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         Paleontology General:     more books (100)
  1. A History of Paleontology Illustration (Life of the Past) by Jane P. Davidson, 2008-07
  2. The Dinosauria
  3. Dinosaurs of the East Coast by David B. Weishampel, Luther Young, 1998-08-20
  4. Glorified Dinosaurs: The Origin and Early Evolution of Birds by Luis M. Chiappe, 2007-02-02
  5. Contributions to the geology and paleontology of San Juan County, New Mexico (Shorter contributions to general geology) by T. W Stanton, 1916
  6. Contributions to the geology and paleontology of San Juan County, New Mexico (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Charles Whitney Gilmore, 1916
  7. The Miocene of northern Costa Rica;: With notes on its general stratigraphic relations, (Bulletins of American paleontology. v. 9, no. 39: pt. I-II) by Axel A Olsson, 1922
  8. Geological survey of the state of New York, Paleontology, Volume III: An introduction to the study of the general of Paleozoic Brachiopoda, Part I, by ... Paleontologist, assisted by John M. Clark by Charles Emerson Beecher, 1892
  9. Introduction to paleontology, by Robert Evan Sloan, 1971
  10. Studies on the Ordovician stratigraphy and paleontology of North Korea: With notes on the Ordovician fossils of Shantung and Liautung (Bulletin on the Geological Survey of Chosen) by Teiichi Kobayashi, 1931
  11. Paleontology and biostratigraphy of brachiopods from the early and middle Jurassic of central Saudi Arabia (Open-file report) by Yves Alméras, 1988
  12. Paleoenvironmental Significance of Stromatolites in the Americus Limestore Member (Lower Permian, Midcontinent, USA/Induced Color in Ostracode Shell) by Larry E., Ii Denver, Roger L. Kaesler, 1992-08
  13. Paradigms on Pilgrimage: Creationism, Paleontology and Biblical Interpretation by Stephen, J. Godfrey, Christopher, R. Smith, 2005-03-31
  14. Big Bone Lick: The Cradle of American Paleontology by Stanley Hedeen, 2008-02-15

61. Paleontology
paleontology,, What s New, Join Now. Message Board.Pictures. Documents. Chat Room. Tools. general Baby Bones Back in Bynum, ViewAll

62. Jack's Stacks: November 1993
of The Treatise on Invertebrate paleontology.My subject for this month s edition is a book, if you can call......general

General Description of The Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology
My subject for this month's edition is a book, if you can call it that, which can assist you in fossil identification. The "book" in question, the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology , is more correctly a collection of books, each concerning specific phyla of the invertebrates. Because of the amount of information available and the size of some groups, most phyla require multiple volumes for complete coverage. The complete set includes 33 individual books by my count. These are available for use in the U.C. Geology Library as you might expect. The complete set or individual volumes may be ordered directly from the Geological Society of America; individual volume prices vary from $20.00 to $52.00 and they do take major credit cards. The GSA does not charge for shipping on orders over $25.00. The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History usually has a volume or two for sale as well. The Treatise can be found on the used book market too but some care should be taken here - some volumes have been recently revised and some prices may be higher than the new prices from the GSA. I'm obviously not going to review each volume since I have only used a few. I will, however, point out some highlights.

63. - 0691058636 - The First Fossil Hunters Paleontology
Tell A Friend, The First Fossil Hunters paleontology in Greek and Roman TimesAuthor(s) Mayor, Adrienne ISBN 0691058636 Format Hardcover Pub.

64. Jere Lipp Editorial Issue 2
When television, magazines, newspapers, books or movies misrepresent paleontology(or science in general), we should respond with the facts and proper
The Media, Trash Science, and Paleontology Jere H. Lipps
Paleontology is the most popular science among the general public worldwide. Only astronomy comes close to it. The recent movies, TV shows, books, and magazine articles based on or including paleontological themes are seen or read by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. That interest and attention puts a good deal of responsibility and obligation on paleontologists whether we want it or not. Much of what is presented by the media regarding paleontology is simply wrong or misleading. This provides us with a great opportunity, as well as an obligation, to improve scientific understanding among adults and kids alike; most of whom are scientifically illiterate. As paleontologists, we should take every opportunity to correct mistakes and outright foolishness about our subject in the media as well as to praise the good media work we do see. This is getting easier every day, thanks to the Internet and email. many people, but they want to be seen by the right Palaeontologica Electronica can help too. Why not a column with reviews, written by whoever sees problems or excellence in the media, that sets the record straight, that calls a spade a spade, and minces no words? Have this as a separately indexed page, so that all the Web search engines pick it up. Have titles on each page with the name of the organization and the reviewed itemlike "NBC’s Mysterious Origins of Man." In this way, media organizations and sponsors will become aware that we are watching, that we care, and that we will make our views known widely. All major commercial organizations now track references to them on the Internet, because they know it can hurt or help them. Let’s take advantage of it! Let’s use our new resource to improve our own image.

65. ISGS Earth Science Resource Links
paleontology Links general Links. Evolution entrance to the Universityof California Museum of paleontology, Berkeley. Fossil Images
At a Glance Earthquakes ...
Updated: 8/21/2003 Upcoming
Online Water Well Query New Publications ...
Related links Paleontology Links
General Links

  • Evolution entrance to the University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley.
  • Fossil Images A few fossil images from the Museum of Natural History at Wayne State University College of Science in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Fossils in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Paleontology University of California Museum of Paleontology. This page has some of the most common questions about paleontology answered.
  • Hooper Virtual Paleontology Museum Has a number of interesting exibits including:
      Burgess Shale -Hidden Treasure in the Canadian Rockies; Mass Extinctions -Cycles of Death Through Earth History; Complexity Theory -Impact of Spontaneous Self-Organization on Organic Evolution; Insect Flight -And Other Fascinating Entymological Facts;

66. Paleontology Undergraduate Students
a beginning course in paleontology entitled Prehistoric Life DNA to Dinosaurs. Thiscourse fulfills the biology part of the general distribution requirements
Undergraduate Study in Paleontology
General Considerations
We receive requests from high-school and junior-high students for information on studying paleontology at the university. In planning to study for a career in paleontology, students need to consider several points. · No university in the country offers a major in paleontology for undergraduate students. · To become a practicing, professional paleontologist, one needs either a Ph.D. degree or a master's degree in museum studies. · Paleontology is a blend of geology, biology, and a number of such supporting sciences as chemistry and mathematics. · Being able to express your ideas in good, written English and, when appropriate, in mathematical notation is essential. With these points in mind, the prospective student should plan to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, preferably the latter. Upon entering the university, the student should start working for such a degree as soon as possible. By beginning the study of geology early, the student will have ample opportunity to take a number of biology courses for breadth. Starting early also allows the student to take enough mathematics and other supporting sciences to be an effective scientist. At the outset and throughout the undergraduate career the student should seek the advice of paleontologists on the university faculty.
Undergraduates at the University of Kansas
The KU Department of Geology offers a beginning course in paleontology entitled Prehistoric Life: DNA to Dinosaurs. This course fulfills the biology part of the general distribution requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree, but it does not count toward a major in Geology.

67. Search Them All - Paleontology
general paleontology. The Geological Time Scale. .. general paleontology Sitescovering paleontology in general or with a broad spectrum

68. Webres
SCIE 639 general resources on the web. paleontology, Evolution, Computers.return to syllabus. Plate tectonic animations on the web.
SCIE 639 General resources on the web Paleontology, Evolution, Computers return to syllabus

69. University Of Oregon Libraries: Science Library
Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, throat), RF. P back to top. Paleobotany, QE901996.5.paleontology (general), QE701-766. paleontology, Invertebrate, QE767-840.
A Guide to Browsing the Science Collection:
Subject Index to Science LC Classification Numbers
(Geared toward using the UO Science Library Collection, particularly Reference)
B C D ... Z
Aeronautics TL Agricultural conservation Agricultural ecology Agriculture (General) S Agriculture and environment Agriculture, Organic Air pollution Amphibians Anatomy, Animal Anatomy, Human QM Animal Behavior Aquaculture SH Artificial Intelligence Astronomy QB Astrophysics (General) Astrophysics, Stellar and Galactic Atmospheric science
B [back to top]
Biochemistry Biochemistry, Animal Biochemistry, Plant Biodiversity Biological control (e.g. of insect pests) Biology, Cell Biomechanics
Biotechnology, Agricultural Birds Botany, Dictionaries Botany, Economic Botany, General, including geographical distribution Botany, Pacific Northwest Botany, Specific taxa of plants C [back to top]
Cell biology Chaos theory Chemical safety Chemical Technology TP Chemicals, Hazardous
Encyclopedias, CRC Handbook Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical

70. Oklahoma Geology And Paleontology
general Oklahoma paleontology Interest. Interesting Paleontological Facts AboutOklahoma. Invertebrate Fossils of Oklahoma. Vertebrate Fossils of Oklahoma.
HOME EQUIPMENT MAPS FOSSIL SITES ... OK FOSSILS "Fran" Acrocanthosaurus-Atokensis, McCurtain County, Southeast Oklahoma Welcome to Our Webpage!!! We are a couple of amateur rockhounders and fossil collectors who have decided that it was time for Oklahoma to have a bigger niche in the Geo/Paleo community in cyberspace. Inside you will find a little geological history of the Sooner State as well as some of our lessons learned in the field. All of the information here is a result of our research through university libraries, web research, visiting with local paleontologists, and getting out in the field and sweating! Please take a look around and tell us what you think so far and let us know in our Guest Book Cambrian Ordovician Silurian ... Future Earth OKLAHOMA GEOLOGY General Oklahoma Geological Interest Great Salt Plains Oklahoma Oil History Interesting Geological Facts About Oklahoma History of the Ouachita Mountains
Some of Our Experiences Locations Visited Fossil Hunting in Marshall County, Oklahoma

71. AktuellPartD
Part D Journals, general geology and paleontology D. Journals, general geology paleontology D1. Eclogae geologicae Helvetiae, vol. 66 (1973) to vol.
Part D: Journals, general geology and paleontology
Bulk price (total less 10%) $ 1462.00 Bulk price (total less 10%) $ 576.00

72. MCM CyberMines - Paleontology Literature
general literature on paleontology De grote encyclopedie der Fossielen (Dutch)Authors Vojtech Turek, Jaroslav Marek and Josef Benes Published by REBO
Literature List
If you are a serious collector of fossils you need books. Not only to figure out the exact names and specimens of the
fossils you have found, but also to find out more about their habitats and the geological periods in which they lived
and died.The following books are all in my possession so I am able to give you my personal opinion about them.
As paleontology is a true Nerd thing it's not very likely you'll be able to buy most of these books at your local newsstand.
Imagine trying to purchase a highly specialised Dutch book on the Winterswijk quarry when you're living in the US.
If you live in the Netherlands or planning to spend some days here on a holliday check out our Rock Shops page to find
out where you can buy these books. We've also added the standard ISBN for each books ans in some cases the address
of the publisher so you can order them yourselve. The language in which a book is published is within parenthesis.
About the Triassic period and the Winterswijk Quarry in the Netherlands
  • Winterswijk, Geologie Deel I

73. DLESE Find A Resource > Subject: Paleontology
Full description. This resource is in these collections Starting Point. Gradelevel general public. Resource type Ref. material. Subject paleontology.
Results 1-10 of 378 = DLESE Reviewed Collection Paleomap Project Submit a teaching tip The PALEOMAP Project illustrates the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents, as well as the changing distribution of land and sea during the past 1100 million years. The reconstruction of paleoclimates is also discussed. Maps are viewed as animations where the time component can be user-manipulated... Full description See reviews, teaching tips, related resources, etc . This resource supports educational standards This resource is in these collections: Digital Water Ed Library (DWEL) DLESE Community Collection (DCC) DLESE Reviewed Collection (DRC) Grade level: High (9-12) Intermediate (3-5) Middle (6-8) College (13-14) Informal College (15-16) Resource type: Map Visualization - scientific Tutorial Subject: Geologic time Paleontology Geology A Paleo Perspective on Global Warming Submit a review Submit a teaching tip NOAA's Paleoclimatology Program is working with scientists from around the world to study past climate in hopes of achieving a better understanding of the Earth's present and future climate. This site was developed to help educate, inform and highlight the importance of paleoclimate research; as well as to show how paleoclimate research relates to global warming and other important issues of climate variability and change...

74. DLESE Find A Resource > Subject: Paleontology
collections DLESE Community Collection (DCC). Grade level general public.Resource type Ref. material. Subject Geology , paleontology.
Results 91-100 of 378 = DLESE Reviewed Collection Fossil Hunt Submit a teaching tip This activity is structured to allow students to experience one of the largest puzzles in science, the fossil record. Students will be encouraged to ask questions about the nature of science as they experience a simulated fossil hunt. They will be asked to reconstruct a book that has been literally destroyed, just as the fossil record has been changed by billions of years of geological processes... Full description This resource supports educational standards This resource is in these collections: DLESE Community Collection (DCC) Grade level: High (9-12) Middle (6-8) Resource type: Classroom activity Subject: Paleontology Geological Time Machine Submit a teaching tip This University of California site provides an interactive geologic time scale to explore the history of the Earth. Beginning in the Precambrian Eon (4.6 million years ago) and ending today (Holocene Epoch), each Epoch, Period, Era, and Eon are covered. Information provided includes ancient life, dates, descriptions of major events, localities, tectonics, and stratigraphy... Full description This resource is in these collections: DLESE Community Collection (DCC) Starting Point Grade level: High (9-12) College (13-14) College (15-16) Graduate / Professional Resource type: Case study Tutorial Ref. material

75. Dinosaurs And Paleontology
1999 A twovolume encyclopedia to all areas of paleontology, including dinosaurs. appendixof paleontological journals, a taxonomic index, a general index, and
Research Guides Sciences and Engineering
Dinosaurs and Paleontology
Please rate this guide. See the bottom of this page. This guide relates in part to the 1996-97 University Symposium on Robert T. Bakker's book entitled The Dinosaur Heresies . It also serves classes in Earth and Environmental Sciences and related fields. This guide is arranged in the following sections: The URL for this page is
Dinosaurs: Background, Definitions, and Basic Facts
The Dinosaur Heresies: new theories unlocking the mystery of the dinosaurs and their extinction , Robert T. Bakker, 1996.
Location: QE 862 .D5 B35 1996
The Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Life , Rodney Steel and Anthony P. Harvey (Eds.), 1979.
Location: REF QE 711.2 .E5 1979
Includes a bibliography, glossary and index.
DinosaurWeb is under construction but does have available extensive information on the dinosaurs of Colorado, a Who's Who in the dinosaur world, a glossary, the fulltext of scientific papers on dinosaurs, and links to other dinosaur sites on the web.
Dinosaurs: A Guide to Research , Bruce Edward Fleury, 1992.

76. International Agriculture: Brazil-US Consortium In Agroecology
02215 Paleoecology and paleontology. general concepts. Paleoenvironments and themain fossils of Archaic Brazil, the Paleozoic Era and the Cenozoic Era.
The Brazil-US Consortium in Agroecology seeks to increase the number of scientists, future scientists, and future policy makers with combined expertise in agroecology, Portuguese and English languages, and a depth of understanding of Brazilian and US culture. About Us Academic Programs Research Activity Reports ... H O M E
Agroecology Courses at Universidad Federal Rural de Pernambuco
01321 Soil Conservation . Erosion, soil characteristics and agricultural and conservation practices. Soil conservation in catchment areas. 01385 Soil Fertility . Dynamics of organic nutrients. Control of soil acidity and alkalinity. Organic fertilization and correction of the acidity and alkalinity. Fertilizers as corrective agents. 02209 Biogeography . Basic concepts in biogeography and related sciences, divisions and biogeographical sectors. Distribution of animal and vegetable species on earth. Distribution of terrestrial and aquatic systems. Biogeography of Pernambuco State. 02210 Natural Resources Conservation . The biosphere. Soil, water, atmosphere, flora and fauna as natural resources. Mineral resources. Urban ecology. 02211 General Ecology and Conservation . General concepts of ecology. Ecology of populations, ecosystems, natural resources.

77. Dinosaur Paleontology
Although the unit focuses on one particular group of organisms, it can serveas an introduction to the more general methods of paleontology.
Dinosaur Paleontology
Mark Stefanski
Type of entry:
  • A unit outline that may be expanded into a summer field course.
Type of activity:
  • Hands-on activity
  • Inquiry based unit
  • Possible off site activity.
Target audience:
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
Background Information:
Notes for Teacher: Until recently, dinosaurs were looked upon as sluggish, dim witted beasts dragging their tails in the swamps. With the commercialization of Jurassic Park, young people today have a very different view of dinosaur life, but what they probably do not understand is the process by which scientists have revised their interpretation of the fossil record. This unit is intended to help students engage in and appreciate the process by which we can use the fossil record to gain a better understanding of the life history of dinosaurs. Although the unit focuses on one particular group of organisms, it can serve as an introduction to the more general methods of paleontology. Moreover, it is designed to help students hone their skills in general hypothesis testing so that they will be better prepared for future inquiry into other areas of science. The unit, which I've expanded into a summer field course, does require a great deal of advanced preparation on the part of the instructor. However, tremendous resources exist for teachers to educate themselves about current trends in dinosaur paleontology, and with the help of several informative publications and videos, and the services of several excellent museums (including one accessible on the Internet), the needed background information can be gained more quickly than one might think.

78. Earth Science And Paleontology
devoted primarily to the promotion of paleontology, Paleoanthropology, PrehistoricArchaeology, The Evolution of Behavior, and Evolutionary Biology in general.
Internet Resources for Science and Mathematics Education, collected by Tom O'Haver. Main Index New and Notable Education Mathematics ... State of Maryland and the Local Area
Earth Science and Paleontology
Last updated and all links checked July 31, 2002. Hint: Looking for something specific? Use the Find command in the Edit menu (or press Ctrl-F) to search for keywords.
  • A Tapestry of Time and Terrain: The Union of Two Maps - Geology and Topography
      The most detailed and accurate portrait of the U.S. land surface and the ages of its underlying rock formations yet displayed in the same image. The new map resembles traditional 3-D perspective drawings of landscapes with the addition of a fourth dimension, geologic time, which is shown in color.
  • Geo-Mysteries
      Scientific background information about rocks and fossils. The site contains lessons in which students solve mysteries about rocks, fossils. For grades 1 to 8
  • Dino Russ's lair
  • 79. Pioneer Trails Regional Museum Paleontology Department
    are open to the general public allowing interested individuals the ability to takepart in our activities. This opportunity to join our paleontology crew gives
    Paleontology Department
    Cretaceous Period Research
    The demise of the dinosaurs, along with the changes in local paleoenvironments, are just a couple of areas in which the Paleontology Department has been conducting research over the past decade. This research is conducted in the intermittent barren landscapes of the Little Missouri Badlands in southwest North Dakota. These badlands represent the latest Cretaceous Period, which was home to the dinosaurs, giant marina reptiles, and extinct exotic plants. Research teams associated with the museum have been working in these ancient environments collecting fossils of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants to try to reassemble what was present 65 million years ago. As a result of these studies, clues are emerging in regards to how the plants and animals are interacting, how abundant they were and what was present at the time of the meteor impact. The fossil remains of these plants and animals are brought back to our museum where they are prepared, curated and studied. Displays depicting the results of our findings are presented to the general public in our museum. Research results have been published by the museum staff, and with collaborators in leading scientific journals. Collecting a microsite from the surface Removing soil from on top of a dinosaur site The museum also studies, collects and curates fossils from all of the different aged outcrops present in the region. These include vertebrates, invertebrates and plants from 73 million year old marine deposits up to the latest deposits of the area, which are 28 million years old. Some of the animals that have been found are mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, dinosaurs, and early mammals that include camels, rhinoceroses, horses and giant pigs.

    80. Science, Earth Sciences, Paleontology, Education: College And University
    Classes on paleontology in general, the history of life, and dinosaurs at the collegeor university level vary from general interest courses to highly advanced
    Top Science Earth Sciences Paleontology ... Classes at JCSC - Barry Perlmutter's classes on paleontology, paleoecology, and sedimentology at New Jersey City University. Classes at WVU - Thomas Kammer's paleontology and stratigraphy classes at West Virginia University Geoscience Resources - A listing of online resources for university-level earth science classes Hofstra University - Hofstra University's geology and paleontology online classes (varies by semester). Paleontology Field Course (NDSU) - Geo 303 at North Dakota State University Topics in Paleontology: The Age of Mammals - Anthony D. Barnosky's class at the University of California, Berkeley. Classes on paleontology in general, the history of life, and dinosaurs at the college or university level vary from general interest courses to highly advanced graduate level classes. This category is for any website dealing with a undergraduate or graduate-level paleontology-themed class, educational project, or initiative. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web. Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor The directory is based on the

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