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         Massachusetts Law Criminal Code:     more detail
  1. Report of one of the commissioners appointed to reduce the common law of crimes and punishments to a systematic code by John Gray Rogers, 1844

21. Publications: Stanley Z. Fisher
Justice System An Overview, in massachusetts Continuing Legal Involuntary Confessions and Article 35, criminal Procedure code 3 Journal of Ethiopian law 330
Stanley Z. Fisher
Publications Go to earliest "A Miscarriage of Justice in Massachusetts: Eyewitness Identification Procedures, Unrecorded Admissions, and A Comparison with English Law," (with Ian K. McKenzie), 13 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal "Convictions of Innocent Persons in Massachusetts: An Overview," 12 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal "The Prosecutor's Ethical Duty to Seek Exculpatory Evidence in Police Hands: Lessons from England," 68 Fordham Law Review 1379 (2000), Symposium on Ethics in Criminal Advocacy. Back to Top Massachusetts Criminal Practice (Co-ed. with Eric D. Blumenson and Daniel Kanstroom, and contributor), Charlottesville, Virginia: Lexis Law Publishing. Massachusetts Criminal Defense, 1996 Supplement for Abridged Clinical Student Edition, (with E. Blumenson), Salem, New Hampshire: Butterworth Legal Publishers. "Just the Facts, Ma'am: Lying and the Omission of the Exculpatory Evidence in the Police Reports," 28 New England Law Review Massachusetts Criminal Defense , 1993 Supplement for Abridged Clinical Student Edition, (with E. Blumenson), Salem, New Hampshire: Butterworth Legal Publishers.

22. BU Law Library: Research: Clinical Programs: Massachusetts Court Resources (Topi
massachusetts law. agency decisions, state statutes, and the code of massachusetts massachusetts criminal Jury Instructions a Lexis database accessible by
Massachusetts Court Resources
Court Rules How to Get There Massachusetts Law Massachusetts Jury Instructions ... Other Massachusetts Court Resources Court Rules Massachusetts has rules of court that apply throughout the state, including Rules of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, and Appellate Procedure. (There is no codified set of Rules of Evidence in Massachusetts.) In addition, there are separate procedural rules for the Supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court and for each department of the Trial Court (including the Superior Court, Housing Court, Juvenile Court, Land Court, Probate and Family Court, the District Courts and Boston Municipal Court). Attorneys who practice before those courts must follow these rules in addition to the Rules of Civil, Criminal, or Appellate Procedure. These rules of individual courts often address procedural issues such as filing deadlines, guidelines for pleadings and memoranda submitted to that court, even rules about whether one can cite unpublished opinions in documents submitted to that court. These rules may include forms to be used in practice before that court. The library's guide on Massachusetts legal research provides more complete information about resources for Court Rules for state and federal courts in Massachusetts.

23. AIUSA: Rights For All: Violations Of The Human Rights Of Women In Custody: Facts
Commonwealth of massachusetts Chapter 127 of the Acts of 1999. Michigan includes its law within the Penal code chapter of criminal sexual conduct.


The State of Laws and Lawlessness:
A survey of statutes on custodial sexual contact Incarcerated women in U.S. prisons often suffer punishment far in excess of their state imposed sentence. At the hands of correctional officers they face widespread sexual abuse ranging from unauthorized body frisks to rape. Thirteen states offer no legal protections for women against sexual molestation and abuse: The following states have no law: Alabama; Kentucky; Minnesota; Oregon; Utah; Vermont; Wisconsin The following states have enacted laws since March 4, 1999 Massachusetts; Montana; Nebraska; Virginia; Washington; West Virginia NOTE : Amnesty International - USA believes that the West Virginia legislation is inadequate to protect women incarcerated in that state, and an action will be initiated shortly) In the vast majority of U.S. states and the Federal government, laws apply that recognize the potential for abusive relationships between female inmates and correctional authorities and have criminalized custodial sexual contact. Despite laws on the books, enforcement is often sporadic or non-existent. Nationwide, rape and sexual abuse of incarcerated women is so widespread that inmates often consider it a customary aspect of the prison experience. The recent explosion in the number of women incarcerated exacerbates the problem, increasing instances of physical and emotional violation. Alaska


United States

Alaska 's law is incorporated into the Criminal Code for sexual assault.

24. Criminal Law Resources - Crime, Victim & Juvenile Resource - Criminal Law Source
INDIANA IOWA KANSAS KENTUCKY LOUISIANA MAINE MARYLAND massachusetts MICHIGAN MINNESOTA Part I Crimes Crime Bill (Overview) code of criminal law criminal

25. Nigeriaworld -- The Politics Of '419': Internationalizing Nigerian Criminal Code
according to section 419 of the Nigerian criminal code. is empowered to maintain law and order drawn from Wellesley College, massachusetts, Harvard University
Femi Ajayi's Outlook
The Colonists took a shot at our wealth by taking what did not belong to them when they arrived at the Coast of Africa in the early 1800. They cheated Nigerians and Africans at large.
Thursday, March 21, 2002
Dr. Femi Ajayi

Internationalizing Nigerian Criminal Code, Chapter 38 Section '419'
have been grossly disturbed by tens of messages on my e-mail, faxes for business transactions on oil products, gold, over or double invoice contracts, real estate, distribution of money from wills, over-budgeted money, that requires me to respond so that a large sum of money could be transferred to my account in my country. Such messages could be tempting if and when you called the number provided and someone is at the source responding to your inquiry. The temptation could be stronger when it keeps on coming with 'authentic' documents. The whole thing is like someone trying to harvest where he does not sow. If I may share a couple of phrases that tend to tempt some feeble minds to be victims of the ''419'' Someone from Sierra Leone claimed to be a 29-year old son of one late businessman Mr. Joseph Mashow and he would like to transfer $7 million to my account. He gave all excuses like seizing his international passports and people are after his father's treasury just to assist him invests the $7 million: "So I decided to contact you confidentially. Now I urgently need an assistance of a reputable and trustworthy Foreigner like you to help me receive and subsequently invest on my behalf the sum of US$ (SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS), which my Father kept in a vault in BENIN REPUBLIC OF COTONOU before his death"

26. ISPs In Massachusetts Information At
Search by zip code. Similar Pages. massachusetts criminal law Category found in Maryland Legal Practice by Specialty massachusetts criminal law resources.
ISPs in Massachusetts - Companies offering Internet access primarily in the state of Massachusetts. All of
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27. WWLIA - Unlimited Resource Of Legal Information On Criminal Law
Defense law Locate lawyers in massachusetts that handle Attorneys Features a directory of criminal law attorneys. Search by city, state, zip code, practice area^1p0^1p1^3p1^2p5^14p0^0p0^0p7^9
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Black and Ciment Criminal Defense Law Firm

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28. WWLIA - Unlimited Resource Of Legal Information On Criminal Law
Search by city, state, zip code, practice area, or lawyer criminal Defense law Locate lawyers in massachusetts that handle criminal law cases including^2p0^1p1^2p1^4p5^10p0^0p0^0p7^11
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29. Bookstore
with CDROM, product icon, California Penal Vehicle code, 2004 Edition, product icon, massachusetts criminal and Traffic law Manual, 2001 Edition,

30. CD ROM Databases - Supreme Court Of Ohio
Practice code of Civil Procedure massachusetts, Annotated laws Practice New Jersey Real Estate law and Practice Services Ohio Manual of criminal Complaints and
Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library
CD-ROM and On-line Databases Available in the Library
Available on all workstations:
Code of Federal Regulations (West)
Congressional Record On-line
Federal Reporter (West)
Federal Register On-line
Federal Supplement (West)
Infotrac On-line
Ohio Citations: with Ohio Unreported Appellate Citations (Shepard's)
Ohio Forms on Disc (Anderson)
Ohio Jurisprudence 3d (West) Ohio Law On-line (Anderson) Ohio Jury Instructions (Anderson) Ohio Reports (West) Ohio Revised Code Annotated / Ohio Administrative Code, Approved Edition (West/ Banks Baldwin) Supreme Court Reporter (West) United States Code Annotated (West) Available on Request on all workstations: a b c d ... w A ABA Tax Lawyer Index Age Discrimination Litigation Alabama Index Arizona Index Arkansas Model Jury Instructions - Civil 4th Edition Forms on Disc Art Law Handbook B Baldwin's Ohio Practice, Business Organizations British Company Law Library C California Family Law Database Chief Counsel Advice China Laws for Foreign Business Clerk's Manual Effectively Representing Your Client before the "New" IRS Law of Trusts and Trustees (Bogert) Competition Law of Canada Appendices Computer Software Agreements Forms Connecticut Practice Series Criminal Jury Instructions 3rd Edition Construction Industry Formbook Consumer Law in a Box 2000 Contemporary Corporation Forms on CD-ROM Corporate Counsel's Guide to Employment Contracts Corporate Counsel's Guide to Software Transactions

31. The History Of Sodomy Laws In The United States - New Hampshire
In 1679, New Hampshire separated from massachusetts and enacted its own laws. The first criminal code 3 included a sodomy law based on prohibitions enunciated
Last editted: January 21, 2003

The Sensibilities of Our Forefathers
The History of Sodomy Laws in the United States
By George Painter
New Hampshire
"[A] 12-year-old boy...was being examined as a "sexual psychopath" because he and a 9-year-old boy compared the length of their genitalia[.]" The Colonial Period, 1607-1776 New Hampshire was settled in 1623 and, for more than a half century, juridically was part of Massachusetts. The laws of England may have been considered in force, but an early case casts some doubt on that. In 1635, two men were arrested for committing sodomy with each other "on the Lord’s day in time of public exercise," but they were not prosecuted because the government officials "did not think fit to try them here." Massachusetts enacted its first sodomy law in 1636 (q.v.) and it therefore had applicability to the area now known as New Hampshire. As a result, the next legal proceeding for sodomitical acts was dealt with harshly. In 1663, a woman was accused of having claimed falsely that her husband, Matthew Giles, buggered her "servant boy," William Penney. Penney testified that Mrs. Giles "hired him" to lie to investigators about the alleged incident. Each was sentenced to a flogging, and Mrs. Giles also was given an indefinite term in prison.

(1971). massachusetts criminal law Revision Commission, criminal code of Mass. (Proposed 1972) cited as Mass. ch. _ §.
TITLES 8 and 9
Abbreviations Used
The former Guam Penal Code is cited as or
The Government Code of Guam is cited as
The Civil Code of Guam is cited as
The 1970 Code of Criminal Procedure is cited as
The 1970 Code of Civil Procedure is cited as
The is cited as and, in updated sections as
Criminal Procedure Code of 1977 is cited as or or in later updates as American Law Institute, Model Penal Code (Proposed Official Draft 1962) cited as cited as California Joint Legislative Committee for Revision of the Penal Code, Penal Code Revision Project (Staff Draft entitled "The Criminal Code 1971) cited as Massachusetts Criminal Law Revision Commission, Criminal Code of Mass. (Proposed 1972) cited as New Jersey Criminal Law Revision Commission, New Jersey Penal Code (Final Report, 1971) (two volumes) cited as

33. Code Amber Sex Offender Registries By State
Site massachusetts Commonwealth of massachusetts Sex Offender SOUTH CAROLINA law Enforcement Division - Sex WYOMING Division of criminal Investigation - Sex
Search Code Amber
Code Amber Sex Offender Registries by State
This list of SOR registries is accurate as of May 7, 2004:
Please read each front page very carefully before clicking "I AGREE", access may be restricted and/or monitored. Not all states have a state wide regisrty, thus you must search by city, county, or not at all. If you have difficulty searching you may want to contact your local law inforcement agency.
Alabama Department of Public Safety - Bureau of Investigation - Sex Offenders Search SOR Web Site
Alabama's Community Notification Act (Megan's Law) was passed into law by the Alabama legislature in 1996. Since passage, the Act has been revised to the point that it is one the strongest in the nation with respect to convicted sex offenders [Title 15, Chapter 20]. Web Site
Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender Registration Central Registry SOR Web Site
Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender InfoCenter SOR Web Site
Crime Information Center SOR Web Site CALIFORNIA State Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General SOR Web Site [This is not a searchable directory!]

34. The Law And American Indian Burial Protections--Massachusetts Laws
are less than 100 years old, a criminal investigation may which may be found at http// code Book massachusetts General laws Citation Ch.
Federal laws
State laws

Some preserved sites.

Some history and culture
News Archive Index

Return to main Learn page
Please inform the webmaster of any broken links!
The Law and American Indian Grave Protection
Massachussets Laws
When contacted, the State Archaeologist, Brona Simon, obligingly mailed the following burial laws which had not been placed digitally. We thank her for her assistance.
Massachusetts burial laws:
Ch. 114 Section 17, Preservation of Ancient Burial Places

Ch. 38 Section 6B, Discovery of Unmarked Human Skeletal Remains etc.

Ch. 9, Section 27C, Reports to State Archaeologist (Cessation of Activities at Unmarked Burial Grounds)
Ch. 114 Section 18, Care of Neglected Burial Places ... Chapter 9: Section 26A. State archaeologist: duties, reservation of lands from sale; cooperation of governmental agencies The State Archaeologist also mailed this fact sheet of "Information and Assistance from the Massachusetts Historical Commission": What to Do When Human Burials are Accidentally Uncovered 1. Why are bones sometimes found?

35. The Five Worst (and Five Best) American Criminal Codes
The criminal codes of North Carolina, South Carolina codes fail to define assault. The massachusetts code is typical to the punishment provided by law for such
The Five Worst (and Five Best) American Criminal Codes Paul H. Robinson , Michael T. Cahill, and Usman Mohammad I. The Functions of a Criminal Code
II. An Evaluation System
A. Does the Code Contain a Comprehensive Statement of the Law's Commands?

1. Abolition of Uncodified or Common Law Offenses
2. Specification of Affirmative Duties and Justification Rules
3. Definition of Terms
B. Does the Code Effectively Communicate the Law's Commands to the Public?
1. Drafting Style
2. Organization
C. Does the Code Provide a Comprehensive and Accessible Statement of its Rules of Adjudication?
1. The Need for Comprehensiveness 2. Complete Specification of Necessary Rules 3. Sufficiency of Detail and Ease of Use D. Does the Code Accurately Assess Who Does and Who Does Not Deserve Criminal Liability? 1. Appropriate Criminalization Decisions 2. Appropriate Liability Rules 3. A Comprehensive System of Defenses E. For Those Offenders Held Criminally Liable, Does the Code Accurately Assess the Proper Grade of Liability and Punishment? 1. Consistency and "Grading" of Offenses

36. Boston College: John J. Burns Library
helped revise the US criminal code, and spearheaded has taught at Georgetown University law Center Biog/Hist Note massachusetts Congresswoman, Cabinet Officer
John J. Burns Library
Congressional Archives Records Summaries
Summaries of Congressional Archives Records in the Burns Library are provided below. For more detailed information about these same collections, consult the BC Libraries On-Line Catalog Congressional Archives Research Collections Burns Home Page
Boland, Edward P., 1911-
Title: Edward P. Boland Papers, 1952-1988.
Description: 205 linear ft. (206 boxes).
Notes: Access restricted until completion of processing.
Finding aids: Partial inventory available.
Summary: Composed of correspondence, publications, photographs, audio tapes, videocassettes, newspaper clippings and related materials. The papers document Boland's career in Congress and touch upon various events and issues. Much of the material concerns the 2nd congressional district, especially the cities of Springfield and Chicopee.
Biog/Hist Note: Massachusetts Congressman. Boland was born in Springfield, Mass. He attended Boston College Law School and from 1935 to 1941 served in the Massachusetts State Legislature. From 1952 to 1988 he was a member of the United States House of Representatives. Boland served on a number of Committees while in Congress and authored the "Boland Ammendments," which limited American government aid to the Nicaraguan Contra Rebels.
Drinan, Robert F.

37. LexisNexis Customer Service Center
MA code of massachusetts Regulations. Regulations/State/Administrative codes (Regulations) /Area of law - By Topic/criminal law/Administrative Materials

STATUTES AND LAWS. Ref KF 6 United States code Service. Ref massachusetts. Ref KFM 2961 .A3 criminal Laws of massachusetts. HISTORIES. Ref
for brief articles and definitions of terms. Ref HV 7411 .R87 Dictionary of Criminal Justice Ref HV 9304 .W54 Dictionary of American Penology. Ref KF 156 .B53 Black's Law Dictionary
ENCYCLOPEDIAS AND HANDBOOKS Ref HV 6245 .F74 Murder Cases Ref HV 6439 .U5 K663 National Gangs Resource Handbook Ref HV 6439 .U7 K55 Gangs: A Reference Handbook Ref HV 6561 .H337 Rape in America: Reference Handbook HV 7419 .A48 Introduction to Computing in Criminal Justice. Ref HV 7436 .K78 Gun Control Ref HV 7901 .E53 Encyclopedia of Police Science Ref HV 8141 .G44 Deadly Force Ref HV 8144 .F43 T48 The FBI: A Comprehensive Reference Guide. Ref HV 8694 .G76 Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment. Ref HV 9103 .A54a National Juvenile Detention Directory Ref HV 9104 .A775 Standards for Juvenile Correctional Boot Camp Programs. HV 9104 .J833 Juvenile Crime: Opposing Viewpoints Ref HV .P765

39. Springfield Library: Government & Law
current and historical), the US code and Regulations legal topics, such as divorce, criminal law,adoption, etc information on legal aid, massachusetts courts and
Federal International Politics ...
Springfield Library: Federal, State and Local Government Officials
Check here for contact information for officials in Federal, state and local government and for elected representatives for the Greater Springfield area.
Local Government
See page.
MassGov (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)
Where Do I Vote?
Fill in your home address on the online form to determine your ward and precinct and polling place for municipal, state, and federal elections.
Commonwealth Communities
Check here for a wealth of information about cities and towns in the state, including community profiles, Department of Revenue statistics, "cherry sheets" which detail state aid granted to each municipality, school profiles, and information from other state agencies.
Massachusetts Legislative Directory
Profiles, addresses, and telephone numbers for state senators and representatives, searchable alphabetically. You can also search by city or town
Massachusetts City and Town Clerk Directory
Provides addresses and telephone numbers of municipal clerks' offices throughout the Commonwealth.

40. The Vanishing Idealism Of Criminal Law In Colonial America | Turnabout
law of Pennsylvania and massachusetts, and that ideological reason for adopting a distinctive criminal law. for adopting a distinctive criminal code, and may
@import url(misc/drupal.css);
The Vanishing Idealism of Criminal Law in Colonial America
James Kalb
Yale Law School
Supervised Analytic Writing Barbara Black, supervisor
Draft In what follows I will trace these developments and discuss their causes. I will not discuss the entire body of criminal law in each colony, but only the major crimes against the person, against property, and against religion and morals. Other categories of crime, such as contempts of authority, offenses against public order, and currency offenses either tend to be too idiosyncratic in their definition and punishment for comparison to be useful, or raise issues which would inconveniently broaden the scope of this paper. Early Pennsylvania legislation can best be understood by considering the legislators. Both William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, and most of the early colonists were Quakers, and therefore it is to be expected that Quaker beliefs would have a profound effect on all the institutions of early Pennsylvania, including criminal law. Penn's purpose in founding the colony was to establish a commonwealth founded on Quaker principles which would provide a refuge where his co-religionists would be free to live in accordance with their beliefs. As one would expect of a person so closely connected with the most powerful men in England, and yet so deeply at odds with the predominant political, social, and moral attitudes of the day, Penn had devoted a great deal of thought to politics and political reform.

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