prisoners and other victims of Gen. See also: South America Stars left frustrated
    ESPN - April 1, 2004 - Brazil's coach and players admitted to a sense of frustration after their 0-0 draw with Paraguay in Wednesday's World Cup qualifier. See also: Sports South America More Sports World Soccer ... U.S. Says No Evidence of Al Qaida Presence in Tri-border Region of... - February 12, 2004 - The U.S. State Department says it has no "credible information" confirming an established presence of the al-Qaida terrorist organization in the area where the borders of Paraguay, ...

    90. Government @ - Local Links And Information, Government Arts And E
    Sites Constitution of paraguay A translated version of paraguay s constitutionand some notes on the history and background of the paraguayan government.

    Paraguay : Government
    Paraguay World Web
      Constitution of Paraguay
      A translated version of Paraguay's constitution and some notes on the history and background of the Paraguayan government. Paraguay Embassys and cConsulates
      Searcheable diplomacy database from and in Paraguay with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, links, information of diplomatic posts worldwide in English, German and Spanish.

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    91. Paraguay Country Analysis Brief
    Links to other US government sites CIA World Factbook paraguay US State DepartmentBackground Notes paraguay paraguay - US State Department - Consular
    Home Country Analysis Briefs Paraguay Country Analysis Brief PDF version PDB version January 2004 Background Oil Natural Gas Electricity ... Links Paraguay
    Paraguay has no known oil or natural gas reserves but is a major producer and exporter of hydroelectric power. Paraguay is a member of MERCOSUR, the Southern Cone Common Market. Note: Information contained in this report is the best available as of January 2004 and can change.
    The Republic of Paraguay is heavily integrated with the economies of its neighboring MERCOSUR members Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Paraguay has vast hydropower potential, with two large hydroelectric plants Itaipu, the largest in the world, and Yacyreta. Paraguay’s economy depends heavily on agriculture, hydroelectricity generation, and trade with its neighboring countries. Accordingly, Paraguay's economy is highly sensitive to regional trends. For instance, the financial crises that took place in Argentina and Brazil in 2001 adversely affected Paraguayan economic growth. In 2001, Paraguay's real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by only 1.0%, followed by a 3.9% contraction in 2002. Paraguay's economy contracted 2% in 2003. On August 15, 2003, Nicanor Duarte Frutos was inaugurated as Paraguay's new president. On entering office, Duarte Frutos pledged to crack down on corruption and to stimulate the sluggish economy. Resumption of economic growth will likely depend on whether the economic recoveries in Argentina and Brazil are sustained.

    92. Committee On The Elimination Of Discrimination Against Women, Concluding Observa
    In introducing the combined report, the representative of paraguay noted that since adoptionof a new Constitution and the election of a civilian government.
    Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, Concluding Observations: Paraguay, U.N. Doc. A/51/38, paras. 105-133 (1996).
    105. The Committee considered the initial and second periodic reports of Paraguay (CEDAW/C/PAR/1-2 and Add.1 and 2) at its 289th and 297th meetings, on 17 and 23 January 1996 (see CEDAW/C/SR.289 and 297). The Committee took note of the answers given orally to the wide range of questions and concerns raised during consideration of the report.
    106. In introducing the combined report, the representative of Paraguay noted that since 1992 a number of important political changes had taken place in the country. She emphasized the adoption of a new Constitution and the election of a civilian Government. In 1992, the position of Secretary of State for Women was established.
    107. The representative indicated that in the new Constitution the principle of equality had been adopted and the relevant international instruments had been ratified. This allowed the creation of a body of law on equality between women and men. However, disparities in equality in legislation still existed.
    108. The representative gave details of several programmes that the Government, non-governmental organizations and women's organizations had been implementing. Despite gains made in women's education, 6 out of 10 illiterate persons in the country were women, mainly from rural areas, and the levels of school retention were very low, especially for girls. The country had one of the highest rates of maternal death in the Latin American region, with abortion being the second most common cause of maternal death.

    93. Living In Paraguay Economy, Business Real Estate
    Embassies of the world, Search the largest embassy consulate database on the internet. Living in paraguay Economy Business - Has Been Moved - Click Here

    94. Paraguay
    paraguay Resources, Political Database of the Americas. ConstitutionalStudies Constitution (1967) (Spanish) Constitution (1992) (Spanish

    95. International Adoptions In Paraguay
    International Adoptions. paraguay. DISCLAIMER The information in this circular relating to the legal requirements of specific foreign countries is provided for general information only. PLEASE
    International Adoptions
    Prospective adoptive parents are advised to fully research any adoption agency or facilitator they plan to use for adoption services. For U.S. based agencies, it is suggested that prospective adoptive parents contact the Better Business Bureau and licensing office of the Department of Health and Family Services in the state where the agency is located. PLEASE NOTE: The Government of Paraguay has informed the American Embassy in Asuncion, Paraguay, that no new cases of international adoptions of Paraguayan orphans will occur until the Paraguayan Government opens its Center for Adoptions. In addition, the Government of Paraguay has indicated that even after the Center for Adoptions is opened, Paraguay will only deal with prospective adoptive parents who are citizens of countries which have ratified the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption. The State Department's Office of Children's Issues recommends that Americans not attempt to initiate adoptions of Paraguayan orphans at this time. GENERAL: The following is a guide for U.S. citizens who are interested in adopting a child in Paraguay and applying for an immigrant visa for the child to come to the United States. This process involves complex Paraguayan and U.S. legal requirements. U.S. consular officers give each petition careful consideration on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the legal requirements of both countries have been met, for the protection of the prospective adoptive parent(s), the biological parents(s) and the child. Interested U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to contact U.S. consular officials in Paraguay before formalizing an adoption agreement to ensure that appropriate procedures have been followed which will make it possible for the Embassy to issue a U.S. immigrant visa for the child.

    96. Paraguay Adoption - Agencies Photolisting International Adoption Agency Paraguay
    Country Information paraguay Communication Info paraguay Geography Info paraguayGovernment Info paraguay Embassy Info paraguay History paraguay Military Info
    to Adopt
    Adoption Sites Adoption Community Adoption Shop Adoption Reunion International Adoption
    Paraguay Adoption
    Paraguay Holidays Listen to their National Anthem Visas Issued to Paraguay Children International Adoption Booklet ... Paraguay Adoption Booklet Adoption Professionals Northshore Process Service Nationwide Process Serving, Investigative and Skip Tracing Firm. Send us an E-mail Phone: (847) 373-8972 Professionals, Add your listing here - Financial assistance to make your adoption dreams a reality. – Explore adoption benefits and find out what benefits your employer provides. – Information and support on the adoption tax credit. Message Boards at Adoption from Paraguay Attachment Disorders Canadians Adopting Internationally ... Travel Community - Expert adoption forums - Live adoption-related chat - Calendar of adoption events

    97. Presidencia De La República Del Paraguay
    Translate this page Esta página usa marcos, pero su explorador no los admite.

    98. WWW-VL History Index
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    99. Latin Petroleum Analytics
    Last Updated May 10th, 2004 072037. paraguay paraguaygovernment reaches debt deal to avoid default By Reuters,
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    Last Updated: May 10th, 2004 - 07:20:37
    Paraguay government reaches debt deal to avoid default

    By Reuters
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    Paraguay's government, mired in one of its worst financial crises ever, sealed on Thursday a deal with banks to postpone $138 million in debt payments and avoid a possible debt default. Under the agreement, bond maturities that had been due through 2005 will be extended as far as 2008. New debt payments start from Sept. 2004, with interest rates of between 7.0 percent and 9.5 percent. "It was not possible to meet the debt principal owed for 2003, 2004 and 2005," said Finance Minister Dionisio Borda. "This is an important step ... to avoid default." The government hopes the payments delay will give Paraguay breathing space to invest in an economy that has shrunk in four of the last five years. The economy has mostly been stagnant in the last two decades and smuggling is estimated to dwarf the formal business sector.

    100. Amnesty International Report 2002 - Americas - PARAGUAY
    paraguay Panchito López Juvenile Detention Centre an opportunity for theGovernment of paraguay to meet its promises (AI Index AMR 45/004/2001).

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