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  1. Reciprocal influence of traditional and democratic leadership roles on Ponape by Daniel T Hughes, 1969
  2. Obstacles to the integration of the District Legislature into Ponapean society by Daniel T Hughes, 1972
  3. Large coconut sale to US? by Roger W Gale, 1973
  4. Decentralisation and Micronesian federalism: Pohnpei's 1983 vote against free association (South Pacific Forum working paper) by Glenn Petersen, 1986
  5. Micronesian crosscurrents and the US role in the Western Pacific by John C Dorrance, 1975
  6. Micronesian unity and Marshallese politics by Stephen O'Harrow, 1974
  7. Ponape, the cycle of empire by William Russell Bascom, 1950
  8. The traditional political organization of Yap by Sherwood G Lingenfelter, 1969
  9. At the birth of nations: In the far Pacific by Carolyn Bennett Patterson, 1986
  10. Tremors in the Western Pacific: Micronesian freedom and US security by Eugene B Mihaly, 1975
  11. Democracy in a traditional society: Two hypothesis on role by Daniel T Hughes, 1969
  12. Island Peoples of the Western Pacific: Micronesia and Melanesia. by Herbert W. Krieger, 1943
  13. Cosmos and Society in Oceania (Explorations in Anthropology)
  14. Yap, Political Leadership and Culture Change in an Island Society by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, 1975-07

101. Country Data - Youth Focal Points (Gov./NGO): Micronesia, Federated States Of
micronesia, Federated States Of. Youth Focal Points. Governmental Dr. Eliuel Pretrick, Minister Youth Services Department of Social

102. Asian Development Outlook 2003 - Federated States Of Micronesia -
The governments of the Federated States of micronesia (FSM) and the US have been negotiating the extent and nature of continued Compact funds since 1999.
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Federated States of Micronesia
The economy grew in FY2002, albeit more slowly than the past 2 years. Growth was supported by increased government spending using "bump-up" Compact funds. The consolidated fiscal position conceals the need for the national and all four state governments to make significant fiscal adjustments in view of lower Compact funding expected from FY2004. Growth is projected to pick up in FY2003.
Macroeconomic Assessment
GDP increased by 0.8% in FY2002 (year ended 30 September 2002), following growth of 1.1% in FY2001. With the exception of FY2000, growth has been very weak since the mid-1990s following reductions in Compact of Free Association funding. As the private sector and public enterprises did not expand in FY2002, yearly growth was driven by consolidated government expenditures, which increased by 2.3%. Based on employment data, the manufacturing, distribution, financial, and business services were the only sectors to expand. At the state level, GDP growth performance varied considerably. The respective growth rates were 6.8% for Kosrae and 3.0% for Pohnpei, and contractions of 1.8% for Chuuk and 2.3% for Yap.

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