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         Palindromes:     more books (100)
  1. Mom and Dad Are Palindromes by Mark Shulman, 2006-04-20
  2. Palindrome by Stuart Woods, 1991-11-01
  3. Go Hang a Salami! I'm a Lasagna Hog!: and Other Palindromes
  4. Palindromes and Anagrams by Howard W. Bergerson, 1973-06-01
  5. So Many Dynamos!: and Other Palindromes
  6. If You Were a Palindrome (Word Fun) by Michael Dahl, Sara Gray, 2007-01-30
  7. Sit on a Potato Pan, Otis!: More Palindromes
  8. Too Hot to Hoot: Funny Palindrome Riddles by Marvin Terban, 2008-01-21
  9. I Love Me, Vol. 1: S. Wordrow's Palindrome Encyclopedia by Michael Donner, 1996-01-08
  10. HANNAH IS A PALINDROME by Mindy Warshaw Skolsky, 1981
  11. The Circus of Words: Acrobatic Anagrams, Parading Palindromes, Wonderful Words on a Wire, and More Lively Letter Play by Richard Lederer, 2001-05-01
  12. Ana, Nab a Banana: A Book of Palindromes by Craig Hansen, 1995-06-01
  13. The Dead Sea Scroll Palindromes by Howard Richler, 1997-01
  14. The Dual 1991-2002 Palindrome: History Of Ten Palindrome Years by T. W. Weston, 2002-09-05

1. - A Huge List Of Palindromes
A huge list of palindromes, which are words or phrases that read the same backwards or forwards.
Palindrome: A word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward.
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2. Neil/Fred's Gigantic List Of Palindromes
Neil/Fred's Gigantic List of palindromes. December 1996. Well, when I started this page, there weren't, as far as I know (or knew), any other palindrome lists on the web. Palindromist is an ezine palindromes Neil/Fred's Gigantic List of Palindromes
December 1996
Well, when I started this page, there weren't, as far as I know (or knew), any other palindrome lists on the web. Now I haven't really updated this list in almost a year, although I've received a few hundred email messages with additions and praise. And now there are several other palindrome sites, so I've decided to stop maintaining my list. If you still want to see it, it does still have a lot of palindromes. So here it is. You may be interested in these links: And some books of palindromes: Also, if you enjoy wordplay, check out the

3. Palindromes > What Are Palindromes?
STOP ANNOYING POPUPSwith the FREE Alexa Toolbar ( installs in seconds) palindromes. RACECAR. DEED. LEVEL. PIP. ROTOR. CIVIC. POP. MADAM. Words like LIVE and STRAW ( What Are palindromes? Subscribe E-mail Words Bookshop Link to this Site Take Our Survey palindrome is the mirrored palindrome. These are palindromes which are graphically reversible
What Are Palindromes? Subscribe E-mail Words Bookshop Link to this Site Take Our Survey ... Add to Favorites STOP ANNOYING POP-UPS with the FREE Alexa Toolbar (installs in seconds)
The word palindrome is derived from the Greek palíndromos, meaning running back again ( palín = AGAIN + = RUN). A palindrome is a word or phrase which reads the same in both directions. Some simple examples are: RACECAR DEED LEVEL PIP ROTOR CIVIC POP MADAM EYE NUN RADAR TOOT Words like LIVE and STRAW (which read EVIL and WARTS backwards) are not themselves palindromes but the "phrases" LIVE EVIL and STRAW WARTS are. A palindrome is not necessarily a single word. The longest single English word in common usage which is a palindrome is REDIVIDER , although the contrived chemical term DETARTRATED is two letters longer. In Finnish there is a 25-letter palindromic word: SOLUTOMAATTIMITTAAMOTULOS which means the result from a measurement laboratory for tomatoes, although technically it is a compound of four words. There is also the equally long SAIPPUAKUPPINIPPUKAUPPIAS which means soap cup trader.

4. Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection
palindromes A daffodil slid off Ada. By Mike Clelland of Driggs, Idaho ( (Premise for a short film, all dialog is in palindromes.).
Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection
Lists, links and anagrams too!
Palindromes A daffodil slid off Ada.
A Dan, a clan, a canal - Canada!
A nut for a jar of tuna.
A Santa at NASA.
A Santa deified at NASA.
A Santa dog lived as a devil god at NASA.
A Santa lived as a devil at NASA.
A Santa lives evil at NASA.
A Santa pets rats, as Pat taps a star step at NASA. A Santa snaps pans at NASA. A Santa snips pins at NASA. A Santa spat taps at NASA. A Santa spit taboo bat tips at NASA. A Santa spits tips at NASA. A Santa spots tops at NASA. A Santa stops pots at NASA. A Santa taps Pat at NASA. A Santa's rats top Nat, as Satan pots tars at NASA. A Toyota! Race fast, safe car. A Toyota. A Toyota. A Toyota's a Toyota. A car, a man, a maraca. A coup d'etat saved devastated Puoca. A dog! A panic in a pagoda! A dog, a pant, a panic in a Patna Pagoda. A dog, a plan, a canal: pagoda! A dum reb was I ere I saw Bermuda. A man, a pain, a mania - Panama. A man, a plan, a butt tub: anal Panama! A man, a plan, a canal: Panama! A man, a plan, a cat, a ham, a yak, a yam, a hat, a canalPanama!

A large collection of palindromes, focusing on palindromic single sentences (spelling the same forwards and backwards). Submissions welcome.
PALINDROME COLLECTION* (bottom of page) A site dedicated to sharing and archiving (single/stand-alone sentence, letter-unit) PALINDROMES
Last Updated: June 9, 2004
(Please be sure to check out TOPS' SPOT E.g., never to be so old again, I, a gad, loose bot, revenge! Lives drown in words evil. (Craig Hansen) Drawer’s NIH ‘crust’ never prevents urchin’s reward. "Tis in a DeSoto sedan I sit. (John Kamb)
"Tilt cap, I had a loud duo, lada hip act lit!"
On evil DNA, we nereids die, renew and live, no?
(Martin Clear)
Sun is of use to myriad airy motes (UFOs in us!) Diminish sin, I'm id. (Zo) Now, evil, I've won! Pose as Timi Imit's Aesop. Meg saw one rock core
now as gem.

"We" prefer pizzazz; I prefer pew. Set an "I," mullit illuminates Be 'green': one erg, Eb. "Sprawl" warps! Mode robot pets, too, foot-step to boredom. Sees a most serene rest, serene rest soma sees. O gol', Sal, U-card sees

6. Ernie's Favorite Palindromes
Numerous palindromes, some of which are in Catalan, French, German, Greek and other languages.
Ernie's Favorite Palindromes
Links Go Key Resource
#3 in Palindromes Topic
If your favorite isn't here, or if you know other palindrome links, please email it to me.
    Palindromes in English
    (Most of these were given to me by Easley Blackwood, Professor of Music at the University of Chicago.)
  • Racecar.
  • Evil olive.
  • Amen enema. (In The Poisonwood Bible)
  • War, sir, is raw. (Thanks to Graham Watson)
  • Step on no pets.
  • Oh no! Don Ho!
  • Rise to vote, sir.
  • Dammit, I'm mad! (Thanks to Dennis)
  • Draw, O coward!
  • Sex at noon taxes.
  • Yaweh. The way. (Thanks to Andrew Kleimeyer)
  • Madam, I'm Adam.
  • Lager, sir, is regal.
  • Neil A. sees alien!
  • Was it a rat I saw? (Thanks to Ash Ward)
  • Put Eliot's toilet up.
  • Do geese see God?
  • Enid and Edna dine. (Thanks to Jason)
  • Never odd or even.
  • Won ton? Not now! (Thanks to Cate)
  • Ned, I am a maiden. (Thanks to Boyd Anderson)
  • no lemons, no melon. (Thanks to C. Geissler)
  • Not a banana baton!
  • Ma is a nun, as I am.
  • I'm aloof; a fool am I. (By Elaine Lee)
  • Too bad, I hid a boot.
  • Todd erases a red dot.
  • Flee to me, remote elf.
  • Devil never even lived. (Thanks to David Amack)

7. Palindromes
palindromes Web Site palindromes Subscribe Email Words Bookshop Link to this Site Take Our Survey Add to Favorites palindromes. palindromes are words or phrases that read the same in both directions, e
Palindromes Subscribe E-mail Words Bookshop Link to this Site Take Our Survey ... Add to Favorites STOP ANNOYING POP-UPS with the FREE Alexa Toolbar (installs in seconds)
Palindromes are words or phrases that read the same in both directions, e.g. EYE ,or RACECAR , or MADAM I'M ADAM . Here are a few good ones:
  • Do geese see God?
  • Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?
  • Murder for a jar of red rum.
  • Some men interpret nine memos.
  • Never odd or even.
  • More palindromes here...
We've divided our favourite palindromes and palindrome articles into these categories: Send us your favourite palindromes. Check we don't already have them in our palindrome pages (see above) first!
Palindrome Word Squares
2D Palindromes are word squares in which every row and column reads as a word in both directions: There are relatively few possible 2D palindromic squares. But if you allow names and obsolete words it is possible to make squares of not only 3x3 and 4x4, but also 5x5 and 6x6 size. Click here to see more 2D palindromic squares Do you know anyone else who would enjoy this?

8. The Palindromes -- A Fan Memorial
The FINAL CD from The palindromes. Version 1.2 with Rob Johnston Jennifer Kagler Care to take a trip around the world? Be forewarned that the "World Tour" contains heavy graphics and and photos copyright 1996, 1997, 1998. The palindromes and/or Electrolux (the band), unless noted
The FINAL CD from The Palindromes
is available at
Care to take a trip around the world? [Be forewarned that the "World Tour" contains heavy graphics and
takes some time to loadgrab a cup of coffee while you wait!]
You are Pop Fan Number to visit with this website since the
site was updated on October 10, 1998. This page last updated October 10, 1998.
The Palindromes and/or Electrolux (the band), unless noted.
Photos courtesy of spouses Jill, Leigh-Anne, Diane and Scott.
This is a CreativeLeigh Designed Website!

9. Palindromes (Political Satire At PoliSat.Com TM ©)
Readercontributed commentaries on political leaders.
Poli Sat Com
WWW PoliSat.Com Political Satire Commentary where satire is always commentary but commentary isn't always satire but we're sure you'll always know the difference. Home Index Press About ... More Daily Installments Main Latest Recent Google-News ... Subscribe Animations/Song-Parodies Latest Text-Index Image-Index Main-Index ...
Search- Updated.Com
Semordnilap Palindromes
What's a palindrome?
It's a phrase, sentence or series of phrases or sentences reading the same frontward or backward. For more information, visit the Palindrome links on our Links Page
Index to Palindromes: click here to load left-column menu with index to Palindromes
Campaign Palindromes Go here
Special Palindromic Time/Date Tribute: 20:02 02-20-2002:
February 20
Poli Sat .Com's ...
It's Palindrome time: Wow: 20:02-20-02 Wow!

Here's a PoliSat.Com Palindrome to Palindromist Mark Saltveit for his expert explanation of palindromes this morning on CNN: Wren Odd news 20:02-20-02, handed a job, Mark? Ay, vassal CNN Inn, Class Av. Yak-rambo! Jaded? Nah! 20:02-20-02's wend done! R.W.! Palindromic license by dropping the second "n" in Wrenn.

10. A Collection Of Word Oddities And Trivia
A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia, Page 5. Last revision April 28, 2004. palindromes. This section is limited to singleword palindromes only. sentences or phrases which are palindromes
A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia, Page 5
Last revision: June 3, 2004
This section is limited to single-word palindromes only. I appreciate contributions to this page, but I am not including sentences or phrases which are palindromes, since there are other websites which list large numbers of them. Principal contributors to this section are Dan Tilque, Stuart Kidd, and Philip Bennett. TATTARRATTAT is the longest palindrome in the OED2, which calls it a nonce word. The OED2 shows a single use in 1922 by James Joyce in Ulysses : "I knew his tattarrattat at the door." KINNIKINNIK is the longest palindrome in W3. The OED2 shows these variant spellings: kinnikinnic, kinnikinnik, killegenico, kanickanick, kanikanik, killickinnick, kin(n)ikin(n)ick, -kineck, -kennic, kinnakinnec. Audubon L. Bakewell IV reports the word is usually spelled kinnikinnick. The OED2 defines the term as "a mixture used by North American Indians as a substitute for tobacco, or for mixing with it..." or "any of the various plants used for this, as the Silky Cornel, Cornus sericea, Red-osier Dogwood, Cornus stolonifera, and esp. Bearberry, Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi...." The word is derived from an Algonquin word meaning "mixture." DETARTRATED is listed by Guinness

11. World Records, Jason Doucette's Resume - 196 Palindrome Quest, Most Delayed Pali
The 196 Palindrome Quest and The Most Delayed Palindromic Number, by Jason Doucette.
Back to Main Resume Page
Record Attempt Time Commenced Progress 196 Palindrome Quest
Longest Delayed Palindrome
Wednesday, August 4, 1999
Friday, August 13, 1999 WORLD RECORD on Monday, September 6, 1999
WORLD RECORD on Friday, September 3, 1999 What is a Palindrome?
A palindrome is something that reads the same forward as it does backward. It originated in the early 17 th century from the Greek word palindromos palíndromos ), literally meaning " running back again.
DNA Sequence: "52125", "4334", "8", and "1758571". "Radar", "I", "Eve", "Deed", and the world's longest in the English language: "Redivider". "Madam, I'm Adam", and the timeless classic: "A man, a plan, a canal... Panama". A segment of DNA in which the nucleotide sequence of one strand mirrors that of the complementary strand. If you are curious about word and phrase palindromes, please visit this page: Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection P ALINDROME Q UEST A LGORITHM, P ROBLEM Numberic Palindromes In the April 1984 Scientific American "Computer Recreations" column, an article appeared about mathematical patterns ( F. Gruenberger, Computer Recreations, "How to Handle Numbers with Thousands of Digits, and Why One Might Want To.", Scientific American, 250 [No. 4, April, 1984], 19-26.

12. Those Amazing Palindromes
Those Amazing palindromes. by. Shareef Bacchus. It is not totally clear when palindromic numbers really came into being nor is it clear who deserves the credit for creating the numbers. palindromes were first used in language to define words or lines that read the same backwards or forward
Those Amazing Palindromes
Shareef Bacchus
It is not totally clear when palindromic numbers really came into being nor is it clear who deserves the credit for creating the numbers. Suffice it to say that the numbers have some fascinating properties that bear investigating. Palindromes were first used in language to define words or lines that read the same backwards or forward. The word is of Greek origin coming from "palin dromo" which translates approximately to "to read back again." Examples of palindromes include: "Madam, I'm Adam"
"Roma tibi subito motibus ibit amor."
They have also been called Sotadics after their reputed inventor Sotades, a Greek poet who lived around 300BC. Palindromic words were also used in other languages including English. The longest palindrome in English probably is: "Dog as a devil deified
Deified lived as a god"
Two other well known palindromes are "Lewd did I live, evil I did dwel"
and Napoleon's famous reputed quotation: "Able was I ere I saw Elba."

13. Palindromes
palindromes. Did you figure it out?. . . Radar, sis, racecar, and Bob are each spelled the same way backwards and forwards. For a very long list of palindromes visit. Palindrome Parade
Did you figure it out?. . . Radar, sis, racecar, and Bob are each spelled the same way backwards and forwards. It becomes far more interesting when you have phrases and sentences which follow the same pattern and still make some kind of sense. Here are some examples. . . dumb mud so many dynamos Was it a cat I saw? Kayak salad - Alaska yak Ma has a ham. Rats live on no evil star. Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam. Lew, Otto has a hot towel! Able was I ere I saw Elba. (What Napoleon could have said.) Gateman sees name, garageman sees name tag. Poor Dan is in a droop. was it a car or a cat I saw? Too hot to hoot! Panda had nap A Toyota! Race fast, safe car. A Toyota Cigar? Toss it in a can. It is so tragic. On a clover, if alive, erupts a vast, pure evil, a fire volcano. A man, a plan, a canal, Panama. Straw -  No, too stupid a fad -  I put soot on warts! Put it up Ten animals I slam in a net Boston, O do not sob Here are my two silly favorites. . . Sit on a potato pan, Otis. Vanna, wanna V? Here's a new silly favorite submitted by a visitor to this page.

14. Palindromes - Brain Boosters -
For our newsletter and special teacher promotions. Word Letter Play. palindromes " Madam, I'm Adam." What's strange about this sentence? Try reading it backwards. It reads the same way forwards and
For our newsletter and special teacher promotions.
"Madam, I'm Adam." What's strange about this sentence? Try reading it backwards. It reads the same way forwards and backwards. A word, phrase, or sentence that reads the same forwards or backwards is called a palindrome. For example the word wow is a palindrome. See how many three-letter words you can think of that are palindromes. Try for ten. Then see if you can think of at least one four-letter and one five-letter palindrome.
three-letter palindromes: bib, dad, did, eve, gag, mom, nun, pop, pep, tot four-letter palindromes: noon, deed, peep, sees five-letter palindromes: radar, level, rotor Maybe you can think of more!

15. Palindromes! Old And Newly Discovered Stuff.
palindromes! I ve been fascinated with palindromes ever since I was a kid and my dad gave me a book entitled palindromes and Anagrams by Howard W. Bergerson.
GinohnNews Site Index Cetera Lunch Foureleven Haiku Movie Reviews Hankisms Hero(ine)s Games Pictures Poetry Pottery Wedding Wunderland Palindromes!
I've been fascinated with palindromes ever since I was a kid and my dad gave me a book entitled Palindromes and Anagrams by Howard W. Bergerson. Most of the palindromes in these lists are in that book. In addition to my own discoveries , I have managed to write two palindromic poems ( one has palindromic lines, and the other is a word unit palindrome). The following lists contain some of my favorite palindromes. John PS - Palindrome comes from the Greek words "palin" (again or back) and "dramein" (to run). So if you read that backwards, it translates loosely into "to run back." But ya gotta read it backwards, ya know. Legend:
bold - pure palindromes (spaces included)

green - by William Cooper
yellow - Brick Barrientos (who has a home page
orange - Alison Frane (she also has a palindrome page
purple - Paul Norton the hobo
blue - John Cooper ( all together near the bottom)
red - Abdul Jalib
gray - still looking for author ABC D E F ... I JK L M N O ... P Q R S T UV W X Y Z [ found by me long ones word unit 2-way ... c Palindromic Phrases:
Able was I ere I saw Elba.

16. Palindromes - Forward And Backward Word Fun By Brownielocks
palindromes are words, sentences or poems that are the same whether read backwards or forwards LETTER by LETTER. palindromes Fun
PALINDROMES Fun by Brownielocks
Palindromes are read the same forwards and backwards letter by letter.
The word palindrome isn't one. LOL But words like noon, toot, peep are. Ironically, the word Palindromes when done as an anagram becomes:
"Splendor am I!" The year 2002 is also a palindrome number.
It will not happen again in your lifetime?
The next palindrome year is 2112.
So have a Happy New 2002! Also... 911 is a palindrome number if done in Roman Numerals.
History of the Palindrome
If you never heard of one until now, don't feel bad. Palindromes aren't as common as anagrams (see our page on those) and there is not really a lot of historical information about them. My guess is that literacy was only among the wealthy, aristocrats or religious people in the past. And, IMHO palindromes are much more challenging intellectually than anagrams are. So they seem to be a secret among the old scholars of the past on their origins. Only samples remain, many of which have authors who use pen names. Perhaps it was an embarrassment to be able to compose foolish verse? Palindromes are done in several languages, with French being the assumed language of origin since it was for the anagram as well. I gave you simple palindromes above as a fast example. But there are many more that impress me with their brilliance. Most of them were written in the 18th century which also tells me that without the distraction of television, radios, computers, movies etc. people had more time to THINK and create. And so they did.

17. Palindromes
Eric Siegel, Columbia University. Automatically Created palindromes. (I don t know, but Dave Evans has it as his email siggy). Classic palindromes (not original).

Artificial Intelligence

Eric Siegel
, Columbia University
Automatically Created Palindromes
Palindromes are spelled the same both forwards and backwards. There are many great palindromes, and many collections of them exists just search for "palindrome" on any web search engine. However, the palindromes below are entirely original. Furthermore, most of them, as indicated, were created with the AI Palindrome Discovery System (a homework project ( including Java code ) for exploring search strategies in our Artificial Intelligence course). To my knowledge, this is the first automatic creation of palindromes. Read more about the project in our published cs education paper Also, you are urged to check out this animated palindrome New: Moreover, check out this other animated palindrome applet, by Michael Birken. It shows the same palindrome in a cool circular 2D animation that would only be possible for a palindrome. Symmetric "Kargo" , by Michael Birken. You cannot argue that this does not say Kargo. You cannot argue that this is not symmetric (looks the same in a mirror). 'Course, it is not a palindrome, but Michael was thinking a lot about palindromes when he made it, and he works at Kargo with me. Automatically created palindromes.

18. Palindromes (Part 1)
Historical essay about word palindromes from ancient Greece to modern times.
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Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Palindromes (Part 1) Madam I'm Adam... The word 'PALINDROME' comes from the Greek word palindromos , which means 'running back again'. A palindrome is any word, line or even complete poem which reads the same backwards as it does forwards. 'Madam, I'm Adam' is one of the best known palindromes but Eden's Adam never uttered it to his palindromic Eve (I have this from a very reliable source). Nonetheless, this form of wordplay is ancient. The epigrams of Nicodemus of Hereclea (300 BC?) and other ancient Greek writings contain palindromes. SOTADICS is another name for palindromes, after Sotades, a poet of this period who employed them frequently in his satirical poetry. Early ones reverse words...

19. Palindromes
Commentary on palindromes plus a 306word palindrome.
The dream which occupies the tortuous mind of every palindromist is that somewhere within the confines of the language lurks the Great Palindrome, a nutshell which not only fulfils the intricate demands of the art, flowing sweetly in both directions, but which also contains the Final Truth of Things. Alistair Reid Palindromania is not a disorder but, rather, an evolutionary, passionate effort to cobble letters into order and truth. I say "evolutionary" because I believe that in our species is evolving a heightened wonderment at and facility with the universe of letters. We are getting better at making the alphabet dance. Richard Lederer, The Vocabula Review , January 2002, Vol. 4, No. 1
They're very hard to write. My only major effort in this field is the following 306-word masterpiece, Dog Sees Ada , composed in 1991. You may expect a grander effort, to be titled Seid Ada (German for "To Be Ada") in 2002. I have a rough idea for the plot of Seid Ada but I haven't yet figured out how it will end. Writing a long palindrome requires patience and a keen eye for hidden words. If you've ever wandered the aisles of a grocery store, noticing the "lonely" in "Tylenol," the "nosy" in "Tyson," or the "soiree" in "Cheerios," there is a decent chance that you, too, could compose such a work.

20. Mathematische Basteleien
Topics include Flexagon, Soma Cube, Pentominos, Cubeit, Rubik's Cube, Froebel's Star, Tangram, House of Santa Claus, Chronogram, Numeric palindromes, Latticework of Letters. English/German.

Mathematische Basteleien

Froebel's Star


A Strip of Paper Only
Soma Cube



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