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         Mississippi Geography:     more books (100)
  1. Geology and geography.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  2. Mississippi (Rookie Read-About Geography) by Trudi Strain Trueit, 2007-09
  3. Mississippi Geography Projects: 30 Cool, Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do to Learn About Your State (Mississippi Experience) by Carole Marsh, 2003-05
  4. Geology and Geography.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  5. GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  6. The Mighty Mississippi (Geography of the World Series.) by Charnan Simon, 2004-08
  7. GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY.: An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  8. The history and geography of the Mississippi valley: To which is appended a condensed physical geography of the Atlantic United States, and the whole American continent by Timothy Flint, 1833
  9. Geology and Geography.(conferences and meetings): An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  10. THE HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY OF THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY. To Which Is Appended A Condensed Physical Geography of the Atlantic United States, and the Whole American Continent. Two volume set
  11. Photographic journal: the Great River Road in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.: An article from: Focus on Geography by Cynthia Berlin, Gregory Chu, 2006-09-22
  12. Geology and geography.(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
  13. My Mississippi by Willie Morris, 2000-11
  14. Mississippi Bingo: Geography Edition by Carole Marsh, 2001-07

1. Mississippi Geography - NETSTATE
Information about Mississippi state geography, topography, and climate. TheGeography of Mississippi. Click here for a few definitions.





The Geography of Mississippi
Click here for a few definitions. Longitude / Latitude Longitude: 88° 7' W to 91° 41' W
Latitude: 30° 13' N to 35° N Length x Width Mississippi is 340 miles long and 170 miles wide. Geographic Center The geographic center of Mississippi is located in Leake County, 9 miles WNW of Carthage.
Borders Mississippi is bordered by Tennessee on the north and the Gulf of Mexico on the south. On the east, Mississippi borders Alabama and on the west, Mississippi borders Arkansas and Louisiana. Total Area Mississippi covers 48, 434 square miles, making it the 32nd largest of the 50 states Land Area 46,914 square miles of Mississippi are land areas. Water Area 1,520 square miles of Mississippi are covered by water. Highest Point The highest point in Mississippi is Woodall Mountain. Hardly a mountain, Woodall Mountain is only 806 feet above sea level. Lowest Point The lowest point in Mississippi is along the shore at the Gulf of Mexico; sea level. Mean Elevation The Mean Elevation of the state of Mississippi is 300 feet above sea level.

2. Mississippi: Geography, Maps And Information
MerriamWebster Map of Mississippi A fantastic clear and detailed mapalong with basic geographic facts from Merriam-Webster. Color
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Maps Geography and Data
Infoplease Atlas Map of Mississippi
A large and detailed map of the state that includes many cities along with major highways. Blank Outline Map of Mississippi
A free blank outline map to print out for educational, school, or classroom use. Merriam-Webster Map of Mississippi
A fantastic clear and detailed map along with basic geographic facts from Merriam-Webster. Color Landform Atlas - Mississippi
A dramatic and colorful relief map of the state - an outstanding display of the topography. Also includes a large 1895 map of the state.
Geography and Data
Infoplease - Mississippi
A brief state history, famous residents, and a great collection of state facts make this page an excellent resource. - Mississippi

3. Mississippi Geography Education Fund
Teachers may apply for grants through Phil Hardin Foundationfunded program of the National Geographic Society Educational Foundation to encourage and improve the teaching of geography in Mission
Mission Statement

About The Mississippi Geography Education Fund

Past Grant Recipients
  • Commitment to Geography Education
    The Importance of Geography

    Mississippi Geography Education Fellows: Mission Statement
    A fund established with the National Geographic Society Education Foundation to encourage and improve the teaching of geography in Mississippi and to increase and disseminate geographic knowledge more broadly in the state.
    About The Mississippi Geography Education Fund
    After discussions with the Phil Hardin Foundation in 1989, the National Geographic Education Foundation agreed to establish an endowed fund to encourage and improve the teaching of geography in Mississippi and to increase and disseminate geographic knowledge more broadly in the state. The Mississippi Geography Education Fund is the first state endowment established in the Society's Education Foundation. To initiate the Fund, the National Geographic Society announced its intention to provide up to $500,000 in matching funds to create an endowment. The Phil Hardin Foundation granted an initial $250,000 to the Mississippi Geography Education Fund. This grant was matched by the Society. It is the hope of the Hardin Foundation and the Society that the Fund will eventually exceed $1,000,000 through additional contributions. To this aim, the National Geographic Society is prepared to match an additional $250,000 in gifts to the Fund. From its inception in 1992 through 2000, the
  • 4. 1997 Mississippi Geography Education Fund Grants
    1998 mississippi geography Education Fund Grants. In 1997, the mississippi geography Education Fund made eight grants totalling $74 296. G.E.M. Geography Education in Mississippi. Booneville Middle
    1998 Mississippi Geography Education Fund Grants
    In 1997, the Mississippi Geography Education Fund made eight grants totalling $74,296.
    G.E.M. Geography Education in Mississippi

    Booneville Middle School
    "Geography Education in Mississippi " is a hands-on interdisciplinary project designed to teach students about the geography of Mississippi. GEM will address environmental issues, natural resources of the state, the impact of the Mississippi River and the state's endangered speciess Junior Achievement of Mississippi, Inc.
    The International Marketplace
    Junior Achievement will provide the International Marketplace curriculum materials to 44 social studies classes during the 1997-98 year and place a volunteerin a middle school class for 8 visits using the materials. The program helps students appreciate how they are geographically connected, through trade, to people and cultures throughout the world. Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange
    Splendors of Versailles Exhibition
    Jackson, Mississippi

    5. Teacher Community @
    How else can we help? Let us know! Return to Education Home. MississippiGeography Education Fund. The mississippi geography Education
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    6. 2000 Mississippi Geography Education Fund Grants
    2000 mississippi geography Education Fund Grants The mississippi geographyEducation Fund awarded grants for six projects for a total of $114,547.
    2000 Mississippi Geography Education Fund Grants
    The Mississippi Geography Education Fund awarded grants for six projects for a total of $114,547. The fund has $96,948 available for payout from earnings this year, though it has accumulated a total rollover of $119,300 in uncommitted funds since 1992. The Advisory Committee is working to distribute the rollover in a targeted initiative to reach poor, minority schools in Mississippi during 2001.
    Implementing Geography Standards Through the Application of Technology

    Poplarville School District
    Poplarville, MS
    Thirty teachers from three rural school districts will participate in a year-long graduate-level course focusing on the implementation of Mississippi State geography standards through the application of new educational technology. Mississippi Milestones
    Ocean Springs School District
    Ocean Springs, MS
    Teachers at a high-performing Mississippi school district will form a professional development partnership with teachers from a low-performing district for the purpose of improving instruction to integrate geography, reading, and technology. Geo Junction
    Tupelo Middle School
    Tupelo, MS

    7. KFF State Health Facts Online: Mississippi: Geography
    mississippi geography, Population Distribution by Metropolitan Status, statedata 20012002, US 2002, Jump to 50 State Comparison for this Topic.

    8. KFF State Health Facts Online: Mississippi: Geography
    Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts Online. mississippi geography, PopulationDistribution by Metropolitan Status, state data 20012002, US 2002,

    9. CyberSleuthkids: United States - Mississippi
    http //; mississippi geography NETSTATE Informationabout Mississippi state geography, topography, and climate.
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  • Cities of Mississippi Community Websites http: //
  • 10. :- Mississippi Geography
    mississippi geography. Mississippi s physical geography is characterized by two distinctregions the Mississippi River Floodplain and the Gulf Coastal Plain.
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    Mississippi Geography
    Index Country United States Southern United States ... Mississippi
    Mississippi Profile Articles Polls History ... Add Links Content
    Mississippi Flights Search Hotel Search Car Hire Package Holidays ... Memorabilia Shop Physical Geography: Mississippi is bounded by Tennessee on the north, Alabama on the east, the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana on the south, and on the west, across the Mississippi River, the states of Louisiana and Arkansas. South of the North Central Hills, the Jackson Prairies, a belt of fertile farmland, run northwest to southeast from Yahoo County into Wayne County. All of southern Mississippi except for a strip along the gulf, is covered with the Long Leaf Pine Hills (a.k.a. Piney Woods) south of the Jackson Prairies, and is the state's chief timber-producing area. Along the southern edge of the panhandle lie the Coastal Meadows. The lowest part of the state, along the estuary known as the Mississippi Sound, lies at sea level. The western part of the state is drained by the Mississippi River and three of its tributaries -? the Yazoo, Big Black, and Homochitto rivers. The extreme northeastern corner lies in the basin of the Tennessee River. The rest of the state drains southward into the Gulf of Mexico, mainly through the Pearl, Pascagoula, and Tombigbee rivers.

    11. Geography - Merriam-Webster's Atlas
    Mississippi. Official name State of Mississippi. State nickname the MagnoliaState. Total area 48,286 sq mi, 125,060 sq km. Population (2000) 2,844,658.

    12. Geography And Geology Of The Mississippi River
    mississippi geography Geology. Click on the map to go to a specificregion. The above map is modified from an original, copyright
    Click on the map to go to a specific region. Andrew Birrell and Ray Sterner. Click on Mr. Birrell's name just above and you can view other wonderful maps. by Isaac Angert
    The Mississippi drains 1,245,000 square miles (41% of America). Geographically it is the forth longest river in the world after Africa's Nile, the Amazon of South America, and the Congo in central Africa. Its watershed ranks third among the world's rivers; after that of the Amazon and the Congo. Its discharge into the gulf is again third after the same two rivers, with a volume of 651,000 cubic feet per second at its mouth. Flowing through The Great Plains the Mississippi changes little in elevation, only 1475 ft. from its headwaters in a small Minnesota lake called Itasca. It meanders through pine forests and marsh in northern Minnesota forming the shape of a question mark. The river spills over St. Anthony falls and heads south to flow between towering bluffs in Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. When it drops into Missouri it is met by the Illinois, the Ohio and the Missouri rivers. The Missouri doubles the Mississippi and the Ohio doubles it again. With its flow quadrupled the Mighty Mississippi moves out into the delta. Here the Mississippi finally has the room to meander through cotton fields. There are no hills on the delta until the river changes course and runs up against the bluffs at Vicksburg. At the town of St.Francisville it leaves the bluffs again, this time for good, as it goes off through swamps and bayous to unload its silt at the end.

    13. Ms State Geosciences - Taylor E. Mack
    Board Member, mississippi geography Education Fund. Executive Director,Mississippi Geographic Alliance. Honors/Awards/Offices Held.
    TAYLOR E. MACK Assistant Professor of Geography
    Office: Hilbun Hall Room 212
    Phone: (662) 325-2905
    Fax: (662) 325-9423
    Dr. Mack specializes in the historical and cultural geography of coastal areas of Central America, specifically the Caribbean coast of Honduras. His interests are in hinterland change, development of coastal communities, changing cultural and economic patterns, environmental change, and the world economy. Dr. Mack is also the Executive Director of the Mississippi Geographic Alliance, and has an interest in geographic education.
    Education Ph.D. (Geography), Louisiana State University, 1997
    MA (Geography), University of Kansas, 1992
    BA (Geography), University of Kansas, 1989 Experience Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University, 1999-present
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University, 1998-1999

    14. Workshop5 Before
    She is a member of the mississippi geography Alliance, the Mississippi Associationof Educators, and the Mississippi Social Studies Council and a teacher

    Site Map Objectives and Structure Workshop Summaries Using the Videos and Website About the Contributors About Getting Course Credit Introduction Latin America ...
    Local Impact
    Before You Watch Before viewing the video programs for Workshop 4: Latin America, please read the National Geography Standards featured in this workshop. You may read the standards here on the Web, in your print guide, or in Geography for Life . We encourage you to read Geography for Life in its entirety as you move through the workshops. It contains further background on the National Standards, numerous examples and rich illustrations aiding interpretation, valuable tools for strengthening and developing lessons, and additional insight on geography's significance to our daily lives. The National Geography Standards highlighted in this workshop include Standards 4, 7, 9, and 15. As you read the standards, be thinking about how they might apply in lessons you have taught.

    15. Teaching Geography - About The Contributors
    She is a member of the mississippi geography Alliance, the Mississippi Associationof Educators, the Mississippi Social Studies Council, and a teacher

    Registration Broadcast Schedule Support Materials ... Workshop Summaries Using the Videos and Website About the Contributors About Getting Course Credit Introduction Latin America ...
    Local Impact
    About the Contributors Teaching Geography Commentators and Content Advisors James B. Binko - Program Host, Pedagogical Content Advisor
    Dr. James Binko is professor emeritus of education at Towson University and a consultant in teacher training for the Geography Education Program. He is the author of Teaching Geography: A Model for Action and co-author of Inductive Reasoning in the Secondary School , as well as author of numerous monographs. He has been involved in curriculum development programs for the National Geographic Society, helping to create the national network of geography Alliances, as well as planning and conducting staff development and in-service components of summer geography institutes. He is a member of the National Council for Geography Education, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and the American Educational Research Association. Gil Latz - Regional Geography Commentator, Regional Geography Content Advisor

    16. SouthBear's Virtual Tour Of Mississippi: Mississippi Geography
    The Geography of Mississippi. Map of Mississippi. The Regions of Mississippi.Mississippi is divided into four geographic regions.
    The Geography of Mississippi
    Click the map above to see a more detailed map. This window will remain open. You may wish to use the larger map while reading the geographic descriptions below. When you are finished with the large map, simply close the map window. You should be returned to this window.
    The Regions of Mississippi
    Mississippi is divided into four geographic regions. These four regions are further divided into several sub-regions that are defined by culture that has been directly influenced by the geology of the land. The four main regions and their sub-regions are:
    • The Gulf Coast
    • The Coastal Terrace
    • The Barrier Islands
    • The Southern Wooded Prairies
    • The Pine Belt
    • The Central Prairie
    • The Delta
    • The Mississippi-Yazoo River Basin
    • The Loess Bluffs
    • The Northern Highlands
    • The Red Clay Hills
    • The Flatwoods
    • The Pontotoc Ridge
    • The Black Prairie
    • The Northeastern Hills
    These four regions each have their own history and pattern of settlement. Because of this, they each have their own cultural identities; some say they even have their own linguistic dialect. Even religious affiliation is different among these regions. And yet, the people of these regions fiercely identify as Mississippians.
    The Gulf Coast
    The Coastal Terrace
    The Barrier Islands
    The Barrier Islands lie some 10 to 20 miles offshore. These islands consist of sand dunes that barely break the waves of the sea. They are generally only a half mile to a mile wide and several miles long. Marshy lagoons support diverse and delicate wildlife in the interior of these islands. The islands serve an important geological function. They protect the mainland from the ravages of sea weather, sparing the mainland the brunt of the frequent hurricanes that make landfall here. On the inland side of one of these islands – Ship Island – the LeMoyne brothers set anchor and rowed ashore to found the first settlement of the Lousiana colony. The islands are generally uninhabitated except for tourists, sun-worshippers, and sportsmen who arrive by boat for daylong excursions.

    17. MDAH > News Releases > MDAH
    for Historic Preservation, and the Manship House Museum received a $6,700 grantfrom the National Geographic Society s mississippi geography Education Fund.
    MDAH News
    New William F. Winter Building Dedication November 7, 2003
    Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian David Halberstam will deliver the keynote address at the dedication of the William F. Winter Archives and History Building on Friday, November 7, at 1:30 p.m. At the dedication, William F. Winter, governor from 1980 to 1984 and president of the board of trustees of the Department of Archives and History, will make a response to Halberstam's address. Governor Ronnie Musgrove, Lieutenant Governor Amy Tuck, Speaker of the House Tim Ford, President Pro Tempore of the Mississippi State Senate Travis Little, and Speaker Pro Tempore of the Mississippi House of Representatives Robert Clark will also speak. Mezzo-soprano Lester Senter Wilson will sing the National Anthem, and the Jackson State University Brass Quintet will provide music before and after the ceremony. The unveiling of Jason Bouldin's full-length portrait of Winter will be held in the building lobby after the ribbon-cutting, and a public reception and tours of the new building will follow. Construction of the Winter Building officially began with the March 21, 2000, groundbreaking. In September 2003, the Administration, Archives and Library, and Local Government Records divisions began the move into the new building from the Charlotte Capers Building, which had housed MDAH since 1971. The new library will open to the public for the first time on Monday, October 27.

    18. Mississippi 2020 Our World
    These grants include $ 1,000 from the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson;$18,000 from the mississippi geography Fund of the National Geographic Society.
    Mississippi 2020 Network Inc.
    The Our World Discovery Program At Poindexter Elementary
    Coming August 2003 At the invitation of Mayor Harvey Johnson, Mississippi 2020 Network will be introducing the Our World Discovery Program to Poindexter Elementary in August of 2003. We have been working fast and durious to raise the funding for the On-Site Coordinator, and have been fortunate to receive two grants toward the project at this point. These grants include:
    MS2020's Melanie Dickersbach, with CFGJ's Board Chairman Red Moffat, Grants Committee Chairmain Alferdteen Harrison and Grants Committee Member Susan Shands Jones. We do need to add that the National Geographic Society grant is contingent unpon our secure additional funds to complete the $30,000 project budget. If you have any thoughts on possible funding sources or would like to make a dedicated donation to the project, please contact

    19. Department Of Geography Homepage
    University of Southern mississippi. College of Science and Technology. Department of geography. Dr. Clifton Dixon, Chair
    University of Southern Mississippi
    College of Science and Technology
    Department of Geography
    Dr. Clifton Dixon, Chair
    Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5051
    FAX (601) 266-6219 Graduate Coordinator:
    Dr. Joby Bass
    Interesting fact:
    (click to change)

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    George Raber
    and Joshua Dove Questions or Comments? URL: AA/EOE/ADAI

    20. Intro!
    A student organization operated by the Bangladeshi student body, to create awareness and appreciation of Bangladesh, her people, culture, geography, and history.

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