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         Paper Folding Origami Teach:     more detail
  1. Teach Yourself Origami (Teach Yourself) by Robert Harbin, 1992-08
  2. Teach Yourself Origami (Teach Yourself) by Robin Harbin, David Brill, 2003-05
  3. Teach Yourself Origami by John Montroll, 1998-01-27

61. Origami
introduces students to the Art of origami as a history of the art of paper folding through storytelling to other activities is extensive, teaching and learning
Creating A Balance Inspired by the book "Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes"
Author: Eleanor Coerr

In the Japanese Culture, The Crane is symbolic of health, hapiness, and peace. Legend has it that if you fold 1000 cranes your wish or prayer will be granted.
In the times we live, every day human conflict spreads and grows more severe, the environment grows more threatened. There is an overwhelming need to establish harmony in our world. We have to "Create a Balance".
The White, Yellow, Red and Black cranes were adapted from a different 1000 crane mobile created in 1992, as 1 of 10, for the Winnipeg International Children's Festival 10th anniversary by Children of the Earth School. They represent the North, East, West and South. The many-coloured cranes were chosen to represent all the people of the earth, the three levels of the mobile to represent, the air, land and water. The mobile to represent "Creating A Balance".
With our world and environment in ever increasing chaos and conflict, we have folded these cranes as a symbol of our prayer, that though events such as these, that all the peoples of the world will try to "Create A Balance" so we may all enjoy "Peace, Good Health and Happiness".
Here flies 1000 cranes as a gentle reminder for all to do their part in "Creating A Balance"
"Creating A Balance" is a 1 or 2 week long workshop that introduces students to the Art of Origami as a means of making a creative statement. Brian presents a history of the art of paper folding through storytelling and demonstrations. The students, through their creative efforts create a mobile sculpture. This brings the whole school together for a presentation focusing on the idea of "Creating A Balance" with nature, the environment and with each other.

62. Origami Japanese Paper Folding Story
As a teacher of origami (the ancient Japanese art of paper folding) at the LaFarge Lifelong Learning Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Art Beaudry was asked
The woman didn't say a word as she slowly cupped her small hand around the fragile bird as if it were alive. When Art looked up at her face, he saw tears filling her eyes, ready to spill out. Finally the woman took a deep breath and said, "My husband died three weeks ago. This is the first time I've been out. Today . . ."she wiped her eyes with her free hand, still gently cradling the golden crane with the other. She spoke very quietly. "Today is our golden wedding anniversary." Then this stranger said in a clear voice. "Thank you for this beautiful gift. Now I know that my husband is at peace. Don't you see? That voice you heard. It's the voice of God and this beautiful crane is a gift from Him. It's the most wonderful 50th wedding anniversary present I could have received. Thank you for listening to your heart."
And that's how Art learned to listen very carefully when a little voice within him tells him to do something he may not understand at the time. ~Patricia Lorenz~ Submitted by Pat Merrill, Ed./Pub ENcourage

63. Paper Folding - Origami
art of origami, or Japanese paperfolding, started. Today, origami paper is generally not torn (although origami adorn gifts in Japanese traditional ceremonies
paper folding - origami It is not clear exactly when the art of origami , or Japanese paper-folding, started. Some schools of origami use tearing or cutting to create their figures. Today, origami paper is generally not torn (although some figures still require tearing to be made), and it is rare for origami to be colored after construction this is to emphasize the form and structure of the object. Origami is not just for fun; it has become a serious part of Japanese culture. Origami adorn gifts in Japanese traditional ceremonies and are also incorporated into the kimono . There are even schools that specialize in teaching origami Visit the Irasshai Launch Pad for more information related to this topic.

64. Origami Links From Debbie's Educational Link Page
Primarily for home, public and private school teachers. origamirelated origami origami - the art of paper folding. origami WWW Pages origami WWW Pages This
O r i g a m i L i n k s
Functional Origami

Origami designs, printable folding instructions and folding animations
Netpark Origami Page (English)

Welcome to the Multi-lingual Origami Page This page will show you how to create origami with aminations. Languages being planned: /English/Germany/Japanese/Russian and Spanish We are planning to put a new item every month starting form April.

Origami Index page with sub pages of origami diagrams, also includes links and brief history, etc.
Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)

Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular) Instructions Directions for making polyhedrons with the penultimate module Directions for making the compound of 5 tetrahedrons (pictured above) Directions for making greater/lesser stellated dodecahedrons with...
Site Map: Fly Over the Garden of ORIGAMI - SUPER SITE

The Garden of ORIGAMI: GateSuper site
Ori (to fold) + kami (paper) = origami, the art of paper-folding. The Garden of Origami offers a garland of information, from origins and aesthetics to folding diagrams and K-12 Alpenfalten - by Matthias Gutfeldt: Origami diagrams, pictures, and links

65. Wharton MBA Program: Student Diaries: Leadership Fellows Interview -- Origami, O
been pretty original, but now I’m not so sure – my friend Ashley had planned to teach her group of Leadership Fellows how to fold origami paper hats, and I

66. Gateway To Educational Materials - Search
Keywords Animals, Wildlife, Rabbits, origami, Nature, Waterford Press, Japanese paper folding, paperfolding, Mediator Students, Teachers, Parents, Beneficiary|Nature||yes|Na

67. Origami Paper Home
origami refers to the Japanese art of paper folding. described that can be applied to any origami model. The basic strategy is for students to do the teaching.
Teaching mathematical thinking through origami
Daniel Meyer, Ed.M Jeanine Meyer, Ph.D. Department of Education State University of New York/Cortland Purchase College/SUNY Cortland, NY Purchase, NY 10577 (folding, hand model, editing, and Web publication)
Aviva Meyer
Mailman School of Public Health
Columbia University
New York, NY 10032
On this site, we offer general and specific strategies for using activities based on origami to invoke mathematical thinking. Origami refers to the Japanese art of paper folding. Background is given on origami, including the development and critical aspects of the practice of origami in the United States. Next, we indicate how origami can relate to the current goals of K-12 mathematical education. General strategies are described that can be applied to any origami model. The basic strategy is for students to do the teaching. Then we describe in detail a variety of models. The examples include a variety of different computer-based techniques that students and hobbyists at all levels can use. The original material on this Web site was created for the Second Annual Bridges Conference: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science

68. Paper Folding - Books
list of folding symbols, plus stepby-step folding diagrams for origami for Beginners $5.95 By Vincent Palacios. Patty paper Geometry $21.95 By Michael Serra.
Paper Folding - Books
The Complete Book of Origami
By Robert J. Lang. Includes a brief history of Origami, guide to folding techniques, illustrated list of folding symbols, plus step-by-step folding diagrams for 48 projects ranging from simple to complex. Over 1000 drawings and diagrams.
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Unfolding Mathematics with Unit Origami
By Betsy Franco. A book of blackline activity masters designed for algebra and geometry students in high schoool or middle school. Contains 16 activities arranged in order of increasing difficulty. The book's primary purpose is to teach mathematics, but it also introduces students to the art of origami. 136 pages.
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3-D Geometric Origami
By Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein. Contains step-by-step instructions and diagrams for building over 60 different polyhedra-based models from origami units. 80 pages.
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Origami for Beginners
By Vincent Palacios. An easy-to-follow guide book with 57 models. Each is illustrated with step-by-step diagrams and captions that take you through their construction. 80 pages. [Add to Cart] [View Cart] Patty Paper Geometry By Michael Serra. Patty Paper - the stuff that separates hamburger patties - can also be used for geometric investigations! These square of paper can be written on, they hold creases well, and they are semi-transparent like tracing paper. "Patty Paper Geometry" contains dozens of activities that motivate kids to read, write, and talk about geometry. This book is a blackline master book with 12 chapters of guided and open investigations. Grades 6-10. 272 pages, paperback.

69. Origami Paper Folding: New & Used Books Search Result For Origami Paper Folding
origami 15 Projects 24 Sheets of origami paper By John 0486289176 Books Similar to Fun with Bird origami 15 Projects More Tea Bag folding Celtic Orie

Bookmark Recommend Us Enhance Your Site ... Help Keyword Title Author ISBN
Searched in books for Origami Paper Folding More than titles matched your search. Search took seconds. Super Simple Origami
By Irmgard Kneissler
Paperback / March 2001 / 0806965258
Books Similar to Super Simple Origami
Compare Prices
Book Reviews
Easy Origami
By Dokuohtei Nakano Eric Kenneway
Paperback / March 1994 / 0140365257
Books Similar to Easy Origami Compare Prices Book Reviews Fold-and-Fly Paper Airplanes By Franco Pavarin Luciano Spaggiari Paperback / August 1998 / 0806948361 Books Similar to Fold-and-Fly Paper Airplanes Compare Prices Book Reviews Kirigami: Sweethearts, Vol. 5 By Joyce Hwuang Joyce Hwang Liz Squellati Paperback / August 1994 / 089346788X Books Similar to Kirigami: Sweethearts, Vol. 5

70. Planetpals Teacher Parent Page
3. Cut the square out of the paper. 4. Follow the folding directions to fold the STAR. For the big star origami pattern click here.


Earth Zine Magazine



something fun!
craft idea
number * Make many to hang on yourChristmas tree-or in your windows! * Decorate your presents with an origami star instead of a bow CLICK HERE FOR THE PATTERN! CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING THE PATTERN ORIGAMI The ART of PAPER FOLDING! Use up any old paper like gift wrap,newsprint, etc to make this star ornament for yourself and your friends Here's what you will need: Paper, Pen, Scissors, Ruler, Glue or Tape
For a small star, you will need a piece of paper at least 4 inches squar e For a large star, you will need a piece of paper that is at least 8 inches square SAVE PAPER SAVE TREES Watch carefully and see how how you fold it! ORIGAMI Originates from Japan! Most Japanese children learn how to fold ORIGAMI when they are very young. There are so may origami designs you can make! Maybe you could get a book at the library, bookstore,or search for Origami websites and find more things to make!

71. Paper Crafts Origami
And the folding steps are full of wonder. paper 24 7 x 7 Sheets in 12 Colors origami paper 24 7 I had not created origami before this unit and I found this

Search High Volume Orders Links ... Philosophy of Mathematics Additional Subjects Dynamical Systems: A Visual Introduction The Tao of Motherhood Essentials of Fire Fighting/35475 A History of Algebra: From Al-Khwarizmi to Emmy Noether ... Introduction to Linear Algebra, Third Edition Featured Books Ultimate Origami Kit: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to the Art of Paper Folding
The tittle says "ultimate" but the contents are far from it. There's a modest selection of traditional models and several weak original models. The diagrams are clear and easy to follow. This book is geared to the beginner but is so limited in it's scope and quality of artistic expression that it does nothing to kindle an interest in origami. Try Easy Origami by Montrol for similar models, or better yet get The Joy of Origami or The World of Origami.
Written by John Morin Jack Crane
Published by Running Press (October 2000)
ISBN 0762409142
Price $19.98
African Animals in Origami

For all you John Montroll fans out there, buy this book. For everyone else, buy this book also! It is one of the best books for animals, with a wide variety of difficulty levels. From simple 'grass' to complex striped zebras, this book has it all. I enjoyed making some of the more unique models, like the bee-eater and rhinoceros. Another nice thing about this book in particular is that the models are much different than what are in many other books. Because the theme is Africa, a lot of the a...

72. Origami (reflection)
Ever the resourceful teacher, David challenged me to create an inversion on origami . Since origami is the art of paper folding, I created a design that
ORIGAMI. S YMMETRY. Reflection about a vertical axis.
I NSPIRATION. Commissioned by high school mathematics teacher David Masunaga for a talk about origami, and published in Peter Engel's book Origami from Angelfish to Zen.
S TORY. In April 1988 I attended the 25th anniversary reunion of the Design Science program at Harvard University's Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts . Although I hadn't actually attended the program, let alone Harvard, I felt such kinship with this merry band of artist-mathematicians that I showed up anyway.
The program, founded by Harvard professor Arthur Loeb, is a uniquely interdisciplinary of 3d polyhedral geometry and sculpture. Equal parts art, mathematics and engineering, the program has produced one of the most interesting collection of alumnae I've ever seen. Talks at the event included: Peggy Weil talking about her vision of the Weatherium: a multi-story inverted polyhedral globe that you view from a platform floating on the inside, with a live projected image of earth's surface as seen from weather satellites.
Amy Edmundson, who wrote a most illuminating book about Buckminster Fuller's geometry called A Fuller Explanation, giving a hands-on workshop on building structures out of toothpicks and marshmallows. You quickly learn that in order to build anything stable you have to use triangulated structures like tetrahedra.

73. My Origami Links
origami Palooza !!! origami paper folding crafts from Hawaii. origami Tanteidan - Japan origami Academic Society. origami Teaching by Claudia Valentini.
Links to Origami Sites A B C D ... Yahoo's origami listings None in X Yak Pak Origami Bags Yamaha Papercrafts - not origami but brilliant models free to make! None in Z
Some sites are not in English but not to worry as you can use Babel Fish to translate
Babel Fish currently has the following languages:
French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.
Some of these links might not work due to the sites being broken or moved, just let me know if you find a problem, thank you.
Societies/Organisations Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes Thousand Cranes Peace Network The Peace Origami Tree Project British Origami Society ... Imperial College Origami Club
Internet Clubs The O List - Email Mailing List Yahoo Club - Jonathan Heart Origami Wizard Yahoo Club - Paper Wonders Yahoo Club - Origami World ... Deja.Com - Newsgroup reader
Bookshops Amazon BookShop Waterstones BookShop Sasuga Japanese Bookstore ... Bookends, London This Ring of Origami Art site is owned by Emmajg Prev Skip It Next 5 ... Next Want to join the ring? Get the

74. - Origami Definition And History
been published strictly dedicated to the art of folding paper. many books on how to fold nontraditional models are used in practically all origami books to
Origami Greetings and Gifts Company Testimonials News Careers ... Agents Definition
Origami is an ancient art of folding various mediums, most commonly paper. Other materials often folded are fabric, wire mesh, sheet metal, tissue, thin plastic, cardboard, and straws. The word comes from the combination of the Japanese verb oru (to fold) and the noun kami (paper). History
There are many different interpretations on the origin of origami. The common thread between the differing opinions is its parallel to the various countries' invention and development of paper. Ts'ai Lun of China invented paper in AD 105 using bamboo strips as a mold for strips of bark from a mulberry tree. This ancient secret was passed down from generation to generation and was kept strictly within China's borders for nearly 500 years. It is believed that in the late 6th century or the early 7th century, the art of papermaking was introduced into Japan. Some believe that paper folding was discovered first in China with the invention of paper and brought along to Japan when the art of papermaking was introduced. Others argue that origami is a Japanese invention claming that there are no known Chinese records of early paper folding. Regardless of the differing opinions, it is quite evident that the art of paper folding was most fully developed in Japan.

75. Origami - Another Path/
Teaching Mathematical Thinking Through origami In this paper, we offer general and specific origami refers to the Japanese art of paper folding.
©2000-2004 Barbara L.M. Handley
Another Path What's New? Search Site Map Contact
Home Crafts
Paper Airplanes

Tools and resources for making paper airplanes. Paper Engineering
An introduction to the art and science of building things with paper. Pop-Ups
Learn to make your own pop-up books and cards. Sliceforms
Links and resources for exploring these collapsible geometric paper models. Why origami? Origami is an essential tool in the exploration of mathematics and science. Origami demonstrates, in a very concrete way, the fact that simple shapes develop into complex patterns. You will see this over and over again in nature. Origami lets you bring it to your kitchen table. It begins with a square, one of the simplest of geometric shapes, and it ends...well, it doesn't. You can make anything with origami. Origami forms differ in complexity...young children can make the simplest forms. Complex constructions may require many years of practice and skill. We've only just begun our own explorations of origami, so I offer just a few resources for getting started. If you see a general ad for Amazon, please refresh this page and the proper book information, including price, should appear.

76. Christine Petrell Kallevig
As a former teacher and longterm PTA educational benefits of combining origami and storytelling Participants practice paper folding techniques and discover the

Over 75,000 students, teachers, and

77. Iowa State Daily | Online Edition
which involves using multiple pieces of paper to create says is the most difficult form of origami, is much Flowers are all symmetric keep folding one way
@import url(""); @import url("");
It seems like you are using an outdated browser. The online version of the daily uses standards-compliant code which might not be supported by your urrent browser. Although you will still be able to access the raw textual content of this site, we highly recommend that you upgrade your current browser to its latest version. More information. Sponsored Ad
Iowa State Daily
June 11, 2004 May 01, 2003
In the fold
Origami on display in Reiman Gardens
Photo: Cyan James/Iowa State Daily
Yong-Lak Park, graduate student in entomology, gestures while demonstrating the art of origami paper folding in Reiman Gardens Wednesday.
By P. Kim Bui
Daily Staff Writer
His hands move quickly, folding the square piece of paper. In seconds, a butterfly appears where a brightly colored piece of paper once was. "It's just seven steps," he says. "Most important is a good crease." He takes out another piece of paper and hands me one. "Here," he says.

78. Free Origami In
folding) origami (the art of paper folding) by multimedia origami 4 You by Emma origami, Model Commissions selling greeting cards gifts , teaching provides Add to Favourites Search the directory for document.cookie="metasearch=3729291274.20480.0000"; listings for "Free Origami" (1 - 20 of 45)
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Paper Plane
Learn Free Origami Make Free Origami Free Kids Origami ... Free Origami Crane View By Relevance View By Search Engine Free UK things
Directory of free web sites that give things away for free
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kids and baby stuff - Free offers,freebies, ... free
print out patterns to make paper toys. Free origami models, print out, cut and assemble. FREE Winnie the Pooh downloads. Desktop ...
... Check out the links below;. Free Origami Get your free piece of origami Origami Chat Please feel free to use the chat for Origami discussions. ...
paper airplane Free paper airplanes, paper helicopters and gliders, LEARN TO FLY... - Alex's Paper Airplanes - Origami Paper Airplane. ...

79. Free Diagrams For Origami Flowers In
draftsman for origami diagrams, but for actual folding 4 You by Emma Tysoe origami, Model Commissions provides info on diagrams, books, paper gallery Add to Favourites Search the directory for document.cookie="metasearch=3695736842.20480.0000"; listings for "Free Diagrams For Origami Flowers" (1 - 20 of 54)
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Diagram For Origami Flowers
Flower Origami Fold Origami Diagrams Origami Origami ... Making Origami Flowers View By Relevance View By Search Engine
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80. China: Dim Sum: Origami Fractions Lesson
origami paper squares of varying sizes (at least one by the paper folding and determine what fractional Sobel and Maletsky, TEACHING MATHEMATICS A Sourcebook Fraction Lesson.html
Fractions In this lesson for grades 3-5 and up, students will use origami to learn about fractions. Submitted to the WWW by: Bill Wagner Hyde Park Career Academy 5332 S. Austin Ave. 6220 S. Stony Island Chicago IL 60638 Chicago IL 60637 Note: Original lesson has been modified for China: Dim Sum Objectives: The student will be able to develop the concept and properties of fractions using paper folding (origami). Materials needed: Each individual in a class should have the following: 1 ruler (in both English and metric units) Origami paper squares of varying sizes (at least one 4 inch by 4 inch square) 1 sheet of directions Strategy: 1. Taking the 4x4 square first, the student shall locate the midpoint of each side by folding the square in half. Next, fold in each of the corners of the square so that the vertices of the square meet in the center of the square. 2. Start a discussion about the new shape(s) by asking the following questions: A. What new shape(s) have been formed? B. How does the area of the new shape(s) compare to the area of the old shape? 3. Answering the first question, students may see triangles (the folded sides)

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