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         Pakistan Culture:     more books (100)
  1. The personality of India,: A study in the development of material culture of India and Pakistan (M. S. University archaeology series) by Bendapudi Subbarao, 1956
  2. India; Pakistan History, Culture, People by Milton Jay & Harold E. Hammond Belasco, 0000
  3. Islamic culture in Pakistan by Abdur Rauf, 1988
  4. Economy and Culture in Pakistan: Migrants and Cities in a Muslim Society by Hastings Donnan, Pnina Werbner, 1991-04
  5. Pakistan: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture by Donald Newton Wilber, 1980-06
  6. Traditional culture in East Pakistan by Muhammad Shahidullah, 1963
  7. Pakistan and Bangladesh: Political Culture and Parties by Mokhdum-E-Mulk Mushrafi, 1993-08
  8. The story of Pakistan (McCormick-Mathers global culture series: know your world) by Ruth R Beck, 1966
  9. Pakistan: A Primary Source Cultural Guide (Primary Sources of World Cultures) by Marian Rengel, 2004-07
  10. Executive Report on Strategies in Pakistan, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by Pakistan Research Group, The Pakistan Research Group, 2000-11-02
  11. An illustrated guide, Gandhara: The enchanting land of Buddhist art and culture in Pakistan, with one hundred and forty photographic and line drawing illustrations by Ahmad Nabi Khan, 1994
  12. Aspects of the history, culture and religions of Pakistan;: A series of lectures by Ishtiaq Husain Qureshi, 1963
  13. Pakistan: Culture, people & places by Muhammad Shafi Sabir, 1970
  14. Pre-Muslim cultures of Pakistan by Muhammad Husain, 1962

41. National Fund For Cultural Heritage
About us. History of pakistan. Cultural Heritage. Museums Galleries Sikh Period. culture and Tradition. British Period. URDU Poetry
Welcome to Official On-Line Web-site of National Fund for Cultural Heritage
Places of Historic Interest and Natural Beauty in Pakistan
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History of Pakistan Cultural Heritage Indus Civilization ... Web-site Info:

42. PCC Home Page
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43. Pakistan - Culture Shock!
pakistan culture Shock! Buy from Mapsworldwide, pakistan - culture Shock! Search Mapsworldwide. Advanced search.
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Pakistan - Culture Shock!
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I once called Pakistan "A castle with a thousand doors", for one can enter it from many sides, and once one has lived in it one discovers the same reality reflected in innumerable small mirrors of different colours... Karin Mittman knows Pakistan and loves it, and any critical remarks are born of love and a deep feeling for the people and their values. I owe her unforgettable insights into the life of modern Pakistan, which supplement my own experiences as an interpreter of classical Pakistani and Indo-Muslim culture.' - Annemarie Schimmel, Professor of Indo-Muslim Culture at Havard University, in her forward to 'Culture Shock! Pakistan". "Culture Shock! Pakistan" is an informative guide to living in Pakistan. It provides an entertaining crash course which will help you settle in Pakistan and do business with the Pakistani people.
Published by: Kuperard Format: Paperback, 224 pp, 198 x 130 mm

44. About Me
Pictures of Ahmed's family, friends and pakistan, his home country. Generous dose of pakistani culture.
All About Me My Friends Believe it or not My Interests All About Me My Friends Believe it or not My Interests ...
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45. - The Uk Online Asian Community Portal, News, Bollywood, India, Paki
Online community portal for the UK asian featuring news, music, fashion, cuisine, culture and business from India, pakistan and Bangladesh.

pakistan ART, culture ENTERTAINMENT. Art Galleries ( List of some art galleries in pakistan) Museums in pakistan ( List of Museums in pakistan) pakistan Television Corporation Limited ( Official

47. Abidi's Universe, Love, Women, Novels, Poems, Stories, Articles,pakistan, Pics,
pakistani final year medical student. Has pages about pakistan, women, love, pictures, Eastern traditions, culture, Urdu poetry and his own romantic novel.
Free Web space and hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 ... Love At First SITE ....... It takes guts to cross the world Where Ears Stop To See Eyes Begin To Listen This site is based on our own personal beliefs, ideas , opinions and " Laws". Please keep all negative comments about our beliefs and practices to yourself. If you would like to have an intelligent conversation then we do not have a problem, but remember that we are not endorsing our own beliefs, nor we are bashing others. If you do not like what you see here, feel free to leave.. Launched on 29th March, 1999 Winner of National Award for the best site

48. PAKISTAN - Culture Of Pakistan
pakistan AN OVERVIEW. culture of pakistan. The Land of pakistan is dotted with a variety of physical contours. It has lush green
PAKISTAN - AN OVERVIEW Culture of Pakistan
The Land of Pakistan is dotted with a variety of physical contours. It has lush green fertile plains, hot deserts, beautiful valleys, snow clad mountains, almost sky touching peaks and a magnificent coastline. Having a diverse range of physical features it is quite obvious that customs, traditions and habits of people living in different regions very dramatically. In other words we can say that Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage. URS OF SAINTS In addition to major occasions that the Muslims of Pakistan celebrate they also observe the anniversaries of eminent saints with devotion. Their anniversaries are known as Urs and they are celebrated regularly. Visitors flock to the mausoleums of the Saints. Qawwalis are held where euologoms are sung. Seminars are held highlighting the teachings of the saints. In Lahore for Dada Ganj Baksh and Mian Mir Sahib. In Pakpattan for Baba Farid, in Draza for Sachal Sarmast, in Bhit Shah for Latif Bhattai and in Sahwan for Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, annual functions, which last for days, are held. In the Frontier province also. Urs are held at the mazars of saints, Peer Baba in Swat. Kaka Khel near Nowshera, Bari Imam, Peer Sahib Golra Sharif in Islamabad and number of other places, devotees gather to pay homage to the luminaries. BASANT There are certain other festivals unrelated to Islam, which have captured the imagination of people. Basant is the one that is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the people particularly from the Punjab. It has moved over to the frontier also where it was observed perhaps for the first time Basant heralds the advent of spring and departure of winter. Religious people have condemned it, as something irreligious but the public has paid no heed to their criticism. Kite flying matches are held. Special arrangements are made for flying kites during the night. Tape recorders blaze from rooftops throughout the day and songs are relayed. Families spend the day on rooftops. It is more like picnic than anything else. In Islamabad, few organization arrange this function in F-9 Park and rooftop of hotels.

49. Pakistani Student Society, MIT Alumni Site
The pakistani Students Society at MIT exists as a club to provide opportunities for pakistani students studying at MIT to explore their common ethnic and cultural background and to promote the better understanding of the pakistani people and culture. It has an updated directory of MIT alumni belonging to pakistan.

50. LookSmart - Directory - Pakistan Society & Culture
pakistan Society culture Discover resources detailing culture, society, environment, human rights, religion, and languages.
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  • Discover the country's climate, drainage system, pollution, environmental issues, population, migration, refugees, women, ethnic groups, health, education, and religion.
    BBCi News - Culture Crackdown in Pakistan

    Illustrates the impending crackdown on culture, personal freedoms, and liberties as Islamic Sharia law is imposed in parts of Pakistan.
    Explore Pakistani Culture

    Explore the Pakistani culture and the dresses they wear. Also read salient features of the society.
    Foreign Affairs - Pakistan's Jihad Culture

    Harvard scholar Jessica Stern examines reasons behind Pakistan's steady descent into a jihadi society. Looks at madrasahs and their one dimensional curriculums. Examines the critical role played by social studies in moulding the civic societies of these three countries. Human Rights Watch - Pakistan Discover the state of human rights in Pakistan as of this 2001 report. Tells of international efforts to create improvements.
  • 51. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Pakistan | Culture
    accueil contact destinations guide des guides ... Guides Lonely Planet
    Art :
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    Religion :
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    Coutumes :
    shalwar qamiz roti chapattis puri halwa et nan ), aux currys de viande, aux plats de lentilles ( dhal samosas et les tikkas barfi
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    Gastronomie :
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    52. Pakistan & Pakistanis
    Contains articles on human development, people, land and culture of pakistan.
    Pakistan: Friday, June 11, 2004, 1:13:28 PM Pak Newsletter E-mail
    Archive Pak Toolbar Pakistan Alert Network Personal Calendar Chat! Pak Weather! ... Compare Phone Rates Pak Search Your Opinion Counts Who is behind the recent sectarian violences in Pakistan? Sectarian Leaders Enemies of Pakistan Criminal Elements Don't Know View Results
    View Previous Poll Results
    The Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said, “Anyone who desires his earnings to grow and his life to be prolonged should treat his related well.” [Bukhari] The Land
    What do we mean by Pakistan? - late Muhammad Asad
    The National Anthem of Pakistan

    Meaning of the Flag of Pakistan

    The need to revive land reforms in Pakistan

    Timeline of events in Pakistan
    Potable Water and Pakistan

    The People
    Pakistan's missing women
    Mughals in Pakistan Migration and Pakistan Changing Trends in Pakistani Migration ... Pak hospitality bowls these fans over NEW Human Development Human Development Commission Orangi Pilot Project Pakistan's Social Action Program: a success or failure?

    53. Pakistan American Cultural Society
    Nonprofit organization working to preserve Pakistani culture and heritage.

    54. Adventure Journey To Pakistan
    Travel to pakistan and experience, horse riding, trekking, hunting, live with a Prince in his palace and enjoy the manifold pakistani culture.
    Adventure travel to the beautiful Pakistan with a multitude of challanges for everybody. During this fantastic vacation you will experience both horseback riding, wild boar hunting, trekking, bullraces, tentpegging, polo and at the same time meet the manifold Pakistani culture up close. Read more about the program for the journey and see pictures from the places and the persons that you will meet on the other pages. Investigate the area in which this exciting journey will take place on the Map side. Travelling date from the 14th of October - 28th of October. Price including ticket from Copenhagen to Islamabad is approx.
    US $2000.
    Price excluding ticket to Islamabad is approx. $1200. Do not hesitate, grap the opportunity to experience a vacation you will remember for the rest of your life. Contact us on our emails or by phone. Anne Hansen
    Phone: (+45) 39 761 057
    The horse trainer Eva Nitschke
    Phone: (+45) 33 322 119
    The journalist

    55. Travel To Pakistan - Culture Shock!: Pakistan
    While it is true that pakistan s Islamic culture does strike Westerners as rather sexist, she lacks the compassion to explain that some of this restriction
    Home Travel to Africa Review:Culture Shock!: Pakistan
    Travel to Pakistan review all the media and related products you need to make your travel to Pakistan more than perfect. Check out "Culture Shock!: Pakistan" below.
    Culture Shock!: Pakistan
    Format: Paperback
    Author: Karin, Ihsan, Zafar Mittmann
    ReleaseDate: July, 1991
    Publisher: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.
    rather unbalanced

    althought this book is relativly well written and candid it seems as though the author does to full understand the culture and often misrepresents it. the pictures (although black and white) are quite nice and the descriptions of the elite in the major cities such as karachi and lahore are close to true but not always agreeable. I visited pakistan for my friends wedding a few months ago and this book contradicts most of what i learned about their culture and ceremonies. what i found most misrepresented was the issue of sexism in pakistan. the author mentions how women have less authority than men but conveniently forgets to mention the respect and facilities they are awarded as mothers,sisters, and wives. all in all i felt this book isnt the best way to go if you really want to understand the country and the people of pakistan, this book isnt the best way to go.
    By No Means Uninteresting
    Having never been to Pakistan myself, I am perhaps not a fair judge of how accurate this book actually is. However, I am familiar with the Pakistani culture and I can comment on the style in which this book was written.

    56. Pakonline
    Portail communautaire francopakistanais. Histoire du pays, actualit©s, culture, articles et photos.
    vendredi 11 juin 2004

    Hymne national

    Forum de discussion

    Une histoire
    Notre mail

    Pakonline vous accueille...
    Bonne visite!
    Et si on discutait un peu sur le forum ...
    Lien avec la Communauté pakistanaise de France

    57. Pakistan Travel And Culture Services. Online Hotels Tours Reservation In Pakista
    The well known city for its lively bazaars beautiful architecture people, Hyderbad A city representing the Southern Sindhi culture of pakistan, Sukkur The
    [an error occurred while processing this directive] Home Contact Hotels Tours ... Pakistan is safer then any other destination
    Pakistan as safe as London Say Palin Security Situation Pakistan Tours To Afghanistan Products from Pakistan on sale Computer Prices in Pakistan ...
    Pakistan Missions abroad

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    There are over 800 pages, updated regularly with new information and exciting offers for tours in Pakistan and neighbouring countries. you may wish to this site for the future reference.
    Please follow the Links on the right to browse this site or search for any specific information on Pakistan . You will find here every thing , Tour Itineraries for Pakistan Guaranteed Departure Tours to Pakistan Hotel Rates in Pakistan Car Rates in all cities of Pakistan and detailed information on all areas of Pakistan
    About us!

    58. Pakistan News Service
    An article from pakistan News Service reporting the call by Washington based Reform Movement for the Reform Movement prosecute Mr. Ihsan H. Nadim, Northern Circle Director of the Department of Archaeology and Museums of the federal Ministry of culture and Tourism.
    FULL NEWS HERITAGE: Prosecution of Ihsan Nadim ................. from Reform Movement HERITAGE: Prosecution of Ihsan Nadim Demanded
    WASHINGTON, DC, USA (June 7, 1998 - Press Release) Reform Movement
    has strongly urged Pakistan Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to
    prosecute Mr. Ihsan H. Nadim, "northern circle director" of the
    Department of Archaeology and Museums of the federal Ministry of Culture
    and Tourism. In its press statement, the Reform Movement, a human rights,
    anti-corruption, research, educational and public policy association
    based in Washington, DC, points out that it has demanded this action
    after reading a news report, dated December 9, 1997, published in Dawn,
    a daily Pakistani newspaper. The Dawn news story reads: "LAHORE: (December 7, 1998): Department of
    Archaeology northern circle director Ihsan H. Nadim has been transferred pending an inquiry against him. He has been replaced by southern circle director Saeedur Rahman. Mr. Nadeem has been made an Officer on

    59. History Of Pakistan
    Various articles about the history and peoples of region from the Indus Valley civilization to the Ghaznavid period, as well as essays and related links about culture, relations with nearby peoples, and Kashmir, including antiIndian items.
    History of Pakistan
    Some Redeeming Aspects
    Pakistan Rarely Part of India

    Indus Valley Civilization

    Coming of Aryans
    Pakistan from 3000 BC to the Present

    Related Articles
    Pakistan - A History

    Hindu Dharma and Pakistan

    Pakistan and Bangladesh

    Pakistan and Northwest India
    ... Ancient India was Pakistan Related Sites The Islamic Civilization and Muslim Scientists Islamic Arts and Architecture Chronology of Muslim History Islam: Empire of Faith ... Historic Interest and Natural Beaut y Identity of Harappans - Dani History of Taxil a Harappan Civilizatio n Harappan Tradition Languages of Pre-Islamic Pakista n Languages of Pakistan (an Ethnologue Ancient Coins of As i a Pakistan's backgroun d Historic Images of Pakistan The Story of Pakista n Mohammad Allama Iqba l Mohammad Ali Jinna h Pak-Afghan War Against the Soviet s Islam and the current world politics Defence Journal of Pakista n Images of Pakista n More Images of Pakista n Language Movement of Pakistan Government of Pakista n Wildlife of Pakista n Indus Civilization Mughal Gardens Kashmir and much more You need Java to see this applet. Click here Click here About this Site For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact:

    60. Pakisztán / Pakistan :: Culture & Tourism Links : Kulturális és Idegenforgalm
    International catalogue of culture and tourism. Internationaler kultureller und touristischer Katalog. Nemzetközi kulturális és idegenforgalmi katalógus.
    ország Afganisztán Albánia Algéria Amerikai Szamoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antigua és Barbuda Argentína Aruba Ausztria Ausztrália Azerbajdzsán Bahamák Bahrain Banglades Barbados Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhután Bissau-Guinea Bolívia Bosznia és Hercegovina Botswana Brazília Brunei Darussalam Bulgária Burkina Faso Burma Burundi Cape Verde Central African Republic Ciprus Chile Comoros Cook Szigetek Costa Rica Csehország Csád Dánia Dél-Korea Dél-Afrika Dominika Dominikai Köztársaság Dzsibuti Ecuador Egyenlítõi Guinea Egyesült Arab Emírségek Egyiptom El Salvador Elefántcsontpart Eritrea Észak-Korea Észtország Etiópia Falkland Szigetek Faroe Szigetek Fehér-Oroszország Fidzsi Finnország Francia Guiana Franciaország Fülöp-szigetek Gabon Gambia Ghana Gibraltár Görögország Grenada Grönland Grúzia Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guinea Guyana Haiti Holland Antillák Hollandia Honduras Hong Kong Horvátország India Indonézia Irak Irán Írország Izland Izrael Jamaika Japán Jemen Jordánia Jugoszlávia Kajmán Szigetek Kambodzsa Kamerun Kanada Katar Kazahsztán Kenya Kína Kirgizisztán Kiribati Kolombia Kongó Kuba Kuvait Laosz Lengyelország Lesotho Lettország Libanon Libéria Líbia Liechtenstein Litvánia Luxemburg Macau Macedonia Madagaszkár Malawi Maldív Szigetek Mali Malájföld Málta Marokkó Marshall Szigetek Mauritania Mauritius Mexikó Micronesia Moldova Monaco Mongólia Mozambik Nagy-Britannia Namíbia Nauru Németország Nepál Nicaragua Niger Nigéria Norvégia Nyugat-Szamoa Olaszország Oman Oroszország Örményország Pakisztán Palau Panama Pápua Új-Guinea Paraguay Peru Portugália Románia Ruanda Saint Kitts és Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent, Grenadines

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