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21. Information And Resources Pertaining To Evolution And Paleontology.
You are here About homework help Biology. Fields of study included are evolutionary biology, systematics and phylogeny, archeology, and paleontology.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Biology Evolution Home Essentials Science Fair Projects Top Biology Programs ... Brain Basics zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); AP Biology Biology Dictionary Biology Science Fair Biotechnology / Cloning ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Find information on dinosaurs, human evolution, and more. Also view plant, human, and dinosaur fossils.
Recent Axing the Family Tree Startling insights into the evolution of animals. Cold-Blooded Myth Were dinosaurs warm-blooded? Evolution Articles Articles on human evolution, dinosaurs and more. The Human Lineage Researchers announced the discovery of a new species of a human ancestor. Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates Allows you to search for literature references on a specific topic.
more from your guide Charles Darwin Online Literature Library listing of works by Charles Darwin including The Origin of Species and The Voyage of the Beagle The Darwin-L Archives "Darwin-L is an international network discussion group on the history and theory of the historical sciences." Fields of study included are evolutionary biology, systematics and phylogeny, archeology, and paleontology.

22. Genetics & Paleontology - Homework And Term Papers - 194-008
homework, term papers help writing term papers and doing homework on Genetics paleontology. term papers and homework - help is
This site contains tens of thousands of research papers, reports, and essays!
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Page 9 of 9 [Previous] “Cloning Can Help Humans and Animals”
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A 7 page critique of the article “Cloning Can Help Humans and Animals” by authors Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell, and Colin Tudge. These authors support the practice of cloning, contending that part of its positives impacts relate to the reduction of genetic drift in endangered animal populations. This paper notes that there are other considerations of cloning which must be made in regard to their impact on human populations. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPclone3.rtf

23. Homework Help - Science
Teen homework help @ the Library ~ Science ~. Museum of paleontology s Geology Web Pages; Nature Experiments. Environmental Issues
Homework Help the Library

~ Science ~ English Health Math Science ...
El Portal Latino
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24. Homework Help K-6
National Geographic homework Page. Math Ask Dr. Math Math help for students from from the Vatican, University of California s Museum of paleontology, and the
Search the Library Site Tax Information
Homework Help K-5
General Information History Literature Math ... Science
General Information
B. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Information Please Almanac
Homework Center Multnomah County Public Library has links to hundreds of homework help sites on math, literature, the arts, science and more.
National Geographic Homework Page
The Afro-American Almanac An on-line perspective on our nationfrom slave trade though out the Civil Rights movement to the present. Historical documents and great speeches, along with trivia games and folk tales.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Ben Franklin guides kids around this site from the U.S. Government Printing Office. Choose a grade range to explore. Links for parents and educators.
U.S. State Home Pages
The Constitution of the United States This comprehensive site includes lots of information including current news, currency conversion and much more for all countries.
Country Studies From the Library of Congress, this site has full text of the booklets covering 71 overviews of countries worldwide. Easy to use.
This Day in History From the History Channel
The Electronic Embassy Are you looking for interesting facts and figures for a country report? The Electronic Embassy provides information on each of the embassies in Washington D.C.

25. Smart Internet Research Can Make Homework A Breeze
of the site s development to choose a broad subject like paleontology and follow you will find about 70 sites that are specifically geared to homework help.
Inside CANOE.CA SLAM! Sports Jam! Showbiz CANOE Travel CNEWS CANOE Money C-Health LIFEWISE AUTONET Newsstand WHAM! gaming AllPop Search Find Old Friends Free E-Mail CareerConnection Classified Extra Obituaries Today Restaurants Hotels Weather Horoscopes Lotteries Crossword Scoreboard News Ticker Sports Ticker TV Listings Movie Listings CLIVE Concerts Mutual Funds Stocks Feedback Index June 11, 2004




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MAGAZINE RACK WINE ACCESS CANADIAN PARENTS ONLINE CANOE Links C-HEALTH HER MONEY CANOE TRAVEL TV LISTINGS ... CNEWS Smart Internet research can make homework a breeze By MARIAN PRESS Ontario Institute for Studies in Education The Internet has opened up a world of new resources to students working on school reports and projects or just trying to get through the daily grind of homework. But as most students and their parents have found, the Internet is a highly disorganized place and finding relevant information is not necessarily easy. Virtually anyone can publish a web page, making the barriers to publication non existent, so not only is there the quantity of information to worry about, there is the very real issue of quality. In this column you will find some of the best homework sites on the web, with an emphasis on those that are Canadian. But you may want to start with a visit to

26. Homework Help - Animals
dinosaur.html, Dinosaurs sponsored by the University of California Museum of paleontology. are endangered or threatened in the US Many lists to help you narrow
Library Kids Zone Home Babies and Preschool
Theme Kits for Caregivers
Books and Reading ... City Kids Zone A nimals
Dinosaurs Endangered Animals General Animal Sites
... Zoos
Dinosaurs The Dinosauria

Dinosaurs sponsored by the University of California Museum of Paleontology. There are several on-line exhibits to see.
Endangered Animals
Endangered Species 2000
ThinkQuest has sponsored yet another site full of information on endangered species. Endangered Species Program -
Find out which animals are endangered or threatened in the U.S. Many lists to help you narrow your search. There is also a Kids Corner
Endangered Species Project
Contains species reports created by K-12 children around the world. Pandas at the National Zoo

27. Homework Help - Science
American Museum of Natural History Ology http//, Learn about marine biology, genetics, biodiversity, paleontology, or astronomy from the
Library Kids Zone Home Babies and Preschool
Theme Kits for Caregivers
Books and Reading ... City Kids Zone S cience

Biology Botany Chemistry ... Science Projects
Astronomy Astronomy and Space for Kids
All about outer space and the planets. Astronomy: Our Place in Space
This site is sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History and has information on a variety of astronomy topics like the Milky Way Mars and the Sun NASA Kids

Learn about our earth, astronauts living in space, rockets and airplanes, an more.
Paginas en Español
Solar System Exploration
This site is sponsored by NASA and has information about the planets , the latest news about what's happening in our solar system, and the history of space exploration.

28. Homework Help
homework Hangout homework hot links are organized by the with reading levels to help guide parents information on astronomy, botany, paleontology, zoology, and
Catalogue Contact Us FAQ Feedback ... Search St. Catharines Public Library
Quick Info:
Check Out What's Happening At Your Library! @ your library - Our Bi-Monthly Newsletter Check out our bestsellers booklist and newest acquisitions Sunday Hours at Central Library ... Employment Opportunities Homework Help Awesome Library
Awesome Library organizes the Web with 22,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
There really is a kid named B.J. Pinchbeck. His site has more than 700 links to help you do your homework. You can even mail B.J. himself. Canada's Schoolnet
This bilingual site emphasizes Canadian content The Canadian Encyclopedia
A full-text Internet version of the encyclopedia of Canadian facts, information and history available in English and French. Canadian Museum of Civilization
Search this site for information on all world cultures and civilizations, including Native Canadians. There is a section specifically for kids where you can participate in interactive adventures, virtual tours, download drawings, etc. The CIA World Factbook
This site provides excellent maps and basic facts on just about every country in the world.

29. CyberSleuth A K-12 Homework Helper And Directory
We can help you find information about maps and related data for geology, hazards, earth resources, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology, paleontology, and
Home Fun and Games Science Math ...
A Great Site to find school related clipart.

Over 20,000 pictures, illustration, clipart and images to download!!
Dinosaurs ...
Free Lesson Plans in Math, Social Studies, Art, Language Arts, and Science. Rubrics, Worksheets, and Teacher Productivity Tools!!
Math Worsheets

Math Flash Cards

Online Word Search

Stay up-to-date! Sign up for our mailing list Subject Themes Dinosaurs Civil War Educational Software US States ... Ancient Civilizations Clipart Mathematics Explorers Inventors ... Lessons US History Search: Home Geography general SEARCH RESULTS 13 - 24 of 26
  • Global Statistics http: //
  • 30. Homework Help
    Kids Search Engines Websites BJ Pinchbeck s homework Helper KidsClick Search Engine for Children Multnomah homework Center Research paleontology etc.
    about the library find it fast useful sites East Rockaway Public Library... e- Branch
    Children's Page
    H o m e w o r k W e b s i t e s Need Information for your Homework Assignments?
    Check out some Websites you can use!
    Biographies Current Events Geography Government ... Search for Pictures in Google School Websites East Rockaway Schools
    Centre Ave

    Rhame Avenue
    Lynbrook Schools
    Marion Street

    Waverly Park

    West End
    Biographies For All the Saints top
    Current Events
    Scholastic News Zone
    top Geography Blank Outline Maps License Plates 50 States and Capitals top Government American President Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids FirstGov for Kids Uncle Sam for Kids ... top History American American President 50 States and Capitals History of the 19th Century in Political Cartoons Library of Congress American Memory ... Today in History World Mythology Mythweb Secrets of the Lost Empire A team of timber framers and other specialists design, build, and fire a pair of trebuchets, a devastating engine of war popular in the Middle Ages. Timelines World Factbook (good maps) top B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper ... Yahooligans Literature Mythology Mythweb top Math

    31. WebSmart Homework Help: Science
    OneStop homework help Try These Sites First! Porpoises Whales on the Net Wild Whales Dinosaurs The Dinosauria Museum of paleontology (dinosaur stuff
    Search Home
    Homework Help
    One-Stop Homework Help : Try These Sites First! (Or try: Math Literature Countries History ... Other Science Topics
    General Sites
    How Stuff Works

    Measure 4 Measure

    National Museum of Natural History

    Science Fair Projects
    DiscoverySchool.Com's Science Fair Central

    IPL Science Fair Projects Resource Guide

    Science Fair Primer
    Wild Weather: Latest Severe Weather News from Around the World

    Biology Plants Animals General Biology Sites
    Aquatic Plants Botany at About.Com Botany: the history of a Science Botany: Plant Parts and Functions ... Weeds on the Web (from the Nature Conservancy)
    Animals Dinosaurs Birds Mammals General Animal Sites ... Wild Whales
    The Dinosauria Museum of Paleontology (dinosaur stuff) National Geographic Dinorama (more dinosaur stuff)
    Audubon Society's Bird Links Bird Audio
    Big Cats Online Feline Conservation Center Majestic Presence of the Whale An Ocean of Sound (marine mammals) ... 5Tigers: the Tiger Information Center
    General Animal Sites
    The Animal Diversity Web Discovery Online : Animal Guide EE Link Endangered Species The Electronic Zoo
    General Biology Sites
    Bio Interactive The Biology Project Cells Alive!

    32. KidsNet: Homework Helper Sites
    Need help getting that homework done or doing interested in astronomy or with homework assignments biology, botany, zoology, geology, paleontology, and astronomy
    KidsNet : Homework Helper
    and Interactive Sites
    Need help getting that homework done or doing research for projects. Check out these sites!
    Kids' Castle Nine Planets: an Interactive Tour of the Solar System
    Interactive site supplies statistics for all the bodies in the solar system, photos, diagrams, and music. Great for young people interested in astronomy or with homework assignments.
    Virtual Renaissance: A Journey through Time
    Includes information on the Renaissance Period, such as the plague, times of Shakespeare, the Tower of London.
    Amazing Travel Bureau
    Sponsored by the National Geographic, this sites lets you make interactive journeys into some of the world's fascinating places and play interactive games.
    Science Net

    33. Paleontology --  Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Online Article
    Back to top. Additional Resources. View the paleontology article in At Home Free Trial. , Get homework help. ·, Answer everyday questions. Start Free Trial,

    34. CCPL: Homework Help Links
    Through Time for information on fossils, history of life, paleontology and more. information from Feelings to People, Places and Things That help You Feel

    35. Homework Help: Science
    of different science topics such as marine biology, paleontology, astronomy, and Teen Scene homework help Science and Mathematics from Skokie Public Library
    program calendar live homework help coolkids collection ask a librarian...
    Homework Help: Science
    These links to "science stuff" on the Web will help you find the facts, figures, and information you need for science homework and projects. The Library also has some very special research tools just for kids. Check out Student Databases and click on The New Book of Popular Science and The New Book of Knowledge for even MORE help with science assignments, and projects. If you still can't find what you're looking for, visit the General Homework Help page for links to websites in all school subject areas, try Live Homework Help ™ for online help from expert tutors, or contact a Youth Services librarian and we'll help you find what you need. General science Physics Animals of the rainforest Plants ... Volcanoes
    General Science
    Ask Dr. Universe: Science Questions and Answers for Kids of All Ages
    Ask Dr. Universe a question and she'll work with researchers at Washington State University to find the answer! The website also has answers to " big questions " and others that Dr. Universe has already answered.

    36. Homework Help
    A+ Math Games, worksheets, and homework help. OLogy Learn about archaeology, astronomy, paleontology, marine biology, and many other natural science topics
    Games, worksheets, and homework help. The Nine Planets
    Learn about our solar system and its planets, moons, comets,
    and asteroids. OLogy
    Learn about archaeology, astronomy, paleontology, marine
    biology, and many other natural science topics from the
    scientists themselves. Created by the American Museum
    of Natural History. Science Fair Project Resource Guide
    Find out all you need to know to do a great science project. NASA Space Place
    Games, projects, and information related to space from the
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Volcano World Learn everything about volcanoes, including which ones are erupting right now. Webster Public Library Webster Plaza, 980 Ridge Road, Webster, New York 14580 USA Telephone: 585-872-7075

    37. Neuse Regional Library - Homework Help
    Dinosaurs homework Helpers KinstonLenoir Public Library Headquarters of the Neuse Discovering Dinosaurs, An online expedition into our past paleontology Helpers/KidsDinosaurs.htm
    Homework Helpers
    Kinston-Lenoir Public Library
    Headquarters of the Neuse Regional Library System Library Branches Search the Catalog Kids' Catalog Patron Review ... Online Databases
    Dinosaurs on the Internet
    Dinosaurs ...Enter a virtual world where you can hunt down dinosaurs... GO THERE! Discovering Dinosaurs ...An online expedition into our past paleontology... GO THERE! Types of Dinosaurs ...Links to information sites about various types of dinosaurs from CyberSleuth Kids... GO THERE! Walking with Dinosaurs ...Information and links to more resources on dinosaurs from millions of year ago, from the BBC... GO THERE! Back to HOME Comments or Suggestions?
    Email Us at

    38. SchoolNet Homework Helper
    by encouraging them to submit sciencerelated questions that will help with a school Museum of paleontology This comprehensive site offers an extensive view of


    Computers and the Internet


    Getting Ready for Post-Secondary Education
    Work Experience

    Art A lifetime of colour
    This glorious art site features individualised techniques, art history and online activities. The layout is beautiful yet very easy to manipulate. Artcyclopedia
    Fine art on the web, from Pablo Picasso to Piet Mondrian. You can search by artist, artwork or museum. Artists Against Racism
    AAR believes that artistic expression is one of the best ways to bridge gaps and heal wounds caused by racism. Find out how to be an AAR ambassador and check out the Resources section, full of informational links about all sorts of topics dealing with racism. Canadian Artists, Art Galleries and Resources
    This site is a must for anyone looking for information on any aspect of Canadian visual arts. Look for prominent artists by name, location or the type of work they do or find any art gallery in Canada. Emmett Scott's Cartoon Corner The cartoon corner offers short stories, poems, ten different puzzles, an art studio that teaches how to draw cartoons, drawing tricks, and creative play, gags, comic strips, riddles, wacky weather - all illustrated with fun drawings Gander Academy Origami Discover and learn about the art of folding paper.

    39. Homework Help
    Nanoworld • Microscopic pictures of insects, cells and human hair. paleontology Without Walls • Learn about dinosaurs and other fossils. homework help.
    Earth Sciences Life Sciences Physics Astronomy Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards
    Learn about the dangers asteroids and comets pose to Earth. Astronomy In Your Face
    Space pictures, movies, animations, links, and more. Astronomy Interactive Network
    Detailed information about radio, optical, physics and the history of astronomy; with games, pictures, quizzes, glossary, timeline, links, and message boards. Astronomy Thesaurus
    Astronomy terms in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian; all terms cross referenced. Aurora Page
    Information links and images about the "northern lights". Blast from the Past
    A recently discovered deep-sea core contains convincing new evidence an asteroid impact 65 million years caused the extinction of dinosaurs. This exhibit shows new evidence. Lunar phases
    Tutorial on why the moon changes shape Lunar Prospector
    Current and past moon exploration, including moon phases, geology, and mythology Mars Global Surveyor
    Describes the NASA mission to map Mars Mars Pathfinder Mission Get the latest news and photos from NASA's expedition to Mars.

    40. LookSmart - Directory - Guides To Science For Elementary School Students
    Awesome Library Science Offers loads of homework help resources for such topics as geography, physics, biology, astronomy, anthropology, and paleontology.
    @import url(/css/us/style.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); Home
    IN the directory this category
    YOU ARE HERE Home Sciences Science for K-12
    Guides to Science for Elementary School Students - Find overviews of science topics for kids aged 4 to 9.
    Directory Listings About
  • All Info About - How to Understand the Scientific Method
    Discover why the foundation of all science projects and experiments are based on the scientific method.
    All Info About - Science for Families

    Check out this collection of project ideas to get kids interested in science. Articles, scientific facts, and a message board can also be found here.
    American Museum of Natural History - Resources for Learning

    Find curriculum materials and related resources about anthropology, astronomy, biology, earth science, and paleontology.
    Awesome Library - Science

    Offers loads of homework help resources for such topics as geography, physics, biology, astronomy, anthropology, and paleontology.
    Find a science demo-of-the-day and suggestions for home experiments. Brain POP Kids can watch movies that explain science topics. Choose one of the colorful boxes to learn about the body, technology, and math.
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