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         Military Museums:     more books (100)
  1. U.S. Military Museums, Historic Sites & Exhibits by Bryce D. Thompson, 1989-06
  2. Honoring army women.(military museums for army women ): An article from: Soldiers Magazine by Antony Joseph, 2005-08-01
  3. EUROPEAN MILITARY MUSEUMS by J. Lee Westrate, 1961
  4. Presenting Arms: Museum Representation of British Military History, 1660-1900 (Leicester Museum Studies) by Peter Thwaites, 1996-04
  5. Native military contribution on display (Museum of the Regiments in Calgary).: An article from: Wind Speaker by Paul Melting Tallow, 1998-06-01
  6. A guide to military museums; by Terence Wise, 1969
  7. World War II Museums and Relics of Europe (Military Affairs/Aerospace Historian instant publishing series)
  8. European Military Museums a Survey of TH by WestrateJL, 1961
  9. Military Museums in the UK (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
  10. The History of Military Flight: The United States Air Force Central Museum by Department of the Air Force, 1956
  11. Pictorial Guide to the Military Museums, Forts and Historic Sites of the United States by Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.) James B. Sweeney, 1981-12-12
  12. European Military Museums:A Survey of Their Philosophy, facilities, Programs, and Management by J. Lee Westrate, 1961
  13. European Military Museums by J. Lee Westrate, 1961
  14. The story of the Military Police Corps Museum.: An article from: Military Police by Jim Rogers, 2005-10-01

1. Military Museum And History Links
Army Reserve Museums. Other military museums/Collections. Military History Resource Links Worldwide Listing of military museums Institutes Canadian Forces College, Department of
Army Quartermaster Museum - Fort Lee, Virginia
Military Museum and History Links
Last Update: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 Listing of a link does not constitute an endorsement of the site or guarantee that the site still exists.
Do you know of a link that should be on this page? If so, leave us note a t and we will consider it for the next update of this page. Active Duty Army Museums Other Military Museums/Collections Military History Resource Links Virginia Historical Links Active Duty Army Museums 1st Armored Division Museum (Baumholder, Germany) 1st Cavalry Division Museum (Fort Hood, TX) (.com Website) 1st Cavalry Division Museum (Fort Hood, TX) 2nd Infantry Division Museum (Camp Red Cloud, Korea) 82nd Airborne Division Museum (Fort Bragg, NC) Airborne and Special Operations Museum (Fayetteville, NC) Army Women's Museum (Fort Lee, VA) Casemate Museum (Fort Monroe, VA) Cadet Command Museum Gallery (Casemate Museum, Fort Monroe, VA)

2. Military Museums Of London, Alan L. Bailey
military museums of London interesting travelogue of a visit to London swar museums. military museums of London. by Alan L. Bailey.
The Rec.Travel Library
More on Europe
More on United Kingdom
More on England
Military Museums of London
by Alan L. Bailey
The exploding bombs sounded distant as George, an air raid warden by night and grocer by day, warned us the attack was one he never forgot. When the anti-aircraft guns fired the flak, someone said it was good to be giving them something back. As the blasts drew nearer, the crowd in the underground shelter began singing, "Roll out the barrel." The bombs' piercing whistles became louder. Suddenly, a woman screamed, "Stop it," and an explosion rocked the shelter, shaking our bench, almost a direct hit. After the sirens, our warden opened the entrance as smoke drifted in, and with his flashlight, he motioned us out. We saw the flickering lights from the fires throughout London. In the distance stood the untouched dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. Through the rubble, the guide returned us to the basement of the Imperial War Museum. My group of 20 visitors had just experienced the Blitz in a re-creation of the sights, sounds and smells of a packed underground shelter in London during the fierce German bombings of 1940-41. It's part of the theatrics that has made the Imperial War Museum and London's other national military museums a favorite stop during the 50-year anniversary celebrations of World War II that continue through 1995. In November of 1992, I was in London for eight days and visited several government museums. Imperial War Museum

3. Refreshing To Welcome Page...
The Henrik Teller military museums Homepage. Welcome to the military museums Homepage. Originally setup and run by Henrik Teller the site is

4. Military -
Explore the best military museums. see a reenactment. Military Vehicle Museum. Tracked and wheeled free newsletter. Related Transportation Museums Maritime Museums

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National D-Day Museum
Read D-Day FAQ and see a re-enactment. Military Vehicle Museum Tracked and wheeled vehicles, artillery and more. U.S. Army Center Great exhibits and "History of History." Navy Museum Explore military history at sea. Battleship Cove History of ten types of naval ships.

5. Military Museums - The Freedom Museum - Smithsonian Museum Affiliate
Lest We Forget..Smithsonian Museum Affiliate Museum To honor those Americans who made the supreme sacrifice, those who served, and to teach our young their heritage. Learn more about Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles. Open 7 days a week
Military Living Publications
Lest We Forget.. Smithsonian Affiliate To honor those Americans who made the supreme sacrifice, those who served, and to teach our young their heritage. Smithsonian Affiliate To honor those Americans who made the supreme sacrifice indefense of freedom, to pay tribute to those who served ourcountry with honor and distinction and to provide a place forour young citizens to learn of their history and heritage. Military Museums, military museums, cold war, world war II, world war I, vietnam war, korean war

6. Military Museums
History with Fun on the side. military museums. Casemate Museum. The Casemate Museum was established in 1951 to display the prison cell where Confederate President Jefferson Davis was confined in 1865. the United States devoted entirely to the history of military transportation. In 1987, the museum was rededicated as
History with Fun on the side Military Museums Casemate Museum The Casemate Museum was established in 1951 to display the prison cell where Confederate President Jefferson Davis was confined in 1865. The museum's mission has since been expanded to depict the history of Fort Monroe and Old Point Comfort, with special emphasis on the Civil War period. U.S. Army Transportation Museum
The Army Transportation Museum, is the only Museum in the United States devoted entirely to the history of military transportation. In 1987, the museum was rededicated as Besson Hall, in honor of General Frank S. Besson, the first four-star Transportation Corps general. Nearly 100 vehicles, amphibians, aircraft, rail equipment and experimental craft can be seen in the vehicle park and in the helicopter pavilion adjoining the museum. The MacArthur Memorial Museum
The MacArthur Memorial's extensive collection of military and personal artifacts allows visitors to discover the compelling story of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur and the millions of American men and women who served our nation during the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.

7. Military Museums - New England Travel
military museums @ newenglandtravel Here are some of the military museums you can visit in New England.
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New England Travel
You Are Here: BellaOnline New England Travel Links
Brenda Potter Reynolds

is BellaOnline's New England Travel Host Military Museums
Here are some of the military museums you can visit in New England. Battleship Cove [offsite link]
Located in Fall River, Massachusetts. Our historic naval ships, military exhibits, and related memorabilia tell the stories of brave sailors and their proud fighting days long ago. Walk where these sailors fought, man the guns they used to defend our freedom, or try on a Navy bunk for size! Massachusetts National Guard Museum [offsite link]
Located in Worcestor, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts National Guard Museum has a rich collection of National Guard history including an extensive Civil War archive. Military Museum of Southern New England [offsite link]
Located in Danbury, Connecticut. The Museum, started in 1985, is a not for profit organization originally intended to preserve the history of Tank Destroyer history, specifically the 643rd TD Battalion, but has since expanded to include 20th and 21st Century Military and Home Side history. United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum [offsite link] Located in historic Quincy, Massachusetts. The USNSM is home to the USS Salem, the world´s only preserved Heavy Cruiser. We are located in the former Quincy Fore River Shipyard, once one of the Nation´s largest Shipbuilding Enterprises.

8. Defence Heritage Museums
Portal to websites of British national military museums for all three Armed forces.

9. Conrad's Guide To Military Memorials
A list of locations of America's World War I and World War II monuments and military museums by state.
Welcome to PVT. Donald B. Conrad's Guide to Military Memorials Click for guide to World War I Monuments (For monument pictures, visit the Doughboy Center Photo Archive World War II Monuments and Military History Museums
Boston Lasik

10. A To Z Of Military Museums: A
Calendar of Events Ceremonial The Household Division Ceremonial EventsMuseums. You have two options for finding a museum of your choice.

Calendar of Events


The Household Division

Ceremonial Events

You have two options for finding a museum of your choice. If the title is represented by a word this can be found by using the alphabetical index. Simply click on the appropriate letter, for example The Black Watch Museum can be found under B. If the museum you are looking for refers to a number, for example 3rd of Foot this would be more easily accessed by clicking on 1-20 in the numerical boxes.
Abingdon Volunteer Infantry


Airborne Division, 82nd All American

Airborne Forces
... Ayrshire Yeomanry (2)

11. Welcome To OMMC
Comprised of organizations and individuals committed to the preservation and the promotion of public interest in Canada's military heritage, this group presents its constitution, membership list, and a membership application.

12. Index
Photos from military museums around the world primarily focusing on Armored Fighting Vehicles. The US, UK, and the PRC are featured. Also featured are photos of vehicles located at veterans memorials in the US and previously unpublished photos taken during WWII in Europe.
Tank Crossing A Photo Essay... Please do not copy or use these photos commercially without the written consent of Brandon Kunicki My Visit to the Chinese Army Museum in The Peoples Republic of China (September 1999) My Visit to the Kenosha Military Museum (August 14, 1999) Seaman William O. Allee U.S. Navy Follow him on his tour of duty through Europe during WW-II

13. The Evans-West List Of Nautical Museums
military museums in Britain Martin Evans no longer maintains the list ofmilitary museums in Britain which was held in the Mailbase archives.
Maritime and Naval Museums
Lists of Naval and Maritime Museums in Britain, Ireland and their islands.
Drs. Martin H. Evans and Janet West maintain a list of Naval and Maritime Museums in the British Isles ( The main list is a very long HTML file of approximately 300 museums and museum-ships in the UK or Ireland. Related files include a general introduction, a regional cross-index, a set of sketch maps, links to other maritime web-sites, and a list of historic vessels. The files are cross-linked and the main alphabetical list of museums includes links to museum web-pages. We keep these files updated frequently from data that is in the public domain, but we cannot guarantee 100% reliability. The main list is nearly 300 KB in size. To minimize downloading time there are no images and the HTML code has been kept simple (ver 3.2). Nevertheless a file of this size takes appreciable time to download. For those who want a short, simple list of museums and their websites, a condensed list has been prepared. Click here for the short list (

14. Military Museums Homepage - USA
military museums OF THE USA. American Military History Links. Copyright ©1997 military museums Homepage. To Advertise on this site Click Here !

15. MILITARIA ON THE WEB: Military Collectors Index : MILITARY MUSEUMS : Military Mu
Virtual tours of museums, listings of regimantal museums, militarymuseums and museums of military interest. Links. military museums.
th March 2000 Collectors Guides
Edged Weapons
Mystery Objects Buying / Selling
Private Ads
Dealer Ads
Military Books
Magazines Military Posters Propaganda
    World War 1 World War 2
Recruitment Military Museums Reviews Locations Of Links to Links Military Museums Site Index Guides Guides Guides Guides Guides Welcome
to Militaria On the Web's Military Museum Guide. Our aim in this section is to provide a listing of Museums either dedicated to displaying relevant items or else which have items exhibited which may be of interest. Sections Listings Of Military Museums in the UK Listing Military Museums, Regimental Museums, or Museums with some Military Content. List is arranged alphabetically or geographically. Contributions to the list are welcome. Military Museum visits Take a tour around a selection of museums which have items of military interest on display with Militaria On the Web. All articles are photo illustrated and include details not only of exhibits, but of how to get there as well as entrance fees and opening times.

16. Militaria On The Web: Military Museum Index : Guide To Individual Military Museu
Military and Regimental Museums Guide. Lists of museums, virtual tour of museumspictures of exhibits. Museum Visits with Militaria On The Web, military museums.
th February 2000 Collectors Guides
Edged Weapons
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Military Books
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    World War 1 World War 2
Recruitment Military Museums Reviews Locations Of Links to Links Museum Visits with Militaria On The Web Military Museums Site Index Guides Guides Guides Guides Guides Tour
the following museums with Militaria On the Web. Some pages are image intensive and may take a while to upload, however we hope you find the reviews useful if planning a visit. Please note that information was correct at the time of our visit, but may have changed since. It is in your interests to therefore contact the museums to verify admission times, charges, facilities and specific exhibits should you so require, prior to making your journey, contact numbers are provided. Please mention our site if you've found it useful. Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds , England
  • Take a look at the various galleries within the museum which display everything ranging from to through to modern day Military equipment and uniforms North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland, England
  • 17. Australian War Memorial: One Of The World's Great Museums
    One of the great military museums of the world. Covers Australian involvement in conflicts since the Maori Wars of the 1860s. Contains online databases of all official and private records, art, sound recordings, film and photographs held by the memorial. Visits to the memorial and / or its research section may be planned, and items ordered either from this section or from the museum's shop.
    Australian War Memorial
    Winner 2001-2003 Australian Tourism Awards site search
    Australians and D-Day
    Post-1945 Conflicts galleries will undergo a major upgrade under Stage 2 of the gallery redevelopment project. As part of the 2004 federal budget, the Memorial received $11.6 million to construct a new administration building on the eastern side of the site.
    Today at the Memorial
    4:55 PM Closing Ceremony Each day the Memorial features a live bugler or piper in its closing ceremony
    Visiting the Memorial
    10am - 5pm daily.
    9am - 5pm daily during NSW/ACT school holidays.
    Closed on Christmas Day. Research Centre Hours
    10am - 5pm Mon to Fri
    1pm - 5pm Sat
    Retrieval of records ceases at 4:15pm
    Closed Sundays and ACT public holidays. Visiting the Memorial
    Main Navigation
    Quick links

    18. Military Museums
    OliveDrab military museums, 804-734-4326. UK Museum Organisation providesan index of links to UK military museums and collections.
    Military Museums Much More Olive-Drab: - Scroll Down - Complete Site Map, Over 200 Pages Olive-Drab Home Page Olive-Drab Store Olive-Drab Book Store Dealer Database Search (Vehicles, Surplus, Militaria) Search Olive-Drab Military Clipart/Photos/Graphics All About Military Vehicles Military Vehicle Photo Charts Army Jeeps HMMWVs Rifles, Machine Guns, Other Military Firearms How and Where to Buy Military Surplus Biological Warfare How and Where to Buy Militaria (Uniforms, Gear, Momentos ...) Military Organizations Worldwide Veterans Organizations and Resources Navy and Ships Air Force and Planes Military History Where to Find Military Museums Military Books and Movies Special Operations Military Communications/Electronics What does Olive-Drab mean? Even More Military Topics... There are many military museum guides on the web. These links are some of the better ones: The Army Museum System is described, with links, on this page from the U.S. Army Center for Military History. Many of these museums are also described in the table below.

    19. Military Museums In Pretoria
    MUSEUMS. The South African Air Force Museum (AFB Swartkop, Valhalla). The VoortrekkerMuseum (Voortrekker Monument). Old 1 Military Hospital. OTHER MEMORIALS.
    Sites to be seen in this tour include amongst others the following:
      The South African Air Force Museum (AFB Swartkop, Valhalla) The Voortrekker Museum (Voortrekker Monument) Melrose House
      Fort Klapperkop Sort Schanskop Fort Wonderboom Fort West/ Daspoortrand London to Cape Town Flight Memorial (1920) South African Army Headquarters Complex Magazines (Army Defense HQ) South African Air Force Officers Mess (Voortrekkerhoogte) South African Army College Old Northern Transvaal Command Headquarters Old 1 Military Hospital
      Air Force Memorial (Swartkop, Valhalla) SS MENDI Memorial (Atteridgeville) Gunners' Memorial, Union Buildings World War 1 Armistice Memorial, Union Buildings
      Diamond Hill (Donkerhoek) Battlefield Rooihuiskraal battlefield site SANDF Archives (Documentation Service) Italian PrisonersofWar Cemetery, Zonderwater Sammy Marks House

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    Home Page Tours Links ... Arts

    20. Military Museums In Australia
    military museums IN AUSTRALIA. visits since 28 January 2001. Catalina Project. NorthQueensland Military Museum Jezzine Barracks, Kissing Point, Townsville.
    MILITARY MUSEUMS IN AUSTRALIA visits since 28 January 2001 Catalina Project QUEENSLAND Australian Beaufort Bomber Restoration
    Hendra, Brisbane Baker's Museum
    Burnett War Memorial and Museum, Kingaroy Caboolture Warplane Museum
    Caboolture Central Queensland Military Museum
    Rockhampton Flypast Museum of Australian Army Flying Ltd
    Oakey Flying Fighter Adventures
    Archerfield Ipswich Amberley Aviation Museum? North Queensland Military Museum
    Jezzine Barracks,
    Kissing Point, Townsville Queensland Air Museum Inc.
    Caloundra Aerodrome
    Queensland Maritime Museum RAAF Townsville Museum ... The Beck Museum
    Kennedy Highway, Mareeba Victoria Barracks Museum NEW SOUTH WALES Australian Aviation Museum, Bankstown Fighter World RAAF Williamtown Lithgow Small Arms Museum Museum of Flight HMAS Albatross, Nowra RAAF Wagga Museum SOUTH AUSTRALIA Classic Jets Fighter Museum Adelaide South Australian Aviation Museum Port Adelaide VICTORIA 2OTU RAAF Air Museum - Mildura Australian National Aviation Museum (Moorabbin Air Museum) Fort Queenscliff Museum ... Friends of the Anson Museum Ballarat Airport Melbourne Tank Museum Narre Warren North, Melbourne

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