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         Palestine Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Palestine, Israel, and the Politics of Popular Culture
  2. Literature, Partition and the Nation-State: Culture and Conflict in Ireland, Israel and Palestine. (Book Reviews).(Book Review): An article from: Irish University Review: a journal of Irish Studies by Conor McCarthy, 2003-03-22
  3. The Holy Land in English Culture 1799-1917: Palestine and the Question of Orientalism (Oxford English Monographs) by Eitan Bar-Yosef, 2005-12-29
  4. Royal Administration and National Religion in Ancient Palestine (Studies in the History and Culture of the Ancient New East , No 1) (Studies in the History and Culture of the Ancient New East , No 1) by Gosta W. Ahlstrom, 1997-08-01
  5. Family & Court: Legal Culture And Modernity in Late Ottoman Palestine (Middle East Beyond Dominant Paradigms) by Iris Agmon, 2005-12-30
  6. Media Politics And Democracy In Palestine: Political Culture, Pluralism, And The Palestinian Authority by Amal Jamal, 2005-05
  7. Cultural Change and the Epipalaeolithic Cultures of Palestine (British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International) by Robert O. Fellner, 1995-03
  8. Archaeology, History and Culture in Palestine and the Near East: Essays in Memory of Albert E. Glock (Asor Books, V. 3)
  9. The contested terrain of popular culture.(Palestine, Israel, and the Politics of Popular Culture)(Book review): An article from: Art Journal by Sarah Rogers, 2006-09-22
  10. Religious and Ethnic Communities in Later Roman Palestine (Studies and Texts in Jewish History and Culture, 5)
  11. Resistance, Repression, And Gender Politics in Occupied Palestine And Jordan (Gender, Culture, and Politics in the Middle East) by Frances S. Hasso, 2005-11-30
  12. Egyptianization and Elite Emulation in Ramesside Palestine: Governance and Accomodation on the Imperial Periphery (Culture and History of the Ancient Near ... and History of the Ancient Near East) by Carolyn R. Higginbotham, 2000-05-01
  13. Benchmarks in Time and Culture: An Introduction to the History and Methodology of Syro Palestine Archaelogy (Septuagint and Cognate Studies Series / Society of Biblical) by Joel F., Jr. Drinkard, Gerald L. Mattingly, et all 1988-08
  14. Staging and Stagers in Modern Jewish Palestine: The Creation of Festive Lore in a New Culture, 1882-1948 (Raphael Patai Series in Jewish Folklore and Anthropology) by Yaacov Shavit, Shoshana Sitton, et all 2004-08

1. Countries: Palestine: Culture: Arabic Search Engine: Directory Of Arabic And Isl
Countries palestine culture. Home Countries Palestine Culture. Links Addameer. Palestinian non
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2. Short Essay On Palestine Culture
Short Essay on palestine culture. Palestine is predominantly Muslim culture.In Palestine, you see few women in public, and the women
Short Essay on Palestine Culture
Example Essays Resources for Research College Research Guide Palestine is predominantly Muslim culture. In Palestine, you see few women in public, and the women that you do see are dressed very modestly. Family and hospitality are very important in Palestine. Muslim have strict codes that must be followed regarding family life. Women must adhere to strict codes regarding dress and marriage. The elderly are taken care of by their children. For a woman to get marriage, she must contract with a wali who arranges a suitable match. A wali is a woman’s protector, guardian, supporter, helper, friend, etc. A woman who has had previously had marital relations with a man, can represent themselves for seeking a man for marriage. However, she will need a wali for the actual marriage contract. A virgin, on the other hand, needs awali from the beginning. A virgin need not speak up to declare they want a marriage, simply not speaking against the marriage (her silence) is significant consent for a virgin. No marriage is valid without a wali. Nursing homes or assisted living homes in the Muslim world are non existent. "Serving ones parents is a duty second only to worshipping and it is the parents’ right to expect it. It is considered despicable to express any irritation when, through no fault of their own, the old become difficult to handle."

3. Palestine: Culture Under Occupation (articles/books/maps/cartoons/photographs/vi
Material about palestine culture under occupation. Articles/Books. 1496 When westarted shooting, so did they by Xan Brooks in The Guardian, January 13, 2003.

4. Palestine: Culture - Category LII
History of Palestine and Palestinians throughout the Middle East. The great majority of Arabs in greater Palestineand Israel share the same culture, language and religion. N. Glatzer Papers/palestine
LII Palestine-Culture Category LII: Palestine-Culture Contents Box/Folder # Stamps, Postcard, Telegram 3 articles Newspaper Clipping (German) 1 article Qumran/Dead Sea Scrools Article and Photographs 23 articles Dead Sea Scrolls-Miscellany 4 articles Meeting Minutes (Hebrew and German) 4 articles 1 article Maps: Plans for Yaarot HaCarmel; Map of Israel 2 articles Housing and Building Project Documents, Carmel; Rules of the Chevra Kadischa (Burial Society) of Mt. Carmel (Hebrew, English, German) 12 articles Notices from Various Organizations (Hebrew) 7 articles

5. Country
Pictures from Palestine. Society Culture. • palestine culture. •Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center. • Palestine center for studies searches.

Home News Arts/Culture News palestine culture Rises Above SecurityWalls, Friday, 21 May 2004. Premiums Online. premiums

7. 212 2092919. palestine culture Rises Above Security Walls,PDF Print E-mail. (InterPress Service, Apr. 20)Waiting in the

8. Music And Musical Instruments In The Hebrew Bible And Ancient Israel/Palestine B
Aerophones from Israel/palestine culture include the flute (shofar)and the doublepipe (chalil) (eg, Lev. 2324; I Kings 140).
Music and Musical Instruments
in the Hebrew Bible
and Ancient Israel/Palestine Archaeomusicology explores the role of music
in ancient Israel/Palestine cultures.
Home Breaking News Older News News Archives ...
By Theodore W. Burgh, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame,
Departments of Anthropology and Theology Music is a vital part of all cultures past and present. This unique form of communication conveys instruction and facilitates rituals and religious ceremonies as well as entertains. Artifacts and ancient texts reveal that the people of ancient Israel/Palestine and the surrounding Near East wove music into nearly every aspect of society. Sacrifices, the celebration of victorious battles, and prophetic activity are just a few of the ways in which the ancients incorporated music. The 18th and 19th centuries brought sources that developed from the earlier predecessors. Charles BurnayÆs A General History of Music (1789) and Carl EngelsÆ Music of the Hebrews (1864) are classic studies that combined literary, ethnological, and some archaeological research methodologies. This new direction involving interdisciplinary studies set the stage for increased growth and development in theory and method. The 20th century witnessed a continuation of developing interdisciplinary methodologies into the field, as well as more diverse questions and deeper theoretical exploration. Contributions from Sachs (1940), Bayer (1963), and Sendrey (1969) propelled the discipline to another level.

9. Hoppa - Culture In Palestine
Culture in Palestine. Palestine Chronicle. Palestine, News The Palestine Chronicle News and Commentary from Palestine, the Middle East and Beyond.
Culture in Palestine
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Links 25 links Palestine Chronicle Palestine Chronicle Alquds Newspaper Alquds Newspaper Al-Ayyam Al-Ayyam The Electronic Intifada The Electronic Intifada Birzeit University Birzeit University Wafa - Palestine News Agency Wafa - Palestine News Agency Al-Hayat Al-Hayat ... Odeh Bethlehem Handicraft See also: Culture in the Arab World Everything in Palestine Everything Culture Art Visual Arts Games Going Out ... the Arab World Palestine Bethlehem Jerusalem Ramallah West Bank See also: the World Israel Roberto Bourgonjen Created on 11 June 2004 07:29 GMT

10. Links Au Sujet De L'olivier Et Du Palestine
Liberation Theology Center. The Canadian Palestinian Cultural Association. AlBushra. Palestine-net.palestine culture Website. Israeli Organizations (English).
deutsch Docmaster
Werner Stahl
Tobias Oetiker
Campagne huile d'olives
Cette Campagne vend de l'huile d'olives et du Za'tar en faveur de petits paysans palestiniens, ici en Suisse.
UCJG et UCF dans les territoires Palestinien, de Israël et international (en anglais)
YMCA East-Jerusalem
Programme de l'UCJG pour la réintégration de jeunes Palestiniens
YWCA Palestine

Jerusalem International YMCA

King David Street/Westjerusalem
World YWCA Geneva

World Alliance of YMCAs Geneva
Droits de l'homme, thème politiques
Manifeste pour une paix juste au Proche-Orient
Palestinian-Israeli Organizations (English)
Alternative Information Center
American Committee on Jerusalem
Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information The Foundation for Middle East Peace ... T A ' A Y U S H
Arab-Jewish Partnership Ariga Arab-Jewish Partnership
Palestinian Organizations (English)
Palestine Information Clearinghouse Palestine Media Watch Miftah Badil ... Citizen's Rights The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizen's Rights Al-Adwa Palestine Right to Return Coalition Human Rights Action Project Birzeit University Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group LAW Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights Students for Justice in Palestine Al-Bushra Al-Bushra (means good news), is created by Rev. Labib Kobti from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jerusalem) who serves now the Arab American Roman Catholic Community in California, USA.

11. Welcome To Palestine - Land, People, News, Business, History And Culture
palestineNet is a catch-all site about palestine Land, history, people,culture, news, economy, tourism and more. Welcome to palestine!
Welcome to Palestine! On behalf of the Palestinian people, especially those under siege, curfew, atrocities, massacres, hardship and danger, we would like to thank all of you who are with us physically, in protest or in prayers. We especially thank members of the international solidarity movement and international solidarity campaign who are currently in Palestine sharing these difficult and dark moments with us. We also thank those in the media trying to document what they can, under real danger, of this last chapter of injustice. For those asking about our well-being, we are doing well and our belief in our just cause increases by the minute. We were first in history and, inshallah, we will be last in geography.

Tawjihi Results Intifada Update ... Arabic Text (this page only) ] [ What's new @ Palestine-Net Palestine: News and Media (Palestinian newspapers, magazines and alternative sources) Geography of Palestine (map, overview of land and people, destroyed villages and more) History of Palestine (a brief history of Palestine) Tourism in Palestine (tourism virtual office) Life in Palestine (interviews and pictures) (art, literature, music ...)

12. Palestine - Israel Journal Of Politics, Economics And Culture
A quarterly produced and run by both Palestinians and Israelis. Aims to shed light on, and analyze freely and critically, the complex issues dividing Israelis and Palestinians.
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Vol.11 No.1 2004
A Quest for Peace and Security
The Palestine-Israel Journal is the only independent, non-profit quarterly publication co-published and produced by Israelis and Palestinians, as an explicitly joint venture promoting dialogue, in the search for peaceful relations. It serves as a unique venture that testifies to the fact that it is possible to work together in a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation and recognition, even on most conflicting issues.
Selected Articles
  • Extracts of the TriSeR Working Group Report
  • Chronology of events: October 1, 2003, to January 1, 2004
  • It’s Not in Our Hands
  • Dangerous Intentions ...
  • The Centrality of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict for Middle East Peace
    The Palestine-Israel Journal gratefully acknowledges the support of UNESCO for the development of the website. The website does not necessarily reflect the opinion and views of UNESCO and does not commit the organization. The designation employed and the presentaion of material do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNESCO concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities or concerning the deliminitation of its frontiers and boundaries.
  • 13. Palestine:Culture
    palestineNet culture. etc.) The culture Page from PIC (palestineInformation Center); Bashar Barghouti s Palestinian Folklore Page;
    Palestine-Net : Culture
    Welcome to the cultural section of Palestine-Net.
    Like other aspects of our life, the Palestinian culture and heritage has been and is still under attack. There isn't enough action on any level to face this but there are some scattered efforts here and there.

    14. Palestine Chronicle
    Internet magazine covering issues related to Palestinian refugees, and other displaced people around the world. News, articles, interviews, editorial commentary, and features on business, and arts and culture. Background information on editorial board, journalists and contributors.
    var AtTheIndexPage=false; AtTheIndexPage=true; Welcome to Palestine Chronicle Weekly Journal! Friday June 11, 2004 search:
    Main Home Palestine International Business ... Search Poll Do you support the imposition of political reforms on Arab and Muslim countries? Yes No Unsure
    Noam Chomsky: Doctrines And Visions - Who Is To Run The World, And How? "I have been virtually paraphrasing the most careful and detailed study of al-Qaeda, the very important book by British journalist Jason Burke. He concludes that that 'Every use of force is another small victory for bin Laden.' The general conclusion is widely shared by former heads of Israeli military intelligence and the General Security Services (Shabak).."
    Palestine Geneva Conference Frustrates Palestinian Refugees
    "After reaching and sometimes exceeding regional standards for education and health, the refugees 'are now sliding towards the bottom'.."
    Rafah Homeless Move To Caravans
    "Amnesty International said in a May report that 3,000 houses were demolished by Israeli forces in Rafah since the outbreak of Al-Aqsa Intifada.."
    ... more in this section...
    International G8 to Send Quartet to Middle East by End of June
    "The Quartet, mediating Middle East peace efforts, will return to the region by the end of the month, the G8 agreed on Wednesday, according to G8 sources.."

    15. Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre
    The Khalil Sakakini center foundation is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture in palestine. The Sakakini was founded in 1969, and is located
    Nurturing the visual arts:
    Developing visual artists’ creative skills, nurturing new talents, and exhibiting and collecting art works.
    Organizing projects that express intimately and creatively the Palestinian experience. Developing programs exploring Palestinian cultural heritage, and collective memory.
    Energizing cultural life:
    Organizing regular, diverse, and public art events. Organizing outreach programs to encourage the emergence of new audiences for the arts in vasrious segments of society, and age groups.
    As such, the Sakakini Centre conducts 6-8 activities monthly ranging from concerts, art exhibits, book readings, poetry readings, kids activities, film screenings, and other seasonal programs. In addition to long term projects in the three fields described above. The Sakakini also transfers some of its activities outside of Ramallah, such as to Bir Zeit, Gaza City, and Bethlehem, to break the Israeli siege. "The site is under construction and will be updated soon."

    16. The People Of Palestine
    The People of palestine Friends. The real guides to palestine and her people. Daibe, Rami palestine, culture, Jerusalem, Intifada, Arabic music, free stuff, hot news, album Naieem, Raed palestine, history, culture, pictures, news, action, links
    The People of Palestine Special Arab Files
    About Palestine Business Companies ... Arab Countries (Hint: Use the "FIND" function in the Edit menu of your browser to search the page.) Surname (no Al or El) A B C D ... Z Bold links include extensive or interesting information.
    All sites are in English or an English version is available except where indicated with flag(s) without "+".
    The flag(s) means the site is available in the language of the flag(s). If more than 5 languages (other than Arabic or English) the UN flag is used, example
    means 5 languages other than English or Arabic
    means it is available in Arabic only and + is available in Arabic and English
    Homepages - The Real Guides to Palestine and her People
    Abboud, Mohammad Family, Islam, Lebanon, Palestine, Australia, computers, songs, news....
    Abdel-Munem, Baker - Palestine Ambassador to Canada Profile....
    Abdel-Munem, Baker - Palestine Ambassador to Canada Brief history of Palestine, links....
    Abdel-Munem, Baker - Palestine Ambassador to Canada
    Abu Khaleel, Belal Palestine, friends, profile, hot links....
    Abu Niaj, Abdel-Ghani

    17. InHolyLand.Net
    Directory for palestine tourist attractions and facilities, information on towns, cities and culture.

    18. Palestine - Culture, History, Economy, Trade, Government, Tourism, Media
    palestine culture, history, economy, trade, government, tourism. Jun 2004 Palestine related web sites Add your Site Modify URL What's New? What's Cool? ... Home Page
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    Arab! Business-Link - Make your company visible to thousands of visitors. Expand your markets internationally. Get noticed with ARAB! See Your Ad Here...
    Bethlehem Governorate provides news, reports, cultural and social activities from Palestine ( Hits: 182 Rating: 7.33 Votes: 3)
    Cool? Rate It
    Hot? Recommend It Bad? Report It Birzeit University the Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites ( Hits: 343 Rating: Votes: 0)
    Cool? Rate It
    Hot? Recommend It Bad? Report It Encarta Encyclopedia - Palestine Introduction, The Country, History ( Hits: 486 Rating: Votes: 0)
    Cool? Rate It
    Hot? Recommend It Bad? Report It Jerusalem I Love You Monthly magazine devoted to the affairs of Jerusalem and Palestine ( Hits: 268 Rating: Votes: 0)
    Cool? Rate It
    Hot? Recommend It Bad? Report It Jerusalem I Love You Visit Jerusalem and Palestinian historical sites. Poetry Al-Quds By Nizar Qabani. Jerusalem Through History ( Hits: 242 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 1)

    19. Links To Palestine - Economy History Government Culture - Palästina Palestina
    Links to palestine related web Sites economy history government commerce culture. palestine,History, People, culture. The palestine Information Center.

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    More Sites related to Palestine? Search on ARAB! Palestine, History, People, Culture The Palestine Information Center The most up-to-date information pages about Palestine Palestine Oasis designed by Rafic Rane Palestine Extravaganza-Video, Music, Pictures, Culture Hasan Nayfeh's Homepage Links to Palestine and Arabic Countries University of Texas Palestine, History, King David Palestine, ArabNet Palestine, Basic Information Palestinian National Authority Statistics and Figures of Palestine Palestinian Centeral Bureau of Statistics Information on Palestine The Palestine Information Web Page Helpful Information Palestine Ministry of Information Homepage Country Information for Palestine SESRTCIC InfoBase Comments or suggestions? E-mail

    20. Feras Sallam,ISLAM ,History ,Palestine,ATC ,Aviation
    Varied site about Islam, palestine, ATC culture, and comparative religions.

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