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         Palau Culture:     more detail
  1. Lkil a klengar er a Belau: Nature and culture : Palau in the balance by Marciana Telmetang, 1998
  2. Preliminary analysis of the economics of siganid fish culture in Palau (Technical report) by Robert Carlyle May, 1977
  3. Rorschachs and modified TATs of 120 Palau men and women (Microcard publications of primary records in culture and personality) by Francis B Mahoney, 1957
  4. The culture of successful Palauan enterprise (East-West Center working papers) by Stephen Pollard, 1995

1. Palau Culture | Lonely Planet World Guide
palau culture. The people of Belau, as the islanders call their homeland,may appear to be among the most Westernized of all Micronesians
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The people of Belau, as the islanders call their homeland, may appear to be among the most Westernized of all Micronesians in their casual American togs and baseball caps. However, they still frown upon skimpy beach attire away from the water, and most homes and many public buildings require that you leave your shoes near the door. Furthermore, many traditional rites have been retained over the years, such as those for a first-born child, and village chiefs still command an important role in the social hierarchy. Most Palauans are Christian, with the Catholic and Protestant churches well established and Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists and Bahais gaining in membership. Modekngei is a revived form of the indigenous religion, which also shows up in traditions such as leaving a light on to ward off spooks. Staples of the traditional Palauan diet include coconut milk and meat (copra), cassava (tapioca), sweet potatoes and all sorts of fish and seafood. Japanese and American mealtime influences are common. Although not as prevalent as it is on Yap, many Palauans chew betel nut, which when mixed with lime powder produces copious amounts of bright red spit. Old-time chewers are noted by their red teeth, newcomers by the stains on their chins and shirts. Palauan is spoken at home and in casual situations, while English is more common in business and government. Schools teach both languages, so most Palauans are bilingual from an early age. The South-West Islanders speak some Sonsorolese and Tobian languages. Islanders have borrowed the Hawaiian term

2. Fish N Fins- Palau
Palau National Communications Corporation palau culture Web Page. Palau National Communications Corporation- Palau Legends Web Page. Palau Visitors Authority- palau culture Web Page

3. Palau Culture - Palau Hotels - TravelMart
Although in the past few decades, Palau has adapted to an international economy,Palauans for the most part strongly identify with their traditional culture.

Basic Information

Travel Information

Hotel Special Rates: Pacific Island Hotels
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Asia Hotels Vietnam Hotels Philippine Hotels Thailand Hotels Indonesia Hotels ... Other Asia Hotels Australia Hotels Sydney Hotels Brisbane Hotels Melbourne Hotels Adelaide Hotels ... Other Australia Hotels USA Hotels Hawaii Hotels Las Vegas Hotels Los Angeles Hotels New York Hotels ... Other US Hotels CULTURE Although in the past few decades, Palau has adapted to an international economy, Palauans for the most part strongly identify with their traditional culture. Several of the traditional ceremonies, such as the omersurch birth ceremony, ocheraol first-house ceremony and the kemeldiil funeral services are widely practiced and the codes and beliefs adopted by Palauan forefathers are still revered today.

4. Search: -
Results for Palau from metasearch. Find better search results from the Web, Yellow Pages and White Pages quickly and easily! Palau. Information On Palau. palau culture. Palau Islands .

5. Palau Culture
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6. WorldRover - Culture Of Palau
Culture of Palau. palau culture and History Books. Findin-depth local information for major cities around the world.
Culture of Palau
Welcome to WorldRover's listing of country history and culture for Palau. Check out the links below to find more information on the people and history of a country. On the right you can also find flag clip art and maps available for free download. Embassy information is also available for a number of countries around the world, however, please confirm all information. We hope to add additional links regarding the culture of Palau as they become available. If you have a site or know of a site that should be added, please let us know. Thanks for visiting WorldRover's history, people, and culture site.
  • Palau Culture and History Books
  • - Find in-depth local information for major cities around the world.
  • The Human Experience - A series of short essays and radio programs presented by the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities that uses the discipline of Anthropology to explore the human condition. Offers Real Audio files to download, as well as program transcripts.
  • A Compendium of Common Knowledge on the Renaissance - A comprehensive source of information about the Elizabethan period.
  • 7. Palau Culture / History Tours palau culture / History Tours. Hi. Welcome to the Culture / HistoryTours page. Welcome to the palau culture / History Tours.
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    8. Kids And Teens, School Time, Social Studies, World Cultures, Oceania: Palau
    Peacecorps Palau Brief information of geography, economy, government,and culture. World palau culture for kids and teens. Help
    Top Kids and Teens School Time Social Studies ...
    • Infoplease: Palau - Very basic information on the land, its people, history and government. Peacecorps: Palau - Brief information of geography, economy, government, and culture. World Travel Guide : Palau - Reliableinformation of population, statistics, telephone, international, codes, geography, language
    Palau culture for kids and teens Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web. Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor The directory is based on the Open Directory and has been modified and enhanced using our own technology. About ComboSE Download Combose Toolbar

    9. The Contemporary Pacific - Political Review - Palau - March 2, 2004
    They make up the Fuworld Development Corporation, whichis, they claim, sponsoredby the Republic of Chinapalau culture, Economic, and Trade Interchange
    P ACIFIC I SLANDS R EPORT Pacific Islands Development Program/East-West Center
    With Support From Center for Pacific Islands Studies/University of Hawai‘i
    The Contemporary Pacific
    Vol. 16, No. 1, Spring 2004, pp. 137-145 Political Reviews Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July, 2002 to 30 June 2003 PALAU By Donald R. Shuster Reflecting their close ties with the United States, citizens of the Republic of Palau held a public ceremony to pay tribute to the seven astronauts lost when space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on its homeward journey. In response to the Iraq war, the republic joined President Bush's Coalition of the Willing, with President Remengesau's offering Palau's existing facilities as additional staging areas for military operations. In other international affairs, Mr Remengesau hosted the second Micronesian Presidents' Summit in late July. Joined by President Leo Falcam of the Federated States of Micronesia and President Kessai Note of the Marshall Islands, the chief executives of the freely associated states discussed a host of issues and released a joint communiqué at the end of their talks. The statement called for the continuation of open immigration to the United States and requested technical assistance from the United States in the area of security and anti-terrorism measures. A few weeks later, Remengesau led a delegation to theThirty-thirdPacific Island Forum meeting in Fiji. He presented two major proposals. The first called on the assembled nations to ease travel entry requirements for each other's citizens. The second initiative called for greater support and progress in adopting renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro, wind, and ocean thermal energy conversion. Remengesau stated that his islands' total dependence on foreign sources for fossil fuels diverted funds from much needed development projects.

    10. Te Puna Web Directory > Pacific > Regional > Palau > General And Reference
    General and Reference@. Experience the wonders of Palau Presents information forvisitors to palau culture; nature; activities; diving; and accommodation.
    Web Directory
    Pacific Regional Palau General and Reference See also:
    • General and Reference@ Experience the wonders of Palau
      Presents information for visitors to Palau: culture; nature; activities; diving; and accommodation.
      Military geology of Palau Islands, Caroline Islands

      Presents the results of a geological survey of Palau. The introduction includes descriptions of the geography, history, World War II military operations, climate and weather, population, and place names. The second section describes the geology. The site also includes a bibliography and links to other Micronesia-related sites.
      Palau : paradise of the Pacific

      The web site for one of the Living Edens television documentaries. Provides information on the coral reefs, underwater life, and legends of Palau. Also includes an interview with Al Giddings, classroom "lessons" and links to Palau resources.
      Palau Islands

      Provides travel and tourist information; information about being a Palauan; and links to relevant sites.
      Palau National Communications Corporation

      In addition to information about PNCC, the national carrier for local and international telecommunications services, the web site provides information on Palau, in the following categories: yellow pages; white pages; diving; sailing; hotels; weather; legends; government; history; culture; visiting; holidays; language; maps; banking; and links.
      Palau statistcs
      This website contains the key statistical indicators provided by the various statistical agencies in Palau.

    11. Te Puna Web Directory > Pacific > Regional > Palau > Recreation
    See also Recreation@. Experience the wonders of Palau Presents information forvisitors to palau culture; nature; activities; diving; and accommodation.
    Web Directory
    Pacific Regional Palau Recreation See also:
    • Recreation@ Experience the wonders of Palau
      Presents information for visitors to Palau: culture; nature; activities; diving; and accommodation.
      Palau Conservation Society

      Information on the Palau Conservation Society and Palau's conservation areas.
      Splash, Palau : Micronesia's underwater high

      In addition to information about The Splash Dive Center, the website provides details of Palau diving sites, diving courses, kayak tours and rates. Links to the Palau Pacific Resort and other Palau sites, including restaurants, shopping, car hire, banking and bars, are included.

    Sumang In our palau culture, it is the women who have responsibilityfor preserving the land for generations still to come. So
    published by WISE News Communique on June 24, 1994
    Palau: Nuclear-Free charter under threat
    While the United States presses North Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons, it is contradicting these very principles in Palau, where it is trying to get the government to accept a Compact of Free Association that would annul the Pacific nation's nuclear-free charter. (414.4102) WISE Amsterdam - Fourteen years ago, Palau - a group of islands some 800 kilometers south-east of the Philippines - passed the world's first national constitution out-lawing toxic, chemical, biological and radioactive weapons and material on its soil. Since then, Washington has been pressuring Palau to hold one referendum after another to amend that constitution, which had been approved by 92 percent of the nation's 14,000 people. "Over the years, as the principle of self-determination has been twisted and deformed into a grotesque travesty of democratic process. The Palauan electorate has moved from elation, pride, hope and empowerment to disillusionment, cynicism and apathy," the International Committee on Palauan Self-Determination said in a pamphlet prepared before the last referendum in November 1993. In an apparent victory for Washington, Palauan President Kuniwo Nakamura said in May he had agreed with U.S. officials to implement the compact with the United States by October 1. But a group of Palauan women told the United Nations Trustee-ship Council that the November 1993 referendum authorizing him to proceed with the compact was illegal and that there were still environmental matters to be addressed. Palau is the last of the United Nations' original 11 Trust Territories.

    13. Republic Of Palau Ministry Of Education
    culture and History. Ethnologue palauLanguages, local links. Medieval palau European Modern palau Post-WWII. palau - culture and History. palau History. palau History - Lonely
    Culture and History
    - PalauLanguages, local links
    Medieval Palau
        European colonization
    Modern Palau
    Palau - Culture and History

    Palau History

    Palau History - Lonely Planet World Guide

    Palau - National Olympic Committee
        Sports history, federations, contacts
    U.S.-Palau Relations, 1945-1994

    Economic Reports
    Republic of Palau and the IMF
         International Monetary Fund Bank of Hawaii Government and Law Embassy Listings - Palau   Consulates, embassies Elections in Palau     Election data Governments on the WWW - Palau     Institutions, political parties Guide To Law Online: Palau     Documents, legal commentary, jurisdictions The State of the Islands - Republic of Palau     US Dept of the Interior Guides and Country Information ABC Country Book - Palau About.Com - Palau

    14. Peace Corps
    Brief information of geography, economy, government, and culture.

    15. Palau Visitors Authority
    Diving in palau. One of the Underwater Wonders of the World. Museums. Learn more about palauan culture, history and the arts through impressive exhibits showcased at muse May 24, 2004 Underwater
    Kayaking in Palau
    Palau was made for kayaking. Snorkeling
    Inside the area sheltered by the Rock Islands' tiny isles are calm seas that afford ideal sites for ...
    Jul 22, 2004 - 9th Festival of Pacific Arts
    Nurture, Regenerate, Celebrate
    Sep 15, 2004 - 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Peleliu
    and the Liberation of Palau
    Oct 1, 2004 - Independence Day
    Celebrating Ten Years as an Island Nation
    Oct 22, 2004 - Micronesian Outrigger Canoe Cup
    Invitational race hosted by Micronesian Islands Palau offers you the world's most beautiful tropical paradise. Famous for its diving, Palau rated as one of the world's best diving destinations by scuba aficionados. And why not...Palau has unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls with the most amazing array of marine life you can ever imagine. Palau beckons to you with some of the world's most awesome natural wonders. Imagine the whitest beaches you will ever see, gardens of coral just beneath the clearest waters, lakes filled to the brim with "sting less" jellyfish. Forests, waterfalls and caves that have never been ravaged by man, and hundreds of islands of the purest beauty abound all along our pristine archipelago.

    16. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Palau
    back to top. Further Reading. Mandy Thyssen s comprehensive The palau Islandsgives a good understanding of the islands history and culture.
    Jump to: Introduction Facts for the Traveler When to Go Events ... Maps
    Palau is the last word in underwater wonderlands. It also features Micronesia's richest flora and fauna, both on land and beneath the waves, and what's more, they released an Elvis Presley postage stamp a full year before the USA got around to doing so. Not only does Palau offer a central metropolis for all your (little) big city needs, but you'll never once have to pick your way through commuters on your way home from the beach. Bring your binoculars as well as your beach towel - you're going to like what you see. Full country name: Republic of Palau Area: 180 sq km Population: People: Polynesian, Malayan, Melanesian Language: English, Palauan, Japanese Religion: Christian (33%, including Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Assembly of God, Liebenzell Mission and Mormon), Modeknegi (indigenous faith) Government: Constitutional government in free association with the USA Head of State: President Tommy Remengesau
    GDP: US$160 million GDP per capita: US$8,700

    17. Spending Time On PALAU
    With a rich culture meeting the changing times in paradise, palau offers the adventuroustraveler a grand variety of things to do and see above sea level.
    Spending Time on PALAU
    Text and photos by David Tracy
    Far East Traveler - March 1993
    Palau is known the world over for its underwater marvels, and for good reason. Many well-traveled aquanauts consider it the best dive spot on earth. Ocean currents that sweep alongside the islands bring a wealth of micro-organisms that attract little fish, which attract bigger fish, and so on until visiting some dive spots is like dropping into a crowded aquarium. But there's more to Palau than meets the goggle or mask. With a rich culture meeting the changing times in paradise, Palau offers the adventurous traveler a grand variety of things to do and see above sea level. It hasn't been developed for dry-land tourists; visitors are almost expected to head straight for the water and then under. But the curious and resourceful traveler can spend days in happy exploration. The 400 mile long string of islands offer teeming jungles, majestic waterfalls, isolated beaches, and friendly villages all of which one can visit without fear of bumping into a nuclear warhead. Little Palau's non-nuclear stand, which it proudly maintained despite lucrative development offers from the United States, is a measure of its commitment to preserve a rare environment and way of life being devoured in the rest of the world. One way to begin exploring Palau is by calling Sam's Tours . Sam, an American who came to Palau just out of high school and still can't think of a good reason to return, makes his living by leading dive tours. But he knows that even hard-core divers can't stay under all the time (you'd get the bends). He's also driven by a healthy curiosity of his own about the fascinating place he's chosen to live in. So his tour service has expanded to include just about any part of the territory people want to visit.

    18. Palau Links And Reading Recommendations
    A collection of links and recommended reading about palau, from the author of 'Law Clerk on Gilligan's Island.' information about palau's culture, history, etc. Pricey though around $60
    Links Palau Links and Reading Recommendations I know I'm not the most reliable source for Palau info. Here's some people who might be. Palau on the Web Palau Visitors Authority
    The Official Palau tourism site. Have a good modem or lots of time, because it's image-heavy and on a slow server. Palaunet
    The home page for the PNCC. A decent collection of information, including weather reports and tourism info. CIA's World Fact Book-Palau
    Because everyone loves statistics.
    A collection of worthwhile Palau links. Ydkdy World
    A Palauan's personal home page. Lots of interesting content. Justin's photos
    Photos from the first Virtual Palau beta-tester's vacation in Palau. Lots of interesting shots. The Living Edens-Palau
    Companion website to PBS special on marine life of Palau. NECO Marine
    My personal dive shop of choice here. A top-notch operation. If you come to Palau to dive, I can recommend NECO without reservation. Sam's Dive Tours
    Dive Palau

    Sam's and Dive Palau are also good choices for diving. Sam's tends to go out with smaller groups of divers, which is a plus, and Dive Palau's Keith Santillano is an excellent dive guide. Recommended Reading (search the online bookstore of your choice for these) Portrait of Paradise by Mandy Etpison A coffee-table book on Palau. Lots of good photos, mainly of fish and islands, but a fair amount of

    19. Palau Visitors Authority - About Palau
    Although in the past few decades, palau has adapted to an international economy,palauans for the most part strongly identify with their traditional culture.
    Although in the past few decades, Palau has adapted to an international economy, Palauans for the most part strongly identify with their traditional culture. Several of the traditional ceremonies, such as the omersurch birth ceremony, ocheraol first-house ceremony and the kemeldiil funeral services are widely practiced and the codes and beliefs adopted by Palauan forefathers are still revered today.
    Probably the most noticeable aspect of Palauan culture is the people's connection with the sea. Traditionally, it was the duty of the family to go to sea to harvest fish and battle against enemy villages. As the sea was the source of their livelihood, men developed a close relationship with the waters of Palau, becoming versant in the currents and the phases of the moon and the behavior of the fish they sought to put on the table.
    Women generally stayed on land or along the shallow reefs surrounding the islands, rather than combat the open ocean, providing foundation for the family. Their days were largely spent tending to their homes, family and fields where they grew taro.
    Palauan villages were, and still are, organized around 10 clans reckoned matrilineally. A council of chiefs from the 10 ranking clans governed the village, and a parallel council of their female counterparts held a significant advisory role in the division and control of land and money.

    20. Palau - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    instead of palauan. In Angaur, Japanese is also official. culture. Mainarticle culture of palau Music of palau. Miscellaneous topics.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Server will be down for maintenance on 2004-06-11 from about 18:00 to 18:30 UTC. The Republic of Palau (also spelled Belau ) is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean , located some 500 km east of the Philippines . Having gained independence in , it is one of the world's youngest and least populated nations. Beluu er a Belau No coat of arms In Detail National motto : None Official languages English Palauan Capital ... Koror President Tommy Remengesau Area
    Ranked 179th


    Negligible Population
    Ranked 190th
    42/km² Independence October 1 Currency US Dollar ... Internet TLD .PW Calling Code Table of contents 1 History 2 Politics 3 States 4 Geography ... edit
    Main article: History of Palau The first inhabitants of Palau, probably from Indonesia , settled on the islands as early as 1000 BC Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos first sighted the islands in , but attempts to settle on or trade with the islands weren't started until the 18th century , by the British . Spain colonized the islands in the late 19th century , but sold it to Germany in Japan seized the islands at the start of World War I , and gained a mandate over them until the end of the Second World War , when the islands came under control of the United States as a Trust Territory. The Palauans voted in

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