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         Micronesia Government:     more books (100)
  1. Micronesia;: Our bungled Trust by Patsy T Mink, 1971
  2. The cross of Micronesia: A research paper by Vincente T Blaz, 1971
  3. Micronesia: Our new western outpost? by W. R Crockett, 1976
  4. Nett district government five year community development plan (1997-2001) by Christopher Cottrell, 1997
  5. Districting a new legislature in Micronesia by Norman Meller, 1967
  6. National Security and Self-Determination: United States Policy in Micronesia (1961-1972) by Howard P. Willens, Deanne C. Siemer, 2000-06-30
  7. Micronesia Telecommunication Industry Business Opportunities Handbook (World Business, Investment and Government Library) by USA International Business Publications, 2005-03
  8. Micronesia Mineral & Mining Sector Investment And Business Guide (World Business, Investment and Government Library) by USA International Business Publications, 2005-03-03
  9. Nan'Yo: The Rise and Fall of the Japanese in Micronesia, 1885-1945 (Pacific Islands Monograph Series) by Mark R. Peattie, 1992-06
  10. Micronesia Trust Betrayed by D. McHenry, 1975-06
  11. Micronesia Recent Economic and Political Developments Yearbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library) by USA International Business Publications, 2007-05
  12. Constitutionalism in Micronesia by Norman Meller, 1986-01
  13. Micronesia Business Intelligence Report (World Business Intelligence Library)
  14. Broken Canoe: Conversations and Observations in Micronesia by Ann Jackson-Nakano, 1984-04

61. BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Country Profiles | Country Profile: Micronesia
micronesia has no daily newspaper, but the federal government publishes a fortnightly information bulletin and each of the constituent state governments


... Programmes
Last Updated: Thursday, 6 November, 2003, 12:25 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Country profile: Micronesia
Located in the Western Pacific, the Federated States of Micronesia consist of some 600 islands grouped into four states: Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk (Truk) and Yap.
Occupying a very small total land mass, it is scattered over an ocean expanse five times the size of France. OVERVIEW
LEADERS MEDIA Though formally independent, in 1986 Micronesia signed a "Compact of Free Association" with the United States. Under this, Washington assumed responsibility for defence until 2001, including the right to establish military bases and deny other nations access to Micronesia. In return, Micronesia received financial assistance averaging $100m per year, and the right of Micronesians to live and work in the US.Micronesia also takes its cue from Washington on foreign policy. A renegotiated 20-year compact, worth $1.8 billion over 20 years, was presented to Washington decision-makers in 2003. Despite its small population and the large amount of incoming aid from the US, Japan and elsewhere, Micronesia suffers from relatively high unemployment, a matter compounded by increasing numbers of Filipino migrant workers.

62. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Micronesia
Last checked 20001230 government of the Federated States of micronesia Official information about the country of micronesia provided by its government.
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
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  • CIA World Factbook 2000: Micronesia
  • Ethnologue Language Database: Micronesia
  • Federated States of Micronesia
  • Government of the Federated States of Micronesia ...
  • World Travel Guide: Micronesia Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    CIA World Factbook 2000: Micronesia
    Basic reference information about Micronesia, including details of geography, people, economy, government, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues. Geographical information includes area, population, flag, maps, high and low points, co-ordinates, boundary length, border countries, climate, land use and natural resources.
    Author: CIA
    Subjects: micronesia
    Location: usa
    Last checked:
    Ethnologue Language Database: Micronesia
    A catalogue of all the languages and dialects spoken in Micronesia, with details of the numbers of speakers of each language. Also some demographic data such as rates of literacy, blindness and deafness.
    Author: Summer Institute of Linguistics
    Subjects: micronesia
    document Location: usa Last checked:
    Federated States of Micronesia
    Brief information about the country of Micronesia, aimed mainly at visitors. Headings include hotels and resorts, tours, news, professional services, fishing, weather, education and employment.
  • 63. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - Government Of Micronesia
    structure, vital statistics, country map, real time news, and country specific links. http// micronesia government.

    64. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - Government Of Micronesia
    Permanent Representative to the UNMasao Nakayama Foreign Relations The government of the Federated States of micronesia conducts its own foreign relations.

    65. National Library Of Australia - Pacific Island Government Internet Resources
    micronesia, governments on the WWW micronesia; National government of the Federated States of micronesia (FSM). Nauru, Republic of Nauru (For Information).
    @import url(/stylesheets/nlaweb-tertiary.css); SEARCH: HOME CATALOGUE GUIDES ASK US ... REGISTER FIND FOR HELP ABOUT US VISIT US SHOP
    Pacific Island Government Internet Resources
    Home Guides Pacific Island Government information on the Internet is hard to find and varies greatly from country to country. Below are the best known links at the time of compilation. Find out about the Library's own Pacific Collections
    Regional Organisations
    Pacific Countries
    Cook Islands Easter Island Fiji Guam Kiribati Marshall Islands Micronesia Nauru New Caledonia Niue Northern Mariana Islands Palau Papua New Guinea

    66. Regional, Oceania, Micronesia, Federated States Of: Government
    government of the Federated States of micronesia The official FSM government Web Site. Websites for units of the government of micronesia.,_Federated_States_of/Governme
    Top Regional Oceania Micronesia, Federated States of ...
    Related links of interest: Websites for units of the government of Micronesia. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web. Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor The directory is based on the Open Directory and has been modified and enhanced using our own technology. About ComboSE Download Combose Toolbar

    67. Contact Information - Federated States Of Micronesia
    Gilmar Director Department of Resources and Development Yap State government PO Box 336 Alik Ambassador Embassy of the Federated States of micronesia 2nd Floor

    President's Message About the FSM Foreign Investment Guide ... Links
    National Government
    Mr. Sebastian Anefal
    Department of Economic Affairs
    FSM National Government
    P.O. Box PS-12
    Palikir, Pohnpei FSM 96941 Phone: (691) 320-2646/2620/5133
    Fax: (691) 320-5854 Email: FSM State Gove rnments Chuuk Kosrae Mr. Ignacio Stephan Director Department of Commerce and Industry Chuuk State Government P.O. Box 280 Weno, Chuuk FSM 96942 Phone: (691) 330-2552/2761 Fax: (691) 330-2233 Email: Mr. Sinqkitchy George Director Department of Commerce and Industry Kosrae State Government P.O. Box 600 Tofol, Kosrae FSM 96944

    68. Columbus World Travel Guide - Pacific Islands Of Micronesia - Australia And Sout
    the Pacific Islands – Palau, the Northern Marianas, the Federated States of micronesia, and the Marshalls – began, as internal selfgovernment was granted
    OAS_sitepage = URL + '/AustraliaandSouthPacific/MarshallIslands/HistoryandGovernment'; document.write('Research Marshall Islands hotels at TripAdvisor'); Contact Addresses
    General Information


    ... /Pacific Islands of Micronesia /Marshall Islands MARSHALL ISLANDS History and Government
    History: During the 1970s, the gradual process of dismantling the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands – Palau, the Northern Marianas, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Marshalls – began, as internal self-government was granted and negotiations on full independence got underway. In 1983, the Marshall Islands assembly (the Nitijela ) agreed the Compact of Free Association with the US government, which set down the terms under which the Marshall Islands would become a sovereign self-governing nation. The USA retained responsibility for the defence and security of the islands, also setting down guidelines for the conduct of the Marshalls’ future foreign policy. US$30 million annual aid has been provided by Washington, in exchange for the continued use of existing military bases. (The original 15-year period covering that part of the agreement was extended. A new Compact came into force in September 2003). The Marshalls now belong to the South Pacific Forum, the main regional grouping, and in 1991 were admitted to the UN.
    Government: Under the terms of the constitution, which came into effect in May 1979, the Marshalls have a parliamentary system of government in which legislative authority is vested in the 33-member

    69. Micronesia's Education For Self-Government: Frolicking In The Backyard?
    micronesia s Education for Selfgovernment Frolicking in the Backyard? Francis X. Hezel, SJ,
    Micronesia's Education for Self-Government: Frolicking in the Backyard? Francis X. Hezel, SJ MicSem Articles economic
    Recent political education efforts in Micronesia are floating on a sea of radio tapes, filmstrips, posters and classroom lessons. These are largely the creation of the Education for Self-Government Program mounted by the Trust Territory Administration a year and a half ago. For all its output of materials, the ESG Program labors under serious handicaps. The controversial circumstances surrounding the birth of ESG gave rise to the lurking suspicion that, despite its name, the real object of ESG just might be something less than self-government after all. Many people continued to wonder whether the contents of the program were being "sanitized" by mightier powers than those residing on Saipan.
    The ESG task forces on the territory-wide and district levels have lived under this cloud from the very beginning. To make matters worse, it has become fashionable to hold them responsible for any and all failures in the area of political education. Whenever an outer-islander complains to his congressman that he does not know what the status alternatives are all about, ESG takes it on the chin. ESG has become everybody's scapegoat today because it is assumed that it is the major instrument of political education in the Trust Territory. Actually ESG has very little to do with political education and even less to do with authentic education for self-government, as I will try to show. It is, therefore, unfair to blame ESG members, who are performing as well as they can in trying circumstances, for the supposedly meager amount of political education that is taking place today.

    70. Micronesia's Education For Self-Government: Frolicking In The Backyard

    71. Quick Reference Guides On Micronesia, Federated States Of - Government: Governme
    Quick Reference Guides on micronesia, Federated States of government (Facts About micronesia, Federated States of). Quick Reference
    Quick Reference Guides on Micronesia, Federated States of - Government: Government type (Facts About Micronesia, Federated States of) Top: Micronesia, Federated States of: Government: Government type Introduction Background Geography Location Geographic coordinates Map references Area ... Geography - note People Population Age structure Population growth rate Birth rate ... Literacy Government Country name Government type Capital Administrative divisions ... Flag description Economy Economy - overview GDP GDP - real growth rate GDP - per capita ... Fiscal year Communications Telephones - main lines in use Telephones - mobile cellular Telephone system Radio broadcast stations ... Internet users Transportation Railways Highways Waterways Ports and harbors ... Airports - with unpaved runways Military Military - note Transnational Issues Disputes - international Micronesia, Federated States of: Government: Government type constitutional government in free association with the US; the Compact of Free Association entered into force 3 November 1986; economic provisions of the Compact are being renegotiated
    Consumer Guides

    Impartial consumer and government guides, resources and education.

    72. - Micronesia - Cities, Government, Reference
    Select a Country, The® family of Web Sites, Back to micronesia, micronesia, Reference, government,
    Select a
    The family of Web Sites Back to
    Micronesia Reference
    CIA World Fact Book College of Micronesia Government Congress Federal Government Government Site State Governments Cities

    73. Political Resources On The Net - Micronesia
    mymicronesia. Island Tribune Newspaper. governments on the WWW micronesia by Gunnar Anzinger. National government of the Federated States of micronesia (FSM).

    Federated States of Micronesia
    Last updated: Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia by Legal Information System Third FSM Constitutional Convention November 12, 2001 – December 26, 2001 Elections in Micronesia by Wilfried Derksen Micronesia by Robert Andrew Roberts Federated States of Micronesia (FSM Telecom) General Information on the FSM Micronesia by Escape Artist myMicronesia Island Tribune Newspaper Governments on the WWW: Micronesia by Gunnar Anzinger Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Micronesia by Central Intelligence Agency Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia National Government of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Department of Foreign Affairs Investing in Micronesia The Department of Economic Affairs Legal Information System Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia in Washington, D.C. Guam Consulate Honolulu Consulate ... State of Chuuk by FSM Visitors Board State of Chuuk Investment and Business Development Opportunities About the State of Chuuk by Legal Information System State of Kosrae by FSM Visitors Board State of Kosrae Investment and Business Development Opportunities About the State of Kosrae by Legal Information System Pohnpei State Pohnpei Legislature Pohnpei State Office of the Governor State of Pohnpei by FSM Visitors Board State of Pohnpei Investment and Business Development Opportunities About the State of Pohnpei by Legal Information System State of Yap by FSM Visitors Board State of Yap Investment and Business Development Opportunities

    74. MyMicronesia
    the Federated States of micronesia is debating a bill that, if passed, would grant a blankey amnesty to anyone who s stolen money from the government since the
    home forums events travel ... online store Explore Micronesia Guam
    Federated States of Micronesia



    Special Offers Support this Site myMicronesia is the leading community web site in all of Micronesia, according to . It is privately owned and exists solely because of (1) donations online store sales and (3) advertising . Please help keep this public forum alive. Current hot topics in the myMicronesia Forums
    > POLL: Where do you log on to myMicronesia?

    > Besides criticizing Chuuk and its leaders, what can you do?

    > Superstitions of Micronesia
    FSM Micronesia and EU make tuna deal
    ABC Radio Australia click here to read article Guam Guam Waterworks Authority to fully privatize Pacific Daily News click here to read article Hope grows for Guam's betel nut Pacific Daily News click here to read article CNMI Endangered Rota bird fuels lawsuit Pacific Daily News click here to read article Around the Pacific A new study into Pacific transport ABC Radio Australia click here to read article Nauru government says new bills not valid ABC Radio Australia click here to read article Other News Sites ABC Online / GO Asia Pacific

    75. Micronesia
    In November 1999, the Trade Agreement between the government of the People s Republic of China and the government of theFederated States of micronesia.
    Micronesia Documents Activities Spokesperson's Remarks ... Bilateral Relations
    ( Last Update: 2003/12/09) 1. Bilateral political relations Chinaand theFederated States of Micronesiaestablished diplomatic relations onSeptember 11, 1989. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the relations between the two countries have developed smoothly.OnFebruary 23, 1990,Chinaset up its embassy inMicronesia. In June 1991, the first Chinese resident ambassador toMicronesiawent to his post.The Micronesian ambassador toJapanserved concurrently as its ambassador toChina. Those personnel who have visited Micronesia from the Chinese side include: Peng Chong, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, (in July 1992), Luo Gan, State Councillor and Secretary General of the State Council, (in August 1993), Vice Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing (in September 1996), Vice Foreign Minister Yang Jeichi (in August 1998), Vice Minister of Foreign Economic Cooperation and Trade Sun Guangxiang (in November 1998), and Vice Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi (in March 2000). Those who have visited China from Micronesia include: President Haglelgam (in November 1990),President Barley Olter (in September 1992), President Leo Falcarm (in March 2000), Deputy President Jacob Nena (in September 1995), Deputy President Redley Killion (in October 2002), Speaker of the Congress Jack Fritz (in November 1991 and in April 2002), and Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lorin Robert (in December 1996).

    76. Federated States Of Micronesia - Atlapedia Online
    In the 1960 s moves began towards preparing micronesia for self government and in a July 1978 referendum of the trust territory states, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Truk
    OFFICIAL NAME: Federated States of Micronesia
    CAPITAL: Palikir on Pohnpei Island
    SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Federal Republic
    AREA: 702 Sq Km (271 Sq Mi)
    ESTIMATED 2000 POPULATION LOCATION AND GEOGRAPHY: The Federated States of Micronesia consist of four major island groups or states, Pohnpei, Chuuk (formerly Truk), Kosrae and Yap which are located in the Pacific Ocean. The territory is made up of 607 islands and atolls, of which 40 are a significant size. Most of the islands are of coral formation either being atolls with a series of islets and a lagoon or low flat coral pancakes. Yap is at the southern end of a great submarine ridge and volcanic outcropping has occurred in the five largest island clusters. Major Cities (pop. est.); Weno 15,300, Tol 19,200, Kolonia 6,200 (1989). Land Use; forested 23%, pastures 14%, agricultural-cultivated 34%, other 29% (1984). CLIMATE: Micronesia has a tropical climate that is heavily influenced by the NE trade winds which prevail from November to December and April to May. The trade winds bring frequent heavy rainfall and average temperature ranges are from 26 to 27 degrees Celsius (79 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit) all year. PEOPLE: The people of the Federated States of Micronesia are broadly categorized as Melanesians, although in a narrower sense they are Carolinian. Most of the people consider themselves Yapese, Turkese, etc.. due to their strong local affinity as opposed to a national or ethnic affinity.

    77. Statement By The Government Of The Federated States Of Micronesia At The WTDC-02
    Statement by Ms Sharon Jahn government of the Federated States of micronesia Tuesday,19 March 2002 «Taking Advantage of the Opportunities Provided by New
    Français Español GetLangMenu("en") Print Version
    Newsroom WTDC-02 Statement by the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia at the WTDC-02
    Ms Sharon Jahn
    Government of the Federated States of Micronesia
    Tuesday,19 March 2002
    Taking Advantage of the Opportunities Provided by New Information Technologies
    Mr. Chairman, Mr. Secretary General, Excellencies, Distinguished Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is a remote island nation consisting of many island communities scattered widely across 2700 kilometers in the Pacific. Isolation, distance, and a small resource base pose challenges that make it difficult for the nation to develop and prosper. However, telecommunications can act as a conduit for opportunity if there is modern information and communications technology infrastructure and broadband connectivity in place. The most critical issue facing the Federated States of Micronesia is the provision of sufficient connectivity to the international community. The FSM’s small and developing economy relies heavily on international trade yet limited on-island resources and difficulties accessing global markets place local industries at a disadvantage to operate and compete. However, by expanding global connectivity, access can be improved and applications (such as on-line, interactive, and broadband) can be implemented to help FSM leverage limited domestic resources. We are optimistic that soon this will be possible. The FSM is talking to submarine fiber optic cable consortiums about deploying a branching unit to connect to an international submarine fiber optic network. Fiber optic cable consortiums run their cables around and through Pacific Island Nations, often without giving small countries the opportunity to connect. This lack of opportunity is mainly due to a general lack of awareness regarding our country, its needs, and its financial capabilities, combined with the cable industry’s rush to serve large, densely populated regions. The result is an unfortunate case of bypass. Currently, the FSM, like the vast majority of the Pacific Island Countries, is left to use narrowband satellite technology to communicate with the world and frequently this means using multiple satellite hops.

    78. Government Finance
    Federated States of micronesia. PO Box PS12, Palikir Pohnpei, FSM 96941 telephone (691) 320 2820 fax (691) 320 5620 e-mail government Finance
    Division of Statistics
    Department of Economic Affairs
    Federated States of Micronesia Site map Search the site P.O. Box PS-12, Palikir Pohnpei, FSM 96941 telephone: (691) 320 2820 fax: (691) 320 5620 e-mail:
    Government Finance Statistics
    Government Finance, FY1996 to FY2003 FY01 est FY02 est FY03 proj Revenue and grants Expenditure Overall Balance Source: Economic Management Policy Advisory Team (EMPAT) For more detailed breakdown on Government Finance Statistics, go to the key_stats workbook Thank you for visiting this website.
    This website was last updated on November 24, 2003.
    Questions or comments? Please forward them to the webmaster
    Key stats

    79. Asia Source: Policy & Government: Keesing Profiles
    Federated States of micronesia Updated October 2002 Head of State and government. President Leo Falcam Birthdate November 20, 1935 in Pohnpei State.
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    80. WorldLII - Categories - Countries - Micronesia Federated States Of - Government
    government Search General Information on the government of the Federated States of micronesia;
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