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         Panama Geography:     more books (50)
  1. Panama In Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series) by Thomas Streissguth, 2005-04-30
  2. My first geography of the Panama Canal by Arensa Sondergaard, 1960
  3. .. Panama in story and pictures, (Pictured geography) by Marguerite Henry, 1941
  4. Pictured geography by Marguerite Henry, 1943
  5. Panama in Pictures (Visual Geography Series) by Lerner Pub., 1987-05
  6. Uncle Sam's Panama Canal and world history, accompanying the Panama Canal flat-globe;: Its achievement an honor to the United States and a blessing to the world; by Joseph Bucklin Bishop, 1913
  7. Panama (World Bibliographical Series) by Eleanor Deselms Langstaff, 1997-06
  8. The Botany and Natural History of Panama: LA Botanica E Historia Natural De Panama (Monographs in Systematic Botany, Vol 10, 1985) by William G. Darcy, 1985-10
  9. Panama (Places in the News) by Gail Stewart, 1990-10
  10. Geography and man at Panama (The Bulletin of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia) by R. H Whitbeck, 1920
  11. Pan American Institute of geography and History. Commission on Geography by Angel Rubio, 1952
  12. The ecological geography of cloud forest in Panama (American Museum novitates) by Charles W Myers, 1969
  13. The challenge of development: A systematic geography of Panama by Juan C Navarro Q., 1983
  14. Panama (Visual Geography Americas Series)

101. National Geographic Photo Gallery: Biodiversity--Panama
The Variety of Life,” February 1999, National Geographic magazine More from National Geographic Travel to the panama Canal with National Geographic experts.
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The Variety of Life
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Introduction: Life flourishes from the canopies of the tropical forests to the deserts of Australia to the hot volcanic cracks in the bottom of the seas. Photographer Frans Lanting set out to capture this biodiversity on film.
Caption: "Crippled ark, this island in the Panama Canal was once a hilltop in a vast forest. As the planet’s remaining patches of wild land become smaller and more isolated, the number of species they can sustain shrinks."
National Geographic
More from National Geographic: Travel to the Panama Canal with National Geographic experts
Where: Panama Canal, Panama ( map
Frans Lanting MORE FROM
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102. Observing Differences On Both Sides Of The Isthmus Of Panama
When Were the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Separated by Land? ES2307, Observing Differences on Both Sides of the Isthmus of panama.

103. Panama
Economy. Economic overview Because of its key geographic location, panama s economy is servicebased, heavily weighted toward banking, commerce, and tourism.
Asset Pricing Research
Geography People Government Economy ... Defense Forces Geography Location: Middle America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica Geographic coordinates: 9 00 N, 80 00 W Map references: Central America and the Caribbean Area: total area: 78,200 sq km land area: 75,990 sq km comparative area: slightly smaller than South Carolina Land boundaries: total: 555 km border countries: Colombia 225 km, Costa Rica 330 km Coastline: 2,490 km Maritime claims: territorial sea: 200 nm International disputes: none Climate: tropical; hot, humid, cloudy; prolonged rainy season (May to January), short dry season (January to May) Terrain: interior mostly steep, rugged mountains and dissected, upland plains; coastal areas largely plains and rolling hills lowest point: Pacific Ocean m highest point: Volcan de Chiriqui 3,475 m Natural resources: copper, mahogany forests, shrimp Land use: arable land: permanent crops: meadows and pastures: forest and woodland: other: Irrigated land: 320 sq km (1989 est.)

104. LASER - Latin American School&Educational Resources
National Geographic Map MachineAmericas - The National Geographic Map Machine provides BBC Profile of panama - The BBC profiles panama s government, economy

Costa Rica

El Salvador




... Grenadines SOUTH AMERICA Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile ... Search country facts Population: Land Area: 78,200 sq km Comparative Area: slightly smaller than South Carolina Languages: Spanish (official), English 14% note: many Panamanians bilingual Ethnic Groups: mestizo (Caucasian and Indian mix) 70%, Amerindian and mixed (West Indian) 14%, Caucasian 10%, Amerindian 6% Government: constitutional democracy President: Mireya Elisa Moscoso Rodriguez Capital: Panama City Currency: balboa; US dollar More Facts: Extended Country Facts map of panama PANAMA Panama's past, present, and future are tied to its famed canal, which returned to full Panamanian control in 1999. There is, of course, more to Panama than its Canal. International banking, shipping, and the Colon Free Trade Zone (the world's second largest) have all contributed to diversification of the Panamanian economy. A remodeled Panama Canal Railway, that allows cargo to pass through faster than it would take to traverse the Canal, is also generating further revenue.

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