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         Lithuania History:     more books (100)
  1. Soviets kill God in Lithuania by Titas Narbutas, 1954
  2. The arrival of Christianity in Lithuania: Between Rome and Byzantium (1281-1341) (Oxford Slavonic papers) by Michał Giedroyć, 1987
  3. Catholic Lithuania, 600 years by Philip Skabeikis, 1987
  4. Lithuania in 1918-1919: The first soviets by Bronius Vaitkevičius, 1979
  5. A brief historical sketch on Lithuania, by Joseph J Hertmanowicz, 1943
  6. A survey of developments in captive Lithuania in 1963-1964 by Vytautas Vaitiekūnas, 1964
  7. A survey of developments in captive Lithuania in 1965-1968 by Vytautas Vaitiekūnas, 1969
  8. Religious struggle in Poland-Lithuania: Tsar Alexis' reign beins, 1654-1676 (History of Russia) by Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich Solovʹev, 2002
  9. Implementation of principle eight of the Helsinki Final Act in Soviet occupied Lithuania by Thomas Remeikis, 1986
  10. Ober Ost Land : Ludendorff's "another kingdom" (1915-1918): A chapter from history of the territories between Germany and Russia during the first world war by Wiktor Sukiennicki, 1978
  11. The arrival of Christianity in Lithuania: Baptism and survival (1341-1387) (Oxford Slavonic papers) by Michał Giedroyć, 1989
  12. Lithuania in retrospect and prospect, by John Szlupas, 1915
  13. Implementation of principle seven of the Helsinki Final Act in Soviet occupied Lithuania by Ginte Damusis, 1986
  14. Antitrinitarians in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania against nonresistance, 1583 by Peter Brock, 1998

101. World Flag Database: Lithuania
National flag and country facts.
Formal Name
Republic of Lithuania
Local Name
Local Formal Name
Lietuvos Respublika
Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Vilnius
Main Cities: Population: Area []: Currency: 1 litas = 100 centai Languages: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish Religions: Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Lutheran National Flag Index What's New Flag Shop ... The Flag Institute Created by Graham Bartram Updated Tuesday, September 17, 2002

102. Political Map Of Lithuania
Gif image, size 247 Kb.
<)_C—±éN÷U‰U—sO+ü¬kØky+¢€º¡‰Œ×[·‰5«K2+J‹lh‹!ˆ@Ȑä¤ÄL÷¸ÝêlQ¬žÏÔBôF[ҝ „爎iŸãÔ±žiÂKÇ°@7Q <;‡^D[ÒÜB <9”XÊ X0²ÀOC$½‹¯ _óNå,Ûxµ®ÐÏ$´Û¹O%̎ôº½[ŒKI·XÄCô$lcJ˜вðƒD‘/ Å( Ì=CKÈРpáX³¾íd¡Ö0ø€A;E8 )@ÛÝ <SX¼…”‹á˜`É <‰uA÷5¸²â5'5­¶É  Œi*¨ÓÒ2ê…ì…†)‚Vòó <£‘Ž¸Rÿ¢ùi²ÍL¥IæD ÛP'i¥á첁N½•¾‚[¦U ·÷ñј~ÅéSÌZ¶ <é”I2,LBQº“è ²…â-vƳ‚ºÔØ@¿¼n2¡lъp¶!ø#/ÑÕÂh < ÜÑÚ®×ãAS4¡×Ø… âÜÛdÀnäC ” Ëñ©äGvñJ9Tßb>d‹ð,ҙߵ-âúý`bõH.¢¡yßú•_ <^A€ÀnF¬✓¤Y” ¨nª’ŠØÒ§*œ©_ <9K.XPŠ»éHHj ³$n e…J¯8ýp©%>äM—ûك7PiD%J/֌7. <Å³M.ÄÔ2Zd‰7´R%QNçåÙÙ DµÄµ-2%UKÆ ‚ZՊ~«ã+ݝ­PNÐK£:ńØg~TÕl’Ûî…ÓAî*[•¡)›«ÿÕF¼ Þ <-%_Zˆ7XÝ2Û a®6S j^? <*À%pS) ç =Ñhœ¤¢Ôgð®¨îÔ«ÚÖËùRîD/ ô.ÜÞëøŒ’mq~®-ªºÿŠ G¼Ž`+ïf* ‘ŤbSÊQ`XНÞLá ëP·T Ì%e%Ìj < m½¬«_½Ç <¨v½Tr¦h´'sSs»@ÓÁ”¤ghjñXZãX62ôÚ/ËCª#“‡k9¤zÇss;Í h=U½üi¢Ð-EÌ33œò©¿Ê (û¨u ›md ˆU²¤RóæG!©ÜŠ§õ¡z¥V‹Ê±XÁ TÚqºìÊáºü$†ª×Be̙/ƒvFMá¼w•ÿî—ðàlÏB£ˆÀ»niµ`^ȆªC˖Ž½n <ývüF.Úõ? H±4©Qpàñ(hÑO£¼À©¥ÖRUUd:è©sàA«á– <6ŒNK’Û î4Š†Þј»OÙ^“"X©è%Õµ¨Õòþ»' ìxUûTì è£é$½4®L­h ¡ãâîÉ5 Ûúق»Í ýu ƙ›€2²F¤ùKöo¤g…RM7ÆzÕh·bs¨É…ƒñÿ+vƒ »q„A[¡Ð­˜¨¤ý÷J•8X†Ni³t“iª¥’=ÿ–èÓBdbƒ ÿã‹B9ì*#ÛĹù¢pyOöd˜J“pix‚êÌ©+h·Ï©=8â)í$O <¯aÁëØX2 <“P€ÎÅ1:Q¢5Q; š£Ñ8Ì º!lQËøɗ

103. Lithuania Online
Lithuanian internet news. Free subscription by email, weekly reports on Web site, searchable archive.
Lithuanian version
Lithuanian internet news - weekly reports
Sorry, your browser does NOT support frames
However, you can use this index instead: Lithuania Online Add Ad Feedback ... Subscribe

104. Welcome To Taurage Region, Lithuania
Location and Profile

Foreign Investors
Local Industry ... Key Local Contacts
Favourable location
The region borders on Kaliningrad Region (Russian Federation), the country's ice-free Klaipeda Seaport is just 110 km away, and the Kaunas International Airport with the largest cargo handling capacities is 140 km away from Taurage. Via-Hanza crossing the Region
The historical Via-Hanza route crosses the region. Today efforts are aimed at the renovation of the route that would be a connection between the countires of Lithuania, the Russian Federation, Latvia, Sweden and Poland. Low labour and living costs
The labour pool is one of the largest, while labour costs are the lowest in the country. Export to the EU
Local companies producing ready-made clothes export 100% of their production, mostly to the EU countries. Local incentives
The region offers accelerated land lease and purchase procedures, and municipal incentives, which apply to land lease and real estate taxes, are available. Pro-business local government
The local government with a pro-business attitude is instrumental in providing information and all the needed help for every company interested in business prospects in the region.

Short synopsis of the archaeology of lithuania.
The first cultural relics found on the territory of Lithuania are dated 10,000 BC. It was then that suitable conditions for people to settle down first appeared. The earliest settlements in Lithuania date back to the Paleolithic period and are usually found on high river terraces, most often on confluences of two rivers and their sunny northern banks. Mesolithic settlements (8,000 - 4,000 BC) are found in similar locations but closer to forests (either pine-woods which provided easier access to food, or deciduous forests with soils suitable for cultivation) At the beginning of the Iron Age (500 BC - 1,000 AD) settlements situated on hills and protected by rivers and lakes started predominating.The hills were fortified and turned into hill-forts. Hill-forts have remained one of the most typical elements of Lithuanian landscape up to this day. At the present time they account for nearly one third of all the archeological monuments. Scattered all over Lithuania, they display not only a variety of shapes and forms but are also surrounded by numerous legends and local lore usually connected with some memorable events of the past. Special mention could be made of the Bubiai (Pilale) and Brazuole hill-forts in the region of Trakai, the Merkine and Liskiava hill-forts in Varena region, the Punia hill-fort in Alytus region, the group of Veliuona hill-forts in the region of Jurbarkas, and, of course, of the castle-hills of the Vilnius Castles. Alkai, the pagan holy sites, are usually to be found not far from ancient settlements and hill-forts. These were the places where the sacred fire was kept and where sacred offerings and other rites were performed. In most cases alkai were situated on small oval hills, both natural and man-made, grown with trees, usually oaks.

106. The Law Academy Of Lithuania
Lists general information, structure, studies, research and international activities.

107. Lietuva Internete:
Guide to Lithuanian internet resources. Organized by online services, by keywords, and as yellow pages. Updated daily, revised weekly, established in 1995.
Lietuva internete
iðsamus lietuviðkø duomenø internete þinynas
WWW buveiniø registras (Index of Web-sites),
WML lapeliø kartoteka (WAP),
tiesioginiø paslaugø internetu rodyklë (On-line Services),
pirminiø interneto naujienø aplinkraðtis (Free News by e-Mail),
lietuviðkos interneto raidos metraðtis (Archive since 1996 year),
"Lietuva internete garbës þymûnas" ( Awards),
paaiðkinimai, patarimai, dalykiðka ir ðvari rinkodara, auditas (Accessibility, Usability, Micromarketing, Quality Assurance)
Duomenys papildomi kasdien, iðsamiai patikrinami kas savaitæ apie auditas leidyba reklama PASLAUGOS INTERNETE, LAISVALAIKIS REGISTRAS Verslas Paþintys
... Lietuva internete redaktorius Vladas Palubinskas , tel.(8-5)2799077

108. Lietuvos Martyno Mazvydo Nacionaline Biblioteka - National Library Of Lithuania
National Library of lithuania.

109. Avia Linijos
State owned regional airline.
NEWS New regular flight on way Vilnius-Palanga-Vilnius starting 12Jun till 5Sep Starting 3rd May new summer timetable Free bus service schedule on route Kaunas-Vilnius-Kaunas is changed from May 3rd , 2004 Flights Direct flights timetable Info regarding your flight Discounts Travel tips ... News About us Foundation Partners Technical information Services Cargo Catering on board Other Contacts ... Links
Phone: +370 37 541010
Fax: +370 37 399242
E-mail: Internet solution: "Penki kontinentai" UAB

110. LELB Puslapis
Statement of faith; congregations, social ministires listed; addresses and photos.

111. - Stunt Pilot Seeks Lithuania Upset - Jan. 4, 2003
CNN Europe CNN Asia Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese On CNN TV Transcripts Headline News CNN International ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Stunt pilot seeks Lithuania upset
Adamkus goes into the second-round contest comfortably ahead. Story Tools
VILNIUS, Lithuania President Valdas Adamkus, who has guided former Eastern bloc state Lithuania towards EU and NATO membership, is vowing to finish the task if re-elected on Sunday. Standing in the way of the 76-year-old Adamkus is a flamboyant figure 30 years younger. Former Vilnius Mayor Rolandas Paksas, a stunt pilot and former flight instructor, says he is confident of victory. "I will win the presidency," Paksas says. But opinion polls ahead of Sunday's run-off put Adamkus, a former U.S. citizen, ahead. His approval ratings have soared as high as 80 percent. Adamkus failed to receive an absolute majority in last month's general election despite bringing the Baltic country to the verge of membership in the EU and NATO. Lithuania, like neighbours Latvia and Estonia, was invited in December to join the EU on May 1, 2004.

112. Canadian Embassy To Estonia, Latvia And Lithuania / Ambassade Du Canada Auprès
Canadian Embassy located in Riga and accredited to Latvia, Estonia and lithuania. In English, French, Latvian, Estonian and lithuanian.

Important Notices
Avis importants English

Important Notices
Avis importants

113. Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas
Composed of 141 members elected for a fouryear term.

Francais Seimø istorija Paieðka svetainëje ... Teisës aktø paieðka Ástatymo paieðka (þodis pavadinime) Glosarijus Konstitucija Konstituciniai teisës aktai Seimo statutas ... 2004-ieji - KALBOS IR KNYGOS METAI SEIMO POSËDÞIAI Seimo posëdþiø garso áraðai, stenogramos, protokolai, darbotvarkës Seimo NUTARIMO "Dël Seimo laikinosios komisijos akc...
ÁSTATYMO dël Jungtiniø Tautø vaiko teisiø konvencijo...

2004 metø valstybës biudþeto ir savivaldybiø biudþet...
Seimo posëdþio vaizdo áraðas
AKTUALIJOS Dienos nuotrauka
Atvirø durø valandos Seime

Konferencijos, seminarai

Spaudos konferencijø garso áraðai

TEISËS AKTAI Nuo 2004.06.10 ásigaliojo ðie ástatymai:
  • ÁSTATYMAS dël Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausybës ir Ukrainos Ministrø Kabineto susitarimo dël pilieèiø kelioniø ratifikavimo
  • Naujausi teisës aktø projektai Ryðiai su visuomene Ávykiø Seime anonsas ... Seimo telefonø knygelë Asmens paieðka (pavardë) Seimo kanceliarija Þiniasklaidos apþvalgos Parlamentinis archyvas Svetainës naujienos ... Tekstinë svetainës versija

    114. VILNIUS
    Vilnius is the capital of lithuania and one of the country s oldest cities. In 1860, a railway, the first in lithuania, crossed Vilnius and connected with St.
  • Vilnius city
  • Vilnius municipality
  • Vilnius in Your Pocket
  • Vilnius on video ...
  • Vilnius county Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and one of the country's oldest cities. It stretches along both banks of the fast flowing Neris River, and is set among hills pine forests. Vilnius is very old city indeed. The honor for founding Vilnius is justly given to Gediminas (a Lithuanian Duke) in the year 1323. Having declared Vilnius his "royal town", Gediminas created the conditions for its subsequent growth as the political, economical and cultural center of Lithuania. The fortress on Castle Hill was used for defense purposes and was called the Upper Castle. During World War I Vilnius was occupied by the Kaiser's troops for three and a half years. On 16 February, 1918, Lithuanian Council in Vilnius proclaimed an independent Lithuanian Republic. In the autumn of 1920, Vilnius and the region to which it belonged were occupied by Poland. On October 10th, 1939, Lithuania and the Soviet Union signed a treaty on mutual aid, in accordance with which Vilnius and the Vilnius Region were returned to Lithuania. In 1940, Vilnius became the capital of Soviet Lithuania, which meant it was an administrative center of occupied Lithuania. On March 11th, 1990, the Supreme Council restored Lithuania's independence.
  • 115. Lithuania
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of lithuania.
    (LT) Ðio puslapio jûsø narðyklë nematys.
    (EN) This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    116. Kraðto Apsaugos Ministerija
    Ministry of National Defence.
    Liepos 2 d. Lietuvos karo akademijoje 1994 metø absolventø laidos susitikimas! Apie ministerijà Vadovybë Gynybos ðtabas Antrasis operatyviniø tarnybø departamentas ... Kontaktai Ko ieðkote: Þygis „Radvilø keliais“ 2004 Áspûdþiai ið „Þurnalistø þygio á NATO“ Belgijos kariuomenës vadas didþiuojasi, kad belgai pirmieji pradëjo NATO misijà Lietuvoje Birþelio 8 d., antradiená, Ðiauliø oro uoste Zokniuose susitiko Belgijos kariuomenës vadas generolas August van Daele (Augustas van Delas) ir Lietuvos kariuomenës vadas gen. mjr. Jonas Kronkaitis. Oficialaus susitikimo metu gen. A.van Daele padëkojo Lietuvos kariuomenës vadui uþ pakvietimà atvykti á Lietuvà ir aplankyti èia tarnaujanèius Belgijos karaliðkøjø kariniø oro pajëgø Greitojo reagavimo junginio karo lakûnus bei junginá aptarnaujanèius karius. Atsakydamas á gen. mjr. J.Kronkaièio padëkà uþ labai profesionaliai ir operatyviai pradëtas vykdyti Lietuvos ir kitø dviejø Baltijos ðaliø oro erdvës kontrolës ir apsaugos funkcijas, belgø kariuomenës vadas sakë: “Ið tikrøjø mes didþiuojamës, kad Belgijos pilotai yra pirmieji, kurie pradëjo vykdyti ðià istorinæ misijà Lietuvoje - atsiuntëme Greitojo reagavimo junginá, kuris èia atlieka NATO uþduotá”.

    117. About Us - Observer Lithuania
    In operation since March 1998, this Lithuanian business offers intelligence on print, broadcast and electronic media. Its international network covers more than 75 countries with a printed media reading list of more than 50,000 international titles.
    Laisvës al. 51a-202
    Kaunas, 44309
    tel.: +370 37 322 429
    fax: +370 37 337 249
    Vytenio g. 9 / 25
    Vilnius, 03113
    tel.: +370 5 268 3380
    fax: +370 5 216 0092
    Nuorodos Observer Group Pasaulinë lyderë, teikianti tarptautinius ir vietinius sprendimus Observer - verslo ir komunikacijos informacijà teikianti bendrovë, kurios paslaugos apima þiniasklaidos stebëjimà (monitoringà), informacijos atrankà, tvarkymà bei analizavimà. Mes teikiame jums aktualià informacijà apie jûsø verslo aplinkà bei verslo sektoriø - Verslo informacijà , þinias apie jûsø komunikacijos rezultatus, bei informacijà padësianèià planuoti komunikacinæ veiklà, - Komunikacijos informacijà Observer Lietuva priklauso Observer AB - pasaulinei þiniasklaidos monitoringo ir analizës lyderei, kuri veikia Ðvedijoje, Suomijoje, Norvegijoje, Danijoje, Estijoje, Lietuvoje, Latvijoje, Junginëje Karalystëje, Airijoje, Portugalijoje, Vokietijoje, Kanadoje, JAV. "Observer" ðaknys siekia XIX a. Mûsø veiklos pagrindas - nuolatinis paslaugø tobulinimas. Kartu su savo klientais ir kolegomis ið viso pasaulio mes nuolat tobuliname esamus ir ieðkome naujø darbo metodø, kad mûsø paslaugos kuo geriau atitiktø kiekvieno kliento poreikius.

    118. World Congress Of Ethnic Religions: Lithuania
    Followers of Lithuanian Religion chose the name Romuva in 1920's. The name honors the Prussian Baltic sanctuary Romuva, which stood in the Prussian land of Nadruva (near Chernahovsk in the Kaliningrad region).
    Lithuania Back to the Europe map
    (Text by Audrius Dundzila, Ph.D)
    Romuva celebrates the Ethnic or Old Religion of the Lithuanians. This religion has very ancient roots and many international links. It was the national and state religion of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania until 1387. It is very closely kindred to Latvian Ethnic Religion known as Dievturi (which means "Bearing God Dievas"). It is also similarly related to the religion of the Old Prussians, and other Baltic peoples. To read more, click on the links below:
    Religion History Links

    119. Lietuvos Ambasada Danijoje
    Includes a list of staff of the Embassy of lithuania in Denmark.
    Lietuvos ambasada Danijoje
    EN DA LR atstovybës Skelbimai Skelbimai Apie ambasadà Ekonomika Kultûra ... Informacija apie su Lietuva susijusius renginius Þaliosios korto galiojimas Lietuvoje
    Pridëtame dokumente iðvardintos ðalys, kuriø vairuotojai turëdami tinkamai iðduotus savo ðalies draudimo kompanijø polisus gali ávaþiuoti á Lietuva nepirkdami papildomo draudimo. Toliau Referendumo del narystës ES rezultatai
    Referendumo del Lietuvos narystës Europos Sàjungoje rezultatai Toliau Adresas Bernstorffsvej 214
    2920 Charlottenlund
    Denmark Tel +45 39636207,
    Fax +45 39636532

    Ambasados darbo laikas
    9.00 - 17.00 pirmadieniais-ketvirtadieniais 9.00 - 16.00 penktadieniais Konsulinis skyrius 10.00 - 12.00 pirmadieniais - penktadieniais Lietuviø bendruomenë Susipaþinkite - Lietuviø bendruomenë Danijoje eSolution: InDis Baltic

    120. Lithuania Celebrates EU 'yes' Vote

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