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1. Untitled Document
Bats( minnesota coop. ext.) Bats in Your Home( minnesota coop. ext U.S. Fish and Wildlife service) Bears
On-Line Wildlife Damage Publications General Mammals

2. Abbreviated Titles 1995 : K-M
State Univ. coop. ext. Serv. L cooperative extension service, Kansas State University 275.29 K13LE L coop Station, University of minnesota 100 M668 MISC coop ext Wash State Univ
Abbreviated Titles : K-M
*Previously used abbreviated title

3. Abbreviated Titles 1996 : M
MF coop ext Serv Kans State Univ Manhattan* MF cooperative extension service, Kansas State minnesota agricultural economist - minnesota extension service, University of minnesota
Abbreviated Titles : M
Madrono : West American journal of botany

NAL call no. - 450 M26
Madrono West Am J Bot*
Madrono : West American journal of botany

NAL call no. - 450 M26
MAFES Res Highlights Miss Agric For Exp Stn*
MAFES research highlights - Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station

NAL call no. - 100 M69MI
MAFES res. highlights
MAFES research highlights - Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
NAL call no. - 100 M69MI Math. biosci. Mathematical biosciences NAL call no. - QH324.A1M3 Md. grapevine The Maryland grapevine NAL call no. - SB387.76.M3M37 Meat mark. technol. NAL call no. - HD9411.M438 Meat sci. Meat science NAL call no. - TX373.M4 Med. vet. entomol. Medical and veterinary entomology NAL call no. - RA639.M44 Metab. clin. exp. Metabolism, clinical and experimental NAL call no. - 448.8 M56 Metal ions biol. syst. Metal ions in biological systems NAL call no. - QP531.M4 Methods enzymol. Methods in enzymology NAL call no. - QP601.M49 Methods mol. genet. Methods in molecular genetics NAL call no. - QH430.M48

4. About The National Extension Diversity Center -- Strengthening Our Capacity To S
Vallerie Maurice. Louisiana coop. ext. service, LSU University of minnesota ext. service ( 612) 6255252
Employing Staff Development Reaching Audiences Organizational Change ... Help
Institutional Diversity Contacts
A C D F ... W
Athal Pierce
Tuskegee University
No e-mail address available
Dony Gapasin
Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Peter Stortz
Palmer Research Center

University of Alaska
American Samoa
Mrs. Jack Uhrle
Extension Program
American Samoa Community College No e-mail address available
Jim A. Christenson , Director Cooperative Extension University of Arizona
Donna Rothberg Cooperative Extension Service University of Arkansas Mr. Lott Rolfe, III Cooperative Extension Program University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Eugene M. Britt University of California Systems Judith E. Kingston

5. Cooperative State Research, Education, And Extension Service (CSREES) Of USDA
Information on Diversity and Pluralism at cooperative State, Research, Education, and extension service Ann Berry. Louisiana coop. ext. service, LSU. University of minnesota ext. service.
CSREES advances knowledge for agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being, and communities through national program leadership and federal assistance. About Us buildhome("1"); Emphasis Areas buildhome("2"); Funding Opportunities buildhome("3"); Business with CSREES buildhome("4"); Newsroom buildhome("5"); National Emphasis Areas Quick Links Agricultural Systems Pest Management Research Education ... Local Extension Offices Search CSREES Web site
Advanced Search
Newsroom Highlights Stacking the deck: Dealing a handful of grasses Maximizing the anti-cancer power of broccoli Plant disease under the homeland security microscope U.S. Department of Agriculture ... Web Comments?

6. Agriculture World - Agri-Business / Real Estate
Farm Safety and Health in minnesota. Clinicians Network. University of Arkansas coop.ext. service. University of California coop. ext. service.
Agricultural Organization Extension Services Ag Health Organizations Environmental Agencies ... Training Agricultural Health Organizations AgrAbility Agricultural Safety and Health Network Farm Safety and Health in Minnesota Clinicians Network ... University of Wisconsin Center for Agricultural Safety and Health Environmental American Crop Protection Association American Water Works Association EPA Integrated Risk Information System Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst ... U.S. Trade Representative Food Safety American Meat Institute Fight Bac! Food Safety Food Safety - Gateway to Government Food Safety Information ... Wisconsin Division of Food Safety Injury Prevention Children's Safety Network Consumer Product Safety Commission National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc.

7. Tourism Database - C
C2737 Customer service Sales Hospitality CALL, ROBERT Agriculture USAGuidelines For Tourism Development coop ext REPT 95.2 CRFO-5937-C minnesota ResortsA

Customer Service Sales Hospitality

Agriculture Tourism in Cochise County, Arizona

The Tourism Capacity Index

Liability/Insurance Protection-Rural

So Your Community Wants Travel/Touris

CD-EP-5667 Rural Tourism Development Training Package CD-FO-3255 CD-FO-3272 CD-FO-3273 Tourism Brochures To Boost Business CD-FO-3311 Tourism Advertising: Some Basics CD-FO-3630 Resort Interiors CD-FO-3808 CD-FO-3809 Boating Patterns and Behavior CD-FO-3842 CD-FO-3843 CD-FO-3880 Recreational Boating:Lake Superior CD-FO-3895 Boating Safety in Minnesota- CD-FO-3917-C Restaurants Up Front CD-FO-3925 Preferred Facilities/Serv:Free Water Access Site CD-FO-3940 Minnesota Boat Owners: Summary of Who and What CD-FO-3942 Activities At Free Public Water Sites CD-FO-5623-C, NO. 12 Site Selection Basics-Business Group Travel CD-MI-3928 Managing Small Resorts for Profit CD-MI-5668 Rural Tourism Development Training Guide Training Guide:Rural Tourism Development CD-VH-3167 CD-VH-3852 Basic Tourism Marketing CD-VH-3908 Practical Marketing Tips For Tourism Business Contributing To Tourism COURTESY IS CONTAGIOUS Evaluating Tourism Advertising: Cost-Comparison ... Waterfront Revitalization Tourism Development CES PAPER Foodservice Waste Management:Action Model CHAPTER 14 GETTING DOWN TO BUS NOTEBO Working With People:Productive Relationships CHAPTER 3 CHESNUTT, THOMAS

8. Untitled
970) 8249180. University of minnesota extension service - South St. Louis County
-Ó-à-”.Ÿ.y/z/ /¡/¢/³/´/O0V0ƒ5ˆ5‰5•6Ÿ6T7_788(969n:z:;;½;¾;w <x <A <N <j <w <x <A@òÿ¡ *B*phÿ³;€ÿÿÿÿ

9. Donald Franzmeier, Department Of Agronomy, Purdue University
2001. Indiana soils Evaluation and conservation. ID72, Purdue Univ. coop. ext. service. 125 p. of minnesota, Michigan State Univ., 1957-1962.
Donald Franzmeier
Area: Pedology
Mailing Address:

Department of Agronomy

Lilly Hall of Life Sciences
915 W. State Street
Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-
Faculty Listing
Faculty by Expertise Contact Information: Telephone: Office Location: 3333 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences FAX: Email: Research Areas:
Soil formation and soil use in relation to the environment Soil-geomorphology relations Soil hydrology Cementation by silica and other materials Most Significant Publications: Franzmeier, D. P., L. D. Norton, and G. C. Steinhardt. Fragipan formation in loess of the midwestern United States. p. 69-98 in N. E. Smeck and E. J. Ciolkosz, eds., Fragipans: Their occurrence, classification, and genesis. Spec. Publ. no. 24, Soil Sci. Soc. Am., Madison, WI. Franzmeier, D. P., C. J. Chartres, and J. T. Wood. Hardsetting soils in southeast Australia: Landscape and profile processes. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 60:1178-1187. Franzmeier, D. P., G. C. Steinhardt, and B. D. Lee. 2001. Indiana soils: Evaluation and conservation.

10. Coop Purchasing
The Northwest service Cooperative logo identifies programs which have been a formal bid process consistent with minnesota bid laws Barb Nelson 218681-8005 ext.
Welcome to our Online Store!
Below is a listing of the cooperative purchasing contracts available to our members. To find out more about a specific program, simply click on that program. To return to this page click on "Cooperative Purchasing Home" in the navigation bar on the left side of each page. Happy Browsing! Administrative Support Services Audio Visual Products Buildings and Grounds Furniture Office Supplies
  • Copy Paper General Office Supplies Fisher Safety Pure Choice

11. Lukol Directory - Science Agriculture Education Cooperative Extension
University of minnesota extension service Features access to of Alaska Fairbanks cooperative extension service State outreach http//

Lukol Directory -
Science Agriculture Education ... Maryland Cooperative Extension
Offers educational programs and problem-solving assistance to citizens and communities, based on the research and experience of land grant universities.
University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

Serves as a statewide network of faculty and staff that provides lifelong educational programs for all Arizonans in the areas of argiculture, horticulture, family and youth development, community development and leadership.
University of Massachusetts Extension

Sponsors statewide programs in agriculture and landscape, natural resources and environmental conservation, 4-H youth and family development, and nutrition education.
University of Illinois Extension
Provides practical, research-based information and programs to help individuals, families, farms, businesses and communities in Illinois. MSUcares: Mississippi State University Extension Service Offers a comprehensive collection of research-based information about Mississippi farms, homes, and communities.

12. Related Weed Science Websites (12/14/98)
service. Alaska, U. Alaska, http// minnesota, U. minnesota, http// search for weeds
You will leave the WSSA web site when
you click on any of the below listed sites
Governmental And Regulatory Links
Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development of Alberta, Canada Animal and Plant Control Commission - South Australia R. Carter (Weed Science advisor) Agricultural Research Service USDA Animal and Plant Control Commission - South Australia R. Carter (Weed Science advisor) Aphis noxious weed programs USDA ARS North Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory - Morris, MN F. Forcella California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation Canadian Forest Service - Biocontrol Method for Reedgrass (English and French available) R. Winder Coop. State Res., Ed., and Ext. Service Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds (FICMNEW) - USDA D. Miller of University of Wisconsin - Madison IR-4 Program National Ag. Statistics Ser. National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Contaminant Page Weed Science Group, Agriculture Western Australia National Ag Library National Ag. Statistics Ser. National Plants Database Project ... Weeds, Noxious and Exotic and Invasive Plants
Commercial Links
Ag Chem Database Ag in the Classroom "Kid Video" and study guides Ag-Consultant Online AgriSurf! Searchable Ag index

13. Selected Books
Alaska http// Michigan extension service http// minnesota http//,2774,1724_1819
@import url("/vgn/portal/views/style"); /*IE and NN6x styles*/ LibCat Chiron E-Resources Site Map ... My Portal Thursday, June 10, 2004 E-Resources Research Guides Tutorials Subject Specialist Librarian ... Agribusiness Catalogs Indexes/Databases Selected Journals Selected Books Related Links Bibliographies Citation Style Guides Datasets Images Software Class Guides Library E-Resources Subject Guides Life Sciences ... Agribusiness > Selected Books
Selected Books
AgNIC Agribusiness
Selected Electronic Books, Publications and Working Papers
Cooperative Extension Service and Experiment Station Publications
Working Papers
Cooperative Extension Service and Experiment Station Publications
The following list of links point to Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service publications from each state on all subjects including agribusiness. Alabama Experiment Station
Alabama Extension Service

14. Prime And Unique Agricultural Lands And The National Environmental Policy Act (N
Paul, minnesota 55101. US Courthouse, Rm. 345 Lincoln, Nebraska 68508. Dr. Gene McMurtry Assoc. Dir., coop. ext. service Stockbirdge Hall, Rm.
WASHINGTON, DC 20006 August 11, 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR HEADS OF AGENCIES SUBJECT: Prime and Unique Agricultural Lands and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) The accompanying memorandum on Analysis of Impacts on Prime or Unique Agricultural Lands in Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act was developed in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture. It updates and supersedes the Council's previous memorandum on this subject of August 1976. In order to review agency progress or problems in implementing this memorandum the Council will request periodic reports from federal agencies as part of our ongoing oversight of agency implementation of NEPA and the Council's regulations. At this time we would appreciate receiving from your agency by November 1, 1980, the following information:
  • identification and brief summary of existing or proposed agency policies, regulations and other directives specifically intended to preserve or mitigate the effects of agency actions on prime or unique agricultural lands, including criteria or methodology used in assessing these impacts.
    identification of specific impact statements and, to the extent possible, other documents prepared from October 1, 1979 to October 1, 1980 covering actions deemed likely to have significant direct or indirect effects on prime or unique agricultural lands.

15. On-Farm Composting: A Review Of The Literature
Poultry eggs. PublMiss-State-Univ,-coop-ext-Serv. cooperative extension service, Mississippi State University. 11. minnesota Department of Agriculture.
On-Farm Composting: Animal Mortality Composting
On-Farm Composting - A Review of the Literature
  • AAFRD, Chernos, Rod, and Smith, Rich. "Mortality Composting Trial ." Web page, [accessed 19 January 2000]. Available at
  • Blake, J. P., and J. O. Donald. 1992. Alternatives for the disposal of poultry carcasses. Poult-Sci 71, no. 7: 1130-1135. Compost Education and Resources for Western Agriculture. 2000. "CERWA answers your compost questions." Web page, [accessed April 2000]. Conner, D. E., J. P. Blake, and J. O. Donald. 1991. Microbiological safety of composted poultry farm mortalities. In Pap-Am-Soc-Agric-Eng , (91-4053) 12 p. St. Joseph, Mich: American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Cummins, C. G., C. W. Wood, and D. P. Delaney. 1993. Co-composted poultry mortalities and poultry litter: composition and potential value as a fertilizer. J-Sustain-Agric 4, no. 1: 7-19. Donald, J. O., and J. P. Blake. 1991. Construction of a dead-poultry composter. Circ-ANR-Ala-Coop-Ext-Serv-Auburn-Univ. Auburn, Ala. : The Service

    16. Dried And Fresh-Cut Flowers
    Dwight Aakre, Farm Mangement Specialist NDSU Extension service. be marketed through the minnesota Everlastings cooperative. This coop is located in Rothsay, Minn
    North Dakota State University
    NDSU Extension Service
    Dried and Fresh-Cut Flowers
    Author: Randy Sell , Research Associate
    Department of Agricultural Economics, NDSU Series Editor: Dwight Aakre , Farm Mangement Specialist
    NDSU Extension Service For the past three years, retail sales of floral products in the United States have remained nearly unchanged at just under $13 billion. In the past, fresh-cut flowers have dominated the floral product market. Currently, the market share for floral items has changed, with dried flowers and silk flowers increasing in their share of total dollars spent on floral items. The floral industry in the United States is quite diverse. The markets range from dried floral bouquets, which may be stored for great lengths of time, to fresh-cut flowers, which may have a vase life as short as one week. Methods of producing flowers are equally varied. Some are grown in relatively small greenhouses, some in 100-acre, flood-irrigated fields.
    Types of Flowers
    The ideal flower for the fresh or dried market should have the following characteristics: high value, high production per square foot of bed, extended production and marketing season, long productive life, ability to be marketed as fresh and surplus sold as dried florals, vase life of at least seven days, resistance to disease and pests, resistance to heat and drought, long stems (18 inches), relatively easy to harvest and handle, and have an aesthetically pleasing look and fragrant flowers, foliage or stems. While no single species has all of these criteria, prospective producers should use them to evaluate different types of floral crops they may want to produce.

    17. FSCPE Contacts
    Paul, minnesota 55155 FAX 651296-3698 Email jim.hibbs@state (E,P) (919) 733-7061 ext. Office of State Budget and Management 20321 Mail service Center Raleigh
    FSCPE Contacts
    Mr. Tom Littlepage (E, SDC)...............(334) 242-5697
    P. O. Box 5690
    Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5690
    Phone: 334-242-5697
    FAX: 334-242-0776
    State Data Center:
    Dr. Gregory Williams (E,P).......(907) 465-6029
    Research and Analysis Section Alaska Department of Labor P. O. Box 25501 Juneau, Alaska 99802-5501 Express: 1111 West 8th Street, Room 301 Juneau, AK 99801 FAX: 907-465-4506 Email: Website: State Data Center: Arizona Mr. Samuel Colon (E,A)...................(602) 542-5984 Arizona Dept. of Economic Security Population Statistics Unit P. O. Box 6123-045Z Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6123 Express: 1789 W. Jefferson St., First Floor, South Wing, Site Code 045Z, Phoenix, AZ 85007 FAX: 602-542-7425 Email: State Data Center: Arkansas Mr. Dave Rasmussen (E,P).......................(501) 569-8542 Institute for Economic Advancement College of Business Administration University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2801 South University Avenue Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

    18. SportsTurf Managers Association - Board Member - Dr. Dave Minner
    Us Board of Directors Research, Teaching coop ext. OSTMA, S.CALF, COSTMA, INDIANA, minnesota and TVSTMA. answer questions and provide a service will be

    19. USA WEEKEND Magazine :: Travel Service ::
    ORDER HERE 28 Check Out, Region 5 coop, MARYLAND. SPEND your precious vacation days WISELY. For your free minnesota Travel Guide, call 1800-944-1442 ext.
    SEARCH BY STATE Alaska Arkansas Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Iowa Kentucky Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Missouri New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Pennsylvania RhodeIsland SouthCarolina Tennessee Texas Utah WestVirginia Wisconsin Fairbanks ALASKA ORDER

    Arkansas Tourism ARKANSAS ARKANSAS

    Colorado Springs COLORADO Enjoy an affordable, unforgettable family adventure in Colorado Springs, Colorado! Enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery, exciting attractions, wonderful accommodations and much more at the foot of Pikes Peak! Call 1-877-PIKESPEAK today for a FREE Visitor Guide. ORDER

    Colorado Tourism COLORADO Colorado Vacation Adventures! Dynamic family getaways, romantic retreats, epic

    20. 4-H Youth Development 1998 Programs Of Excellence: Community Service Learning
    Ocean County (sites for community service projects Environment Scale (Form S),; minnesota Development Inventories 4641, Email
    Community Service Learning
    Community Service Learning is a major focus of 4-H at present, and is being carried out partly through a nationwide Ad Council Youth Voices and Action Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign. National 4-H Council is taking the lead in this important effort. The base 4-H enrollment in this topic before the campaign began was 83,672. The campaign has provided 4-H with $32 Million in free advertising on TV, radio, print media and billboards. It has resulted in four million "hits" on our Youth Voices and Action website, and is expected to greatly expand participation in this important learning experience.
    The Power Is In YOUth!
    Michigan's Campaign to Involve More Kids in Community Service
    Program Description
    As part of our efforts to support the national 4-H "Are You Into It?" initiative, the Michigan Action Team developed and implemented a statewide staff and volunteer training, information and resource initiative to help volunteers appropriately engage young people in a "Do, Reflect, Apply" process for community service. This included regional training to launch the initiative; newsletter, Web and resource material support with community service themes; training modules to help counties recruit more volunteers for community service and service learning activities; and project and subject specific training and state events focused on using learned skills to benefit others.

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