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81. King County Library System
Mammals An introduction to the group of mammals commonly thought of as pouched mammals, from the University of California, Berkeley, Museum of paleontology.
Library Services Find Your Library Ask a Librarian Reserve a PC Library Cards ... eBooks Good Reads Good Reads New Reads Book Clubs Youth Services Homework Help Kidspage TeenZone Library Resources eAudio Seniors ESL/Literacy Special Collections ... Email This
Animals, Insects and Birds - Marsupials General Kangaroos Koalas Opossums ... Wombats
An in-depth article on marsupialsdistinguishing characteristics, feeding and social behavior, evolution and scientific classificationfrom Encarta Reference Encyclopedia Online. Marsupial Mammals
An introduction to the group of mammals commonly thought of as pouched mammals, from the University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology.
Marsupials (Marsupialia)

All about marsupials, from GeoZoo.

The Animal Diversity Web's introduction for older students to Metatherian mammals, also known as marsupials, which are an ancient group, very diverse in body form, and which occupy an enormous range of ecological niches. Links to the many family groups are provided. Back to top Kangaroos
Creature World: Red Kangaroo An introduction to the red kangaroo for younger students from Kratt's Creatures and

82. English Homework Resources, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
Links to resource sites about the English language for middle and high school students, including vocabulary, grammar, books, literature. Genealogy/History. homework help. Hours. Kids' Site
Select Library Area: Ask a Librarian Careers at CLP Computer Classes Directions Employment Genealogy/History Homework Help Hours Kids' Site Library Subject Guide Locations Renew a Book Request a Book Research Databases Resource Guide Search Subject Departments Support the Library Teens' Site
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Resource Guide:
... Homework Resources
Pittsburgh Region


Words and Vocabulary
See also: Books and Reading Literature , and English as a Second Language
Pittsburgh Region
The Grammar Lady
The website of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist. She provides a Grammar Hotline service: you can talk to the Grammar Lady during the hours of 9-5 eastern time, Mon-Fri at 1-800-279-9708.
General Resources
EDSITEment!: The Best of the Humanities on the Web
a constantly growing collection of the most valuable online resources for teaching English, history, art history, and foreign languages. EDSITEment is a joint project of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Council of the Great City Schools, MCI Communications Corp., and the National Trust for the Humanities.

83. Did You Know? - Paleontology
If you have a suggestion, send email to Regina. paleontology. ApeMan Hand. What s Hot. Virus QuizBiology homework HelpThe Study of LifeBaby Animal Name Game.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Biology Home ... Brain Basics zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); AP Biology Biology Dictionary Biology Science Fair Biotechnology / Cloning ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Biology newsletter. Search Biology Did You Know? Biology is both exciting and unique. Monday through Friday, I'll post an interesting biology fact. From bacteria to mammals, we'll explore the exciting world of biology. If you have a suggestion, send email to Regina
Ape-Man Hand

Bird-like Dinosaur

Bird-like Lizard

Warm Blooded Dinosaur

For more facts, please see the Did You Know page.
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From Regina Bailey Your Guide to Biology FREE Newsletter. Sign up now! RATE THIS ARTICLE Would you recommend this article? Not at all Definitely Most Popular Frog Anatomy Anatomy of the Brain - Organs of the Body Virtual Frog Dissection Quiz Frog Dissections: Male Frog Internal Anatomy ... Frog Dissections: Female Frog Internal Anatomy What's Hot Phases of the Cardiac Cycle Journey into the Cell: The Golgi Complex Architecture of the Liver Digestive System - Salivary Glands and Saliva ... User Agreement

84. Homework Help

85. Discrete Mathematics Homework Help;action=di

86. IPL Teen: Science
of science physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, geology, paleontology, astronomy and Topics homework HelpScience.

87. BioKIDS: Links For Teachers
King County Library System homework Helper Page homework helper for animals. of California at Berkeley s Museum of paleontology Background information on how
1.General Topics
2.Animal Groups

3.Multimedia Resources

4. Classroom Resources
Biodiversity in General: Environmental Education Network
Resources for students and teachers on environmental education. Conservation International's Rapid Assessment Program Expeditions
Students can read dispatches from the field from scientists conducting rapid assessments of biological diversity in different parts of the world, learn about how scientists are collecting data, and what will happen with the data. Conservation International's Biodiversity Science Projects
Great source of information and ideas about kids as scientists and how to develop projects Conservation International - Education and Awareness Programs
Education and Awareness Programs from Conservation International. University of Michigan Eco-explorers
A project that explores the diversity and attributes of different ecosystems, comparing temperate North America (Michigan) to others around the world (2 so far, Sonoran desert and Costa Rican tropics). Project Wild: An Environmental and Conservation Education Program
Resources for students and teachers from a national environmental education program.

88. Internet Links L-S
The Amazing Internet Guide BJ Pinchbeck s homework Helper An amazing reference tool. PALENTOLOGYDINOSAURS. paleontology - DINOSAURS.
Internet Links
ADULT LEARNING STYLES AND PREFERENCE FOR TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS Anthony Gregorc is a seminal thinker in learning / teaching styles. Creativity Home Page Resources for Creativity and Innovation Howard Gardner: Seven Types of Intelligence IQ Test KEIRSEY Temperament and Character Web Site
ALSO!U.S. LawSources The Avalon Project From the Yale Law School a repository of digital documents relevant to the fields of law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy and government. FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions The Justice on Campus Project LAWS.COM A Compendium of Law Resources 'LECTRIC LAW LIBRARY'S 'LECTRIC LAW LINKS(tm) 6.10.96 ... The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law
The following links are to sites that include many different types of Libraries On The Web . All are recommended Libraries to visit. You may want to stay awhile, so bookmark at will. Surf's up!

89. Evolution -- Reference Works
Reference homework help Encyclopaedia Dictionaries. AOL Reference Library Dictionary not known. homework help Websites. AOL Reference
Main Science htmlAdWH('7002737', '234', '60');
Links to our Past
News of the Present
Insight for the Future Alfred R. Wallace
Linnean Society of London

OR Select Any page Listed Here. Abiogenesis Cell Biology Essays Homework Aids ...
AOL Reference Library
Dictionary, Encylopedia, Thesaurus, Almanac, Calculator, Homework Helps, Maps and Atlases for AOL users . Links to Britannica and Nat'l. Geo.
Encylopaedia, Dictionary, Study Center and current news. This is their U.K. website. Requires registering for .msn.
Biology Reference Resources
Evolution Fact or Theory? One of my new pages explaining terms of science. Evolution is both a fact and a theory. In science all facts are provisional and subject to revision. There is no ultimate truth. This is the greatest strength of science, the humility to know that all things are not known. Homework Help Websites AOL Reference Library Dictionary, Encylopedia, Thesaurus, Almanac, Calculator, Homework Helps, Maps and Atlases for AOL users . Links to Britannica and Nat'l. Geo. Discovery School Another homework helps directory, and a good one. Links on the sidebar lead to non-science topics.

90. Ask An Expert Sources
homework help Teacher volunteers help students with questions from their homework, often by directing them to web sites with the information.
Ask an Expert Sources Connecting your students to an expert in the field is an excellent way of expanding their horizons, supplementing the curriculum with current information, and integrating Internet resources within your classroom. The sites on this page are links to experts in K-12 curricular related topics. Please read our Ask an Expert: All Subjects
Ask A+ Locator
The Virtual Reference Desk has developed a database of experts on the Internet willing to answer questions. The database can be searched or browsed by subject or alphabetically.
A personalized service providing education information to teachers, parents, and others.
Electronic Emissary
Electronic Emissary is a service, provided by the University of Texas, which helps teachers to locate K-12 subject experts from all over the world who are willing to share their expertise with K-12 students.
Homework Help
Teacher volunteers help students with questions from their homework, often by directing them to web sites with the information. Other students may also provide answers.
Internet Guides
wNetStation, a public television station in New York, has three experts who are willing to answer questions on the use of the Internet for education. Cyndi Kerris will answer questions about "web in the classroom," Chris Gary about"technology," and Sheila Kieran-Greenbush about "Instructional Technology." You can email questions directly to the experts or read archives of posted questions and answers.

91. Homework Hotline - Research Resources
Strange Science How some of the modern theories of paleontology and biology came BJ Pinchbeck s homework Helper As the Pinchbecks say, If you can t find it
Research Resources Art Art History Resources on the Web Links to art history Artchive Art work and artist information Artcyclopedia A fine art search enging. Find information about artists, and periods in art history Exploring Leonardo Leonardo da Vinci gave us more than just the Mona Lisa, he was a scientist, inventor and artist! Check out the Inventor's Workshop highlighting some of Leonardo's futuristic designs or explore his curious habit of writing in reverse. Van Gogh Gallery Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery Information on the man and his art WebMuseum Based on the famous Louvre Gallery in Paris World Wide Arts Resources Links to museums for the arts. Earth Science Avalanche Nova Online Cascades Volcano Observatory U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Information U.S. Geological Survey

Translator Study Web References by Topic KoolKidStuff homework Helper ScienceGenerally Links PBS Online (Public Broadcasting System) paleontology Geology
General Information Links
English Welcome 8th grade 7th grade ... Mission Statement Homework Helpers Newspapers
The Daily Gazette
The Albany Times Union

The Wall Street Journal

The L.A. Times
More Newspaper Links

Safe Schools
Appropriate Use of Security Technology
NY Task Force on School Violence

Michigan School Safety Page

Keep Schools Safe
... Nat'l School Safety Center Education Professionals The NY School Board Assn. Other State School Board Assns. NY Dept of Education NYS United Teachers Union ... Technology Tips for Teachers Teacher Sites Sites for Teachers School - Home Links Reading Kits K-3 Skewl Sites by Teachers The Gateway ... U.S. Dept. Ed Grant Applications Parent Organizations National PTA New York PTA Educational Programs School To Work Goals 2000 Family Involvement in Education Individuals w/disabilities Ed Act ... America Reads Challenge Statistical Information Federal Statistics NY School District Statistics Nat'l Cen. Educational Statistics US Census Bureau ... Inflation/Cost of Living Calculators Decision Making NY SDM Teams Shared Decision Making (SDM) SDM Evaluated Wall Street Journal Careers States Florida Vermont People in History Leonardo Da Vinci Museums The Smithsonian Institute The Exploratorium Online Museum Anthropology EMuseum The Louvre ... The Tech Museum of Innovation Educational Software Educational Resources Publish on the Internet Your High School Online Your Classroom Online Your Lessons Online Local Resources Contacting Public Officials State Assembly Bob Warner State Office Building, Floor #17

93. School Homework For All Ages
5 School Age homework help The Reference Desk, has links to many sites that may be useful. 6 New to the internet?
ECOTAO'S School Homework Links
HOME Return to: Ecotaoism page
This is a useful list of links for children doing their homework and looking for information. It is useful for projects and assignments. It can be used with the "Useful Tools and Important Links page" ( UTIL page ). The UTIL page provides more general resources such as dictionaries and encyclopaedia links. This page is specifically for material of interest to school children. Use your browser's search
As well as many links to dictionaries at this web pages home page, there is the following:

94. Dinosaur Planet Contributing Scientists Bios From All Info - About The Family Sc
Dan Gregroescu is the Head of paleontology and a Professor of Geology at the terrestrial ecosystems, he was able to provide information to help create the
All Info - About the Family Screen Scene
A-Z Site Index
TV Upcoming DVDs/VHS Movies ... Home All Info About
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a Free Weekly
All Info About
The Family Screen Scene Newsletter
Subscribe Unsubscribe Powered by Advertise on Allinfo About We offer extremely competitive rates for businesses of all sizes. Click here to find out more Kids First! Kids Pick the Best! Junior Jurors Bios Dinosaur Planet Discovery Channel Sunday, December 14, 2003 Tuesday, December 16, 2003 Dinosaur Planet is based on fact and current scientific theory. Those involved relied upon experts in the field of paleontology. Host Scott Sampson is a Canadian paleontologist who received his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Toronto in 1993. His doctoral dissertation examined the evolution of horned dinosaurs from western North America. As part of this project, he named and described two new and rather bizarre species from Montana, Einiosaurus procurvicornis and Achelousaurus horneri, one of which has been featured on a US postage stamp. After a year working at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Sampson spent five years as Assistant professor of Anatomy at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine on Long Island. He came to the University of Utah in 1999, where he currently serves in a dual position as Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Utah Museum of Natural History and Associate Professor in the Department of Geology and Geophysics.

95. Mid Hudson Library System - Lifelines - Earth Science
Covers many topics, including Geology, Meteorology, Natural Disasters Hazards, paleontology and more. A good place to start your explorations. Need help?
Homework help resources for grades 5 - 12 Arts Biographies Economics Foreign Languages ... Sports More help: Other Homework Help Sites College Search K - 4 Home 5 -12 Home ... About Lifelines Lifelines was chosen by School Library Journal as the Site of the Month in the October 2002 issue. Lifelines is a project by:
Dutchess County BOCES
and Mid-Hudson Library System
Poughkeepsie, NY
Science - Earth Science Great Web Sites
  • The Science Spot Earth Science Links
    The Science Spot was created by middle school science teachers. Here you'll find a collection of links to information about earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, rocks and minerals and more.
    ( Earth Systems
    This is a great place for middle school students to survey topics in earth science. You'll find information about the earth's atmosphere, plate tectonics, water cycles, rock formation and more.

96. Durham County Library Recommended Web Sites For Kids
Looking for a cool Web site about volcanoes? We found one! How about some help on your homework? Check out our homework help sites!
Kid's Pages Cool Web Sites for Kids Hey, Kids! Looking for a cool Web site about volcanoes? We found one! How about some help on your homework? Check out our Homework Help sites! We've found sites with games, cool graphics and lots of interesting information and they're all just for you! Nature Indianapolis Zoo
Petstation Kids

North Carolina Zoo

Wild Birds Unlimited
ALA Great Web Sites: Animals
Books Book Look
Internet Public Library Youth Division

Childrens Literature Web Guide
Book ...
ALA Great Web Sites: Expanding the Classics

Governments Ben's Guide to Government for Kids
Census 2000

50 States and Capitals
The British Monarchy ... State of North Carolina Kids Page Homework Help Ask Jeeves KidsClick Jiskha Homework Help CIA World Factbook ... The Educator's Reference Desk Search the Internet ALA's 700 great sites for kids! KidsClick! Yahooligans Lycos Kids ... Ask Jeeves for Kids NC State Library's StartSquad Famous People Christopher Columbus President's Day Just for Fun Cartoon Network Nickelodeon Pokemon World CRAYON: Create ... ALA Great Web Sites: For Kids by Kids Multicultural Resources U.S. Postal Service's Black History Tour

97. Hinchinbrook Library Junior Zone
Back to Junior Zone options. homework help Club Photocopies and use of the Word Processor is free during homework help CLUB time.
HINCHINBROOK Shire Library Service Queensland Public Libraries - it's your space HOME About the library Can of Words Databases ... Contact Us Welcome! Click these buttons to find Internet Links and Library Services for fun and school. AUTHORS Ask at the Library's Circulation Desk for books by your favourite author - if we haven't got what you are looking for we can request it for you. If you're not sure of which books you might enjoy reading the Library staff will spend some time with you to help you find one that suits your tastes. Duncan Ball C. S. Lewis Judy Blume Ann M. Martin ... Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels Harry Potter Childrens Book Week .......At the Hinchinbrook Libraries August 16 - 22 2003 Click here for Images of the Book Week fun at Hinchinbrook Libraries Back to Junior Zone options LINKS If you have other links that you think would appeal to primary school age children please tell us and we can update this web page. If you are having trouble finding a site you would like to use just ask the Library staff for assistance or go to the Search the Web page.

98. Allexperts Paleontology (Dinosaurs) Q&A
Category paleontology (Dinosaurs), Sort By None. Name, Expertise, Status.

99. Paleontology (Dinosaurs) Ask A Question
Ask any question! is the oldest largest free Q A service on the Internet. Category paleontology (Dinosaurs) Send a Question.

100. The Homework Helper Page
The Library Resource Page
Library Resources Bookbag Companion Enter promotion code WADK when registering: 000712030000016BB Go To: English Math History Science ... Ktwelve
    This page was designed to guide and direct you to resources online.
  • iT's Online Columbia University Bartleby Library - Online library of poetry, prose, and reference material. OneLook Dictionaries - Collection of hundreds of dictionaries. Don't forget to click on "Browse Dictionary List" and "More Dictionaries." Research Skills Area KidPub - more than 11,000 stories written by kids from all over the world. Writing Den - Informational site for grades 4-12 to improve English reading, comprehension, and writing skills. Classics Online - Classic novels from 15 renowned authors, with complete print available for reading over the web. Literary Hyper-Calendar - Find out what happened in literary history on any particular day. Rhyming Dictionary - Working on a poem and can't find a word that rhymes? Check out this rhyme dictionary which allows you to enter a word and search for words that rhyme with it.
  • MATH
  • Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics - encyclopedia of mathematical definitions and examples in a more informal language Math Forum - large collection of links to student and teacher resources, problems and questions of the week.
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