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  1. A sermon delivered at Waterville, August 24, 1824, before the board of trustees of the Maine Baptist Education Society by John Tripp, 1824
  2. Falling in love with handhelds, from the top down: Maine school district becomes the first to provide its school board members with Palm handheld computers. .: An article from: District Administration by Gina Adams Palmer, 2002-11-01
  3. Property taxes in Maine - 1963;: Some facts about taxation, effective rates, proportion of appropriation for education, proportion of taxes paid by non-resident taxpayers by Asa A Gordon, 1964
  4. An introduction to the structural elements of water quality in Maine by Robert M Lawlis, 1971
  5. The economic feasibility of producing beef in Maine by Steven H Belyea, 1973
  6. Job analysis study: Newly licensed, entry-level registered nurses with a generic baccalaureate nursing degree by Carolyn J Yocom, 1993

21. Maine Music Educators Association
A question to ask? Post a message on our message boards by clicking below. Togetherwe make a difference for music education in the state of maine.
Maine Music Educators Association Mentoring What's Coming Up! Advocacy and WLC All State Conference ... Classifieds Welcome to our MMEA site! Congratulations to the new President-Elect, Rob Westerberg!!
Please take our poll on Solo and Ensemble Festival. Your opinions will determine the fate of this long standing event. Click below to access the meeting minutes and the poll.
Solo and Ensemble All State Conference at UMO May 20, 2004 View pictures from the All State Conference!! Click on the photo above. Have something to say? A question to ask? Post a message on our message boards by clicking below. Whether you are a music teacher, a music student, an administrator or just a music friend...we welcome you. We hope that you find this site helpful to you.
If you have come to this site in search of a particular item and were unable to locate that information, please feel free to contact me or our Webmaster . We are here to help.
This is a relatively new site and is a work in progress. Your input is vital to our organization. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. Together we make a difference for music education in the state of Maine.

22. AMA (Med Ed Products) Links To State Medical Boards
State of maine Board of Osteopathic Licensure. New Mexico Board of OsteopathicMedical Examiners. New York State education Department.
Privacy Statement Web Guidelines
Renew ... Order Licensure E-book Version Online
Links to State Medical Boards
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Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners
Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing, State Medical Board Arizona Board of Medical Examiners Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery ... Wyoming Board of Medicine Attention physicians, recruiters , employers, medical board personnel, credentialing staff, and consultants: For up-to-date information on state licensure, including licensing requirements, fees, license renewal, and continuing medical education requirements, refer to the AMA's State Medical Licensure Requirements and Statistics ($79, or $69 for AMA members To order, refer to the AMA Online Catalog or call 800 621-8335. Or order an electronic version for expedited e-mail delivery.
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Last updated: May 25, 2004
Content provided by: Medical Education Products

23. Maine
4. Frank Heller, Lessons from maine education Vouchers for of Charter School Effortsin maine, at www See National School boards Association Web site at www
site map help contact us The Heritage Foundation ... School Choice 2003 Maine Policy Archive:
view by date
Policy Archive:
view by issue
... Return Home MAINE State Profile (Updated April 2004) School Choice Status
  • Public school choice: Interdistrict/voluntary State constitution: No prohibitive language Charter school law: No Publicly funded private school choice: Yes Privately funded school choice: Yes Home-school law: High regulation Ranking on the Education Freedom Index (2001): 15th out of 50 states
K-12 Public Schools and Students (2001-2002)
  • Public school enrollment: 211,461 Students enrolled per teacher: 12.4 Number of schools (2000-2001): 686 Number of districts: 285 Current expenditures: $1,725,472,000 Current per-pupil expenditure: $8,160 Amount of revenue from the federal government: 7.3%
K-12 Public School Teachers (2001-2002)
  • Number of teachers: 17,040 Average salary: $37,100
K-12 Private Schools (1999-2000)
  • Private school enrollment: 18,287 Number of schools: 139 Number of teachers: 1,760
K-12 Public and Private School Student Academic Performance
  • NAEP test results:
NAEP Tests
Maine Student Performance State (National)
2003 Math
Scale = 0-500 State (National)
2000 Science
Scale = 0-300 State (National)
2003 Reading
Scale = 0-500 4th Grade 8th Grade 4th Grade 8th Grade 4th Grade 8th Grade Average Scale Score Advanced Proficient Basic Below Basic
  • SAT weighted rank (2001): 13th out 24 states and the District of Columbia ACT weighted rank (2001): N/A ALEC Academic Achievement Ranking: 14th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia

24. WPL: Homeschooling And Education Resources
groups by state (6 listed for maine, 01/02 The Teel Family Home education Page (TeelFamily AK in military families, contact info, message boards, e-mail lists
home weblog booklists maine writers ... search
Last updated: 18/April/2004 Contact webmaster Type in search query; use quotes for phrases:
All of Waterboro Public Library Maine Writers Index Literary Birthdays Waterboro Cemeteries:
maine christian muslim ... WPL homeschooling resources
Homeschooling Resources
Resources are ranked within each topic; the first resource listed is the most useful and the last one is the least useful, in my opinion, based on depth and breadth of content, quality of links, ease of use, organisational structure, and general appearance. A resource ranked last may be a great resource for a limited audience, or it may be an OK resource that's meant for a large audience. I have not listed resources I found to be anything but great or good, except for national organisations. Suggestions are always welcomed.
General Homeschooling Resources
A to Z's Home's Cool Homeschooling Web Site (Ann Zeise) Jon's Home School Resource Page (Jon Shemitz) Eclectic Homeschool Online
Wonderful site, updated semi-monthly. Feature articles, regular departments, discussion boards, chats, support/shopping/learning resources, news, book reviews, letters to editor. Lots of content here, thoughtful articles.
Home School World
The official website of Practical Homeschooling magazine and of The Big Book of Home Learning . Information about homeschool events in the U.S. (including science fairs), articles by regular columnists, homeschooling organisations. Also lots of stuff to buy, in the catalog and homeschool mall sections.

25. Colorado Association Of School Boards CASB
boards Association; Louisiana School boards Association; maine School boards Association;Maryland Association of boards of education; Massachusetts Association of

About CASB
School Boards Advocacy Conferences ... Site map
Helpful Links
Colorado School Accountability Resource Guide (click to download)
Colorado and Regional Links
National Education Organizations
National Education Media
Other State School Boards Associations

26. Reference Article
Telemarketer Do not call (maine Attorney General) Keep your of Robert Dyer. Electedboard function is education. 199709 We ought to think about School boards.

Maine Seafood from
Maine Lobster Direct
Mainely Scrubs
Portland Dine Around
Camp Maine Telemarketer Do not call
(Maine Attorney General) Keep your privacy
(Electronic Frontier) The Opinions of Robert Dyer Elected board function is education We ought to think about School Boards. This is a tough one. The general public, I believe, thinks little about school boards and what little they think, they know they want no part of membership on such a board. How powerful they are politically I do not know. After five year's service on a school board, I really don't know what useful function they fill. All of the decisions could have been made by a competent superintendent of schools - he'd do it with training, background, and knowledge. What would happen if school boards were dissolved and local school affairs were left up to superintendents? I do know the board upon which I served never once discussed education. It was tried one time: the superintendent handed out an article on Mortimer Adler's "Paidea Proposal" for the members to study over the next month and stated he'd put it on a later agenda for discussion at a meeting. (The Proposal was a suggestion on how the direction and methodology of education could be enhanced.) It was put on the agenda as a last discussion item. Before we could start discussing it the board's most popular member moved: "This proposal be thrown in the wastepaper basket and we adjourn" which we did.

27. State Departments Of Education
maine Auburn School District Auburn maine Contains information Springfield Missouri School directory information, Board of education information, and a
State Boards of Education
Click on the name of the state to go to that state's Department of Education web site. Other education-related administrative bodies for that state are listed below.

28. Call For Papers - Journal Of Maine Education - Vol XX
Teachers, school boards, parents, and administrators each Candidates’ views onpublic education are important the Journal of maine education is “Politics
Journal of Maine Education
Politics in Education: Problems, Paradoxes and Possibilities
We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a main who minds his own business; we say he has no business here at all. - Pericles Politics is by definition both the art and science of government and the competition among groups, individuals, and ideas for control and prominence. As a result of political battles in the last century, public schools have become more democratic by opening their doors to more and more students. Students from all socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds with diverse abilities and disabilities now learn together. However, public schools do not yet provide an excellent education for every child. We have not figured out a more equitable way to distribute limited resources. We do not even agree on what constitutes a good education. As a public institution, the American educational system is constantly buffeted by the variable winds of politics. School board candidates campaign and serve to mold schools to their vision. School-choice advocates seek to wrest funds for private-school tuition away from the limited resources available for public schools. Captains of industry offer financial incentives to entice schools to restructure to their view of form and purpose. Agents of social change see schools as the only remaining institution with the capacity to reshape society. And, as state and federal mandates impose greater burdens on schools, educators have to fight to find a place for their own goals that address the unique characteristics of their communities.

29. Southern Maine Partnership
maine Department of education (MDOE) maine education Association (MEA MMSTEC) mainePrincipals’ Association (MPA) maine School boards Association (MSBA

30. Education World® : School Issues : Reservation Schools Preserve Cultures, Boost
in Old Town, maine, and Beatrice Rafferty School on the Passamaquoddy reservationin Perry, maine. The BIA and local boards of education also encourage
EdWorld Internet Topics
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Host Department
Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Rural Education School Issues Article S C H O O L I S S U E S A R T I C L E
Reservation Schools Preserve Cultures, Boost Academics
Infused with state and federal money but facing more requirements and students with challenges, staff at two Native American schools in Maine talked with Education World about meeting their two missions: passing on Native American culture and boosting academics. This article is a part of a continuing Education World series, Lessons from Our Nation's Schools. Included: Educators share insights about teaching a Native American population.
Education World Visits Two Native American Schools
This article is part of the second installment in the ongoing Education World series Lessons from Our Nation's Schools.

31. Mike Muir Article - 12/03
maine’s Learning with Laptop Initiative. By Mike Muir. (Conclusion of the NationalAssociation of School boards of education Study Group on eLearning, NASBE
By Mike Muir (Conclusion of the National Association of School Boards of Education Study Group on e-Learning, NASBE, 2001) (Educational Research Service, 2001)
(Schacter, 1995, p. 11)
Throughout the summer or 2002, 1800 seventh grade teachers attended two day training sessions to become acquainted with their new laptops and in the Fall, schools began distributing laptops to 17,000 7th graders. Fall of 2003 saw students bringing their laptops to the 8th grade and a new round of 7th graders receiving laptops. As of now, Maine has more than 39,000 wireless laptops distributed to their 7th and 8th grade students and teachers in every one of our 239 middle schools.
Further, researchers have found that students at the Exploration Sites seem to have improved in all areas on state tests and to have done significantly better in Math and Science than students in the other schools (so far, only the Exploration Site students have taken the 8th grade testing). Schools also report increases in attendance, decreases in referrals for discipline, and improved student engagement since the introduction of the laptops. Leadership began with the Design Team, a collection of classroom teachers, administrators, state Department of Education personnel, higher education faculty, and educational consultants charged with setting the direction of the project. Their first charge was to build a network of teachers in each building to act as points of contact for two-way communication between the state and each school. These Teacher Leaders from across each region met by region, together with their principals and tech coordinators, twice a year. Leadership development opportunities were made available and these school leaders where given strategies for building a vision for this work with their staff.

32. Programming And Resources E-G
to link the state colleges in maine and also to education Satellite Network, ESN educationSATLINK. was established by the Missouri School boards Association in
Distance Learning Programming and Resources
Education Network of Maine, University of Maine at Augusta
New England Telephone (NET) has provided special contract pricing for the fiber-based network and has cooperated on providing conference bridging for the audio return on the broadcast side as well as in making other college resources available to distance learners, including the University's on-line card catalog. Computer conferencing is being added to the mix of technologies.
Education Satellite Network, ESN Education SATLINK
ESN was established by the Missouri School Boards Association in 1987 to ensure that all Missouri school districts, regardless of size or location, have equal access to instructional enrichment opportunities through high quality, satellite-delivered educational television programs. ESN received a grant from NTIA in 1987 which assisted schools with the installation of satellite receiving equipment. In 1988 and 1989, a Star Schools grant allowed significant expansion of ESN's programming and equipment. ESN serves as both a producer of educational programs and as a clearinghouse of program information. "Education SATLINK," a monthly satellite program guide, lists more than 40 networks and independent program providers each month (September through June). It is also available as SATLINK OnLine - a searchable database of programming. ESN develops programming to help education professionals meet specifically targeted needs in local schools. Through production of original teleconferences and programs for students, teachers, administrators and school board members, ESN provides schools with cost-effective opportunities to enhance the way students are taught. ESN also provides support services to schools in Missouri.

33. NBCC
offices of those state boards of education for information maine Ms. Diane Staples,Board Clerk maine Board of Counseling http// Exam
Please check with individual state licensure boards for specific information about application procedures and any additional requirements. If you have achieved a passing score on an NBCC examination, contact your state board to determine if you are exam-exempt. Some states may accept alternative national certification examinations as satisfying the written exam component of state credentialing requirements. Contact individual states if you have questions regarding equivalent examinations. Information for school counselors: If you are interested in endorsement as a school counselor in the states of Washington and Maryland, please contact the offices of those state boards of education for information on how the NCE is used as a part of the certification process. Information for mental health counselors: A summary of licensure title and scope of practice information is available in the NBCC's State Licensure Chart . Note that although the chart is updated periodically, your state licensure board should be contacted for the most recent version of their regulations.

34. Maine Association For Charter Schools
for charter school registration fees will be awarded to maine teachers in MACS isalso seeking visionary Superintendents, boards of education and college
MACS is dedicated to informing the public about public school choice and public charter schools through personal contact, public forums, press releases, appearances on radio and TV shows, distribution of information, etc.
MACS encourages teachers to learn about public charter schools, and awarded stipends to two Maine teachers to attend charter school conferences in 2000. Three more scholarships for charter school registration fees will be awarded to Maine teachers in 2002. For more information, contact MACS.
Because public charter schools are operated as non-profit small businesses, MACS will help educators find business expertise to support their new education ventures. MACS is also seeking visionary Superintendents, Boards of Education and college and university leaders interested in becoming chartering authorizers.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are always appreciated and many different tasks are important. To volunteer, please contact your regional coordinator, listed below, or any member of the MACS Board or Advisory Board. We particularly need help in recruiting potential charter school organizers and teachers; recruiting potential chartering authorizers; raising funds for teacher scholarships to attend charter school conferences and for training potential charter school organizers.
- To receive information, newsletters and/or to express your support for the development of public charter schools in Maine.

35. Mainely Middle Table Of Contents, 2000/2001 Issue
state to do this, but MLTE will also put maine in the reviewing the available research,the National Association of School boards of education Study Group

36. City Of Bath, Maine - City Clerk's Office
4438334 Bath City Council representative to various boards and committees Positionselected by the City Council Board of education – John Hall Bath Water

37. Maine Hello Pages - Medical Section - Search And Advertise In Your Hometown Medi
maine Hello Pages Medical Section - Search and Advertise in your Forums, MailingLists, Other, Support Groups, Nursing, boards, education, General, Personal
Hello Pages Maine's Medical Search Maine City Guides







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38. Subject Index To The 2001 Laws Of Maine - 1st Reg. Of 120th
Subject Index to the 2001 Laws of maine First Regular Session of the 120thLegislature. B. BOARD OF education. LEARNING RESULTS. boards COMMISSIONS.

39. Maine Humanities Council
A writer and consultant in adult education, her latest book is Elderlearning New tomaine in 1992, Lois has served on the boards of the maine College of Art
Maine Humanities Council
About MHC Programs Grants ... Contact Us A Brief Introduction to the Members of the Board
Peter J. Aicher, Falmouth

Peter is an Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Southern Maine. He has led the Council's Community Seminar in Falmouth since 2001. A graduate of Colgate University, Peter received his Ph.D. in Classics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the author of two guides of ancient Rome, numerous articles and translations as well as poetry. Peter is the creator of the USM Classics Scholarship and he has been active in the Classical Association of Maine.
Charles B. Alexander, Ellsworth
Mary Anne Alhadeff, Old Orchard Beach

Since August 2002, the President and CEO of Maine Public Broadcasting, Mary Anne is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota, where she earned her BA in Education and French at the College of Saint Catherine. After a brief stint as a French teacher, Mary Anne began her career in public broadcasting in Minnesota, and later Washington, New Hampshire and North Dakota. Mary Ann has an extensive background producing for PBS, BBC, HBO, Showtime and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and her productions have received Emmy Awards as well as awards from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and American Women in Radio and Television. Mary Anne was a founding member of the New Hampshire Coalition Against Violence in the Media and has served on the Board of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Richard E. Barnes, Kennebunkport

40. 3/10/99 -- Letters -- Education Week
three initiatives, which are not universally used in maine schools because I frequentlyhear of, or report on, boards of education concurrently condemning

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