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61. Research Sites
Writing Authors, Writing, Reading; Facts Learning homework help Links, Nature a map of the region University of California Museum of paleontology If you
Research Resources on The Web
Acronym Finder : Find out what that acronym means Atlapedia Online: contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Anatomy of a Murder : a step by step trip through the legal system. What you don't see on tv. Bartlett's Quotations : Input a keyword and find an interesting quote
Cells Alive!
All the facts on cells, including pictures!
US Census Bureau:
All kinds of statistical information from the United States Census Bureau
Internet Guide to the US Congress
The Constellations and their Stars
Need information on stars, constellations, the Milky Way? Check out this site!
Country Library
Lots of information on countries of the world.
Kid's Domaine Clip Art : Great For Web Sites or Reports! Encyclopedia Britanica: on line
EE-Link: Endangered Species
Extensive collection of links of facts, laws, and ways to conserve endangered species.
English Related Resources : for Middle School Children Dictionaries : One of the most comprehensive list of dictionaries on the Web. Early America : Dedicated to the history of our country ERIC Ask an Expert : If your research leads you down a dead end, try this site connected to experts in various fields all over the world. email them with your questions.

62. Student Resources
MSN Encarta Online—encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, homework help and more site for kids (topics include genetics, astronomy, biodiversity and paleontology).
Resources Center
... Library Home Student Resources
Gale databases (choose from any level and any database)
The searchable databases include:
Texas Almanac
Informe (Spanish language periodicals)
Resource Center Gold (High school periodicals)
Literature Resource Center
Scribner Writers
Health Module Newspapers
Biographies Biographies of over 25,000 lives (past and present) Lives: the Biography Resource —one of the largest guides to biography sites Colleges, College Scholarships, and Financial Aid Pages 2003 Colleges, College Scholarships, and Financial Aid Page CollegePrep - 101 FastWeb Current Events JournalistExpress —excellent news links organized by topic CNN MSN Yahoo News Google’s Current Events Page Homework Help Fact Monster Homework Center —includes a world atlas, an almanac, a dictionary, biographies and the Columbia Encyclopedia BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper —great education sites to help students with homework HomeworkSpot It’s resources are organized by elementary, middle, and high school levels. Literature Authors and Illustrators on the Web —this site provides links to many authors and illustrators Jan Brett’s Home Page —younger students will love her activity and coloring pages Bartleby’s site - packed with reference tools and literature (all free)!

63. Nearctica - Education - Subjects - Links
Home Education Home Conservation Geophysics paleontology Commercial Organizations. . Multnomah County Library homework Center arranged by topic to help with your
Subjects - Links Special Segments Butterflies of North America Conifers of North America Eastern Birds List of N.A. Insects Home Eastern Wildflowers General Topics Natural History Ecology Family Environment Evolution Home Education Home Conservation Geophysics Paleontology Commercial Organizations Return to Subjects Main Page Multnomah County Library Homework Center . A collection of web links arranged by topic to help with your homework. . A compendium of educational resources for both teachers and students. Students looking for help with their homework should choose "Students" and then pick "Homework Central's Study Collection" located under both elementary school, middle school, or high school. Kid Info . A large collection of links to other web sites with information on a number of topics one of which may contain the information you need. B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

Pinchbeck s homework helper Almost 1500 links to internet homework help. Science; Periodic Table of the Elements; Welcome to the UC Museum of paleontology.
Daily News Paper
I have attempted to place these links in categories, but they pretty much defy anyone to do this. A magazine will also have great resources, a Home Schooling site might have fantastic software reviews and downloads.
Check them out for yourself and you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for whether you're a student, teacher, administrator, parent, or home school family.
Distance Education Home Schooling Homework Help Kids' Education ... Send Comments
Distance Learning
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Home Schooling
Internet Sources from the WWW

65. Bastrop Independent School District, Bastrop, Texas
homework help and Study Guides, Sports. The site includes the Journal of paleontology, hot links, and a great dinosaur picture gallery.
Bastrop Independent School District MENU About the
What is
Resources Return to

Return to

BISD home

Instruction Human
News Calendar ... Our Site Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Student Resources
Last updated September 27, 2002 Animals, Birds, and Insects Just for Fun (grades 3-6) Cartoons and Comics Just for Fun (grades 7 - 12) Crafts, Puzzles, and Games Magazines and Encyclopedias Homework Help and Study Guides Sports Internet and Computers Stories and Books Online Just for Fun (PreK - 2) Virtual Field Trips
Animals, Birds, and Insects

66. Coquitlam School District K12 Library Resources
includes flashcard practice, game room, homework helper, and advanced they eat and how they help humans Jeff s Journal of Dinosaur paleontology (Everything you
K TO 5
Elementary Curriculum Web Sites
  • Search the Internet
  • All Subjects
  • Creative Writing
  • Mathematics ...
  • Just for Fun Home Page This symbol is for Canadian sites This symbol is for sites developed by Coquitlam teachers
    Search the Internet
    • The 100th Day of School Website (Created by Joan Holub, the illustrator of The 100th Day of School . Includes teaching activities, writing tips for kids, contests, and links to related sites)
    • Ask An Expert (This site collects e-mail addresses of dozens of experts on topics from A-Z)
    • Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library (A database of math, science and social studies activities.)
    • Come to Your Senses (Learn about your senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing.)
    • Cranes for Peace (An award winning site where you can learn about Sadako, the thousand origami cranes and how to fold your own.)
    • Early Childhood (A source of information for teachers and parents of young children)
    • FEMA for Kids (Learn about disasters, how to prepare for them and what to do when they strike. Created by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.)
  • 67. Paleontology Glossaries
    You are here About homework help Geology. About Reviews. Articles. Forums. help. Stay Current. Search. Geology, paleontology Glossaries Guide picks. Word
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Geology Home ... Plate Tectonics in a Nutshell zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); Maps Rocks and Sediments Geology and Culture Geophysics ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Geology newsletter. Search Geology Paleontology Glossaries
    Guide picks Word lists and dictionaries about the science of fossils, every kind.
    Topic Index
    email to a friend back to top Our Story ...
    User Agreement

    68. Homework Help At Burlington Public Library
    for astronomy, and numbers from 560 to 569 are for paleontology (prehistoric life BPL Home BPL Kids Home homework help Search the Web Safety on the Web
    000-099 General Information Dewey Decimal System
    Non-fiction books in the Burlington Public Library (and most other public libraries) are organized on the shelf according to their subject, using a numbering system called the Dewey Decimal System. Learning a little about this system can make your research at the library much easier! The Dewey Decimal System assigns blocks of numbers to general subject areas, for example, all of the numbers from 500 to 599 are for science and math books, and all of the numbers from 900 to 999 are history and geography. Then it breaks those blocks into smaller chunks for more specifics topics - for example, numbers from 520 to 529 are for astronomy, and numbers from 560 to 569 are for paleontology (prehistoric life). Both are in the 500 block, because both topics are part of science. The Dewey system keeps on breaking topics down into more and more detail, assigning smaller and smaller number blocks to more and more specific topics. Dinosaurs are one type of prehistoric animal, so they fit into the 560 - 569 block, at 567.9.

    69. Lincoln County Schools - Links
    History, homework help, Literature. Field Museum of Natural History, Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit, paleontology Without Walls.
    Teachers Fun Stuff Newspapers History ... Back to Top
    Microsoft Office Tutorials KATE MarcoPolo Highland's ... Back to Top
    Fun Stuff
    Alfy The Kids Portal Playground HP Pet Fish Crayola Online Worm World ... Back to Top
    The Danville Advocate Messenger Lexington Herald Leader Louisville Courier Journal USA Today ... Back to Top
    Logan's Fort Web Site The American Civil War Home Page Current History History Departments Around the World ... Back to Top
    Homework Help
    B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Encarta Online ... Back to Top
    Kid Pub Winnie the Pooh Expotition by Katie Punka Shakespeare Web Childrens Literature Web Guide ... Back to Top
    Government Sites
    U.S. Congress on the Net

    70. Educational Links
    The Electronic Zoo paleontology Without Walls KPaleo Kuban s Paleo Place homework helper A handy collection of over 400 links to help elementary scholars

    Home Page
    School Vision Health Literacy Program ... School Location
    Click here instead of scrolling through this page.
    Teacher Resources Literacy Social Studies Science ... Web Page Help Search Engines
    Britannica Internet Guide Infoseek Excite Starting Point ... LookSmart
    Teacher Resources:
    Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
    An online CyberGuide for teacher guides and student activities
    Teaching Resources for Education in Earth Science. You can view the daily population of the earth and
    copy earth science lesson plans here. A really good science web site with other useful links.
    The Alphabet Superhighway
    This language and writing site targets upper elementary school and middle school students. Contains lesson plans and a literary magazine for students. The Alphabet Superhighway is under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Education's. Collaborative Lesson Archive Preschool through high school, contributed by teachers. Subjects vary widely, so you will need to hunt around this site by grade level. Sponsored by the University of Illinois - NCSA. Helping Your Child Learn Math : Parent Involvement Materials. Rationale and suggested activities you can provide to parents to help them stimulate an interest in math. Primarily for ages 5-13 years. From the US Dept of Education.

    71. Education Related Links
    homework help search for help by areas or submit questions online. Back to Top. Kids Education. Welcome to UC Museum of paleontology Back to Top.
    Educational Information
    Overview K-12 Adult Learners Employment Child/Parenting ... Education
    Listing of Educational Subtopics
  • Distance Education Electronic Journals and Online Newspapers General Education Resources - Canada General Education Resources - USA ... Universities in the United States
  • Distance Education
  • Distance Education and related sites from Eggelston's resources 4/00 not found
  • distance education institutions An excellent sumary
  • Adult Distance Education Internet Surf Shack
  • The Distance Education Program New Hampshire College
  • Distance Education Resources TeleEducation NB
  • GlobaLearn
  • National Teachers Enhancement Network
  • University of Berkley
  • Virtual Online University ... Back to Top
    Electronic Journals and Online Newspapers
  • Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy
  • Chronicle of Higher Education - Academe This Week
  • Current Awareness monthly bibliography of the most recent educational literature from an extensive collection of journals.
  • Edcetera Online
  • Education Journals - Yahoo search for Journals in this category Education.
  • Electronic Journals List from WWW 4/00 not found
  • Electronic Newsstand
  • 72. Castle Shannon Library Web Playground
    of information in the areas of genetics, biodiversity, astronomy and paleontology. stories help keep children current, while the homework help area provides
    Castle Shannon Library Web Playground
    A place to Play and Learn
    Return to Kids Home page OLOGY
    This is a site dedicated to budding scientists. It offers a wealth of information in the areas of genetics, biodiversity, astronomy and paleontology. You can collect more than 150 'ology' cards of knowledge from this site.
    National Geographic Kids
    This is an online version of the National Geographic magazine tailored for the cyber-kid crowd with lots of games and activities. Top stories help keep children current, while the Homework Help area provides trivia and information that will help with reports and get noticed by teachers.
    This is a wonderful site that offers hours of safe surfing using the NetScooter interface. With over 2400 activities, younger children can enjoy activities in the Bonus junior area while teens can see the latest happenings of their favorite celebrities and use the homework help area.
    American Girl
    This is a site for those who are fans of the popular American Girl series of books. From information to games, including a 'Game of the Day', you can get your daily fill of the American Girl.
    Enchanted Learning
    This is a site geared towards teachers and parents looking for a little extra something. There are wonderful rainy day activities and letter printouts, nursery rhymes, and a Little Explorers dictionary.

    73. The City Of Plano, Texas Public Library System
    http// University of California, Berkeley Museum of paleontology http// PHYSICS. For Physics homework help, click here
    This site All sites
    Library Catalog Databases Ask a Librarian ... Contact Us SCIENCES Anthropology Magazines, Radio, TV Astronomy Mathematics ... Life Sciences ANTHROPOLOGY Ancient World Web: Anthropology in the News: The Cave of Chauvet Pont d'Arc:
    Take a virtual walk through the intact Paleolithic cave decorated with some of the oldest art known to man.
    ASTRONOMY AND SPACE Anglo-Australian observatory:
    Outstanding astronomical photographs Comets and Meteor Showers: Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth:
    Cities collection; Mission highlights; Earth from space collection Mars Pathfinder: MrEclipse:
    The ultimate resource for eclipse photography NASA:

    74. Kid
    homework help. homework Assistance. · BJ Pinchbeck homework helper. · SnoIsle Library. Earth Viewer. · paleontology Exhibit. · 1492 Exhibit.
    Kid's Links Kids Below are some fun and interesting links to visit around our area and the world. Click the blue underlined link to get where you want to go. Click here first to read cybersmart’s rules for online safety before clicking on a link below. Some links may not work. Broken links can be reported by an adult by clicking here * Remember - Have an adult work with you whenever you are online! Look It Up! Homework Help Learning Links Destinations Look It Up! Search Engines Yahooligans Google Ask Jeeves Kids Click Reference
    Let's Find Out - access information on a variety of really cool subjects.
    Visual Thesaurus - see how words are connected Tales to Tell - Stories from around the world, including rhymes, fables, adventure stories, folk and fairy tales.
    Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia
    Magazines for kids Time For Kids Weekly Reader Scholastic News Sports Illustrated for Kids ... click here to go back to the top Homework Help Homework Assistance BJ Pinchbeck Homework Helper Sno-Isle Library K-12 Internet Resources (provided by Edmonds School District) click here to go back to the top Learning Links General Learning Enchanted

    75. Timberland Regional Library - TeenZone - Homework And Term Projects
    You’ll also find links to sites on paleontology, textiles and quilts, engineering feats Lands and People Online Click on homework help and you ll find this
    Locations/Hours Library Catalog Library Cards TRL Info ... What’s Going on at Your Library?
    Homework and Term Projects
    You have to dig up info about what? We can help. Here’s where you’ll find links to doing research, mega sites, and subject sites. You’ll also find magazines, newspapers, and other resources on computers in your local library (or from home with a current library card number) and more web sites at Internet Resources . To get brief online answers to factual questions, you can even Ask a Librarian And if you’ve found a site or two that helped you with an assignment of project, we’d like to see if it could help other teens, too. Please e-mail us at and we’ll take a look!
    Research and Writing
    Mega Sites
    Subject Sites
    Current Events and Issues ...
    Math, Science, and Technology
    Research and Writing
    An online site to assist students through the research process. Contains a step-by-step guide for writing research papers and tips on searching for information in the library and on the Web. The left margin sidebar lists links to more features on TeenSpace at the Internet Public Library site. Citing Sources
    Writing a term paper? When it's time to cite your sources, if you have to use one of the four most required formats - APA, Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and Turabin - you'll find plenty of examples here, including citations for Web pages, online magazines, and electronic books.

    76. Internet Links - Dinosaurs
    The Evolutionary Tales Nature Debates Computational paleontology Darwinism archive Branch Hours Locations Community Information homework help Readers Guides
    Internet Links - Dinosaurs Dinosaur-Oriented Sites
    Dinosaurs in Museums

    Dinosaurs as Movie Stars

    Not Dinosaurs but Worthy of Mention
    DINOSAUR-ORIENTED SITES Comprehensive Information The Dinosauria On-Line
    Paul Sereno's DinoSite

    Geology and Dinosaur Links

    Dino Directory
    Don Lessem's

    Classification Complete List of Dinosaur Genera
    Dinosaur Checklist of Families

    Dinosauria Clade
    Basic Information The Rexfiles The Hairy Museum Dinosaur Digs Debates about Dinosaurs ... Paul Olsen's Dinosaur Class, 2002

    77. References & Search Engines
    Science Earth Sciences paleontology Dinosaurs Zoom Dinosaurs Enchanted Learning Software Ecology and Environment. homework help - General.
    Lots of Information Here
    A to N
    Cassini Voyage to Saturn
    Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Mars Pathfinder Mission
    Messier Database ...
    National UFO Reporting Center
    O to Z
    SETI Institute
    SKY Online - Sky Publishing Corporation
    Solar System Live
    Space Telescope and Science Institute ...
    Views of the Solar System
    Biology and Zoology
    The Electronic Zoo
    The International Wolf Center ... Zoos on the Web.
    Birding on the Web
    Naturesongs Digital Recordings from Nature!
    Wild Wings Heading North
    Dinosaurs (Paleontology)
    Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette
    Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs ...
    Zoom Dinosaurs - Enchanted Learning Software
    Ecology and Environment
    Earth Watch Institute
    Earthwise Journeys
    Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
    Envirolink ...
    World Transformation
    Encyclopedia and Almanacs
    CIA World Fact Book Index
    Encarta Online Home
    Farmer's Almanac ...
    Internet Encyclopedia
    General Information Resources
    Acronym Finder
    Ask Jeeves Great Books Online
    Bartlett's Familiar Quotations ...
    WWWebster Dictionary
    General Science
    California Academy of Sciences
    National Science Foundation
    Periodic Table Webelements
    Rhine Research Center (Inst. for Parapsychology)

    78. Homework Help Has Moved, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
    homework help links to websites in Pittsburgh and throughout the world that would be appropriate and helpful to upper elementary, junior high, and high school students. The majority are also of
    Select Library Area: Ask a Librarian Careers at CLP Computer Classes Directions Employment Genealogy/History Homework Help Hours Kids' Site Library Subject Guide Locations Renew a Book Request a Book Research Databases Resource Guide Search Subject Departments Support the Library Teens' Site
    Subject Search:
    Web Site Catalog Internet Search
    Database Search

    Events Search

    Resource Guide:
    ... K-12
    Homework Help has moved!
    Pittsburgh Region Pennsylvania United States International
    Pittsburgh Region
    United States
    Last modified Friday May 02 2003.
    Return To The Top

    Suggest a Site

    Return to Resource Guide

    Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Home
    ... Search
    4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Click here to contact us Click here for directions Suggest a Site

    79. Paleontology Homework Resources, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
    Select Library Area paleontology.
    Select Library Area: Ask a Librarian Careers at CLP Computer Classes Directions Employment Genealogy/History Homework Help Hours Kids' Site Library Subject Guide Locations Renew a Book Request a Book Research Databases Resource Guide Search Subject Departments Support the Library Teens' Site
    Subject Search:
    Web Site Catalog Internet Search
    Database Search

    Events Search

    Resource Guide:
    ... Homework Resources
    Pittsburgh Region Pennsylvania United States International See also Dinosaurs and Archaeology/Anthropology
    Pittsburgh Region
    Carnegie Museum of Natural History: Research
    CMNH in Pittsburgh does research in the fields of paleobotany, vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology. See what is being done locally.
    Teeny-weeny monkey may be our oldest relative
    A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article from Thursday, March 16, 2000, by Bob Batz Jr., about Eosimias, a mouse-sized monkey that lived 40 million to 45 million years ago in what is now China.
    Eosimias Research at CMNH
    The Bone collector
    A Pittsburgh Post Gazette article by Mackenzie Carpenter from March 19, 2000 about Mary Dawson, curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, and her work on rodent and rabbit fossils.

    80. Homework Help Directories, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
    homework help Directories. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Kids Page homework help Resources designed for students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.
    Select Library Area: Ask a Librarian Careers at CLP Computer Classes Directions Employment Genealogy/History Homework Help Hours Kids' Site Library Subject Guide Locations Renew a Book Request a Book Research Databases Resource Guide Search Subject Departments Support the Library Teens' Site
    Subject Search:
    Web Site Catalog Internet Search
    Database Search

    Events Search

    Resource Guide:
    ... Homework Resources
    Homework Help Directories
    Pittsburgh Region Pennsylvania United States International
    Pittsburgh Region
    Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Kids Page: Homework Help
    Resources designed for students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.
    WQED: Pittsburgh History Series Teachers' Guide
    Here are lesson plans to go with Rick Sebak's Pittsburgh documentaries (above) that cover Western Pennsylvania History, Bridges and Buildings, Rivers and Valleys, Creating Community, The Arts, and Having Fun.
    United States
    ALA: Great Web Sites for Kids
    sites for kids created for the American Library Association Websites for Kids and Teens
    US Government websites for youth.

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