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61. Congressman José E. Serrano, NY16 - Serrano Works To Raise Awareness For Local
AWARENESS FOR LOCAL PROGRAM TOPROTECT papau new guinea’S RAIN John Calvelli, Director of government Relations for the the people of Papua new guinea and the

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Dale Crowell August 17,2001
The program is funded by the Research and Conservation Foundation (RCF). RCF is a non-profit organization created by WCS. WCS supports traditional methods of organic agriculture such as: coffee grown in the shade, coffee that is hand-picked, and beans which are dried in the sun. By encouraging local farmers to practice such conservationist farming techniques, RCF in turn stimulates a greater cause for dedication to the protection and preservation of the remarkable tropical forests. The rain forest of Papua New Guinea provides a home for diverse flora and fauna, including one of the world’s most stunning groups of birds of paradise, as well as tree kangaroos and a variety of other birds and marsupials. Congressman Serrano said, “The Wildlife Conservation Society in the Bronx has a strong reputation for programs promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts. Their efforts to promote organic agriculture in the world’s tropical forests continue to strengthen that reputation.” Serrano added, “I am glad to share this environmentally-friendly coffee with my colleagues from New York. I know when they try it they will agree that you can still enjoy your daily coffee and be environmentally conscious at the same time.” Congressman Engel said, “It is wonderful that the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Bronx has sponsored this program to protect the rain forest and benefit the local economy of Papua New Guinea.” He continued, “The rain forest of Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, which is why it is so important to protect. This is just one more positive aspect of the Bronx that all Bronxites can be proud of. I know all of my colleagues will enjoy this coffee not only because it is good, but because of how it was grown.”

In papau new guinea, 67 per cent of rural women and 56 survey conducted by the Papua new guinea Law Reform For example, the Pakistani government is currently

Víctimas Agenda Artículos ... Videos ARTICULOS Domestic Violence
Dateline: 01/08/98 Violence against woman goes beyond all cultural, economic, political and religious backgrounds. The most dramatic form of violence against women is spousal abuse. Some studies have shown that in many countries, one quarter to more than half of women report having been physically or psychological abused by their partners (Heise, 1994). "In a study of 80 battered women in San José, Costa Rica, 49 per cent reported being beaten during pregnancy. In Papau New Guinea, 67 per cent of rural women and 56 per cent of urban women have been victims of spousal abuse, according to a national survey conducted by the Papua New Guinea Law Reform Commission. In Bangladesh, the killing of women by their husbands account for 50 per cent of all murders." (The advancement of women: note speakers, UN publication. 1995) One of the main contributing factor of violence against women is the differences between the genders due to the fact that many societies approve the "disciplining" of wives and usually ignore incidents of domestic violence.

63. Untitled Document
Youth Commission. 2/09/03 – 2/13/03. MRP Group of 22. Accountability in government and Business. BOLIVIA. Pakistan. papau new guinea. Mr. John
Febuary 2003 Vistor List IDC is arranging professional appointments, home hospitality, and sightseeing for the following visitors January 1- February 15, 2003. For information regarding a visitor's professional program, please contact Juliane Mittman at (415) 986-1388 extension 204. If you are a member interested in home hospitality or sightseeing, please contact Lauren Travis at (415) 986-1388 extension 211. ADDITIONAL VISITORS MAY BE SCHEDULED AFTER THIS LIST IS PREPARED. Arrival date-Depart date Country / Region Title Profession
Political News Reporter (Prime Minister's Residence
Press Club), Sankei Shimbun
LAOS Group of 5 Sustainable Development Mr. Bounheuang DUANGPHACHANH Governor of Luang Prabang Province Mr. Oneneua PHOMMACHANH Governor of Champassak Province Mr. Thongban SENGAPHONE Governor of Borikhamxay Province
Mr. Cheuying VANG Governor of Houaphanh Province Mr. Phoxay KHAYKHAMPHITHOUNE Deputy Director of America Division Ministry of Foreign
Affairs EUROPE Group of 26 Current Social, Political and Economic Issues

64. Baxley Stamps Super E.Stamp Booth On The Www.StampShow
Allied Military government AMG Austria AMG - France AMG - Germany AMG - Italy Norfolk North Borneo Nyasaland Oman Br Comm PZ papau new guinea Pitcairn Qatar
Selling and Buying Quality World Wide
George C. Baxley
PO Box 807
Alamogordo, NM 88311
(505) 437-8707 - (505) 434-1571 (Fax)
On the WWW at: Hello and welcome to my Internet Stamp Booth. I invite you to browse through the stock books and boxes you see on the shelf below. Please bookmark this page and visit often. My stock changes constantly and I try to keep the cyber-books and boxes up-to-date. If you are looking for a specific country or set let me know. Want lists are always welcome. Thanks, George
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9/2003 - In progress

United States Stamps Covers Postal Stationery Far East Far East - Frames Version Japan - Frames Version Japan - No Frames Version Ryukyus - Frames Version ... Thailand Perry Expedition to Japan, 1852-4 Books, Literature and Lithographs Perry Expedition - Frames Version Perry Expedition - No Frames Version France AMG - France ... Europe Frames Page Germany Germany Danzig Saar East Germany ... Portuguese Colonies Western Europe Austria Austria - AMG Greece Italy ... Yugoslavia Allied Military Government AMG - Austria AMG - France AMG - Germany AMG - Italy ... AMG - Miscellaneous Eastern Europe Albania Bulgaria Hungary Russia ... British Commonwealth P-Z Br Comm A-B Abu Dhabi Aden Ascension Australia ... Burma Br Comm C-I Canada Cayman Christmas Cocos ... Ireland Br Comm J-O Jamaica Jordan Kenya Kuwait ... New Hebrides,Br

65. International Tourist Boards And Visa Requirements For US Citizens
new Zealand Nicaragua Niue Norway Palau Panama papau new guinea Paraguay Peru Suite 2415 new York, NY 10111. French government Tourist Office 444 Madison Ave.
Pictures of Okinawa Okinawan Castles Torii Beach Okinawa Okinawa Expo ... sign guestbook Welcome to The Tourist Information Board
This page will list most of the International Tourist Boards in the United States and Visa Requirements if you choose to go their respective countries. Require Visa's of US Citizens Afghanistan
Belarus Benin Bhutan Brazil Brunei Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad People's Republic of China Congo Croatia Cuba Cyprus (Visa issued upon arrival) Djibouti Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Fiji (Visa issued upon arrival) Gabon Gambia Georgia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau India Iran Iraq Israel (Visa issued upon arrival) Jordan Kenya Kiribati North Korea Kuwait Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho (Visa issued upon arrival) Liberia Libya Lithuania Madagascar Maldives (Visa issued upon arrival) Mauritanai Mongolia Mozambique Myanmar (Burma) Namibia Mauru Nepal Niger Nigeria Norfolk Island Oman Pakistan Qatar Romania Russia Rwanda Saudi Arabia Senegal Seychelles (Visa issued upon arrival) Sierra Leone Somalia Sudan Suriname Syria Taiwan (for stays longer than 5 days) Tanzania Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates Venezuela (airlines issue tourist card) Vietnam Yemen Arab Republic Yugoslavia Zaire Zambia Countries that do not require a Visa of US Citizens Albania

66. Unison Industries - Geography
Norway, Royal Norwegian Air Force, government. Poland, LOT Polish Airlines, Airlines. Nigeria, Nigeria Airways, Airline. papau new guinea, Air Niugini, Airline.
Corporate News Products Services ... Contacts Geography Unison sells its products directly to customers around the globe. Unison's customer list is one of the most enviable in the business. Hover the mouse pointer over the map on the left to view a list of Unison's customers worldwide (sorted by country). Country Customer Customer Type Canada Air Canada Airline Canada Bombardier Aerospace Airframe OEM Canada Engine OEM Canada Progressive Air Services Distributor Costa Rica LACSA Airlines Airline Mexico Aero Mexico Airline Mexico Mexicana Airline
Tobago BWIA International Airline United States AAR Distribution Distributor United States Aerospace Products Int. Distributor United States Distributor United States Alliant Techsystems Space United States Allied Flare Industrial United States American Airlines Airline United States Aviall Distributor United States Boeing Airframe OEM United States Callidus Technologies Industrial United States Capstone Industrial United States Cessna Aircraft Company Airframe OEM United States Coen Company Industrial United States Combustion Technologies Industrial United States Continental Airlines Airline United States Delta Airlines Airline United States Eastern Aero Supply Distributor United States Eaton Corporation Space United States Elliott Energy Systems Industrial

67. Welcome To WorkingForChange
deaths of four antiglobalization protesters in papau new guinea. The new York Times coverage was of the difficulties the Argentinean government must confront

68. World Bank - Documents & Reports - Papua New Guinea - Highlands Highway Rehabili
Sector Transportation. SubSector Sub-national government administration Roads and highways. (HHP) TF030301-AUSTRALIA CTF FYO3 - papau new guinea.

69. Vanguard Online
government has recently been implicated in the disappearance of 31 natives from Irian Jaya one half of the island that is shared with papau new guinea.
International property developers cause havoc in Athens
Athens was put under a state of emergency in August when forest fires swept through the last remaining woodland in the area destroying houses and cars, polluting the streets of what is already Europe's most polluted city and causing residents to flea. The Government have alleged that the fires have been started by arsonists working for property developers. Once the land has been cleared of wood, the property developers believe that the government would be more conducive to letting them developing the land.
Monsanto and Novartis in trouble as new genetic technology proven defective
Dr. Allison Snow of Ohio State University in the USA, has recently discovered that herbicide resistant genes can spread from crops to weeds - creating herbicide resistant super weeds. The new findings are a blow to the multinationals Monsanto and Novartis who have invested billions of pounds in genetic engineering. Monsanto have created a plant which is resistant to a herbicide which kills all other plants dead - this allows a farmer growing the genetically modified crop to kill all weeds dead with just one herbicide. However, the new research presented by Dr. Allison Snow has shown the theoretical simple mindedness of Monsanto's approach.
Indonesia attacks 200 at pro-independence protest
The Indonesian government has recently been implicated in the disappearance of 31 natives from Irian Jaya - one half of the island that is shared with Papau New Guinea. According to reports in the Guardian, the Indonesian army attacked a 200 strong pro-independence demonstration in early July after the protestors had refused to take down a flag of independence. Irian Jaya was illegally annexed by Indonesia in 1969 after they sent soldiers to infiltrate what was previously a Dutch owned colony.

70. - The Only Worldwide Directory Of Tours And Vacation Packages
papau new guinea. Poland Sopot. Polish National Tourist Office. Portugal. Portuguese National Tourist Office. Portugal. R. Romania. government of Romania.
June 11th, 2004 Email us with additions/corrections. ADVERTISE PRESS ABOUT US CONTACT US ... TRAVEL RESOURCES
Upcoming Travel Events
TIME WEATHER CURRENCY ... MAPS Welcome to the Int'l Visitors Bureau Page
We want to provide the most in depth information on any destination. Our travel partners - The Visitors Bureaus - from around the world are the best source of up-to-date local information.
Jump directly to a country by clicking on the corresponding letter below: A B C D ... Z A Africa Online Africa, Safaris Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office Aruba Conventional Bureau ... Australian Tourist Information B Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board Belgian Tourist Office Belize Tourism Bermuda Tourist Info. ... British Virgin Islands Tour Board C Caribbean Tourism Organization Caribbean Vacaion Planner Central and Eastern Europe Travel Board Cote Basque ... Czech Center D Danish Tourist Board E Egypt Tours and Travel Emirates Group Escape Tours Europe - Driving - MotoEuropa ... European Travel Commission F Fiji Visitors Bureau France Cote Basque French Government Tourist Office G Ghana Travel Notes Greneda Greece - Travel Greece Greek National Tourist Organization ... Greece - Mykonos Island H Hong Kong Tourist Association Hungarian National Tourist Office I Iceland Connection Iceland Tourist Board Indonesia Indonesian Consulates ... Italian Tourist Web J Japan National Tourism Office K Korean National Tourist Office L Latin America Consultants Luxembourg National Tourist Office M Macau Government Tourism Office Malaysia Tourist Promo Board Malta National Tourist Office Mazatlan Mexico Visitors Beaureau ... All About Oaxaca N

71. Botswana Visa Requirements, Travel Visas For Botswana
Botswana Visa Requirements
PLEASE NOTE THAT CHANGES ARE MADE ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS, PLEASE CONTACT YOU NEAREST BOTSWANA EMBASSY FOR MORE ACCURATE VISA POSTING AND UPDATES UYAPHI SAFARIS CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE HELP RESPONSIBLE FOR CHANGES IN GOVERNMENT POLICY, SHOULD CHANGES TO THE BELOW OCCUR! All visitors entering Botswana must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months, except those with United Nations Convention travel documents. Visitors must also have outgoing travel documents and sufficient funds to finance their stay. VISAS : Valid entry visas for the countries which do require them may be obtained from Botswana's various embassies and high commissions abroad. In countries where Botswana is not represented, visas may be obtained from the British High Commission. Entry visas obtained at border posts are valid for a maximum of 30-90 days. Extensions may be obtained from any immigration office in Botswana. No visitor is allowed more than a 90-day stay in every calendar year, unless permission has been granted in the form of a waiver pending the outcome of a residence permit application. Visitors * Completed immigration supplementary Form D by the applicant (Visa form).

72. Nations Of The World & Their Languages
MONTSERRAT (territory of UK), English. MOROCCO, Arabic; French (language of business, government, postprimary education). papau new guinea, Motu English.
Return to the top OEOP Home Page COUNTRY AFGHANISTAN ALBANIA AMERICAN SAMOA (territory of U.S.) ANDORRA ANGOLA ANGUILLA (territory of U.K.) English English ARGENTINA Spanish ARMENIA ARUBA (territory of the Netherlands) AUSTRALIA English AUSTRIA German AZERBAIJAN Azerbaijani BAHAMAS English BAHRAIN Arabic BANGLADESH Bangla (Bengali, Sylhetti) BARBADOS English BELARUS Belorussian BELGIUM BELIZE English BENIN BERMUDA (territory of U.K.) English BHUTAN Dzongkha BOLIVIA BONAIRE (Netherland Antilles) BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA BOTSWANA BRAZIL Portuguese BRUNEI DARUSSALAM BURKINA FASO French BURMA, Union of Myanmar Burmese BURUNDI CAMBODIA Khmer CAMEROON CANADA CAPE VERDE Portuguese CAYMAN ISLANDS (U.K.) English CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC CHAD CHILE Spanish CHINA CHRISTMAS ISLAND (territory of Australia) English COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS (territory of Australia) COLOMBIA Spanish COMOROS CONGO, Republic of (Formerly Zaire) CONGO, Democratic Republic of COOK ISLANDS (territory of New Zealand) English COSTA RICA Spanish CROATIA Croatian CUBA Spanish CURACAO (territory of the Netherlands) CYPRUS CZECH REPUBLIC DENMARK DJIBOUTI DOMINICA English DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Spanish ECUADOR Spanish EGYPT, Arab Republic of

73. The Militant - 12/1/97 -- YS Says No To `Canada First' At APEC Youth Forum
Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, new Zealand, papau new guinea, the Philippines At that meeting, government officials and business representatives from
Vol.61/No.42 December 1, 1997
YS Says No To `Canada First' At APEC Youth Forum

This column is written and edited by the Young Socialists (YS), an international organization of young workers, students, and other youth fighting for socialism. For more information about the YS write to: Young Socialists, 1573 N. Milwaukee, P.O. Box #478, Chicago, Ill. 60622. Tel: (773) 772-0551. Compuserve: 105162,605 VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Some 100 youth met here November 7-11 to discuss what the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) - an 18-country trade forum that will hold a summit here November 19-24 - means for youth and working people around the world. The APEC Youth Forum was aimed at students and activists aged 16-19 interested in finding out more about APEC. Most came from across Canada, but around 15 came from other countries that participate in APEC, including Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papau New Guinea, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. The forum focused on jobs, education, and the environment. The youth meeting was part of the broader APEC People's Summit, a series of forums and workshops running throughout November in Vancouver. The People's Summit, organized by groups such as the Canadian Labor Congress and nongovernment organizations, is among the many conferences, protests, and other actions responding to the APEC summit. At that meeting, government officials and business representatives from the region will negotiate the deepening of exploitative trade relations between imperialist nations of the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand on the one hand and the region's semicolonial countries on the other.

74. FADINAP Member Countries
Secretary of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture government of the Cook Islands PO of Agriculture and Livestock PO Box 417, Kongdobu papau new guinea Tel (675
FADINAP About Us Project Staff Member Countries ... Malaysia Nepal
Fertilizer Unit

Ag Inputs Co
Philippines Pacific countries ... Viet Nam Market Information
Farm China Fertilizer Week FERTECON FMB Group ... IFDC FADINAP MEMBER COUNTRIES President
Afghan Fertilizer and Agricultural Services Company
P.O. Box 3206,
Kabul - Afghanistan
Tlx: AF 274 AGBANK
Cbl: AFASCO Additional Secretary,
Ministry of Agriculture
Government of Bangladesh
Room No. 422, Bldg. No. 4 Bangladesh Secretariat Dhaka - Bangladesh Tlx: 642218 AGRI BJ Fax: (8802) 867040 Deputy Director General Dept. of International Cooperation Ministry of Agriculture No. 11 Nongzhanguan, Nanli Beijing - China Fax: (8610) 6500 2448 Secretary of Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture Government of the Cook Islands P.O. Box 96, Rarotonga - Cook Islands Office of the President of the Federated States of Micronesia Kolonia, Pohnpei ECI 96941 Federated States of Micronesia Senior Economic Planning Officer (Statistics) P.O. Box 358

75. Peace Corps Online | August 19, 2003 - Axle: In 1996, The Peace Corps Called To
Kathryn and her husband an assignment in papau, new guinea. Chapter Three to explaining why new guinea is still Use provisions of US government copyright laws
August 19, 2003 - Axle: In 1996, the Peace Corps called to offer Kathryn Roy and her husband an assignment in Papau, New Guinea Peace Corps Online Directory Papua New Guinea The Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea : August 19, 2003 - Axle: In 1996, the Peace Corps called to offer Kathryn Roy and her husband an assignment in Papau, New Guinea By Admin1 (admin) on Tuesday, August 19, 2003 - 10:34 am: Edit In 1996, the Peace Corps called to offer Kathryn Roy and her husband an assignment in Papau, New Guinea
In 1996, the Peace Corps called to offer Kathryn Roy and her husband an assignment in Papau, New Guinea

Kathryn Roy
Precision Thinking
Kathryn Roy is another ex-Loti who transitioned into consulting. Her present company helps mid-size companies and start-ups figure out how to restart growth after initial setbacks.
The locals were seemingly unimpressed by Kathryn?s Harvard MBA, Masters degree in Operations Research, and her background in high-tech marketing - especially when they caught her pulling up corn seedlings by accident when she was supposed to be weeding her garden or falling down the muddy mountain paths.
Kathryn and her husband worked on a variety of projects mostly to help villagers earn more money. They taught a lot of basic math. Since skills were so poor, you could make money by buying carrots at the market because the seller might give you more back in change than you gave them in bills. They taught people how to repair sewing machines and build cement water tanks. They helped improve coffee yields and introduce higher margin crops.

76. South Pacific - Projects
Top Project 844/21464 CIDA Contribution $500,000 Duration 19992002 Location Fiji, papau new guinea (PNG), Tongo Improved NGO / government relations.

77. Conciliation Resources - Annual Report
Edward Wolfers of the Bougainville Peace and Restoration Office in papau new guinea, Hon. The paper has been made available to both the government of Sri Lanka
About CR

... Search
Project development and other activities
Displaced people at an IDP camp, Angola. Source: Eleanor Curtis Yet as CR becomes more established, the number of requests or proposals for partnership increases. To the best of our ability we try to refer those requests to other organizations that might be of assistance and to otherwise help those who turn to us. Now that many core areas of work are consolidated, we will attempt to become more strategic in our future growth and development. The main project development activities during the year 2000 concerned Angola, the Balkans and Somalia. In Angola, the partnership with ADRA (Action for Rural Development and the Environment) finally bore fruit. Their project on civic and human rights education in Luanda and four provinces was partly funded and was re-launched in January 2001 - in partnership with CR and the Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa (NIZA). Prospects for support to the peacebuilding project initiated by Development Workshop, the Forum of Angolan NGOs and major church organizations will be taken up in 2001, and will focus on training assistance and training materials. Direct engagement with the Balkans is new for CR. It flowed from discussions and agreements with other organizations within the Committee for Conflict Transformation Support (CCTS). Intensive planning and fundraising efforts resulted in an ambitious programme of work with young people and groups in Albania, Kosova/o, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia - as described elsewhere in this report.

78. Sydney Indymedia - Webcast News
special units, trained by Australian government, which backs this WTO program, to 54 min) AudioTony Serra segment (20 min) Audio papau new guinea segment (14

79. PBS: Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton And Susan B. A
as women can participate in the formation of government and law. Uganda Zaire Zambia, 1970s Angola Fiji Jordan Mozambique papau new guinea Portugal Switzerland
Suffrage Parade,
1913, New York
47 years WomenWatch U.N. Web site for more information.) By 1995, as a result of United Nations efforts, See the charts below for capsule information about women's suffrage in dozens of countries around the globe, and a comparison of international educational opportunties for women. New Zealand Norway Denmark Austria Netherlands US UK Spain Turkey Cuba Phillippines Italy France Japan Belgium Peru Greece Switzerland Jordan Portugal Countries Granting Women Voting Rights by Decade Before 1910
New Zealand
Norway Poland ex-USSR ex-Czechoslovakia Lebanon Mongolia Sweden United Kingdom United States Brazil Cuba Pakistan Philippines Spain Sri Lanka Thailand Turkey Uruguay Albania Argentina Bangladesh Belgium Bulgaria Burma Cameroon Chile China Costa Rica Dominican Rep Ecuador France Guatemala Hungary Indonesia Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Korea, North

80. Iwokrama
The Guiana Shield, The Amazon, the Congo, and papau new guinea represent the last chance for It is good that Dr Watkins, the government, donors and others have
Iwokrama Editorial
Stabroek News

November 27, 2003
Related Links: Articles on Iwokrama Letters Menu Archival Menu
The official opening last Saturday of the 154 metre long Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, consisting of four aluminium platforms and five suspension bridges, the first of its kind in the Caribbean and the Guiana Shield, is a welcome development in this project which started with an offer to provide land for scientific research by President Hoyte at the Common-wealth Heads of Government meeting in Malaysia in 1989.
The Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development, now managed by acting Director General Dr Graham Watkins, has found it increasingly difficult to attract donor funds and has been trying to earn money by attracting tourists. It has been hard pressed financially for some time and has taken economy measures. The walkway was built with funds from the Canadian International Development Agency and from a Canadian company and will be managed by a consortium comprised of the indigenous communities of Surama in the North Rupununi and Rockview Lodge of Annai also in the North Rupununi, tour operator Wilderness Explorers and the Centre itself. The walkway will be an attraction for both tourists and researchers.
The Centre's mission is to promote the conservation and the sustainable and equitable use of tropical rainforests in a manner that leads to lasting ecological, economic and social benefits for Guyanese and the world by undertaking research, training, and the development and dissemination of technologies. In his foreword to the Summary Report for 1998-2002 Dr Watkins set the scene:

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