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         Lithuania History:     more books (100)
  1. Lietuva : Praeitis, Kultura, Dabartis (Lithuania : Past, Culture, Present)
  2. Lithuania's case for independence, by T Norus, 1918
  3. Vokiečiu okupacija Lietuvoje 1915-1919 m.,: Paveikslėliuose ir trumpoise jụ aprašymuose. The German occupation in Lithuania, 1915-1919, related in pictures and short discriptions by J Šilietis, 1922
  4. The situation of the church and religious practices in occupied Lithuania by A Trakiskis, 1944
  5. History of the Lithuanian nation: Introd. by Clarence Augustus Manning by Constantine R Jurgėla, 1948
  6. Independence for the Lithuanian nation: Statement setting forth the claim for independent government and freedom in terms of peace for Lithuania by T Norus, 1918
  7. 200,000,000 and Lithuania by Algirdas Gustaitis, 1976
  8. The resistance of the Catholic Church in Lithuania against religious persecution by Pranas Dauknys, 1984
  9. Lithuanian history, philology and grammar by Theodore S Thurston, 1941
  10. Historical outlines on Lithuania by Joseph J Hertmanowicz, 1921
  11. Lithuania (ACEN publication) by Vytautas Vaitiekūnas, 1965
  12. The Knights Hospitallers in Poland and Lithuania (Studies in European history, 19) by Boleslaw B Szczesniak, 1969
  13. The story of Lithuania by Thomas George Chase, 1978
  14. Lithuania and Western powers, 1917-1940 by R Žiugžda, 1987

121. Digital Matte Artist Audrius Urbonavicius' Personal Web Site
Arts, hotels, museums, and a map.

122. Buddhist Europe Directory: Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine.
Buddhist Centres in lithuania.
"Statistics: There are about 300,000 people of Buddhist faith, 432 Buddhist communities, and 16 Datsans (monasteries) with 70 lamas in Soviet republics. Most Buddhists are located in the Huryat, Kalmyk, and Tuva republics, in the Chita Region of the Russian Federation, and in Leningrad and other cities." - Igor Troyanovsky.
Estonia Latvia Lithuania ... Ukraine Former USSR (excluding Russia) Belarus International dialing prefix for Belarus +375
Buddhist Group Minsk
c/o Piotr Kalachyn
ul. Voronyanskogo 15/2 - 4
BY-220100 Minsk-100
Tel: 375-17-224 69 93
Web site:
Founder: Lama Ole Nydahl
Tradition: Tibetan, Karma Kagyu Estonia International dialing prefix for Estonia +372 Drikung Kagyu Ratna Shri Center Juurdeveo 7-17 11313 Tallinn, Estonia Tel: 372 6 555 248 Email:

123. Columbus World Travel Guide - Europe - Lithuania - General Information
OAS_sitepage = URL + '/Europe/Lithuania/GeneralInformation'; document.write('Research Lithuania hotels at TripAdvisor'); Contact Addresses
General Information


... Europe /Lithuania LITHUANIA General Information
Area: 65,301 sq km (25,213 sq miles).
Population: 3,482,300 (official estimate 2002).
Population Density: 53.3 per sq km.
Capital: Vilnius. Population:
GEOGRAPHY: Lithuania is situated on the eastern Baltic coast and borders Latvia in the north, the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation and Poland in the southwest, and Belarus in the southwest and east. The geometrical centre of Europe lies in eastern Lithuania near the village of Bernotai, 25km (16 miles) north of Vilnius. The landscape alternates between lowland plains and hilly uplands and has a dense, intricate network of rivers, including the Nemunas and the Neris. 1.5 per cent of the country’s territory is made up of lakes, of which there are over 2800. The majority of these lie in the east of the country and include Lake Druksiai and Lake Tauragnas.
Government: Republic. Gained independence from Russia/Germany 1918-1940, and then from the Soviet Union in 1990.

124. Visa Lietuva
Search businesses in lithuania by category or by company name.

125. Lithuania
Animated GIF image.

126. Map Of Lithuania
Small map.
<é spº#’ œ™"„ €eüf$’PÀ4psšï¥x 쥷$ðL$TþðÌjTm4GÖTGŸµDû¸¹ÀÈOžëA#´ Ögäñís$¿ ˆÕÊU‰)n¯×µz×wuGÀýûµýÑ_Ê«ê°©û©Aˆ‡ãç3ÓæKƒ2‡ŽGsA8rÔ¢…¶½Œ‘Àۙ Cc–ѱ¹Ö+¦úëŸ,Ë F¨‚[Yâ”;[GŽ;Asž·÷Cõ¹ è <ËqXæ¥ ZŒÿy¡² ,j§›9S„ffÁ‚X'(€ f — ;N¬­ s)ü,Ôp=±ÒÑBJ¡¤OŽ$šH"Æå>J¢â"’¤Æ¢ü±FJ[’’É’ÝP1Ž$‰Ê–$ˆÌé¢8–L¥Åî+l»œ^ê"ËѪð“L¨ï´2Š¢)—Š)µ—¶j¼¯Tì ;— ï <Óp4Méï0Yˆ„‚pß°‘q‰4Cž‚ÂŽr6º‚z¸ßJ©9™ 5ɟ8¢%a² <‰/Ú+²’Cº ÄúˍR³ÿsY‹Ù‘9 <ª´ b½«b@»yÖ …-Ò ‰®L^e4r;YJt ¨èØÅHFÂß@÷F»Z ¤t <ç.ëÿ͉ ¹ŒV÷yHúmyýQm8IÂoƒ:…g!­ºÄH" QŒLe…8¾©5dƒW#h :ÒÇzV¤·é© îF±öÎvõif›Cœµ=H9DNGjb盂ÛjhÒwL‹b¨DY8¨°ðl¤ŠF© Í$Ô¨bÖdž€êô‚p¢ïy +…1BΒjŠÒd"ÙþbþÔLÀØ竤LÊhëD~Np+W*¯rtKsf`d-5®` ¤¦#ÜJ¼ <Èoâ* <°SÜïÿŒ­žÁ™Ùù*%훶†èόÁÑS•UøIO¦hs²$ȦÀùÂ1¡GQxR,k“—q5M½–³Ê g‚$IIÀ¼¡3³³ª2TW–¤ÅFwÁ$l–¸H—ôðrÆ@ ÷gÖV¯mÜC#%Y«pÍ <«ãîB âRÇÙ% <‘A ¥e>eCVs¯ÚˆiîyŸUkÀÊ©ãë]fß²¥©ãóºÂmW½Ú)k,Ôå¡Ñ(g²ln¯¼1HAî"Ó«ÝÌVg5 'R <ÚÉd @ bñ¼8»F›yÀ Ü©¸½Äv)"#”Ê£$lqè"G#ÂèB =[MăZc¨%¡=íBŠli¢ ¡œEl¡QÏê±#w’É©za‚ñ0R]h®(ÝÒ´ ²„“YâÄg’nªÏG[r°ê <‘AHr+¤°u <°kI)É.›%Ë0²ŽÈ XTR­JV©#?Ólþ¦«:1í59Ú¤- ËGۚÁ¬=Ì <ąD'ºäMg:¨3cèp?%dF3ÿàtdB֘R6vcrOe4̉ÆÂlû›Á)©

127. Newsfile Lithuania
Weekly government bulletin.
Lithuania's Foreign Policy
European Union


International relations
Newsfile Lithuania
May 31 - June 6, 2004 (print version .pdf) Newsfile Lithuania ARCHIVES
J.Tumo-Vaiþganto 2,
LT-01511 Vilnius, Lithuania
Faks. +370 5 2313090
of the Republic of Lithuania Design: Infosistema

128. JDC | Programs Worldwide | Central And Eastern Europe | Lithuania | History
Jews established themselves in several communities in the Grand Duchy of lithuania in the 14th century. From 1915 until 1918, Germany occupied lithuania.




... > Slovenia
Jews established themselves in several communities in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 14th century. Historic Lithuania was part of the Polish kingdom from the 16th century to the 18th century. From the end of the 18th century until World War I, it was under czarist Russian rule. Historically, Lithuanian Jewry was less affected by pogroms than Jews of Poland, Russia and the Ukraine. A center of Jewish learning and culture, Lithuania was home to renowned Torah scholars-pre-eminent among them, the Gaon of Vilna. Its yeshivot attracted young men from all over Russia and trained rabbis and religious communal workers for communities all over the world. Lithuanian Jews also were prominent in the emergence of Haskalah , Zionism and Jewish Socialism. World War I and the revolutions and border changes that occurred in its wake had a severe effect on Lithuanian Jews. From 1915 until 1918, Germany occupied Lithuania. After the war, the Lithuanian Jews were divided among newly-independent Poland, the Belorussian S.S.R. and independent Lithuania. From 1919 until 1922, the Jews' political and civil rights in independent Lithuania were recognized. After 1922, however, their position in Lithuania deteriorated. Jewish businesses were increasingly unable to compete with newly-formed government cooperatives. Nationalist organizations of Lithuanian traders and workers had anti-Semitic overtones. The worsening economic climate stimulated Jewish emigration.

129. Welcome To Klaipeda Region, Lithuania
Website is under construction.
Lithuanian Development Agency

Sv. Jono st. 3, Vilnius LT2600, Lithuania
Tel +370 2 627438 Fax +370 2 220160
Klaipeda Region Governor's Administration
Danes st. 17, Klaipeda LT5800, Lithuania
Tel +370 6 314894, Fax +370 6 212583

130. Baltic Amber Bibliography-Lithuania
Contributors from lithuania have submitted the following bibliographic material, which has appeared in Amber in lithuanian Archaeological Literature, and was reproduced with permission.
Thanks for visiting the World of Amber!
Baltic Amber Bibliography -
Susan Ward Aber
Map courtesy of

used with permission. The Baltic Amber Bibliography project was conceived at the September 2001 Baltic Amber in Natural Sciences, Archaeology and Applied Arts Conference held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Contributors from Lithuania have submitted the following bibliographic material, which has appeared in Amber in Lithuanian Archaeological Literature , and was reproduced with permission. Special thanks to Aušra Burkauskiene, the Library Director at the Vilnius Art Academy, for creating the digital files and Audrone Bliujiene for creating the bibliography. This bibliography covers the period of amber literature from 1792 to 2001 , including references to amber artifacts, trade routes and amber collections owned by museums. Adolfas Tautavicius' "Lietuvos archeologijos bibliografija" (Bibliography of Lithuanian Archeology, 1782-1998) served as an important work for this compilation.
  • This project is under construction! I welcome more Lithuanian amber references to add to this list (email to

131. Universitas Vilnensis

History Facts and figures International relations ... Admission Research activities Study programs Courses in foreign languages Periodical issues Language courses Services and consultancy Calendar of events Conferences Publications Announcements WWW Structure Links Vilnius University
Address: Universiteto 3, LT-01513, Vilnius, Lithuania
Ph.: , Fax.:
Office of Information and Public Relations

132. Ministry Of Environment - Mission Of The Ministry
Information about the ministry, its programs, environmental requirements, and the state of the country's environment.

133. Lietuva Internete:
Web directory of Lithuanian internet resources. Organized by online services, by keyword, and as yellow pages.
Lietuva internete
iðsamus lietuviðkø duomenø internete þinynas
WWW buveiniø registras (Index of Web-sites),
WML lapeliø kartoteka (WAP),
tiesioginiø paslaugø internetu rodyklë (On-line Services),
pirminiø interneto naujienø aplinkraðtis (Free News by e-Mail),
lietuviðkos interneto raidos metraðtis (Archive since 1996 year),
"Lietuva internete garbës þymûnas" ( Awards),
paaiðkinimai, patarimai, dalykiðka ir ðvari rinkodara, auditas (Accessibility, Usability, Micromarketing, Quality Assurance)
Duomenys papildomi kasdien, iðsamiai patikrinami kas savaitæ apie auditas leidyba reklama PASLAUGOS INTERNETE, LAISVALAIKIS REGISTRAS Verslas Paþintys
... Lietuva internete redaktorius Vladas Palubinskas , tel.(8-5)2799077

134. Scouts On Stamps Lithuania
Postal issues depicting scouting.
Lithuania July 13, 1938 # B 50
To contact us Pour nous contacter.

135. Lietuvos Moksliniø Bibliotekø Asociacija
Promotes activities on the implementation of innovative projects in the libraries, subscription to electronic databases for Consortium members and other libraries in lithuania.
Lietuvos moksliniø bibliotekø asociacija Lithuanian Research Library Consortium Apie LMBA About LMBA Duomenø bazës Data Bases ... Internet Resources Gedimino pr. 51, LT-01504 Vilnius. Tel. faksas el. paðtas © 2003 Lietuvos moksliniø bibliotekø asociacija

136. Vilniaus Oro Uostas - Titulinio Sritis
English Paieðka - Titulinis - Svetainës struktûra - Spausdinti - Rekomenduok draugui
Svarbi informacija
Naujienos Skrydþiø tvarkaraðtis Oro uosto gidas ... Kontaktai
Vietinis laikas: 2004-06-10, Ketvirtadienis, 09:23 Atvykimas Visas sàraðas Reisas Aviakompanija Ið Iðvykimo
laikas Atvykimo
laikas BT 271 Air Baltic Ryga BT 266 Air Baltic Varðuva TE 123 LAL Talinas LVR 597 Aviavilsa Kopenhaga TE 125 LAL Helsinkis TE 221 LAL Maskva
Iðvykimas Visas sàraðas Reisas Aviakompanija Iðvykimo
laikas Atvykimo
laikas TE 460 LAL Amsterdamas TE 470 LAL Paryþius OK 871 ÈSA Praha TE 412 LAL Stokholmas BT 272 Air Baltic Ryga BT 321 Air Baltic Helsinkis TE 422 LAL Berlynas TE 420 / IB 7771 LAL Frankfurtas TE 338 LAL Kijevas BT 215 / SK 9645 Air Baltic Berlynas
Vilniaus oro uostas neatsako uþ aviakompanijø pakeistus skrydþiø laikus. Laikà praðome tikslinti aviakompanijose arba informacijos tel. +370 5 230 6666, +370 5 273 9305, +370 5 273 9306
VÁ Tarptautinis Vilniaus oro uostas pristato atnaujintà interneto tinklapá Nuo 2004-03-28 ásigaliojo vasaros sezono tvarkaraðtis Dizainas ir programavimas: mmm kûrybinë grupë 2003 © Tarptautinis Vilniaus oro uostas. Visos teisës saugomos. Pasiûlymus ir pastabas siøskite

137. GBCV Grace Baptist Church Of Vilnius, Lithuania
International services in English, lithuanian and Russian languages. Statement of faith, list of some Baptist churches in lithuania.

What we believe



Grace Baptist Church of Vilnius
Search the site by keyword:
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
We invite you to visit us and to take part in our international worship services on each Sunday morning! Please join in worship and Bible lessons our group of believers - Lithuanians, Russians, Americans and of other nationalities. Our church has more than 50 members, attendance is about 50-80 each Sunday. We are an independent Baptist church, that seeks to work in ministry with other believers in Jesus Christ for the promotion of His kingdom in Lithuania and beyond. Please take a minute to read our statement of faith To be informed on our church events and schedules, please sign up for our mailing list here. You can do this by simply sending an empty email message to or by clicking here
[Choir singing] Make us your home page - an easy instructions on how to do this in your web browser. How to get to our church - once you are in Vilnius, please follow the provided directions and look in the animated map and you will find us in no time!

138. Right-winger Wins In Lithuania

Office of the Embassy of Canada in Vilnius, part of the embassy in Riga. Has contact details and office hours.

140. Lietuvos Romuva - Romuva/Lithuania
Organisation in lithuania.
Oficiali Senovës Baltø Tikëjimo Bendrijos svetainë
The Official website of the Old Baltic Faith Community
©®Design DJALEX QQtis Jaunius

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