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         Mongols Ancient History:     more books (19)
  1. Arms and Armour of the Nomads of the Great Steppe in the Times of the Mongol Expansion (Studies on the History of the Ancient & Mediaeval Art of Warfare) by Witold Swietoslawski, 1999-12
  2. Mongols, Huns & Vikings by Hugh Kennedy, 2002-04-28
  3. Historical Researches of the Wars and Sports of the Mongols and Romans by John Ranking, 1826
  4. The Mongols: Battle of the Sajo River (Great battles of antiquity) by Richard A Gabriel, 1992
  5. Essential Histories 57: Genghis Khan & the Mongol Conquests 1190-1400 by Stephen Turnbull, 2003-07
  6. Historical Dictionary of the Mongol World Empire (Historical Dictionaries of Ancient Civilizations and Historical Eras) by Paul D. Buell, 2003-03-28
  7. Persian Painting: From the Mongols to the Qajars (Pembroke Persian Papers)
  8. Kalila wa Dimna: An Animal Allegory of the Mongol Court: The Istanbul University Album by Jill Sanchia Cowen, 1989-06-29
  9. Itudes Diconographie Islamique. Quelques Objets Numineux Des Turcs Et Des Mongols. (Cahiers Turcica) by J. -P Roux, 1982-01
  10. The King's Dictionary. The Rasulid Hexaglot : Fourteenth Century Vocabularies in Arabic, Persian, Turkic, Greek, Armenian and Mongol (Handbook of Oriental Studies/Handbuch Der Orientalistik)
  11. The Life & Times of Genghis Khan (Biography from Ancient Civilizations) (Biography from Ancient Civilizations) by Jim Whiting, 2005-09-08
  12. Subotai the Valiant: Genghis Khan's Greatest General by Richard A. Gabriel, 2004-06-30
  13. Genghis Khan (Ancient World Leaders) by Brenda Lange, 2003-02
  14. Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy by Paul Ratchnevsky, 1993-10-15

1. Ancient China: The Mongolian Empire: The Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368
He began to vigorously organize the mongols into a military force through Khan was perhaps one of the greatest military innovators in human history, and his
The Mongols
The Mongols were an obscure people who lived in the outer reaches of the Gobi Desert in what is now Outer Mongolia. They were a pastoral and tribal people that did not really seem to be of any consequence to neighboring peoples. The Mongols were in fact a group of disunified tribes that would gather regularly during annual migrations; although they elected chiefs over the tribes at these meetings, they never unified into a single people. Their religion focused on a sky-god that ruled over nature deities, similar to the Japanese native religion Shinto, and the gods communicated to them through shamans. All that would change however, under the leadership of a powerful and vigorous leader named Timuchin or Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan
Timuchin was the son of a poor noble in his tribe. Born sometime in the 1160's, he gradually unified the disparate Mongol tribes and, in 1206, was elected Genghis Khan, or "Universal Ruler" (also spelled Chingghis or Jenghiz Khan). He began to vigorously organize the Mongols into a military force through conscription and taxes on the tribes. With his small army (no more than one hundred and twenty thousand men), he managed to conquer far larger armies in densely populated areas.
The Mongolian Empire was perhaps the largest empire in human history in terms of geographical expanse. It extended west to east from Poland to Siberia, and north to south from Moscow to the Arabian peninsula and Siberia to Vietnam. For all that, Genghis Khan was primarily interested in conquering China because of its great wealth. While Mongol armies spread quickly west, Genghis Khan preceded cautiously in expanding southward, conquering first the northern Tibetan kingdom and later the Chin empire. When he died in 1227, he had just finished conquering the northern city of Beijing. By 1241, the Mongols had conquered all of northern China.

2. Mongol History And Chronology From Ancient Times
the history about the mongols and the mongolian empire Mongol history and chronology from ancient times. If we are to follow the tracks through Mongol history the 1200s, The Secret history of
Mongol history and chronology from ancient times
If we are to follow the tracks through Mongol history, we will find ourselves along an exciting path into the ancient Siberian and Inner Asian world. Now meditate on Siberia, the Taiga, Tundra, the Bajkal sea, the steppe region to the east of Bajkal. The Siberian and inner Asian plain is endless. It is night. Cold, dark. This is the homeland of The Mongols. What do you feel, what do you see? Let us then go ahead and penetrate this realm.
The origin of The Mongols
The very first beginnings of the Mongol Phenomenon
When writing Mongolian history, there are a number of points from which one could conceivably start. One could choose to track the intricacies of Inner Asian tribal structure, and proceed to give an exposition of the demographic, economic and political conditions that constituted the outer circumstances around the emergence of the Mongols. This has been done many times over, and the scientifically treated facts about the Mongols are reasonably well-known. For this reason I have chosen another angle from which to approach Mongolian history. Let it only be stated that new research has incontrovertibly demonstrated that earlier prejudiced notions of the Mongols as inferior barbarians have been so one-sided as to be wholly distorted. Especially noteworthy are the recent archaeological discoveries that have thrown light on the many-sided and complex interaction and interconnectedness between the Inner Asian nomads and the great state(s) of China.

3. Electronic Passport To Chinese History
Excavations have confirmed descriptions in ancient Chinese literature the Golden Age of Chinese history. Today the peasant army to victory over the mongols.
HOME TIME AND SPACE PREHISTORY MESOPOTAMIA ... The Boxer Rebellion Dynasty From at least 1766 BC to this century, China was ruled by dynasties. A dynasty is a ruling family that passes control from one generation to the next. One dynasty lasted more than 800 years, while another lasted only fifteen years. The Chinese people supported their rulers because of what they called the Mandate of Heaven. The ancient Chinese believed their ancestors in heaven had chosen their leaders. The people would rebel against a weak leader because they believed he had lost the Mandate of Heaven. The Shang was the first dynasty to leave written records. The Shang rulers expanded the borders of their kingdom to include all of the land between Mongolia and the Pacific Ocean. The Shang practiced human sacrifice. If a king died, many of his slaves would join him in the grave. Some were beheaded first, others were buried alive. The Shang also developed a lunar calendar consisting of twelve months of 30 days each. When a Shang king died, his next oldest brother replaced him. When there were no brothers, the oldest maternal nephew became king. The Chou were nomads who lived west of the Shang. They overthrew the Shang and ruled China from 1122

4. Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Halsall Home ancient history Sourcebook Medieval Sourcebook Modern history Sourcebook. Other history Sourcebooks The Sung. The mongols Yüan The Ming
Halsall Home Ancient History Sourcebook Medieval Sourcebook Modern History Sourcebook
Other History Sourcebooks: African Indian Islamic Jewish ... Science Internet
East Asian History
Sourcebook There is no way of avoiding the fact that China is the central culture of Eastern Asia. Massively larger than any of her neighbors, China may have developed its cultural forms in relative isolation, but since the advent of Buddhism has both absorbed outside influences and disseminated its own culture. Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures are not comprehensible without taking into account power of Chinese culture in art, literature and religion. Chinese culture itself is highly complex, and the other East Asian cultures also reflect local circumstances and traditions. For instance the (later) Chinese ideal of a scholar-gentleman contrasts strongly with Japanese warrior ideals. It is not going to far to suggest that the very different responses of the various East Asian to the Western intrusion of the past two centuries reflect the variety of previous historical developments. See my Brooklyn College: Chinese Cultural Studies class page.

5. Ancient History Page
ancient World history Links. General Topics. Prehistorical Times. ancient Mesopotamia. ancient Egypt. ancient history GENERAL. Internet ancient history Source book lists the rulers of the mongols, who conquered and ruled the largest of the ancient
Ancient World History Links
General Topics
Prehistorical Times Ancient Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt ... Ancient China
  • Internet Ancient History Source book - An immense resource on Ancient History links and information from Paul Halsall at Fordham University.
  • Notable Citizens of the Planet - This on-line biographical dictionary has the lives of 25,000 notable men and women from ancient times to the present day.
  • Discoverer's Web - A no nonsense collection of links to sites found on the web about voyages of discovery and exploration. Covers all time periods.
  • Historia's Castle - Provides on-line scoring quizzes on World History topics. They are in multiple choice and true/false format, scores and provides review of answers.
  • Encyclopedia of the Orient - Claims to be the only on-line encyclopedia for North Africa and the Middle East.
  • History of the Ancient World - A Guide to Resources and Research on the Web developed by the University of Colorado Department of History. It actually covers all periods of history.
  • History on the Net - historical information linked to the English National Curriculum, for teachers, pupils, parents and anyone who wishes to further their historical knowledge.
  • 6. Homework Center - Ancient & Classic Cultures
    The Multnomah County Library Homework Center organizes over 3500 carefully reviewed K12 education and homework help resources for students, teachers, media specialists, and librarians. http// history on ancient worlds listed by continent. Learn about Ghengis Khan, the mongols and more.
    School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! Online ...
    Ancient Scripts and Languages
    This site provides information on ancient languages, such as the language family and pronunciation, as well as the written characters of any ancient language you can imagine.
    Ancient World Web: Geography Index
    History on ancient worlds listed by continent.
    Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
    With hands-on activities, color images, and text, this site explores theories as to why civilizations end. Focuses on the Mayans, the ancient city of Copan, Mesopotamia and more.
    HyperHistory: 3000 Years of World History
    A clickable chart of people and events throughout human history. Take a look!
    Images From History
    An archive of photos illustrating artifacts, cave and rock art, and architecture from various ancient cultures and periods.
    Museums of Ancient Inventions

    7. Welcome To The Realm Of The Mongols!
    The Mongol ancestors Last updated November 12, 1998. Mongol history and chronology from ancient times Last updated February 24, 2001.
    Welcome to The Realm of The Mongols!
    Written and maintained by Per Inge Oestmoen, Norway
    The pages available here are all dedicated to the philosophical and spiritual legacy of the Old Mongols, and to the memory of Chingis Khan. The wolf is the legendary ancestor of all Mongols, and is a symbol of what qualities they possessed: an inclination towards the regions of the North, Dark and Cold, as well as limitless endurance, great intelligence, intuition and perspicacity.
    The correct address of The Realm of The Mongols is Please adjust your links and bookmarks, if they point to the former address. This site will undergo continuous development. As my knowledge and inspiration grow, these pages will change accordingly. Hence, you are invited to visit this Mongolian page regularly, to check the links and see what happens. Tip: If you feel that the text is small, then choose a larger display font in your browser. Your support in the form of comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated, and certainly contribute to a better Mongolian meeting-place for all.

    8. Europe As Israel History : Empire Of Jews
    ancient history Fraud of chronology ancient Egypt ancient Greece conquests of Tamerlane and the Macedonian, Tatarmongols and the Roman emperors, the Trojan War, the They created supposedly ancient history and sculptors. The facts are well known
    Join Now About Us Global Supranationalism Manifest and Mission Time to change names Money for the war Peacemaker ... Political opinions Global Revision of History Preface View of Garry Kasparov Investigation of the Historical Dating Egyptian Horoscopes ... Recommended books Resources "Book of Civilization" "Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs" "Investigation of English history" Online Discussions Take Action Join Now Volunteer Write Us Tourism Why Tourism Short Scheme Real Egypt Istanbul ... Register The Medieval Empire Of Jews THE MEDIEVAL EMPIRE OF THE ISRAELITES (We offer some fragments from the new book that currently under development. The project started on May 2003.) discuss it in our forum
    Serious scientific facts have been collected in this book which prove that as early as the 12th century A.D, all of

    9. Ancient China To Modern
    Han and Jin Dynasty Tombs with Murals history of Beijing Dynasty Founder of the Tang Dynasty ancient China The T The Yuan Welcome to The Realm of The mongols!
    Ancient China to Modern Times How to do Research using the Navigation Aids: 1. By clicking on the Hotlinks, you will be taken directly to the exact location where the Topic is located on the page. 2. When you click on a site located under a topic, another browser window will open automatically for you on top of this page. With your mouse, pull that window down below the Topic you are researching. Every time you now click on a site, the material will appear in this window. This will allow you to quickly and easily read the material and go through each site listed without losing this page. Remember to cite the "web sites and their authors" given below as your information "sources" in your paper or presentation for citation/bibliographic purposes. To jump directly to the Dynasty or Era of your choice, click on the name below. Alternately known names are also given: Xia or Hsia Dynasty 2000 - 1500 B.C. Shang 1700 - 1027 B.C. Western Zhou, Chou 1027 - 771 B.C Eastern Zhou, Chou Period: Spring and Autumn period 770 - 476 B.C. ... People's Republic of China A.D. 1949- Hotlinks: Table of Contents:

    10. History & Culture Of Russia / The Mongols
    Over the next three years the mongols (or Tatars) destroyed all of the major In 1591, he murdered Fyodor s younger brother Dmitri in the ancient town of Uglich
    The Mongols and the Emergence of Moscow
    K Ivan the Terrible succeeded his father Vasily III as Grand Duke of Moscow in 1533 at the age of three. His mother served as regent until she too died, when Ivan was eight. For the next eight years, the young Grand Duke endured a series of regents chosen from among the boyars (the nobility). Finally in 1547, he adopted the title of tsar and set about crushing the power of the boyars, reorganizing the military, and preparing to smite the Tatars. In 1552 he conquered and sacked Kazan, and in 1556 Astrakhan, having thus destroyed the lingering power of the Golden Horde. Ivan's Tatar campaigns opened vast new areas for Russian expansion, and it was during his reign that the conquest and colonization of Siberia began. Believe it or not, Ivan was not supposed to have been very terrible at all during the early years of his reign. However, as he grew older his temper worsened, and by the 1560s he carried out a pretty horrific campaign against the boyars, confiscating their land and executing or exiling those who displeased him. In 1581, in a rage, he struck his son and heir Ivan with an iron rod, killing him. Ancient Russia The Romanovs
    Napoleon's Invasion
    The Path to Revolution ... The Soviet Era History
    The Gazeteer Transportation
    Tourist Offices
    Activities Travel Tips
    Best Bets interKnowledge Corp

    11. Ancient English History : New Chronology
    quite different views on old and ancient history. That is why modern specialists TATARS (mongols)= Tartareori, gens Tartarins, Tartari, Tartariti, Tartarii, Tattari, Tatari, Tartarii
    Join Now About Us Global Supranationalism Manifest and Mission Time to change names Money for the war Peacemaker ... Death for the Motherland Global Revision of History Preface View of Garry Kasparov Investigation of the Historical Dating Egyptian Horoscopes ... Recommended books Resources "Book of civilization" "Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs" "Investigation of English history" Online Discussions Take Action Join Now Volunteer Write Us Tourism Why Tourism Short Scheme Egypt Istanbul ... Register Investigation of English History A.T.Fomenko, G.V.Nosovskij
    (SHORT SCHEME) ABSTRACT This article is devoted to the investigation of traditional version of English chronology and English history. It should be mentioned that this tradition was established only in 15-17th cc.(and especially by Scaliger and Petavius) as a result of attempts to construct the global chronology of Europe and Asia at that time.

    12. ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 7 Art Of The Middle Ages
    AngloSaxons, part of the Prehistory page in the ancient history section of the BBC's history site, including links to The Seljuks. The mongols; Ilkhans - 1. The mongols; Ilkhans -2
    Part 7
    Art of the Middle Ages Last modified: April 2, 2004 THIS PAGE
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    THE MIDDLE AGES: General

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  • 13. Medieval Sourcebook: Maps
    texts at Fordham, at ORB, or selected ancient, late antique 814 (BW) Source HG Wells, A Short history of the World The mongols The Mongol Empire at the Death of
    ORB Main Page Links to Other Medieval Sites Medieval Studies Course [Halsall]
    Halsall Home
    ... Byzantine Studies Page
    Other History Sourcebooks: African East Asian Indian Islamic ...
    Paul Halsall , ORB sources editor
    The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is now part of
    , the O nline R eference B ook
    for Medieval Studies.
    Last Modified: October 17, 2000
    Guide to Contents
    The section of the Sourcebook is devoted to copy-permitted maps and images. These images can be used in teaching, and in web page creation. The source of images is indicated for each image.
    • Main Page will take you back to Sourcebook main page. Full Texts will take you to the index of full text medieval sources. Saints' Lives will take you to the page on hagiography. New Accessions Page will take you back to a file of Sourcebook contents organized by date of addition (so you can see what is new). Search the Sourcebook will enable searches of the full texts of all the source texts at Fordham, at ORB, or selected ancient, late antique, and medieval text databases.
    Medieval Maps

    14. WWW-VL History Index. Military History
    The ancient history Bulletin. South African Military history Journal The mongols. Empires Beyond the Great Wall Heritage of Genghis Khan
    WWW-VL: MILITARY HISTORY Click here for
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library (WWW-VL) central catalogue
    The WWW-VL search facility.
    Click Here to access the Mirror at Florence, Italy

    Click Here to access the Mirror at Lawrence, Kansas, USA

    15. Ancient/Biblical - China
    Legalists, the Great Wall, the mongols, Genghis Khan the citizens of an ancient civilization that Dowling s Electronic Passport Chinese history Mr. Dowling s
    Go to Teaching with Technology
    Print this page
    Topic : China Tip: Press ctrl and F (or apple and F on a Mac) to perform a keyword search of this page. To keyword search all Best of History Web Sites pages use the search engine located on the home page. Ancient China(W.S.U.)
    A terrific overview of Ancient and Medieval History can be found at this online course, based at Washington State University. It offers clear and informative lecture notes, maps, a photo gallery, timelines, links to relevant sites, and more. Click Contents. Internet East Asia History Sourcebook
    Fairbank Chinese History Virtual Library

    The Fairbank Chinese History Virtual Library was founded to facilitate easy access to sources of modern Chinese historical information on the internet. It covers the Qing Dynasty to the present and features outlines, articles, pictures and more. Some links are broken. Ask Asia
    Site features resources, cultural information, activities, links and guides for educators and students alike. Electronic Passport to Chinese History
    This student-oriented site includes a discussion of the following: Chinese dynasties, Confucius, Legalists, the Great Wall, the Mongols, Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan, the Silk Road, and Marco Polo.

    16. Ancient Civilizations: Aztec, Babylon, Celt, China, Egypt, Europe, Greece, Inca_ history Civilizations Aztec, Babylon, Celt, China, Egypt, Europe, Greece, Inca, Mayan mongols. Search web or Artzia for ancient Civilizations .
    EncycloZine Arts Biography Business ... Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies Jared Diamond Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter Thomas Cahill Civilization and Its Enemies : The Next Stage of History Lee Harris How the Irish Saved Civilization Thomas Cahill The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani: 58 Movements for Eternal Youth from Ancient Tibet Asanaro, Joice Buccarey C., Benjamin B. Kelley The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies Randine Lewis The Peloponnesian War Donald Kagan Rubicon : The Last Years of the Roman Republic TOM HOLLAND Paris 1919 : Six Months That Changed the World Margaret MacMillan The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child; Volume 1: Ancient Times Susan Wise Bauer
    Ancient Civilizations
    About Us A - Z Site Map Top Pages ... Vikings
    Egypt-Great Hall, Karnac
    David Roberts

    Buy This Art Print At
    If you have lived all of your life in one place or one country, you will probably view that way of life as the best and most sensible. But if you have never experienced any other culture by living in it for a substantial period, you don't really have anything to compare it to. Only by learning that there are other ways of living can you see that things that you have accepted as facts of life are really choices that you make and can change. Looking at other civilizations enables you to look at not only the good and bad things in daily life, but also the bigger picture of the qualities that made the culture great and the ones that led to its demise. There is a tendency to assume that our time is superior because it is more advanced, but think about how ancient peoples accomplished tasks we still find difficult today, even with our technology, and how their civilizations lasted for such long periods.

    17. Ancient Civilizations Aztec, Babylon, Celt, China, Egypt, Europe
    reviews/more info, The Story of the World history for the ancient Civilizations. Babylon, Celts, China, Egypt, Greece, Inca, Mayan, mongols, Romans, Vikings

    18. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Trebizond, Empire Of (Ancient History, Late Roman And By
    Related Category ancient history, Late Roman And Byzantine. through Asia Minor, leading into the great trade route to East Asia that the mongols had opened
    AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 10, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Ancient History, Late Roman And Byzantine ... Trebizond, empire of
    By Alphabet : Encyclopedia A-Z T
    Trebizond, empire of, Ancient History, Late Roman And Byzantine
    Related Category: Ancient History, Late Roman And Byzantine Trebizond, empire of, See studies by W. Miller (1926) and J. Monfasoni (1984).
    Topics that might be of interest to you: Byzantine Empire

    Nicaea, empire of

    Turkey, country, Asia and Europe
    ... com Check out around 175,000 brief encyclopedia articles on almost all topics. Related Categories: History Ancient Greece and Rome
    More articles from AllRefer Reference on Trebizond, empire of
  • Encyclopedia U com Check out around 175,000 brief encyclopedia articles on almost all topics.
    Content on this web site is provided for informational purposes only. We accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person resulting from information published on this site. We encourage you to verify any critical information with the relevant authorities. About Us Contact Us Privacy Links Directory ...
    Link to
  • 19. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Merv (Ancient History, Northern Europe) - Encyclopedia
    Related Category ancient history, Northern Europe. Mervmyerf Pronunciation Key, ancient city, in Turkmenistan, in The mongols destroyed the city early in the
    AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 10, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Ancient History, Northern Europe ... Merv
    By Alphabet : Encyclopedia A-Z M
    Merv, Ancient History, Northern Europe
    Related Category: Ancient History, Northern Europe Merv [myerf] Pronunciation Key , ancient city, in Turkmenistan, in a large oasis of the Kara Kum desert, on the Murgab River. The city, known in antiquity as Margiana, or Antiochia Margiana, was founded in the 3d cent. B.C. on the site of an earlier settlement. Its periods of greatness were from A.D. 651 to 821, when it was the seat of the Arab rulers of Khorasan and Transoxania and one of the main centers of Islamic learning, and from 1118 to 1157, when it was the capital of the Seljuk Empire under the last sultan, Sandzhar. The Mongols destroyed the city early in the 13th cent., but it was slowly rebuilt, to be destroyed again by the Bukharans in 1790. The Russians conquered the area in 1884. Several mausoleums, mosques, and castles of the 11th and 12th cent. are preserved and are among the best monuments of Muslim art in Central Asia. Present-day Merv, c.20 mi (30 km) from the old city, was renamed Mary in 1937. It is the capital of Mary region and an important textile center.

    20. Free Ancient And Medieval History Of Mongols Greek And Byzantine Emperors In Rom
    Free ancient and medieval history of mongols greek and byzantine emperors in rome online jesus christ gospels crusades old testament russia europe wars
    //Top Nav Bar I v2- By Constantin Kuznetsov Jr. ( //Modified by Dynamic Drive for NS6/Opera6 compatibility and code streamlining March 4th, 2002 //Visit for this script var keepstatic=1 //specify whether menu should stay static (works only in IE4+) var menucolor="#8OOOOO" //specify menu color var submenuwidth=150 //specify sub menus' color
    History Online - Mongols
    History: Fiction or Science?
    Learn how and why Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt were crafted during Renaissance. What if the Old Testament was a rendition of events of Middle Ages written after the New Testament? Did the crusaders really wait for 1000 years to punish the tormentors of the Messiah? What if Jesus Christ was born in 1053 and crucified in 1086 AD?
    Sounds unbelievable? Not after you've read "History: Fiction or Science?" by Anatoly Fomenko, leading mathematician of our time. He follows in steps of Sir Isaac Newton and finds clear evidence of falsification of History. Armed with logic, astronomy and computers he proves the history of humankind to be both dramatically different and drastically shorter than generally presumed.
    Archaeological, dendrochronological, paleographical and carbon methods of dating of ancient sources and artifacts are both

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