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1. Welcome To LexisNexis Asia Pacific
Clients include Cargill, National Mutual (AXA), General Electric, Dell and the papau new guinea government, to name just a few.

2. WMA - Paper: The Papau New Guinea Bible Church
The Papua new guinea Bible Church. ( A Nondependent National Church Alive and Thriving) by Gerald Bustin. Evangelical Bible Mission International new guinea. The first mission station he established was at Pabarabuk, which at that time was three trekking days beyond the most remote mission and government
The Papua New Guinea Bible Church
(A Non-dependent National Church Alive and Thriving) by Gerald Bustin
Evangelical Bible Mission International INTRODUCTION Let me begin this paper by introducing myself and the missionary organization I represent. I was born in the Bahamas to missionary parents who were involved in church planting on Andros Island. In 1945, when I was two years of age, we moved to Haiti, where I spent the next six years of my boyhood, learning the Haitian Creole and English languages simultaneously. In 1958, as a teenager, I went with my father to New Guinea and spent the next five years serving as a "teenage missionary" in that very primitive country. During this time I learned three tribal languages besides the Pidgin English trade language. As an adult I went back to serve several more terms in Papua New Guinea, spending a total of 20 years there. The Evangelical Bible Mission, Inc., DBA, EBM International, (EBM) for short, was founded by my father, G.T. Bustin, in 1940. It started out as

3. Japanese Conglomerates "Mining" Papua New Guinea Forests
the Papua new guinea government is clamping down papau new guinea which harvest and sell logs back to the parent. company at below fair market value in violation of government
Japanese Conglomerates "Mining" Papua New Guinea Forests
Source: UPI. Date: 8 Apr 91. Story Type: News. Original
Language: English. Dateline: Tokyo. Byline: Donald MacIntyre.
Text: Abridged. Brief Remark: Forwarded.
Over the past three decades, Japan's increasingly ravenous appetite
for tropical timber has left many of the vast forests that once
blanketed Southeast Asia on the brink of extinction. Japanese
trading conglomerates have moved from nation to nation across much
of the region, setting up shop wherever forests can be logged cheap, often with the connivance of local officials. The latest target is Papua New Guinea, home of one of the last major tropical forests in the world. But this time legislators and environmentalists from Japan, the United States and Europe have joined forces in an international coalition that is trying to make it more expensive for Japan's big trading firms to cut Papua New Guinea's forests.

4. MapQuest: World Atlas: Main
QUICK FACTS papau new guinea. Country (long form) Independent State of Papua new guinea. Capital Port Moresby. government Type parliamentary democracy.

5. New Guinea - Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby - Lae - Madang - Wewak - New Britia
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To Get to Papua New Guinea/Port Moresby You May Have to Fly via Australia The order of information on this web page:
1. Embassies/Consulates/Tourist Offices in and outside New Guinea - Visa Requirements - Shot Requirements - Medical Advisory - Travel Warnings - 2. Tribes - People - Cultures - 3. Cities/Regions/Provinces of Papua New Guinea - Rivers - Volcanos - Rainforest - Caves - Telephone Use - Long Distance To/From Papua New Guinea - 4. General Information - 5. Transportation To/From and Within Papua New Guinea - 6. Travel Agents/Tour Operators in Papua New Guinea - 7. English Papua New Guinea Translation Dictionaries - Languages - Currency - Time in Papua New Guinea - Weather - Climate - Maps - Flag - Newspapers - Genealogy - Send a Greeting Card - 8. Accommodations - Packing Checklist/Packing Lite - Hotels - Motels - Cottages - Guest Houses - Lodges - Resorts -YWCA's -

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Directory of Papua new guinea Cities, government, Reference CIA World Fact Book. government. Cities. Global Gazeteer papau new guinea New Guinea/Reference.html
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7. MSF: Papau New Guinea: Post-war Assistance In Bougainville
papau new guinea Postwar assistance in Bougainville. the independence movement the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and the Papua new guinea government.

Papua new guinea 'PNG' is located just north of Australia in the AsiaPacific corridor next to Indonesia India and China. KNOWLEDGE papau new guinea's government should look to the
PAPUA NEW GUINEA Home Who is BI.C What's New Open a Bank Account ... Contact Us
Papua New Guinea 'PNG' is located just north of Australia in the Asia-Pacific corridor next to Indonesia. PNG is a developing country rich in natural resources home to a relatively small population of 5.17 million. Since 1997, economic and social conditions have been quite turbulent and challenging at times as Papua New Guinea's economy has technically entered a depression during this time frame. Their national currency, the 'kina' has experienced steady depreciation versus the USD since the government decided to float the currency in 1995.
POLITICS: independence in 1975, previous to this date Australia administered Papua New Guinea. There is a sad history of political violence within PNG more recently ending in 1997 after a 9-year secessionist revolt which claimed 20,000 lives. Again during the June 2002 elections, 30 people were killed in political violence. The election outcome resulted in former Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, the founding father of modern Papua New Guinea of the National Alliance party regaining power and Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta of The People's Democratic Movement is now the official opposition.
Political risk overall is high as further risk is encountered within the military as mutinies have taken place in protest to defense spending cut backs. In Bougainville, Papua New Guinea in 1988, civil war broke out over ownerhsip of the Giant mine which was a major contributor to PNG's economy. A cease fire was declared in 2001 after thousands have been killed in fighting.

9. Papua New Guinea Books, Essential Reading
book on the history, geography, people, economy and government of Papua new guinea, organized from A to Z on the Edge, Changing Times in papau new guinea . Michael French Smith

10. World Atlas Papua New Guinea, Oceania, Information Page papau new guinea (Source of information on this page credited to the CIA s The World Factbook Papua new guinea, government,
World Wonders Atlas Wildlife Celebrities ...
Papau New Guinea
(Source of information on this page credited to the CIA's - The World Factbook Background: Papua New Guinea Geography Location: Southeastern Asia, group of islands including the eastern half of the island of New Guinea between the Coral Sea and the South Pacific Ocean, east of Indonesia Geographic coordinates: 6 00 S, 147 00 E Map references: Oceania Area: total: 462,840 sq km
land: 452,860 sq km
water: 9,980 sq km Area - comparative: slightly larger than California Land boundaries: total: 820 km
border countries: Indonesia 820 km Coastline: 5,152 km Maritime claims: measured from claimed archipelagic baselines
continental shelf: 200-m depth or to the depth of exploitation
exclusive fishing zone: 200 NM
territorial sea: 12 NM Climate: tropical; northwest monsoon (December to March), southeast monsoon (May to October); slight seasonal temperature variation Terrain: mostly mountains with coastal lowlands and rolling foothills Elevation extremes: lowest point: Pacific Ocean m
highest point: Mount Wilhelm 4,509 m

11. Papua New Guinea :: Papau New Guinea:: Where We Work:: Adelbert Mountains
is significant pressure from the government to log virtually pristine forests as part of a large forestry concession project. Since Papua new guinea does not
Papua New Guinea

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Adelbert Mountains
Rain forest Village woman from Adelbert area Cloaked in lowland rainforest and sparsely populated, the Adelbert Mountains are the home to unique flora and fauna and strong cultural traditions. Location
The Adelbert project area encompasses approximately 965 square miles of the western Adelbert Mountains and lies about 15.5 miles northwest of Madang Township on the north coast of New Guinea. Its topography is mostly mountainous with steep dissecting valleys, which at lower altitudes grade into broader riverbeds. The area is subject to frequent, though moderate seismic activity. Flora and Fauna
This geographically young region is remarkably diverse with an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 species of vascular plants. In 1999 the Conservancy conducted a partial botanical assessment of the area and identified nine new plant species (two of which were named for Consevancy scientists). The Adelbert Mountains are home to more than 700 species of birds, including 38 of the world’s 43 species of bird of paradise, the lesser and magnificent birds of paradise among them. The rare fire-maned bowerbird also makes its home in the area, and can be found nowhere else on Earth. Tree kangaroos, giant bandicoots, alpine wallabies and critically endangered bougainville monkey-faced flying foxes all roam the region’s strikingly rich habitat.

12. Special Events :: One Conservancy Award
on the TenYear Goal team and mentored the new papau new guinea Program Director. transfer program involving leaders in agriculture and government that has
Special Events
Current and Upcoming Events
One Conservancy Award
This award recognizes employees and volunteers at all levels of the organization who exemplify the "One Conservancy" value. Nominees will have made exemplary contributions to the Conservancy beyond the nominee's job description, and outside the nominee's own program or functional area. Audrey Benedict
Audrey Benedict has served on the Colorado Board of Trustees for seven years. Recognizing the tremendous mutual value that working globally would provide, five years ago Audrey made a plea to the board and staff of the Colorado chapter to focus some of their efforts globally. As a result, the chapter created the "International Committee," which Audrey chaired. Under her leadership, the Colorado Program built partnerships with the Conservancy's country programs in Ecuador, Mexico and Chile and agreed to help fundraise for each of these countries. Audrey and her husband, Jim, have together donated close to $70,000 to the Conservancy's Ecuador Country Program. Because of the inspiration that Audrey Benedict provided, the Colorado Chapter has been able to expand and significantly support conservation programs in the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Papua New Guinea. As if that weren't enough, Audrey has been instrumental in developing and leading many of the naturalist workshops that are currently in their third year at the Medano-Zapata Ranch in Colorado's San Luis Valley.

13. Papau New Guinea Scuba Diving And Travel
entry permission from the government of Australia for transit or other purposes (see section on Medical Facilities) before traveling to Papua new guinea.
Handy Travel Tips
Papua New Guinea lies just south of the equator, approximately 150 kilometres north of Australia. The climate is generally warm with a 'wet' and 'dry' season, the timings of which vary from one part of the country to another. The wettest months for most regions are November to March but rain falls mainly in the evenings and rarely disrupts daily activities. Temperatures around the coastal areas are reasonably stable and vary between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The Highlands are cooler and temperatures can fall dramatically at night.
Papua New Guinea - Consular Information sheet
March 14, 2001

COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Papua New Guinea is a parliamentary democracy and a member of the British Commonwealth. The country consists of the eastern half of New Guinea Island, the Bismarck Archipelago, the D'Entrecasteaux Islands, the Louisiade Archipelago, and the islands of Buka and Bougainville. Good tourist facilities exist in the capital of Port Moresby and in major towns such as Lae and Madang. The quality of tourist facilities in other areas varies and may be below U.S. standards, particularly in remote areas. Crime is a serious concern throughout Papua New Guinea (see paragraph on crime below).
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A valid passport, onward/return ticket, and proof of sufficient funds for the intended visit are required. Tourist visas are required for stays up to 60 days. (Visas are issued upon arrival at Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby). Business visas require passport validity of at least one year from the date the visa is issued, two application forms, two photos, a company letter, biographic data, a recent annual report of the parent company and a fee for multiple entries. An AIDS test is required for work and residency permits (U.S. test accepted).

14. Papau New Guinea Scuba Diving And Travel
government and the people of Papua new guinea alike recognise the value of tourism, and are extremely keen to encourage its development; the necessary

Papua New Guinea

General Information

Many phrases have been used to describe Papua New Guinea: Land of the unexpected; Land of a Thousand Cultures; the Last Unknown, but none of these can quite prepare visitors for the stunning diversity of this breath-taking country. Papua New Guinea is a land of amazing variety; nowhere else will you find lush tropical rainforest, pure white sandy beaches, cool misty highlands, balmy desert islands, traditional culture unchanged for thousands of years and modern recreational facilities in such close proximity and all so easily accessible from Australia, the South Pacific, Asia and the rest of the world.
Located just south of the Equator, mainland Papua New Guinea is divided by the rugged Owen Stanley Mountain Range, with peaks over 4000 m high. These mountains provide the source for mighty rivers - among them the Fly and the Sepik which wind their way through spectacular fertile landscapes on their journey to the sea, where the coastline is scattered with islands, atolls and coral reefs. With every different landscape you will discover many different cultures, which in many cases have remained unchanged for thousands of years. It is quite surprising how the artefacts, traditional dress, styles of living, music and dance are so specific to particular areas, with very little overlap from one region to another. And for the budding linguist, Papua New Guinea has over 700 distinct languages to choose from.
The underwater world of Papua New Guinea is certainly no less spectacular; the warm, clear waters all around the coast offering some of the best dive locations in the world. Stunning reefs, sunken wrecks, and brilliantly coloured coral and marine life leave even the most experienced diver in awe.

15. Papua New Guinea Links
government. governments on the WWW Papua new guinea. Constitution of Paupa new guinea. HISTORY. papau new guinea US Army Center of Military History.
BASIC INFO. ECONOMY GEOGRAPHY ... Features-Highlands Art of New Guinea

16. Port Moresby Papau New Guinea Hotels - History - Map
Port Moresby is also the site of government offices, the territorial museum, the University of Papua new guinea (1965), the Map of papau new guinea.
Port Moresby , capital city of Papua New Guinea, was n amed after Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby in 1873 and is today a bustling cosmopolitan city with approximately 200,000 residents.The city is surrounded by plantations and experimental livestock and dairy farms. Its chief exports are copra, coffee, rubber, plywood, timber, and gold. Sawmilling, brewing, tobacco processing, and the manufacture of handicrafts and concrete are the principal industries. The area fishing and diving are spectacular!
Port Moresby sprawls along coastal bays and hillsides; the original Motuan settlement village, Hanuabada, is located close to the city center, which lies on a peninsula at the entrance to Fairfax Harbor. Close at hand is Paga Hill, a popular spot to catch a great view, and the now infamous World War Two Kokoda Trail lies a short trip from the capital. You'll want to lie in the sun at Ela Beach and pick up fresh tropical fruit and vegetables at the bustling Koki Markets. Port Moresby is also the site of government offices, the territorial museum, the University of Papua New Guinea (1965), the Institute of National Affairs, and sports facilities.
Best Rates for Port Moresby Hotels
Map of Papau New Guinea
UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL Arizona Colorado New Mexico Belize Apache Junction Denver Albuquerque Belize City ... Flagstaff Florida

17. Music Of Papua New Guinea
papau new guinea was divided into two separate UK and well documented as Papua new guinea s, partially due hostility from the Indonesian government towards the
Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
Music of Papua New Guinea
The island of New Guinea is divided into two halves. The east is a country a called Papua New Guinea , and the western half, Irian Jaya , is part of Indonesia . Both sides were colonized by foreign powers until the 20th century . Papau New Guinea was divided into two separate UK and German areas until the end of World War 1 , when they became trust territories controlled by Australia Papua New Guinea became independent in . Irian Jaya was a Dutch colony until Indonesian independence arrived in Irian Jaya's music has not been as well documented as Papua New Guinea's, partially due to the hostility from the Indonesian government towards the promotion of indigenous Melanesian culture
Pop music
By the beginning of the 20th century, Christian hymns work songs and gold rush songs were popular, some in native languages and some in English or German . By the , recorded music had become popular and radio broadcasting of western popular music appeared by the late . A few years later, Allied soldiers and sailors during

18. FiscalAdmin-Region: Asia, Papua New Guinea
Context. The government of papau new guinea (PNG) has demonstrated a strong commitment to overcoming some of the problems arising from an overcentralization of
Region: Asia
Thematic Focus: Reforming the national planning system. Expanding national decentralization financial management
Country: Papua New Guinea Context
The government of Papau New Guinea (PNG) has demonstrated a strong commitment to overcoming some of the problems arising from an over-centralization of planning and management. In 1995, two important decisions were made by the government. First, a National Planning Office was established, separating planning from finance and second, an organic law was enacted which delegated substantial economic and financial authority to the provincial and the district level. Each of these sub-national entities have now been vested with substantial resource mobilization and spending autonomy and are now responsible for all rural development activities, public health, education, and infrastructure. The government requested that UNDP be the lead donor in reforming the national planning system as well as expanding an ongoing project to strengthen the necessary decentralized financial management. In this regard, UNDP in cooperation with government counterparts is supporting a project entitled "Strengthening The National and Decentralized Planning System". The overall development objective of the project is to "create the capacity in PNG for effective decentralized planning and for developing national strategies and plans that guide development within well-articulated national policies for sustainable development.

19. North Solomons Province (Papua New Guinea)
Bougainville is presently a part of papau new guinea. status of the island would split with the opposition party (Bougainville Interim government (BIG)) and
North Solomons Province (Papua New Guinea)
Last modified: by santiago dotor
Keywords: north solomons bougainville republic of mekamui papua new guinea ... upei
Links: FOTW homepage search write us mirrors
by Mark Sensen See also
Bougainville has a blue flag with a black disk surrounded by white and green triangles within a thin white circle. In the disk there is a red and white device. The ratio is unknown. Source: Flagmakers catalogue Zeljko Heimer , 4 July 1996 In the Flags of Paradise chart, North Solomons (Bougainville) appears similar to that shown above, but with a much smaller, centered emblem. Ivan Sache The "device" in the centre of the Bougainville flag is a woven head dress. It is worn by young men in the north of the Island as an expression of their entry into manhood. Kevin Morris , 20 May 1999 North Solomons: A blue background (for the sea) surrounds a white outer ring (shell), an inner ring with green triangles (islands), a black circle (for the colour of the people), and a red and white upei (traditional male initiation hat). David Cohen , 3 August 1999
Bougainville / North Solomons / Republic of Mekamui
Between 28 and 31 July 1998 in a meeting, was adopted a new flag for the Republic of Mekamui (known as North Solomon or Bougainville). The presidential decree of adoption was issued in August, but date unknow. I'm waiting news about the exact design.

20. Papua New Guinea Overview --Melanesian Cultural Heritage Management Identificati
papau new guinea Menu Lonely Planet Destination Papua new Lonely Planet Destinations Papua new guinea government Administrative divisions 20 provinces
Melanesian Cultural Heritage Management
Identification Study A project coordinated by the
Johnstone Centre of Parks, Recreation and Heritage
Charles Sturt University Country Information - Papua New Guinea
Geography Info Political Info International Conventions Heritage Agencies ... Oral Traditions As a background to the project a set of country-related internet information sources was compiled, which have a bearing on the subject matter. This compilation does not claim to be comprehensive as we have ommitted material deemed of very doubtful quality and origin or which is only tangentially relevant. Material marked with a star bullet ( ) is maintained on the server of the Johnstone Centre of Parks, Recreation and Heritage The provision of the material and links on these pages does not constitute an endorsement of the validity and accuracy of the material by the national or provincial government(s) of Papua New Guinea, nor by the Pacific Forum, the European Union, Charles Sturt University, the Johnstone Centre of Parks, Recreation and Heritage, or the authors.
Papua New Guinea
Entry in the 1992 CIA World Fact Book
Papua New Guinea
Entry in the 1994 CIA World Fact Book
Papua New Guinea
(from Commonwealth Games pages)
Michael Ogden's Melanesia
An excellent source of WWW sites related to Melanesia.

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