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1. CNN Cold War - Knowledge Bank: Interactive Maps
interactive maps, detailing the impact of the Cold War on political boundaries, are available here, by episode turn regional conflict in Africa and the middle east into global war.
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Interactive maps, detailing the impact of the Cold War on political boundaries, are available here, by episode:
Cold War Battlelines

See how Europe's boundaries were changed by war, peace, compromise and the onset of a Cold War.
The Iron Curtain

In a matter of months, World War II allies became Cold War rivals. See how the Iron Curtain fell across Europe.
The Marshall Plan

How Marshall Plan aid was distributed country-by-country and which East bloc nations rejected help.
The Berlin Airlift

Launch an interactive map which reveals how the allies broke the Soviet blockade of Berlin with a dramatic air relief effort. The Korean conflict Track the ebb and flow of the Korean war from invasion, to counterattack to Chinese intervention Flames of Revolt Stalin's death fuels separate independence movements behind the Iron Curtain. Budapest Hotspots of the 1956 revolt How the Wall Worked Launch an illustrated map detailing how East German communists used the Wall to stem the flow of refugees to the West. Vietnam Launch a geographic history of the Vietnam conflict The Nuclear Club To see who has the bomb and who wants it launch our map.

2. Historical Map Web Sites - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Europe. middle east. Polar/Oceans interactive Ancient Mediterranean. Islamic History maps. Islamic middle east Historical maps (Princeton) Israel and the Palestinians - Key maps
Choose Search UTNetCAT-Online Catalog -Title -Title Keywords -Author -Author Keywords -Subject -Subject Keywords -Mixed Keywords -Call Number Electronic Journals UTLOL-Library Web Site UT Austin's web site AllTheWeb Altavista Google Web Crawler Yahoo! Maps
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Maps Home

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... PCL Map Collection - Historical Map Web Sites

Map Collection
Historical Map Web Sites
World Africa Asia Australia/Pacific ... Astronomy Updated 4/2/04 Featured:
  • Images of Early Maps on the Web Links arranged by geographic area
  • David Rumsey Collection Thousands of Historical Maps and Atlases
  • Oddens' Bookmarks 21,000 Map-Related Links
    The following are links to historical maps on other Web sites. Also see historical maps from our collection
  • 3. Encyclopaedia Of The Orient
    interactive maps of North Africa and the middle east including vocabulary from the area and information.
    Click here to go to the the non-frame entry word list of Encyclopaedia of the Orient . Please note that this is NOT designed for your browsers, but you will be able to access all parts of the encyclopaedia

    4. Maps That Teach:  U.S. And World Geography
    of the US Online interactive maps show the countries and capitals of a continent or region—Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, middle east or Central
    Learn United States and World geography with Maps that Teach . Free interactive maps to learn continents, countries, states, capitals, borders, physical features and cultural monuments. U.S. and World Geography Maps That Teach Free Resources for Parents and Teachers All of the software and resources listed here are FREE! Find more FREE Educational Software at the
    Click Here
    When your student watches the news do they know (and understand) where it is happening? Proximity is important—understanding geography helps to explain why Zimbabwe is not much like Moscow, but shares characteristics with Egypt. It is important to understand things and places which are close, and those which are far apart. The horror and sorrow of September 11, 2001 will be with us for a long time. Almost all news now is international news. Our children and students need to know what is happening in their country and their world. The first part of knowing our world, and understanding what will happen now, is to know where places are. It is easy to fail to recognize the humanity of other peoples when we do not even know where they live. American men and women are now fighting far from home; we owe it to them to at least know where they are. Maps are vital to our understanding geography and the world we live in. They can be beautiful and fascinating, but if they are completely unfamiliar it can be difficult to learn from them.

    5. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps And References
    maps and References. ( last updated ) NOTEI am in the process of pruning the dead links. This should be finished sometime in July. interactive Map of Denmark Java maps of the New Europe (Country maps) Historial Atlas of Europe and the middle east. maps maps of Israel and the middle east
    Maps and References
    (last updated: NOTE: I am in the process of pruning the dead links. This should be finished sometime in July. The following compilation of Internet/WWW sites is intended to be an introductory guide to some of the map and reference resources available via the World Wide Web. Consider using one of the WWW search engines if you are looking for a specific type of map or reference. The maps which are listed here have been selected because they are thought to be reasonably useful and/or interesting. They are categorized by geographical region although there are a couple of thematic categories such as Interactive Maps which both highlights the potential of the WWW and are also fun to use. Note that there is some overlap in geographic coverage between these categories. The emphasis is on displayable maps (e.g. images) rather than digital cartographic (GIS) and satellite data which can be found in the separate compilation Geodata Information Sources . There is also another listing which includes Weather Maps and Imagery

    6. Middle East - ABC Maps Of Middle East; Flag, Map, Economy, Geography, Climate, N
    Map of middle east; interactive Factbook GEOGRAPHY, Flag, Map Geography, People, Government, Economy, Transportation, Communications Feedback = middle east. . . . all rights reserved) maps of brazil; Flag, Map, Economy, brazil people, brazil Map communications, transportation brazil maps flags, maps

    Map Index

    World Index

    Flag Index

    Middle East
    Click for large map
    Kurdish Areas
    Thank you for making this an award winning site
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    Language Translation Services

    ITA Home Page
    The IMMIGRATION Superhighway Feedback ... Yahoo search
    Revised 17-December-1998 Maps of brazil; Flag, Map, Economy, brazil Map Geography, Climate, Natural brazil Maps Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, brazil Maps Population, brazil Map Social Statistics, brazil Maps Political System HTML Colors; Greece brazil Maps Geography Economy, people, brazil Map communications, transportation,brazil Maps flags, maps

    7. Resource Types Maps
    SEE MAP; interactive map of the middle east. From SEE MAP; Detailed map of the middle east. SEE MAP; interactive map of the middle east.

    8. In-Depth Specials - Mideast: Land Of Conflict
    settlers / Palestinian state . maps Occupied lands Refugee locator . interactive Road map explainer For centuries the middle east has been a site of
    International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports Main Page By Year

    Jewish settlers / Palestinian state

    Maps: Occupied lands

    Palestinian refugees
    Virtual tour of the region

    Path to peace runs through a history of tumult
    For centuries the Middle East has been a site of conflict over land sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews.
    And while the echoes of the older conflict still ring in the crashing stones and staccato gunfire of the current dispute, an understanding of the conflict's history cannot undo decades of mistrust and animosity between the Israelis and Palestinians.
    Full story

    Related sites
    Mideast 101 International Edition Languages Spanish Arabic German Japanese Korean Turkish CNN TV CNN International Headline News Transcripts ... About SEARCH The Web Terms under which this service is provided to you. Read our privacy guidelines Contact us All external sites will open in a new browser. does not endorse external sites. Denotes premium content.

    Data Layers. Iraq. interactive Map Applications Regional middle east interactive Map Application 1 ESRI (mostly vector layers). Regional Image Maps/Middle East.htm
    NGB CD TECHNOLOGIES Available Middle Eastern IMS and Mapping Services Return to the Main Page NEW! Go to the GIDB THIN CLIENT (For Intermediate GIS Users - allows the user to define a CONUS AOI and view data from multiple sources and servers a layer at a time.) NIMA Maps of: Data Layers Interactive Map Applications
    • Regional Middle East Interactive Map Application 1 - ESRI (mostly vector layers) Regional Middle East Interactive Map Application - Interactive map of the Middle East built with Global Discovery data
      Regional Middle East Interactive Map Application
      Regional Middle East Map - Shaded Relief of the Middle East
      Regional Middle East Map - Populated Places
    Gulf States
    • Abu Dhabi Interactive Map Application Bahrain Interactive Map Application Dubai Interactive Map Application 1 Dubai Interactive Map Application 2 Dubai Interactive Map Application 3 Iraq Map Application - Imagery, Multiple Topo DBs and Vector layers available from Texas Tech University Iraq and Kuwait Interactive Map Application - Imagery, Multiple Topo DBs and Vector layers available.

    10. Iraq & Middle East Maps And Data
    USAToday Battle Map. Iraq middle east maps and data solution that adds unique desktoplike GIS and interactive geographic imaging functionality to any ArcIMS-based Internet

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    Matrox multi-display graphics cards for public safety communications and dispatch to be demonstrated Plant Equipment And Pictometry Form Strategic Partnership ... John Russell Jensen Honored with the SAIC/Estes Memorial Teaching Award Latest GeoBids-RFPs Geotechnical Services-CAN Equipment and Services-MO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT-CA 3D Laser Scanning ... Software Development Recent Job Opportunities GIS Production Technician Photogrammetric Technician GIS PROGRAMMER/ANALYST Location Planning Consultant ... GIS Technician Recent Discussions Postal Code Database Help w/ Geo-Rectifying GPS Lat-Long to DEM [Geomedia] Project in CAD Data Server Contour Labeling in Arcview 8.2 Feature Article WebLinks
  • GISDatadepot, Iraq
  • NY Times
  • LA Times
  • PBS ...
  • USAToday Battle Map by GeoCommunity Staff, March 2003 The war in Iraq has thrust GIS and Geospatial technologies into the limelight. Each day the public is presented with maps, imagery, and other spatial data products in an effort to provide a visual representation of the latest developments. The following directory provides some valuable pointers and descriptions of companies that are providing GIS-based solutions to help the public follow the war in Iraq. If you know of additional resources that are of interest please send us some details.
  • 11. Middle East Weather -- Satellite Map Of Local Weather Conditions
    middle east Weather Satellite Image. Satellite Map of Weather Conditions Over The middle east interactive Weather maps of The middle east.
    Travel Notes Middle East Weather in The Middle East World Weather
    Middle East @ Travel Notes Bahrain


    Middle East Weather Satellite Image
    Interactive Weather Maps of The Middle East
    Weather conditions and 5-day forecasts for over 740 cities worldwide Weather Maps
    Africa Weather Channel

    Asia Weather Channel

    Australia Weather Maps

    Canada Weather Channel
    ... Local Weather Reports
    Check out the Interstate driving conditions around America's major roads and cities. The Weather Directory The TravelNotes extensive list of Weather links. International Weather UK Fr Ge ... Sp Top Weather Links Accu Weather Local weather information, including 5-day weather forecasts, extended forecasts, doppler radar and satellite images from around the world and 43,000 US locations. CBC Weather Uses weather reports from Environment Canada. A fast and clean return without all the distracting ads and popups found on the main weather portals. Met Office As well as being the UK's national meteorological service, the Met Office also plays a vital international role in weather forecasting. Countries Weather Flights Cars ... Travel Articles Find out more about a surprise destination.

    of the middle east. I have divided the guide into six categories, but inevitably there is a tremendous amount of overlap. GOOD REFERENCE maps. interactive maps.
    By Lawrence Joffe A good map is worth ten thousand words. And luckily, the net is a veritable treasure chest of useful topographical charts. In addition to locating places, maps can provide information. For instance, you may want to know at a glance the population density of Lebanon, how long does it takes to fly somewhere, where exactly are those "safe passages" between Gaza and Jericho, which parts of Yemen were worst effected by floods in 1996, how many refugee camps does Jordan have, how high are the Golan Heights, or even where might I get a good bowl of foul medames in downtown Cairo? The problem is locating this information, and sifting the useful from the merely decorative. So to provide a rudimentary compass of sorts, here is MERIA's (necessarily incomplete) Web Guide to Maps of the Middle East. I have divided the guide into six categories, but inevitably there is a tremendous amount of overlap.

    13. Guardian Unlimited | Special Reports | Special Report: Israel & The Middle East
    clickthrough graphic. An interactive history of Israel. maps Chronology Israel and the middle east timeline January 2004-present.
    @import url(/external/styles/global/0,14250,,00.css);
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    Register Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Archive search Arts Books Business Film Football Jobs Life Money The Observer Online Politics Shopping Sport Talk Travel Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The weblog The informer The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Crossword Dating Headline service Syndication services Events / offers Help / contacts Information Living our values Newsroom Reader Offers Style guide Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Working at GNL Guardian Weekly Money Observer Home UK Business Online ... Quiz
    Search this site
    Go to ...
    Israel and the Middle East: archived articles
    Audio reports Audio reports from Israel and the Middle East
    Timelines 2001 part one 2001 part two 2002 part one 2002 part two ... 2002 part four, 2003 Interactive guides Israel: a brief history
    Ahmed Yassin

    Arafat's compound under siege

    Jerusalem's holiest shrines
    You will need Macromedia Flash. Download it here free

    More special reports Iraq Afghanistan Documents Full text: UN resolution 1397 Peace process: reference documents in full The Middle East 1916 - 2001 : a documentary record The question of Palestine - UN Division for Palestinian Rights Useful links Guardian Unlimited is not responsible for the content of external websites Government Israeli Knesset Office of the prime minister Palestinian National Authority Palestinian legislative council Peace groups B'Tselem Dor Shalom Gush Shalom Peacewatch ... Foundation For Middle East Peace - settlement maps Media

    14. Middle East Countries -
    Lonely Planet Get detailed country info via interactive maps. middle east Info Network Large collection of countryspecific sites. Like Libraryspot?

    Back to Home

    Libraries Online

    Academic Libraries

    Film Libraries
    Link to Site
    Reference Desk Acronyms Almanacs Associations Ask an Expert Biographies Business Calculators Calendars Countries Current Events Dictionaries Encyclopedias Genealogy Government Grammar/Style Historic Docs How To Images Legal Lists Maps Medical Music People Public Records Quotations States Statistics Style Guides Thesauri Time Trivia White Pages Yellow Pages Zip Codes Library News Book Reviews Education Headlines Library News Library Journals HEADLINESPOT Today's Top Stories Search the News News By City News By State News by Country Education News Health News Political News Sports News Weather Much More... StartSpot Network
    Lonely Planet

    Get detailed country
    info via interactive maps.
    Basic facts and
    travel information. World Bank Group Find statistics, economic profiles and more. University of Texas Country resources organized by subject. Columbia University History, news and

    15. Near East - Geography, Maps And Information On The Ancient Near East
    Castañeda Library s collection of ancient maps of places in the middle east. Political Change in Mesopotamia 30001000 BCE interactive map using shockwave to
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About History Ancient / Classical History Home ... Trojan War Hero Achilles - Troy zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Atlas and Places - Where? Ancient Greece - Greek Ancient Rome - Romans ANE Egypt Persia Israel... ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Ancient / Classical History newsletter. Search Ancient / Classical History Maps - Near East ©2002 N.S. Gill, licensed to About. Near East Maps Index
    Maps of the Chinese Empire
    Indus Valley Maps
    Also see Neareast Timelines Index
    1650 Map of Canaan
    A Pisgah-sight of Palestine . Shows Sodom and Gomorrah. Ancient Jerusalem
    356K JPG city map, the from Perry-Castañeda Library, showing elevations, landmarks, modern and ancient walls. Ancient Near East Empires 700-300 BCE
    Shockwave interactive map. Click on map to show extent of Assyrian Empire (660 BC), Babylonian Empire (539 BC), Persian (520 BC), and the Macedonian Empire (323 BC). Ancient Mesopotamia
    Oriental Institute map of Akkad, Babylonia, Assyria, and Sumer located alongside the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Major cities and other rivers included in line drawing.

    16. Spielvogel Interactive Maps
    will need the latest Macromedia Flash player in order to view the interactive maps. Systems in the 1950s and 1960s Decolonization in the middle east The New
    You will need the latest Macromedia Flash player in order to view the interactive maps. The download is free, quick and easy, and can be reached by clicking the button below. The Ancient Near East
    The Assyrian and Neo-Bablyonian Empires

    Classical Greece

    The Great Peloponnesian War
    World War II in Asia and the Pacific

    17. Duiker/Spielvogel Interactive Maps
    Europe in 1914, Territorial Changes in Europe and the middle east After World War I, Territorial Changes in Europe After World War II, The Modern middle east,
    @import url(duikerstyles_ie.css);
    The Ancient Near East
    The Spread of Homo sapiens sapiens The Assyrian and Persian Empires The Development of Agriculture ... Modern Southeast Asia

    18.      ......::::LexicOrient [Middle East & North Africa]::::......     
    Atlas of the Orient Great maps for all countries in North Africa and the middle east. Check the growing selection of interactive historical maps, and maps from
    LexicOrient presents North Africa and the Middle East - mainly for a Western audience.
    Read more

    Select your country and interest
    Algeria Egypt Libya Mauritania Morocco Tunisia Sudan Reader Ads Links
    Babel : arabic

    Learn Arabic online - with sound, Arabic writing, translator and discussion group.
    Reader Ads

    Free ads for our readers, arranged in categories.
    Slide Shows

    Take a break, and enjoy these nice photos. NEWS from North Africa / Middle East ... MORE WEB SITES Encyclopaedia of the Orient In-depth articles on all subjects from North Africa and the Middle East. Atlas of the Orient Great maps for all countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Check the growing selection of interactive historical maps, and maps from the main cities.

    19. GeoQuest: World | Interactive Maps Preview
    day Palestine, Israel, and the middle east, and they make excellent supplements to all of our World Civilization textbooks. The interactive maps are divided
    Primary Sources Web Links Geoquest World Civilizations Resource Center
    GeoQuest: World
    Interactive Maps Preview
    System Requirements
    Table of Contents Ordering
    GeoQuest: World is Houghton Mifflin Company's CD-ROM, with 30 interactive maps for World Civilization. The maps are intended to introduce you to or reacquaint you with the basics of World history and geography. Together, the maps cover the period from the ancient world of Mesopotamia to modern-day Palestine, Israel, and the Middle East, and they make excellent supplements to all of our World Civilization textbooks.
    The interactive maps are divided into four categories: Answer-Question, Quest, Transparency, and Timeline. (See the "Info and Instructions" section for details.) Three of these four kinds of interactivity are represented by the four samples listed below.
    Map 12: Mesoamerican Civilization, 1000 BCE-1519 CE

    Map 19: The Atlantic Economy, ca. 1750

    Map 22: Japan, 1800-1920

    Map 27: World War II in the Pacific

    The Shockwave PlugIn from Macromedia is required to view the online interactive maps. If the plugin is not already installed on your computer, you can download it now from Macromedia. Site Map I Partners I Press Releases I Company Home I Contact Us Terms and Conditions of Use Privacy Statement , and Trademark Information

    middle east Global Response interactive Actions Archive MapsClick on Campaigns Below GRA , middle east Campaigns, Status. 6/00, Stop Oil/Gas Development in Kirthar National Park / Pakistan, Victory.

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