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         Massachusetts Law Criminal Code:     more detail
  1. Report of one of the commissioners appointed to reduce the common law of crimes and punishments to a systematic code by John Gray Rogers, 1844

1. LII: State Statutes By Topic
To LII home. law About . . . criminal code. massachusetts (see Title I); Michigan Penal code; Crimes and Offenses. Minnesota (see Chapters 609 thru 624);
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Topical Index:
State Statutes on the Internet (Part II)
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Criminal Code
Criminal Procedure

2. Buffalo Criminal Law Center - Criminal Law Resources On The Internet
code of criminal law criminal Procedure ( Title 18, United States code) Proposed New Federal criminal code ( 1971) U.S. 27). massachusetts . Michigan. Penal code
Buffalo Criminal Law Center
Criminal Law Resources on the Internet
Introductory Note: This page provides on-line access to criminal law materials from the United States and throughout the world, including, among other things, criminal codes, criminal procedure codes, and enforcement codes. For a dynamic website integrating these materials into a comprehensive and systematic collection of interconnected annotated codes, court opinions, and commentary, go to the Penal Law Web . For a web digest of New York criminal law, click here Argentina Australia Austria Bolivia Brazil
Chile China (People's Republic) Colombia Penal Code Finland France Germany

3. LII: State Statutes By Topic
criminal code; criminal Procedure; Education; Elections; Evidence. Family law Adoption; massachusetts (see Chapters 124 132B); Michigan- Chapter 286;
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Topical Index:
State Statutes on the Internet
Most but not all state statutes on the Internet are organized along lines fitting the following topical breakdown.
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State Statutes on the Internet by Topic
Alcoholic Beverages
Alternative Dispute Resolution

4. Michie From LexisNexis
Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. massachusetts. Michigan. Minnesota. Mississippi Corporate law. criminal law Procedure. Education law Uniform Commercial code (UCC) Workers' Compensation law

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5. Welcome To The Legal Information Institute
Family law. Employment law. Accidents Injuries. criminal law Procedure. Courts US code. US Constitution. code of Federal February 3 massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issues
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6. Massachusetts Law: Massachusetts Lawyer Views
Adverse Possession criminal law massachusetts criminal lawyers. Today English law is still the law of the The California civil code (Section 22.2) states that
Introduction Today there are literally millions of laws (and millions of lawsuits), there are laws covering virtually every field of human endeavor and the number is growing. This growth is not only numerical, it is substantive. As the law grows, it changes because courts are constantly interpreting laws by applying them to particular circumstances. For this reason law has been characterized as a seamless web. What follows is a general framework for understanding the legal system, followed by basic introductions to selected legal areas. General Introductory information:
Massachusetts Laws and Regulations
Common law
Civil Law
Personal Injury Law Personal Injury Guide
Buying and Selling a Home in Massachusetts
Adverse Possession
Criminal Law
Massachusetts Criminal Lawyers
The Common Law The legal system of the United States is based on the common law of England. Even though the colonies revolted against the British empire, they retained its legal institutions. In fact, the colonists revolted precisely because they believed that their common law rights were being taken away. Today English law is still the law of the land in some states. The California civil code (Section 22.2) states that the "common law of England, so far as it is not repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, or Constitution or laws of this state, is the rule of decision in all the courts of this state." The distinguishing features of the common law are that it is based on a system of rights and most of the law is judge-made. Rights are an abstract concept that can be confusing, but the basic idea is straightforward. Rights can be thought of as domains or spheres in which people are free to act without interference. The common law evolved to protect and define this "space." The legal categories that most people are familiar with are common law rights. Property defines the right to possess and own things. Contracts deal with the transfer and exchange of rights. Torts protect rights from accidents and aggression.

7. Crime, Law Enforcement, And Prisons: General
22C (Department of State Police); massachusetts General Laws, part IV (Crimes, Punishments and Proceedings in criminal Cases); Ohio Revised code, title 29 (Crimes
Internet Law Library
Crime, Law Enforcement, and Prisons: General
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8. New England School Of Law: Databases & Directories
Chronicle of Higher Education, About. code of massachusetts Regulations (see Mass. Consumer law Pleadings, About. criminal Practice Online Pike Fisher, About.
C D E ... T-Z Database Name
Restrictions More About Archives USA About Basic Documents and Case Law, 1995-2000 International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda About Bibliography of Early American Law About Biography Resource Center: The Complete Marquis Who's Who [via Infotrac] About Biography Resource Center: The Complete Marquis Who's Who -REMOTE ACCESS, WITH NESL BAR CODE About Boston Globe, 1980- [via Newsbank] About Boston Globe, 1980- REMOTE ACCESS, WITH NESL BAR CODE About Boston Herald, 1997- [via Newsbank] About Boston Herald, 1997- REMOTE ACCESS, WITH NESL BAR CODE About (Boston Public Library) Obituary Database About CALI ... About Code of Massachusetts Regulations (see Mass. Admin. Law Library) About Consumer Law in a Box About Consumer Law Pleadings About Core Materials on Legal Ethics About Criminal Practice Online About Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP) About Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage (The Lawyer's Reference Shelf) About
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About E-Books (NetLibrary) REMOTE ACCESS, WITH NESL BAR CODE About Encyclopedia Britannica About Environment Law Reporter Update About Eureka (RLIN) About Europe About Evidentiary Foundations (PLI) About Expanded Academic ASAP [via InfoTrac] About Expanded Academic ASAP REMOTE ACCESS, WITH NESL BAR CODE

9. CRIMINAL LAW: LawResearch
code; Kentucky criminal code; Maine criminal code; massachusetts criminal code; code; Washington criminal code; West Virginia criminal code criminal law by Subject.
Mainstreet Attorney Directory LawResearch Library Membership ... MORE CRIMINAL LAW LINKS

10. EZ Law Criminal Law Locator
Iowa criminal law and Procedure Kansas - Crimes and Punishments (Table of Contents Format) Kentucky Penal code - Scroll Down to Title L. massachusetts Crimes
US Constitution, Bill of Rights - Text of Bill of Rights in easily printable form. US Constitution, Bill of Rights - Amendments 4, 5, 6 and 8 US Constitution, Bill of Rights - Full Text plus Supreme Court Case Annotations for all amendments to the US Constitution (including the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments) can be found here. Each amendment with annotations can be downloaded from this site in PDF or TXT formats. US Code, Title 18 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure -
Alternate Site
Federal Sentencing Guidelines Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure United States Supreme Court Recent Criminal Law Decisions ... Key Supreme Court Cases in Criminal Procedure - Compiled by Dr. Tom O'Connor United States Circuit Courts Recent Criminal Law Decisions - Cornell Site
US District Court for the District of Puerto Rico Criminal Rules

Voir Dire Checklist for Criminal Trials
- From the US District Court for the District of Maine
Alaska - Title 11 - Criminal Law - Table of Contents of Chapters

Arizona Criminal Code
- Searchable by Keyword
- Court of Appeals Criminal Law Decisions
Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure

California Penal Code
- Table of Contents Format
Title 18
Florida - Crimes Florida Georgia - Enter "Criminal Code" as keyword search query.

11. Criminal Law - Model Penal Code And Commentaries - ALI Catalog
of Harvard University, Cambridge, massachusetts; Kenneth D code Project of The American law Institute iv Inchoate Crimes criminal Attempt; criminal Solicitation
Model Penal Code Complete Statutory Text, Official Draft as adopted at the 1962 Annual Meeting of The American Law Institute, Order Code 5788, $40 Order this item View Shopping Cart Checkout Empty Shopping Cart Model Penal Code and Commentaries (Parts I and II) Revised Comments, with text of Model Penal Code as adopted at the 1962 Annual Meeting of The American Law Institute. The commentary for Parts I and II was significantly expanded and updated to reflect and explore the far-reaching legislative and judicial response to the Code. Parts I and II, and Complete Statutory Text, (7 vols.), 1980 and 1985, Order Code 5791, Was $250. NOW $150 Order this item Part I: General Provisions (3 vols.): Vol. 1, §§ 1.01 to 2.13, liii, 420 pp.; Preliminary; General Principles of Liability. Vol. 2, §§ 3.01 to 5.07, xl, 506 pp.; General Principles of Justification; Responsibility; Inchoate Crimes. Vol. 3, §§ 6.01 to 7.09, xl, 319 pp.; Authorized Disposition of Offenders; Authority of Court in Sentencing. 1985, Order Code 5787, Was $110.

12. Criminal Law - A Model Code Of Pre-Arraignment Procedure - ALI Catalog
authorities to evaluate their own criminal justice operations James Vorenberg, Harvard University law School, Cambridge, massachusetts; Reporters Paul M
CRIMINAL LAW A Model Code of Pre-Arraignment Procedure xxii, 767 pp., 1975, Order Code 5101, Was $35. NOW $20. Order this item View Shopping Cart Checkout Empty Shopping Cart A Model Code of Pre-Arraignment Procedure is a comprehensive statute that integrates Supreme Court decisions on police practices and criminal procedure with developing knowledge and views about sound law enforcement and criminal administration. The proposals set forth in the Model Code were intended to encourage legislatures and rule-making authorities to evaluate their own criminal justice operations and to formulate such specific rules as they deem appropriate. Chief Reporter: James Vorenberg, Harvard University Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Reporters: Paul M. Bator, Harvard University Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts Tentative Draft No. 1 and Study Draft No. 1); Charles Fried, Harvard University Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Telford Taylor, Columbia University School of Law, New York, New York Search and Seizure); Associate Reporters: Edward L. Barrett, Jr.

13. - Your Law Source
2004 Edition); Maine Crimes, criminal code, Motor Vehicles Maryland criminal law and Motor Vehicle Handbook 2004 Edition); massachusetts criminal law and Motor

14. West-Search Results
a more thorough investigation of an entire Bankruptcy code section or criminal law, 3d (Vol. 32, massachusetts Practice Series) Covers substantive law of crimes

15. SecurityFocus ONLINE Library Archive

16. News & Features | IDENTITY CRISIS
CORI reads like a synopsis of the US criminal code. a list of David’s 74 criminal charges Fran Fajama, an attorney with the massachusetts law Reform Institute
Thursday, June 10, 2004 Clubs Tonight Hot Tix Band Guide Guide to Summer '04 ...
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Suing to get their good names back
BY DAVID S. BERNSTEIN Edward Bland, of Springfield, has what the Executive Office of Public Safety (EOPS) would call an "alias problem." Others might call it plain old identity theft. In Bland’s case, a guy named Donald Fowler — who has a list of criminal charges on his record — claimed to be Bland when stopped by police. At some point, police caught on that Fowler was using Bland’s name as an alias, and put that in the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) database. With the two records linked in the CORI database, any time Fowler claims to be Bland, both records will come up. That’s really useful for police, but really annoying if you’re Edward Bland, who’s been reduced to carrying around a letter from Hampden County assistant district attorney Patrick Sabbs to prove to potential employers that he is not Donald Fowler — and that he does not have a criminal record. Bland’s problem is one of the most common complaints about the state’s CORI system (see " Record Time ," News and Features, August 29, 2003). Now, with help from the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Bland and others are fighting back with a class-action lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court last Thursday.

17. Citizens' Arrest
Contrast this to massachusetts law, which while permitting a Kentucky law holds that a person witnessing a a citizen s arrest (Kentucky criminal code § 37; S
Constitutional Business
Post Office Box 90
Hull, Massachusetts 02045
Tel. 617-925-5253
Fax 617-925-3906
Limited License:
Published By Citizens' Justice Programs Post Office Box 90, Hull, Massachusetts 02045
Citizens' Arrest
By David C. Grossack, Constitutional Attorney
Not long ago the politically correct Boston Globe noticed a "shocking" new trend. It seems as if some citizens of Massachusetts were so fed up with crime that they have begun to intervene in petty street crime afflicting the streets of our cities. Thieves and pickpockets in Massachusetts should exercise caution in where and how they ply their craft as the chances that vigilantes pummel them and drag them to the nearest cop are definitely on an upswing. While the Globe is shocked at this healthy trend, students of the law should note that both a statutory and common law basis for a certain degree of "vigilante behavior" is well founded. Indeed, in an era of lawlessness it is important that readers be advised as to their lawful right to protect their communities, loved ones and themselves by making lawful citizens' arrests. The purpose of this essay is to simply explain the law and the historical context of the citizen's arrest. First, what is an arrest?

18. CBS News | Married In Massachusetts | February 5, 2004 07:32:10
ruling can extend beyond the arena of the criminal code and into suspect neither do the folks who passed it into law. In massachusetts, the debate is different
Home U.S. Iraq World ... FREE CBS News Video February 5, 2004 07:32:10 The Early Show CBS Evening News 48 Hours 60 Minutes ...
Section Front

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Married In Massachusetts
Feb. 4, 2004
Mass. Affirms Gay Marriage

(Photo: AP / CBS)
Indeed, of all the hot-potato issues currently swirling around the courts, the same-sex marriage issue has the clearest potential to be for this decade of jurisprudence what the abortion rights issue was to the jurisprudence of the 1970s.
Attorney Andrew Cohen analyzes legal issues for CBS News and
The chasm between those states that "do" and those states that "don't" is big and getting bigger. One day after Ohio legislators approved a sweeping ban on same sex unions, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued an advisory ruling declaring that only same-sex marriage outright, and not merely same-sex unions, would satisfy the Bay State's constitution. Dozens of other states already have outlawed civil unions. But several other states, and many local communities, formally recognize some form of rights for same-sex couples.
The Justices of the United States Supreme Court probably can feel this legal, political, religious and moral firestorm coming their way. In fact, they helped start the conflagration last June when a majority on the Court outlawed Texas' sodomy stature because it discriminated against homosexuals. Ultimately, the Justices will have to decide whether the rationale of their Texas ruling can extend beyond the arena of the criminal code and into the arena of civil rights and privileges. A definitive answer to that question probably is years away. But between now and then the fur is going to fly in dozens of courtrooms across the country.

19. Computer Crime Statutes State By State --- --- Online Security
MAINE criminal code Table of Contents only; text not yet on the Web Maryland Md. code Ann., Crim. law §§ 27-45A, 27-145, 27-146, 27-340 massachusetts Mass.
Online Security, a global provider of computer forensics and information technology risk mitigation since 1997
Original Source:
Computer Crime Statutes State by State

Located in Alaska Stat. tit. 11 , chs. 46 and 81

Official California Legislative Information

Official California Penal Code Site
Colorado Colo. Rev. Stat. tit. 18, art. 5.5 — Computer crime — Definitions. — Computer crime. Connecticut Delaware Florida Fla. Stat. ch. 775 Florida Computer Crimes Act — Fla. Stat. ch. 815 Fla. Stat. ch. 934 Florida Legislature On-Line Sunshine - Florida Statutes (Full Volume 1995) Florida Statutes (Full Volume 1995): CHAPTER 775 - CHAPTER 775: DEFINITIONS; GENERAL PENALTIES; REGISTRATION OF CRIMINALS Florida Statutes (Full Volume 1995): CHAPTER 815 - CHAPTER 815: COMPUTER-RELATED CRIMES Florida Statutes (Full Volume 1995): CHAPTER 934 - CHAPTER 934: SECURITY OF COMMUNICATIONS Georgia Georgia Computer Systems Protections Act — 1991 Ga. Session Law Hawaii Idaho Idaho Code Illinois Indiana Iowa Iowa Code Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Title 17-A: MAINE CRIMINAL CODE - Table of Contents only; text not yet on the Web

20. Criminal
18 US code Crimes and criminal Procedure; Violent Crime Control and law Enforcement Act Sample criminal law Briefs from Cox Cox, a massachusetts law firm.
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