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61. Two Women, Two Worlds: Friendship Swept By Winds Of Change - By Audrey McCollum,
(papau new guinea) Independent Two Women, Two Worlds is of language, culture, andgeography, reaching for McCollum s experiences in Papua new guinea rings loud
Two Women, Two Worlds: Friendship Swept by Winds of Change
Australian Biographies Book Review
AUTHOR: Audrey McCollum, Robert McCollum (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0966689607
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Australian Biographies

Two Women, Two Worlds: Friendship Swept by Winds of Change
- Book Review, by Audrey McCollum, Robert McCollum (Illustrator)
From the Publisher
About the Author:
Audrey McCollum was born and raised in New York City, where turmoil in her family sparked her drive to become a psychotherapist and writer. Educated at the Brearley School, Vassar College, and the Simmons College School of Social Work, she became a family therapist and research associate at the Yale University Child Study Center and Department of Pediatrics. During those years, she married and began rearing her daughter and sontrying to combine effective parenting and professional life when that was still uncommon among women. Her first book, Coping with Prolonged Health Impairment in Your Child was described as "the best book in the field with the worst title!" Expanded and updated, it was later published as The Chronically Ill Child: A Guide for Parents and Professionals . A move to New Hampshire rekindled her childhood curiosity about personal transition. Her groundbreaking book, The Trauma of Moving: Psychological Issues for Women was followed by Smart Moves: Your Guide Through the Emotional Maze of Relocation, co-authored by Nadia Jensen and Stuart Copans. Still available, it has earned accolades in the media and is described as "the bible" of relocation. An avid traveler, drawn to the beauty and mystery of tropical coral reefs and rain forests, McCollum became fascinated by Papua New Guinea a nation in the midst of tumultuous change. During repeated visits there, she and a mountain woman, Pirip Kuru, developed the complex and ever-deepening friendship described in Two Women, Two Worlds. McCollum practices psychotherapy, writes, skis, hikes, and lives happily with her husband in Etna, New Hampshire.

62. ArtLex's Sc-Sd Page
The people of papau new guinea, for instance, cut their skin and insert clay orash A common origin is likely to be geographic (for example, Dutch school, or
This site is made possible by its sponsors. Please visit them!
scagliola - See stucco scale - A ratio proportion ) used in determining the dimensional relationship ( analogy ) between a representation to that which it represents (its actual size ), as in maps architectural plans , and models . This is often expressed numerically as two quantities separated by a colon (:). For example, a scale noted as "1:50." This scale would be read "one to fifty," meaning "one unit of measurement [inches, feet, meters, etc.] here represents fifty of the same units at full size." A size equal to actual size is full-scale . Sometimes scale is called "proper proportion." Also see caliper close-up human scale imbrication ... pointing and pointing machine puppet scaling up , and visual scale scaling up - A mechanical method of copying a small sculpture on a larger scale by increasing all the measurements proportionately , using such measuring devices as a scaling board, caliper , or pointing machine scanner - A device for capturing a digital image . Scanners are used in conjunction with a computer, so that once captured, images can be

63. Geosciences Dean Serves On Advisory Team Offering Tips To China On Environmental
problems faced in the jungles of papau new guinea, China s Yellow In Papua new guinea,the main port city of Lae as if the Mississippi River at new Orleans had
Geosciences Dean Serves On Advisory Team Offering Tips To China On Environmental Problems
COLLEGE STATION They might seem like scenes from a Hollywood disaster movie, but earthquakes, landslides, floods, droughts and toxic rivers are all too real along the coasts of Southeast Asia where population growth and economic development are putting millions of people in harm's way. But help is on the way. An international geoscience project – COASTPLAN – is underway in China, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and is aimed at reducing risks to people and property caused by environmental hazards. Prior is part of a six-member project advisory team, supported by the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and Britain. At the invitation of the Dutch and local Ministries of Geology, the team discussed problems faced in the jungles of Papau New Guinea, China's Yellow River delta and Indonesia's Jakarta Bay where one of Asia's largest cities encroaches on the marine environment. "We are trying to transfer the technology of coastal zone management to Asia's coasts, so that they can avoid some of the problems we have experienced," he said. "These are difficult geologic areas to live in and manage, and many people are at risk, but there are also incredible pressures for economic development."

64. BCPR Transitions | January 2003
Credit UNDP papau new guinea. in the South Pacific, most notably Australia and newZealand. the national poverty strategy and target key geographic areas and
January 2003 Previous Issues
EDITOR Credit: Ruth Massey, UNDP Sudan
Better prospects for peace in Sudan
The signing of the Machakos Protocol of 20 July 2002 between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) has given Sudan its best chance in several years to end the civil war. But the peace process is still fragile and continued commitment from the political parties will be key to achieving peace. The country is still plagued by ongoing civil strife, chronic instability, adverse weather, and much of the population will remain at or below the poverty line for years to come. Transitions Call for submissions! We invite you to submit stories for inclusion in our next newsletter, scheduled for publication in mid-April. Submissions, suggestions and comments should be sent to Tala Dowlatshahi by 23 March 2003.

troupe from papau new guinea took to the street paraded then stopped at their fale,as today is their Independence Day. Forget National Geographic, we were up
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 1996 CRUZENEWS KYRNOS KIDS
For all of you keeping track of the boys on the chart, you must be pretty happy we've made some miles lately. The boys have been very happy to have had fast downwind passages (never more than 3 days) and never once did any of them get sick!! SALTYDOG DEN
We have left the quiet solitude of isolated atolls and islands for awhile and are now in Apia, Western Samoa (13 49'S,171 45'W) with 80 other close cruising boats! We are here for the 7th Pacific Arts Festival held every 4 years in different venues around the Pacific. More on the festival later but first a bit about or last stops. Suvarov or Suwarow as the Cook Islanders now call it was as good as the best of the Tuamotu Atolls we had seen despite the fact that there were 11 boats at anchor. The caretakers have just arrived. Margaret, Tom her fishing husband, Justin their 15 year old son adjusting to life without teenage distractions and Mark their 3 year old son who eased into the native lifestyle without a care. Justin did not like going in the water until Fred took him lobstering. Another boat gave him a mask and he was at home in the water. The sharks are reportedly aggressive in this atoll, however we snorkeled along side them without worry. Fred and 2 friends went spear fishing in the pass and even though the water was teaming with white tips and grey sharks, he still shot 4 fish. But the bucket sitting in the dinghy where he put the fish had a hole, so he thought he should drain the dinghy of fish blood. The greys started swarming the dinghy and his 2 fishing companions that were still in the water could not go back to the dinghy. After 5 minutes the greys moved on and the friends came aboard with a few words to say to Fred!

66. VATICAN - Commemorating The Martyrs - Catholic World Report - June 2000
in 1925; from an Anglican bishop who died in papau new guinea in 1942 A Geographyof Martyrdom. the most serious episodes were seen in Papua new guinea in 1942
home about Ask an Expert Daily Meditations ...
Lifelong Faith Development

Commemorating the Martyrs
In a special ecumenical ceremony, Pope John Paul led the Church in honoring all
Christians who gave their lives for the faith during the 20th century. From Fides News Service The ecumenism of the martyrs and the witnesses to the faith is the most convincing of all; to the Christians of the 21st century it shows the path to unity. It is the heritage of the Cross lived in the light of Easter: a heritage which enriches and sustains Christians as they go forward into the new millennium. . . . We do this as we ourselves offer pardon, faithful to the example of the countless witnesses who were killed even as they prayed for their persecutors. This was how Pope John Paul II explained the meaning of the Ecumenical Commemoration of the Witnesses to the Faith of the 20th century, a unique ceremony that was held in the Roman Coliseum on the afternoon of Sunday, May 7. To commemorate the heroic witnesses of the faith in the 20th century means to prepare the future, guaranteeing solid foundations for hope. The new generations must know the price of the faith they inherit, so they may take up with gratitude the torch of the Gospel and illuminate with it the new century and the new millennium. Candles in the rain The Pope opened the Commemoration service with a greeting and introductory prayer in Latin. He was followed by Metropolitan Gennadios, the Greek Orthodox exarch for Europe and personal representative of Patriarch Bartholomew I, who delivered his prayer in Greek. Then Rev. Ishmael Noko of the World Lutheran Federation added an English prayer.

67. RBF - Who We Are - History - Timeline - 1990's
RBF added Advanced Geographic Information System capabilities. RBF s Civil Engineeringtechnology is exported to papau new guinea for the country s first master
TIMELINE 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's ... 2000's RBF Through The Years RBF grew to 490 employees and added Mechanical, Electrical, and Energy Engineering to its service capabilities. RBF added in-house video production capabilities. RBF designed the Palmilla/Cabo del Sol resort communities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. RBF won a Design for Excellence Award from Southern California Edison for the mechanical and electrical design for George Washington Carver Elementary School in Santa Ana. RBF won a Project of the Year Award for the design of the South County Pipeline Project for the Santa Margarita Water District. RBF added Advanced Geographic Information System capabilities. The Rancho California Water District GIS Master Plan was begun.

68. Using The Data - Code Lists
516 Niue, 517 Norfolk Island, 518 Palau. 519 papau new guinea, 520 PitcairnIslands, 521 Solomon Islands. 522 Tokelau, 523 Tonga, 524 Tuvalu.
Contact ACS Site Map Search ACS Census ... 2002 Code Lists Place of Birth, Migration and Place of Work Code List
Using the Data Main

Understanding Change Profiles

Subject Definitions

Code Lists (2002)
... 554-999 At Sea/Abroad, Not Reported 001-059 United States 001 Alabama 002 Alaska 003 Not Used 004 Arizona 005 Arkansas 006 California 007 Not Used 008 Colorado 009 Connecticut 010 Delaware 011 District of Columbia 012 Florida 013 Georgia 014 Not Used 015 Hawaii 016 Idaho 017 Illinois 018 Indiana 019 Iowa 020 Kansas 021 Kentucky 022 Louisiana 023 Maine 024 Maryland 025 Massachusetts 026 Michigan 027 Minnesota 028 Mississippi 029 Missouri 030 Montana 031 Nebraska 032 Nevada 033 New Hampshire 034 New Jersey 035 New Mexico 036 New York 037 North Carolina 038 North Dakota 039 Ohio 040 Oklahoma 041 Oregon 042 Pennsylvania 043 Not Used 044 Rhode Island 045 South Carolina 046 South Dakota 047 Tennessee 048 Texas 049 Utah 050 Vermont 051 Virginia 052 Not Used 053 Washington 054 West Virginia 055 Wisconsin 056 Wyoming 057-059 Not Used Top of page 060-099 U.S. Outlying Areas and Puerto Rico 060 American Samoa 066 Guam 067 Johnston Atoll 069 Northern Marianas 071 Midway Islands 072 Puerto Rico 076 Navassa Island 078 U.S. Virgin Islands

69. Texas Immigration
The selections were from six geographic regions with a maximum of 3,500 visas (7 OF(0), NAURU (0), new ZEALAND (357), PALAU (2), papau new guinea (9), SAMOA (24
DIVERSITY IMMIGRANT VISA DV-2000 RESULTS The following are the results of the FY-2000 Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV-2000) Lottery. The National Visa Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has registered the winners of the DV-2000 diversity lottery. The Diversity Lottery makes available 55,000 permanent resident visas annually to people from countries with low rates of immigration to the US. (5,000 of DV visas are used for the NACARA Program leaving 50,000 visas for use by the DV lottery.) Approximately 110,000 applicants have been registered and notified. It is likely that some of the first 50,000 persons registered will not pursue their cases to completion. Applicants registered for the DV-2000 program were selected at random from approximately 8 million qualified entries received during the one month application period from October 1, 1998 to October 30, 1998. Over 2 million additional applications received were disqualified for failing to follow requirements. The selections were from six geographic regions with a maximum of 3,500 visas (7% of the 50,000 total) available to people born in any one country. The principal applicant must show proof of a high school education or its equivalent or show 2 years of work experience in an occupation that requires at least 2 years of training or experience within the past 5 years. Those selected will need to act on their immigrant visa applications quickly. Applicants should follow the instructions of their notification letter and must fully complete the information requested. Registrants who are living in the US who wish to apply for adjustment of status can contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service or obtain the assistance of an attorney.

70. Arthur Lakes Library
were proud to show us their new studios for the National Geographic Channel 1100,000G6940 s100 .N67 Oman 1100,000 G7650 s100 .H8 papau new guinea/Irian Jaya
Map Room Assistance Available: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Reference: (303) 384-2367
Office: (303) 273-3697
Fax: (303) 273-3199
Email: EmailLink('cthiry')
1895 Colorado Map
The Arthur Lakes Library Receives a Large Gift of Maps from the Library of Congress Over 8,100 maps were added to the collection between August and November 2001. These maps came via donation from the Library of Congress . Included in this gift were detailed maps of many European and South American countries. th Chris was one of 5 participants this year; the others were from the University of Texas at Arlington, University of Georgia, Auburn University, and Penn State University. Their schedules consisted of working on various projects for four days a week, and choosing maps for our own libraries from the Division’s duplicate map collection one day a week. The selection of maps from the duplicates collection was exciting. The treasures hidden within were wondrous. Of the five interns, Chris was unique in that he ran his own collection. Two of the others were catalogers, one was a geoscience librarian, and the other was a library technician. Consequently, he had the best understanding of his own library’s collection and the needs of its patrons, thus was able to select material more appropriate to our collection. In five days of selecting, Chris was able to pull approximately 7,000 maps and atlases (1,700 pounds).

71. Eric And Steph's Environment Links
Home of the Worldwide Forests/Biodiversity Campaign news and papau new guinea RainforestCampaign from many sources, and presenting it in a geographic context.
Here are some good starting points for finding information on the environment, energy and the like.
Solstice - Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
This site brings together a lot of information on energy and energy efficiency. Simply marvelous. A must-see.
Rocky Mountain Institute
The Rocky Mountain Institute is a leading source of innovation in energy efficiency. Get the real scoop.
Liberty Tree Alliance
The Liberty Tree Alliance is a national association of writers, scientists, and activists concerned with the preservation of the natural world, founded in 1995. Their website is new, and is full of lively and informative articles on a variety of environmental issues. The best environmental site to hit the web recently.
EcoNet's Endangered Species Resources
A good place to look for info on endangered species and the Endangered Species Act, including action alerts on what is going on in Congress this year.
Gaia Forest Archives
Home of the Worldwide Forests/Biodiversity Campaign News and Papau New Guinea Rainforest Campaign News. Check out what is happening to our world's forests, including updated action alerts.

72. NCR - Partners Asia Pacific
Region. Geographic Coverage. NCR Contact. SPA. Global Technologies Pty. Limited.Distributor. AP. papau new guinea. SPA. Office Plus. Distributor. AP. new Caledonia.
News and Events
Area Company and web site link Type of Partner Region Geographic Coverage NCR Contact Lawrence Au GCA Advanced Business Solutions (Beijing) Limited Reseller AP Beijing GCA Beijing Eternalink Beidou Reseller AP Beijing GCA Fujian HuaRong Electronic Co. Ltd Reseller AP Fujian GCA Huaxin Financial Equipment System Co. , Ltd Reseller AP Beijing GCA Lucent Star Information Technologies Ltd Beijing Reseller AP Beijing GCA Shenzhen Donor Industrial Co. ,Ltd Reseller AP Beijing GCA Topasia Computer Ltd. Reseller AP Jiangsu GCA Truth Honour Electronic Ltd Reseller AP Hong Kong GCA Digital China Advanced System Limited Reseller AP Beijing GCA Founder Order computer System Co.,Ltd. Reseller AP Beijing NCR Contact Brian Goh SEA PT Multipolar Corporation Distributor AP Indonesia SEA PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka Distributor AP Indonesia SEA PT. ASABA Computer Centre Distributor AP Indonesia SEA Distributor AP Sri Lanka, Maldives

73. KwMap Of Keyword "guinea"
niger; papau new guinea; papua new guinea; papua nuova guinea; pet food; rabbitpictures; sadiola; senegal; senegal mandiana; uk; wa; west africa. add link.
navigator panel
Alphabetical keyword list:
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  • document.write(''); guinea hens document.write('');
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  • document.write(''); guinea pig club document.write('');
  • document.write(''); guinea pigs document.write('');
  • document.write(''); guinea singing dogs document.write('');
  • document.write(''); gulf of guinea document.write('');
  • 74. Space Satellite Sensing
    Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar/Burma, Pakistan (southeastern), papaunew guinea, Philippines,Singapore National Geographic Department PO Box 2159 Vientiane Lao

    75. Space Satellite Sensing
    is Indonesia s central mapping and geographic data organization. Maldives, Myanmar/Burma,Pakistan (southeastern), papaunew guinea, Philippines, Singapore

    76. ADW: Dendrolagus Matschiei: Information
    Geographic Range. Dendrolagus matschiei is found exclusively in the Huon Peninsulaof papau new guinea and the nearby island of Umboi, where they were probably
    Overview News Conditions of Use ADW Staff ...
    Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata Class Mammalia Order Diprotodontia Family Macropodidae Species Dendrolagus matschiei
    Dendrolagus matschiei
    (Huon tree kangaroo)

    editLink('skunkworks/.accounts/0df8862c-3259-4a44-967a-92c6b0cdca3a') 2004/05/18 13:21:37.088 GMT-4 Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Order: Diprotodontia Family: Macropodidae Genus: Dendrolagus Species: Dendrolagus matschiei
    Geographic Range
    Dendrolagus matschiei is found exclusively in the Huon Peninsula of Papau New Guinea and the nearby island of Umboi, where they were probably introduced by humans. It is the only tree kangaroo species that inhabits this area. (Flannery 1995, Wilson 1993) Biogeographic Regions: australian native Other Geographic Terms: island endemic
    1000 to 3000 m
    (3280 to 9840 ft)
    Dendrolagus matschiei is found in lower montane forests at elevations of 1000 to 3000 meters. Oaks are the predominant tree species at the lower elevations while conifers are common at the higher elevations. Tree ferns and epiphytes are common and there is a large accumulation of leaf litter. (Flannery 1995, Moeller 1990) These animals are found in the following types of habitat: tropical terrestrial Terrestrial Biomes: forest rainforest
    Physical Description
    6 to 13 kg
    (13.2 to 28.6 lbs)

    77. Rainforest Learning Resources
    A National Geographic video. Distributor Vestron Video, 203/9785400. Australianprospectors and papau new guinea highlanders recall their initial encounters.

    78. UH Launches New Global Energy Management Institute - 2002-12-09 - Houston Busine
    been acquired in a wide variety of geographic and geologic Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia,new Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, papau new guinea, Timor, Brunei Business Journal.htm
    Houston Business Journal - December 9, 2002
    From the December 6, 2002 print edition Energy Briefs
    UH launches new Global Energy Management Institute
    Christine Hall and Thora Qaddumi The Global Energy Management Institute at the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, which opened in the fall, is offering an Energy Risk Management certificate program for aspiring energy professionals and veteran traders to help them analyze risk factors and understand the trading opportunities to manage those risks. "GEMI must play a key role in providing the next generation of business leaders with skills and training for ongoing changes in this dynamic industry," says Arthur Warga, dean of the Bauer College. "We need to embrace this sector by providing a curriculum and research infrastructure to support it, and it will start with our Energy Risk Management certificate." There are three facets to the institute:
  • Education. At the undergraduate level, students can pursue a five-year degree in which they obtain a bachelor's degree in business administration in energy markets and a master's degree in energy finance. Graduate students and energy professionals may pursue specialized certificate degrees in energy risk management, energy international project finance and energy accounting. Additional programs will be made available based on demand.
  • 79. GOLDSHEET Mining Directory - Companies C
    Precious Metals (Gold, Silver and Platinum Group Metals) and our geographic focusis Carpenter Pacific Resources NL ASXCPC Exploration in papau new guinea.
    GOLDSHEET - Companies C Companies A B C D ... W-Z Sectors Australian Diamonds Mutual Funds Platinum ... South Africa Information History Obsolete Organizations Prospecting ... Services Australian
    US listed
    LSE OFEX GOLDSHEET Friends - Sites with reciprocal links Canarc Resource Corporation Cascadia International Resources C2C Zeolite Corporation [TSX-V:CZC] - Mining zeolites in British Columbia CBH Resources [ASX:CBH] - Emerging zinc-lead-silver producer through the acquisition of mining assets at Broken Hill. CDF Investments [OTCBB:CDGEF] - Investments in Northern Abibiti Mining and Manson Creek Resources CMKM Diamonds [Pinksheets:CMKM] - Saskatchewan CMQ Resources [TSX-V:CMQ] - Exploration stage gold projects in the Crescent Valley, Nevada and a nickel-copper-PGM project in Central Finland. Cabo Mining [TSX-V:CEV] - Joint ventures in North America and Latin America. Cadre Resources [TSX-V:CSL] - Developing gold and diamond concessions in Venezuela Calais Resources [OTCBB:CAAUF] - Interests in Colorado, Nevada and Panama Caldera Resources [TSE:CDR] - Exploring for diamonds in South Australia.

    80. Http://
    SUBJECT geography; DIRECTION; LOCATION; COUNTRY; SIZE; MERCATOR. The documentarylooks at the journey of some members of the Sto lo Nation to Papua new guinea.
    home shop help contact ... search PROGRAM INFORMATION
    DATE: 28/2/01
    Broadcast Date:
    Start Time:
    End Time:
    Duration: 00:20:12 Canada's auditor general leaves office after ten years. Denis Desautels talks with Shelagh Rogers about his perspective on the inner workings of the federal government bureauracy; and his concerns that Canadians not become too cynical about government.
    PRODUCER, SUSAN MAHONEY SUBJECT: GOVERNMENT; AUDITING; CUTBACKS; ETHICS; OFFICE HOT COUNTRY FIDDLE Duration: 00:01:26 Recording Format (Medium): CD Recording Title (CD or Album): BENDING THE BOWS/LEAHY, FRANK; MINEVICH, EDU Spine: CD-TAMB-001 Cut Number: MAPLE Code: AP CBC Production?: No Release Year: Label Name: CUSTOM

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