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101. Interstate Measles Transmission From A Ski Resort -- Colorado, 1994
persons; and 3) special events at the Missouri boarding school that drew Only two outbreaks (lllinois/Missouri and michigan) resulted in substantial numbers of
Interstate Measles Transmission from a Ski Resort Colorado, 1994
During April 1-May 25, 1994, a chain of measles transmission began in Breckenridge, Colorado, and extended into nine additional states; a total of 247 measles cases were reported, representing 36% of all U.S. measles cases reported to the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (excluding those reported from U.S. territories) through July 2 (week 26). The source of exposure was unknown but is believed to have been an out-of-state tourist who probably visited Breckenridge during March because 1) no measles cases had previously been reported in Colorado during 1994, and 2) the only common exposure appeared to have been at a ski resort visited by many out-of-state travelers. Persons associated with spread of measles from Breckenridge were predominately school- and college-aged. This report summarizes the investigation of this chain of interstate measles transmission. A total of 15 measles cases with rash onset during April 4-21 occurred in Breckenridge. Persons with measles ranged in age from 16 years to 46 years (median: 27.6 years). All cases met the CDC measles clinical case definition (1); 12 were serologically confirmed. All 15 ill persons either lived in Summit County (Breckenridge) or three neighboring counties (Arapahoe, Chaffee, and Park) or worked in tourism-related services in or near Breckenridge. Twelve of the 15 ill persons are believed to have been exposed to the unidentified source, and three cases resulted from secondary transmission. Two cases occurred among high school students; no further transmission in schools was reported.

102. A House Of Hope  [Michigan Education Report]
of Hope is a private Christian boarding school, founded in who have dropped out of school to regain s director of education, told michigan Education Report.

103. Faculty/Staff
University, MA Paul Hansen History, Anthropology University of michigan, BA University BA Colorado State University, MA Carolyn Morello - School Nurse Terry




VVS Amigos

HUMANITIES ENGLISH Jenifer Gill - English
Shepherd College, B.S.
John Griffiths
- English
Oxford University, B.A. Walter N. Mason - English, Associate Director of Admission Yale University, B.A. Harvard University, M.A. Wayne State University, M.A. HISTORY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Gordon Brown - History, Librarian State University of New York, Oswego, B.A. Colorado State University, M.A. Paul Hansen - History, Anthropology University of Michigan, B.A. University of Montana, M.A. MATH AND SCIENCE MATH Rebekah Crisp - Mathematics University of North Carolina, B.A., MAT, M.S. Dan Dudley - Mathematics Lock Haven University, B.S. Andrew Gill - Mathematics, Science University of Bristol, England, B.S. University of Exeter, England, M.S. SCIENCE Johanna Messer - Science, Mathematics Montclair State College, B.S. Jim Richards - Science U.C. Berkeley, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. LANGUAGE SPANISH Sandra Conway - Spanish Northern Arizona University, B.S.

104. Boarder Cross - Encyclopedia Article About Boarder Cross. Free Access, No Regist
Boarder Cross. Word Word. Boarder Cross is a relatively new type of snowboard A snowboard is the Cross
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Boarder Cross
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Boarder Cross is a relatively new type of snowboard A snowboard is the main piece of equipment used in snowboarding. It is a board designed to be attached beneath the rider's feet with bindings, and ridden down dry ski slopes or snow-covered slopes. No ski poles are used. Most snowboards are constructed of a wood core and laminated with fiberglass. The front of the board (the "nose" in snowboarder parlance) is upturned, to help the
Click the link for more information. competition. A group of competitors (usually more than four) begin the race at the same time through starting gates and attempt to reach the bottom of the course first. The course is typically quite narrow and includes gap jumps, berms, drops, steep and flat sections designed to challenge the rider's ability to stay in control. It is not uncommon for racers to collide with each and other. Racers generally wear full face helmets similar to those used by motor bike riders. The sport was influenced by Motocross Motocross racing is form of motorcycle racing held on artificial loose dirt circuits, constructed with many corners and steep bumps from which riders launch themselves high into the air.

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