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         Mime Performing Arts:     more books (52)
  1. Mime: Basics for Beginners by Cindie Straub, Matthew Straub, 1984-11
  2. Mime Workbook by Samuel Avital, 1983-05
  3. Mimesis, Masochism, and Mime: The Politics of Theatricality in Contemporary French Thought (Theater: Theory/Text/Performance)
  4. What's So Funny?: Sketches from My Life (Choreography & Dance Studies) by Lotte Goslar, 1998-07-01
  5. A Lime, a Mime, a Pool of Slime: More About Nouns (Words Are Categorical) by Brian P. Cleary, 2006-08-15
  6. Modern and Postmodern Mime (Modern Dramatists) by Thomas Leabhart, 1998-01-15
  7. Mime: A Playbook of Silent Fantasy by Kay Hamblin, 1987-11-01
  8. Talking about Mime: An Illustrated Guide by David Alberts, 2007-01-25
  9. Festive Revolutions: The Politics of Popular Theater and the San Francisco Mime Troupe by Claudia Orenstein, 1999-01
  10. Satyric and Heroic Mimes: Attitude As the Way of the Mime in Ritual and Beyond by Kathryn Wylie, 1994-03
  11. Beyond the Word: The World of Mime by Stefan Niedzialkowski, Jonathan Winslow, 1993-08
  12. Galerie historique des acteurs français, mimes et paradistes: Qui se sont rendus célèbres dans les annales des scènes secondaires depuis 1760 jusqu\'à nos jours by Edmond Denis de Manne, Charles Ménétrier, 2006-10-17
  13. Movement and Meaning: Creativity and Interpretation in Ballet and Mime by Anya Peterson Royce, 1984-07
  14. Tomaszewski's Mime Theatre by Andrzeg Hausbrandt, 1977-06

21. Utah Performing Arts Tour
There s something for every sensibility in Trent Arterberry s mime shows, and that swhy to more than 500 college campuses he was named performing Artist of
Trent Arterberry, Mime Trent Arterberry
PO Box 1234
Sooke, BC
V0S 1N0 Canada
Cost: Presenter $ 963
UAC $ 788 Availability:
July 1, 2004 - June 31, 2005 There's something for every sensibility in Trent Arterberry's mime shows, and that's why he's been delighting audiences of every kind, from elementary schools to colleges, from theatre festivals to cruise liners, for nearly thirty years. After bringing his hilarious one-man shows to more than 500 college campuses he was named Performing Artist of the Year by the National Association of Campus Activities. In Mime Out Loud , this mime/monologuist breaks the sound barrier to weave his very funny and thought-provoking stories with dynamic body language and amusing musical accompaniments. "Arterberrry is funny without being cute, and like a cartoonist his lines of gesture and movement are broad but precise and speedy as a whiplash." (Boston Globe) "Arterberry deconstructs our physical world to reveal the absurdity and magic within it." (Monday Magazine, Victoria, BC) Outreach Options: School performances:
    In Actions Speak Louder (secondary) Arterberry uses modern scenarios to examine how our own inner resources can help us to make the right decisions when confronting challenges like peer pressure, moral confusion, dangerous drugs and coercive advertising.

22. Performing Arts
the choice of recording their Theatre arts elective either as a performing arts creditor electives are offered for the first time (a) Comedy and mime, and (b
RIS Home Admission School Resources Faculty Resources ... HS Profile 2003-04 Calendar
Performing Arts
C o u r s e s Comedy and Mime Dance and Movement Drama Advanced Drama ... Past Productions Why Study Theatre Arts? Don't think that Theatre Arts are only for people who would like to make a career out of acting. They offer many more skills than that, the most obvious benefit of course is the increased confidence in self-expression which will be of great help in all kinds of oral presentations and speeches, debates and when you have to go for a job interview.
Even if you're planning a job in business, marketing, or advertising, Theatre Arts can improve your chances of success by strengthening your communication and persuasive skills.
Taking an elective in this department is also a lot of fun. Everyone talks about the wonderful family feeling of belonging to a Drama group, the level of trust and sharing quite unlike any other subject. Students at the end of a semester are often sad that the group will be breaking up, it's enabled them to form so many friendships (especially with people from other grade/year levels).

23. Mime Centrum Berlin
Translate this page promoting, fostering and encouraging the art of mime and mime-drama in the .. ENICPA- The European Network of Information Centres for the performing arts.
LINKS Netzwerke Ausbildung/Schule/Dozenten Festivals Kompanien/Solisten Periodika/Journale/Newsletter ... Tanz Mime/Pantomime/Physical Theatre The world of Mime Theatre [UK] Total Theatre Network
[FR] Centre National du Mime [DK] [BE] Mime in Belgie
[CA] TooBa - Physical Theatre Centre [US] Marcel Marceau Foundation
[DE] Pantomimen auf [nach oben - back to top] Theater ITI - International Theatre Institute [DE] Zentrum Bundesrepublik Deutschland des Internationalen Theaterinstituts [UK] Centre for Performance Research ENICPA - The European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts [DE] INAC - International Network of Actors
[DE, IT, SE] European Association for Theatre Culture [DE] Theaterwelt
[CH] Theater in der Schweiz
Theatre Central
[DE] Acting Academy Berlin
[UK] Independent Theatre Council Performing Arts
[DE] Theaternetzwerk [DE] KultNet [DE] Europa und Kultur [DE] Deutscher Kulturrat [DE] Performance Studies international (PSi) "Perform: State: Interrogate:"

24. Lukol Directory - Arts Performing Arts Theatre Physical Theatre Mime Performers
biography, profile, performance information, and photos. http// Frenie, Stephen World of mime, physical theatre, mask, visual art and

Lukol Directory -
Arts Performing Arts Theatre ... Marcel Marceau Foundation
Marceau's upcoming activity and general information.
Richmond Shepard

Richmond Shepard started America's first ensemble Mime troupe. He was trained by Alvin Epstein and Etienne Decroux, and has performed on over 100 television shows as a Mime.
Dr. Tom's Semi-Silent Theatre

In an innovative blend of European style clowning, illusionary technique, and standup comedy, Dr. Tom presents mime as an accessible and vital art form.
Mime Central
Telling stories and reinforcing positive life style choices using comedy slapstick and pantomime in a non verbal, highly energetic format. Great for kids of all ages. Antonio Rocha Actor, mime and storyteller. Shields and Yarnell Mime Theatre From their Emmy Award winning television series to live performances, Shields and Yarnell have dazzled audiences of all ages with their stunning artistry.

25. Clown Related, Theater, Visual Arts, Performing Arts At World Wide Arts Resource
performing arts Register performing arts Register serves to course in creating andperforming physical theatre of dance, theatre, clowning, mime, and movement.
account access login: password: artist port. gallery port. arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ... art history Main Category:
Clown Related Theater Arts provides information on all performance genres from Shakespeare to street arts. This section is for theatre actors and audiences with listings of both schools of acting and performances.
Alphabetized Resources in this category:
  • Acme Clown Company Home Page
    The Acme Clown Company uses popular theatrical traditions such as clowning, circus, sideshow, vaudeville, puppetry, masks, commedia dell'arte, and melodrama to amaze, educate, and entertain audiences of all ages. We produce original performances, workshops, and shows, including THE ACME ... Providence, RI USA Clown - mime theatre
    Theatre combining poetic poignancy of traditional clowning, a visual beauty and philosophical mime art, to make very lirical, beautifully crafted stunning comic spectacle for all. Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation Contemporary Drama Service
    Publisher of plays, musicals, collections of monologs or skits and sketches, and books about theatre, acting, directing, improv, costuming, clowning, mime, etc. Colorado Springs
  • 26. History Related, Theater, Visual Arts, Performing Arts At World Wide Arts Resour
    mime Theatre LIBRARY (Articles on the art and its Film/Video, Websites, Organizations),PERFORMANCE (Festivals, Companies/Troupes, mime Artists), mime
    account access login: password: artist port. gallery port. arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ... art history Main Category:
    History Related Theater Arts provides information on all performance genres from Shakespeare to street arts. This section is for theatre actors and audiences with listings of both schools of acting and performances.
    Alphabetized Resources in this category:
  • Backstage Book Shoppe
    Backstage Book Shoppe is an On-Line book store focused on the design and technical theatre, entertainment, and film. Purchase, Recommend, Review and Comment on which books would be helpful to others. Always adding new titles. Stacks for Costumes, Makeup, ... Huntington, WV USA Broadway Plays : New York City Readio on Broadway
    Readio on Broadway began in 1998 as a weekly updated Broadway listings section of, which offers daily photo tours of NYC. Readio announces Broadway Shows as far as six months in advance, as well as keeping the old ... New York, NY USA Burning Coal Theatre Company
    Burning Coal Theatre Company is a professional, non-profit theater company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our mission is the creation of "literate, visceral, affecting" theatre plays. Since opening in 1997, we have produced Carolina premieres of Ron Hutchinson's ...
  • 27. Mime - The World's Worst Art Form - Performing Arts
    Humanities mime the World s Worst Art Form Created by player Islingtonian.No offence, but I hate mimes, with their strange white

    28. Arts And Humanities / Performing Arts / Mime /
    You are in arts and Humanities / performing arts / mime /. SuggestedCategories arts and Humanities performing arts mime. eavesdrop
    Search Directory: You are in: Arts and Humanities Performing Arts Mime Suggested Categories:
    Arts and Humanities > Performing Arts > Mime


    eavesdrop is a New York based arts organization under the artistic direction of Christopher Eaves that creates multimedia performance, arts integrated educational curricula, and provides professional services in graphic design and sound environments.
    Site produced by: an Expert/Specialist from a Trade or Professional Organization
    Site contains: Academic Content
    Silent Partners Movement Theatre
    Silent Partners is a movement theater company based in asheville North Carolina. We develop work through a collaborative process integrating movement, dance, text props, costume, inventive metaphor, and sound. Our body of work includes a mother daughter show about sexuall awareness called Girls Wear Shirts.
    Site produced by: a Professional from a Group/Organization
    Steve the Mimeguy
    Site is dedicated to visual art and the teaching, performing, and research of physical theatre including mask, mime, clown, commedia Dell'arte etc. Site produced by: a Professional from a Trade or Professional Organization Site contains: Academic Content

    29. Arts And Humanities / Performing Arts / Physical Theatre /
    Physical Theatre arts and Humanities performing arts Theater Physical and linksto other Scottish art sites Partha s mime All about mime and Partha Pratim
    Search Directory: You are in: Arts and Humanities Performing Arts Physical Theatre Suggested Categories:
    Arts and Humanities > Performing Arts > Physical Theatre

    Arts and Humanities > Performing Arts > Theater > Physical Theatre

    DV8 Physical Theatre

    The home of the dance company DV8 Physical Theatre
    Site produced by: a Professional
    Site contains: Academic Content
    Shared Experience Theatre
    Shared Experience Theatre is one of Britain's leading touring theatre companies, known for its innovative and physical productions.
    Site produced by: a Professional
    Moving Word Theatre Moving Word Theatre Site produced by: a Professional Untitled Document Poorboy produces strongly visual, site specific, promenade theatre. Currently operating in Scotland, the company plans to expand into international work. Their website contains details and contacts for staff, outlines of recent and future projects and links to other Scottish art sites. Oh, and lots of bonnie pictures. Site produced by: an Expert/Specialist

    30. Londoneasy: A London Portal. Events, News, Places And Websites.
    While film and art make up Events include club nights, exhibitions, films, talks andperformances. ICA also features The London International mime Festival in for Performing Arts&sp=40

    31. - Theatre - Performing Arts
    about performances, workshops, internship opportunities, booking, and the mime TroupeBoutique. http//; State Theatre Center for the arts, Easton
  • home
  • actors broadway cabaret ... workshops

  • performing arts
  • The Chevalier Theater

  • Description:
    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce The Chevalier Theater. We are a 2100 seat legitimate theater located 10 minutes out of Boston for ½ the Boston costs, for a theater of this size. We have just gone through a $350,000.00 renovation and ready to present your next theater production, concert, play, rehearsal, business meeting etc. This room boasts a very large gross potential for the promoter. You may visit us at or call us at 781-395-1732. Thank you. Warren Scott PO Box 180 Medford, MA 02155 781-395-1732 781-395-1733 (f)
  • Bauhaus B¼hne Bauhaus Stage

  • Description:
    Die Bauhausb¼hne ist das Laboratorium eines experimentellen Projekttheaters, das sich sowohl mit der Geschichte der Bauhausb¼hne als auch mit den gegenw¤rtigen Tendenzen in der darstellenden Kunst auseinander setzt. Eine zentrale Rolle im Jahresablauf der Bauhausb¼hne spielt die B¼hnenwerkstatt. Sie bietet im Sommer einen mehrw¶chigen Gestaltungsraum f¼r darstellende K¼nstler und Interessierte anderer Disziplinen. The Bauhaus stage is a laboratory for experimental projects that deal with both the history of the stage itself and with contemporary trends in the performing arts. A central role plays the stage workshop. It provides several weeks of creative space for performance artists and interested participants from other disciplines.

    32. 2004 ChristianBest Resources - Performing Art
    Creative Ministry Phoenix, AZ - Resources for drama, theater, performing arts youth; Danillitphil Productions - South Range, MI - drama and mime in various
    tags.LI.color = "red"; There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. - Pablo Picasso Main Art Page Media News Clip Art
    Performing Arts

    33. Category: Arts, Drama, Performance -
    Anointed Vessels Ministry (details) Ministry presenting the Gospelthrough the performing arts, ie, drama, mime, dance and song.

    34. Arts Performing Arts Theatre Physical Theatre Mime
    arts performing arts Theatre Physical Theatre mime Directory results Christianity@(6); English Pantomime@ (17); Performers (21); Theater Companies (16);

    35. UNLV Performing Arts Center Basic Facts
    Price, William Windom, Edward Albee; stellar dance and mime performances by Dance asSesame Street Live, Theatreworks USA and American Theatre arts for Youth.
    Performing Arts Center Home
    About Us
    What we've done What we do ... The Theatres About Us...
    The UNLV Performing Arts Center has been serving the fine and performing arts organizations of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the greater Las Vegas metro area for over 15 years. The Performing Arts Center, now a member of the College of Fine Arts, was founded by the now legendary Dr. Charles Vanda, broadcasting pioneer and, after his retirement from CBS, a leader in the Las Vegas arts community. Dr. Vanda founded the Master Series , a subscription concert series featuring the finest artists from the world of classical music and ballet which now bears his name. The Center is comprised of three entertainment venues-The Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall Judy Bayley Theatre and Alta Ham Black Box Theatre. In these facilities the center is host to the audiences of approximately 500 performances, meetings and social events each year. The Center is the home of the University Theatre, Music and Dance programs as well as the Nevada Ballet Theatre dance company, and Nevada Symphony Orchestra. The Center also makes these facilities available for rental to professional, civic and private organizations within the community, as well as to the national entertainment and business markets when they are not in use by the University.

    36. Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards
    The Sidney Myer performing arts Awards pay tribute to outstanding achievementin drama, dance, music, mime, opera, circus and puppetry.

    37. Qango : Arts: Performing Arts: Mime
    Home arts performing arts mime, Suggest a Site. arts, etc. Ifyou here. Home arts performing arts mime, Suggest a Site. Home
    Chat Forums Free Email Personals Classifieds ... Help Qango Directory

    all of Qango only this category Options

    Arts ... Performing Arts > Mime Suggest a Site Arts, etc
    If you would like to suggest a site for this category please click here
    Arts Performing Arts > Mime Suggest a Site Home Suggest a Site Search ... Login

    38. ÃÀ³N : ªíºtÃÀ³N - Arts : Performing Arts By ²K¹F­»´ä·j¯Á Timwa
    Imagine Spaces; mime , performing arts , Mask. Click to Visit, Ad Here .
    ¥[¤Jºô¯¸ ·sÂAºô¯¸ ¦³ö²K¹F ¦X§@¥ë¦ñ ... À³N : ªíºtÀ³N §K¶O¥[¤Jºô¯¸ Home Arts : Performing Arts
    ·j¯Á©Ò¦³­»´äºô¯¸ search all of HK ¥u·j¯Á¦¹¥Ø¿ý search this category

    ¤Î CISSP ¹w³Æ¯Z
    Go2HKºô¤W©ç½æ ½Ö¬O®à²y¤ý¡H ... Puppetry-¤ì°¸À¸ Sites for you ( §Ú­n¥[¤J Sites for You Àu¥ý±Æ§Ç
    • §â±zªººô¯¸Àu¥ý±Æ§Ç©ó¦¹¡A ¡C

    Sorted by reputation, visitors, content richness and freshness e.t.c..
  • Cultural Presentations Section, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong; ±d¼Ö¤Î¤å¤Æ¨Æ°È¸p¤å¤Æ¸`¥Ø²Õ - Performing arts.
  • Imagine Spaces; ·Q¹³ªÅ¶¡ - MIME Àq¼@, Performing Arts ªíºtÀ³N, ­±¨ã Mask.
    ·sÂAºô¯¸ ¦³ö²K¹F ¦X§@¥ë¦ñ ... ¼s§i¥Zµn
    Any comments or questions? Feel free to contact us !!!
  • 39. Brooklyn Arts Council : Directory Of Brooklyn Arts Organizations : Search The Di
    Redhawk Indian arts Council. Revelation performing arts Studio. Ryan RepertoryCompany. Sackett Group. The Salt Pepper mime Company. Shadow Puppet Theatre.

    40. Performing Arts
    Auctions. Bargain Centre. Home Books NonFiction. performing arts. Beyond theWord The World of mime, Beyond the Word The World of mime. by Niedzialkowshi

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