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         Literature Reviews:     more books (100)
  1. Looking for Maya.(Review): An article from: World Literature Today
  2. Echoes and Interpretations: Comparative Approaches to Early Modern Spanish Literatures.(Book Review) (book review): An article from: The Modern Language Review by Elizabeth Drayson, 2003-04-01

Presented by Vandergrift's Children's literature Page. Includes biography, bibliography, and reviews of the author's young adult novels.
Compiled by: Becky Crews, Mary Blair and Danielle Shapiro with Kay E. Vandergrift in Young Adult Literature
Sue Ellen Bridgers, a native of North Carolina, is a writer of realistic young adult novels and other stories that sensitively examine some of the tough issues that teenagers face. Confining her experience to the small Appalachian towns she knew as a child, she draws on her background as the source for her examination of kinship and connections among families, and the conflicts that arise when teenagers try to navigate through the scrutiny of small communities and families on the way to their own identities. Sue Ellen Bridgers while becoming a popular Young Adult author has remained a small-town person intensely involved in her family and her community. Her award-winning novels have established her place as one of the best young-adult writers confirmed by the articles and books (some preserved in other media) discussing her works. Sue Ellen Bridgers (nee Hunsucker) was born in 1942 in Greenville, North Carolina to Wayland and Elizabeth Abbott Hunsucker. She grew up in nearby Winterville where most of her large, extended family was involved in farming. She was the middle of three children having a sister, Sandra, two years older and a brother, Abbott, almost six years younger. She grew up in a close knit family with grandparents, uncles, and aunts always nearby.

142. Ars Disputandi - The Online Journal For Philosophy Of Religion
Online journal for philosophy of religion. It publishes refereed articles, literature surveys and discussion notes, as well as book reviews and bibliographies.
Ars Disputandi homepage Ars Disputandi is the first online journal for the philosophy of religion.
It publishes refereed articles, literature surveys and discussion notes, as well as book reviews and bibliographies. Unlike traditional journals, it will not appear in issues; papers that are accepted will be immediately published online. AD does not aim to be a rival to established philosophy of religion paper journals, but to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and arguments. AD is concerned to promote research and discussion of issues in the philosophy of religion by providing for the fast publication of contributions to ongoing debates. URL: Email:

143. Animal Science Information Community
Animal science, animal production, and veterinary medicine community. literature search, news, reviews, and a job service.

Welcome to Animal Science... allows you to find and use information from the fields of animal nutrition, equine science, animal production and genetics, parasitology and infectious diseases, aquaculture and fisheries, veterinary science and entomology. Subscribers can find the latest published research in a database containing over 1 million abstracts from over 2000 publications. also contains new academic research, books and news from the animal science sectors. To find more information about the site, and to help you make the most of your time here, visit the About Animal Science page.
News: FAO Project to Aid Dairy Farmers in Namibia
Poor farmers in northern Namibia will benefit from a new project agreed by FAO and the Government of Namibia to help develop the country's dairy industry.
News: Provimi Expands in Bulgaria
Animal Nutrition company Provimi has acquired Rusteco Protein in the North-East of Bulgaria.
News: New Veterinary Dean at North Carolina State University
Dr. Warwick A. Arden, professor and head of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine at the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine, has been named the new dean of North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
News: Search for Hepatotoxins in Southern Australia
A plant toxins expert from Iran is assisting researchers at CSIRO Livestock Industries in their search for the cause of a liver disease afflicting dairy cattle in southern Australia.

144. Read This To Me
By telling his children's (Laura and Lillian) reactions to books and news, insights emerge in the land of the ferocious grownups.
Tue, 08 Jun 2004
Rage against the machine OpenOffice . Everyone should use it. It actually works. File under /stuff of minimal interest to anybody but me 0 Comments Permanent link
Mon, 07 Jun 2004
Many rooms Let this be a record of how much more spacious the new rooms looked before all our crap was loaded back into them. The top row is the new back bedroom, under the new dining room (row 3), where the gardening shed/study space used to be. Row 2 is the other new bedroom, occupying what was the back half of the garage. Row 3 is the new dining room, with fabulous deck outside, and row 4 is the kitchen.
File under /our doomed house-remodeling adventure 0 Comments Permanent link Sanding, scraping and shellacking This will give you an idea how messed up the floors were in our house. They are being refinished this weekend so we can start scuffing them up all over again.
File under /our doomed house-remodeling adventure 0 Comments Permanent link
Thu, 03 Jun 2004
Mayan Someone mentioned File under /what we are reading 0 Comments Permanent link
Thu, 27 May 2004

145. The Goblin Market: Reviews Of 19th Century Literature
Links to historical information and literary subjects.
Welcome to the Goblin Market!
This site is devoted to nineteenth-century literature. Please browse our reviews and submit your own ! We are especially interested in British and American literature, but any reviews are welcome.

Backgrounds are courtesy of Iconbazaar

146. Poetry Previews - Read Reviews And Chat About Poetry
This site is a great resource for students, teachers, and those who appreciate great poets. Read reviews of poetry books and discuss poetry, poets, and literature on the site's message board and chat room.


Strange News
Ghost Stories

Join Poem-a-Day!
Email address:
Welcome to Poetry Previews T in which you may order select books by clicking on a designated link, which will take you to's web site. You must gain access to through our web site for your purchases to assist us in maintaining and expanding Poetry Previews' presence. Also, be sure to sign up for your own email address:
- Mickie Kennedy
Pick of the Month:
Charles Bukowski
Henry Charles Bukowski, Jr. "Hank" was born August 16, 1920 in Andernach, Germany, though the family moved to the United States when he was quite young. At one point in his literary career, Bukowski was given the "Outsider of the Year Award." Biographer Cherkovski traces the poet's "outsider" status to early childhood, when children teased him about his German accent and called him "Heinie": "Heinie' followed him on up through the fourth grade." His parents were little comfort. Bukowski himself remarks, "I had some pretty terrible parents, and your parents are pretty much your world. That's all there is." ...[ More
General Information What's Poetry? *

147. Children's Literature: Meet Authors & Illustrators
reviews of twentyseven children's books by the Native American author.
Joseph Bruchac Joseph Bruchac is a storyteller an author whose works drawn upon his Native American background. He grew up in New York near Sarasota Springs where he lived with his grandparents. Those early years provided an opportunity to listen to them and all of their friends telling traditional stories. In the early days tribal story tellers would sit in the center of a circle surrounded by their listeners. Frequently storytelling would begin with a song of greeting accompanied by drums. Storytelling is traditionally a winter event and would stop in the summer and wouldn't start until the first frost. Bruchac reminded his audience that the tales he tells are different than those published in the books, because storytelling is a different art form. All of his books have been well received and highly praised. Bruchac has a Ph.D. from Union Graduate School and has won numerous awards including the Parent's Choice Award, the American Book Award, the Skipping Stones Honor Award for Multicultural Children's Literature. More information on Joseph Bruchac can be found at

148. Literature, Arts, And Medicine Database O'Connor, Flannery
reviews of five short stories from a medical pointof-view.
About the Database Editorial Board Annotators What's New ... MedHum Home 53rd Edition-April 2004 Art


Meet the Artist

Viewing Room
Art in Literature


Meet the Author

Listening Room
Reading Room
Performing Arts Film/Video Annotations Screening Room Theater Editors' Choices Choices Editor's Biosketch Indexes Book Order Form Search Options Word/Phrase (All) Word/Phrase (Lit) Keyword Annotator ... Special Author Asterisks indicate multimedia Comments/Inquiries
O'Connor, Flannery
Sex Female National Origin United States of America Era Mid 20th Century Born Died Awards O'Henry Prize, National Book Award Annotated Works Everything That Rises Must Converge Good Country People The Lame Shall Enter First A Late Encounter With the Enemy ... Revelation

149. Tracy's Crystal Staircase Of Literature
African American literary reviews and poetry, profiles of authors, and little known African American literary did you know information.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
I am Tracy.
You are more than welcome to climb
my Crystal Staircase of Literature.
Sit back,
Inhale the words like smoke from
a fine cigar.
Allow the smoke
to swill around you like a good drink.
Crystal Staircase of Literature What you can find at Tracy's Crystal Staircase of Literature: *Poetry from Tracy's pen or other great poets *Fiction...chapter cliffhangers that change like the wind, humor to romance to life..etc. *Profiles of authors who have inspired Tracy *COMING Tracy's bio to find out just who she is and what she is all about *and more This site is currently underconstruction..working out some of those bugs..thank you for your patience. SEARCH: Tripod The Web

150. Asian American Literature : History, Classroom Use, Bibliography & WWW Links
Online resource for Asian American history, literature, film, and book reviews.
Asian-American Literature:
compiled by Brenda Hoffman.
Introduction Rationale for Multiethnic Literature in the Classroom Characteristics of Good Multiethnic Literature History of Asian American Literature ... Movies
Asian American literature is a growing new field. It is considered one of the subdivisions of multicultural literature. The literature today like the Joy Luck Club are best sellers in the book market and there is a growing demand for more.
The Asian population of the United States today continues to rapidly increase and they constitute about 2.9% of the total American population. According the 1990 census, the largest Asian minority in the United States are the Chinese Asian population. Of that percentage, Chinese is the largest with a largest percentage being foreign born. The second largest group is the Filipino which constitute 19%. Japanese make up 12% with most of them being native born. Indian and Korean each are at 11% and Vietnamese make up 8% of the population. Another subgroup of Asians includes the Hmong (mung) which are a culture group that immigrated 5,000 years ago from China to the mountainous region of Laos, but many were forced out of their territory during the Vietnam War because they helped the United States during the conflict.
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Rationale for Using Multiethnic Literature in the Classroom
    The purpose of using multiethnic literature are as follows:
  • . So they can understand differences between cultures.
  • Fiction books can be multi cultural, cross-cultural, or parallel-culture. Developing a relationship through a fictionalized character could be transferred to different culture.

151. The Literature Of Paul Gallico
Biography, book reviews and information, FAQ, and related movies and TV shows.
This site is dedicated to the literature of Paul Gallico. It is a resource for those of you who have read The Snow Goose, The Poseidon Adventure or The Abandoned (Jennie in the UK) and want to find out more. It really does need frames to work well...surely there are no more browsers who cannot cope with frames?

152. Alexandre Dumas > Summary
Includes a brief biographical section, contemporary reviews of his works, and a dictionary. In French and English.
Summary - Site home (Fr.) - English home - Dumas' life - Dumas's works (Fr.) - Dumas Society - Pantheon (Fr.) - Links - Contact us Print this page
Back to previous page
elcome to Alexandre Dumas, Two Centuries of Living Literature
a website devoted to the author of such famous novels as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte-Cristo . This site is mostly in French for obvious reasons. We hope, however, to increase gradually, over time, the English content. Meanwhile, you will find here explanations about the main features of the site to help you find your way and find useful information, even to non-fluent French speakers.
f you are not familiar with Alexandre Dumas, a good starting point is the chronology found in the Dumas's life section . It gives a broad outline of Dumas' life and works. In the same section, Dumas as described by his and our contemporaries dictionnary of Dumas' circle of friends
ince there is nothing like Dumas' own writings, be sure to read our

153. The Electronic Policy Network Is Now The Policy Action Network
A nonpartisan journal, PSQ is edited for both political scientists and general readers with a keen interest in public and foreign affairs. Each issue contains six topical articles and about 35 current book reviews. The reviews are timely and thorough so that readers are kept upto-date on new literature.
The Electronic Policy Network
is now
The Policy Action Network

( Your browser should redirect you
to the new site in three seconds.
If not, please click here

154. Penfold, Angela - Pokerdevil
Contains an art gallery, a literature page with stories written by her, a reviews page and information on films.

155. R & D Systems - Cytokine Facts
Cytokines minireviews, their applications, cytokine facts and literature, maintained by R D Systems company.

156. Untitled Document
literature, book reviews, chat room and discussion forums, quizzes and trivia, quotations and information related to Pakistan.

157. Sorry.. File Not Found
Includes the encyclopedia of Christian influence, a poems page, and reviews of music and literature by various authors.
It is possible that the site has either moved or is no longer available at this address. Modem Pool

158. Center For The Study And Prevention Of Violence (CSPV)
Located at the University of Colorado offers information databases, facts and statistics, links to other resources, critical reviews of literature, technical assistance services, and empirical research.
Home I Contact I Site Map
CSPV Overview Violence in America has reached epidemic proportions. Today, all Americans are touched directly or indirectly by violent acts. In response, the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) was founded in 1992 with a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York to provide informed assistance to groups committed to understanding and preventing violence, particularly adolescent violence. Since that time, our mission has expanded to encompass violence across the life course.
In an effort to establish more complete and valuable information to impact violence-related policies, programs, and practices, CSPV works from a multi-disciplinary platform on the subject of violence and facilitates the building of bridges between the research community and the practitioners and policy makers. CSPV has a threefold mission. First, the Information House serves to collect research literature and resources on the causes and prevention of violence and provides direct information services to the public by offering topical searches on customized databases. Second, CSPV offers

159. Implications Of Impulsivity For Substance Use
Paper by G. Scott Acton reviews the literature on impulsivity as a risk factor for substance use.
Measurement of Impulsivity in a Hierarchical Model of Personality Traits: Implications for Substance Use
G. Scott Acton University of California, San Francisco Author Note This review describes how measures of a prominent three-dimensional hierarchical model of personality traits relate to substance use. H. J. Eysenck proposed a biologically based model of personality that gave rise to related models such as those of J. A. Gray, C. R. Cloninger, and M. Zuckerman. The varying role of impulsivitya trait related to disinhibition, approach motivation, novelty seeking, and sensation seekingin successive self-report measures of this model, including the Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ), is described. It is argued that certain findings in experimental, cross-sectional, and longitudinal research using these measures point to the importance of impulsivity as a temperamental vulnerability factor for substance use. The argument proceeds as follows. First, Eysenck's hierarchical model of personality is described and compared to related models. Second, the measurement of Eysenck's model using two self-report questionnaires, the Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) and the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ), is described and compared to related measures. Third, the possible causal importance of impulsivity in research on substance use is described. Based on this review, the use of Eysenck's measures is recommended, with particular emphasis on scales related to impulsivity.

News, reviews and interviews regarding theatre, cinema, literature and music based in Sydney Australia.
Welcome to Qstage! Here you will find what's happening around the place, as well as reviews of live theatre and cinema . There are also reviews of music available on compact disc as well as live music and dance , plus book reviews and interviews Q S T ... E Masala Mix
Going off
Australian Center for Photography Qstage ISSN 1444-0644
© David Jobling 2002

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